White Genocide-Gate

In hindsight, I’m glad that I didn’t take the bait and write about the White Genocide controversy at Drexel University:



It took less than a day for the Alt-Lite brands to chime in on the subject:

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  1. You know what I’m thinking, but, I will say it anyway. This Bill Mitchell is an Irish Roman Catholic blowhard.

    • Bill is just following centuries old Catholic Church doctrine. No Catholic country ever founded a White country.

      • What about Quebec?

        Most of the regions colonized by Catholics (settled long before the industrial revolution) weren’t relatively empty. Argentina isn’t white but it’s fairly white.

          • Indian admixture isn’t that high in Quebec proper, from what I’ve read. Probably no more than among white Americans. When you’re talking about remote and frigid frontier areas where white women couldn’t or wouldn’t go but where the fur traders went that’s where you would have more mixing.

            There are a lot of white Catholics in north America and their ancestors settled mainly among whites in the North. Most of them weren’t breeding and feeding negroes and mulattoes.

          • And you call that a white country ?

            You stupid protestants destroyed the Roman rank and file,in the old and New world,the end of true white power, until Hitler restored order again and you destroyed him too.
            I am not defending any Christianity, just the facts.

          • Yes America was a White country that only allowed Whites to be citizens and had segregation to protect Whites from Genocide. The first laws those non-Catholic Founders passed regarding citizenship said only Whites could be citizens. Australia and New Zealand were White countries too until recently – both non-Catholic creations. South America by comparison is a Catholic brown third world creation and no one wants to live there.

            Now that only Jews and Catholics are allowed on the Supreme Court, integration is forced, the borders are wide open and North America is turning into South America.

            If the Catholics had founded the USA, there would be no Whites left in significant numbers to speak of. They would have been blended out just like in South America.

          • Baptism in the new world was only allowed to whites in the beginning of the new world Roman Catholics,similer to circumcision, I make it clear that Spain got crucified on the cross they brought to the New world.The same powers that destroyed the church in the old world,destroyed it in the New.The same powers that are promoting this New age chaos.
            If a strong Roman Catholic people came to the US?Without stock market and money lending usurers and their chosen goyim in the world ? Spain paid for the war against Holland during the whole of their golden century with gold out of Mexico, and lost the Netherlands, which led to the formation of the Stock market and money lending usurers, separation of church from state with protestant churches modeled after synagogues, feeder breeder, cannon fodder shit for brains homo hour parasites.
            I guarantee you Europe and the white man would be honored among nations,true freedom would rule the world for all of God’s creation if a strong Roman Catholic power came to the new world without being hamstrung by shipping companies and other opportunist jew wanna be criminal parasites and their faggot pussy God who loves them.

  2. Vox Day just tried to uncuck himself in the comment section of his Baked Alaska post:

    Fake Jew Troll (probably Vox): “We will “shut it down,” every time you try. Just accept that and move on. It isn’t up for debate. We earned our way to the highest echelons of society and we aren’t going to throw that away for anyone.”

    VD: “And then those like you explain why Jews keep getting thrown out of every society they invade. You do know your leaders are already making plans to flee the USA because your people have nearly outworn your welcome, right?

    France has the third-largest Jewish population in the world, after Israel and the USA. At the current rate of flight, it won’t have any within 50 years. In less than 20 years, the same process will begin in the USA. And it’s not the fault of most Jews in the USA, it’s the fault of elitest Jews like you.”

    He’s waiting for someone to call him a hypocrite so he can use his high IQ rationalization hamster to show why this situation is different from BA’s tweet.

    • Fake Jew troll (Probably Vox) just called him a hypocrite, now awaiting rationalization that absolves him of cucking

    • Vox Day isn’t having a good week, why? He wants to be an intellectual leader of an increasingly anti-intellectual movement – specifically see his 16 points on the alt right.

      The trouble is he isn’t a part of the alt right – just today, the Michael Enoch called him a coward among other choice words, and pointed out that he isn’t really a part of the alt-right. Vox Day despite his 130 IQ, is slow to grasp that for reasons of emotional over investment.

      I have always been skeptical of the alt right, and now the discerning can see it for what it is, a disruptive mob that will taint anyone and everyone associated with it.

    • When I was on Twitter I encountered Vox Day as “Supreme Dark Lord” on several occasions and he was always trying to suppress the White Genocide talking point. I kid you not, he always said we should use Plato instead.

      Took me a while to figure out why he should not want Whites discussing global policy that is solely aimed at them. A half Indian calling himself “Supreme Dark Lord”. There is nothing in it for him.

  3. You want to make guys like Bill Mitchell really mad?

    Get a group of friends together and join your local Republican Party. Make sure to use the same type of ‘National Populist’ rhetoric that Trump used. Don’t sound too hardcore while you’re running for office. The main goal is to get elected and thereby gain a stage to promote your ideas.

    Then have your network suddenly announce you are no longer Republicans and have formed your own political party. This is called party switching and it is the best way to get around the two party system.

    This is also not hard to do. The Republican Party is suffering from a complete lack of young talent. Your local party will wholeheartedly embrace you as long as you are young and presentable.

    Remember, the goal isn’t to win over the nice old folks. It’s to tear the Republican party itself to pieces.

    • What’s the point? I thought you were in favor of most Whites on the North American continent returning to Europe. At least that’s what you said at The Right Stuff. Because, you see, many of them are apathetic about anything but religion. So naturally their apathy will suddenly be transformed into a sufficient zeal for tens of millions of them to move to another continent which just happens to be positively soaked in liberal secularism.

      You really are one dumb queer, you know that? Hunter should be ashamed that you are his cyber catamite, er, sock puppet.

      • 1. I find it fascinating that you follow me around and accuse me of being a ‘dumb queer.’

        It says quite a lot about your intentions.

        2. I never said that most North American Whites should return to Europe. I have said that, if it becomes necessary, the best of them should do so. There is a huge difference there.

        3. As for why you are so hell bent on accusing me of being a sock puppet, I actually know the answer to that one. The obvious truth is that you see some of my ideas as threatening. That’s why you follow me around, spread rumors about me, and attack me.

        And, for the record, I am not HW’s sock puppet.

        4. As for your question of ‘What’s the point?,’ I think you already know the answer to that. If my side runs for office discreetly and adopts Trump’s rhetoric, we will win. That’s a fact. It worked for him and so it will work for us. Then once we are in office we will have a national stage to promote our ideas.

        Of course, you understand this. You just really hate that my side is learning and growing. You want us to be ‘self-ghettoizing,’ but those days are over.

  4. If you want an academic job you not only have to swear that whites do not exist, you have to hate whites, too.

    White Genocide

  5. The fellow at Drexel used the same excuse Spencer & Co used about Nazism: he was just being ironic! Notice how in one stroke that fails to rebut, but makes them look dishonest on top of looking malevolent.

    Here is a tough question: what is the alt right accomplishing just now? To me it seems hell bent on creating chaos for chaos’s sake. If Trump does well, do you know what it means? There will be no need for the alt right! Mainstream conservatism, Buckleyism (an Irish Catholic, for those who seem to care), will have gotten a new lease on life!

    This is subconsciously at the heart of the chaos: Spencer & Co would have been more relevant if Trump LOST! Now they are irrelevant, and so will escalate for the attention fix they crave – until something horrible happens and the entire weight of the Establishment, including Trump’s government, wipes them out.

    • I do not think I have read a more dumb comment on this topic. Trump is not a long term solution to even half the problems the West currently faces. He will be in office for a maximum of 8 years, and is 70 years old. The “old America” is hanging on by its fingernails.

      The US is still a declining multiracial empire and unless drastic change are going to be made, that is not going to change any time soon.

    • The left has mastered the art of no enemies to the left, but post election the alt-lite can’t possibly virtue signal any harder against the core alt right. These are the people who are in it for the shekels and it’s obvious theyve come to the conclusion that there will be more shekels to be had as vocal moderates against the right than by just keeping their fucking mouths shut. Cernovich brought 10x more bad publicity on the gay ass Trump Prom than BA’s tame tweet ever couldve on its own. For Fucks sake Milo and Joel Stein in the LA Times have made BA’s exact same point

    • Trump was useful because he showed us how to energize White voters.

      We need to learn from his ‘implicitly White’ model and use it to our advantage. I want to see Nationalists run as Republicans in 2018 and then ‘come out of the closet’ the moment they’re in office. This isn’t that hard to do. We can win on the local level.

    • 1.) The Drexel professor said in the follow up tweet that the literal, physical extermination of Whites in Haiti was a great thing.

      2.) In fact, he wrote an entire paper about White Genocide in Haiti, which is probably why he sent out the initial tweet.


      3.) Long before Trump disavowed Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right, he disavowed William Johnson. He disavowed Jared Taylor. He disavowed David Duke. He disavowed James Edwards. In fact, there isn’t a single pro-White figure anywhere in the United States that he ever “avowed.” He never once said in a year and half during the campaign that he would do anything for the White community. On the contrary, he said he was going to do all kinds of great things for LGBTQs and blacks and bragged endlessly about how The Hispanics loved him.

      4.) Unlike the Alt-Lite, I don’t see Spencer saying that White Genocide is a crackpot fantasy. I don’t see him saying that we need to censor all discussion of Jews either. In particular, I noticed that Spencer didn’t push crackpot conspiracy theories like #Pizzagate in order to make as much money as possible off rubes with clickbait.

      5.) Trump becoming another Ronald Reagan would be an absolute total defeat for us. Absolutely nothing of real importance was accomplished by the Reagan administration. A whole generation went to sleep believing in conservatism and thinking it was “Morning in America” while California was transformed into a Third World country.

      6.) I disagree.

      The heart of the dispute is that some people have no real beliefs. They are just trying to make as much money as possible off of Trump. They are promoting their ridiculous “brands.” They don’t give a shit about anything beyond themselves. Instead, they push conspiracies like Pizzagate to generate web traffic until it gets too hot and then drop them like a rock and move on to the next thing. They set the whole internet on fire with accusations of pedophilia, but embrace the likes of MILO.

      • 3.) Long before Trump disavowed Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right, he disavowed William Johnson. He disavowed Jared Taylor. He disavowed David Duke. He disavowed James Edwards. In fact, there isn’t a single pro-White figure anywhere in the United States that he ever “avowed.” He never once said in a year and half during the campaign that he would do anything for the White community. On the contrary, he said he was going to do all kinds of great things for LGBTQs and blacks and bragged endlessly about how The Hispanics loved him.

        This should be plastered across the pro-White sphere so people won’t forget.

        NEVER TRUST TRUMP. Use him for what he’s worth and then discard him like he will discard you.

      • A good reply to this guy would be “Well, look at the declining percentages. If a business was losing that much market share, there would be emergency Board meetings and heads would be rolling.”

      • ” In fact, there isn’t a single pro-White figure anywhere in the United States that he ever “avowed.””

        The only WN he hasn’t disavowed yet that was making headlines using his name is Bob Whitaker. When he disavowed the AFP, political amateurs in the party were issuing statements trying to attach the AFP to Trump.

        Also lets not forget that Trump re-tweeted a user account with the name WhiteGenocide twice. He also re-tweeted an account called TheSouthWasRite. He dog whistled for Pro White support.

  6. So many whites, like this Bill Mitchell dude, love themselves but not their people. They may consider themselves white, but they are basically de-racinated. And the evangelicals and Faux News are all in a tizzy over Obama’s abstaining tat the Israel vote at the U.N. Not supporting Israel by vetoing the U.N. resolution is about the only good thing Obama ever did. White Americans need to develop their own identity,a nd stand together, now more than ever.

    • Obama did the UN abstention with the consent of Israel and Netanyahu.. It is all a scheme, a charade to buy time and deny the Palestinians their own state and also to deny the Palestinians the rights of Israeli citizenship.

        • The Jews do not want a two state solution, but if they annex the occupied territories, in time the Israel will be obligated to grant citizenship to the Palestinians. By 2020 their will be more Palestinian than Jews in Israel and if given the vote the Palestinians will be able to vote themselves in and vote the Jews out. It appears to me God is doing to the Jews what the Jews are trying to do to us. High five Jesus.

          • Both Gaza and the west bank have their own separate governments. These people currently do not get to vote in Israeli elections. But if annexation takes place the world will pressure Israel to give the rights of citizenship to Palestinians. If that happens the Palestinians would be a majority and could vote their own people into Israeli leadership. Israel has a lot of problems and is just trying to stall, to maintain the status quo until they can get more Jews to immigrate or they can kill large numbers of Palestinians.

    • Yes, the good whites. Just more virtue signaling. I don’t like all whites but I very much like white civilization.

    • What’s most disturbing about his tweets is the low level of information this man possesses.

      250 million whites in America today.

      Officially it’s 190-98 million non-hispanic whites (but that includes Jews, Arabs and north Africans.) In reality it’s closer to 180 million, most of whom are far older than the American average. Additionally, the fertility rate for whites has been below replacement for decades.

      Although, the reality is more complicated since it’s primarily leftists who are not reproducing:



  7. He does not care or have the slightest bit of empathy for whites who are being persecuted and oppressed solely based the color of their skin. He speaks like an outsider, a person that does not belong, but sets himself above all others, a person without a heart and without the slightest bit of compassion for those unfairly treated. He speaks like a Jew.

  8. Bill Mitchell ? @mitchellvii
    ‘You want to know how secure I am in my race? I never feel the need to defend it or even talk about it. It is literally a non-issue.’

    He has defended Israel, Jews and blacks in the past but is devoid of any empathy for whites.


  9. 250 million Whites in the USA? Sure, if you lump about 100 million ‘non-White’ whites into the census. By my estimation, we’re closer to 150 million, barely a majority, just 30 million or so illegals-cum-citizens away from a minority.

    • Around 350 Million total in US. We compose approximately 60% as of right now. That would put us at 210 million. You could be right that the numbers are inflated though.

      • I believe the actual number is about 51 to 52%. Government figures include lots of non-Europeans in the ‘White’ category. If you give every illegal citizenship, we’re instant minority status. At that point, only extraconstitutional methods can reclaim our country. We’re lulling us to sleep with that 60% figure and saying the tipping point is decades away. Nope, it was merely one Clinton-Kaine administration away.

        • You may be right. I do remember on the 2010 census it still had catagories for middle eastern and Hispanic. I would imagine that will change in 2020. They are the ones most likely to check the box next to white even though they are not.

  10. Women are not mainly loyal to any tribe. They just like winners.

    White women go with black men because in our sports-music-centered society, blacks dominate sports and rap music and dance. Also, our culture is raw and raunchy, and there is no more shame and restraint. So, women are horny for guys with most muscle and biggest penises, and black men have advantage there.

    Among the most popular porn sites is one called BLACKED that features Big Negroes doing blonde women, and it has over 600 million views, which is double the size of the US. And many viewers are white women whose main sexual fantasies now involve the Negro.

    Women are not very tribal. A herd of female deer will stick with the top male, but if that male loses to another male, the females will not follow the loser male but go with the new winner male.

    Same with lionesses. If a lion has a prides of lionesses but lose a fight with a new lion, the lionesses will go with the new lion. And the New lion will kill the cubs produced by the previous lion, now the loser.

    We see same dynamic with Asians. When Asians come to the West, the women notice that white/black men are bigger and more manly than Asian men. So, many Asian women ditch Asian men and go with white men or black men who are deemed superior. That’s female psychology.

    When Germany invaded France in WWII, French women threw themselves at German occupiers.

    When Japan lost WWII, Japanese women went with American conquerors.

    So, when black men beet white guys in schools, streets, and sports, white women lose respect for white guys and go with black guys who are deemed superior.

    In the past, moral culture, shame principle, and racial unity kept white women within the white community. Even if a white woman had jungle fever back then, she tended to remain with whites cuz society disdained interracism.

    But now, not only are the taboos gone but PC promotes interracism, especially between black men and white women.

    As Jews control the media, they want to destroy the male pride and confidence of white men by turning white women into mud-sharks who offer their wombs to black men so as to hatch black babies who will grow up to beat up white boys and hump more white girls.

    Jews love it as they want to destroy white gentile pride and unity.

    Because blacks are more aggressive and stronger, whites need to safe space from them if they are to survive. Race is a sexual product. A white person is the sexual product of white man having sex with white woman. If a white woman has sex with a black man, she will produce a black kid who will side with black community. She is a race traitor.

    So, interracism is an existential threat to the white race, especially as white women in the West now worship the Black Penis as object of sexual fetish. And white cuck boys worship and cheer for black athletes who beat whites in sports and hump 1000s of white girls in colleges and hotels.

    NO more race denial. Race is real, and racial differences are real. In order for whites to survive as a race, white women need to respect and stick with white men. Only white men and white women can produce new generation of white race.

    With integration, black males beat up white males who become cuck-boys. And then, white girls lose respect for loser white boys, become jungle-fevered, and go with black men.

    This is a horrible danger hanging over the West.


  11. Let this be a lesson for those who still aren’t convinced of the futility of disavowing the “racists.” Placation and ingratiation are the tools of Cucks. The “I’m not a racist” pricks on the Right are every bit as hostile to the idea of White advocacy as are those on the Left.

    If speaking up for White people, bringing attention to issues that affect White people, and proudly admitting that race does matter is racist, then I’m a fucking racist.

    • The Cucks have all of the Marxist anti-White talking points memorized. Trump needs to investigate this infiltration and find out how long its been going on.

  12. Whites are being being deliberately replaced with millions of black and brown “refugees” swarming into their countries. They are being attacked by black and brown savages on the streets and in their own houses. All those hate crime and hate speech laws being introduced by jew politicians and promoted in the jew press are designed specifically to terrorize Whites into submission. Gun control laws, affirmative action quotas, forced desegregation, race-mixing propaganda in the movies and on TV, Cultural Marxist indoctrination in the schools….all aimed specifically at marginalizing Whitey.

    And yet that fruity faggot Bill Mitchell has the nerve to say we shouldn’t be concerned about any of it?


    • Most of Hollywood and the music business have done everything they could to destroy what we care about. Civil rights, feminazis, abortion on demand, mass immigration from the third world, homosexual ‘rights’, glorification of sex change operations; they’ve done everything they can to give aid and comfort to evil and destructive social movements. I don’t mourn any more when one of these overpaid creeps passes from the world. I used to but not anymore.

  13. Everyone knows that if this Drexel scumbag had substituted Jew or negro or Muslim for white he’d be lucky to work in a convenience store or adult video arcade. This place is degenerate.

    Mitchell is a rah-rah proposition nation creep. He was interesting on Nov 8, but no longer, and not worth my time.

    I am saddened by Trump’s attitude to the UN-Israel brouhaha. Since Jews were responsible for half of Hillary’s $1.2 bn war chest and gave her 82% of their votes, Trump owes them nothing and could take this opportunity to forge a new and independent policy. I guess Trump will continue the Israel First business. “Utter disdain,” indeed.

  14. Radical Professor wishes for White Genocide.

    Conservative uses the opportunity to disavow ‘racists’.


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