The Trump Honeymoon Is Already Over

He was, for many, hailed as the God Emperor.

Two months ago, President-Elect Donald Trump had no more fervent group of loyal supporters than the Alt-Right. This was especially true during the worst stretch of the campaign after the Access Hollywood tape was released in October. Trump was condemned and disavowed by 1/4 of elected Republicans and 1/3 of the Republican Congress. He was written off as a sure loser by virtually all conservative pundits.

That was then. We’re still several weeks away from the inauguration, but now the bloom is already off the rose. There has been a shift in our thinking about Trump in the Alt-Right. It stems from two causes:

1.) First, the November 22 disavowal and condemnation of the Alt-Right with The New York Times, which was a major buzzkill. There was nothing new about that particular disavowal. At various points in the campaign, Trump had disavowed David Duke, Jared Taylor, William Johnson, James Edwards and the Ku Klux Klan. There had been a number of disavowals and a host of things (for example, Eric Trump saying David Duke deserved a bullet) that were set aside but not forgotten in the heat of the campaign.

There were many, many things that happened during the campaign which were glossed over for the greater good of victory. There was, for example, Trump’s explicit embrace of the LGBTQ community (he made a point to add the Q) as well as his promise of a “New Deal for Black America.” For a year and a half, it did not escape our notice that Trump talked about The Blacks, The LGBT community, The Hispanics, but never once mentioned The Whites who, as it turned out, were the sole cause of his upset victory on November 8th. This was grudgingly accepted because it was thought at the time that Trump’s victory over the GOP establishment and Conservatism, Inc. would bring about a great change in the political landscape that would be “good for the Whites.”

Instead, Trump’s disavowal has led to two months of fighting on Twitter with the Alt-Lite. It turns out the GOP establishment wasn’t overthrown on November 8th. Paul Ryan is good now. Mitch McConnell is good now. It is the Alt-Right that is disavowed. The Alt-Lite brands want to ditch the racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia of the Alt-Right. Mainstream conservatism is the hot and edgy new movement.

2.) Second, as if Trump wanted to put an exclamation point on our dissatisfaction with the fact that nothing has really changed since November 8th, there has been the transition. I was very happy with the choice of Mike Pence as Vice President. At the time, I liked that choice because I thought it added balance.

But now? It seems like Mike Pence as Vice President begat Reince Preibus as Chief of Staff. All these people who supported Trump during the campaign, not just the Alt-Right, but even conservative retreads like Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, who we honestly don’t even like but who at least had loyalty going for them, who Pence was supposed to be balancing were passed over for Cabinet positions.

The “best people” that Trump talked about in the campaign were Pence and Reince … and top Republican donors like Todd Ricketts (Commerce Deputy) and Betsy DeVos (Education), General Mattis (Defense) and General Kelly (DHS), Goldman Sachs Jews like Steve Mnuchin (Treasury) and Gary Cohn (National Economic Council), Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao (Transportation), Nikki Haley (UN), Rick Perry (Energy) who called Trump a “cancer on conservatism,” Cheap Labor Express darling Andy Puzder (Labor), a slew of #TruCons like Scott Pruitt (EPA), Mick Mulvaney (OMB), Tom Price (HHS), and Reince’s buttboy Sean Spicer who will be White House Press Secretary. Hell, I tried to say that Ryan Zinke (Interior) was a saving grace of the Cabinet, but even he put out a press release condemning Richard Spencer and “hate groups” in Whitefish, Montana.

This was supposed to be a great victory for populist nationalism. We were very excited about Jeff Sessions (Attorney General) and Steve Bannon (Chief Strategist), but at some point early in the process it became crystal clear that Reince and Pence had taken over the transition. Peter Navarro for National Trade Council was the only name after Sessions that stood out from a pack of generals, billionaires, #TruCons and Republican establishment cronies. Rex Tillerson, Trump’s choice for Secretary of State, embodies the overwhelming impression that one gets that this is going to be a pro-business, conservative administration. Now, with the Cabinet more or less complete and just when we were expecting no more drama, there are reports that there is a scramble among the transition team to fill one of the last spots, Secretary of Agriculture, with an unqualified Hispanic.

This series of Bill Mitchell and Cernovich tweets illustrates how the Alt-Lite has become the new DemsRRealRacists. Combine that with the spectacle of Rick Perry and Nikki Haley in the Cabinet, Goldman Sachs in top economic positions in the Cabinet, Todd Ricketts, whose family financed the #NeverTrump Our Principles PAC, in the Cabinet, Andy Puzder in the Labor Department and the likes of John Podhoretz, Jennifer Rubin and Bill Kristol boarding the Trump Train over Israel.

Speaking of Israel, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz famously tag teamed Trump over Israel in one of the Republican debates over his position of neutrality and wanting to negotiate a settlement that would result in a two-state solution:

But that was then. Even before he has been sworn into office, Trump has adopted the Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz position of unqualified support for Bibi Netanyahu. It is a position that makes George W. Bush’s position look moderate by comparison and which Cruz and Rubio would have likely moderated in the general election.

In Congress, there are already storm clouds on the horizon: Paul Ryan’s statement yesterday which sabotaged Trump’s position on Russia, Graham and McCain wanting new sanctions on Russia, and rumblings that the GOP Congress is already preparing to cuck on financing the Trump Wall.

3.) Third, I said there were two causes, but the third cause is already on the horizon. The third stage of disillusionment could possibly be the first hundred days. After assembling this Cabinet, what is Trump going to do with his newfound power? What’s at the top of the legislative agenda? Is it going to be trade, immigration and foreign policy or is it going to be all these other things?

All signs point to the Paul Ryan-Mitch McConnell GOP Congress moving immediately on their agenda of tax cuts, Wall Street deregulation and repealing Obamacare. In other words, things conservatives want to do, which conservatives would have done no matter who won the presidency, and which could very well (remember the first two years of Obama’s administration?) end up consuming the first year of Trump’s presidency with big polarizing fights over issues like healthcare, large tax cuts and Wall Street. This brings back memories of the W. years when passing the Bush tax cuts were at the top of the Republican policy agenda. Then it was off to war and the rest is history.

It is an understatement to say that OD is going to be watching the first hundred days like a hawk. If Trump does a lot of things we like on trade, immigration and foreign policy, we will feel much better than we do now and will cover him positively. If he doesn’t and moves instead on all these things Reince and Paul Ryan want to do, it is fair to say that we will become more anxious and disillusioned. Trump should have a lot of power over immigration, trade and foreign policy so what he does on these key issues in the first hundred days right out of the gate will tell us a lot about his presidency.

We should know fairly soon how much the status quo has really changed. If it appears that Conservatism, Inc. is humming along as usual and has been empowered to enact its 1980s agenda and that the people voted for radical change only to get business as usual, it is not going to go over well. Those who say White Nationalists were not part of Trump’s coalition are mistaken. This community voted for Trump in extraordinary numbers with unprecedented enthusiasm. The #TruCons might not like to hear that, but it is a fact. The Alt-Right and White Nationalists solidly supported Trump. As everyone remembers, it was the #TruCons who didn’t vote for Trump and and who opposed him to the end through both the primaries and the general election.

The general attitude right now toward God Emperor Trump is an anxious wait and see approach. We’re going to wait and see what he does in the first hundred days. Still, it is remarkable that in the span of two months how far we have already moved away from the unqualified reverence of the campaign. There have been two steps back which I have outlined here. Is there going to be a third step back by Spring 2017?

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  1. I think your negativity is pretty over the top.
    In no other cabinet would we have guys like Sessions, Navarro, Miller and Bannon near the top.
    Trump also made it pretty clear he was going to pull from the private sector to fill out his cabinet. I think to him, draining the swamp means getting rid of useless politicians/pundits/lobbyists who have no real value as anything but leeches. Are there exceptions to this? Sure, probably. You could maybe throw DeVos in there. But even someone like Perry is generally considered a successful governor. That’s what I feel Trump was going for: talent and success. And when you read the statement that Puzder put out, you get the feeling that the Miller/Bannon side is running policy.
    There seems to be this idea that Trump was going to waltz in, name himself king and then just magically do everything he said he was going to do. It doesn’t work that way, you have to compromise and deal. If we get an Israeli-style border fence, E-Verify, more border control and deportation of criminal aliens are you really going to complain that Trump didn’t build the wall and deport every last illegal immigrant and not vote for him in 2020?

    I also think complaining about the disavowals is silly. While I think the Alt-Lite reaction was over-the-top histrionics, Nazism is a sure-fire loser. It turns off normal people so quickly that there is no coming back from it. People like my parents were relieved that Trump denounced Spencer’s speech. They don’t want to be associated with that. It was a mistake by Spencer and it did force Trump’s hand.

    • 1.) Bannon and Reince were supposed to be “equals.” If you look at the Cabinet, does it look like a Bannon Cabinet, or a Reince and Pence Cabinet?

      2.) I’m happy with Jeff Sessions. I also like Peter Navarro. Still, it looks like they are the exception, not the rule. That table is full of conservatives and GOP establishment figures, not people like Bannon and Sessions.

      3.) Trump was pretty clear that Goldman Sachs had total control over Hillary and Cruz. I remember him ridiculing ¡Jeb! for being a donor class puppet. Now, Trump is putting the big donors and Goldman Sachs in the Cabinet.

      4.) I don’t think Puzder has changed his spots. He was forced to put out that statement because his nomination was such an embarrassment. As for Rick Perry, getting a Cabinet position only goes to show who is “avowed” now.

      5.) I said we were going to wait and see what Trump does on immigration. What if it turns out to be he squanders all his political capital on tax cuts and Obamacare while immigration gets put on the backburner? We will see.

      6.) Ironic Nazism is an easy target, but clearly the Alt-Lite is going way beyond a few Roman salutes. No one can look at Baked Alaska and see Heinrich Himmler.

      • 1. Could it be that Reince picks the people, but Bannon/Miller set the policy? Again, while you may not be impressed with Puzder’s statement, that would be what it looks like to me. Hope I’m not wrong.

        2. People in positions close to Trump that I would say are sympathetic to issues you and I would care about: Miller, Bannon, Sessions, Navarro and (I think to a lesser extent) Flynn. We would have never gotten that with any other president. I also think guys like Ross, Tillerson, Mattis, Kelly seem like middle of the road cabinet members. Not necessarily the best choice, but not necessarily bad either.

        3. Agreed. Bad optics, though again, he didn’t take GS money so its not quite the same.

        4. Agree to disagree.

        5. I hope not and I don’t think it will be the case because Trump knows if he wants to be re-elected he has to be tough on immigration and trade. If he fails here, he’ll lose that Midwest support and be an embarrassment.

        6. Its not just the alt-lite: Its everyday people. They HATE that stuff. If anyone is actually serious about white advocacy and expanding the reach of the message, they would drop the Nazi nonsense because it does nothing but turn people off. Also, I think the reaction to Baked Alaska was way more over the top than the one to Richard Spencer. BA didn’t actually do anything that Cernovich or Milo hasn’t talked about in the past.

        • 1.) I’m not impressed at all with Andy Puzder. I don’t believe he has changed at all. As for Reince and Pence vs. Bannon and Miller, it seems crystal clear to me from these picks that the former has the upper hand. But who knows? We will see what happens in the first 100 days.

          2.) It seemed to me like Sessions and Bannon were rolled out early in the transition and then literally every name that came after that with the exception of Peter Navarro is someone that Reince and Pence thought was a good idea.

          3.) I think you are underestimating how damaging that was to Trump’s base. Mitt Romney LOST the Midwest because he was perceived there as a creature of Wall Street. That’s why Hillary LOST the Midwest too.

          Remember the closing argument of the campaign? All these Wall Street bankers had destroyed the White working class. So what does Trump do? He runs against Goldman Sachs and then picks the president of Goldman Sachs to be his top economic adviser.

          Not cool.

          4.) He’s not off to a good start on that front. The Goldman Sachs error is going to be magnified exponentially if deregulating Wall Street turns out to be at the top of the agenda. That’s something that Wall Street wants which is absolutely hated in the Midwest. It’s one of the reasons why Obama won so big there in 2008.

          5.) I’m not interested in Nazism and don’t write about fascism here. I think that is a fair question. It is something that has been debated for ages now. I don’t mind people debating Nazism, ironic or otherwise, but going beyond that and saying outright that Jewish influence is an absolute taboo and that “homophobia” should be a taboo and that civic nationalism is the way forward and we are going to build a great colorblind utopia and that ethnonationalism is for losers …

          Not cool.

      • Hunter, the only reason BRJ supported Trump was because of you and others who convinced me that if Hillary won, my hope for rebellion was misplaced. I came to support Trump for this reason and because personally I wanted to see the Kosher Media Control Grid destroyed. Well he has done part two at least in part. The media cant put the genie back into the bottle now. However this fake news mess is their new weapon against us.

        We have to stay one step ahead of them. We must use Trump, who like Putin is not actively working against us as cover to prepare for our eventual Victory

      • This is a Trump Cabinet. Pay less attention to which status candidates he put on his cabinet and more attention to where he put them. He put Rex Tillerman (a businessman with ties to Russia) in as secretary of state. He put Jeff Sessions in as Attorney General to clean up the Anti-White Justice Department. He put Pete Navarro, the China Critic, in charge of Trade.

        I strongly suspect that Trump put Pudzer and Perry and other status quo candidates on his cabinets to pacify the True Cons and Neo Cons but there is nothing to say he won’t keep them on a tight leash and make them resign if they don’t perform the way he wants them to. Pudzer wouldn’t have made that statement if Trump hadn’t made his expectations clear; Pudzer works for the government, i.e. the Working Class Whites behind the Blue Wall who swept his administration into power now, not Carl’s Junior.

        Yeah, I know we have been burnt before but this has been done by Republicans who dog-whistled to us so timidly it gave them lots of room for plausible deniability when they inevitably broke their implicit promises. Trump has been very explicit about what he plans to do. I believe he will make every effort to keep those promises rather than lose face with the very people who made him the most powerful man on earth.

    • You have to be kidding me. This cabinet would get A marks from Dubya Bush, you know, the same person that he built his campaign on running against… Hell, some of these cabinet members probably would have been top 5 picks for Hillary.

      I am simply not impressed with Bannon to this point. Either that or he is running nothing and Rence is making all of these picks.

      Trump’s over the top Israeli rhetoric leads me to believe that there is a possibility he is willing to go to war in the Middle East over Israel. That is not change. If that happens mark my words, it will destroy his presidency.

      Face it, there is a very real possibility that White people got hoodwinked yet again, only in this case the treachery would be far deeper in my opinion.

      • I advise everyone to start writing in to Trump, your congressman, senator, etc. about avoiding war in the name of Israel. Say your vote is contingent on it.

        As I said above: No other president would have guys like Bannon, Miller, Sessions, Navarro and Flynn in positions of influence. Maybe the cabinet isn’t what we would have hoped, but its not a disaster either.

        I just can’t fathom Trump being dumb enough to not realize how slim his margin of victory was in the Midwest. He has to know if he doesn’t deliver, he’s out after 4 years and will be deemed a failure.

        • I can agree with that. I have to say though, the number of people that think he can cuck on major campaign promises, or turn into a neocon and still get elected to a second term is a laughably high number.

          If he cucks on trade and immigration and/or gets us into a desert war over Israel he will get pulverized in 4 years.

    • Last note: If we run this country for the approval of boomers we are screwed. I am quite frankly done caring what they think about anything, considering they were the ones that destroyed the country to begin with. Spencer is the future, boomers are the past.

      Boomers had better hope someone like me doesn’t get to write the history books, because I would expose their generation for the train wreck that they are.

    • You’re spot on – I’m disappointed that Hunter, who is a prolific writer and normally has a great perspective, really missed the mark by a mile here.

      Trump hasn’t even gotten into office and suddenly he’s a big disappointment?!?

      Trump has to navigate the very complex minefield of NeoCohens, “traditional conservatives”, Alt-Righters, and yes Democrats (has to be able to work with them).

      For example – Trump picked up easy points on the situation with Israel – now Netanyahu is kissing Trump’s boots in gratitude. Did it cost thousands of American lives in the middle east? No – but it bought Trump political capital for later when he tells the NeoCohens, Israelis, etc. that we are not going to start another middle east conflict.

      Trump is very pro-Russia yet he makes General Mattis the Sec of Def – a man who is very suspicious of the Russians and anti-Russian in several ways. That’s ok – Trump dictates the path forward and General Mattis will help him accomplish many things – including reform the military to where it was (bring back Christianity, get rid of the Tranny-loving regulations, etc.).

      Bottom line is that Trump has to be the ultimate actor / manipulator / negotiator in order to pull together various teams for specific objectives that he’s trying to accomplish. He’s not going to accomplish anything by being totally honest about how he really feels.

      So – give him time to achieve the goals & objectives that he committed to for the American people. That is the one and only litmus test – did he deliver on what he promised.

      • This is interesting. If Obama is nominally hostile to Israel based on an anticolonialist attitude (along with Kerry) and Trump is actually Anti-Semitic on a level then perhaps this Lame Duck attack on Israel by Obama gives Trump a little wiggle room. But I don’t want to kid myself

        • Yes – remember that Trump thinks far ahead of the average person – it’s never clear cut what he’s really doing. He thinks many moves in advance.

          From my perspective this was a gift given to him by Obama and it didn’t cost Trump anything. Easy accumulation of political capital to be used down the road on the NeoCohens and others.

          • And I have to admit Obama isn’t a complete waste of brain matter either. He knows he let down the Arabs regarding Israel.

      • 1.) Are we supposed to be happy about being “disavowed” while #NeverTrump conservatives are being picked for Cabinet positions? If so, why? Why are pro-Whites no good, but transsexuals and queers and blacks and all these people who didn’t vote for Trump and ferociously opposed him are good?

        2.) I was pretty clear in the article above that we would wait and see what the first hundred days looks like.

        3.) Trump has adopted the Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz position on Israel. That’s a shift from the campaign. It’s not a shift on an issue we are particularly excited about either.

        4.) What has Trump done for us? He’s done a lot of things for conservatives. He’s even rewarded his enemies.

        5.) I’m not writing off Trump at this point. I’m not going to be a cheerleader other. I’m going to call balls and strikes.

        • 1. Trump re-tweeted the WhiteGenocide dude several times. Remember the Star of David tweet? How about Trump Jr.’s tweeting of Pepe? This list goes on and on. Of course Trump gets it – but he has to walk a fine line. You have to put aside “hurt feelings” from his disavowal and understand that he has to maintain a “moderate” image in order to get all the different players to work with him. My God – he’s trying to get Sessions into place as the AG – what does that tell you?

          2. I understand – then it would have been better not to attack him and just “wait and see”.

          3. Life is about concessions and compromise – acting like he’s an Israel supporter is an easy one that doesn’t cost him much except hurt feelings among some in the Alt-Right. Bottom line is that his agenda is totally against the Jewish agenda: 1) America First, 2) bring back jobs, 3) stop illegal immigration, 4) better relations with Russia, 5) no more wars in the middle east, 6) bring back Christianity (quit being ashamed of being Christian, etc.). Look at what the man is pushing vs. small concessions made to the Jews.

          4. What has he done for us? Well let’s see – if Cruz had gotten in then we’d have another POTUS totally owned by the Jews. Open borders, more out-sourcing of manufacturing, more middle east wars. But by God we’d have a Constitutionalist in power (sarcasm here of course).

          What he did for us is bring the Alt-Right concerns to the front and center – see above.

          5. I’ve watched your site grow and your intellect is far above average – AND you’re a fellow Alabamian – so I support you. But please try to keep these assessments more moderate / fair.

          • 1.) I didn’t attach any significance to that at the time. It seemed to me that Trump was just retweeting random people who said things he agreed with. I also liked his choice of Sessions. I wrote an article about it at the time. Do I like all these other people? No, I don’t.

            2.) The idea here was to sum up what has happened between November 8th and 2017. Obviously, it has been a rough two months for us!

            3.) I can’t say that I agree. I don’t see any daylight between Trump’s position on Israel and Iran and Sheldon Adelson’s long known, well-established position. Trump’s agenda is so much like Sheldon Adelson’s agenda that it is being criticized in Israel. It makes George W. Bush’s position look moderate by comparison. Be honest.

            4.) We already have people here saying that Goldman Sachs is okay now and maybe we don’t need The Wall and that Puzder is okay because of his statement – let’s be honest, this is excuse making.

            As for foreign wars, Trump criticized Libya and Iraq, but he said the whole time he wanted to destroy ISIS. He has also been very hawkish on Iran. It’s too early to peer into the future, but not to early to be concerned we could easily wind up back in another Middle East war.

            5.) Feel free to review the totality of what I have written about Trump in the last two months. Whenever he has done something I liked, I have written about it. Egg McMuffin. The Carrier Deal. Politically incorrect tweets, etc. I’m not going to pretend though that the last two months have been anything but a disaster.

          • To push back on #4:
            No one (at least from what I’ve read, maybe I missed it) is saying Goldman Sachs is okay. There is a just a difference between having GS donate millions to your campaign and then putting GS execs in your cabinet and choosing someone from GS.
            Likewise, no one is saying “Oh, Puzder’s past doesn’t bother me”. Think about Mike Pence. A lot of people were astonished that Trump picked Pence because of how different they were on so many issues. How did that work out? Pence ended up sounding a lot more like Trump than vice versa. That is what the statement reminds me of: Trump’s viewpoint being trumpeted by someone who may disagree with him, but might be talented and able to help Trump accomplish what he is setting out to do.
            The Middle East stuff is concerning. Like I said above, I think everyone should pepper the Trump team with email/mail voicing concerns about it.

          • All of what you speak of was during the GOP primary. A long time ago in politics. It actually makes it worse if it turns out he used us to win the GOP primary while turning into a neocon once he gets real power.

        • 1.) Are we supposed to be happy about being “disavowed” while
          #NeverTrump conservatives are being picked for Cabinet positions? If so,
          why? Why are pro-Whites no good, but transsexuals and queers and blacks
          and all these people who didn’t vote for Trump and ferociously opposed
          him are good?

          I am not suggesting that we be happy about being “disavowed,” just fatalistic. Pro-Whites don’t burn down cities filled with urban White voters or immediate suburbs with liberal or left-leaning soccer moms. Blacks do.

          When Trump campaigned and talked about all he would do for so-called people of color, he wasn’t addressing you and me, or even the so-called people of color themselves. He was addressing True Conservatives who think Democrats are the REAL racists and self-righteously adhere to their principals and virtue signal as badly as liberal leftists do. You need to chill, Hunter.

          So far, Trump must be thanking God Almighty over Obama’s little tantrum in trying to push through a bunch of shit he has to undo. The one thing he can’t undo is a UN resolution. After bellowing his devotion to Israel and shaking his sabre at Iran, the domestic stunts he will have to undo will give Trump the excuse he needs not to get involved in Iran. Chill, Hunter, and start paying more attention to what Trump does than what he says.

      • Trump is very pro-Russia yet he makes General Mattis the Sec of Def –
        a man who is very suspicious of the Russians and anti-Russian in
        several ways. That’s ok – Trump dictates the path forward and General
        Mattis will help him accomplish many things – including reform the
        military to where it was (bring back Christianity, get rid of the
        Tranny-loving regulations, etc.)

        He makes Mattis (who is suspicious) of Russia the Secretary of Defense, but he makes Rex Tillerson with strong business ties to Russia the Secretary of State. Reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt’s motto, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” What message is Trump conveying to Russia? He wants to be Putin’s friend, but no way, no how will he be Putin’s vassal. Putin gets that, thus no knee-jerk retaliation to Obama’s pettiness of the last few days.

    • It would have been nice if Spencer et al had curbed their enthusiasm at the NPI conference at least until after Trump had been officially sworn in as POTUS and had moved into the White House. Impatience is a real big problem with the American White Nationalist Movement.

      I think it comes from growing up watching television where every problem is resolved with a positive outcome in less than an hour. Look at how long the White Nationalists of Europe have been in this fight. They are organized, articulate, sharply dressed and, most of all, they have endless patience, because they are all too aware of what an uphill climb they are in for. Yet they persist without imploding.

      Yes, Spencer and the two Jewish trolls and the Asian trollette he let in forced Trump’s hand. Just like David Duke forced Trump’s hand. We must come to grips with where we are right now instead of expecting the clock and the pendulum to magically swing back to 1957 in only one election because the Democrats were defeated.

      The Democrats lost, but that does not mean we won. The same RINOs and Neo-Cons are still very much present in the Republican Party. We lost with getting Ryan, and four of the Gang of Eight: Rubio, McCain, Graham and Flake ousted from their seats.

      Moreover, I am not as pessimistic as you are where Trump is concerned. He has only two years to pull off his agenda if he wants to see re-election and I think his ego is too big to allow himself to be a one-term president on the heels of eight disastrous years of Obama. He is smart enough to dance with those who brought him; the Whites behind the Blue Wall. I highly doubt he is going to be distracted by Wars for Israel or allow Paul Ryan to gut White middle class entitlement programs.

      We need to stop piling on Trump and focus on how to help him drain the swamp of those maggots. Believe me, I am as skeptical as you that Trump can erase identity politics and impose civic nationalism, but we must allow him to try, especially where it concerns getting out of his way to bring good jobs back (and affordable family formation) to working class Whites.

      Obama hinted at his own agenda with the Gates Flap during his first term, got slapped down, and backed away. He doubled down with a vengeance after he won his second term. We must resign ourselves to the idea that Trump is going to push civic nationalism that keeps pushing anti-racism even as he brings back jobs and strengthens the safety net for working and middle class Whites. Of course, whether he likes it or not, he is going to be challenged by so-called people of color who are egged on by the Democrats to press for special entitlements which must inevitably alienate his White base.

      I think Trump is going to have to do a delicate balancing act: beat his chest and bellow his devotion to Israel for Christian Zionists, deliver tax incentives for “True Conservatives,” and do some obligatory but noisy sabre-rattling for the neo-cons whether we like it or not until he wins his second term. Only after then will we see how explicitly Trump addresses White American concerns. I am more optimistic about this than most.

  2. “Opposing racism is not Leftist. The Left are the biggest racists on Earth.

    BM is a schmuck. Indeed the leftist are the biggest racists.DNC 80%non-whites advocate for their own interests while the GOP a color blind policy weez equal.

    • As I said above, I wasn’t sad to see them go because I didn’t care for them in the first place. At the same time, it is noteworthy and not unlike “Lock Her Up” and “Drain The Swamp” which have been shelved since Nov. 8th.

      • You must have missed his re-commitment to “Drain the Swamp” last week.

        Politically, he can’t do anything right now. His AG will be responsible for Clinton.

        We’re in the practical politics page now. Remember Bismarck?

        “Politics is the art of the possible”

        Trump is one step, we collectively and individually have to do the rest. No messiahs in Washington.

        • Talk is cheap at this point. The GOP has historical levels of power. It is sh!t or get off the pot time.

          So far I am unimpressed.

          • No matter what Trump does, he is going to disappoint someone.

            Politics isn’t a game where everyone gets what they want.

            It’s for adults.

          • Damn, he isn’t even inaugurated and people are already making excuses for future broken promises and failures.

          • Again, to quote Bismarck, “Politics is the art of the possible”.

            He’s not even sworn in yet, and you’re criticizing him for things he simply cannot do right now.

            Zealots always apply purity tests the subject is guaranteed to fail.

          • Like I said, the GOP has historical levels of power right now. Everything that Trump talked about during the primary is possible. Everything. The Wall, immigration restrictions, trade renegotiations, all of it.

            I don’t get why people like yourself cannot see this. More importantly it is now or never, because time is not on our side.

          • No, it is not possible. You’re being naive. The Senate and the Congress are GOP but they will do everything to undermine him.

            Look at McCain and Graham talking about sanctions that go completely against his stated foreign policy goals.

            Yes, Republicans hold power, but they still do not follow Trump.

            What is your solution to this?

          • If immigration cannot be controlled during Trump’s first term, then it is time to write the eulogy for the US as a first world power. Not having borders means not having a country isn’t just a meme. Not being dramatic when I say we will be Brazil in my life time.

            I would then proceed to focus on local politics and pool parties,raising my kids, and awakening Whites, because that is all that will really matter. Maybe I will learn to speak Russian or Hungarian as they are the only “European” countries with any sense left.

          • I am more black-pilled than you or Hunter.

            Read Mark Steyn’s “After America”. America as you and I conceive it is already gone. The horse has bolted the stable.

            If you take the broader view of history countries form, break apart. Leaders get killed, wars happen, religions fade, culture is lost.

            Knowing this, we have to position ourselves to have the most options in the future instead of being hyper-focused on current events we have zero influence over.

            No amount of tweeting or blogging is going to “bring Trump to heel” with a white nationalist agenda. As we have just seen during the election, he is the least controllable man in America, and as I mentioned, the deck is stacked against him with his party in power being overwhelmingly Cucks.

            If you really want to move the ball politically, target his Republican opposition. Destroy Mitch McConnell. Destroy Paul Ryan. Destroy the Chamber of Commerce.

            Significantly hurting any of these enemy power structures will send a powerful message to everyone who will try to oppose Trump.

          • I understand America has already changed, and I agree with your assessment. There is a big difference between America ‘changing’, and America declining to the point where it is no longer considered first world though.

            Paul Ryan just won his reelection, so I doubt much pressure will be able to be applied to someone like him. The best way to destroy the Mitch McConnells of the world for future generations is to make is abundantly clear that their ideas are the reason the US will inevitably stumble and fall.

            I am not trying to control Trump, I am trying to hold him to the promises he made that got him elected in the first place.

            Trump failing is very bad for the country, but it won’t be bad for WN or the Alt Right in my opinion. As far as national politics go, we tried. My advice going forward would be to concentrate on local politics and building a pro white culture, mainly concentrating on media of all forms, music, video games, movies, etc.

          • BTW no one is saying that, although the people that supported him throughout this nasty campaign should be first in line though. I mean we can all agree on that, right? If that doesn’t happen than good luck getting elected to a second term Trump.

          • Trump still has a LOT of jobs to hand out. And no, I don’t believe in that shit. I want the best people in the best positions to conduct his agenda.

            Crony favors is a leftwing thing.

          • His cabinet is overwhelmingly white and anglo relative to the last several cabinets.

            Rome was not built in day. Go raise white children and then complain, ok?

          • Unfortunately being White and Anglo is no longer a good enough qualifier. I am raising White kids, lol, why do you think I am so concerned about all of this my friend?

          • I think a lot of you guys mean well, but are completely naive about politics and where Trump stands. He isn’t an Emperor. He doesn’t have that power.

            A lot of Cucks in government will undermine him. Elected officials who cannot be easily bypassed.

          • I understand that Trump will probably fail, and that there are a lot of cucks in government. That is why I agree with Hunter’s article.

        • No, I saw that and it struck me as rhetorical. Andy Puzder is The Swamp. Goldman Sachs is The Swamp. Betsy DeVos is The Swamp. I don’t know … that’s who I thought was The Swamp, but maybe Trump meant some other Swamp.

  3. Bill Mitchell is your typical Irish Roman Catholic political blowhard.

    At first Mitchell was for Ted Cruz, and then when he saw the political winds change he switched to Trump.

    Now Mitchell is attacking people on twitter who have been for Trump since the start.

    This Cernovich character, on the other hand claims he is a Jew, and I have no reason to doubt that he is, he sure acts like one. As far as I can tell Cernovich is tied in with Alex Jones and Paul J. Watson, and for this reason alone I have never taken him seriously.

  4. In England a 35 year old english guy who left bacon on a mosque has been killed in prison during his year long sentence, presumably by muslim scum.

    A middle aged english woman just published a book chronicling her 13 year captivity as a muslim’s sex slave in the same country, her and our race’s homeland.

    Please tell me this wonkfest hosted by american white men is some sort of fake news site.

    • “In England a 35 year old english guy who left bacon on a mosque has been killed in prison during his year long sentence, presumably by muslim scum.

      Things are really getting worse.PC is politics of paralysis.

      • I think they are trying to scare us, just as white men all over the anglosphere are growing balls again and refusing to cower in civility. Suddenly going to jail for a year is a small sacrifice and increasingly a badge of honor in the eyes of many.

        So they set him up to be murdered.

        We can’t let the jews get away with this.

  5. Yes, the Alt-Right supported Trump, but they need to understand they’re not the reason Trump won. The Alt-Right didn’t flip the Rust Belt to the GOP. Negligence by the Democratic Party did.

    • I didn’t say that Trump won because of the Alt-Right. I said that Trump’s honeymoon w/ the Alt-Right is over. BTW, conservatism didn’t flip the Rust Belt to the GOP. It was the perception that Trump was different and wasn’t Mitt Romney or George W. Bush that worked there.

      • I agree, the Rust Belt vote was neither an embrace of Conservatism or Alt-Right principles–the vote for Trump strikes me more as a desperate play by a voting bloc that felt long abandoned.

      • I don’t see how he can prevail without pandering too and following through with these white working class voters in the Rust Belt.

        Anyone know of a viable alliance that doesn’t include these people?

      • Trump DID win because of the Alt-Right, WNs, and the alternative media (the “Fake News”).

        Without that support:

        — He’d never have become the nominee.

        — The “Never Trump”ers would have heavily cut into his support if the Alt-Right hadn’t totally trashed Cuckservatives.

        — He would never have been able to get past the massive kikestream media assault against him. Never. Never.

        Trump sides with the Kikes who almost completely opposed him, in every way, at every step.

  6. Whites were not the sole reason he won. He peeled off enough of the black and Hispanic vote to doom Hillary.

    I welcome critical opinions, but changing the facts doesn’t assist any argument.

    • Trump won a higher percentage of the black vote because:

      1.) 2012 set a record for black turnout which was unsustainable without Obama on the ticket.

      2.) Black turnout was way down which made Trump’s share of the black vote higher than Romney’s in 2012.

      As for Hispanics, Trump lost Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada because of Hispanics and underperformed Mitt Romney in Texas, Arizona, Virginia and California because of Hispanics. Trump won the presidency because White working class turnout was up nationwide by such huge numbers. See Iowa and Ohio.

      • The only exception was Florida where the Cubanos turned out in high numbers for Trump. His outreach among the Cubans paid off.

          • Agreed. I would also put the Ricans as a special case as they have been US Citizens for so long and the Jews began organizing among them just like the Negroes in the 1930’s. Thus you will see the Rican’s vote as a reliable bloc just like the Negroes do. The Mexicans overall underperform, they tend to be notoriously politically apathetic. This is why the Democrats really have a crappy relationship with Mexicans, its because its too dang hard to pry Jose away from his beans tortillas and cerveza to get him to Vote

          • The Puerto Ricans are like the Blacks. It’s not if they vote Democrat, it’s how big the vote will be.

          • You don’t know too many. LOL. For every Tyrone Power, there’s 100 Tyrone’s. That’s why Castro was a success in Cuba.

      • The Negroes overall didn’t turn out as they had in 2008 or 2012. What Trump did was get a sizeable number of Negro males to vote for him, albeit a drop in the bucket but it happened. His rate among Negro females was only 4%. In fact nationwide about 26% of Hispanic females voted for Trump. The Negro females were his worst demographic along with the Jews

      • I don’t understand your logic.

        Trump share was bigger because the pool was smaller?

        Are you saying that Blacks and Hispanics are natural conservatives?

  7. 1) Did you ever think Trump was a White Nationalist, and the Love Child of Vlad Tepes and Adolf Hitler? I never did.

    Trump is the ONLY candidate that was NOT actively seeking the extermination of Whites.

    2) He is who he is. The people he picked are in the circles he moves in.
    Think of what a Hillary Cabinet would be like, when you get pouty over Trump.

    3) There is talk about one last ditch move by the Never Trumpers, on January 6. That’s when the Electoral votes are counted. If enough Reps flip, and reject the Electoral votes – Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton are next in line. I don’t think this will happen, but Soros is flipping his feces over Trump. The Jews have a long track record of murder. Perhaps Trump is trying to avoid assassination, before assuming power. “Jokes” about murdering him have been burbling from the Tribe all along.

    He’s keeping his own security detail. What does that telling detail reveal?

    4) He hasn’t even gotten in power yet. ANYTHING he does will be less damaging to us, vs a Clinton presidency. ALL he ever has been is a Window of Opportunity that allows Whites to LIVE. Did you ever think Trump was ANYTHING else?

    • On the last point, it is true that Trump hasn’t gotten to power yet. That’s why I said we will wait and see. At the same time, he is already making important decisions that will have lasting consequences right now. He is assembling the top figures of his administration who will have a lot of power.

    • Denise as I said all along, Trump is our means to an end. As he is not actively against us, he is a net benefit FOR US. The South went through this same relationship with the Republican Party after 1877 up until the death of OH Sen Robert Taft in 1953.

      When the Republican Party officially became the party of Benign Neglect on the Negro question in 1877,the South was able to advance her own issues. The problem was that while this was going on, the cities in the Northeast and Midwest were being swamped with Jews. Something like 10-12 million Jews give or take entered the US from 1840-1924. These Jews ended up purchasing the Democratic Party by 1930 and then after 1932 established what became the Modern Liberal Establishment.

      The Jewish leftist establishment had these main components.

      ONE part was the Racial Liberals, who were the descendants of the Abolitionists. These people had been expunged from the Republican Power Structure in 1877. Many of them had rejoined the Republicans during the Progressive Era but then became Democrats under Woodrow Wilson.

      TWO was the Free Trade Globalists, these people had been Democrats before Abe Lincoln, but had become Republicans after 1861. They were mostly expunged from the Republican Party after the revolt against Grant in 1872. They largely returned to the Democratic Party by 1876. These were the guys who pushed the Income Tax, League of Nations etc.

      THREE was the identity groups. You had white ethnics, Negroes, Jews, Mexicans and the biggest was WOMEN OF ALL RACES,

      FOURTH was the Educational Establishment

      FIFTH was the Media/Entertainment Complex containing Sports, Hollywood

      While this was going on THE ROCKEFELLER FAMILY who were basically Jewish Leftists themselves bought up the Republican Party but they couldn’t put forward the Hard Leftist Line the Democrats pushed after 1932. So they put it forward in increments and slowly purged old Conservatives from the party. When Bob Taft died in 1953, the alliance between the Benign Neglect Anti-Interventionist Anti-Negro Rights Republicans and the Jim Crow Democrats was destroyed, as Taft had managed this alliance. After 1953 and up to Trump, the Rockefeller Party has been the Republican Party and as the Rockefellers are SECRET JEWS, their brethren already owned the Democrats. The results were a fait accompli

      • /// This. You’ve been saying this all along, and so have I, even though I has immense fun trolling the God Emperor Memes.
        I have been saying all along, in my quieter moments, that Trump was the ONLY candidate not actively pursuing the White Genocide agenda. He doesn’t, or hasn’t, advocated for the Forever Wars of the Jews. He has dismissed the lies about Russian hacking, and stated he wants a better relationship with Russia. He said he will now meet with the fiends in the “American intelligence community”, and listen to them (I would love to be fly on one of those walls!) – but he does not seem to be taking the Kosher Kool aide. We’ll see,,,,,,,,
        He’s always and only been breathing room for us. I don’t get all this pearl-clutching. It’d up to US to save ourselves. Trump simply isn’t, at this point, trying to kill us off.

        • People are all too quickly forgetting that prior to Trump’s election, Whites were rapidly being treated by the American Cultural Marxists like the kulaks of Russia were treated by the Bolsheviks. Hollywood, courtesy of Tarantino, was even putting out White snuff films.

          Since Trump was elected Whites are no longer in the position of being involuntary participants in the knockout game who have to worry about being fired from their jobs if they complain about it. And it’s only going to get better.

          Politics is all about perception. Trump’s win is being seen, as Van Jones put it, as a “Whitelash.” More people than Jones see it that way. If Spencer and his clowns could have kept a lid on it, we could have seen more establishment types standing up for White people and telling people to shove the race card where it does them the most good.

          I think a lot of the resentment here is that the Alt-Lite is capitalizing on all the hard work and dedication put in by you and other members of the Alt Right. I understand the angst, but the best thing to do is continue being the vanguards that shove the Overton Window into an increasingly Pro-White direction and leaving it up to the Alt Lite how to filter out any “Anti-Semitic” wording for public consumption.

          Yeah, there is no money in it, but the job of unsung hero still remains open.

    • Here’s how I see things:

      Anyone trying to mainstream themselves off the alt-right is in for a rude awakening.

      Legacy folks like NRO with bottomlesss financial patrons will crush “alt-lite” or whatever they’re called.

      Radical voices will take new territory because there’s nobody defending the status quo. That’s why radical shitlibs like Daily Kos did so well as reactionaries. They weren’t trying to muscle in on the NYT.

      • Exactly. I’m delighted by the Alt-Retard Jew Fags Lite Loafers, vs True White Alterna-Nazi kerfuffle. The frauds are outing themselves. Saves us the trouble.

        • Alt-Retard Jew Fags Lite Loafers, vs True White Alterna-Nazi

          Why don’t you take this opportunity to remind us which group is much, much, MUCH more likely to get an invitation to the Trump White House or a cozy Cabinet position.

          But your TrumpGod knows what he’s doing, right?

          • Not necessarily. You don’t quite get it. There are people, misanthropes, if you will, who will be Alt-Right or vanguardist trolls for no pay whatsoever. All for the joy of being shit-stirrers. Andrew Anglin is one and Denise is another.

            Unfortunately, unlike Black “Nationalism,” where FedGov not only turns a blind eye but probably subsidizes it to the point where Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Minister Farrakhan and BLM don’t have to work at anything else for a living, White Nationalism is highly disincentivized to the point where not only can one NOT make a living from it, but one jeopardizes one own living by it, like when Matt Heimbach was fired from working as a social worker for abused children once his pro-White activism came to light.

            With not only the lack of any financial incentive, but the real risk of job or opportunity loss, it is a major bone of contention for Hunter and the others to watch these Alt Lite types swoop in, harvest and then market their ideas to the masses for lots of cash.

          • I see.
            Thank you.
            I am pro white. I believe that whoever is trying to get to light what is happening is aok and should not be attacked.
            Thats my only beef. I dont want to be a ‘part of’. I never did.

    • cept trump will have libertarian, conservative, alt light and neocon support if he goes after the alt right. wouldnt be the case if hillary got in. we should have got her in 2 piss people off more. we may have got 2 excited n shot ourselves in the foot being in a rush to have big time power. we have support all over the world though and the youth so let them try those cucks aint worth much anyway

      • How could he stop her, and why should he? She’s an adult, with quite enough money to pay for her own first-class tickets, plus a husband to defend her if she needs it.

        • So you’re about to become President, on a campaign of basically taking on the cartel that got Kennedy killed. Presumably about to begin new policies of wall building, deporting illegals, and developing friendly relations with Russia. Your campaign opponent, widely known to be one of the most corrupt politicians in American history with a long line of questionable deaths in her wake, is still making things a hard as she can even though the election is now months over.

          Your very capable daughter, well versed in everything that’s going on and who has been taking some very personal beatings in the Jewish press, has no issue with flying commercial coach. Hm.

          You’d have to have a very low opinion of the Trump family’s intelligence to not see the huge disconnect there.

          • There was method to Ivanka’s madness. She chose to fly coach with her husband and children to show the Trumps were down with the people. Our struggles are her struggles. For her efforts, she got insulted and harassed by this leftist loonytune homosexual and his “husband.”

            The result? A lot of the conservatards who didn’t vote for Trump got upset over the way his daughter and her family was abused by this leftist. And reamed him out all over the internet and the media. A lot of independents, as well. Notice that all the “Not My President” demonstrations started to die down right after that.

            Ivanka took one one the chin for Daddy and it paid off beautifully.

  8. Unrealistic expectations will not profiteth thee.

    Trump’s picks are not known satanic pedophiles like his opponents, but effective businessmen and leaders.

    Trump has never been an idealogue, but a pragmatist.

    The glass if far more than half full.

    • Well, I agree.

      We should judge Trump by what he ran on during the campaign. That’s all I am doing. He ran against Goldman Sachs. He was opposed to the end by #NeverTrump conservatives. So isn’t it fair to note that #NeverTrump is “avowed” and rewarded with key Cabinet positions and that Goldman Sachs bankers are going to be making economic policy?

      • It’s fascinating that there were no political consequences for the #nevertrump republicans. Was #nevertrump just interpreted by Big Orange as haggling?

        • Trump was asked how he could consider Romney. He replied that he, Trump had trashed Romney for 4 years. “You have to be able to dish it out and to take it”.

          I also think he is working hard to draw every enemy into making them his friends and nullifying their opposition.

      • Mnuchin hasn’t been involved Goldman Satanism for 14 years.
        Bannon hasn’t been involved for 8 years. Unfair to overstress the connection.
        Cohn is a potential problem, apparently.
        Trump hires guys he thinks are can-do people, “winners” as he would say.

        Trump has always used jews in his business for their talents, to his own purposes.

        He also has said that the Goldman guys and others are there to implement Trump’s policies. He is not a empty suit slave of the donors. If his guys don’t perform Trump will replace them. That is our hope. I don’t know why he wouldn’t replace them.

        I doubt (((They))) can blackmail him, or bribe him.

        They can con him, and surround him with false info.

        I am puzzled why Gen. Flynn and Mattis think Iran is such a horrendous threat, and are blind to MOSSADi false flags and operations.

        Is it cowardice?

        His team is anti-Muslim. The Democrat Party is apparently dumping the jews and choosing to be the party of Islam. New situations are evolving quickly, before our eyes.

        • 1.) I’m referring specifically to Cohn here. That was a disastrous pick. It’s true that Mnuchin has been out of Wall Street for years now, but his public statements about deregulating Wall Street are disturbing.

          2.) There is no getting around the fact that Trump said Goldman Sachs had total control over Hillary and Ted Cruz only to pick the president of Goldman Sachs as his top economic adviser. Similarly, he bashed Jeb Bush for being a puppet of his donors, but he is putting big donors in the Cabinet. We should be honest about what is happening.

          3.) Yes, why is Iran such a threat? There are no Shiite terrorists bothering us. It’s solely because Sheldon Adelson sees Iran as a threat to Israel. It is Israel that has a problem with Shiite terrorists. Those people notably haven’t launched any terrorist attacks in the West.

          • Trump is going to learn about EVERYTHING first hand. He’ll be forced to SEE, one way or another. He’ll either finish off destroying Western Civ, or go Literally Hitler.
            We will have to wait and see. The dye is now cast.

  9. All of this is predicated on two notions. 1. Whites are in the minority. 2. Leftists and their coloured auxiliaries are the majority. In reality, Trump need not placate the Leftists and their coloured auxiliaries. But, unfortunately, he has, like everyone else who bought into the Bolshevik notion.

    • I am not worried about it right now. Our goals haven’t changed James. The PROBLEM is that I am afraid too many White Conservatives are putting their eggs in Trumps basket. I supported Trump because I knew he would ease the pressure against Pro-White organizations and by not openly opposing us with the brutality of a Hillary regime, we can push our goals forward

      We need to tell everyone with a 4th grade education, Trump was never OUR GUY on the contrary he was our MEANS to an END. To use the wisdom of Saul Alinsky in this and Alinsky said some good things that our side can use as well, we must always think in terms of ENDS and MEANS

      • Trump is the tank behind which we’ll advance to victory. He’s the monkey wrench thrown into the gears of the machinery of state.

        • That is exactly what I thought from DAY ONE. The problem with White Nationalists Southern Nationalists as well is for a long time we haven’t really studied the leftists like Alinsky and understood why their plans succeed. They succeed because Alinsky understood you take your advancement an inch at a time, never put your faith in leadership see everything solely as a Means to an End.

          Unfortunately this way of thinking is so foreign to us, as we were taught honesty and to follow a leader. To adjust and look at Trump as simply a means to an end, like a Leftist looked at Hillary will free you. We won’t win by following leaders or anything like that. We will win, by constantly advancing our aims and goals even when we occasionally have to take a setback to do so

          • Time is not on our side like it was for the alinskyites. We desperately NEED a leader if we want to reverse this. We don’t have time for a “long march”. Non-leftists whites are an absolute minority in this country. Only reason trump won is because of electoral college. We have more counties, not more people.

          • Yes and this is the problem, time isn’t on our side. We have to cover 200 years in 8 years or less literally.,

          • On the bright side no one was supposed to realize it and fight it, it was all supposed to happen under our noses. Then the internet happened. Now we can recognize the ambush for what it is and have begun to fight back. Anyone who knows anything about warfare is that the only way out of an ambush is to fight into the onslaught.

  10. Donald Trump was and is merely our MEANS to an END. Our goals haven’t changed. What Trump did for us was break through the Politically Correct Jew Censorship Power Structure. Now we have to exploit the breeches in the wall and finish the job

  11. We’re going to wait and see what he does in the first hundred days.

    Seen this movie many times before. Didn’t like it the first few times, and I won’t like it this time around. Some people—not talking about you—have too much of a vested interest in defending their TrumpGod that they don’t pay attention to the obvious. Yes, Trump hasn’t even officially taken office. That much is true. But isn’t it bizarre that the platform and rhetoric that fueled his rise and propelled him to victory is almost entirely opposite of the rhetoric that he now espouses?

    A few simple questions that have only one logical conclusion:

    If Trump approached the primaries and general election in the same manner that he has built his Cabinet and “evolved” his rhetoric, would he have won?

    Would pro-White people have supported him unconditionally if he had announced his Cabinet picks during the primaries?

    Why such a dramatic change in such a short span of time if he truly believed what he was saying in the campaign?

    If he’s only “saying what he has to say” until he gets into office, then why didn’t he say that in the first place and why didn’t such a dogged and brash approach prevent him from winning the election?

    Conclusion: Trump is a master bullshitter who had no problem using White resentment to gain power, only to treat that White resentment the same exact way every other Republican has treated it.

    See you on the other side, brother. I’ll set aside a few torches and pitchforks just for you and the rest of the family.

      • It would have the same effect as the Obama administration had/has when it comes to driving disaffected and pissed off White people into more radical territory. More White people are open to pro-White ideas and mantras because of anti-Whites like Obama, not necessarily because of lukewarm Nationalists like Trump. Much of the anger will be redirected into chants of “USA! USA!” and many people are now going right back to sleep because they believe TrumpGod has risen and will make everything better.

        Were you trumpeting the Bush administration? Why not? You’ve pretty much seen a Bush administration part deux unfold before your very eyes as Trump has laid out his Cabinet picks and reeled in some of the more prominent and bold stances that got people so fired up and willing to support him in the first place.

      • Nobody cares what an ugly, white-trash, trailer park, toothless crack head tramp thinks.
        You’re a legend in your own mind.

        Proof of your cowardice and treachery is in full display any time you hit the keyboard. You fight against people that fought for you because you’re a loser.
        Good day, white trash

        • I used to think you were a troll, but you do “creepy” far too consistently for it to be an act.

          Like the Addam’s Family on steroids, just extra special creepy.

          Some could consider it a talent.

    • What’s weird is people like you thinking Trump was going to do EXACTLY, LITERALLY what he said during the campaign. That never happens. Its not possible. What you can do is move things in that direction.

      And yeah, if you told me that we would get Bannon, Sessions, Miller, Navarro and Flynn in positions of power, I’d vote for Trump 100 times out of 100.

  12. Also: do not forget that Trump is expected to appoint Mitt Romney’s niece to head the RNC, who will, of course, aggressively block any attempts to reform that institution in a populist direction.

  13. There are strong indications that the Obamacare repeal will be typical GOP — a dog and pony show for the rubes in the base with no substance behind it. Congress is expected to vote to repeal, Trump will sign it, but then the actual repealing and replacing is to be delayed 3 -4 years.

    The tax cuts will happen immediately.

  14. The right’s pathologies are mopey depression and being natural born losers. They’re hard habits to break.

  15. The working class is finished. Over the next seven years there is going to be a continuous unveiling of technology that will culminate in a decimation of most manual, semi-skilled, and even many skilled jobs. In tandem with this will be the legislation that Republicans will introduce and pass. It is all aimed at eliminating most workers and maximizing business. It is believed by the white collar world that blue collar work is worth approximately 12 dollars an hour. They have the upper hand in this argument. For a start, they have a ready supply of workers who are happy with those wages. They have a literal army of the top brains on earth working around the clock on technology to replace or drastically minimize workers in work that requires more than Third World labor capability.

    There is much more detail to this but I have found no one wants to hear it. They do not believe it. For example, the most money today is in intellectual property. It simply doesn’t matter if a specific product ever actually gets built. The “elites” do not like or want about 85 percent of the goods being produced and that are consumed by the masses. Thus it is not a problem for them if said products are no longer produced. This is the answer to the most obvious response to the news of drastic workforce reduction and the question “Well then who will make and buy the…?” Nobody and nobody, and it is not a concern to business. The businesses that will perish are owned by people who have great wealth. They can invest in other businesses. Again, much detail can be added here.

    The upshot to this may well be a drastic reduction over time of non whites from our shores, since there will be increasingly less for them. To dovetail with this I foresee a cutting off of funds for liberal and other left wing departments and such that have for so long been financed by the government. I think it likely the Trump administration and Republicans will go after this, now that they have such numbers and power. So some wishes are likely to come about, but I do not think things will go as WN’s hope.

    • Nah. Get our young people to go in for elevator manufacturing and maintenance union jobs. Anytime you have buildings over 3 stories, you need elevators. These are 95% White jobs.

      • Yes, there will be some of this type work. There will also be a lot of people in the not so far future vying for these jobs, keep in mind. This is also a low man power profession, like agriculture. I’ve been on jobs with elevator installation going on. Only a handfull of guys usually. This is true of construction in general compared to a few decades ago. In the 70s and before, a large scale construction job, like a powerhouse, would have up to five thousand guys working. Each craft several hundred. Today, a hundred guys per craft is a lot.

        Unions are on life support. Far too much non union competition.

        Construction and such is going to be around, but like I said above, much less man power than in the past, and it’s getting even more so. Look at some videos of what China is doing. For example, their SLJ900/32 Bridge Girder Machine. Only needs about a dozen men on the crew. Construction is NOT going to absorb all the displaced workers. Construction is already awash in guys since the early 2000s. They came like a flood until 09.

        • I think you’re too pessimistic.

          I live in urban, university community – home owners, condo owners don’t have the time or the skills to fix or maintain any of their own stuff. They need;

          Doorman – to protect who comes in and out.
          Maintenance men (here all ex Yugoslavians)
          Plumbers, electricians.

          Also child care and elderly care is a big growth industry.

          The city can’t pick up the trash -so lots of growth for private waste disposal services.

          Get in to water management in Western states, recycled water.

          Be positive.

        • Sir, this country is going to require literally trillions of dollars worth of infrastructure repair and construction. I daresay there will be enough work to keep literally millions of hard-working White people occupied for many years to come. Whites need to start having large families and do it starting at the age of 18 or 19.

          • Elites don’t drive. They fly. That’s why there has been little done to our infrastructure. There has been going on segmented repaving here and there. Some one year in one part, some next year in another part, some in another stretch the year after next. That’s the way it will be. No large scale projects. Mostly non union and on the cheap.

    • That tech guy’s response re Dylan Roof’s website:

      “domain name … the site was set up with a hosting
      provider in Russia … hosting in Russia are commonly used by hackers,
      pornographers and others who use the Internet for illicit activity

      Domain Name: LASTRHODESIAN.COM
      Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 1606
      Whois Server:
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      Name Server: NS1.HOSTING.REG.RU
      Name Server: NS2.HOSTING.REG.RU
      This is the site that Dylann Roof had to navigate in order to register
      the domain, create the hosting account and even pay for the service. <– can you navigate this website?

      He would need to know that ?????? = Domains and would be the first menu
      item to click, then he'd have to read that page, follow the instructions in order to order the domain."

      He (tech guy) couldn't find the english version, not all russian registrars have one and according to him most don't. Roof registered the domain in Russia and also used the russian server that came with the same company.

      Why would some kid from the trailer parks of the South do that?

      This is just one element of weirdness. More conclusive were the reactions of the supposed victims' families, along with other aspects of Roof's character and context.

        • …and, if you go on the registrar site and type /en which is how you get the english page to come up on most websites, you get a 404. Page Not Found.

          • Go look on the other thread we discussed this a week ago. I got the address, and a translation. You don’t need an English page. Google translate works fine. You just aren’t computer savvy, Lorax. That’s all. Are you old?

          • We got another one here, folks. “A Secure Order,” he is talking about. Like they are doing notarized business with Lockheed Martin or something instead of buying bandwidth on a server. But even if you were, you can.

            Why on earth do you think you cannot “place a secure order through a translator?” That would defeat most of modern commerce! My God, man. Did you not think about this(!!!!!) before floating this idea out?

          • Secure ordering as in SECURE SOCKET LAYER (SSL) as in the s in https. Are you old? Seriously, your lack of knowledge about how the Internet works is very revealing. SSL does not work through a “man in the middle”, as it was expressly designed to avoid such things.

          • I know what SSL is. But do you not agree with me that you or I or anyone could in fact sign up and pay for and use that server if we wanted to? And do it without needing someone fluent in Russian to do it for us? Lorax has already conceded that you don’t need to personally have rubles on hand to pay.

            It is Lorax who has been arguing that one absolutely needs a middleman. I have been saying you do not. I never said anything about going “through” a translator in the way you are talking about. I simply copied the text from the website into google and translated it. I can reverse the process and fill out the forms in Russian the same way, right through the website. You are way overcomplicating this (too many tech people are prone to this). You don’t need a Ph.d in CS here, or 20 years experience in web development.

            Are you the expert he keeps talking about that filled his head in the first place with that idea that the Roof shooting was a “false flag operation” and used “crisis actors” and that no one really died and it is all a hoax?

            Yes, I see you are his expert. You live in Des Moines, and run a company called Avr Technologies. So why are you filling Lorax’s head with this bullshit when you know better?

          • “But do you not agree with me that you or I or anyone could in fact sign
            up and pay for and use that server if we wanted to? And do it without
            needing someone fluent in Russian to do it for us”

            It would be difficult for me and I speak Russian. It would be nearly impossible for a window licker like the mildly retarded Dylann Roof, with an estimated IQ of around a warm summer’s night.

          • I just did it for the hell of it. I didn’t go all the way through to sending money and actually buying, but I wanted to see exactly how hard it would be. It was a pain in the ass but not really that hard. It looks like it is cheap, though. So I guess that would be a motivation.

            I’m sure he is not high voltage, but how do you know exactly what Roof can and can’t do? Besides, it actually seems like the kind of tedious thing some idiots like him get off doing.

            But whatever the case, it is hardly convincing evidence Roof was working for or recruited by, or whatever, Russians, and that they set up a “false flag” operation and all that. Do you really think that because of him having used that?

          • You concede the point (Reluctantly). It can be done.

            If you speak Russian, why would it be difficult?! It should be easy if you can read Russian. WTF? Following this “logic,” then it should be difficult for English speakers to buy domains here in the States, written in English! But millions of non CS and non tech wizards do it. This gives away that you are straining to make a mountain out of this molehill to validate your conspiracy theory.

      • I already answered you about this on the other thread. I provided a translation of the site. I did it inside of two minutes. Moreover, I have since learned that server is not even the one his manifesto was located on. It’s a dead issue. Quit being a kook talking about crisis actors and false flag operations.

        • And what source claims his manifesto was not on that server?

          Quit being a kook and believing absurd scenarios.

        • “I have since learned that server is not even the one his manifesto was located on.”

          False. There is this website called hypestat that displays information about other websites, showing where they are hosted, both historically as well as currently. clearly shows that his domain was registered through Registrar URL: on Creation Date: 2015-02-09T17:18:00Z just click the hypestat link above and see for yourself. The nameservers show the website was hosted on Name Server: which if you visit their website you will see that they do not have an English option for their website — however you can pay by many methods, including paypal, which means it could be used by an American.

          And if you don’t believe hypestat, there’s always this news article by the Post and Courier, 134 Columbus Street, Charleston, SC 29403. Would they lie? In the article they state: domain name … the site was set up with a hosting provider in Russia … hosting in Russia are commonly used by hackers, pornographers and others who use the Internet for illicit activity. This news article clearly corroborates the hypestat information.

          I find it unlikely that a window licker with a bowl cut would know how to order both a domain as well as web hosting in Russian, without an English version of the website. I frankly find it hard to believe a window licker could order a website and domain from godaddy! Therefore, the manifesto may NOT be his, it may be false flag information, provided by who knows who.

        • “I have since learned that server is not even the one his manifesto was located on.”

          False. There is this website called hypestat that displays information about other websites, showing where they are hosted, both historically as well as currently. .com clearly shows that his domain was registered through Registrar URL: http://www.reg .ru on Creation Date: 2015-02-09T17:18:00Z just click the hypestat link above and see for yourself. The nameservers show the website was hosted on Name Server: .ru which if you visit their website hosting.reg .ru you will see that they do not have an English option for their website — however you can pay by many methods, including paypal, which means it could be used by an American.

          And if you don’t believe hypestat, there’s always this news article by the Post and Courier, 134 Columbus Street, Charleston, SC 29403. Would they lie? In the article they state: domain name lastrhodesian .com … the site was set up with a hosting provider in Russia … hosting in Russia are commonly used by hackers, pornographers and others who use the Internet for illicit activity. This news article clearly corroborates the hypestat information. -www.postandcourier .com/archives/dylann-roof-had-outlined-racist-views-on-website-prior-to/article_ef6c7d70-be9c-5d00-b20d-16e1a9440f0d.html

          I find it unlikely that a window licker with a bowl cut would know how to order both a domain as well as web hosting in Russian, without an English version of the website. I frankly find it hard to believe a window licker could order a website and domain from godaddy! Therefore, the manifesto may NOT be his, it may be false flag information, provided by (((who knows who))).

          So what is this, the 4th or 5th time I have had to repost this comment? Stop behaving like (((them))). Censoring the actual truth does not convert your lie to truth.

          This is about the 6th time I’ve reposted this — deactivating the URLs this time in case it is spam filtering that is censoring this comment.

          • I can think of several possibilities for the why of a Russian server. Maybe one of Roof’s pot smoking friends speaks Russian and knows his way around buying cheap Russian servers. Maybe take your pick. But I’m certainly NOT going to start asserting false flag operations and all that conspiracy business.

            But have at it. I’ve wasted enough time with Lorax and now you on this bullshit. Both of you are Kooks.

    • Yes I agree on automation. The only growth industry is unemployment.

      Low IQ workers will no longer be necessary and will become the Unworking Class. A huge new voting block.

      • Tim Murphy wrote his 21st Century Cures Act to deal with this rising Unworking Class. Obama signed it a few weeks ago.

        Everyone is in serious denial about what’s going down, literally, as we type.

  16. I’m liking 85% of Trump since election, the bad 15% is just real politics, choosing to pick only so many fights, causes.

    Trump is our American version of Putin, Berlosconi.

    And folks, we’re getting Jeff Sessions as Attorney General replacing Eric “my People” Holder and Loretta Lynch.

    All the supreme court justice nominees on Trump will be our folks, not Ruth Bader Ginzberg.

    Trump is like Margaret Thatcher – Trump has all the right enemies.

  17. I doubt the GOP wants to repeal Obamacare which is more accurately termed Heritage-Romneycare. Obamacare locks in a large pool of mandated buyers for a system based on profiteering by hospitals and insurance, pharmaceutical, medical device and other huge corps. It’s the ideal system from a conservative standpoint.

    In the unlikely event the GOP does substantively repeal Obamacare, that could be good or bad for typical non-rich white people. It depends on what they replace it with.

  18. Maybe Trump is being smart & choosing his battles.

    Let’s not forget that he ran against the establishment Republicans as much as the Democrats (and Wall Street, and the media, and the Fortune 400 corporations).

    I would love to see him come into office guns blazing & middle fingers extended to all the cucks & traitors. But not if that gives the Republicucks & bankers the excuse they are looking for to side with the Dems to obstruct him at every move.

    Fixing our borders & immigration is the number one issue for me. If he can make progress on that, I am willing to see him delay movement on the other issues.

    After all, if we can delay (or reverse!) our demographic demise, we can work on other issues later. If we can’t stop the anti-white tide, it really doesn’t matter what we do.

  19. Let’s see what happens when Trump is POTUS. Let’s see if he starts a war with Russia, Or not.
    That, and heaving out the Obama Orc Hordes, are the litmus tests.

  20. Bill Mitchell’s mastery of Jewry’s hoary tropes is impressive in its own way. It would be interesting to know who fed him those lines.

  21. ??

    First things, first: Bill Mitchell has never presented himself as anything more than a straight edge goodie two shoes: “Trump’s ground game is in our ? hearts” or some other sickly sweet sentiment. He was a true believing lonely island during the campaign and I’ll always be grateful for his positive attitude.

    Did you expect him to suddenly start Goose Stepping with a fashy haircut?

    Dude calls himself “The Silver Elvis”. Lol

    As for Cernovich: he presents himself as an ecstasy monging, Jew lifestyle coach who is happily married to a Persian (Iranian) chick. I’m not 100% sure he’s Jewish but the rest is Gospel truth. Were you waiting for a thousand words on David Duke and the new-right paradigm?

    Cernovich is a front runner trying to get rich and famous off…anything.

    • Not at all.

      I thought Bill Mitchell was Trump’s Baghdad Bob during the campaign. He has, however, started to go after “racists” in recent days. That’s a noteworthy development.

      • If I were the paranoid type, I’d suspect he’s been offered some sort of (((sponsorship))) for his platform.

        Mitchell has began referring to his Twitter followers as “my fans” in recent days as well.

        Almost like someone has been stroking his ego…

  22. God Emperor? The media has too much time to spout crap. This is how simple it is: Hillary is an Internationalist and Trump is a Nationalist. Most Americans are nationalists from birth. Most people don’t think he is a “savior” they don’t want a no fly zone war in Syria or more Hillary war/regime change. No amount of Peter Blood name calling at the kindergarden level is going to change that Lenin calls the left “useful idiots” and Hillary calls them “deplorables.” The real problem is people like “Peter Blood” are to stupid to understand that graduated taxation in socialism becomes something Maoesque in time.

  23. My marxist dialectics really came to fruition, it surprised me how accurate they actually were. Up until Trump said he wanted to take Iraqi oil and condemned Obama for exiting Iraq, I thought Trump might have really betrayed his own class, as an owner of the means of production. But I caught on so much earlier than the alt right because I put 2 and 2 together. The alt right never had the 2 and 2 to put together.

  24. Is part 2 coming where you point out the the alt right has not itself made the transition to the post election world?

    Certain things are off the table as long as Trump is in there: partition, a white ethno state. We must work within the Trump paradigm while preparing for its eventual end.

    The alt right should have sought to be the very silent partner of Trump: 1) counter punching his enemies, 2) burrowing in to the grass roots of the GOP with the message of “we are here to fight for Trump, and for your values, and the fall back position is white nationalism” 3) providing a loyal corrective to Trump as it did during the campaign on issues like H1b visas, and Syrian and Mexican immigration.

    Instead we have the core of the alt right seig heiling in the nations capitol, and contemplating ARMED marches through the streets of Whitefish Montana (!)

    Can anyone blame the Libertarian Right? (Molyneaux, Cernovich, Bill Mitchell, Alex Jones. zero Hedge etc?)

    They don’t want to be associated with INSANE Nazi and violent rhetoric! Nor can they TRUST the core of the alt right to be faithful partners in power, when they are always excusing themselves by claiming “irony” even after the joke ceased being funny – if they ever were.

    They can forsee a Dylan Roof of the alt right any day now, especially when – as you say – Trump fails their self-constructed expectations of a “God Emperor”. How do you think Trump and Co will respond to that? The response shall be swift and complete.

    Until such time as a new movement can be built from the post-mortem of the alt right, a wall is going to be built, and the swamp is going to be drained on the right. Thanks to Trump, we have time to get it right.

    • What a joke. Clients of the democratic party literally go around burning down city blocks, and mass murdering police officers, and I am supposed to walk on eggshells constantly fearing the next Dylan Roof, politically?

      Civic nationalism, and definitely lolbertarianism isn’t going to be enough to save this declining multiracial empire in my opinion.

      If Trump fails it will be the final nail in the coffin for “Trumpism”, civic nationalism, or whatever you prefer to call it. The demographics are still on the side of Communists and progressives, and third worlders in general.

      • Civic nationalism replaces loyalty to race with a fake loyalty to flags and uniforms, because it wouldn’t work politically if you took all loyalty away from people. It is really just another dirty trick in the White Genocide arsenal.

  25. The (((Cathedral))) is trying to trick Trump into putting his vast holdings in a blind trust.

    He must resist! Or else he will be helpless.

  26. There’s a new thread on Stormfront accusing Trump of being a secret Jew. They are pulling out all kinds of articles where Jews say they believe it too. That’s how disillusioned they are.

    I got the feeling Trump didn’t understand the real source of his success when he said he could shoot a gun down a street in New York and it would make no difference to his approval rating. One term President? Maybe…

  27. If some Alt-Right figures fell too hard for Trump like love-sick schoolboys, that’s their fault, not the fault of the base.

    Our leaders need to be more mature and self-disciplined.

    Trump was NEVER a solution–he was always just an opportunity.

  28. For those of you censuring people for negativity and blackpilling, whatever that means, what do you think people should be saying in response to Trump’s cabinet?

  29. Gee, we haven’t even had sex yet and the honeymoon is over? I don’t like much of what I’ve seen so far either but I’ll suspend judgement until the first 100 days are over.

    • What are the tangible benefits of supporting Trump almost unconditionally and giving him room to screw up further?

      A wise man might say that you’ll get the exact same thing as a man who derides Trump when he makes bad choices or when he believes he’s been treated wrongly. Holding Trump’s feet to the fire and criticizing even the slightest hint of treachery and deception puts me no further away from any supposed benefits of a Trump presidency than it does someone who puts him on a pedestal.

      A even wiser man might say that when(not if) Trump cucks and goes NeoCon, my criticism will put me slightly ahead of the curve in the eyes of the millions of people who will feel cheated and betrayed by Trump’s version of a multiracial utopian paradise.

  30. Too early to guess, even 20 days out. It could go the direction that the transition indicates, but would you really bet on that with Trump? He could stab Israel in the back immediately, give the establishment cabinet 60 days before laying them off en masse, get us all killed, etc. It’s all up in the air.

    The demoralized, black pilled alt right isn’t a good look though and isn’t called for. That’s some of the movement’s “personally quirks” popping up, especially the further out on the fringes you go like Stormfront.

    • If Trump disavowed all Jewish leaders like he has White leaders, the Jews would go apeshit. Telling Whites to sit down and take it, isn’t going to work any more. We are in revolutionary times.

  31. Great article. From an Alt Right perspective, or even simply a White, or traditional American interest perspective Trump gets at most a C- since his election.

    Sessions and his stance on Russia being the two brightest spots, while his Goldman Sachs appointment, and Israel cucking are by far the worst.

    I expected him to be friendly with Israel, but I don’t expect him to throw the US on a hand grenade for them.

  32. If Trump rescinds the 1965 immigration act, I don’t care about anything else he does, he’ll be the best President in my lifetime

  33. Trump has to work with the material he’s got. It would be great if John C. Calhoun, Robert Taft, Father Coughlin, Huey “Kingfish” Long and Col. Lindbergh were still around, but they’re not. Trump has shown he has the ability to take worthless lumps of human clay and turn them into something useful. Therefore I am still looking forward to the approaching Trumpenreich. Please stop with all the black-pilling!

  34. So what if Trump has “disavowed” characters like Jared Taylor and David Duke? I don’t like them either.

    • I’m not that fond of them either. But it has nothing at all to do with them being racists. Being racist is the only reason I might invite them into my home.

      For Trump, the “racist” aspect is all he knows about them, and that’s exactly why he would disavow them and their support.

  35. One thing we should all do is read or reread Ann Coulter’s book, Adios. Remember, he ran and got his ideas for policy from her book. In short, the book documents the downfall of the US through third world immigration. He mentioned back at the Republican convention in 2012 on how tough it is for Europeans to come here. I’m still hopeful.

    • The way he’s totally blanked her has been really disgusting, especially after she sacrificed her career to support him so hard and put white issues at the forefront.

      She would have been a much better pick for literally any position in his cabinet than these kikes.

  36. Relax and enjoy the show. Or find out how USSR collapsed or Putin or Orban or other less known folk got the power.

    Strategy is the art to think more far that Your enemy. It is very important to support Israel until every last goatsexing moslem freaks out and then in the Middle East real war brokes loose.

    Until now corrupted dictators tried to attack Israel and they failed because average Mohammad did not cared. But when Bibi and the rest of the folk suceed to push things really over the edge then we got such a war what Middle Eas has never seen.

    Support Bibi, support zionism and srew palestinians until every single Mohammed and the rest of the 1 billion moslems are really pissed off…:D

    • It is important for Trump to support Israel, because that is where his family would run if America went full blown Nazi.

      • America will be no full blown nazi in the nearest future. Freaking off hundreds of millions young illiterate futureless moslems and push them to ttack Israel is much easier than educate average western normie.

        Support bibi and he will take care srew moslems so that there will no Israel

        • It is every neurotic Jew’s fantasy that the countries they occupy will go full Nazi. It drives everything they do and the Trump family is Jewish now.

    • It’s amusing, Yuri, but if hundreds of millions of Muslims freak out against Israel it will be the US which goes after them. Hello, WWIII and nuclear winter. We are Israel’s servants.

  37. You shouldn’t be so hostile to Trump. Just look at the way President Putin is basically ignoring Bathhouse Barry and his stupid provocations against Russia in anticipation of having better relations with the Trump administration. Trump is a very effective and charismatic leader, he knows what needs to be done and he will win the respect of the world community.

  38. Why would these people even listen to you?
    Many of you from here and “Daily Fag Stormer” attack me for over a year on Twitter. All I ever did was post black on white crime on Mad Jewess. Net. You all know this.

    Bill O’Reilly’s website linked MY site ALL THE TIME 2010-2015.

    Bill didnt link ANY of your sites because many of you are nazi. Our grandfathers FOUGHT nazis and many of you here support that.
    Which is beyond disgusting. Never mind all of the Jew sh’t. It is DISGUSTING. A TOTAL slap in the face to your Grandfathers.

    At any rate:
    I was THE most vigorous blogger re. black on white crimes and you all attacked me.
    Are you f’cking STUPID!?
    Did it f’cking MATTER that I am a JEW? Why is my being a JEW more important to some of you over THOUSANDS of white lives snuffed out.

    You dug your own graves.
    You murdered your own movement.
    You put the black on white crime issue on the back burner for YEARS to come because you all attack nice people.
    Its NEVER going to get heard and people will not ever believe you.
    I dont even blog anymore because of many of you.
    YOU are the ONLY cyber army that beats the living sh’t out of those on your own side.

    • You realize that many on this site have grandparents that were too young to have fought in WW2. In another 10 years grandparents wouldn’t have even been born yet. That is how long ago that ancient history is at this point. You need to do a meme update.

      So please, stop insinuating you know what would or wouldn’t be a slap to the face of my own grandfather….

        • I fought as a mercenary in the AIPAC desert adventures in Iraq. If you want to talk about wars, those are far more relevant to today.

          Just accept that not everyone wants to be in the IDF and move on.

          • There was no “AIPAC” involvement in Iraq.
            My sister in law and brother in law both served in Iraq.
            Just realize that people who are enlisting dont want to fight wars for oil.

          • The lower price you see at the pump is because of market oversaturation. The shale oil and gas revolution in America is a good part of the reason SUPPLY has outpaced DEMAND.

            I own stock in about 5 different oil and gas companies. So you can try your bullshit on someone else.

            You really are insane and nuttier than a fruitcake.

            For the record, I’m about as White as you can get. 100% European. Perhaps it’s you who should try to be a little more White?

          • PS honey dew:
            A Tally of Iran Sanctions Relief Includes More Than $10 Billion in Cash, Gold
            Updated Dec. 30, 2016 12:24 p.m. ET

            Lets see you condemn all of this foreign aid going to your f’ck buddy David Dukes friends, the Iranians.
            Ya all have way more in common with Obama than Trump

          • I hope they spend the money wisely. To secure themselves against USrael they need to have their country bristling with S-300/400/500 AA batteries, a sufficient number of nukes, and Iskander missiles for delivery. I am sure that they have learned the lesson of Saddam Hussein, Ghaddafy and al-Assad, who lacked these things.

            P.S. I note the thanks given to Iran by Syrian and Lebanese Christians (and the Catholic archbishop) for helping liberate them at Christmas.

          • In other words: You’re not against 10 billion in foreign aid for Iran, only Israel. I am not for foreign aid for ANYONE inc Israel. You are though.

            Syria, that was a John Mccain/Obama op in which Israel was not involved, since they work with Russia:
            Russia’s D.M., Igor Konashenkov: “We Are In Training With Our Partners “ISRAEL” (can be found on Youtube)

            Israel refused to enter into sanctions against Russia:
            ‘After Shunning Europe, Russia Turning to Israel for Fruit Imports’
            Aug 13, 2014 9:10 PM

            Checkmate, you’re wrong again.

          • Hahaha! Checkmate? Wrong about what? Did I mention Russia sanctions? No. Did I even mention the Israeli press calling ISIS a strategic asset? And I said nothing about foreign aid to Israel.

            You bring up something different and then walk away declaring victory.

            Send someone better next time.

            P.S. btw Russia calls everyone with whom they work or have dealings “partners.”

          • Good! I hope Israel will help Russia and Iran rebuild President Assad’s Syria since they are such good “partners.”

          • Israel does not care for any of the countries filled with Muslims like you do. Israel does not have a love affair with Muslims like you do.
            Israel helped RUSSIA.
            Read it again or get a brain, you are a disgrace to whites

          • Was Israel upset by their good friend Russia’s vote for the UN SC resolution last Friday? How dare they repay Israel for all its help with a stab in the back!

          • Haha! Now you say I have a love affair with Muslims?

            The world would be a kinder, gentler place if the whole region would suddenly become a void. And its diaspora vanished.

          • Lol! Putin is playing you kikes. You are afraid of him. He’s waiting for Trump to get in office – and then you go boom! Buh bye!

        • And stop crying and accept that not everyone wants your hook nosed behind in this country.

          Also stop crying and accept that not everyone will fall for your poor persecuted kike schtick.

    • Did it f’cking MATTER that I am a JEW? Why is my being a JEW more important to some of you over THOUSANDS of white lives snuffed out.

      Seems pretty important to you, so why wouldn’t it be important to other people? You’re like the bimbo who walks down the street with her tits hanging out, complaining about the people staring at her tits hanging out.

    • Why are you here, bagel nigger? HAHAHA!!! I remember your pathetic videos from Incogman. Your “singing” in “Annie Get your Gun”. Annie – take the gas!

    • Hey MadJewess. Look, there were a solid number of Jews at NPI, and in fact I personally know 4chan Alt-Right WN trolls who are Jews (yes, in real life). I’m not sure exactly what happened in your case, but when push comes to shove, we do support Jews who are on our side. There are a lot of ridiculous alt-right trolls who do way too much and harass way too much. If you are posting black on white crime stats, I think that’s great. Sorry about the trolls, but just realize that people who are WN an aren’t afraid to be so in real life, DO support you.

      • I support ALL Kikes going into the oven, EVERY last one. You don’t have jew friends. You have handlers. Stop being played.

  39. Remember jerks, hunter Wallace has been right although this electionns. Most of his predictions ahve come true and his analysis was top notch. He is right that trump honeymoon is over. If anything he will be slightly better than bush and obama. That’s it don’t get on your high horses yet. that too is highly doubtful giveen his nauseating Israel love. Get over it so called alright fags. #tcot

    • “… [Trump’s] nauseating Israel love.”

      I am now wary of Trump’s foreign policy, although his promises on that and immigration are what earned him my vote. His choice of ambassador to Israel, his trouble-making pledge to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, his comments on Iran, and his attack on the UN SC vote make me very unhappy. Instead of war with Russia will he start one with Iran on behalf of the usual suspects?

      It was America First, not Israel First, but so far it looks as if we’re getting the latter.

  40. Good article, I agree totally. That Paul Ryan still even exists is enough by itself to cause anxiety. If Trump was serious about the mandate, he would have did everything he could to shitcan that piece of cretinous evil.

  41. God dictates the person that leads the revolution, the enemy of the Jews, must come from the bottom of society, like an army private or a carpenter. Trump is destined to fail and the Jews are destined for tragedy.

  42. I’d like Trump to read again Washington’s Farewell Address (“…entangling…”) and John Quincy Adams’ famous speech (“… not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy…”).

    In the past 15 years the US has wrecked Iraq, Libya and Syria and is helping Saudi Arabia to wreck Yemen. It doesn’t matter if you like these people or not. This crap must end. Trump many times promised to end “nation-building”and bringing “democracy” through bombing, aka “regime change.” He must deliver. And, I would add, no more color revolutions, please.

  43. Trump is wedded to the wall, deporting 3 million wet back crims, he pretty much promised this. If this demographic expulsion and a bigly beautiful wall is not rolling forward within the first 2 weeks after taking office…

    The alt right collective can break him. Chants of “Build the wall!”, will be replaced with “Liar, bull shitter, con artist”.

    I doubt very much Trumps ego could take that at all.

    Then the fear will set in of being a lame duck in 2 years, losing power in US upper house and being compared to Obama…

    Ahh the consequences of making core political promises.

    Trump will attempt to bring colour blind order and civic nationalism back to the USA… Impossible IMO meh, it’s going to be fun to watch and cause some of the chaos.

    Certainly if Trumos term starts with tax breaks, then Trump may be the neocon shit head.

    Either way we have to make it so pro whites win, by either having Trump implement implicit whiteness of a country with borders, expelling the illegals. Or by painting how corrupted the system is by a lying neocon. A very fine line Mr Trump has to dance.

    Either way the scenario’s are set for us to win.

    The Jews are all whining now, just wait when the minority populations of Muslims in the Occident start transitioning the power of the left further away from the Jews, which is happening… The Jews will be forced to pick a side, and not play both.

    Throwing the ethnostate Israel into the mix makes it very interesting.

    Either way this is going to be fun.

    • Isn’t it interesting how Jews are suddenly becoming more open about White genocide and their role in it? They knew all along that Trump was their man, just like they knew that their vote, on its own, didn’t amount to much.

      So much the alt-Right has to learn about Jews and their games.

      This is *not* going to be fun, for anyone.

      • It hasn’t been fun for a long time, I’m just getting more sadistic fun out of it I guess.

        Not many people notice the Jews anti-whiteness, cause they still pretend to be white when it suits them. Jews, traitors and cucks come from the same pod really.

        Though some Jews see the writings on the wall, and are starting to jump ship in very small numbers.

        That site gives me some divide and conquer ideas on the JP…

      • It’s not merely interesting, it’s inevitable. The goal of Jewry is the exterminated of Whites. The plan is very advanced. But they can’t help themselves. They ALWAYS show the knife too soon.
        Russia has survived a century of their murderous evil. We will. too.
        They won’t.
        The ovens will be real, this time.

  44. If Trump betrays his core promises I can see the so called “The God Emperor”, being replaced with “Don the Con”. Remember you read it being preached here first.

    “Don the con” has a such dirty southern Italian Mafia ring to it. 🙂

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