John Kerry Rebukes Israel

What do you think?

Are you ready for Sheldon Adelson’s foreign policy? What do you think of David Friedman for ambassador to Israel, giving Netanyahu a free hand to colonize the West Bank, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem or the looming confrontation with Iran?

The most amazing thing about US foreign policy toward Israel is how the American consensus on “civic nationalism” completely disappears: the Right argues for Jewish supremacy and colonialism in the West Bank; the Left argues for a two-state solution in order to preserve Israel’s character as a Jewish state.

Jewish Power is so overwhelming that the “mainstream” argues over whether Israel’s best interest is served by Jewish supremacy or Jewish separatism. The concept of an American interest or Palestinian interest doesn’t exist.

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  1. I found it interesting that Obama did this at the end of his Presidency. Probably has been wanting to do this from day 1.

    It also sets up a bad trap for Trump. During the election Trump claimed he wanted a more neutral America first foreign policy position. However, Obama and Kerry doing this and creating the natural reactionary response from conservatives which is to quickly leap to Israel’s defense no matter what – Trump has followed along and in a very obvious way quickly turned to a Israel first position which he seem to avoid during the election. We know he was never hostile to Israel but he is really sounding like W. and the neocons at this point.

    Bottom line – Trump whether forced or not into a staunch Israeli first foreign policy position creates a world of problems for him down the road. I’m sure Adelson and John Bolton are delighted this happened.

    • “I found it interesting that Obama did this at the end of his Presidency. Probably has been wanting to do this from day 1.”

      He had 8 years to help the Palestinians. He didn’t do a thing. Probably just trying to spite Trump because he knows the Trumps love Israel.

    • “I found it interesting that Obama did this at the end of his Presidency. Probably has been wanting to do this from day 1.”

      Obama only does what he is told to do.

      Christ-killer Ben Rhodes is his handler.

    • I agree. I’m worried Trump will amp up his support for Israel as a reaction to this. We know that Trump doubles downs and amplifies, plus he probably wants to counter-signal Obama as much as possible. I also have a feeling, but no evidence, that Jared Kushner is a huge Zionist and has a substantial influence on Trump.

      • Not necessarily. I’ve read Gideon’s Spies: A History of The Mossad. They don’t hesitate to crush dissent from fellow Jews, either.

    • The US doesn’t care about the Jewish colonialism of Palestine except for Jewish neo-cons. Other imperialists have other motives. For instance Cheney is probably indifferent to Israel.

  2. I really think Obama wouldn’t have been so bad if he didn’t tolerate Clinton in his first term.
    edit: I’m glad you’re not pretending Trump is an anti-Zionist, which some well known pro-White activists do.

    edit 2: Actually Kerry has criticized Israel as having the potential to be an apartheid state. I know this isn’t convenient, because Kerry has Jewish ancestry, but WN theories were never logical to begin with.

    • Hitler was a Zionist. Who the hell wants to live with these people?? How can whites knowing all the harm Jews have done to white Christian society be against Israel?? Whites should do all we can to encourage Jews to go and live with their own kind for no other reason than to rid ourselves of this menace.

      • Absolutely, right – Fee.

        Prime Minister Natnyahu said, just a few months back that, ‘now is the time for Jews to return home.’

        For many year, The Nazis were thinking about resettling Jews to Mozambique, but, they went in another direction that led to the establishment of Israel – which, more or less, is the same solution.

        Jews ought live in a Jewish culture, where they can spend their time subverting each other.

      • Hitler’s statement on a Jewish state in Israel were that it wouldn’t change much of anything. Jews would just use Israel as a safe haven to escape prosecution for their crimes in White western countries.

        It’s the Ben Franklin statement that a Jewish state isn’t practical as Vampires can not live off of other vampires.

        It’s similar to giving Arabs/Muslims majority rule in Algeria under the idea that Arabs would be happy with that and not bother White (girls) in White countries like France.

        It didn’t turn out that way.


        “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours needs to be multi cultural, then affirmative action, then it becomes mine”.

  3. As far as Iran goes, the interests of the illegitimately overthrown Iraqi regime coincide with pushing Iran out of Iraq. However they don’t coincide with neo-con foreign policy or converting Iran to Democracy. And Iran has no nuke. The nuke deal was right.

  4. Yes, we are seeing how slavish too many on “our side” are to Israel. I’m seeing all kinds of “I stand with Israel!” and even some “They are God’s chosen” reactions.

    Control the mind, control the body.

    But any objective look at this has to conclude that it is not surprising. The Jews set out to achieve this objective. They accomplished it because they knew how. They studied and learned the techniques for doing things like this. On the other hand, knowing how to skin bucks and run trotlines doesn’t do a damn bit of good for this kind of thing. We are going to see over the next ten years or so if a country boy can survive the 21st Century.

    • Don’t you wish conservatives has been as hawkish on protecting white ruled Rhodesia and South Africa as they are protecting Jewish ruled Israel? White conservatives care more about Israel than their own people.

    • ‘We are going to see over the next ten years or so if a country boy can survive the 21st Century.’

      He will, Mr. Burns – but, the question will be : how much ‘country’ will be left in the boy?:)))

    • We knew he was Jew friendly going in but passed over it for the sake of “Building the Wall”. What’s become of that wall lately? Nobody has a problem with Israel building a wall, accomplished fact.

  5. I do believe this was a staged event. done with the full approval of Netanyahu, intended to extend the farce of a two state solution indefinitely into the future. There will never be a two state solution. On the other hand annexation of all Palestinian territories would obligate the Israelis to grant citizenship, equal rights and the vote to 4.4 million Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Add to the 4.4 million, 1.4 million Arabs already living in greater Israel you get 5.8 million Arabs versus an Israel Jew population of 5.9 million. By 2020 there will be more Arabs living with in Israeli borders than Jews. By then democracy will no longer be good for the Jews, and Israel, as that beacon of democracy in the Mid-east, line of horse shit will no longer sell. Israel will then become a full-out racist oppressive, Jew supremacist ethno-state, a denier of basic human rights to its majority population.

    • ‘There will never be a two state solution’

      Again, you are dead on, Fee.

      The ‘2 State Solution’ is just another New England Government Yankee pipe-dream – the same dream they have shoved down the throat of Dixie, and which has resulted in the utter ruination of the Negro Community, and, hence, many many small towns, where Whites still live – in spite of it all.

      I would ask : ‘how long will it take for The Yankee Government to grasp that two peoples cannot rule the same lands? – especially if they don’t like each other???

      Yet, I won’t, because I know that what they are attempting is not logick baset, but, unwitting psychick dissonance; this born out of a perverted Marxist reading of The Founding Fathers – none of whom had any intent of designing a franchise for anyone but White Male property owners, over the age of 21.

    • “On the other hand annexation of all Palestinian territories would obligate the Israelis to grant citizenship, equal rights and the vote to 4.4 million Palestinians living never be a two state solution”

      I respond:

      No. There are other options. Unlike too many race denying constitutionalist Amuricuns Israeli Jews aren t stupid or tied down to ideas of fairness and agreements.

      Israel Jews are now working to push out Arabs to move to Europe USA Australia – the West.

      Arabs and Muslims in Europe then join anti White Left

      Both Jews and Muslims in Palestine/Israel know Spain was Muslim for 700 years.

      Jews and Muslims outside of Israel/Palestine are basically on the same team.

      • Is that workable plan considering current events and Trumps pledges to end immigration from nations that are associated with terrorism. The best option in the hearts of the Jews is to kill all the Palestinians just like they killed Christ and have the world stand by and do nothing while they kill millions. Sharon the former president of Israel has already said he would kill all the Palestinians but worried about world opinion. So the though of such an atrocity is on the mind of the chosen.

  6. ‘‘Israel Can Either Be Jewish or Democratic. It Cannot Be Both’’

    Thinly veneered New England Government language for : ‘Israel can either be Racist and Demonick or Democratick and Godly.’

    Ofcourse, Israel, as ought all other nations, will reject the anti-racist Marxist/New England paradigm, and opt to protect their own people, by refusing to give political franchise to those who are not they.


    Because your own people come first.

    • “Israel…will…opt to protect their own people”

      It can only do that with massive US support, and by completely corrupting the USA

      • The New England Yankee Government is already completely corrupted and usurpt, so, sadly, your comment is too late.

  7. ”‘Israel Can Either Be Jewish or Democratic — It Cannot Be Both’’

    Ofcourse The New England Yankee Government wants Israel to be ‘Democratick’, because, once Israel is, then Washington D.C. can do thesame thing they do to the states in Dixie and many other countries – demand that the whole country be turned upside down to accommodate the minority culture of newly enfranchised Palestinians, and, along the way, use every covert, coercive, and nefarious mean to subvert things in
    Israel to their own liking.

    As it is, President Obama spent a lot of our money & effort (much more than he does in his hometown of Chicago) in Israel, recently, trying to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – just as did Bill Clinton before him – though, this
    time, unlike 1996, it was not successful.

    No, ‘New England Government Democracy is the surest way to have the interests of your own people usurpt.

    Just look at the 50 states Uncle Sam controls – pillaged economically, for decades, and subverted legally and culturally.

    No, The Secretary can keep his ‘Democracy’ in a water-closet…

  8. Israel has the option to remain a Jewish ethnostate. The only option White countries are allowed is Diversity, a code word for White Genocide. All of those cucked out Whites who “Stand with Israel” can’t stand anyone who stands for White people.

  9. It’s just accepting reality, facts on the ground in a place where we no longer have many, any of our people. Some White Western people go to this area as tourists same as our people used to go to the Greek Hellenic archeology sites in Palmyra Syria. Israel/Palestine is now just another place where our people suffered racial/ethnic cultural genocide.

    It’s reality that Zambia and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe used to have a lot White (British) people, now there are none. Why waste a lot of time arguing about politics and self determination in places like Zambia/Zimbabwe or Israel/Palestine? The locals there are going to do what they are going to do, what we say makes little or no difference.

    It’s the same with Israel/Palestine.

    So increasing numbers of Israeli Jews want to ethnically cleanse all the Arabs/Muslims from the West Bank. We want to do the same to Arabs/Muslims in Germany, Sweden and Minnesota. We can’t be allies with Zionist Jews because they never keep their side of the bargain and it’s increasingly clear we can’t really be allies with Arabs, Muslims as they do the same – insist on near 100% Muslim/Arab countries/societies like Saudi Arabia and Algeria and also insist on mass migration invasions of Europe, UK, USA.

    What’s to F*&$*#@ talk about? Free market economics?

  10. Just use this in your arguments with Christian Zionists, normies that American Jews are hypocrites about “Diversity”, “multi culturalism”, open borders immigration as they demand White America be transformed by welcoming the entire 3rd world immigration, yet reserve Israel as a Jewish ethno state and now they are working to annex the West Bank and ethnically cleanse the Palestinians.

  11. When it comes to which people rule over the area known as Israel / Palestine, how they divide the land, and the relations between their peoples, it should really be none of the business or concern of Americans. It would be a shame if the Trump presidency expends its political capital on defending Israel and other neo-con objectives. When do we get the border wall?

  12. Conservatives say it’s about democracy, not race. No wonder they act like Israeli Palestinians who lost their country but got democracy(even though it mainly serves Jewish identity and interests).

    Listen to this nonsense:

    It says Palestinians in Israel enjoy a bunch of democratic liberties that Arabs don’t in other nations. (Never mind Israel worked with theocracies and Jihadis to subvert more secular Arab nations.) But didn’t Palestinian lose their land? Aren’t they being occupied and displaced in West Bank?

    But don’t worry!! Such don’t matter!! They got ‘rights’ under Israeli law.

    While rights and minority protection are important, what good are ‘rights’ if your people lose the might?

    Whites in South Africa got ‘rights’ under democracy, but what good does it do them?

    Would any sane white person choose to live in South African ‘liberal-democracy’ than in a white communist nation like East Germany or Poland during Cold War?

    Now, liberal democracy is better than communism but ONLY IF your people are guaranteed the Might. If the ‘rights’ of your people don’t add up to Might, the best you can hope for is minority protection. Besides that, it means no power for you and your people.


  13. David Friedman, Trump’s Radical-right Ambassador, Makes Netanyahu Look Like a J-Street Lefty

    It’s a good thing ambassador-designate David Friedman will have diplomatic immunity; otherwise he might get arrested for incitement.

    Haaretz, 18 December 2016

    By Israeli standards, Donald Trump’s designated Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, is an extreme right-winger. He might find a place in the settler movement or with Naftali Bennett’s Habayit Hayehudi Party, but only on its right-wing fringes. He makes Benjamin Netanyahu seem like a left-wing defeatist. From where Friedman stands, most Israelis, never mind most American Jews, are more or less traitors.

    Friedman has expressed opinions that are considered radical even in today’s more right-wing Israel. He supports settlements and advocates annexation, has denigrated President Obama as an anti-Semite, questioned the citizenship of Israeli Arabs, compared J Street to Holocaust-era kapos and so on. It’s good he’ll be coming with diplomatic immunity: For some of his articles and statements, Friedman could get arrested by the Israeli police on suspicion of incitement.

    This is an ambassador who will please Evangelicals, delight Jewish settlers and bring pleasure to Land of Israel zealots far and wide.

    In many ways, Friedman will upset many Israelis, including, possibly, Netanyahu himself. The prime minister is always concerned more about his right-wing flanks than his opposition on the left.

    The nomination of Friedman shows that Trump intends to stray from any semblance of an even-handed approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to throw his full weight behind Israel. Trump told the British Daily Mail that he supports unlimited expansion of Israeli settlements.

    Friedman owns a residence in the affluent Jerusalem neighborhood of Talbiyeh, where the family typically spends the Jewish holidays.

    Friedman said that in recent months he has given Trump a few briefings about the Israeli-Palestinian issue and that Trump is knowledgeable about the details of the long-standing conflict.

    If Trump wins the election, Friedman said he would carry out the policy as he, Friedman, presented it.

    Friedman is involved in philanthropic activities for Israel, a large part of which has to do with settlements in the West Bank. He is president of an organization of American friends of the Beit El settlement, who have sent millions of dollars to the settlement in recent years.

    The very fact that Trump is dispatching as ambassador a bankruptcy lawyer so closely identified with a radical yeshiva in the West Bank is mind-boggling.

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