Jesus Christ, I have spent the evening writing about Trump Cabinet picks, watching MSNBC and reading various articles on Alt-Lite drama, and I was completely unaware of the reaction to what has transpired in Chicago:

“FOX 32 NEWS – Chicago investigators are questioning four African-Americans after a Facebook Live video shows a group of people torturing a white mentally disabled man while someone yelled “F*** Trump!” and “F*** white people!”

Chicago police were made aware of the video Tuesday afternoon. A young African American woman streamed the video live on Facebook showing at least four people holding the young white man hostage.

“The video is reprehensible,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

“It’s sickening. You know it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that,” Police Supt. Eddie Johnson added.

In the video, the victim is repeatedly kicked and hit, his scalp is cut, all while he is tied up with his mouth taped shut. …”

I tune out of Twitter for a few hours and was completely out of the loop.

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  1. The only society that would tolerate something like this is one that is diseased beyond salvation. Once upon a time this poor kid’s family/friends/neighborhood would take up arms. Now I suppose they’ll donate to some BLM charity and apologize for existing.

    • Once upon a time negroes would be scared shitless to do a fraction of this kind of evil to White people. It cannot be said too often: White self hatred is SICK!

    • His parents drove him to a McDonalds to hook up with one of the Niggers, so that he could then enjoy a sleep-over at the Nigger’s crib.

  2. Had the offenders and victims role been reversed, Chi-town would be burning to the ground right now. Not that it would be a bad thing.

  3. “I tune out of Twitter for a few hours and I was completely out of the loop.”

    Yeah—you’re out of the loop, all right. You’ve been out of the loop for two fucking centuries.

    One day, you Southrons will be rounded up and whipped within an inch of your lives for your having insisted on the presence of these pit bulls among whites who were trying to build a civilization.

      • Ooooh, LOOK! More put-upon Black African victims of White colonialism breaking into White Europe so that they can be even more oppressed by systemic racism.

    • Dear John,

      We, Southrons, had a very well-crafted system for handling ‘the pit-bulls’, but, we chose not to go to war over it, when it came under Yankee Government attack.

      When I was a child – these pitbulls workt hard, were not looking for handouts, and had safe neighbourhoods, with many daddies at home.

      I saw this for myself.

      Now, if we ought be bullwhippt, surely we ought not be the only ones to suffer it, for this system that replacet ours is not our idea.

      Have a great day!

      • John – The Southron slave system was the principal breadwinner for the Northern Government, before 1861; and, even though Northeastern industrialization eclipset that, afterwards, the Yankee retitled ‘Sharecropping system of pitbulls’ was so vital at feeding the nation that even the FDR Administration was doing things to buttress it.

        Even now, The New England Yankee Government still continues their same speciously titled slave system – though, now they teach us to call it ‘Free-Trade’, ‘Amnesty’, and ‘Outsourcing’

        All the best!

        • One more thing, John – you don’t know how hard it is to farm, particularly in a hot climate without modern technology.

          You also don’t know how hard rural life is, for a woman, without appliances.

          Something not often publicized about our Tarheel life is that it was not just the plantationeers who wanted their niggers, but, middle class families in town – particularly the ladies, this because they needed an awful lot of help caring for a home, and maintaining such high standards of dress and deportment.

        • On a side note Junius, while visiting the mansions of Natchez Mississippi, which at one-time was the wealthiest city in America, I noticed most of the plantation owners were Yankee. A parallel would be modern day San Francisco with it’s high-tech plantations being located in China.

          • What a fantastick point, Mr. Saint – in essence you’re perfectly illustration how the psychick nature of a culture never changes – it just dies and remanifests somewhere else.

            I’m lucky to have the friendship of such a deep and clear thinking fellow Southern Confederate as you!

          • Evidently, those Yankees in Natchez talked Robert E. Lee into fighting for them. Bastards.

        • Thank you for your magnanimity, and for your brave publick display of it.

          I love you, too, John.

          Your government will never stand in the way of our friendship, as personal esteem for another must always ‘trump’ politicks!

          God bless you!

    • Blacks used to be held in check by de jure segregation in the South and de facto segregation in the North. It wasn’t until the (((usual suspects))) and our traitors unleashed “civil rights” on us. Then all the trouble began. I agree, it would have been better for all had these “pit bulls” never been brought here. But it’s unfair and unjust of you to blame present day Southerners for historical events they had no control over.

      I don’t see you blaming Northerners for the Yankee slave ships that brought the “pit bulls” here.

      • If the descendants of those slave-ship owners were flying their ancestors’ flag, I’d be blaming them.

        • Not to pester you again, Mr. B. But I thought you might find this interesting. This is the obituary of my third grade grammar teacher. Her parents and grandparents were alive when the picture of the wagons loaded with cotton bales, in front of the Grayson courthouse, was taken. She’s the one who insisted on the use of Oxford’s dictionary in preference to Webster’s. She was typical of the teachers I had at the time. Be sure to read her curriculum vitae.


        • I don’t mean to pester you again, Mr. B. But here is the obituary of my third grade grammar teacher. She insisted on Oxford’s, as opposed to Webster’s dictionary. She was typical of my teachers in those early days.

          SHERMAN – Doris Ann Hibbert, 96, lifetime resident of the Sherman area, passed away Saturday, March 8, 2014, at her home in Sherman. Doris was born to John Wade and Lela Neves on May 4, 1917, in Bells, TX. She was a graduate of Bells High School. She received a bachelor’s degree from Austin College and a master’s degree from the University of North Texas. On June 1, 1946, she married John Edwin Hibbert at the First United Methodist Church in Bells.

          John and Doris moved to Sherman where they were both affiliated with the Sherman Public Schools. During her teaching career, Doris taught at pre-school, elementary, and college levels. She retired from Sherman Independent School District after forty-four years of dedicated service.

          Doris was an active member of the First United Methodist Church of Sherman where she served in many capacities, including education director and chairperson of commissions and committees. She was also active in the United Methodist Women and the Prayer Shawl Ministry.

          Doris was a member of Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, American Association of University Women, Shakespeare Club, Stratford Club, and Daughters of the American Revolution.

          She was civic minded and volunteered her time for Home Hospice of Grayson County and United Way.

          Mrs. Hibbert was preceded in death by her husband John E. Hibbert in 1999. – See more at: http://m.legacy.com/obituaries/heralddemocrat/obituary.aspx?n=doris-ann-hibbert&pid=170119208&referrer=0&preview=false#sthash.gQI1XcOm.dpuf

          • Never have I felt pestered by you, James, and I’m certainly glad you brought to my attention Mrs. Hibbert’s obituary. As I was reading it, I employed Wikipedia and Google Maps for a filling-out of my understanding of it. Wikipedia gave me good information about the localities that were involved and about the University of North Texas, where Mrs. Hibbert did her graduate work. The Google Maps street-view gave me a good sense of Bells, where she went to high school, got married, and is buried, plus the church, in Sherman, where her funeral took place.

            For some reason, your statement that Mrs. Hibbert was typical of the teachers you had at that time touched me. From what you’ve said of those teachers of yours, I have some idea, I think, of the part they played in your life, so I was very pleased to get a clearer picture of Mrs. Hibbert.

            For you, I suppose, Mrs. Hibbert was of the grandmother age cohort—or close to it. For me, she was of the cohort of my parents and my older aunts and uncles. She was born, in fact, not a month-and-a-half after my mother’s eldest sibling, the oldest of my uncles (most of whom, of course, are gone now).

            Even with cultural and personal differences that mark them, the women of that cohort seem to be of a type. The instant I saw Mrs. Hibbert’s photograph—with the pleasant countenance and the nice outfit—I knew she’d been to the hairdresser in preparation for it. About two decades ago, I met a Japanese woman who was visiting her son, an acquaintance of mine who was temporarily working in the U.S. As my acquaintance and I could hardly fail to notice, my mother and she looked quite like each other—and like Mrs. Hibbert. Three women—one from the small Texas locality of Bells; one from Philadelphia and its environs; and one from the Japan with which America had been at war while the three of them were in early womanhood: alike in some basic ways.

            For Mrs. Hibbert, I am glad, because she has you, her faithful student, who has honored her with attention to her obituary and with a report, to me and the other visitors to Occidental Dissent, of her memorable qualities. For you, I am glad that you had the opportunity to be shaped, in part, by her, with her good education and her sensibility.

          • Thank you. Mrs Hibbert and the others taught us the distilled remnants of the culture of the Old South and Texas. It was subtle and axiomatic. Without conscious effort.
            It shaped my cultural and political views. I knew nothing of political correctness, until 1996. Mrs Hibbert would, no doubt, say she taught us the fundiments of language. Of how to speak and write clearly. To organise our thoughts. But she would deny that she had also taught us culture. It was a given, and taken for granted.

          • You’re welcome, James—and thank you for your additional comments about Mrs. Hibbert. For me, they’ve clarified not only her part in your personal formation but the milieu of your rearing.

            With the rest of once-formidable Catholic America, which had, among other things, considerable control of Hollywood, the Catholic Philadelphia in which I was reared is, in a way, my “Old South,” gone with the wind, or with the gale, as I might more-accurately say: the cultural gale that was the 1960s. Joseph Breen, who, as head of the Production Code Administration, censored Hollywood more-or-less continuously from 1934 to 1954, was a Philadelphia Catholic, a graduate of Philadelphia’s Roman Catholic High School. When you think of the America of the black-and-white movies of the 1930s and ’40s—the old “old movies”—you’re thinking of him.

          • Those old movies are still popular. TCM is a popular channel. The moral message in those films was real. Not some Communist talking point called morality. As I said before, real culture appears axiomatic and is subtle. It’s natural, organic, not forced like Leftism is.

          • Around the year 2000, James, I was struck by a little girl’s reaction to a “Hot Wheels” toy, from, maybe, the late 1960s or the ’70s. “This toy is old, isn’t it?” she said; and when I asked her how she’d known that, she said, with respect to the toy’s illustration of a gas-station attendant, something like, “People dressed more neatly in that time.”

            That little girl had been born in 1992, and it was as if the old America, which had begun to disintegrate a quarter of a century before her birth, made more sense to her than the America in which she was growing up.

          • Definitely. I remember the transition to Self Service. Interestingly, they played 80’s music at my wife’s, friend’s, daughter’s prom, a few years ago. I’ve also noticed that they’re bringing back board games and other toys from way back when. Kids definitely crave the stability and sanity of those days. And the heroes, too.

          • Yes—that transition to self-service goes unremarked; but for me, it has long been the signature example of capitalism’s adjustment to the expansion of the welfare state. As everything became more expensive, the gas stations stayed in business by substituting self-service pumps for the attendants they could no longer afford to employ. The loss of the service that was provided by those attendants is not reflected in the gasoline’s price.

            PS A few years ago, that little girl I mentioned was a young woman with a license-plate frame that read “Jersey girls don’t pump gas.” This is because she’s from New Jersey, where there are still gas-station attendants; and she was temporarily living in the South, where her young female friends were at a loss to figure out what one does when one pulls into a gas-station without self-service pumps. Though she never affixed to her car the license-plate frame, which her mother had given her as a sort of flag to fly, the situation struck me as an amusing reverse, in which the Jersey girl was the delicate, non-gas-pumping Southern belle.

    • Oh dude I so wish I wasn’t working a double shift today and had ore time to completely break this down. This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard out of you since the gazillion comments over the past year saying we were fools for thinking trump had a chance. I will try very hard to check back in tomorrow afternoon when I wake up.

  4. I read the various reports on this and come away with this: Do people really wonder why Dylann Roof did what he did? Had this special needs individual been my child, there would be four Chicago families completely obliterated.

    Blacks are going to live-stream a gruesome black on white murder this calendar year. Count on it.

    • It’s safe to say that Trump will react to this. BTW, is Obama back from his Hawaiian Christmas holidays?

    • Dylan Roof didn’t ‘do what he did.’

      An innocent white kid, disabled no less, admits to voting for Trump and gets tortured, while some cracker from the South slaughters a bunch of black church ladies whose families all forgive him the next day:

      Yeah right.

      The video’s narrator is sort of annoying, and black, but even he thinks it’s beyond absurd.

  5. My taxes are used to pay for this sh*t!

    A professor wants to teach ‘The Problem of Whiteness.’ A lawmaker calls the class ‘garbage.’


    ‘Every Wednesday next semester, the students in Damon Sajnani’s class will meet to discuss, in depth, “The Problem of Whiteness.”

    But the title of the course and its description has the University of Wisconsin at Madison mired in controversy before students have cracked open a book or peeked at a syllabus.

    “Have you ever wondered what it really means to be white? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably ‘no.’ But here is your chance!” the description reads.

    “Critical Whiteness Studies aims to understand how whiteness is socially constructed and experienced in order to help dismantle white supremacy.”

    The course explores “how race is experienced by white people.” But it also looks at how white people “consciously and unconsciously perpetuate institutional racism.”

    The class has injected the university into a decades-old debate about whether taxpayer-funded educational institutions have an obligation to tackle the important issues of the day — or to stay out of them altogether.

    The class is taught in the African Cultural Studies Department of a university where 2 percent of the student population identifies as black and more than 75 percent are white.’

    • Is this Critical Whiteness Studies course a requirement for graduation or is it offered as an elective for so-called people of color or self-loathing Whites?

    • If Trump is one of the good guys, he will declare them a terrorist group. It will be all over for BLM.

      • If Trump were really ‘good’, Mr. Jackson, he would take the SPLC off their normal anti-White business, and put them on BLM…

        • Better yet, declare the ADL and SPLC the unconstitutional terrorist organizations of intimidation that violate our first amendment. Of course the spying the ADL got caught doing also violates the 4th.

          • Good point, Ed, but, as I know no Yankee government would ever declare it’s own organizations, specifically consecrated to the terrorization of The Southern White Man, ‘terrorist’, I went to the next best option :::)))

  6. Interesting how so many black criminals broadcast their violent assaults via social media/Internet means. It’s similar to the Islamic State broadcasting their beheadings in Iraq, Syria and points west. Exploit media to spread the terror worldwide. Follow it up with armed assaults. It’s really a form of low level insurgent warfare. The critical thing is that a considerable sector of the black demographic in America sees itself at war with White civilization. The dilemma is in getting White people to wake up to the war which is being waged against them.

      • ‘Whitey’ won’t wake up, as long as The New England Government is in charge; this because they have invested more than a century’s efforts to make sure ‘Whitey’ stays asleep.

        Whitey, particular he from The South, is, and always has been, their greatest worry.

        To that end, they will continue all the diabolical misinformation.

        • Junius, as far as the whites waking up, I believe we are actually in that phase. I have 4 boys ranging in age from 20-9 years old. The brain washing of my youth, of which did not take, is being displaced through homeschooling. We do not have the demi-gods of Lincoln and MLK hanging in the classroom.

          The minds of this homeschool generation are being liberated to think logically. There is hope. One step at a time into a future controlled by these liberated minds.

          The key to our future is not through violence, but through dissociation. We are making monumental headway.

          To those advocating violence, we have a plethora of historical examples to go by, and in the end they lead us to ruin. We must for every treacherous act like this against humanity, put forth equally as much in a response through the League of the South. We match their atrocities with an ever increasing drive for separatism.

          • I cannot tell you how grateful I am to hear that you are homeschooling our next generation.

            Again, you are brilliant – because never ere have I heard it stated so succinctly – THE key is NOT violence, but DISASSOCIATION.

            And this is another reason why I love The League – because it has graspt the essentials of the matter, at hand, which is, in light of so many previous and ongoing failures, no mean feat.

            And, yes, we are making headway. if we were not, The New England Government would not be so chafet at the internet, which, all in all, has restored to us what technology stole from us with the advent of radio and TV : the ability to talk on the porch with each other, and decide for ourselves what is OUR news, and what WE feel about it – without Northern interference.

            God bless all the Saints!

    • This is standard black strategy. They want white people afraid of them so they broadcast their violence to us all. Live in a city with them once and you see this is exactly how they take over….they threaten, intimidate and violate until the white inhabitants get the message and leave, then the city or area belongs to them, basically for free.

  7. It’s bad enough that this kind of thing is occurring. What adds insult to injury is the continued attempt by the BS media to promote the narrative that it’s non-whites who are being targeted by evil Trump supporting Nazis even after all their claims were shown to be hoaxes.

  8. This is why you deep six the Nazi / violent rhetoric and focus on counterpunching Trump’s enemies (not his friends, for God’s sake!)

    Or do you want the trending hashtag to be #AltRightMassacre when some one with a “fashy” hairdo and brown tweed jacket opens fire on “dreamers” protesting deportations? (doesn’t even have to be one of you, you have already made it plausible!)

    You will get your opportunity to “take action” when the Coalition of the Ascending starts murdering ICE agents and Wall construction crews.

    Until then, let’s keep planting the seed of the Fall Back Position of white nationalism (sans Nazism) and push as hard as we can within the Trump paradigm, as Trump’s success will ratchet up frustration of the Coalition of the Ascending like nothing else could, giving you the victory you cannot “meme into existence”.

    • A white woman down the road from me, took up with a nog. To the surprise of nobody, he beat her to a bloody pulp. Everyone around here said they’d kill him if he ever came around again. The Sheriff’s Deputies who arrested him, agreed. He had also prowled a lot at night. Things went missing. In Texas, it’s legal to fire out of your house, at night, at prowlers. Since it’s not in town, it’s not a misdemeanor, like it would be inside the city limits.

  9. Coulter mentioned it, but now she’s tweeted a picture of Black Trumpers visiting Trump Tower.


    • Coulter and lately Ingram teeter on the edge of being genuinely pro-White. Perhaps there’s hope for them.

      • Coulter I have long thought of as Pro White, but this behavior makes me wonder if it is a Conservative tactic to keep Whites on the hook. And have you heard about Laura Ingram’s children?

        badeagle dot com/2010/04/14/american-white-women-adopting-dark-foreign-children/

        Conservatives always leave an escape route, so they can disavow when it suits them.

        “How do you do, my fellow Conservatives. Aren’t those BLM people awful? Almost as bad as the KKK! Can’t we all come together, so Black men can have access to White women?”

  10. I don’t know that it’s the most shocking anti-White crime that’s happened in years, if you’re paying closer attention. It was just caught on camera, and live.

    Instead of reacting just against blacks we should be staging a new Kristallnacht.

    • If you were raised to understand the nature of blacks. And more importantly, warned, nothing like this is shocking in the least.

      • Some are speculating that it’s staged. I can’t tolerate gore or cruelty so I don’t know, but unfortunately it’s not really shocking if authentic.

  11. Whites need to retaliate.

    Blacks target Whites at random in the streets and get away with it all the time.

    Whites need to do the same.

    • Blacks are a Jewish product. The negroes and various browns are their front line pawns. Jews know they will be slaughtered in a direct physical confrontation, so they use the kike media to incite and program the Negro beasts to do their bidding.

  12. Jewish media is going with plan B as of now it seems. They’re giving the incident perfunctory coverage with the most minimal acknowledgment of the facts they can get away with before memory holing.

    It’s the fruit of decades of anti-white incitement in the culture and Jewish-controlled mass media, not *the* media — say it right; there are too many normals reading these pages nowadays who don’t know the truth — the Jewish controlled media, raising the “Trump is a Nazi and his supporters are whites racists” narrative to full power where they know damn well millions of animals will hear it.

    The pounding of the racism charge, the hectoring about white privilege, the ludicrously false claims that whites are responsible for most hate attacks when the truth is that it’s blacks, must be seen for what it is: exhortations by Jews to violence against whites by blacks .

    This could have been any of us or a family member. I sincerely hope whites retaliate against members of the press.

    • ‘It’s the fruit of decades of anti-white incitement in the culture and Jewish-controlled mass media’

      No, Lew, in this The Jews are only secondary partners to The New England Yankee Government, which, not incidentally, tore down, over a 70 year span, an entire Southern system put up to prevent this.

      Our GGG-granddaddies talked about this stuff in their letters and diaries, and were well aware of what might be if the negroes ever did not fear us.

      Clearly many negroes do NOT need fear to behave in a civil fashion, but, unfortunately, many many do; and it is become quite clear that they have no fear of a Yankee system, which never makes publick it’s retribution for getting out of line.

      • The Jews are only secondary partners to The New England Yankee Government.

        The abolitionists and other radicals rose to power in the North before Jews became significant or prominent. They, and other radical, European exiles, simply found a ready made system they could take over and exploit. It’s interesting that Yankee types behave like Jews are said to behave. Our Northern friends have it harder than we do. They’re stuck in enemy territory. At least we have friends and neighbours that agree with us on traditional views and values. And vote like us.

          • Even Harriet Beecher Stowe and John Brown?
            The Massachusetts Committee on Kansas? The Governors of Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota and Iowa?

        • ‘The Jews are only secondary partners to The New England Yankee Government.The abolitionists and other radicals rose to power in the North before Jews became significant or prominent.’

          OMG- Mr. Owen!!!! : I just said that to Mr. Lew – and now I read this!

          I thank The Good Lord, every day, for being a Southerner, being in the South, and being surrounded by my fellow Southerners.

          Amen, and thank you, Brother!

        • Whitaker wrote something about this where he showed the first rulers of the United States were Southerners, who lost it to the WASPs (what you call New Englanders) in the great Civil War. The WASPs ruled from then on until they finally collapsed under pressure from organized Jewry in the 1950-1960s. WASPs were allowed to live on in comfort, as long as they followed the lead of their new masters. These WASP Castrati are what we now call Limousine Liberals.

      • Junius, why stop there? Why not point the blame at Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, the Orange Revolution, or even the Protestant Reformation for bringing forth the egalitarian ideas that drive the Yankee worldview?

        At some point, because of historical shifts, the distant past becomes less relevant in understanding the world than the present and the recent past.

        The main point people need to understand today regarding social pathology is that it’s the Jews.

        I regret that we were born on opposite sides of the particular cultural divide. Your comments are always well reasoned, and I enjoy reading them.

        • Dear Lew,

          Thank you so very much for your kind and respectful words. That’s a great thing; and too rarely seen.

          I agree with you that Jews are heavily involved, and that it very definitely needs to be pointed out.

          Sometimes, however, I feel like people forget who and what is the basis for Jewish power over The Southern White Man – The New England Government, and that is was exactly this way before The Jews usurpt much of that organization’s functions.

          History, Sir, is not dead – it just keeps playing out, over and over again, in and on new plains, and, in my view, that very social pathology, to which you alluded, is rife in the contemporary behavior of the Anglo-American-Jewish axis.

          Admittedly, however, this Southern Boy ain’t from this century!

          God bless you and thank you for your wise comment.

  13. This should redpill a lot of people, the fact this poor guy was also handicapped should add fuel to the fire. The idiot AA police cheif and spokesman need to be mercilessly mocked for downplaying the seriousness of this subhuman attack.

    • Unfortunately, it won’t. For a lot of reasons, not least of which will be under reporting and Progressive/Trendy Lefty downplay and justification.

  14. Niggers are dangerous animals, like rattle snakes and scorpions. They nearly always attack the physically or mentally infirm.

    No doubt, when they’re arrested and sent to trial, there will be whining and crying about the injustice of their prosecution and how black people are a hunted and haunted people, who are slaughtered in massive numbers on a daily basis, by little, old white ladies armed with machine pistols.

  15. Unfortunately, there’s just too much incongruity and discombobulation within the pro-White sphere to properly use these stories to make headway and reduce the likelihood that something like this will happen in the future. This story will be flushed out of the news cycle by the end of the week. Pro-White people will then fall back into the usual pattern of reactive posturing once the next event takes place, and much of the outrage about this story will be channeled into the Milo/Cernovich/PJW “brand” of Multiracial Civic Nationalism.

    We need a Round Table of sorts to flush out ideas and work toward some kind of synergy, instead of being uncompromising ideologues and hoping our views and paths line up somewhere down the road. Too much of our strategy and future is reliant on what THEY are doing and willing to do rather than what WE are willing to do and should be doing. Do we want to just continue reporting on these stories or do we actually want to be proactive in stopping them?

    • This. The leaders of our movement absolutely need to get together and get on the same page. Spencer, Dr Duke, Anglin, Heimbach, Brad Griffin etc have far more in common than differences. We are unorganized and unfunded. That has to change.

  16. From Huffington Post:

    “The suspects, who are black, yelled “fu Donald Trump” and “fu white people, boy,” at the victim, who is white. It is not clear if the victim was a supporter of the president-elect.”

    It is not clear if the victim was a supporter of the president-elect.

    Aside from the fact that a special needs individual is least likely to have any political convictions, this is subtle justification for the attack. Negroids are always justified. Especially by those who can afford to live in areas where they’re nonexistent.

    • Anti-Whites always justify black violence against our people. Blacks dindu nuffins. The black Chicago police chief called it “a stupid kids prank”.

  17. I don’t know if I should be more angry at these blacks, or the people who exploit them as political weapons against us.

    • We finished off liberals and we do not have muslims or blacks. So the white liberal is the root of all evil.
      There were no blacks in the USSR and somehow we had ca 40 million deaths.
      So get rid from liberals. When you get rid from blacks , liberals will find new weapon against white people. Medieval witchhunt, French Revolution, USSR and lot of other events are proof that liberals can do lot of evil very well without blacks.

      • Blacks were the weakness in the South’s political armour. Which made them a unique weapon for Northern radicals. Who had failed, otherwise, to defeat the South, politically. Blacks are simply the unique factor in American politics that they weren’t in Europe. However, European radicals have imported them to serve essentially a similar role in modern politics there.

        • Absolutely, Mr. Owen, which is why we gerrymander in North Carolina.

          We are only too aware that you cannot fully enfranchise the negro, as that simply is passing The Northern government a bone.

          More steps need to be taken, if secession is not, to prevent those who have not been in our state at least ten years from voting.

          It would also be wise to ban all Jews from politicks, in our state, as they are the most ardent and diabolical agent of The New England Government.

          I believe the voting age ought also be raise to age 30, as most 19 years olds are far too immature to understand what is at stake.

          Furthermore, our legislators, in North Carolina, have taken steps, since 2012, to destro9y the hold over our university system that The Left has taken.

          It’s coming down, thank God.

          Our children have been poisoned enough, already!

          • Yes Mr. Daniel. The usual suspects think this was done out of hatred for blacks. Rather, it was done because it was understood for whom the blacks would vote. Southern politics, since at least the 1840s, have been reactionary and defensive.

            As an aside, the new Democratic candidate for governor of Virgina was born in Virginia, of an Ohio mother. Who’s side is he on? Certainly not Virginia, the Southern state..

          • As usual, Mr. Owen – a very good comment!

            You clearly have a P.H.D. in being right!

            You cannot get this from a university, but, from only having developt your own eyes and ears…

      • ‘When you get rid from blacks , liberals will find new weapon against white people.’

        How true, Juri.

        In fact, though everyone widely recognizes the word, ‘Liberal’, most little realize what it really means – ‘against their own kind’ in any time place, or context.

        In the South, we have a time-honoured term for them – ‘scalawag’ – someone so vile that they are not even worth the twine it takes to fashion a noose.

  18. I just found out about this recent act of barbarity this morning. When a group of negroes acts out like this, it shocks awake a lot of “normie” white people who would not necessarily be open to the WN message. When uncontrolled negroes act out, they shatter the false reality taught Americans by public school and TV. I am afraid that the racial situation in America is sliding the way of South Africa.

  19. Without the internet MSM silence would have kept us in the dark about anti-White atrocities like this. No more. It was all over Twitter last night and even going world wide, providing a perfect vehicle to troll our memes.

    MSM proves itself once again irrelevant, a dinosaur counting its last days to extinction.

  20. Why would they video this knowing they’ll be caught? prison for blacks a second home. penal code needs to be reform, hard labor.

    • I usually read the U.K./European online news services because they report things the U.S. media don’t. However, I recognise that they’re subject to distortion as well.

  21. http://tinyurl.com/horo4ta


    4 charged with hate crime

    Jan 5, 2016

    Four people accused of torturing a mentally disabled man were charged with a hate crime Thursday.

    The alleged attack was streamed via Facebook Live.

    Jordan Hill, 18, of Carpentersville, is charged with aggravated
    kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated
    battery with a deadly weapon, robbery, possession of a stolen motor
    vehicle and residential burglary.

    Tesfaye Cooper, 18, of Chicago, is charged with aggravated kidnapping,
    hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery with a
    deadly weapon and residential burglary.

    Brittany Covington, 18, of Chicago, is charged with aggravated
    kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated
    battery with a deadly weapon and residential burglary.

    Tanishia Covington, 24, of Chicago, is charged with aggravated
    kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restrain and aggravated
    battery with a deadly weapon.

  22. “The most shocking anti-White hate crime in years?” Not even close.
    Here’s just one. A couple of years ago, I forget where, three black savages invaded a house where two White teenagers were watching tv. These animals raped the boy and then raped the girl while the White boyfriend was made to watch. To cover up the rape of the girl, she was made to drink Draino to supposedly destroy the evidence that was down her throat. I don’t remember if one or both of them were murdered after being tortured. A typical day in duh culture.
    The only shocking thing about the BLM kidnapping hate crime, is that the scum MSM, including the frauds at Fox News, couldn’t cover this one up.

  23. I know the good people here would want to sign this petition.


    Pardon of four African-American Chicago young adults who allegedly hazed white male Trump supporter while livestreaming
    Created by R.G. on January 05, 2017”



    It was started yesterday and so far has generated a grand total of three signatures.

  24. “The most shocking anti-White hate crime in years”

    Worse things happen EVERY SINGLE NIGHT

    I think it’s the arrogance and stupidity of these facebook-niggers that shocks most people.

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