Selma Foreword

Growing up in the Alabama Black Belt, Selma was always for me a nagging reminder that something had gone deeply wrong in this country. The Alt-Right likes to talk about being red-pilled and blue-pilled. Selma was, so to speak, a flaw in The Matrix. It’s present day condition naturally arouses your curiosity.

On the one hand, there is the Selma of Hollywood movies, a place where good triumphed over evil in the simple narrative of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement, a symbol of equality and justice to the world at large which annually attracts tourists, politicians and celebrities who are fond of linking arms and walking in triumph across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. On the other hand, there is the 21st century Selma that is better known to locals as a struggling dystopian city with massive problems that appears to have suffered some kind of natural disaster that has arrested all economic progress.

The majestic ruins of Selma are beautiful in the same way that Pompeii is beautiful. Old Live Oak Cemetery, Sturdivant Hall, Temple Mishkan Israel, and the St. James Hotel stand as monuments of a more prosperous time when Selma was still the “Queen City of the Black Belt.” An outsider can’t tour Selma in the 21st century and not come away with the impression that the Queen City has become a mausoleum. What’s magnificent there is being preserved while the rest of the city is visibly rotting to its foundations.

Last year, almost 100,000 tourists descended on Selma to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. President Barack Obama landed in his helicopter in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Craig Air Force. His limousine drove past the blighted homes that once served as base housing for the families of Cold War pilots. The Washington Post noted at the time that the black residents who live there now were seen scouring a dumpster for aluminum cans and that one of them had apparently gutted and feasted on the remains of a raccoon whose carcass laid nearby. Elsewhere in Selma, the home of Amelia Boynton Robinson, where Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote the first draft of the Voting Rights Act, still stands as a blighted, boarded up wreck.


The dirty little secret of Selma is that it has quietly become a national disgrace.

This isn’t to say there hasn’t been “progress.” In Selma and Dallas County, AL, the Voting Rights Act was largely successful in accomplishing its goal of black political empowerment. Selma now has a black mayor, a black majority city council, a black district attorney, a black police chief, a majority black police force, a black school superintendent, 99 percent black public schools, a black US representative, a black state senator, a black state representative, all of whom live under the executive authority of a black US president and a black US attorney general. It’s just that in the words of a frustrated, red-pilled Selma resident named Arsenio Gardner, “All this city got is history. If this bridge wasn’t here, it would just be another f—-d-up place nobody would visit.”

In 1965, Selma ceased to be an American city. It became something else entirely – a symbol of a movement, a photo op in a sacred narrative, a holy place with a magic bridge stained by the blood of martyrs that bestows virtue on anyone who walks over it. In the budding secular religion of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), Selma has become a kind of Medieval shrine that attracts pilgrims who travel there as an act of penance. They pray and ask for forgiveness for the modern day sins of racism and white privilege.

But there are two sides to every story. In The Truth About Selma: What Happened When The Cameras Left and Marching Stopped, Paul Kersey of will take you on a journey through Selma’s history from Bloody Sunday to Barack Obama. ThinkProgress hinted that there was “The Dark Side Of Selma The Mainstream Media Ignored.” In this book, you will discover that “The Dark Side of Selma” is a city that is now completely dominated by black political power and which is a warning from history of the collective fears the architects of Jim Crow long held for their posterity.

What has the Voting Rights Act wrought in Selma?

The real Selma, not the Hollywood fairytale, is plagued by extreme poverty, STDs, high crime, terrible schools, a terrible business climate, high unemployment, low property value, blighted housing, shuttered businesses, potholes and litter, low civic engagement and perpetual racial strife stirred up by activists like Faya Rose Toure. It’s a place where black gang members armed with AK-47s, MAC-10s and 40-caliber handguns with high-volume clips descended into open warfare in the wake of President Obama’s visit. Look at the brightside: it has streets named after civil rights leaders.

Rep. John Lewis reminisced, “Fifty years ago, this place was the center of commerce, it was booming. You came here on a Friday afternoon or early evening, on a Saturday to shop from the rural areas or the small towns.” In the words of former Selma City Councilman Jim Durry, Selma has since become “too black” to be prosperous and needs a change in government. Go to that same downtown on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon in 2016 and it looks like Selma has been hit by a Soviet EMP weapon.

Fifty years ago, America’s liberals envisioned a generation of African-American Euclids and Einsteins – inspired by the events of Bloody Sunday – emerging from Selma’s public schools. When I last walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge with Paul Kersey, all we saw was graffiti, tall weeds and a discarded used condom.

Enjoy this book. It is a red pill you won’t soon forget.

Hunter Wallace

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  1. Bloody Sunday is also the name of the shooting of 26 unarmed peaceful protesters in Northern Ireland in 1972.

    I mention this because way back in high school a self righteous blonde blue eyed waspy-looking teammate of mine, in a club sport as opposed to a school one, lectured me on U2’s then popular song ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday.’ Jenny had a german last name, but came from a traditionally wealthy and then wasp dominated town in NJ (not all wasp’s are wealthy, I shouldn’t have to state).

    She informed ‘ignorant’ me that this famous irish rock band was singing about ‘Selma, Alabama.’ I was only becoming familiar with U2 but I knew they were from Ireland and retained doubt about her sanctimonious tone and lecture. Jenny got good SAT’s but nothing superlative, swam her way into Harvard and then Columbia medical school, and is almost certainly part of the liberal moral royalty class.

    Most of my teammates came from very upper middle class backgrounds and lived in upper middle class white towns, some were among the wealthiest in the richest state. Our team won the northeast Regionals and our coach was on the Olympic Committee. Almost all were white, as opposed to italian or jewish. Some were fundamentally decent people, but not one would ever acknowledge the abject violence impacting me in a school that was bused into a neighboring sandnigger ghetto. When my male teammates weren’t lusting after my red hair they would have been denying the horrific violence it made me a target of. None would admit that jews can’t handle intellectual competition on any level playing field.

    14 irish protesters died on Bloody Sunday, as opposed to one in Selma, Alabama.

    Greaseball Silvio asserts that he has no interest in stalking redheaded celts. The Southerners would do well to remember their celtic origins and influence, as the wasps have lost their will to live. I don’t endorse the sandnigger cult of Roman Catholicism, BTW. I do champion the celts’ love of freedom:

      • Bono wasn’t always totally absurd, although what he became later wasn’t from out of nowhere as you point out.

        I’m drawing attention to the appropriation of white working class struggle by the liberals. Some upper middle class WASP insisted Bono’s song was about freakin’ negroes in Selma. The words of this version aren’t the original ones, and further, U2 invoked the battle hymn tradition of the irish to lament the continuing struggle (which even most invested irish didn’t fully support by that time).

        • And Springsteen made his fortune singing about the plight of working class, union whites and yet he supports every lib, progressive globalist candidate out there. I read the main hero of his song Youngstown was on record voting for Trump.

  2. Ok, can some younger Alt Right folks explain all the “pills” to us?

    Red Pill (I got this one)
    White Pill
    Black Pill
    Blue Pill

    • Red: awakened
      Blue: asleep
      Black: pessimistic, enervating
      White: optimistic activating
      Greg: ambiguous impact, between black and white

  3. Millennial Woes has had a series of in depth, end of year talks, including a particularly good one with Greg Johnson.

    Among the key topics was money and infrastructure which we need to rapidly build.

    I propose something like Steam of computer games, where folks can deposit money into a central wallet, then give a buck or two or as much money as they want at various “store pages” that would represent various factions of the broader movement.

    People could get “achievements” for various contributions from, attending events, organizing events, donating money, phone banking, bringing in new people, and on and on.

  4. What happened to Selma is the same as what has happened to every city that’s become majority black. Republicucks will tell us the Dems (Bull Connor, KKK et al) are responsible. Blacks have nothing to do with it because race doesn’t matter, blah, blah, blah.

        • I though it was Flint. Saw the Moore film back in the 80s that blames it all on GM, but I wonder how much of Flint’s downfall is actually due to the presence of the invasive species Homo Africanus Criminalus? Why did GM choose to leave Flint in the first place? Could it be the incompetence of the black workforce?

      • Are there any blacks in Vermont? Seriously. I spent 2 weeks in Vermont this past summer and did not see a single black person. I saw more in Scotland last year – exactly 1 black person at a train station – than in Vermont. I was looking out for it this year because of Bernie Sanders and the unspoken truth that moving from Brooklyn to Vermont had something to do with Vermont’s whiteness.

        • I doubt there are any colored people in VT since there are no urban jungle habitats where they can hide out and breed like rats. There might be a few French-Canadian Injuns in the Green Mountain State but that’s it.

          I just realized there are still many parts of New England that have retained their old Yankee character. You look at the names on the mailboxes and they are the same families who have lived in those towns since Colonial times.

  5. Stormfront is down, and now the Daily Stormer is down. We are under attack again.

    PS re: the Daily Stormer – I’m certain it’s due to the Gersh racketeer in Whitefish, MT.

    • The name of that town should be changed to Gefilte Fish. All it takes is a few jews to show up and that’s enough to throw a formerly quiet, peaceful community into total chaos.

    • The jews have taken down other prominent sites. James Tracy’s Memoryholeblog was taken down by both WordPress and Bluehost, without even falsifying any excuse. Tracy was shoahed just as 313chris was, and just yesterday it appears Sinead McCarthy of Renegade was purged from Twitter.

      As Pizzagate was breaking and the truth behind Trump’s Repopulate the Swamp campaign was crystallizing for his regulars, James Tracy’s salon of skeptics and researchers disappears. Even his gofundme campaign to finance a new server has been taken down as of yesterday.

      And, within about 5 days of my comment on here naming Paul Simienski’s (chief legal counsel for Automattic/Wordpress) sabotage of pro-white activism (and his indian wife and sub rosa alma mater), Tony O’Neill of the Irish Nationalist Celtic Party was DDoS’d in ‘the most massive’ attack his expert tech guy has ever seen on anyone – by Automattic’s servers.

      Both Tony and his tech guy are associates of mine, some might say pretty close. Among Simienski’s sabotage campaigns was a deliberate one against an american-based native irish women’s rights organization.

      • I should add, Tony O’Neill devotes a lot of attention to the role of ‘the bankers’ in Ireland’s demographic demise.

    • Breitbart just had an article called “did the holocaust really happen”which happens to be a popular search phrase,and stormfront comes up on the first page,so Google is going to change the algorithm to prevent that from happening anymore, according to the article.
      The article was yesterday?

          • Google ‘the unites states memorial and national’,still comes up with “holycost. The United States National wwii memorial was built after the holycost museum.

            Books released by the Russians in the 1990s) report only 74,000 total deaths from all causes.

            Swindler of the 20th century.

      • What we often fail to think about is that the fable of the Holohoax continues to this day, protected at all costs, because ALL the allied forces were involved in its creation and/or continuation to some degree or another. This isn’t just a Jewish bullshit story, it’s an Allied Forces bullshit story. I know there’s a lot of Jews that really, truly believe it happened. But I suspect there’s quite a few that know it didn’t. However, I have come up with the perfect response to someone who calls me a “Holocaust denier” and I respond with….. “Oh you’re wrong. I absolutely believe the Holocaust happened. I just also believe its true intended target and actual victims are the German people!”

  6. The colored race is an evolutionary dead-end, like the Neanderthals and Homo Habilis before them. The only reason they still exist is because we don’t have the guts/sense/heart to get rid of them.

    As far as the reality of the Snivel Rights movement is concerned, what do liberals care about facts? Feel-good symbolism and virtue-signalling are the only things that matter to them.

  7. Hunter and others can you share your review of (in my opinion) the worst ever feminist TV show: “Madam Secretary” I confess I was unaware of it until today – it seems to have been a propaganda vehicle for Hillary Clinton coming in to fight for social justice against the entire evil male (Russian) dominated world, only the actress is much younger and prettier than Hillary. I would love to see Milo of Gavin review this terrible worst ever show. Here’s the trailer:

    • Noticed when it came out it was so obviously a vehicle to push Hillary that a lot of commenters over at IMDB immediately noticed that. Have a feeling that it was going to be on regardless of the ratings, now that it no longer has any purpose to serve, I bet it will be gone next season.

  8. This could just as easily be Holly Springs, MS. It’s the closest sizable town to where I grew up. I think Deep South background makes it much easier to “swallow the red pill.” Yall should hear some of the conversations that normies around here are having. Stuff you would not have heard 1 year ago. And all of it good.

  9. Speaking of Selma…

    Yesterday, in North Carolina, our new scalawag governor (Cooper is the name) lead the effort to get our state legislature to rescind our HB-2 – the bill we passt to keep degenerate and narcisstick men out of our ladies’ restrooms.

    Our outgoing Governor McCrory had promised to recall the legislature to debate this issue, if and or when the federal occupied city of Charlotte agreed to rescind it’s bill that mandated facilities and special rights to the artificially constructed cross-dressing crowd.

    And so Governor McCrory did; and, gleeful at the prospect, The Left were licking their chops.

    Only one problem – WE, Traditional Tarheels OWN our legislature lock, stock, and barrel; and, that so, OUR men did their job, and kept HB-2 in place.

    The effort was led by the man who will be our future governor in 2020, our present Lt. Governor Dan Forest; and here is what he had to say…

    ‘”Charlotte repealed an ordinance that the General Assembly already voided months ago. I support HB 2 and do not favor its repeal.

    No economic, political or ideological pressure can convince me that what is wrong is right. It will always be wrong for men to have access to women’s showers and bathrooms. If HB 2 is repealed, there will be nothing on the books to prevent another city or county to take us down this path again.

    The left has already publicly stated the removal of HB 2 is necessary for the rest of their agenda to move forward. With certainty, if HB 2 is repealed, we will fight this battle all over again with another city or county.

    The names will change, but the national groups who are pushing this agenda will not stop until their social engineering is accomplished. The only thing stopping them are those of us who continue to stand strong.”

    • I noticed that statement from the Lt Gov because he very wisely included “showers” in it. The national stinkers called it the “bathroom bill” to create an image of a fully-female-looking person using a stall in a 100 stall movie theater Ladies Room. Thats not whats at stake. What they really want is to have males in the showers at school and private gym locker rooms. As one academic put it, “Young girls will have to get over their discomfort at seeing male genitalia.”

      • Very Right, Mr. YHW, as there is no spin, no lie, to which ‘The National Stinkers’ won’t go to overturn every SINGLE aspect of our culture on it’s head.

        We’ll keep on augmenting our repressiveness, down here in The Rip van Winkle state, and, I pray, y’all will do the same, wherever y’all are.

        As to the academick you quote : he is just going to have to get uset to his discomfort seeing our authoritarian fists pounding his political face.

        What an asinine statement of his. Makes my mind turn to a pious, and meticulous reenactment of traditional Klancraft, even at such a joyous time of year.

        Merry Chrystmas!

  10. Selma, Detroit, Newark, Port au Prince, Johannesburg, Kinshasha (or whatever they are calling Leopoldville these days), sectors of Paris, London and Malmo…wherever you find Africans in control, you will find Africa: Big Man rule, economic collapse, trashing of infrastructure, warlord gang armies fighting it out in the ruins.

    It is a measure of the extent of ideological delusion in the Western world that this obvious reality goes completely down the memory hole, to be replaced by films, TV and bracing lectures by MiniTru movies. But all the disinformation in the world does not rebuild cities lost to civilization.

    • The new Black NASA movie is another airbrushing of history. The left has been desperate to find any black contribution to space and overblow it for the past 40 years, how did this lady escape their search process? I was at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum back in 1995 and saw a whole exhibit about how some black guy helped develop the camera the astronauts used on the Moon. If this was real she would have been hyped long ago.

  11. Other than its unique history, Selma sounds no different than northern cities like East St. Louis, Illinois, Cairo Illinois, Detroit, Flint, North St. Louis etc. etc.

    • One thing in the north is once you get out of town it is nearly 100% white, when I went down to Arkansas I noticed blacks live in rural areas. Cairo is a small town and that area is not really like the rest of Illinois, I noticed an all black workforce at a McDonalds in the middle of nowhere in the Missouri boot. No large cities anywhere around.

      • Well, the Missouri boot is really the beginning of the south. Heck, they grow cotton and rice there. Your point about the rest is well taken. Much of rural Illinois and central/northern Missouri is made of old German stock. Pretty good folks really.

        • Especially true along the banks of the Missouri River. Augusta to Booneville is one of my favorite regions in the state.

    • East and North St Louis are basically Mogadishu. The entire St Louis area should probably be nuked from orbit.

      • While we’re speaking about parts of the state that need attention I’d like to toss a match and watch Columbia burn to the ground. What a f’ed up place.

  12. The County Seat in my county was home to Rev Joel King, MLK’s Uncle who was a bit of a troublemaker in the 1960’s but back then the city and county worked on a SYSTEM. The Negroes in the city could agitate, BUT they couldn’t do anything to harm the businesses and factories which were then churning at 90% output. Negro problems were kept in the Negro area, if they came into the White areas, there was trouble. The Sheriff who ran the county was a sort-of Poor Man’s Bull Connor who had married a wealthy heiress and had airtight connections to the movers and shakers. When people acted up, the troublemakers were beaten or their bodies were found later or they went to the county jail and happened to hang themselves in the cell. The Factories loved this system, it kept out the Radicals and kept production going, the Whites loved the system as it kept the Negroes in their place, and the business owners loved it as well.

    In the 1970’s there was a huge corruption scandal blown open in the county, involving murders, payoffs etc, and the Sheriff was driven from power though some of his deputies retained their jobs. One of his successors who was connected to him was also bumped out of office for similar things.

    The problem was this, Until the 1970s when the Sixties Freaks Peacenicks Radicals and Hippies began getting into journalism and other occupations they had this bizarre idea that ALL CORRUPTION IS BAD. They had this idea that the Negro was a fully equal human being, not at best an immature child or at worst a savage animal meant to be controlled. Because of this 60s leftist scum every place must have a Human relations committee, all minorities are coddled. Dang disgusting

    As for Corruption, it is better when it is MANAGED because when one seeks to expunge all corruption, one usually becomes more corrupt in the long run than the corrupt person he replaced RE: FIDEL CASTRO

  13. We drove through Selma and over the bridge last year – in broad daylight 1 o’clock in the afternoon, of course – and you can still see that it must have been a pretty town once.

    The legacy of the civil rights movement, the true legacy, is the riots. The riots drove white people out. The riots told white people to avoid black areas in true fear. The entire Obama presidency has been an echo of the 1960s riots. He didn’t inspire black people, he emboldened them and white people understood the danger. Trump really was a quiet revolution against the danger the Democrats have been agitating. No way I believe that it was all about “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

    • YHW – how right you are!

      I cannot tell you how many Trump voters I know in Northeastern North Carolina, and I’ll be switcht if I ever heard one mention the economy.

      They voted for Trump because they want the law enforcet and they are hoping to stave off the entire collapse of society, at large.

      Race is a very big part of this, though, most of my fellow Traditional Tarheels have become so terrified about being called out, they won’t speak it straight like you and I do.

  14. SELMA…

    Through the eyes of a Tarheel in ‘The Black Belt’.

    Selma, in and of itself, does mean much of anything What makes it a potent symbol is that in Northeastern North Carolina, you could change the name, and your description of it would readily apply to…



    Rich Square


    Rocky Mount


    Roanoke Rapids



    Scotland Neck

    Now, that list is by no means exhaustive, but, being as these are all places the wife and I see frequently, they come first to mind.

    To conclude, let me take the town of Scotland Neck.

    Settled in the mid 18th century, by, as the name implies, Scotsmen, it rests on the lovely flowing slopes of a fertile plain, it home to a nearly 200 year old wooden Episcopal Church, a graveyard full of Confederate Cavalrymen, and has a main boulevard that features some of the most stunning homes and mansions, with beautiful shade trees and Crape Myrtles that bespeak of it’s ancient greatness.

    Wait one second! – it was not so long ago that this town WAS great. When I was a child, in fact.

    Then, it was the picture of a happy White and Negro community – gainfully employed; and, when not, out on the streets talking hospitably with one another. Then, it had everything : from a fine movie theatre, some department stores, grocery stores, mom-and pop stores (Negro & White) fine Southron diners,

    Today, the downtown looks like someone droppt a hydrogen bomb on the place – as the only thing left are those buildings that have not yet been dynamited, and a few crackt-up niggers tipsy in front of the old fountain-pharmacy. Whites are rarely seen downtown, because, even if they are armed they are afraid of the no-account niggers, who have such little respect for themselves they’ll likely shoot you as shake your hand.

    And who make Scotland Neck like this?

    We did – We Tarheels.


    Because we let The New England Government tell us how to run our business.

    In 1964, we ought to have raised our flags and facet the musick.

    If you ask me, Yankees don’t even known how to manage their own coloured communities or economy, (they frequently tell us, however that we ‘need’ them because we are so stupid) much less that we let them tell us how to run our business.

    Every time I see this great old town of Scotland Neck, I vex my wife, because I’ll say the same thing : ‘Darlin,’ if Pickett’s Brigade were once again forming at the bottom of Cemetery Ridge, I would run to join them and make that charge – in the odd out chance I could get up the hill and bayonet a few of those who have done this to us, both Black And White of Eastern Ca’olina.

    Just one Tarheel’s opinion, but, then again, not – as many think this way; though, if they don’t know you, you sure won’t hear it.

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