Cuckservatives: Bill Mitchell Defines Trumpism As Mainstream Conservatism

Why doesn’t Bill Mitchell claim the mantle of mainstream conservatism?

In the video below, he explains that he thought Alt-Right meant being against the establishment, but now realizes it means white supremacy, racism, anti-Semitism, etc. He wants to purge racists from the Trump movement. He wants you to quit identifying with the Alt-Right because it is a damaged brand. You shouldn’t care about the fate of White people. You’re crazy if you believe there is a White Genocide. If you believe in those things, The Daily Beast and SPLC will write negative articles about you.

It is strange. If Bill Mitchell was against “the establishment,” why didn’t he affiliate with the conservative brand or the Tea Party brand? If you believe all the same things Sean Hannity believes in and he is a multimillionaire who has been a fixture on FOX News for the past 20 years, why are you calling yourself Alt-Right? You’re a mainstream conservative, not Alt-Right. Maybe we should give Bill Mitchell the benefit of the doubt and assume he hopped on the Alt-Right bandwagon to promote himself.

Unlike these people, we’re not embarrassed to identify as Alt-Right, White Nationalists, Southern Nationalists, etc. We’re proud of these labels. We’re proud to be White. We’re proud to be Southerners. We’re proud to be Christians. There’s nothing immoral about identifying with your own people or treasuring your own culture. I don’t care what Think Progress or or The Huffington Post has to say about that.

Bill Mitchell tried to glomb on to the Alt-Right during the campaign, not the other way around. We didn’t go around saying on Twitter that we were “conservatives.” Quite the opposite. Now he wants to be called “America First” because Richard Spencer and white supremacists ruined the Alt-Right brand. What does that say about him? The only brand he doesn’t want to claim is cuckservatism which is his real brand.

Mainstream conservatism is the damaged brand. We spent the entire campaign from Day One attacking cuckservatives. 16 other cuckservative candidates ran for presidency. They all lost. ¡Jeb!, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were rejected because people have been hearing the same conservative bromides and talking points for the last 35 years. They voted for Trump because he was an outsider who rejected their policies.

Bill Mitchell wants to define Trumpism as mainstream conservatism. He wants Trumpism to be respectable to The Daily Beast and Sean Hannity. Oh, and he’s going to the Deploraball, which is “deplorable” only in the sense – as far as I can tell, there is no other difference – that it is a Fag Prom for the #PozzRight hosted by Queen MILO.

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  1. It’s a fake account.

    The real Mitchell acct. has the blue check.

    But there is some funny stuff in those parodies.

  2. He is a genuine pos. And now he has the entire Pepe army mobilized against him due to his latest shit-step. Good times ahead 🙂


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    • Wow, that is very tldr.

      Black men want white women. Diversity means giving black men access to white women. These black men wouldn’t date anything that looks like the children they might have with these white women. All they do is destroy.

    • This is why I love using the Alt-Right:

      Andrea Ostrov Letania: “Black men are more muscular and have larger penises that give women bigger organisms.”

        • I often wonder about Andrea’s intentions as she has repetitively ignored all the evidence against her ‘Blacks are the most masculine’ BS.

          For example, in America the average White man is the same height (5′ 10″) as the average Black man:

          Blacks do mature at a much younger age, which can make them seem strong in Junior High School, but by the time Whites enter into our late teens we’ve caught up to them.

          Our upper body strength is also unparalleled. This is why White men have won all of the World’s Strongest Man competitions.

          Andrea completely ignores those facts.

  4. We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100%, 1000%. It will be there forever. Not only do I have Jewish grandchildren, I have a Jewish daughter and I am very honored by that. I cuck for Israel. You should too. That is all that matters.

  5. Perception is reality. If white feel they being unjustly and unfairly treated, then they are. What kind of nerve does it take to tell some one your heart felt feeling are wrong?? Now (((they))) are not only trying to telling us how to think but also how to feel?

  6. “Bill Mitchell wants to define Trumpism as mainstream conservatism.

    GOPrivate club re-brand itself every election cycle.

  7. From what I see and I have little interest in what a tru con says I would say he is trolling pretty well. Sorry, I call em like I see em

    • He says White Genocide crowd a tiny and crazy group that doesn’t belong with Trump, blah, blah, blah. I asked him if they’re so tiny and crazy why are you so concerned about them.

      • Trump retweeted the same WhiteGenocide account twice. Once could be a accepted as a mistake, but twice makes it deliberate.

  8. Why did the little dirty cunt disable comments on the video?? Shouldn’t ideas and white grievances be disgusting in an open and adult manner??

    • Mitchell says he wants the Trump movement to be “all inclusive” yet he is actively trying to shut out all racially concious Whites and critics of Zionism. That doesn’t sound very inclusive to me, Bill.

      I wonder if there are pics of this guy attending a Marco Rubio “foam party”?

      • The “Big Tent” has always been very exclusive of pro-Whites. Cucks may claim to champion free speech but their actions betray them.

  9. This anti-White, philosemitic pole-smoker (along with his lover MILO) needs to be trolled into oblivion. He’s obsessed with attacking White activists and creating tons of drama. And who gave this fairy the authority to be a spokesman for Donald Trump, anyway?

    It looks as if the jews, queers and other “conservative” establishment types are trying to do whatever they can to make Trump serve their interests and scare away his alt-right supporters. I predict they will fail.

    • They’re doing their damnedest to shove White Genocide back in the closet but they will fail.

    • I agree with you, Mr. Kleinfeld.

      People who think they are going to get over on the Manhatten Real Estate Shark are delusional.

      They may beat him, now and then, but, get over on him?

      Not hardly.

      Have a good afternoon!

  10. WTF is it with the co called conservatives they always say”i’m not racists”Look around there are cities no-go zone for whitey.

    • The racist accusation is the whip. The whip that the Jews and their henchmen beat their white slaves with. Free yourself spit in the face of your oppressors.

  11. every few years someone comes along who thinks he wants to be the next
    Rush. Bill Mitchell is the 2017 version. He got some excitement for himself going during the 2016 election, now he thinks his place in the big scheme of things matters. Hell get some modest niche in the Republican pig pen of podcasting. Hes not edgy enough to be interesting. I listened to him for awhile, till i realized what his show was going to turn into. He of course “Disavows” all the the things that would make his show something other than another of the Rush imitators. Unfortunately for him, Rush is still better at this. Hes not going to be the future, most younger people wont be paying attention to his show. There much more interesting, and relevant shows out there to listen to. Hell get the the bored with Rush crowd.

  12. As a patriot, I gave up on mainstream “conservatives” a decade or so ago. Then I found the WN movement about three years ago, and became further estranged from multicultural whores of the Republican Party.
    Personally, becasue of my Founding Father/Confederate/limited government thoughts,I identify as White Nationalist primarily, and Alt-Right secondarily. As such, I am trying to promote the Amerikaner concept.

    • I have evolved much like you, Mr. Putnam – though, because I am a Confederate, I identify with no form of nationalism that would require me to acknowledge a relationship with anyone else other than North Carolina, or her Southern sister states.

      The very notion of any ‘American concept’, to my lights, means that I am, somehow, suscribing to the very idea-collective that has consistently workt to undermine North Carolina.

      North Carolina has never been harmed by those of the Magnolia or Palmetto State, but, it has, on many occasions, by those north of the Mason-Dixon line.

      While I see that Yankees and Southerners can be good friends, now and then, I cannot see any survival for The South, if it continues to be connected with the North, because, most Northerners do not believe that we have a right to be, outside of their definitions of what is, what is not, and what ought never be.

      Thus, White or not, they, collectively, will always resort to applying force and coercion upon us, to be like them – to validate them, to serve them.

      I’m sorry it is this way, but, it is.

      Have a good day!

      • Hello Junius,
        I think you have made some good points.
        Though I live in southern Indiana about an hour’s drive north of the Ohio River, I do not consider myself a Yankee. Some of my mother’s family came from the South (Virginia and N.C.), which is pretty common among rural southern Indianans.
        I grew up identifying simply as “white”, but I understand that many Southerners -and New Englanders- do not view things that way. (I have read the Kennedy brothers some and Clyde Wilson). I used to think of the cultural divide being between the rural and urban peoples, not the North and South. I am coming to realize that was not fully accurate. As my dreams of restoring the Founder’s Republic have slowly faded, I am also coming to realize that balkanization is probably inevitable.
        Nice to make your Disqus acquaintance. Always nice to get a polite and thoughtful reply.

        • In the good old days Indiana was Klan Kountry! It’s also the home of the great Tom “Terrible Tommy” Metzger.

        • Dear Mr. Putnam,

          I am very honoured to make your acquaintance, and for your thoughtful and polite discourse,

          Not only do I know quite a few modern Confederates from your neck of the woods, I served with them, oh, so long ago.

          Funny that you mention the migration of your family, as it is been long my belief that those of southern Ohio and Indiana are our (North Carolina) first cousins, and, to a remarkable degree, are the soul of Southern Confederates – lacking only the vowels.

          I do agree with you that the rural/urban divide is huge in this country – and, if anything, the election of Trump is a revolutionary rural defiance of urban leadership, in this country.

          People in the little towns and piney forests, have come to realize that, not only do the city-slickers not know what they are doing, that many of them actually have an aggressive malice towards us, far beyond whatever passive disdain we evince for them.

          I’m not sure that the Founder’s Republick is a dead idea – this because, it may just be that something of this is the unintended results of a Trump presidency, and the judicial aftermath.

          As to ‘White’ – no, many Whites, down in Dixie, don’t see themselves that way – but, as ‘Southerners’, which, though it implies White, means a whole lot more.

          We are a totally unique and separate culture from all else in the world, though, perhaps we do have some startling commonalities with Australia and Russia.

          At any rate, hold onto your dreams, and spread them around.

          The way things are is not the way they will be.

          Dare to dream.

          God bless you!

      • Good Sir, is it your Opinion that the State of West Virginia be reincorporated into the Old Dominion, or shall we allow it to remain a northern State? And what of Missouri, Maryland and Kentucky?

        • Kind Sir, my view is that, with the coming dissolution of the ‘union’, there will be a mass migration of people.

          This will be preceded by much the same, as Trump’s judicial appointments return more power to the states than they have had in decades, and they, in their turn, return to those values which many of their citizens will regard as anathema.

          Also, many Whites from Southern Indiana, Ohio, and Northern Michigan, wold likely come to be with us, and, all in all, we would embrace them.

          West Virginia is a hard question, as you well know, as is Virginia – now teeming with scalawags and Yankees to a higher degree, even, than my state, which has been at crisis point, for a couple of decades.

          As you may know, I am blesst to know many secessionists, from all over. That said, I am not so foolhardy as to think my knowledge consummate.

          So, I will speak my heart, and trusting to your instincts, ask you to react to me.

          My opinion is thus : Maryland is gone to Yankeeland. A new state ought be made of it by joining it to Washington D.C. and those four godawful bluebelly counties around where our G-G granddaddies, The Army of Northern Virginia, fought so bravely.

          These areas could be joined to northern West Virginia via a thin strip of land just north of Charlottesville.

          In my mind, this would be a correct modern Yankee state of Maryland.

          That would leave Ole Dominion free to join up with the Southern part of West Virginia – the southeastern part of that state teaming with modern day Confederates, and people who have come to hate the Federal Government.

          As to Missouri, I believe not much has changed – the Northern and central parts Yankee-Doodle minded, while the Southern part home to Confederates and Klan. How such a state would go is beyond me.

          Kentucky has a history of schizophrenia – and, just I feel about The Show-Me State, I feel about them. How they would go would be beyond me.

          In such a hypothetical reorganization, I feel it worthwhile to mention the existence of a new/olde Confederate state – that of Virlina – this being the corridor of Confederate rural cultures who live within 30 miles of either side of the Carolina/Virginia line, and which extends right into Tennessee and West Virginia mountain country.

          In my experience, Virlina is a culture that, through it’s defiant clinging to anchronistick ways, the living descendant of the cradle of The Confederacy, which arose from The Jamestown Colony.

          Even the negroes, in Virlina, behave in accordance with this cultural reality.

          They know who we are, perhaps even better than do we, but, then again, they have not had decades of New England/Jewish TV trying to shame them into the closet.

          In any case, I hope I could live to see such a time when The Olde South could reassert it’s political franchise.

          Though I am ferociously Tarheel, I, more than a few times, have remarkt to my wife that, if Miss’ippi goes first, and Carolina shows no sign to follow, I would like to sell our antebellum homestead, and move there.

          I am so sick of The Northern society, which even though I live far from it, I can smell it’s toxick ambitions from way out here.

          Thank you for the interesting question. I very much look forward to your reply.

      • Excerpt from “Company Aytch” — Sam R. Watkins (a Confederate private soldier)

        “Secession may have been wrong in the abstract, and has been tried and settled by the arbitrament of the sword and bayonet, but I am as firm in my convictions today of the right of secession as I was in 1861. The South is our country, the North is the country of those who live there. We are an agricultural people; they are a manufacturing people. They are the descendants of the good old Puritan Plymouth Rock stock, and we of the South from the proud and aristocratic stock of Cavaliers. We believe in the doctrine of State rights, they in the doctrine of centralization.

        • Dear Formally,
          I’m so sorry I misst this. Yes, your post of Sam Watkins is fantastick.

          Furthermore, it still is the truth of the way things are, and I share his political convictions to a tee.

          Furthermore, it hearkens to a conversation I was having with John Bonnacorsi about the English Civil War being a definitive point between Olde England and New England, and how the South is the Olde (Charles’s cavaliers) and The North the new – Cromwell’s Jewish funded Roundheads.

          Thank you so much from bring Mr. Watkins into our conversation! I wish I would wave my finger and bring several million of his like, right back into this time period.

          We need clear-headed Southerners, each with a full set of balls.

  13. Well, it turns out there is an alt liteish writer out there named Amy Moreno writing for something called truthfeed. She doesn’t subscribe to the positions of the true alt right. However, she refuses to disavow because she sees that as playing the left’s game. Bill Mitchell, interestingly enough, is going after her job.

  14. It’s about the money for Mitchell. He will lose his new radio gig and book deal as well as future opportunities if he doesn’t disavow the alt right.

  15. I started monitoring this faggot cuck on Twitter way before he supported Trump.

    He only supported Trump after several months into the campaign when it became clear Trump was in the ascendancy.

    Another self-promoting opportunist.

  16. While I don’t know who Mr. Mitchell is, I can say this – his idea about Trump being mainstream conservatism is completely accurate within the context of how my rural Tarheel neighbours are seeing it.

    Admittedly, they are not one one ten thousandth as much well read as you, Mr. Griffin, but, this is how they see it.

    My Tarheel neighbours identify as ‘Christian’, ‘ Conservative’, and’ Trump-Supporter’ and, as well, ‘White’, though most of them will no longer say the word ‘White’, in publick – unless someone says it before them, and no darkies are around.

    So, in this case, Mr. Mitchell is right.

  17. @Mr. Griffin…

    ‘Mainstream conservatism is the damaged brand. We spent the entire
    campaign from Day One attacking cuckservatives. 16 other cuckservative
    candidates ran for presidency.’

    Sir, you are living in a caccoon, which, to a certain extent, we all do.

    ‘Mainstream Conservatism’ is hardly a damaged brand.

    Hell, I know thousands of people, in this neck of the woods, and they all identify as such and with such.

    And I seriously doubt that any of them have ever heard the term, ‘cuckservative’, other than I!!!

    Sir, you are so advancet, you have lost sight of where most of the rest of us are.

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