The Great Disappointment

Just think about it: from a libertarian perspective, we were supposed to be preparing for President-Elect Rand Paul’s inauguration, and yet here we are

“A spectre is haunting the world: the spectre of radical anti-libertarian movements, each grappling with the others like scorpions in a bottle and all competing to see which can dismantle the institutions of liberty the fastest. Some are ensconced in the universities and other elite centers, and some draw their strength from populist anger. The leftist and the rightist versions of the common anti-libertarian cause are, moreover, interconnected, with each fueling the other. All explicitly reject individual liberty, the rule of law, limited government, and freedom of exchange, and they promote instead radical, albeit aggressively opposed, forms of identity politics and authoritarianism. They are dangerous and should not be underestimated.

In various guises, such movements are challenging libertarian values and principles across the globe, especially in Europe, in America, and in parts of Asia, but their influence is felt everywhere. They share a radical rejection of the ideas of reason, liberty, and the rule of law that animated the American Founding and are, indeed, the foundations of modernity. Those who prefer constitutionalism to dictatorship, free markets to cronyist or socialist statism, free trade to autarchy, toleration to oppression, and social harmony to irreconcilable antagonism need to wake up, because our cause and the prosperity and peace it engenders are in grave danger. …”

Libertarians have probably been the hardest hit group by the rise of the Alt-Right. It shouldn’t come as any surprise given the demographics of libertarianism: 94% non-Hispanic White, 68% male, 62% under age 50, 3/4’s of libertarians have a secular or Protestant religious background, nearly half are ideologically inconsistent and they are also more likely to be college educated and active on the internet.

Who does that sound like? Demographically, libertarians have a lot in common with the Alt-Right. The two groups have so much in common that one could wonder if the allure of libertarian ideology to many self-described “libertarians” has something to do with the social position of White males in contemporary American society. Maybe libertarianism is just another response by the same group – a kind of solution, an ideological cloak to justify what they already wanted to do anyway – to the same social pressures?

I’m not motivated by racial anxiety! Some of my best friends are black. I don’t feel any White guilt because of … uh, my liberty. We’re all individuals. Keep your big government hands off my hard-earned money because of … uh, my Constitution. Stay away from my White neighborhood because of … uh, my freedom of association!

The stunning collapse of Rand Paul in the 2016 election cycle suggests that CATO libertarians like Robert G. Palmer grossly misread their “base.” How did so many former Ron Paul supporters end up migrating from Rand Paul to Donald Trump and the “authoritarian populist” Alt-Right? Doesn’t that suggest that libertarian ideology was much less important to these people than so many had assumed?

I guess you could say that the actions of Black Lives Matter shattered illusions of colorblindness and individualism and the illusion that invoking the “Constitution” could save us from the mob. The SJWs on college campuses and the routine Islamic terrorist attacks must have heightened awareness that politics isn’t going to magically disappear and give way to a libertarian Millennium of laissez-faire economics.

As the reigning taboos have weakened in 2015/2016, maybe the old disguise of the ideological cloak has become … less necessary? We could speculate that White males are regaining confidence and have been emboldened by Trump and have less need for an ideological rationalization to pursue their interests.

Isn’t it “liberating” to be honest with yourself and say what you really think? Maybe all groups don’t have the same capacity for liberty and self-government?

Note: For more of Tom Palmer’s whining, check out “Taking Seriously the New Populist and Alt-Right/Fascist Thinkers” on the Cato Institute Podcast.

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  1. 94% non-Hispanic White, 68% male, 62% under age 50, 3/4’s of libertarians have a secular or Protestant religious background

    Also, 99% nerd, 80% pothead, 66% pedophile.

  2. What Rand Paul and Donald Trump had in common was isolationist rhetoric. Most libertarians likely thought that Trump was a better vehicle to realistically get the US out of the middle east. Meaning they realized Paul didn’t have the momentum needed to win. However Trump is also much more likely to betray that rhetoric in practice, compared to Paul.

    I sincerely doubt that they became dedicated white nationalists.

    Most people don’t care about the racial positions. They don’t care if Paul is pro-Black or Trump is pro-border. They just want an isolationist candidate who will win.

    • Nah. White American voters were informed “by us here in the Alt Right” that Rand Paul and Ron Paul were/are race denying, culture denying loons who’ve fallen down in to the cursed free market, open borders cult. Regular White American voters detest this cult. Regular American voters who have to work for a living do not want to welcome hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrant rapists, Ebola infected Black Africans, unskilled, low IQ Ameri-Indians, Central American M13 gang members and regular voters and we in the Alt Right don’t want to hear some lame as* spin about Constitutionalism, gun rights, individual rights, freedom to choose etc.

      Our people, our culture are under brutal attack and we are staring at suffering the fate of our European kinsmen in Algeria, Rhodesia, Haiti, Palmyra Syria.

      Palmyra Syria was once a flourishing White Hellenic Greek city. Now, there are no living White Hellens there and ISIS is even destroying classical archeology sites. Let’s see Rand Paul and Libertarians explain away that one.


      • The damage that the zionist jew criminals and their terrorist/mercenary proxies have inflicted on Syria can probably never be repaired.

        • You ain’t seen nothing yet. Trump wants to give the Jewish state everything it wants.

          Which starts with Greater Isntreal.

      • Except for foreign policy, smart Blacks wouldn’t as a rule support Libertarians, so Paul was targeting a bad target. They benefit from having the Government more involved in the economy. Poor Whites who support free market policies are just more politically naive than Blacks.

      • paul would argue that he’s been a more consistent anti-intervntionist than trump and he’d be right about that. So on Syria Paul is better.

        • Has either Ron Paul or Rand Paul mentioned the disturbing FACT that thriving White Hellenic people, people like us used to have a thriving civilization in Palmyra Syria and that these kindred people of ours have been genocided and even the classical Greek archeology sites were destroyed by ISIS?

          Or, are the only concerned with US intervention in the area?

          Did Ron Paul or Rand Paul ever say they might do some “intervention” to rescue the White minority populations in South Africa and Zimbabwe who are also facing genocide?

          Ronald Reagan running for President in 1968 and 1980 said he would send US combat troops to Southern Africa to aid Whites fighting Communist Black gorilla terrorists.

          Again, Ron Paul and Rand Paul never do or say anything pro White, even when Whites are being raped, ethnically cleansed from their/our historic countries, neighborhoods.

          Rand Paul got on the cover of Time Magazine as America’s most “Interesting” political leader for championing the cause of BlackLiesMatter in Ferguson MO denouncing the militarization of police.

          I got in to heated arguments with Rand Paul staffers asking why Rand Paul couldn’t say anything in defense of Officer Daren Wilson and just admit that rioting and looting wasn’t a Black civil right.

          As for non interventionism – sure a stopped watch has the right time 2 times a day. Jessie Jackson has better non interventionist positions than most GOPs. Big F**# deal.

  3. I only occasionally “toot my own horn”, but I do so here.

    I take personal pride in being one of the first/best in the Alt Right to expose the liars, idiots, cowards in the Libertarian, Ron Paul, Rand Paul cult.

    I was the one who got Amren to restart Instauration Magazine’s White Traitor of the Year and make Rand Paul the first winner/loser in 2013.

    I was brutal in showing that Ron Paul, like 98% of Libertarians has been making insane, treasonous comments about mass immigration, open borders, even apologizing or deny Islamic terrorist attacks, Muslim migration invasions.

    This idiot Ron Paul isn’t even dead yet or declared legally insane as he’s still posting Libertarian true believer videos explaining that there is no clash of civilizations between Islam and the West and Muslims can’t hurt as Muslim don’t even have navies.

    This at the time when Muslim migrant navies are landing 2,000 plus Muslim men of prime raping age on Italy beaches EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    Look at this Ron Paul video and please give me the nod that I was 100% dead on right to expose this Libertarian loon cult!

    Ron Paul – no Clash of Civilizations with Islam

      • When the cameras were on him he always looked angry and hard to get along with. But when he thought the cameras were off suddenly he was loose and relaxed.

        Just the opposite of how he should have been had he been serious about what he was doing.

        Still I would try to promote him. My sister-in-law rejected my suggestion quickly, saying “I could never vote for him, he looks so angry all the time.”


        Almost exactly what the ladies in 1984 said about Emmanuel Goldstein.

    • Give Rand this much credit: When it became clear that his Presidential campaign was going nowhere, he didn’t continue the charade and dropped out. Unlike his father, who would have milked the whole process for every dome.

      One big problem with Rand’s political maneuvering is that he was triangulating to try to create a brand new political focus for which there was no natural constituency, and what little there was instantly defected to Trump. I mean, Rand tried to split the goalposts between his father and the neocons, but doing so made neither side happy, because in the eyes of his father’s loyalists, Rand was giving up too much, and in the eyes of the neos, they had no use for Rand when they already had themselves.

      • I agree Rand Paul has been OK since he had his 5 minutes of fame on Time Magazine as America’s most interesting political leader for championing the cause of BlackLiesMatter mobs in Ferguson MO….

        He’s been much better.

        And yes, I think it’s good Rand Paul has recently concentrated on opposing bad Neo Con war mongering….

        But, this is thanks to US – thanks to folks like you.

        We made Rand Paul stop pandering, stop spreading the Libertarian Loon open borders, race denying cult.

        Good for you.

        Good for us.

        2016 was a great year.

        God bless.

    • I remember reading the endless groupthink by some on these alt-right sites back in 2008 that Ron Paul was winning in the primaries by a landslide and George Bush Jr and the Neocons were rigging the diebold machines to cheat him out of victory. Jill Stein took their playbook for her little stunt last month. Of course when I surveyed random Americans at my work place not a single one had even heard of Ron Paul so I had no problem his 8% of the vote was completely accurate, and if people did hear of him, telling old people your going to do away with social security and medicare isn’t a recipe to win Florida, let alone the other 49 states.

      • I used to be a Paul supporter until he came out for open borders. He actually got one electoral vote this time around, LOL.

      • Agreed. The Ron Paul/Libertarian cult lives in a bubble and talks only to themselves.

        I noticed to Stormfront RP true believers that Ron Paul’s pledge to end Social Security wasn’t going to be a big winner in the Florida GOP primary.

        Kind of like campaigning to end government subsidies to the US Navy in GOP Congressional districts in San Diego CA.

    • Don’t toot your own horn too much, Jack. You were also the loudest whiner that conspiracies were a figment of people’s imaginations. You were proven totally wrong on that one and by the government itself!

      You hated Ron & Rand for reasons that did not cost them their base. A wildcard came along and that was that. However, I do agree that Ron & Rand were always weak candidates but other than Trump, all the presidential candidates were and have been for a long time.

      • Snowhitey writes:

        “However, I do agree that Ron & Rand were always weak candidates”

        I respond:

        No, you simply got this wrong. The problem with Ron Paul and Rand Paul were/are not that they were/are….

        “weak candidates”.

        The problem was and in many instances is that both were/are traitors, insane on the live or mostly die issues of mass 3rd world/Islamic immigration invasions to the USA and the West.

        Rand Paul was not just weak after he won his KY Senate seat and announced a Libertarian crusade for the Presidency he was called out as being the #1 worst traitor of the year 2013:

        American Renaissance Rand Paul traitor of the year 2013

        As for Ron Paul – this Libertarian lunatic has basically been senile, brain dead on issues of mass immigration, Islam since about 1980.

        Just look at this Emily Latella type Saturday Night Live comedy sketch of Ron Paul taken this year, only it’s not funny and he’s not joking. RP still insists that there is no clash of civilizations and Muslims can’t hurt the West – the weekly slaughters in Germany, France, Belgium simply have no effect on this lunatic Libertarian.

        Just watch the Ron Paul video above FROM THIS YEAR. Can someone please use a pillow on this creature to end it?

        Imagine some Jewish person in Israel trying to promote R&R Paul’s open borders immigration treason in Israel.

        Or how about in Japan? Samurai patriots would behead these idiot/traitors within a week, but somehow in American patriotard Constitutionalists circles they just keep going on and on and on and on and on.

        • “The problem was and in many instances is that both were/are traitors,
          insane on the live or mostly die issues of mass 3rd world/Islamic
          immigration invasions to the USA and the West.”

          Really, and all the other candidates were better? Do you think we’re in this situation because those we did elect were not traitors? Other than Trump, name one that didn’t hurt us? Ron Paul attacked the fundamental problems with our institutions and banking system – the global enslavement headed our way invisible to most citizens. You do realize immigration is only one of our many, many problems? The real string pullers on immigration are the same ones that control our money supply. Our immigration laws were attacked from the very beginning and the explicitly anti-white crusade has been going on openly since the 19th century. It’s nothing new. We’re just reaping the benefits of a long fought battle by our enemies. I think there’s a good change the whole melting pot crap was pushed to facilitate the great replacement. First they psychologically removed our allegiance/connection to ethnic/national origins and then they deracinated us. I believe most of our problems have been in the works for a very long time.

          How many presidential candidates have been strong on stopping
          immigration? I believe Trump is the first candidate to bring it to the
          forefront in decades despite the non-white onslaught of the last 20
          years. And, he really only refers to Muslims. Yes, it’s a start but we
          need to ban all non-white immigration, legal and illegal.

          We’re as weak on stopping immigration as much as we are on stopping traitors. We don’t even punish politicians for betraying their promises to us, we re-elect them.

          I also don’t think the Japanese have much honor left either. Abe is a traitor in many ways. He is under the thumb of the bankers/City of London as much as we are.

    • Let us give him some credit for some things. He has come out and said the anchor baby issue was created by a bad supreme court decisions. Besides, what is wrong with an extremely limited government? We would all be better off. I can’t say SS is a great bargain and questionable whether it will be around in a few years. Bombing other countries we have no national interests does not make us friends either; that’s common sense. I also find it amusing that after RP’s run, all of a sudden some of these politicians have found the Constitution again on occasion.

      One of the reasons I voted Trump was because of RP’s treatment by GOPe.

      I’ve pointed out to libertarians that culture is an important issue and importing those that come from failed societies is not a good idea.

      • Hey South Texas…

        Rand Paul was voted Amren White Traitor of the year Jan 1 2104 – that’s the absolute worst traitor of the year. Not a C-, but a flat out F-.

        He won/lost this award for doing saying idiotic, treasonous things like his State of the Union response where Rand Paul said America should change it’s views of immigration and go with the idea that any person in the entire world ( 50 million afghan and Pakistani Muslim males) who wants to come to the United States to work should be welcomed, not feared or hated.

        A stopped watch has the correct time twice a day.

        So yes, Rand Paul and Ron Paul are right… twice a day that these Neo Conservative (Jewish) bombing campaigns to implement “democracy” are not good.

        OK. sure, fine

        Now how about Rand Paul, Ron Paul and YOU his supporters stop enabling insane, racial/cultural treason?


        How about that?

        What do you say?

        • Where did I say I agreed with RP on every point of immigration? It’s clear you are not a literate person who can read complete sentences and the ideas presented. I don’t care much for Rand though he is less bad than many others.

          I’ve talked to brown people who think the illegals should leave and I agree with them.

          RP was one of the smartest candidates to run in years. If it were not for him in some small ways Trump would not have made as much headway as he did. There are libertarians out there who are not open borders and clearly understand the dangers of cultures not compatible with this country’s ideas.

          • “There are libertarians out there who are not open borders and clearly understand the dangers of cultures not compatible with this country’s ideas.”

            I respond:

            Oh yeah. Please give me 3 leading Libertarians who aren’t insane, treasonous on immigration to the USA/Europe/Australia – the West.

            When I have asked this question to other pro Ron Paul, Ran Paul supporters they have to include a dead Libertarian.

            All those who have run for President for the Libertarian party including this year’s batch of idiots Garry Johnson and William Weld for VP – total immigration traitors.

          • I’m not necessarily talking about the leadership. Christopher Cantwell (who supported Trump) does a good job excoriating such libertarians along with their obsession with marijuana (though I think most drugs should be decriminalized). There are other commentators within the ranks that recognize the folly.

            SS does need to be abolished and phased out. There is no money there. I myself could pay off my home with the money stolen.

            I disagree with RP on some details, but most Americans are too stupid to appreciate what they were offered.

      • “Besides, what is wrong with an extremely limited government? ”

        I respond:

        What’s wrong is that we need government institutions to do certain things like fight and kill enemies who have guns, bombs and things.

        We need government to secure our borders – local private organizations either can’t do it or won’t do it.

        Private property owners in California the South are notorious for wanting mass illegal immigration because the like low wager workers. If we leave it up to the free market the flood gates of low IQ, non White immigrants/migrants will continue. People will pursue short term profits and in the long term we suffer physical and cultural genocide the same as White British people in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  4. I identify myself as more libertarian (Alt-Archist) than Alt-right, but after seeing what the GOP pro-Romney machine did to Ron Paul, like a doctor in a public health pandemic, realized we needed extreme measures.

    Hence I did everything I could to get the Trump DrainTheSwamp disinfectant into the system.

    Sometimes amputation is necessary.

    Stefan Molyneux may be the best example, but I’m with him.

    Some infections need to be cauterized, and I have to avoid sadism (schadenfreude is OK) for the moment.

    I just want to be left alone, and if it means Trump, so be it. Ron Paul in 2012 was the easy way, but we had to do it the hard way. No regrets.

  5. The libertarian: “I’m a good “conservative” (classical liberal) professional bourgeois who isn’t a religious fuddy duddy or a racist. I like guns and I’m not hung up on homos or race. Support our cause so that freedom, low taxes, sound money and the glorious US Constitution can keep our lifestyle intact.”

  6. A lot of the Alt-Right passed through right-libertarianism.

    It is my contention that, just as libertarianism is the province of white men of at least some semblance of above average ability, right-libertarianism was a convenient gathering point for white rightists who have some semblance of above average ability otherwise, because the greater society made overt racialism and tribalism (i.e. for whites) taboo and off limits. Now that overt racialism and tribalism aren’t quite as taboo as they used to be, the “right-libertarians” are migrating to that where and which they really want to be, where they would have been all along had (((the mainstream))) never made white racialism taboo.

    More and more people are realizing that libertarianism as political doctrine is a dead end, politically and evolutionary.

    • Yes, this is true.

      And it’s another reason this Libertarian “thing” will still be around even though it never polls more than 4% in national elections.

      libertarianism is probably the only political, economic, intellectual movement allowed on Ivy League, University of Chicago, Northwestern campuses or in some parts of Hollywood. This barely accepted Libertarianism must be tailored to be helping Blacks, Hispanics, Gays and there is even some PC persecution of Libertarians on college campuses so the young can thing they are really being

      “Rebellious, cutting edge

      And of course Libertarianism is very Jewish and doesn’t threaten Jewish wealth or Jewish power as this is somehow not mentioned or explained that the best and the brightest, the most hard working are just making it to the top in a free market – as if the Jewish Hollywood Mafia business is open to all.

      Maybe QD is right that Right Libertarianism can be viewed as just a phase that bright young White people need to go through, or just one way to go through.

  7. Maybe all groups don’t have the same capacity for liberty and self-government?

    Africa is proof enough of the fact.

  8. I wonder whom were the candidates Ann Coulter pleaded with to read her book Adios America, and was Rand Paul one of them?

    Donald Trump gave the Mexican rapist speech, while Rand Paul ran on the idea that any law blacks are inclined to break shouldn’t be a law:

    “I see an America where criminal justice is applied equally and any law that disproportionately incarcerates people of color is repealed.”

    Game over.

  9. We are rejecting wordist abstractions for flesh and blood reality. Politics is about the latter, not the former.

  10. The problem with Libertarians is that they are eager to continue the infestation of White countries by third-world savages. Libertarianism is nothing but another materialistic, Leftist, utopian jerk off completely divorced from reality.

    People must be governed. But government only works well in a homogenous, civilized nation whose values are rooted in their religion.

    Everything I’ve ever read about Libertarianism strikes me as a complete fantasy that disappears the second it comes into contact with the real world.

    It has served some people as a first step toward rejecting our ruling elites, but it’s just another bit of wishful thinking in order to avoid the real conflict; a conflict that will require draconian solutions for Whites to achieve victory.

  11. If you want to see a Libertarian “Constitutionalist” chimp out, point out that the US Constitution was dedicated by White men “to Ourselves and Our Posterity” and the first laws these White men passed regarding citizenship were ONLY Whites could be citizens.

    None of them have read the Constitution. LOL

  12. 94% of libertarians are white and yet libertarians could not make an explicit case for defending and promoting the interests of whites. Whites have become racially aware and will not be swayed by the idea trap. Self interest has taken over. All that matters now is what is good for me as white person, what is good for my family, and what is good for other whites just like myself. You can see it in the eyes of common whites, people you see or meet in your everyday life, and you can see it in the eyes of those that hate us.

    • The white boy needs to hire an anti-dindu defense contractor but no one will take the job because said defense would be “racist”.

  13. “How did so many former Ron Paul supporters end up migrating from Rand Paul to Donald Trump and the “authoritarian populist” Alt-Right? Doesn’t that suggest that libertarian ideology was much less important to these people than so many had assumed?”

    Exactly. Alt-Right ex libertarians like myself simply took the leftist slur that “Your ideas are simply window dressing for White interests!!” and, unlike the fools who still cling to that dead ideology, examined their claim and replied “Yes, that is what motivates me: What of it?”

    • It’s the same with most “Neo-Cons” (I’m not talking about the real neo-cons, like Bolton, Kristal, Frum, Steyn…) — millions of people who are called “neocons” because they voted for Bush and Cheney, backed the wars in the middle-east, etc — but don’t really care about or believe all the “Israel is the only democracy yadda yadda yadda” “Iraqis need to be liberated” “Afghan girls need schools!” Common Core, DemzAreTheRealRayssissz rubbish — they just went along with it because they thought the only choice was that or Dem insanity (including the same or different wars, wherever, wars no matter who you vote for)

      • Yeah, a lot of Gentiles who I thought were irredeemable are proving that they were just misguided during that period which is good.

  14. Kike vs Kike

    Most US Kikes are anti-“settlements”, because they can see how the world is changing, and they think the settlements hurt Kikestan-in-Palestine and Kikes worldwide.

    Kikes in Palestine think they can still take over the West Bank, make Jerusalem their capital, drive out Palestinians, and/or fear the alternatives

    * * *

    Spud Buchanan on Bibi vs Obongo (and Obongo’s US Kike puppet-masters):

    Barack Backhands Bibi

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    December 27, 2016

    Did the community organizer from Harvard Law just deliver some personal payback to the IDF commando? So it would seem.

    By abstaining on that [KIKE’S UN’s] Security Council resolution declaring Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem illegal and invalid, raged [KIKE] Bibi Netanyahu, [KIKE’S WHORE] President Obama “failed to protect Israel [KIKESTAN-in-PALESTINE] in this gang-up at the UN, and colluded with it.”

    Obama’s people [KIKE PUPPET-MASTERS], charged Bibi, “initiated this resolution, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed.”

    White House aide [KIKE] Ben Rhodes calls the charges “falsehoods.”

    Hence, we have an Israeli leader all but castigating an American president as a backstabber and betrayer, while the White House calls Bibi a liar.

    This is not an unserious matter.

    “By standing with the sworn enemies of Israel to enable the passage of this destructive, one-sided anti-Israel rant and tirade,” writes the Washington Times, “Mr. Obama shows his colors.”

    But unfortunately for Israel, the blow was delivered by friends as well as “sworn enemies.”

    The U.S. abstained, but [KIKE-RUN] Britain, whose Balfour Declaration of 1917 led to the Jewish state in Palestine, voted for the resolution.

    As did France, which allied with Israel in the Sinai-Suez campaign of 1956 to oust Egypt’s Col. Nasser, and whose Mysteres were indispensable to Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War of 1967.

    Vladimir Putin, who has worked with Bibi and was rewarded with Israel’s refusal to support sanctions on Russia for Crimea and Ukraine, also voted for the resolution.

    Egypt, whose Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was welcomed by Bibi after his coup against the Muslim Brotherhood president, and who has collaborated with Bibi against terrorists in Sinai and Gaza, also voted yes.

    China voted yes as did [KIKE-RUN] Ukraine. New Zealand and Senegal, both of which have embassies in Tel Aviv, introduced the resolution.

    Despite Israel’s confidential but deepening ties with Sunni Arab states that share her fear and loathing of Iran, not a single Security Council member stood by her and voted against condemning Israel’s presence in Arab East Jerusalem and the Old City. Had the resolution gone before the General Assembly, support would have been close to unanimous.

    While this changes exactly nothing on the ground in the West Bank or East Jerusalem where 600,000 Israelis now reside, it will have consequences, and few of them will be positive for Israel.

    The resolution will stimulate and strengthen the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, which has broad support among [KIKED] U.S. college students, [KIKE] Bernie Sanders Democrats and the international left.

    If Israel does not cease expanding West Bank settlements, she could be hauled before the [KIKE’S] International Criminal Court and charged with war crimes.

    Already, [KIKE] J Street, the liberal Jewish lobby that backs a two-state solution in Palestine — and has been denounced by Donald Trump’s new envoy to Israel [KIKE] David Friedman as “far worse than kapos,” the Jewish guards at Nazi concentration camps — has endorsed the resolution.

    The successful resolution is also a reflection of eroding support for Israel at the top of the [KIKE-RUN] Democratic Party, as a two-term president and a presidential nominee, Secretary of State [KIKE] John Kerry, were both behind it.

    [KIKE-RUN] Republicans are moving to exploit the opening by denouncing the resolution and the U.N. and showing solidarity with Israel. Goal: Replace the Democratic Party as the most reliable ally of Israel, and reap the rewards of an historic transfer of Jewish political allegiance [$$$$$$$$$].

    That Sen. George McGovern was seen as pro-Palestinian enabled Richard Nixon to double his Jewish support between 1968 and 1972.

    That Jimmy Carter was seen as cold to Israel enabled Ronald Reagan to capture more than a third of the [NUMERICALLY INSIGNIFICANT] Jewish vote in 1980, on his way to a 44-state landslide.

    Moreover, U.S. acquiescence in this resolution puts Bibi in a box at home. Though seen here as a hawk on the settlements issue, the right wing of Bibi’s coalition is far more hawkish, pushing for outright annexation of West Bank settlements. Others call for a repudiation of Oslo and the idea of an independent Palestinian state.

    If Bibi halts settlement building on the West Bank, he could cause a split in his Cabinet with rightist rivals like [KIKE] Naftali Bennett who seek to replace him.

    Here in the U.S., the U.N. resolution is seen by Democrats as a political debacle, and by many Trump Republicans as an opportunity.

    Sen. [KIKE] Chuck Schumer has denounced Obama’s refusal to veto the resolution, echoing sentiments about the world body one used to hear on America’s far right.

    “The U.N.” said Schumer, “has been a fervently anti-Israel body since the days (it said) ‘Zionism is racism’ and that fervor has never diminished.”

    Republican Senator [KIKE’S WHORE] Lindsey Graham says he will urge Congress to slash funding for the United Nations.

    If the folks over at the John Birch Society still have some of those bumper stickers — “Get the U.S. out of the U.N., and the U.N. out of the U.S.!” they might FedEx a batch over to Schumer and Graham.

    May have some converts here.

    * * *

    The Kike, The Kike, The Kike…always…The Kike

    [KIKE] Ben Rhodes

    Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting (since January 20, 2009, for President Barack Obama) (position established for him)

    Born: 1977 (age 38–39), New York City

    Spouse: Ann Norris, chief foreign policy adviser to [KIKE] Senator Barbara Boxer.

    Benjamin J. “Ben” Rhodes (born 1977) is the Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications for U.S. President Barack Obama and is an Advisor on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran.

    His official title is “Assistant to the President and Deputy National
    Security Advisor for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting.” Rhodes has been a foreign policy speechwriter for Obama since 2007.

    Rhodes was born in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He is the son of an Episcopalian father from Texas and a Jewish mother from New York.

    His brother, David Rhodes, is President of CBS News.

    In the summer of 1997, Rhodes volunteered with the Rudy Giuliani mayoral campaign.

    In the summer of 2001, he worked on the New York City Council campaign of Diana Reyna.

    Foreign policy speechwriter & adviser

    In 2002, James Gibney, editor of Foreign Policy, introduced Rhodes to Lee Hamilton, former member of the House of Representatives and director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, who was looking for a speechwriter. Rhodes then spent five years as a Hamilton assistant, helping to draft the Iraq Study Group Report and the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

    In 2007, Rhodes began working as a speechwriter for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign.

    Rhodes wrote Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech “A New Beginning”. Rhodes was the adviser who counseled Obama to withdraw support from Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, becoming a key adviser during the 2011 Arab Spring.

    Rhodes was instrumental in the conversations that led to Obama reestablishing the United States’ diplomatic relations with Cuba, which had been cut off since 1961. The New York Times reported that Rhodes spent “more than a year sneaking off to secret negotiations in Canada and finally at the Vatican” in advance of the official announcement in December 2014.

    In March 2013, Rhodes declined to comment on his role in Obama administration policy decisions, saying, “My main job, which has always been my job, is to be the person who represents the president’s view [AS DICTATED BY HIS KIKE MASTERS] on these issues.” In a May 2016 [Kike] New York Times profile about him, Rhodes’ colleagues in the White House said he spent two to three hours a day with Obama, and Rhodes himself said, “I don’t know anymore where I begin and Obama ends.”


    Rhodes admitted to having misled journalists regarding the correct
    timeline of U.S. negotiations with the recent Iran nuclear agreement,
    relying upon young, inexperienced reporters to create an “echo chamber”
    in order to sway public opinion to seal the deal.

    Awards and honors

    In 2011, Rhodes was on Time magazine’s “40 Under 40” list of powerful and prominent young professionals.

    • Israel is a perpetual albatross around our necks which Trump will do little or nothing to remove. More apparent now than ever, the albatross is the sputtering fuse on a WWIII nuclear powder keg.

      • But look! Israel’s enemies are so evil! :

        Bashar & Asma Assad’s Christmas visit to orphans at Saidnaya monastery

  15. Henry Olson’s piece, “A Tale of Two Conferences,” shows the difference between libertarians and Alt-Righters:

    Namely, that our elites don’t feel threatened by libertarians, whereas Alt-Right personalities have faced the beginnings of genuine persecution. Authority figures have accused the latter of “hate speech,” banned them from entering certain countries, arrested them, tried to disrupt or cancel their public appearances, pressured them to humiliate themselves publicly by renouncing their beliefs, and caused them to lose jobs.

    The difference in response shows what our elites really care about, and the emergence of the Alt Right scares the crap out of them because we threaten to bust their childish utopianism by talking about the tragic nature of the human condition and how you can’t make it go away with magical thinking about “equality.”

  16. The one dude I knew in college who seriously started getting into Libertarianism, all the anti-middle class economic agenda and all, even sending their party money when he got an IT job, got into it initially solely out of a motivation to legalize pot. I suspect a lot of these people have gone off into the Bernie/Obama camp or focused on single issue ballot measures like in Colorado etc now that a lot of states are starting to decriminalize or outright have strange cosmic tattooed face pierced whites running these weed shops in some states.

  17. It says a lot about the deficiencies of American-style libertarianism that it derives from the writings of three sterile, damaged women in the 20th Century who couldn’t form stable marriages, namely, Isabel Paterson, Rose Wilder Lane and (((Ayn Rand))).

    These women understood “freedom” to mean liberation from patriarchal authority, and Rand, especially, promoted most of the agenda of feminist degeneracy: Women’s college education and careers; women’s sexual freedom, contraception, sterility and abortion; and open marriages, adultery and divorce. Fortunately she stopped short of defending homosexuality and transgenderism.

    With a role model like that, no wonder libertarians have lost the war of the cradle.

    An alternative sort of libertarianism more compatible with white interests would combine greater economic freedom with traditional moral authority over women’s behavior. In this system, a woman could, say, inherit sound money without paying an inheritance tax, only a responsible male relative would assume stewardship over her wealth to make sure that it benefits her and her minor children. In the absence of such a male relative, a court could appoint an accountable guardian for the job. But if she slept around or had bastard kids, she would face legal and social sanctions for her lack of sexual self-control.

    I don’t know of any libertarian who advocates this model of a free society, however.

  18. It has also occurred to me recently how Ayn Rand tried to alienate her Anglo-American fans from our own literary tradition by, for example, disparaging Shakespeare. This makes sense as part of libertarianism’s overall project of creating atomized, deracinated, emancipated, racially fungible New Men.

    If you have grown up in a real literary culture, you would see the inferiority of Rand’s novels. Rand knew this on some level, so when she saw all the Anglo-Americans who became fans of her work, she tried to lock in their loyalty by discrediting our own literature and substituting a phony alternative literary tradition where her novels would look better in comparison.

    Ordinarily I would characterize this as just some peculiar fact about Rand’s biography. But when you see Jews in general doing this sort of thing to white culture, over and over again, then you can understand how Rand’s seeming nuttiness fits into a larger pattern of cultural sabotage.

  19. Another key point to remember is:

    American Libertarianism is a cult.

    Cult have cult leaders at the top and cult followers at the bottom. Cult leaders get things like fame, $, sex, power. Those at the bottom have to serve the cult and are subject to extreme pressures never to leave the cult.

    Thus people like a certain Stormfront moderator who have served the Ron Paul Libertarian cult for over 25 years refused to leave the cult even when Ron Paul and Rand Paul were saying and doing extreme traitorous things regarding mass immigration, Islamic terrorism, BlackLiesmatter.

    Why are these people still promoting Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the Libertarian cult now when it is proven that it’s a waste of time always losing or worse, it’s gone over to the anti White side?

    A big reason they will let out is that

    “they’ve been doing this for 50 years!”

    People can’t get out of bad habits, can’t escape bad cults.

    If anyone you know and like is fallen down in to this race denying, culture denying, extreme individualist Libertarian cult – get help, help them get out of this cult.

  20. “Palmer” is a German-born antifa left-libertarian who is a PTSD victim of the Allied denazification campaign. He thinks Lew Rockwell is a Nazi.

  21. Liberterianism is basically stupid, it’s like a lot of abstractions that don’t work in reality. It’s pretty obvious that free trade doesn’t work. All you have to do is drive through formally industrial cities where industry has been offshored to see this. Yet these people never seem to grasp this.

  22. I encourage our readers to keep a short list, best ever links to those who have exposed the flaws, dead ends of American Libertarianism.

    Gregory Hood’s American Renaissance 2014 explains why Rand Paul’s Libertarianism made him traitor of the year for 2013.

    Here’s a great, concise quote from Gregory Hood

    “Rand Paul, like the Beltway Right, sees cultural and racial trends as essentially fixed. Like weather patterns, they are beyond human control. Therefore, all Mr. Paul can do is try to carve out a niche for libertarianism in the areas permitted him by the media gatekeepers. Thus, he can talk about why libertarianism is good for blacks as a group, but not why it is good for whites. He can promote libertarian opposition to “racist” drug laws but not libertarian opposition to the forced-association consequences of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    And this is the essential problem of Rand Paul. The libertarian takeover of the Republican Party is not a liberation from feckless and corrupt leaders. It’s a takeover by people who are unwilling to show even symbolic solidarity with the white Republican base. The tragedy is that Rand Paul was ideally positioned to lead a real political insurrection, to turn the Tea Party into the Middle American Revolution prophesied by Sam Francis. He had a real opportunity to create a movement that could roll back the multicultural state, stop illegal immigration, and reverse anti-white discrimination. Instead, we have someone who is afraid to talk about limiting immigration but thinks it’s a winning issue to defend British Petroleum after a catastrophic oil spill.”

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