No, It’s Not MILO’s World

Jesus Christ, seriously?

Apparently, Vox Day has been blinded by loyalty and e-book sales and can’t see the truth about MILO. In what universe can the Podestas be condemned for Spirit Cooking and #Pizzagate pedophilia, but MILO is … OK?

Exhibit A: MILO cultivates a twink entourage which he deliberately associates with Trump

Exhibit B: MILO defends pedophilia on camera and boasts about attending Hollywood pedophile parties

Exhibit C: MILO hosts a homosexual party at the RNC and has Geert Wilders speak in front of a room decorated with lurid photos of half-naked young boys

Exhibit D: MILO bathes in pig blood

Exhibit E: MILO raises over $100,000 for his privilege grant and pockets the money

“Milo Yiannopoulos claims he spends thousands of dollars every month. He claims he is professionally thriving and his brand is stronger than ever. So why can’t he distribute the scholarship money he collected and promised to give?

The alt-right professional agitator reportedly inked a book deal worth at least $250,000, according to the Hollywood Reporter on Thursday. The deal is to publish an autobiographical work in the spring of 2017 with Threshold Editions, a subsidiary of Simon and Schuster. …”

Exhibit F: MILO Serenades LSU With “America The Beautiful” In Drag

Exhibit G: MILO’s poetry

It is New Year’s Eve so let me offer a prediction for 2017 … it is blindingly obvious that MILO is a scandal waiting to happen. You have on display here all the ingredients of a perfect storm. There is more than a whiff of a scandal coming off MILO that connects sex, corruption, malignant narcissism, hypocrisy, disgruntled unpaid employees, Breitbart and the Trump administration.

I bet that someone, somewhere has dirt on MILO and that someone, somewhere – probably someone who hasn’t been paid – has the motive to bring it to light. Just listen to what he says in the first two videos. He boasts about becoming a sexual predator as a teenager. By his own admission, he used to hang out with Hollywood pedophiles. I bet there are many, many skeletons waiting to come out of that closet. If I was trying to shock the Evangelicals who voted for Trump, that’s where I would start digging.

I can’t tell you how it will happen, but I predict The Dangerous Faggot will share the fate of the Hindenburg. Hubris has a way of inviting Nemesis.

Update 1: As for Vox Day’s comparison of extremists to the fake Klansmen on A&E, he neglects to mention that it was real people associated with the Klan who exposed the media hoax.

Update 2: Vox Day has lost his mind:

“And to make it clear, I’d much rather stand with Milo than with ANY of you self-professed Christians attacking him.

I trust Milo not to stab me in the back. He has proven himself to me. You, I don’t trust at all.”

I’d much rather stand with MILO than with ANY of you self-professed Christians … wow, that’s a jaw dropping statement.

Update 3: Vox Day now professes blind loyalty to MILO and Cernovich:

“Turn your guns on allies and sympathizers instead of the enemy, and you lose all right to any cover or assistance or regard. I don’t have much tolerance for idiots and I don’t have any for those who attack my friends and allies. If you’re going to attack Mike and Milo and Stefan and Roosh, you won’t do it here and you will go immediately on my “ignore that idiot” list.”

I understand that MILO and Cernovich are his friends, but does loyalty to friends require, say, making up the story that Edgar Maddison Welch, the guy who stormed Comet Ping Pong, was a “crisis actor”? The guy was indicted on federal charges. He’s still in jail … presumably, acting, to cover the tracks of the Podestas.

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  1. Trump’s coalition could turn out to be as fragile as Obama’s. Major cracks are already appearing since Trump won on Nov. 8th. Trump like Obama during his own campaign created a big coalition of different groups and people with different agenda’s.

    Trump has already disavowed the alt-right – a piece of his coalition. How are the alt-Lite with their degenerate leader MILO and all the scandals that are coming with him going to fare against the evangelical alliance that put Trump in power?

    How is Trump going to hold this coalition together? The evangelicals are going to be expecting big returns on their investment with choosing Trump over Cruz.

    • Dude, what is going to happen and what has been happening in the last 5 years is that the actual Alt Right centered around the core of the Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff will continue to grow their website traffic more than all others and assume the dominant position in the movement even more than they already clearly have.

      All “Alt Light” Fags will become irrelevant.

      The Alt Right is not finished in any way. Just because Trump was elected all other demographic and cultural trends that lead to the rise of the Alt Right have not suddenly stopped. Western Civilization is still dying.

      • I agree. I wasn’t in any way suggesting the alt-right was finished because Trump disavowed us. I was actually suggesting that the alt-lite is already finished by making MILO their leader. MILO will never play with the rest of Trump’s coalition.

        The alt-right doesn’t really have a leader and that is its strength. The media keeps trying to create one

  2. Brad, not to defend Milo, but don’t you think this many degrees of separation is a stretch? How is this a scandal to ensnare Trump?

      • Bannon is an uber israeli supporter- he has brought trump to the Likud party. Trump was the alt-right foot in the door of American politics: the WALL, immigration. If Trump fails to follow through with his promises on the WALL, the USSA is OVER. the media have swept all the pizzagate shit under the rug- MILO is the face of pedophilo, brought to us by bannon and breitbart, the jewish evil behind the curtain. distraction- distraction- all the cucked evangelicals will swim along and forget the monsters behind the pizzagate – the sex slavery-. shall we go along. I wont.

      • Does Breitbart sponsor Milo beyond whatever it pays him to write for them?

        Trump is also friendly with Elton John and wished Elton and his husband well on their wedding. What to make of that, what do Evangelicals make of it? Trump is not “for” gay marriage but he doesn’t want to deal with it and Obama really made clear to the Evangelicals that he just hates them. So, Trump is kind of getting a pass.

        Elton John and his husband have adopted babies. The husband indulges in dangerous, secretive homosexual activities. Lord knows what he’s up to. No one with a conscience would put children in the care of such a person or any homosexuals. We’ll hear from those children within the next 20 years and feel very ashamed. They could have had mothers.

        But Democrats managed to scare the Evangelicals so much that Trump is getting a pass.

  3. Vox Day claims to be such a ‘Christian’, yet he endorses an flamboyant, drug-abusing sodomite (Milo), lies to defend a serial liar/con artist (Cernovich), is friends with a literal porn star (listen to last weeks Daily Shoah).

    Pretty clear that the only ‘god’ Vox worships is the $ and ‘muh book sales’

      • I don’t see how someone can be a ‘practicing Catholic’ while snorting cocaine and having gay sex. Milo is just attention-seeking when he says that.

        • The only reason Milo can get away with calling himself a Catholic is that the Church itself has already been heavily infiltrated by scum like him.

          • The Catholic Church has had this kind of a problem for the last 1000 years or so. Nothing new. Just out in the open now.

          • They’ve definitely had problems with fags before, but this sort of open toleration of sodomy is completely unprecedented.

          • I’m not a particular fan of the Catholic Church, but it really has been infiltrated.

            The main reason for this is that it is a highly hierarchical Church with broad social connections – so when Jews ‘convert’ to Christianity they almost always choose to become faux Catholics so as to gain access to the church’s social connections.

            I’ve also seen plenty of Jewish kids whose parents send them to Catholic schools.

            A 100 years ago, that type of thing existed but it was no where near as common as it is today.

            If you don’t believe me, just talk with Catholics from Rust Belt cities or New England. Many have personally seen their churches change dramatically due to the influence of new converts.

      • IMO, the actual ‘alt-right’ people who use their real name are fine. I agree w/ you on ‘alt-lite’, the only one I somewhat trust is Molyneux

      • He also claims to have Mexican blood.

        Why anyone would take a mixed race goofball who writes odd Sci-Fi stories seriously as a hero for Whites is beyond me.

        I suppose it goes to show how desperate our side is for solid leadership.

        • “How desperate our side is for solid leadership”
          You’ve got a point.

          Of course I doubt he has very much nonwhite blood in him. I suspect he’s capitalizing on less than 10% because he thinks it helps his brand.

          • “I suspect he’s capitalizing on less than 10% because he thinks it helps his brand.”

            He’s a slight variant on the magical Negro. Like Marco Rubio he betrays those whites who trust him.

  4. Anyone else notice that the Twitter user ‘Microchip’, currently going by ‘MicroMagicWand’ is taking about some massive scandal involving Trump transition team, Thiel, Chuck Johnson, Milo, Cernovich, Bill Mitchell, and Kushner.

    I take this guy with a grain of salt. Does anybody know who ‘Microchip’ is? Is he reliable or just an attention seeking con-artist?

  5. What’s so amusing is his sycophantic little followers–the faggots who call themselves “The Dread Ilk”–love to think of themselves as good Christians.

  6. Sick,sick sh*t.

    None of us who find ourelves a part of the authentic Alt-Right considers this reprobate to be our spokesman in any way,shape or form.

    I just hope that President Trump understands how important it is to avoid the taint of Milo and his garish freak show,and keeps him at arm’s length at all cost.

  7. From William F Buckley to a disgusting, coke snorting faggot: The New Face of Respectable Conservatism. Genuine pro-Whites need to dissociate from this vile character immediately.

  8. Milo is the epitome of the bourgeois racialist. He’s a successful version of Ian Jobbling.

    But let’s not pretend that Alex Linder promoted a technically correct line, or David Duke, Kevin McDonald, even Brad Griffin ect. The correct line aggravates class antagonisms across the racial lines, to tear down the united States.

    • Why can’t it be both?

      Just curious. Fwiw, I’m a lot more sympathetic to old-school, class-oriented Marxism and anti-Capitalism than most around these parts.

      • I understand being opposed to unrestricted Capitalism but my issue with class oriented Marxism is that the White underclass / lower class is – on average – far less respectable than the middle class.

        Just go to Walmart and count the number of inter-racial couples, then go to a more expensive big box store and do the same. The difference is glaring.

        Poor Whites are definitely more likely to say ‘racist’ things but their actions are what counts. Now some people might blame the underclass’s bad decisions on poverty, but when I was broke I didn’t act like that. At some point, personal responsibility becomes necessary.

        I do want to see the poor treated fairly, and I am no fan of the upper class, but I don’t want to see our movement fall into the Marxist trap of idolizing the least functional members of society.

        • The middle and under classes aren’t important to marxism.

          The owners of the means of production are bourgeoisie and workers are proletariat.

          Then there’s also a rural peasantry. “Middle class” if it means a rich worker is still a worker.

  9. Does anyone else think the media relentlessly promotes MILO as leader of the Alt-Right because they are setting up a Narrative? All it is going to take is to find 1 boy in that closet and … wham, the Alt-Right, Breitbart and Trump are all covered in shit.

    • I’ve definitely considered it.

      After all, Milo is the perfect puppet:

      If he succeeds in co-opting the Alt-Right, he will destroy it. If he fails to co-opt the movement, the Left can simply open up his closet and let his skeletons out – tarring the entire Alt-Right in the process.

      Milo is exactly the type of useful idiot that the left wants to see in charge of the Alt-Right.

    • My opinion is that both the anti-White Left and Right are trying to take all of the White working class anger that was bubbling up and push it into a confined area where everyone is lulled back to sleep. No matter what Leftists say or do, they’d much rather have a Milo type leading around the pro-White crowd than they would someone who’s actually pro-White and a White advocate. The anti-Whites can hate Trump all they want. But they know what they’ll get from Trump is immensely more rewarding than what they would receive from actual pro-White people who are sick and tired of being ignored or vilified for standing up for White people.

      They Left and Right look at Milo as a flaming queer Pied Piper who can only push boundaries so far. And even when he does push the limits, he’ll be pushing to an area that is more akin to something you’d see coming from Leftists or Cuckservatives.

      Show me someone who’s consumed with their own vanity and self-opinion, I’ll show you someone whose habits can be predicted and can be very easily controlled for the right price.

      I think we’ve reached Peak Faggot with Milo. His faggotry and narcissism, not unfettered Truth, is what he gets up for in the mornings.

    • It is what the media does: build up their adversaries and then drop the hammer on them. They did it with Romney, McCain and just recently Trump.

    • You’re getting warmer.

      To your earlier question of foreknowledge: yes.

      And if Trump has to choose between the alt right and his Presidency, what is he going to choose? How tolerant do you think Mattis, Pompeo and Sessions will be to the “pranks” of the alt right? (Remember, they can stage whatever they want)

      The body is already cold and is starting to smell: a dead end.

      • Who cares?

        He’s putting Goldman Sachs in the Cabinet. He’s hanging out with Mitt Romney. We’re already giving Bibi Netanyahu everything he wants. What do we get?

        It looks to me like conservatism won the election. We would have been better off opposing Trump seeing as how it is Bill Kristol, not us, who is getting the policies he wants. George W. Bush and Obama were moderate on Israel compared to Sheldon Adelson’s foreign policy which we are getting now.

        What should we do? Should we stop talking about race now that Trump has been elected? Jews? Homosexuals? Should we start saying we are against White identity politics and that we believe in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dream now? Should we go the full Bill Mitchell and say White Genocide doesn’t exist and that only a racist loser thinks about their race?

        I don’t think so.

    • Heard the latest Radio 3-14, the interview with the Israeli Zionist, about how we should form an alliance with Jewish Nationalists?

      • Lana Lokteff is a slavic sleaze controlled op agent.

        The notion of europeans forming an alliance with ‘jewish nationalists’ is so absurd it’s like SNL for WN.

        Judaism is defined by its parasitic nature off of other nations.

        • Henrik’s an Eternal Swede. Lanky Lana cucked him with that Kike because he obviously never feeds her.

          — “Henrik, I’m starving to death!”

          — “But Lana, I already spent all this week’s d’nations on the absolute essentials — my hairdresser, a new waistcoat, this cool pagan amulet I got on Amazon, my protein powder, a Berkey water filter, and this brand new Telefunken U-47!”

          — “Can I eat next week?”

          — “Sure, I’ll get you some bird-feed. But I really need a more comfy chair.”

          — “Well this Kike says he’ll give me some chocolate if I promote Zionism and get on my kn—”

          — “Whatever, whatever. Hmmm…which earring should I wear today?”

          • Just like every man who’s spent the last two days criticizing male supposed white advocates on here are ‘jealous.’

            You’re pathetic, Celestial. You hate women and fellate jew phallus.

            I feel sorry for any daughters you might have.

      • Why in the hell would pro-White people not want to support Jews if they truly desire a Jewish nation built on the same foundational principles that pro-White/non-Jewish European people are trying to build nations? Even Hitler and the Nazis understood that Jews being able to be Jews in a Jewish nation was an ideal way to keep Jews from being Jews in Germany.

        The problem is not that Jewish Nationalists exist and that they have a desire to protect their identity. No, the problem is that Zionism is NOT simply Jewish Nationalism. It’s Jewish Nationalism on the outside and International Jewry or Jewish Imperialism on the inside. True Nationalist groups wouldn’t be saturated in dozens of other countries and constantly trying to manipulate their policies and institutions for their own benefit.

        Personally, I’m much more inclined to support and possibly work with a rogue Jewish person or small group who espouse pro-Nationalist sentiments than I am anyone calling themselves a Zionist.

        • You clearly have zero understanding of what defines Judaism. ‘Jewish Nationalism’ is an oxymoron. The entire crux of Judaism is to be Chosen among and on top of other peoples/nations.

          I’m not ignoring this discussion because it has merit beyond your male delusions, but I can’t further respond right now.

    • I think it’s likely that Beitbart is using Milo to provoke a conflict between a pro-Jewish and anti-Jewish side. Then to purge the anti-Jewish side. He’s not a Michael Levin, who is designed to push ideas that other Jews disagree with.

  10. Hmmm? Could Vox secretly be in the closet? Or even have a coke problem? I know that sometimes the gay person is the least one people suspect. Vox on the “down low”???

  11. After seeing the pics in this article, I did not want to watch the video. The stuff pervs like Milo does used to be illegal.
    Regrettably, a few of the retail and restaurant jobs I used to work also hired sodomites. But I have never witnessed anyone as flaming faggy as Milo. Whoa. Why would any “conservative” site (like Breitbart) allow this dude to write for them. Many they really are not conservative -politically, economically, or morally? But Breitbart sure is rabidly pro-Israel. I have a new slogan for Breitbart “The Official Judeo-Fag Site of Pretend Conservatives Nationwide”.
    As to the evangelical who supported Trump, most of them fear/worship Israel more than God, and will hate an “anti-Semite” more than a perv like Milo. America is fading. True Christians do not worship apostate Jews or their state.

  12. Re: “Apparently, Vox Day has been blinded by loyalty and e-book sales and can’t see the truth about MILO.”

    You seem quite desperate to ignore the reality right in front of your eyes.

    Why do you assume that Vox Day can’t see the truth?

  13. Why are they even claiming this disgusting creature is alt-right? He h?i?m?s?e?l?f? sorry, itself has denied it. Do we have anything in common with it?

  14. “It is New Year’s Eve so let me offer a prediction for 2017 … it is blindingly obvious that MILO is a scandal waiting to happen.”

    Man, you called it.

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