Lügenpresse Mourns Death Of The Trump Hate Crimes Narrative

I’m not even joking.

You can’t make this up: the Lügenpresse is mourning the fact that #BLMKidnapping is such a devastating blow to the Narrative on so many fronts:

“If you believe discrimination against white people is rampant, that Donald Trump supporters face persecution, that Chicago is a war zone, and the media is dishonest, then your entire worldview is likely to be confirmed by one awful story.

Chicago police have detained four black teenagers after one of them streamed a live video showing the group striking and shouting at a young white man, who was bound and gagged. In the video, the assailants say “f— Trump” and “f— white people” and say that the victim “represents Trump,” though it is unclear whether the man actually backs the president-elect. …”

Remember, we only saw 30 minutes or so of the torture, which went on for what … I’m not clear on this point, 24 to 48 hours? What else is there?

Note: A second video has already been found.

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  1. From the Washington Post:

    ” If the attackers had been white and the victim had been black, the incident would have, of course, conjured America’s ugly history of white mobs committing violence against black people. There is no parallel history of the reverse happening on anything remotely approaching the same scale.”

    More subtle justification.

      • Reconstruction is a part of American history that has been suppressed, or even worse, rewritten to conform to the narrative.

        • Reconstruction was less about Negroes and more about soaking the Southern White Man so that the Carpetbaggers could make a boatload of cash. Most of the so-called Negro legislators were outsiders from the North . They’d put them out there like shills to pass the Republican plank then proceed to soak the taxpayer some more.

          The “racial experiment” part of Reconstruction ended as soon as all of the states were readmitted and the Carpetbaggers, with full control of the States began using the states as their own cash cows. They did engage in some Anti-White stuff to keep the Negroes happy and the Media in the North kept people there so in the dark no one knew really what was going on.

          When the White Northern Public learned that the Southern Whites were in deep peril, they responded by electing the Democrats to control the US House in 1874 and when the 44th Congress officially took control on March 4 1875, although the Republicans held the Senate, the House made it a priority to END RECONSTRUCTION and by the time the 44th Congress ended on March 4, 1877 Reconstruction was DOA. It took the Republicans until the 51st Congress, elected with Ben Harrison in 1888 to ever gain control of BOTH HOUSES. Once the 45th Congress Passed Posse Comatitus in 1878 it seemed as if Recontruction would never happen again,.

          The Militia Act of 1903 was the way around Posse Comatitus. The law was proposed by Rep Charles Dick of Ohio who had seen the disaster of the Spanish American War. When the US Invaded Cuba, the State Militas were still under the Militia Act of 1862 which was a continuation of the Milita Acts of 1792 and 95, except that it allowed for Negroes to serve. President McKinley, like Lincoln had to personally ask permission to Federalize the State Militias just as Lincoln had in ’61.

          • When the US Forces showed up in Tampa, it was a disaster. Each state had their own Uniforms, which caused alot of confusion, some even wearing Union Army uniforms that were 30 years old. The regular army had begun to change from blue to khaki but that also varied as well. Needless to say Cuba was a mismatched hell and the Phillpines not much better.

            The Milita Act of 1903 aka the Dick Act was auspiciously to create a Federal Military Force that would be theoretically ltrained exactly the same as the US Army. In Reality it is a Federal Force leased to the state but in reality belong to the Feds. Thus though the National Guard calls itself the Alabama National Guard or the Rhode Island National Guard, in reality it is a standing Federal Army, the name is Subterfuge. At any time it could be federalized and used against said state per the National Defense Act of 1933. Both the Militia Act of 1903 and the subsequent bills were technically illegal under Posse Comatitus but no one noticed.

            Many states ignored the Dick Act and retained small state militias which CANNOT be Federalized, but most are disbanded or inactive today.




          • In other words blacks were proxies then, just as they are today. Their natural impulsiveness and tendency to violence was used and directed against us to advance another group’s agenda, and that agenda is our subjugation and humiliation. The only difference is that our people were more cohesive and more willing to fight back then and they succeeded in gaining a limited autonomy which lasted several decades.

          • The Southern Confederacy had horrible timing in one way. The bedrock belief of White Supremacy was not confirmed by science until the Eugenics Movement that began with Sir Francis Galton, Darwin’s Cousin when he began writing books on the subject in 1865, too late for Dixie.

            The Northern (((Media))) was successful in keeping the truth from the White population about the outrages in the South, but as it became known the Abolitionists were booed, had rocks thrown at them, and they retired in disgrace and in 1874 the Democrats took over the House and pushed the end of Reconstruction. President Hayes in 1877 unveiled the new Republican Party which was built upon WHATS GOOD FOR BUSINESS and on the Racial issue it was benign neglect or laissez-faire. This New Republican system lasted until 1932

            By 1881, when President Garfield entered office, Eugenics had reached the USA and was becoming popular. Anyone who trumpeted Negro Equality was laughed at. The problem for us was that those Abolitionist Laws REMAINED ON THE BOOKS. The Republicans never wanted to touch them again, like finding out your Grandmother was a Prostitute, they were an embarrassment. However like deadly poison with the cap off, sooner or later its going to be spilled

            What no one counted on was the explosion of Jewish Influence from 1840 with the German Jews and then going forward with the Russian Jews in Crime and Theatre. The Jews as they became more involved, discovered that to start a SECOND RECONSTRUCTION, they would have to change the White Race’s way of thinking at every level, strip away their religion etc. They did this piecemeal beginning with Franz Boas at Columbia and Melville Jean Herschovitz among others. Only by changing the curriculum and indoctrination could Civil Rights actually happen. The other part was to consolidate power in Washington away from the States.

            The South won Reconstruction and with Posse Comatitus, the South won her Freedom. The problem was that Southern Democrats in Congress were basically lazy and rested on their laurels. No one noticed that the Militia Act of 1903 vacated Posse Comatitus because it took years to be used, people forgot all about it. UNTIL 1956 when all of the sudden the Tenn National Guard is marching through Clinton, Bayonets on their M1 Garands to bring Negroes to school.

            Then the National Guard Act was seen for what it was.

          • The mistake that Southerners made was believing that the temporary respite they achieved after Reconstruction was permanent and that, so long as they remained loyal to the US, they would be left alone.

          • Yes it’s called getting fat and happy. The Southern Democrats were part of the crooked National Democratic Party and as such, they were placed into a high-risk coalition with the Immigrants and Jews in the North. At first because these two groups were a much smaller number ca 1880, the South had a bigger say in the party and the coalition worked. However as the cities continued to grow, its say got whittled away. By the time of the 1950s, the Democrat hordes in the North were big enough to say F-U to Dixie. The South then found itself on the outside looking in

            The other thing that happened was education and outside investment. Even with Segregation, Southern Schools used the same textbooks the Northern ones did and Southern Colleges still have Campus Liberals like the Northern ones, albeit a much smaller number but they were still there. These people later found the Highland School in Monteagle TN which was funded by CPUSA yet somehow the State of Tenn ignored it for 30 years. Which gets us to outside investors worming their way in getting all manner of exceptions. Another thing was the US Military making demands for having a Military base nearby. The money generated by it was HUGE, but the damage to the local culture, severe just look at Jacksonville NC or Columbus Ga or Killeen Tx and you tell me.

            A bunch of trends all came together at once to cause the cataclysm and the Southern Democrats had sat on their laurels, pontificated and wasted their power for 70 years. We see the result

          • The main difference was that because of a lack of outside interference and outside culture via mass media radio and compulsory education, the Poor White Southern man in 1870 still had his Barbaric side, which could come out at any time. The enemies have spent the better part of 150 years trying to Civilize the Poor Southern White man and by an large they have today. They neutered his soul and his will to fight. NOT ALL but many

          • ‘Reconstruction was less about Negroes and more about soaking the
            Southern White Man so that the Carpetbaggers could make a boatload of

            Although you are an incredible expert, Mr. Jenkins, please allow me to make a tweak, for the state of North Carolina.

            In our state ‘The War of Reconstruction’ was not much about money – but, what the New England government, via their favorite proxies of The Union Leagues were trying to do to our society.

            They tried to runs us over with bad judges, scalawag lugenpresse, and negro registration.

            It did not work – as your GGG granddaddies torcht and lyncht their asses until the game was up.

            Drove The Grant Adminstration crazy, but, no matter how many agents he sent down here, and send them he did, they wound up on the business side of a gun.

            If I were a wizard, I’d conjure up a few hundred thousand of our GGG-Granddaddies, and this state would get straight lickety-split.

            Those people did not mess around, and they were NOT in a conversation with those who were not their kind.

    • I guess the slave revolt of Nat Turner in 1831 where 60 whites were mass murdered WOMEN and CHILDREN that never happened either.

      Odd point of note. Union General George Thomas aka the Rock of Chickamauga a native of Southhampton County Virginia, was one of the children hiding from Nat Turner. Im sure thats one most Southrons wish Nat Turner had gotten

    • I once saw a nigger in school stand up and threaten the empty air, as if someone was there, threatening him. It doesn’t take much to set one off, if he’s in the mood to attack.

      • It is deep in their psyche to rampage and destroy. The nigger is incompatible with human society. They are basically hybrid animals.

  2. “If the attackers had been white and the victim had been black, the incident would have, of course, conjured America’s ugly history of white mobs committing violence against black people. There is no parallel history of the reverse happening on anything remotely approaching the same scale.”

    Of course the narrative must be maintained at all cost. No hint in this statement about what might have motivated this alleged White mob violence against blacks in the past. We are just supposed to assume it was pure hatred and not perhaps retaliation for outrages committed by blacks against Whites. After all, blacks were just as prone to impulsive behaviour in the past as they are today and the only thing that kept them under control was fear of violent reprisals, and Whites were more cohesive then and more willing to retaliate. In effect this “reporter” is using the fact that our ancestors were less tolerant of attacks against our people in the past, and therefore such attacks were less common, to “contextualize” this clear example of racially motivated violence against Whites so that, once again, Whites can be portrayed as the villains and blacks as the real victims.

  3. When liberals have no choice, they will acknowledge injustice against individual whites, while still upholding their overall narrative.

    • Yes, like he told a “racist” joke or he was a friend of the perp or it was a robbery gone wrong, blah, blah, blah.

  4. I initially thought the #BLMKidnapping hashtag was very good, and I still think it is a good hashtag to wake people up.

    What I’m worried about though is that exclusively blaming BLM will turn into a new version of DR3 cucking. It will turn into ‘not all blacks, just BLM’. While obviously BLM is a major problem and needs to be stopped, I hope it doesn’t give cucks an excuse to cuck out and ignore the race, blaming a specific organization instead.

    Maybe I’m looking to far into the future though, because BLM certainly must be destroyed and delegitimized first and foremost.


    • One thought. Screw white liberals. Those are the root of all evil . Blacks or moslems or jews can do their things only because liberals let them do.

      Take the snake head off and the tail stop moving. We here have no problem with minorities of any kind because we went after white liberals and without them even jews are powerless. Even the best general should have at least some kind of army and white liberals are the current Red Army.

      • Whether you know it or not, Juri – you are quoting Louis Beam.

        Are you familiar with him?

        If not, have a gander…

  5. your entire worldview is likely to be confirmed by one awful story
    The problem is not one story, but rather that my entire worldview is repeatedly confirmed by multiple stories each and every day.

    • Yes, what’s unusual is this story has gotten mainstream play. We’ve had much worse incidents, the murder/torture of the young college couple in Knoxville, a girl murdered and burned to death in Mississippi, etc. etc.

      • The Newsom murder in Knoxville happened long enough ago to be buried by the Jewish Press. Thanks to Trump now this stuff is coming out and people are waking up.

        • Exactly how do you see the mechanics of that, Billy Ray?

          There have been other horrific crimes, including recently. How about the ‘retarded’ high school girl who was gang raped in Florida by a pack of black males just around a year and a half ago?

          Does Trump own the media?


          • Was there video of the girl gang raped in Florida? If there is no video no one cares, unfortunately

          • The reason I say THANKS TO DONALD TRUMP is that for the first time in years, people are not afraid to say UN-PC things in public. The fact that Richard Spencer has been on tv is DIRECTLY because of Donald Trump.

    • If this article is a joke, it’s disgusting. If it’s not, it’s disgusting.

      Renegade is run by nuts that believe the Earth is flat. I’d advise staying away.

      • Believing that there exists some ‘Hell’ or ‘Heaven’ could be interpreted as nuts as well. I for one am not a Flat Earther, but Sinead McCarthy’s oddball beliefs really aren’t that bizarre when science goes totally ignored by lots of folks without them getting called ‘nuts.’

        If you can’t address any of the points your assertions are meaningless and hollow.

        ETA: I don’t even know if her husband Kyle Hunt truly believes in the Flat Earth theory, either, and he’s the owner of Renegade, not Sinead McCarthy.

        I’ve had lovers who believed ridiculous shit. Who hasn’t?

        • Why would the Chicongo po po arrest these foul niggers if the story wasn’t real? Only a totally mentally ill asshat, or Kike, would question this.

          • Denise, why would the MSM suddenly start actually covering these types of hideous hate crimes against whites when for decades they’ve totally ignored and even repressed them?! Jesus, ‘Da Jooz’ usually manage to get gag orders issued over court proceedings (Wichita, Pearcy Massacres, etc.).

            If they can control the court system (Pearcy’s main survivor was begging the public to help her get it lifted as she wanted the public to know and the true motives to be exposed) do you really think they can’t control Talmudvision? Jewtube?

            Only a ridiculous inconsistent illogical tool believes Jewspew. I won’t reduce myself to your level by calling you ‘mentally ill,’ another pure jew tactic.

            ETA: No one is concluding anything that I can see. They’re merely questioning.

          • …and, it would be a great way to ensnare more whites into promoting some cartoon neo-nutsi demonstration staged by Anglin and friends.

            When the Golden Dawn was arrested, it was precisely their respectability quotient which won them sympathy. Most americans were against their ideology, but couldn’t help but fear the face mask-wearing automatic weapon-toting thugs who rounded them up on behalf of the Greek government. GD’s leaders wore civilian suits and soberly bared their faces to their people and the world. Their bourgeois demeanor proved them ‘normal,’ acceptable and legitimate.

            Whitefish is about to become another absurd FBI-produced satirical sketch of white rights.

          • The question, and answer, isn’t in who but in why.

            Suddenly the jews, who own all media platforms, decided to do a total about face and promote this all over the MSM.

            One could argue that ‘we’ have somehow maneuvered our way into the mainstream via alternate internet news platforms. The trouble with that is that they’re all still owned by jews.

          • Its already been spread all over the Internet by unpaid journalists. The MSM is a useless appendage and they know it.

          • In a town in NJ some years back, four black males beat a hispanic dishwasher to death in broad daylight. It was an early and intense version of the Knock Out Game. One of them taped it and the video circulated for a very short period of time around the local high school; some friend of mine worked near it and sent it to me in terror.

            Youtube had it down in plenty of time, though, to prevent it from going mainstream. County prosecutors changed the time of day and the motive once the evidence was repressed.

            That was then, this is now. A video can go viral more quickly and broadly, but then, haven’t Google’s control mechanisms tightened to accommodate the user expansion?

            I don’t have conclusions on this one. I do notice that Renegade Tribune has suddenly been taken down during the duration of this discussion on here, and it is the only pro-white outlet to have interrogated the event in any way. There were some pretty compelling questions under its article.

            ETA By taken down I mean sustained an attack.

          • I saw this on Twitter:

            “This event follows right on the heels of Trump telling Mayor Rahm Emanuel that the federal government may need to intervene in Chicago.”

            I admit the timing is coincidental. Trump ignoring it is bizarre.

          • Don’t waste your time with Lorax. I and others here made the mistake of thinking he (or maybe it’s a she, I forget, it’s not important) just didn’t know a few things and tried to be helpful like you are doing. Then we quickly discovered he is just a major kook, impervious to sanity. Some of his posts will make you bust out laughing, however, from the sheer wtf reaction.

      • Yes, and notice the African hairdos on the two men? This is clear evidence of continental African involvement. You have to be able to speak a certain African dialect and learn a specific African hand motion to get that hairdo. No American niggers can do it. Lorax will doubtlessly discover many more subtleties that will be dead give aways. Anyone who doesn’t take this seriously is either a Jew or else doing Jew work. Anyone who doubts my reasoning is just like (((them))).


        • I never suggested ‘dead give aways.’ I never suggested that all Kool Aid guzzlers were Jews or doing Jew work, or just like Jews.

          So how flawed is your logic that you can’t even start from facts. You just lie, and yes in your case it’s rather jewy.

          • Logic? You are talking about logic? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

            Start from facts? You are talking about starting from facts? LOLOLOLLOL

            I do get a kick out of you though. You are funny. BTW, my post above was just fun satire of you. In addition to dropping all the weird false flag, psy-op conspiracy theories, I think you also could stand to loosen your belt out a notch or two. You seem an uptight, stick in the dirt, wet blanket on top of the rest, and the pro-white side needs another of those types almost as bad as we need more bizarre conspiracy theorists.

            Just a friendly little suggestion. Have a nice day.

          • I’m not here to entertain you, Robbie.

            Questioning jewish MSM programming triggers you but I’m uptight.


  6. A friend of mine who lives in Little Warsaw said that a couple of the local radio stations reported that a police source revealed that the victim had been sexually assaulted by his tormentors. If that is the true, then we have yet another case of Black on White violence being sanitized by the national news outlets just like they did with the Knoxville Massacre and the Wichita Massacre and thousands of other Nigro atrocities.

    They apparently still operate under the policy that prohibits revealing facts that would indicate that many Nigroes are more like Bill Cosby in real life than they are like those lovable, well-adjusted Average Black Americans who were on the Cosby Show.

    Maybe we’ll learn the whole truth about this outrageous crime in several years if this plays out the way similar cases have.

  7. There are two kinds of people in the world.

    For which everything is written and for which nothing is written. The latter have will and agency.

    The GLOB says it is written that open borders and Diversity are the wave of the future. It is written, and no wall can stem this tide, this Super Tsunami.
    PC Narrative says there is only one true god of history, and what he has written cannot be unwritten. It can only be read and obeyed.

    Those with slave-mentality and herd-mentality go along with this like sheep and camel.

    But those with agency see their own truth, think their own truth, write their own truth, and live their own truth. And that changes history.

    Unless white folks began to wake up and reject what has been enforced as ‘written'(by their enemies), they won’t have a future. The future written for them leads to eclipse, extinction, and humiliation.

    But if they begin to write their own future independent of the PC narrative, they do have a future.
    To think freely means to EXCLUDE the lies and bad ideas fed to them by hustlers, crooks, charlatans, and fanatics. No honest mind works by INCLUDING Politically Correct poison.

    Just like the body heals by excluding and expelling germs and viruses, just like nature regains its vitality via the exclusion of man-made trash, and just like the soul is cleansed by excluding evil spirits, the White Mind, Soul, and World must learn to exclude all that insults, harms, degrades, impugns, and poisons them.


  8. It isn’t one “awful story”. It’s thousands of them occurring over decades. Black on White crime stories which Lugenpresse has failed to report or grossly underreported. The only reason Lugenpresse is giving any coverage to this one is because the internet already beat them to it. You’re going the way of the dinosaur Lugenpresse.

  9. World is Diverse. It is made up of many races, cultures, values, and etc.

    Problem of Globalism is it tries to turn every nation into The World.

    This is a form of hubris!

    How can any nation be the world? It is what it is, no more and no less, and should preserve itself as such. In doing so, it also maintains the rich diversity of the world.

    It’s like nature. There is no need for an Amazonian forest to be like all the nature in the world. There is no need for desert in Arabia to be like the Arctic. There is no need for oceans to be like prairies and for prairies to be like oceans.

    Poland is Poland, and it should remain as such. Its laws and values should prioritize Polish identity, ethnicity, history, and culture. While Poland should be nice to non-Poles and be governed by rule of law, it is not just some globo-bureaucratic state but a nation rich in the story of a people. A culture is not just a manual or constitution. After all, three different nations can have the same constitution and still be different in culture and history.

    Now, given that many Jews are globalists and seek to weaken Polish-National unity and resolve, they’ve used men like the black Mol to weaken Polishness. After all, if a very white nation bends over to someone as exotic and funky as Mol, why wouldn’t it bend over to the Glob? Funny thing about Globalism is it seeks to spread ‘white guilt’ even to whites who had nothing to do with imperialism or slavery.
    According to Globalism, if a Pole immigrates to America, he too is guilty of ‘slavery’. And if a black African, whose ancestors captured and sold slaves, immigrates to America, he too is part of Selma narrative.

    So, this Americanization of Polish morality is surreal. But then, Jews figured ‘white guilt’ is very effective in paralyzing whites in America. Why not try the same thing in EU? It seems to have worked remarkably well in places like Sweden that never colonized Africa. It worked less well in Poland, and good for the Poles. Still, ‘white guilt’ has sting even in white nations that never had black slavery because of Hollywood and Pop Music. Hollywood movies spread the iconography of the holy suffering Negro. According to this Narrative, no people suffered as much as Negroes(along with Jews), and no people are so magical and noble. So, the entire world weeps more for the Negro. Also, Pop Music has made Negroes cool-and-hip even in Europe, and Europeans think it’d be ‘unhip’ and ‘uncool’ not to bless and worship such a people who gave them rap and reggae.

    Anyway, it is a form of Hubris for any nation to be The World. No, it is just one nation among many other nations. We need national humility, not global hubris.
    While a nation has much to gain by trading and learning from the larger world, it is just one nation among many others, and it should not pretend to be the world.

    The New Britain tried this with massive immigration. The London Olympics featured UK as the World, but it was just a circus parody of the British Empire. It’s like, since the Brit elites lost the world empire, they have to create a mini-facsimile of lost glory in its homeland. UK looks less like a nation. Not even like a real empire. Just a ridiculous PC theme park that mixes ‘white guilt’ with neo-imperial grandeur. It’s one where the new elites are trained to be harry potters of the world.

    The result is a demoralized native populace and aggressive & nasty non-white populace.

    Btw, how did the British Empire end up? Why would such a model be imposed on a single nation?


  10. The video, and the media and police defense of the black conduct exhibited in the video is an expression of the power blacks have over whites.

  11. This kidnapping shows how that 60 years after the dismantling of Jim Crow both in the South and the Informal Jim Crow in the North and 30 years of the Baby Mama Drama culture, the Niggers are now at Homo Erectus level of behavior. Before 1960 these Niggers whether in Chicago or Birmingham would have been lucky to have made it out of the police station alive, if the cops didnt kill them someone else would do the deed. In fact being arrested to a Negro was actually far better than being given to a mob.

    Before the 1950s Negro violence was met by heinous White violence in fact even the adopted hometown of Dishonest Abe Lincoln Springfield IL’s Nigger section got burned to the ground by a White mob over a Black on White murder in 1908, thats how this would have went down in 1908, whites would have burned their entire neighborhood down and shot everything that moves. Springfield OH near Dayton had THREE White riots against Negroes in twenty years, 1900 04 and 21. theres a very famous picture of the Springfield OH KKK march in 1923.

    What happened in Birmingham AL on May 11 1963 while overlooked by the modern media as the JEW MEDIA and its cohorts are two busy making Saints of the Niggers attacking police dogs and the 4 little girls of the 16th St Baptist Church (Which had hosted Communist Agitators). This all happened afterward. On May 10th, Bombs went off in Birmingham and the next day, Negroes hit the streets with ball bats, bottles, anything they could get their hands on and it was literally a day of rage. President Kennedy so horrified by the Negro on White violence in Birmingham he declared Operation Oak Tree, which was JFK’s plan to put the city under Military Rule centered out of the Birmingham FBI Building. Well George Wallace found out, complained and the activities were shifted to Fort McClellan. Bull Connor was out of a job shortly thereafter, was hit with a massive stroke in 1966 and spent the rest of his days in a wheelchair while terrorists like Angela Davis speak on College Campuses and terrorists like Bernadine Dohrn kick it at the White House aka the crack house. Justice? Hell No

    • And no Klansman ought have spare the noose, everytime a White-run convenience store clerk is held up.

  12. From HuffPo:

    “Calling it the #BLM kidnapping is a dangerous, misguided label that needs to stop.”

  13. ‘Lügenpresse Mourns Death Of The Trump Hate Crimes Narrative’

    I don’t know why – they’ll just come up with some other cockamamie stuff.

    That’s the advantage of being a liar – there is no end to what you can say.

  14. I’m in the belly of the beast urban Chicago.

    Decent Black Americans – my neighbors strongly condemn this atrocity. Everyone I meet agrees that these criminals and probably their parents need to be publicly beaten.

    Always remember there are decent Black Americans in most places – find some good tougher ones, ex military, traditional Christians – F**** the Lib Dem criminal justice system, just do what needs to be done.


    • The decent ones can be the elected officials when we ship them ALL back to Africa- but ‘sons of slaves shall NOT inherit with the sons of the free White Man.’ -“St. Paul

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