An Appeal From Michael Weaver

Editor’s Note: We all fall on hard times. This is especially true for pro-White activists who have gone public with their beliefs and earn the enmity and harassment of our enemies. I’ve written here before about the bullshit that happened to Michael Weaver. I know Michael in real life. He has been a friend of mine for several years now. I’ve never known him to be anything but an enthusiastic activist who has a passion for distributing literature.

Michael has asked me to post this because he is in a desperate situation and needs our help. As you all know, I have a distaste for fundraising and don’t use this blog to raise money. I maintain this website because I have such a passion for the cause, however, if we aren’t going to help each other when we are in need, what are we even doing here?

Michael is actually further to the Right than I am. Many of you are further to the Right than I am. That’s … OK. I’m going to send him a donation on behalf of our family because I know whose side he is on. Also, if you live in North Georgia and know of a job in or around the Cartersville area, let Michael know about it. That would be a big help and relief to him.

On December 5th, 2016, Michael Weaver was arrested at his residence by two Cartersville police officers on a Probation violation warrant that was issued in Columbus, GA. He was held for 2 days in Bartow County jail until he was transferred to Columbus, GA by two Muscogee County Sheriff deputies. Why?

Columbus, GA Probation officer, David Shank, said “That someone told his office that I had visited someone in prison.” Mr. Shank also stated the reason behind my arrest as “Failure to report to Columbus, GA probation on 6/16/16 as directed.”

Here’s the facts: I’ve been on non-report, non-call unsupervised probation since 2014 in Cartersville, GA by Officer Dover. In fact, this status was confirmed by Probation Supervisor, Officer Byerly, on March of 2014 in his office on Postelle Street. I haven’t been in trouble with the law since my release back in April of 2013 from the gulag.

On the day of my release, I was homeless and destitute. Since then I have been gainfully employed, established a stable place of residence and even bought a car. Alas, their false imprisonment of me has caused me to spend 25 days in jail, the loss of my full-time job and I missed my daughter’s first Christmas. All based on a lie! We as citizens are held accountable for our actions, but why isn’t the corrupt powers that be that rule Columbus, GA accountable for their actions and for violating my rights as an American citizen?

On January 2nd,2017 I went to my place of employment to tell them the truth so I can get my job back. However, even though I was a great worker and always on time, I was informed that someone told my employers about my past political activities. Alas, I wasn’t rehired.

Please help me right this injustice.

Sincerely, Michael Weaver

PayPal info:
Or you may send a donation payable to Michael Weaver at this address:

Michael Weaver
1521 35th Street
Columbus, Georgia 31904

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the situation, all these bullshit that has happened to Michael Weaver stems from pepper spraying two black thugs who were trying to steal his car. It’s one of the craziest stories I have ever heard.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear of what is befallen Mr. Weaver.

    It strikes me as unfortunate that he would be attempting all this without being in The Klan; this because a big part of that organization is to give support when things like this happen, and advice how to advocate without imperiling your livelihood.

    I hope things improve for him, and I thank you, Mr. Griffin, for making an exception to your distastes, and posting his plight, here.

  2. I will be honored to send in a donation. I think in this case Michael Weaver should consider a move, lifestyle change, even a name change. He’s basically being persecuted and enslave in one local area. I doubt this persecution and enslavement will carry over to all parts of the USA. There have to be parts of Texas where defending yourself with pepper spray against multiple Black thugs attacking a citizen in his own car isn’t a life destroying crime. The Texans will probably give Michael some abuse for not shooting them dead with a gun.

    Hunter can you write something up for Amren, Vdare asking for help and asking for suggestions where Michael can go to start a new life?

    I’ve got great vibes for many places in South America – also the Dominican Republic which is on the same island as Haiti – a White guy is respected and well liked when the other part of the Island is Haiti.

    • Mr. Ellis, I have a hard time imagining that Mr. Weaver would be content with The Dominican Republick, in light of his racial values.

      Furthermore, you are assuming Mr. Weaver has a knack for foreign language which, though you may have, most don’t.

      Be that as it may be, I think your suggestions of a move and a name change might be plausible, and, as well, do some good.

      Unfortunately, he is a marked man in Columbus.

      Perhaps Rome – just an hour north, as that town has a lot of KKK, Aryan Resistance fighters, Southern & White Nationalists, though, admittedly, there are many Arabs, as President Obama has targetted that area.

      Still, although you don’t think this way, we must not rule our what The Lord will do, if Mr. Weaver asks him.

      I’m quite sure that there are brave Christians, in Columbus, who would step forward to aid him, if he were a part of a congregation.

      Christians do this kind of stuff all the time. I’ve seen it in Eastern North Carolina and i’ve seen it elsewhere.

      I really hope that Mr. Weaver has Jesus Chryst in his heart, because it means the world – whether you are up or down; but, particularly when you are down.

      Have a good evening!

      • Think he needs to move out of state. And Spanish isn’t that hard a language to pick up. His White Hispanic girl friend, wife in the Dominican Republican can teach Spanish to him during “pillow talk”. Plus who needs to talk, talk, talk all the time? He’s now a slave to Black Ruled America/ZOG – most anything, any place is going to be better. Let’s free him.

        • Thank you for your thoughts, Mr. Ellis.

          Though I don’t know Mr. Weaver, please bear in mind that you are a cosmopolitan Chicago fellow, for whom the world is one large possibility to skate – whether wooing Latinas or moving South and embracing the Confederacy.

          Most people are not like this – and learning Spanish is a nightmare of difficulty for many. I’ve seen quite a few very intelligent, and highly educated, Southerners fail miserably at it, and acknowledge it as so.

          As to having sex with Latinas, as I said – I’m not sure that would pass muster with Mr. Weaver – either racially or on religious terms.

          Again, he probably is not a secular urbanite man of the world, like you,

          My wife has kin from that whole area – from Union Springs/ Eufala Alabama to Columbus, Georgia – and not a single one could, or would, follow up on your suggestions.

          You see, you are still young enough to have great optimism for possibility, and how wonderful that is, but, alas, people do have some pretty serious limits.

          And, as to being ‘freed’, he might not have to move to achieve that, though, I agree with you, it might help. A drastick move, however, is not necessary – but, perhaps one just a few miles away – where his fellow Southerners from a sleepy Georgia rural town will not know anything of him and his doings.

          Imperial Wizard Asa Carter did this same sort of thing, in the late 1960s, and reinvented himself as new-age author ‘Forrest Carter’.

          Anyway, we both wish Mr. Weaver the best; and, to that end, have tendered our suggestions.

          Thank you for your thoughts!

          • “My wife has kin from that whole area – from Union Springs/ Eufala Alabama to Columbus, Georgia – and not a single one could, or would, follow up on your suggestions.”

            I respond:

            I think we have to break some habits and think and act outside the box. White Southerners used to be “Yellow Dog Democracts” – vote for the Democrat party no matter what from say 1845 – 1970, hell many White Southerners were thinking and voting this way up until Reagan got elected in 1980.

            Things change, places go up or very down, down down. Proud Confederate White Southerners once loved and even fought Communists and the worst Blacks on that bridge in Selma AL – Selma Al is gone. So is Rhodesia, French Algeria.

            If live will always be a living Hell for this brave young man in Columbus GA, then he/we have to just accept that some territory is lost (for now) and move on.

            As for language – I also wasn’t able to really learn any foreign language in an academic setting. The key is immersion – go live and think it. LDS Mormon missionaries have a great foreign language program before they go on his mission. Maybe he should consider a (Short time convert) accept JESSUS in an LDS way, renounce a sinful life (not really).

            And this is serious:

            He should consider joining the French Foreign Legion – its perfect for him. All kinds of people with pasts join, no questions asked. Believe me, if joins the French Foreign Legion he’s going to learn the French Language.

            Stay strong brother.

          • Thank you, Mr. Ellis.

            As to The French Foreign Legion – Mr. Weaver better like being around Arabs for that:)))

            In all other respects, I am going to yield to you.

            Thank you for the strength blessing. I pray I shall, and you, as well!

      • My feeling is that Mr. Weaver should “Get out of Dodge City” so to speak.

        Remember the lyrics from “The Gambler” song:

        “You got to when to hold them
        Know when to fold them
        Know when to walk away
        And know when to run”.

        My feeling is that our comrade Mr. Weaver needs to get out and away from Columbia GA where the local enemies and prostitute system forces have all but enslaved him.

        I encourage Mr. Weaver and his supporters to consider all practical options to get away and start a new life.

        Once such option really is….

        The French Foreign Legion – it’s worked for many Yanks (sorry about that term) and Brits. The Foreign Legion doesn’t ask too many questions or any questions about your past – it’s an exciting life and he would be part of a great group – certainly a better life to being a slave to BRA/ZOG, cuckservatives etc.

        Here’s a Frontline story on the Legion – they’re still in operation:

        I bet their are Russian equivalents associated with the Cossacks.

  3. Another fine example of how the system ruthlessly goes after whites defending themselves from feral negroes. It’s another psyop that is meant to psychologically disarm whites. And the “law enforcement” officers who partake in such actions are scum and should be treated accordingly. Has anyone analyzed how we went from peace officers to police officers to law enforcement officers in roughly the span of half a century? Read the report by the ACLU (I know, I know) entitled “War Comes Home” that well-documents the militarization of our former “peace” officers. For Americans, all roads lead to Washington.

    • Do yourself a favor and read this at “stop the pirates blogspot: in order to win in court”cusip number.
      When you get “charged” for a crime, it is a monetized debt. See how deep this rabbit hole goes.Sorry I can’t leave you a link.
      I wish weaver did what the author tells you to do when you are “charged” for a crime, real eye opening stuff here.

      • I found it. Actually, he is very informative but I could only read half without it getting too confusing. I probably will have to read it completely a few times to thoroughly comprehend it. Everything is a scam in this country. My dad used to always say that the only thing Americans are #1 at is screwing each other. How true it was!

        I recommend reading Eustace Mullins’ “The Rape of Justice.” He goes into the whole charade of the justice system (from personal experiences) right down to the symbolism within it (black robes, gold-fringed flags representing admiralty law (law of the sea) and not common law (law of the land)). It was a real interesting, but very depressing, read. Every single thing is not what it appears to be. He was a good southern Christian man who was relentlessly pursued by our controllers but never wavered. Ignore the disinformation, we was the real deal.

        When the mortgage rates dropped some years ago, my husband and I refinanced. We lost a lot of value with the 2008 crash and we had put down a 35% plus down payment on the home which we had built. Anyway the first bank’s appraisal company valued my house at 60% of the value of an identical house the builder had up for sale a few blocks away in the same neighborhood. I argued it and never got anywhere. That just goes to show that even through we pay for the appraisal as the homeowner, the commercial end of it has all the rights. Another rigged market. That’s how many appraisers make most of their money – through the banks and the banks/builders against the homeowner. The price the builder sets/sells to us is supposedly “fair market value” based on what people are supposedly “willing to pay,” It no longer is based on the actual worth of the house (quality of workmanship and quality of materials, etc.) but on visual appeal, emotions, and current trends (in reality, what the sucker is willing to pay). This is why the building standards are crap and the materials used are crap.

        • I read stop the pirates 3 times and it is clearing up a bit in my mind, please read it all the way through,the ending is real good.
          My employer took the state of washington to court over his property tax assessment, they had it at 1.4 million when in reality it was worth right under 1 million, and he was paying yearly tax on the 1.4.
          He was also taxed for the view, I’m serious.
          Your right, there was nothing he could do to change it.
          It’s real funny you say that, there was a mountain man, I’m serious, from Arkansas living in the most remote woods here, I stopped and talked to him and offered him a ride back up into the forest, so he got in the car and I went to the 1 million dollar house I told you about first, and he got all derogatory about the house and it’s home depot columns and what a POS it was, I was kind of offended by that, but looking back on it, he was right, and so are you. I left him in the deepest of woods. One tough man.

          As far as the site I would hope you would read, and you might find a better one then That, This all started with the 14th amendment when we became subjects.
          God forbid I get into serious trouble, but if I do, I will do what that man says to do on that site.

  4. Hunter, I will send him something. We absolutely should be, if able, financially supporting these people who are confirmed authentic cases in their time of need.

  5. Date of Interaction: March 10th,2014

    Are Americans a free people or are they not, that is the question. Do Americans still have the right to petition their government for redress of grievances, or do they not?

    These questions were answered on the morning of March 10 when this writer received a knock on his door. Outside stood two men, one clad in civilian attire, the other in the uniform of a Muscogee County sheriffs deputy. The first deputy was grasping a small stack of envelopes. “We need to have a word with you sir,” he said.

    The envelopes contained copies of an article I had written for The First Freedom, an article that was published in the December, 2013 edition of this alternative newspaper. Almost 200 copies of this article were made, and subsequently mailed, to every judge in Columbus, as well as all 10 city council members. The article recounted the exploits and travails of then-Columbus, Georgia-based white rights activist Michael Weaver, and was juxtaposed with the story of Jeffrey Foxx, a black racist rogue Columbus police corporal who resigned from the police department in May, 2013 amid charges of racial profiling and the violation of the civil rights of white citizens. While on patrol in the northern part of Columbus, Foxx told a female friend to whom he was talking on his cell phone: “They make me work these white areas, somebody’s going to pay the price.” He added, “I’m hooking these white folks up with tickets.”

    Although Foxx violated several state and federal laws via his targeting of white citizens, he was never prosecuted.

    The two-tiered system of justice that prevails in Columbus, Georgia treated Michael Weaver much differently. Weaver’s politically incorrect activism had for years been a thorn in the side of–a source of frustration to–local law enforcement and other Columbus power-brokers. They eagerly awaited their chance to silence him, put an end to his activism by whatever means necessary.

    Their chance came late one afternoon when Weaver, sitting in his car after leaving a friend’s house, was accosted by two black thugs who attempted to carjack his vehicle. Weaver sprayed one of the thugs with pepper spray, then fled the scene. He returned to his friend’s house about an hour later, where he was arrested by a black cop who entered the house without a warrant. Weaver was charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor. The “victim” sustained no injuries from the spray and declined medical treatment.
    Weaver’s bond was low, and he was released from jail a few hours later. He was assigned to appear in State Court the following month.

    The power-brokers who befoul Columbus had other plans for Weaver, though. At the urging of Cathy Bush, a white female police detective who had hated Weaver for years, his misdemeanor case was referred to the district attorney’s office. Weaver now faced a felony aggravated assault charge.

    Weaver’s hearings before Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters on Nov. 14 and 15 of 2011 were a Soviet Union-style travesty–mockery–of justice. Weaver’s public defender, Robin King, told him that his case was a slam-dunk, an easy win even for a first-year law student. She and her co-counsel, Ray Lakes, were eager to go to trial. Judge Peters and the prosecuting attorney, Michael Craig, were not. They knew they had a weak case at best. They knew that both of Weaver’s attackers had long criminal records, and were on felony probation at the time of the attack. They knew, too, that even the testimony of then-Columbus-based Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin would be of little actionable value. It is not illegal to conduct an online debate with an opponent. Salkin now resides in the area of West Orange, New Jersey, where he heads that state’s chapter of the infamous Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ).

    The jury forewoman contacted Peters. The jury was awaiting its call. Peters shifted nervously on his throne, then called a recess. He beckoned Craig and counselors Lakes and King into his chambers.

    A few minutes later the four emerged from Peters’ chambers. The dynamic of the hearing had suddenly and very dramatically changed. King, Weaver’s lead counsel, had changed her mind about going to trial. She now insisted that her client plead guilty to the aggravated assault charge. Frightened by the gravity of his situation and confused by the abrupt change in the direction of the hearing—Weaver agreed to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit.

    It is abundantly obvious that deals and promises were made in Judge Peters closed-door chambers, and that Weaver’s “defense” attorneys betrayed him, sold him out, an egregious violation of their oath of office and the right of a defendant to a fair trial.
    Before leaving this writer’s house, the deputies “requested” that, should he seek to correspond with his taxpayer-funded “public servants”—he should send his correspondence to the Muscogee County Sheriffs Department, whence they will forward it to its intended recipient. Yes, of course they will.

    To be free or not to be free–that is the question…

    Rev. Pat Tracy: “As our sacred rights as Americans evaporate, it is important to support our most gifted and outspoken defenders of our rights. Mike Weaver is one of those defenders. Mike is a true American with every right to express his beliefs. That is the only reason why he sits behind the wall today. This tyranny will not stand. Truth and freedom will prevail. Support Mike Weaver!”

    David Carothers

  6. A Dual System of Justice by David Carothers

    A tale of two systems; two systems of justice, separate and unequal; an egregious double standard in the application of the laws as they are written.
    There are two main characters in this tale of two systems:
    Jeffrey Foxx , a disgraced former Columbus, Ga. police corporal, and Michael Weaver, a Columbus-born, long-time white-rights activist.
    Foxx, who is black, resigned from the department in early May after a long litany of misconduct charges dating back to 2002. During this period, Foxx had been suspended from duty seven times for various misdeeds while a police officer.
    Foxx’s misdeeds while under the “color of law” first sparked the attention of the local media in March of 2007, when he was accused of targeting white motorists for traffic tickets. While patrolling the predominently white area of University Avenue in north Columbus on March 7, Foxx was talking to a female friend on his cell phone. Unbeknownst to him, his conversation was being recorded by the recorder in his cruiser.
    The recorder recorded Foxx’s statements to his friend: “They make me work these white folk’s areas, somebody’s going to pay the price,” he said. He added: “I am hooking these white folks up with tickets.”
    Although Foxx violated several state and federal laws via his misconduct, he kept his job as an officer of the law. Had Foxx been a white officer, he would immediately have been fired for racial profiling, an egregious violation of state and federal law and the iron law of political correctness. But he was not.

    Instead, Foxx was “punished” with a one-day paid suspension and ordered to attend a few hours of sensitivity training by his superior officer, police Major Julius Graham, who is black.
    In Feb. 2009, Foxx was fired by Police Chief Ricky Boren for lying about an incident that occurred in the Muscogee County Jail,
    the details of which have never been disclosed. His dismissal was subsequently reversed by the department’s Personnel Review Board, and he was rehired.
    In early May of this year, Foxx accused Chief Boren of using the “N-Word” while conversing with three of his lieutenants in a bathroom on the fourth floor of the Public Safety Center, an allegation that Boren denied. In a May 14 interview conducted by the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Boren said that he has a private bathroom in his office, and never uses the public facilities.
    Mayor Theresa Tomlinson hired retired Georgia Bureau of Investigation ( GBI ) agent Michael Rundles to investigate the the alleged incident. Rundle’s investigation and subsequent 24-page report found no evidence of misconduct on the part of Boren. In a statement to the Ledger-Enquirer, Tomlinson told reporters: “There is no question in my mind that the chief ever made such a statement.”
    Foxx submitted to a polygraph test regarding his allegation, which he failed.

    No state or federal charges were filed against Foxx for his violations of the civil rights of the white citizens of Columbus under the color of law. He was allowed quietly to resign amid provable charges that would have landed a white police officer in federal prison for many years.
    The two-tiered, separate -and- unequal system of justice that prevails in Columbus, an erstwhile slave-owning town, treated white-rights activist Michael Weaver much differently. While sitting in his car after leaving a friend’s house, he was accosted by two black thugs wielding 40-ounce glass beer bottles, potentially deadly weapons. One thug converged on Weaver’s passenger side door, the other on the driver’s side. When the thug on the driver’s side sought to enter the car, Weaver sprayed him with non-lethal pepper spray. The thug turned his head, and the spray ran down the back of his neck.
    Weaver was arrested about an hour later by a black police officer and was charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor. The report filed by the officer indicated that the “victim” sustained no injuries and declined medical treatment. Both thugs were on felony probation at the time and were not legally allowed to consort with each other.
    Weaver attended State Court on three separate occasions to answer the misdemeanor charge, accompanied by this writer. His case was never called.

    Weaver and this writer didn’t know it at the time, but the die had already been cast, the fix was in. At the urging of a white female police detective who has hated Weaver for decades due to his politically incorrect activism…his misdemeanor case was referred to the district attorney’s office headed by D.A. Julia Fessenden Slater, the office that adjudicates felony cases.On the Tuesday morning of Aug. 23, 2011, Weaver was indicted by a Muscogee County Grand Jury on the charge of aggravated assault, a felony. Later that day, as Weaver and this writer passed by his house, Weaver’s car was pulled over by five county sheriffs department vehicles. The deputies rushed form their vehicles, guns drawn, and arrested Weaver.

    Weaver’s subsequent “trial” on Nov. 14 and 15 of 2011 was a hoax, a cruel joke, a Kangaroo Court travesty of justice, even for the dark, dirty, dangerous city of Columbus, Ga. In Georgia, an aggravated assault charge carries, upon conviction, a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.
    Although Weaver’s use of pepper spray to repel two would-be carjackers does not normally justify a felony charge as written in Ga. Code 16-5-21, aggravated assault, Weaver’s public defender warned him that if he opted for a trial by jury, a jury that would be stacked, biased against him by the prosecutor, Asst. D.A. Michael Craig, he would likely would be convicted and receive the maximum sentence, a verdict and sentence based not on the facts of the case but, rather, on his political ideology. Weaver, frightened and intimidated, opted to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit.

    Weaver’s “best interest” guilty plea brought him a sentence of 10 years, one to be served in prison, the remaining nine years on supervised probation with the stipulation that he be banished from the six-county Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit that includes Muscogee County, the county of his birth. The presiding judge, Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters, warned Weaver that if he were within these boundaries he would be arrested and serve the remaining sentence in state prison. Banishment is a punishment that harkens back to Medieval times, a punishment outlawed by the 1215 English Magna Carta.
    In all, Weaver served 20 months and four days in jail and in two Georgia prisons for the heinous crime of defending his property…and life…from two low-lifes who sought to take what was not theirs.
    Weaver was finally released from the gulag on April 24, four days after his 33rd birthday. He now resides in a county in northern Georgia, a county that, unlike his home county, is comprised mainly of his racial kinsmen. Since his release, Weaver has been up-dating the blog he started before his unjust incarceration, the White Information Network ( WIN ) at His efforts have borne succulent fruit, has grown into a Tree of Knowledge for people seeking truth and understanding. The story of his travails was featured in the July 1 edition ( issue no. 26 ) of the American Free Press written by AFP writeJohn Friend.
    The whereabouts and activities of the black racist rogue cop,Jeffrey Foxx, are at this time unknown. One hopes that he has not moved on to another police department where he can, under the auspices of the law, continue to use his tarnished badge to violate the rights of white citizens.
    This writer is immensely proud of his son, Michael David Weaver/Carothers. Support him by logging onto his blog and by subscribing to America’s most informative weekly newspaper, American Free Press.

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