Generation KKK/Escaping The KKK Exposed As Massive Hoax

Of course it was a hoax.

I had been told for months by friends in North Mississippi that it was fake. It was a joint production of the ADL and the Lügenpresse designed to “fight hate” by presenting a caricature of racialists:

“The subjects of a TV documentary series about the Ku Klux Klan abruptly canceled last week by A&E allege to Variety that significant portions of what was filmed were fabricated by the producers.

Some KKK leaders divulged that they were paid hundreds of dollars in cash each day of filming to compel them on camera to distort the facts of their lives to fit the documentary’s predetermined narrative: tension between Klan members and relatives of theirs who wanted to get out of the Klan.

The findings are based on an exclusive Variety investigation based on interviews with over two dozen individuals in and around the KKK who cooperated with the documentary in at least six U.S. states.

Originally scheduled to air Jan. 10, “Escaping the KKK: A Documentary Series Exposing Hate in America” was produced by Venice, Calif.-based production company This Is Just a Test. …”

This is hilarious.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project was a cast member of the show. Along with Byron Widner, various people were “rescued” from hate. All of it was staged. None of it was real. Widner is a “reformed skinhead” who was paid by the SPLC to remove his tattoos in a 2001 MSNBC documentary called “Erasing Hate.”

“Of the leaders of the four Ku Klux Klan groups featured on the TV series, only one denied receiving payments for his participation. “I was never paid a dime but I wished they did,” said Steve Howard, Imperial Wizard for the North Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, on Dec. 24.

But on Dec. 26, Howard lashed out on his Facebook account demanding $100,000 payments from A&E and the film production company for money he said was promised and owed him. “Tomorrow by 11 I start singing. So someone better take care of it. I want lost wages,” wrote Howard. “They can buy me out or I start singing.”

Howard took down his Facebook posts less than 24 hours later. …”

Steve Howard is denying he was paid, but he was the one who I was told was fake. I heard that A&E paid for food and cross lightings and was paying locals around Tupelo to pretend to be Klansmen and that Steve Howard would fly in on a plane from Washington State to do his little dance for the cameras. There was a scene at the Tupelo rally where Steve Howard embraced Daryle Lamont Jenkins on camera.

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    • I was criticizing Milo being a fag on breitbart recently, and people responded to me -alleging my to be a leftist and/or troll from HuffPo. Apparently, the pretend right at Brietbart do not even recognize a true rightly like myself. Then the faggot lovers at Brietbart removed my comment. How pathetic. Looking forward to another expose of Milo here at Occidental Dissent.

      • Milo is starting to get close to being a fag and I think he’s doing it to

        A: Get a $ book deal – he just got $250K

        B: Get away from associations with real White racialists, the alt Right

        But, certain other enemies most definitely are fags – Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, South Carolina US Senator Lindsey Graham.

      • I’m on Breitbart quite a bit. When I bring up the JQ or criticize Milo I’m sometimes called a Moslem. That seems to be the Jew response as of late to White people who call out the Jew on the neo-con blogs.

  1. There’s nothing “dangerous” about Milo; he’s a jew, a fag and he supports the Zionist state in occupied Palestine. What could be safer than that?

  2. Nothing is going right for (((them))), nothing. It is almost as if they are cursed……or damned??? As in condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in hell???

  3. Some KKK leaders divulged that they were paid hundreds of dollars in cash each day of filming to…

    That’s no leader I would suggest that a pro-White person follow or ever trust again.

    #1 Rule: Never trust the media and never willingly give them information or interviews.

    Follow this rule and the faux racialists and self-serving attention whores will be even easier to spot than they already are.

    • Pretty much agree. But, sometimes it works to do live unedited interviews – it works for Donald Trump and the audience can see how biased and hostile the Lugenpresse is and how they like President Donald Trump giving it back to them.

    • The Ku Klux Klan collapsed because Southern White families got lustful for the wealthy life they saw the Yankees living. When you were living in a tarpaper cropper shack somewhere in Miss or Bama in 1964 making a living doing odd jobs with a yapping wife reading Hollywood magazines wanting a new TV set and a washing machine so she didn’t have to use the Washtub and the board or whatnot the temptation for betrayal would run high, and usually said betrayal is because of a woman.

      One day a wealthy Yankee in a 3 piece suit offers you a home with electricty indoor plumbing and all the modern conveniences if you just tell them some information. Now you might tell said Yankee to go to hell, but the wife then gets to nagging and says Sonny Buck we need that money Im pregnant again. So instead of knocking her teeth out, Sonny breaks down and becomes a Rat. This was a scenario that exists even today.

      Before WWII, men didn’t betray their kith and kin for filthy lucre, but the consumer society that came about following the war, plus feminism caused alot of good men to go wrong. It also made alot of bastards like Gary Rowe a good deal of cash

  4. Now if someone told me these dimwits were crisis actors I’d probably believe it. Taking money to deliberately misrepresent your cause? I’ve been of the opinion lately that our enemies completely own The Klan.

  5. Crazy. I do not watch TV, but I am not surprised that the left would script an anti-white piece like this fraud about the KKK. Why would someone have a hard time leaving a group? I would think the Klan, or any political or racial group, would not want members who do not support it and would like them to leave.

  6. A good conservative would never take advantage of this screwup by the mainstream so I suggest to everyone here don’t even think of using this to discredit the mainstream that is practically unthinkable to me.

    I’m leaving to go find some good essays on what the left really means, I sure hope they are at least 5000 words or more.

    And no one on our side better even think of making a meme that discredits the clowns of the self selected mainstream, I shudder

  7. The last remnants of the “real” Klan disappeared around 1969, thanks to COINTELPRO, the snivel rights movement, etc. The (((enemy))) has an extremely outdated and simplistic conception of pro-White, pro-Southern activism.

    • COINTELPRO never ended, it is still here under another name the same as CIA OPERATION CHAOS which was the CIA Version of COINTELPRO. An ironic nod of thanks to the 1960s Jewish Radical Abbie Hoffman for coming into possession of COINTELPRO Documents and releasing them. The division going after the KLAN and the American Nazi Party was called COINTELPRO-WHITE HATE

      You can read the heavily redacted American Nazi Party FBI File online, it is required reading for a White Nationalist because it shows the depths at which our enemies will stoop to harass or entrap us

  8. The Ku Klux Klan was a Confederate Veterans organization.

    There has not been a Ku Klux Klan since the last of the Confederate veterans died.

    • The Ku Klux Klan is the KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE Kuklux means Kuklos which means Circle in Greek. The original HQ was in Cincinnati OH not Pulaski Tn. The gathering in Tenn was merely a reformation of the KGC under another name.

      The Second Era Klan 1915-1944 was destroyed by the Internal Revenue Service in 1944 when the Ku Klux Klan’s home office in Indiana was seized as were the membership roles. FDR and J Edgar Hoover designated the Klan as a front for Nazi Germany.

      Since 1944 there has not been a National Ku Klux Klan organization, nor could I name a group THE KU KLUX KLAN, I will always have to put a monicker in front of it because the KKK name Copyright is as far as I know still owned by the US govt since it was seized by the IRS in 1944. This is why the Alabama Klan was known as the United Klans of America, and Bowers in Miss The White Knights of MIss, The UKA and Bob Shelton tried to reform the National Organization in the 60s but of course the Feds made sure that didnt happen

      • Ironically that Klan in Indiana was headed up by a public official who killed a young white woman. The Klan was full of phonies and traitors.

        Bob Shelton is a wealthy man who lives in a country of majority blacks.

        • Wizard Shelton died in 2003 and yes you are right the Klan in both LOUISIANA in 1924 and INDIANA in 1925 were brought down by Sex scandals and in the case of IND sex and murder.

          The Louisiana Case involved Wizard Edward Young Clarke, who the FBI was asked by Gov. John M. Parker to bust the Louisiana Klan. The FBI busted Clarke on a Mann Act charge with his Mistress which effectively broke the Klan in Louisiana for a few years.

          The Indiana Case involved Grand Dragon D C Stephenson. Stephenson was a powerful Democrat but had supported fellow Klansman Republican Edward Jackson for Governor Jackson in 1924. Stephenson, a noted sex fiend met a young girl named Madge Oberholtzer and later raped and murdered her. He served 23 yrs in Prison on the charge and then an additional 6 for violating his parole. He was then arrested on another sex charge in Tenn before his death in 1966. Stephenson was such a dirtbag, he pressured Brother Jackson to pardon him or else he’d release the membership roles and when Jackson refused, he outed most the Klan in Indiana and elsewhere. Now why Jackson didn’t have someone shank him in Prison before he did I have no idea. In 1927 it was very easy to pay a guard to murder someone.

          • That’s weird because I knew a family by with the surname Oberholtzer and the were from Indiana.

    • The KKK 2.0 was much bigger in the North East. It all started in the Piedmont of North Carolina. It’s numbers are extremely low at this time.

  9. You know those warning labels on cigarettes? I’ve got a related warning level, let’s make stickers:

    “Warning the Surgeon General has determined that watching Jewish television is hazardous to your mental health”


  10. Are we surprised? Of course they would fake anything and everything they report about White Nationalists or Southern Nationalists. The average man who goes to work everyday, parents his children and loves his wife, who also is a White Nationalist will never get shown. He must always be a tattooed ex-convict type guy. Southern Nationalists always have to be portrayed as drunk Rednecks who spend their time guzzling Moonshine and shooting up mailboxes and road signs.

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