What Bill Mitchell Portends

Bill Mitchell ran crying to The Daily Beast from the blowback he got on Twitter:

“Members of the alt-right, a loosely organized network of individuals with primarily white nationalist beliefs, have picked a new target for their wrath: the silver-haired, Trump-loving radio host Bill Mitchell. …

This difference of opinion, while seemingly pithy, underscores a rift in ideology that has bubbled to the surface among some Trump supporters.

It was first brought to light when Richard Spencer, a white nationalist who popularized the alt-right term, took public issue with the organizers of an inaugural event called “The Deplora-Ball.” He called out one of the organizers, Mike Cernovich, a proliferator of conspiracy theories like Pizzagate, saying that he was an opportunistic egotist who wasn’t defined by the same ideologies as Spencer. …

In a phone interview with The Daily Beast on Tuesday, Mitchell was unequivocal about his beliefs when it comes to Spencer, saying “I think he’s a racist. …

“He went so deep into this Jew-bashing and all this stuff,” Mitchell told The Daily Beast. “Jews are not your problem. If you’re not succeeding in life, Jewish people are not your problem. Look in the mirror.”

It is unclear whether this recurring fight—between people like Spencer, who appeared at an event with actual Nazi salutes and Mitchell, who seemingly wants to protect his brand and status—is going to last in the immediate future.

But, then again, there are still two weeks until the Deplora-Ball.”

I was vaguely familiar with Bill Mitchell during the campaign.

I had nothing against him at the time, but I never once cited his analysis of the election on this website. Like Richard Spencer, I thought he was a Trump cheerleader and goofball. He never wrote or said anything that I found interesting. I never considered him to be “Alt-Right.” Bill Mitchell was simply a Trump shill who had a reputation for making ridiculous, exaggerated statements on Twitter. My view of Bill Mitchell was so low that I didn’t find him worth my time to read as a pundit and that’s saying something.

From what I remember, there were ups and downs in the campaign. There were garbage news cycles (Khizr Khan, Access Hollywood) that lasted for weeks. There were clear moments in the campaign when Trump blew it like during the first debate with Hillary. His poll numbers would drop because he really was losing the election. It was an emotional roller coaster.

Bill Mitchell would usually pop up in my newsfeed whenever someone retweeted his bullshitting and spinning and I would just kind of ignore it and keep on scrolling. In hindsight, I think the one and only time I ever brought up Bill Mitchell on Twitter was in trolls of Jeff Blehar of Decision Desk HQ and Harry Enten of FiveThirtyEight. I tweeted out “FORECASTER MITCHELL” because it was a joke:

The joke was that the punditry and polling data turned out to be so bad … that it was on the same level as Bill Mitchell’s DPRK Your Voice Radio!

Anyway, I never gave much thought to Bill Mitchell until this past week. I never thought of him as an “Alt-Right leader” because he had 170,000 Twitter followers. He was a Trump sycophant, but not an enemy. If there are people stupid enough to follow Bill Mitchell on Twitter, all I can say is that probably reflects their level of intelligence and education. Alex Jones has one of the most popular websites in the United States too.

This latest episode began when Jared Wyand, another Trump supporter with a large following who had been purged and exiled to Gab, returned to Twitter and lit into Bill Mitchell. He started lashing out and disavowing the Alt-Right that morning. It escalated over the next few days and culminated in his attacks on Kekhet:

Bill Mitchell woke the dragon.

If there is a larger meaning in this Twitter spat, it is that the brands like Mike Cernovich, Bill Mitchell and MILO were never considered Alt-Right leaders, never shared the beliefs and values of the community, and that the people who do share those beliefs and values ARE NOT selling out and changing their ways to accommodate anyone’s agenda. These brands might want to cuck their way to respectability or to some gig in mainstream conservatism, but in doing so they will lose their Alt-Right audience.

The Alt-Right is going to be the Alt-Right during the Trump administration … it’s not going to morph into mainstream conservatism. Insofar as Trumpism evolves into mainstream conservatism, you will start seeing more clashes like this.

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  1. Think of the shekels to be made in blaming jewish subversion on the inferior goyim.

    Let this be a ‘teachable moment.’ Those who aren’t holding the jews accountable are attacking whites and specifically the whites who voted for Trump.

    The most dangerous aspect here is time and the willingness of some parties to allot too much of it to ‘wait and see.’ We can’t ‘wait and see.’ We have to act with every inch that our rulers, including Trump, do. Every time he fails to redress jewish sabotaging of us, call him and the jews on it.

    Force the ‘Jewish Question’ into the Solution. Someone pointed out that Lana Lokteff of Red Ice refused to confront Reactionary Jew on the Holocaust lie, which became the justification for Europe’s destruction by the Jews. Any jew who truly sought to help europeans and jews along the path to nationalism would seek out the truth and champion it. Reactionary Jew will never do that because there is no such thing as an actual ‘jewish nationalist.’

    My point is this Mitchell guy doesn’t backtrack so much on whites v. ‘diversity’ as much as he does on whites v. jews.

    That tells you all you need to know. Shills protect the powerbrokers, not the tools and proxies.

    There are just as many shekels to be made in caricaturing countersemitism as there are in philosemitism, duh, so we must watch out for pornographers like Andrew Anglin.

  2. Well, it’s better to get all the flakes, phonies and fairies out of the alt-right now rather than later on.

  3. In a phone interview with The Daily Beast on Tuesday, Mitchell was unequivocal about his beliefs when it comes to Spencer, saying “I think he’s a racist. …

    Richard Spencer: “Thank you for noticing. I really appreciate the compliment.

    If you could watch this simple tit-for-tat exchange unfold in real time, what would be Mitchell’s next response? I bet you’d have a hard time guessing exactly what he would say next, because in the minds of cucks like Mitchell and the anti-Whites of the Leftist persuasion, the discussion is over once they throw out the racist accusation. They haven’t thought about a reasonable, logical and rational response after you’ve stepped over that threshold. Their hollow mantras and platitudes are built for unquestioning compliance, not scrutiny and indifference.

    Mitchell pretty much blew his load right there. He is effectively neutered the second you run head first into his accusation instead of running away from it.

    • We are, little by little, breaking through the strangle hold anti-White hate slurs have on our people. When Whites get free speech game over for White Genocide.

    • Anti-White: “Racist!”

      Pro White: “So?”

      Anti-White: “Racist!”

      Pro White: “Um…. What are you expecting to happen Bill?”

      Anti-White: “Racist!”

      Pro White: Looks at the sky. “Nope. Still no thunderbolts.”

  4. I want to see the look on Mitchell’s in his face in his next video. I seen, Cernovich,he looks like a whipped dog. What is it that the Jews like to call us?? Pathetic.

  5. The US Deep State looks to be making a serious move against Trump at this point, no doubt with the support of the whole establishment behind them. Trump is pushing back, which I think is a smart move because he can’t let them push him around no matter how powerful they are. If the Deep State forces him out, it will amount to an open coup.

  6. I wrote it when Trump first came on the scene–he’s an original and he not only broke the old mold, he changed it. He is the political version of Elvis when Elvis first came on the scent or Fosbury in sports. Cuckservatives are trying to define Trump in a certain way and their hope is that he’ll morph into their squishy definitions rather than keep taking insults from the Trump and the White haters. I think they’re wrong. Trump is the MAN. He’s playing chess while the rest are just learning to play checkers.

  7. If Mitchell fades another respecticon will take his place. There’s a slew of them out there already. Anyone genuinely pro-White is anathema to them.

    • They are hoping to be The One that strikes it rich selling Whites out on TV. A day is coming where there will be money punishments, instead of rewards for treason against Whites. On that day Liberalism and its shadow Respectable Conservatism will finally die.

  8. As I said earlier, Mitchell seemed like an opportunist from the start. What a piece of shit.

    Kurt Schlichter, who occasionally appears on Fox News, is another one.

    The Deploraballs party is an event just begging to be crashed. I hope some of our people are planning something.

    When did Milo become “MILO”? So gay!

    • Yeah, the deploraball is gonna get crashed.

      My feeling on the deplorable ball is similar to my feeling for the Trump rally here in Chicago at the University of Illinois Chicago campus – it’s gonna be a mess.

      The ball is on enemy turf – Washington DC. All kinds of huge $ interests want to make Trump supporters and Trump himself look bad, look like beyond the pale, dangerous racist, extremists, Nazis. Hell last time at this place the worst extremists giving public Nazi salutes were 2 Jews and a Vietnamese reality TV “actress”.

      The Southern Poverty Law Center has over $300 million in offshore bank accounts, they can hire all kinds of daily trouble makers to make you/us look bad.

      Just skip this for show Deploraball. Try to get invites to regular Trump parties. Just dress as a regular American who supported Trump. That’s what we are.

  9. It seems that while the former wns who call themselves alt right viewed Trump’s disavows as mere tactics, the other alt right people (the Milo types) use the disavows to their advantage.

    The only use to support someone like milo is if he’s conceding to gain political capital so he can do something else. His line as he states it is pretty useless. I’d say he’s further away from me than WN, because at least i advocate collectivist policies.

  10. Based SOLELY upon their color?

    Is he clueless about negro behavior?

    Hoot ?? @Ho0tBHD
    @mitchellvii define racist

    Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
    Bill Mitchell Retweeted Hoot ??
    Treating members of another race differently based solely upon their color. White Supremacy and Affirmative Action are both racist IMHO.Bill Mitchell added,

    • These tools always claim racists are mean to blacks 24/7. I’m unfailingly polite in social situations. My racism is just about reading people’s motives around me more quickly. Antisemitism is a very quick and accurate way to read the behavior of the Saturday People.

  11. The alt right peaked with the August Clinton speech and collapsed in November.

    Is the alt right going to run from the Obama Era playbook for the next 4 years? 8 years? Memes? Twitter Storms? Pepes? Go to the well one too many times, and the well runs dry.

    Every time the alt right goes after people who they call “alt light”, the Wall on the right grows 10 feet higher.

    • A handful of people who rode the Trump campaign to fame are trying to cash in their chips for a small gig in mainstream conservatism. Bill Mitchell, for example, has some kind of new relationship with the Washington Free Beacon which is owned by Bill Kristol’s son-in-law.

      The common thread that unites all of these people – MILO, Paul Joseph Watson, Cernovich, Bill Mitchell, etc. – is opportunism and having no real beliefs:

      – PJW has been in the conspiracy business for more than a decade at Infowars. The entire time he has been there Infowars has written about every absurd conspiracy on earth with the sole exception of Jews.

      – Bill Mitchell supported Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz during the campaign.

      – MILO was writing articles about censoring the internet of hate speech a few years ago.

      – Cernovich has a long history of latching on to one fad after another to promote his brand. He started in the Manosphere and moved on to Gamergate even though he detested gamers and ridiculed them.

      Hucksters come and go in every movement once it starts to gain traction. The same thing happened to the Tea Party which was thoroughly coopted, domesticated, milked and eventually discredited by these characters.

      If these people want to go be Jonah Goldberg issuing edicts excommunicating everyone who is a “racist” or “anti-Semite,” then let them. It is the #PozzRight which is nothing but the usual mainstream conservatism and homosexuality.

    • As long as White people keep getting kidnapped and tortured while being live streamed on facebook, you would have to be an idiot to say that the Alt Right has peaked.

      We are all going to wake up and the US will still be a declining multiracial empire and the Alt Right has the only real answers for White people.

    • Sarah Palin did too. Though I don’t like Assange myself, I hope its a sign the Deep State might be wound back.

        • Assange is a scum. Assange will never be pardoned. any move by trump to grant reprieve to that scum will create uproars. Right that this scum is placed in house arrest and kept far away from women. He will be having wet dreams to return to America. Unfortunately his American dream is over.

      • You have something against open and transparent government that cannot leech and hold the citizens hostage?

  12. Bill Mitchell needs to educate himself to what is happening in the real world.


    Chicago Police: 4 in custody after man tied up, tortured on Facebook Live

    FOX 32 NEWS – Chicago investigators are questioning four African-Americans after a Facebook Live video shows a group of people torturing a white mentally disabled man while someone yelled “F*** Trump!” and “F*** white people!”

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