Mike Cernovich: Pay Me Ten Thouthand Dollarth To Debate

“The truth is my brand.” “You’re too poor for my time.”

When you have dug yourself into a hole, keep digging:

Note: If I ever become as famous as Populith Mike Thernovich of California, please relentlessly mock me if I ever talk down to anyone in my audience like this. Seriously, I want you to roast me if I ever start selling pills and calling this website a “brand” and demanding $10,000 to have a conversation with my readers.

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  1. “Seriously, I want you to roast me if I ever start selling pills and calling this website a “brand” and demanding $10,000 to have a conversation with my readers.”


    • Cernobitch isn´t the first alt-right snake-oil merchant and not the last either, remain vigilant of these scum.

  2. He is morphing into an Alex Jones with the fake pills marketed to his goyim followers.

    This guy is a Jew through and through.

  3. I’m not the money grubbing type myself and most of us aren’t but looking at it rationally it’s a weakness. We see grubbing for money as beneath us. The Jews see it as power and it has no stigma to them. They grub every last penny they can get hands on but when they run into trouble they have resources to back them up. They monetize everything. Even messages against them they will monetize but in the end they slowly work it to their end. We should all realize being”above it all” and too good to grub for money as weakness. It may not be cool but it’s effective. If the Jews didn’t have wads of cash we would all just laugh at them. Like they laugh at you. When they say things like,

    “…A tiny tiny minority, and we run shit. You think we are afraid? Tired of winning? Go ahead. Make the move.
    — Loren Feldman…”

    It’s hurtful but they have a point. The only condolence I have is they have been thrown out of every single country they’ve been in any numbers for thousands of years and free mass communication is poison to them. They thrive in darkness. We must partner with any political force to keep the press free and open free communication.

    • How does that make them morally superior?? And how does that bring them closer to the ultimate arbitor of right and wrong, God almighty??

    • Yeah, there is nothing wrong with attempting to monetize your political activity. The issue is rather or not you can be bought, and if you can be then you aren’t actually earning money while and for the purpose of expressing your will, but are just an employee being instrumentalized for someone else’s will.

      As it stands I know now that for all intents and purpose if I wanted to know the opinion of someone like Mike Cernovich or Vox Day I’ll just go to Loren Feldman’s twitter, as that is where they are ultimately going to get their marching orders from because they are willing to be a bitch for pay.

      • But why is your enemy always able to buy what he wants? That should be the question. And the answer to that should tell you something.

  4. I just watched the video.

    This guy is arrogant. His success was earned on the backs of the true alt-right, and it will evaporate as soon as he is shunned.

    I wouldn’t pay a nickel to listen to this drunk Jew.

    Doubtful that even Vox can defend this display of hubris.

    The word “opportunist” comes to mind.

  5. Hahaha! I just got home from a party. (We have to get up early-ish tomorrow, or I’d still be dancing). I had 4 rum & cokes, at a 110% White party – and I’m still more lucid than his kike klown.
    Fire up the ovthens!

  6. Debating someone is so boring he wants 10 grand. Talking to himself for two hours is so much fun he does it for free. Another nut for the Alt-Light.

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