Red Pill Me On Mike Cernovich

Have you seen these tweets from Loren Feldman who is the producer of Cernovich’s movie Thilenced?

Get hip with the MILO, Mike Cernovich and the Alt-Lite … you got to give up the racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia. You got to stop blaming feminism or you will be Thilenced. The Alt-Right and Manosphere are a bunch of low-IQ goys! They’re finished!

Note: Loren Feldman’s essay was published on November 11th. The NPI conference was November 19th. So, this “New Right” was the plan all along, even before Hailgate.

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  1. What’s hilarious but also deeply disturbing is watching the TrumpGod crowd sink into a bottomless pit of tragic irony as they attack Milo, Cernovich and the rest of the Alt-Lite for their hostility toward real racialists, while continuing to build up Trump and conveniently ignoring his slow turn from the stances that made him an appealing candidate. Trump isn’t even really building up the Alt-Right or Alt-Lite crowd. But if he was, the people he would put in any kind of position of power would certainly be more akin to the Alt-Lite of Milo, Cernovich or this Loren Feldman idiot than that of David Duke, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer or pretty much any other actual racialist.

    • Trump has consistently talked about re-negotiating trade deals, fighting for the American worker, stricter immigration policies and even re-affirmed the Muslim ban since his election. He’s also made it clear that we won’t be going to war with Russia.

      He has and continues to stand for (at least in my estimation) what Steve Sailer calls “citizenism”. Namely, that if you consider yourself an American, he’s on your side. While this isn’t the exact ideal, its still much more of a positive than LITERALLY EVERY OTHER POTENTIAL CANDIDATE.

      Honestly, it seems like you and Brad thought he was going to make Jared Taylor his Chief of Staff or something once he got elected. It seems like you guys were living in a fairytale where Trump gets to be king and doesn’t have to negotiate, compromise, play the game at all to put his agenda forward.

      • Why should I care about Trump when he’d feed someone like me to the wolves the first chance he got?

        The goal is to make pro-White views a majority and an actual alternative, not sit idly by while we wait and fight for crumbs and scraps. Trump has made it abundantly clear that he is an adherent of an unchecked multiracial America. He had a specific message for everyone….. except for White Americans. Sounds familiar. Almost like I’ve heard and seen this sidestepping before.

        What kind of benefit do you get from slavish devotion to Trump’s colorblind society? Same thing I’ll get by denouncing it, right? So why wouldn’t I denounce it if it’s nowhere near an ideal situation for real pro-White people?

          • Yeah, I probably should have spent a little more time bashing the fucker and drawing concrete conclusions from conjecture and hyperbole rather than defending him. I’d make a damn fine Secretary of Grab’em By The Pussy.

        • I actually agree, I am no devotee of Trump but I can support Trump’s war on the media, which was solely based in his own ego. This shattering of the media control grid, media screaming fake news, is only a net benefit for us

          • They have the same views as me!? So they’re self-labeled race-ists, believe race does matter, and believe that White people should have their own countries that are built on a race-based foundation with a strict racial quota system that ensures the White majority never falls below 90-95%?

            Show me where they’ve shown themselves to be of my persuasion and I will apologize. If you can’t show me that, then go fuck yourself.

      • Allen,

        This is a straw man. No one believed that Trump was going to make Jared Taylor his Chief of Staff. At the same time, if anyone thought the Alt-Right was going to be content to be locked in the basement of mainstream conservatism and treated like a retarded cousin for the next four years, they were sorely mistaken.

      • There sure is a lot of generals and military officers in his hardcore appointments… and that’s a good thing.

    • “Here’s the million dollar question: how did Loren Feldman know
      everything that was about transpire with the “New Right” on November

      They’ve got to be running or high up in the US intelligence services. The IS watch most groups and the Jews gleen info from them. He probably got his info from talking to other Jews. Networking. I can’t remember where I read this, maybe Hipster Racist, but it was said that it’s hard to get into Jewish intelligence. You have to be all Jew but if your a Sayanim or in the tribe they talk a lot openly among themselves about what’s going on. Major way they make money by sharing inside information.

      I change my mind every week or so if Trump is going to really fuck us or not. I do believe that if he goes against us it will be really bad. A lot of the security forces are detached from reality and believe the, all races are the same, business. Mostly because at the upper realms of the intelligence services and the military they match somewhat the intelligence of the Blacks to the job. Maybe not completely but much closer than civilian life.

      The biggest advantage the Jews have is money, ownership of the banks and FED. Their networking and exploitation of these three constantly enforces each other so they get even more money which they turn against us over and over. If they didn’t have money they would be laughed at and scorned. So he’s basically right about that part.

      • If the motherfuckers crash the Stock Exchange and trigger another Great Depression they are going to get the blame. Again.

    • You are being watched and studied and game theory has been applied to various scenarios and outcomes. Not for entertainment purposes or Jew amusement but out of fear.

    • @WDFx2EU31 says it’s because they are on Trump-team’s payroll! Says Cern, Chuck Johnson, Milo, Ivanka/Jared, etc,are all in on this together, the former paying the latter to disrupt the Altright—even Mitchivelli.

  2. I’m not at all impressed by her trolling, she seems unhinged and unhinged be trolled or be prime for trolling

  3. Please somebody anybody tell me why we should like or care about a group of people that hate all whites and wants us all dead. Call me an anti-semite and I will spit in your ugly Jew face.

    • Context: he’s jewish.

      Go on Haaretz or a yid blog and they talk like this amongst themselves.

      At least hey did a few years ago before they started getting trolled mercilessly

  4. The tweets from Loren Feldman are truly disturbed and seem to be coming from a position of FEAR. A person securely ensconced within a position of power does not NEED to even respond to his enemies.

  5. I actually agree with the yid about feminism. Real men don’t bother with it, at least of my generation – X.

    He’s also right about the jews dominating, among other things, ‘medicine:’

    From Kyle Hunt’s Renegade Reporting Twitter feed:

    The Medical Industrial Complex has been forcing opiates into the solid white working class regions, here West Virginia. Jews & Co. have created the problem and now they present the solution. The unemployed white youth who haven’t OD’d will now be ‘diagnosed’ with ‘bipolar’ as the cause of their ‘substance use disorder.’ They will be committed, experimented on and electro and pharma shocked into obedience, all on the working goyim’s dime. Some will simply be chemically castrated by the local state commissar’s order via Assisted Outpatient Treatment.

    All will have their 2nd Amendment rights stripped, not that they will care at that point anyway.

    Wake up, people. Tyranny is installing itself through bureaucratic means. The cult of personality enshrining TrumpGod and the 12 Apostles is a distraction. Already Trump’s appointee to oversee Medicaid and Medicare is stripping both programs to pay for Murphy’s Stasi State, among other schemes designed to fool whites into financing our own enslavement.


    • Harley, as I have said all along Donald Trump was merely the means to an end, Anyone who saw salvation in Donald Trump is kidding themselves. I saw Trump merely as one who isn’t actviely working against White People such as Hillary was. The thing is Hillary’s control grid was already solid made to order for her, for Trump there is definately going to be a period of shakiness which we MUST exploit

    • I only started thinking about feminism about two years ago. Men of my generation have to. However, if I had been born into a saner age like my elders, I am sure I would feel the same way as you.

    • “Real men don’t bother with it, at least of my generation”

      lol i love this “man up we’re the real men” shit. And then here we end up, where most of our daughters become sluts and most of our sons become pussies and where divorce law and marriage is a joke. I guess real men don’t bother with these things either lol Whether or not your daughter becomes a slut is something only women should worry about lol

  6. As a Jewish associate of Cernovich, Feldman has been getting trolled viciously & relentlessly by the alt right guys for almost a year now. They’ve taken particular joy in mocking his girlfriend/fiancée who looks older than him & has a face that is busted as fuck.

    So I would chalk up a lot of his tweets to deliberate trolling back & focusing on whatever points he thinks are going to get the biggest reaction.

    But it’s still good. The more Jews get provoked into losing their cool & needling the goyim the better.

  7. Loren Feldman, from what I recall reading recently, is another one with mental illness.

    What a bunch of nutjobs!

    • Spencer should of told him to screw off. I know Spencer has said he supports the ‘alt-lite’ since they are like a gateway drug, but Cernovich is an exception. That guy is a total con artist.

    • The only thing that’s been revealed is how easy it was to manipulate fascist Goy aspie faggots to do our bidding. We sang you a little song, gave you a little taste of sunlight and poof out you came and danced for use like pathetic court jesters the bells on your shoes jingling and jangling to the tune we fed you. Now it’s time to go back to your gaming consoles and play with your joysticks while we continue to run the world. Oh and BTW. Thanks for all the donations! Hell we even got you to spend your own money helping us.

        • The only fear we have now is exactly where we’re going to keep all that fat green cash you’ll let us make with your outrage. Endless advertising dollars picked from the pockets of willing advertisers to view our Trump puppet dancing his little dance. We rule the world fools. We’ve ruled the world for thousands of years. We just got you US faggots to give us 38 billion dollars and now guess what. We’re coming for more and more and more and more because we put the man who’s going to give it to us, willingly and on a golden platter into the place that holds the purse strings. Oh and we’re fucking his daughter. We’re fucking her soft blond ass every night. We even got her to convert and change her name. That, my little Goy puppet should have been your first clue.

  8. Behold the incredible logic of the Jew:

    One minute Feldman is open bragging about how his tribe runs everything – all while taunting us to do something about it – and the next he’s calling us delusional.

    My god, is there any other race on the planet which can lie like these people?

    • I used to post a lot over on Vox Day’s site, but then he came out with a statement that whites owe an eternal guilt debt to the Indians and we need to be their servants forever in effect in order to expiate it. There appears to be no difference between that stance and the SJW stance of eternal White subjugation, groveling, and breast-beating before the negro, the muslim, etc. Even a lot of his regular posters tore him a new one over that, and had some interesting things to say in quite a few cases.

        • He was comparing his fantasy books to JRR Tolkien on his blog the other day. That guy is arrogant as hell.

      • Yep, I know the exact post you are referring to. An off the cuff sarcastic posting that was intended to guilt trip Whites. What really angered me about that was he directed that at his readers, whom are/where extraordinary loyal to him and took him as an ally.

        • Whites for Whites. WHY are Whites soooooooo eager and ready to slobber over some shit skinned trash that kinda sorta smiles at us?
          Come on.
          White Planet. EVERYTHING else needs to GO.

  9. White Genocide is out of the closet and anti-Whites are trying like hell to shove it back in. They might as well try putting toothpaste back in the tube. I hope more anti-Whites melt down like this and go “crazy nigger”.

  10. Loren (((Feldman)))… you no longer control Russia (the Russians remember what (((you people))) did to them)… and you never controlled East Asia (us Asians can see your kikery a million miles away).

  11. Adolf tried to warn us. We never listen, We must LISTEN.
    It’s not Alt Right vs Alt Light. It’s White Human vs Jew Devil. Always, For thousands of years.

  12. “”…..Banking, science, medicine, media, go ahead fuck with us…..””

    But no masses and in the revolution masses are only thing what counts. I smell fear in every tweet. And that is good.

    • They don’t really do science or medicine (beyond psychiatry or dentistry) either as those are too honest and too much like real work compared with banking and media.

      • And if there’s a discredited science its psychiatry, tho climate science is making a serious run at them.

  13. I may not be an AltRight personality, but anyone can check my comments going back to 2015 warning anyone who would read them that this creature was an immoral fraud. Pretty obvious. Vox Day is the one who legitimized him as anything beyond a juicer salesman who copy and pasted some Tony Robbins boilerplate together. As a radically beta male, and in order to impress his light-saber wielding readers, he bought into Cernovich’s shtick because he took it as validation from what he mistakenly believed was an alpha male. Never put all your trust in a man who was on the left side of the Kelly Bundy High School Pecking Order Bell Curve.

  14. Where are all of the usual commentators telling me about my greatest allies? They are mysteriously gone from this comment section.

  15. Jews always brag before they are about to be shoahed. Part of their ‘plan’ to get Trump elected? Don’t make me laugh, this is damage control. With Mexico going down in flames there is a good chance many of them will be tipped off to how the (((CIA))), (((carlos slim))) and their (((government))) have been working together to try and drive them to america. They are dangerously close to losing one of their vital assets. All because of the (((markets))) reacting to trump being elected. Kikes always pretend they have the upper hand, even as they are marching to the gallows.

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