President-Elect Trump Calls For Peace With Russia

Let’s give him some credit:

Right on!

Trump is telling the Democrats that they can quit crying and pound sand over Russia. This is what we wanted him to do. If he builds the wall, changes our trade policy and sticks to foreign policy realism, he will be in good shape. BTW, if it were not already obvious, we like the fact that Moscow is supporting “extremists across Europe” (nationalist parties neocons dislike) and we hope that they keep doing it. In fact, the ideal world would be one in which we join them to help them to liberate Europe from Angela Merkel.

As General Flynn said, it is a North-South world now, not an East-West world anymore. Islam must be pushed back and out of the Occident. The Occidental countries must stick together to defeat and repel the Third World invasion.

Russia, if you defeated the Democrats and exposed the Lügenpresse, congratulations, it only makes me think more highly of you!

Note: I’m going to continue to cover Trump just like I have done over the past week. There will be things that he does that I agree with. There will be other things that I don’t. I’m not going to be a Trump cheerleader. I’m not going to black pill you either.

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  1. It’s not North/South. It’s White/Orc. Trump will not be perfect. No one is perfect. He’s a million bajillion times better than any other candidate ZOG offered us will be.

  2. Covering Trump in this manner will be not materially different than cheerleading. Why? He is doing great things!

    If Civic Nationalism were to sweep the globe it would be de facto white nationalism in many countries, just not ours.

    Eg: UKIP accomplished far more than BNP and many similar parties, if they accomplished anything at all.

    De jure white nationalism would not be sustainable without a sympathetic world around it. A move to make a white homeland out of this country requires more preparation and a similar sympathetic world. Civic nationalism gives us the time and gets us that world.

    • Civic Nationalism means *anyone* can come to your country, as long as they do it legally according to bureaucrats AND worship your flag and uniforms. Nothing is going to change under Civic Nationalists, except they are going to put all the dopey Whites to sleep first, then Brazilianize “legally”. Look for forced integration to ramp up. “Its the patriotic thing to do, to unify the country.”

      • IMO, the anti-White weak point: As far as most 3rd worlders are concerned, they’re not here to “assimilate”, aka White/non White marriage, they’re here to take over and dominate. If the White Genocide cult ramps up “assimilation” efforts by making it compulsory they’ll just piss us off and 3rds all the more. If they maintain the status quo they’ll keep waking up more Whites. Catch 22.

    • “Eg: UKIP accomplished far more than BNP and many similar parties, if they accomplished anything at all.”

      UKIP haven’t changed minds on the core issue of Whites having a right to exist.

      BNP was defeated when Nick Griffin was destroyed on BBC Question Time in front of the entire country. Why was he destroyed? He didn’t use talking points that worked. He didn’t change minds.

      You can win elections and still lose the argument. Look at Respectable Conservatism for examples of getting elected and losing, since forever.

  3. The leader always asks WHY?

    In this case if Russia did in Clinton, so what? She was going to bomb them. Because of gays.

    • They didn’t get really nasty with Russia until Putin said no gay propaganda in front of the kiddies. Gay Mafia.

    • And because of Jews, and because of nationalism, and because Putin dares reject New England Liberalism, and because of BRICS, and because of Crimea, and because of because – because The New England Government actively wages war on all who do not accept their theology, and their manifest right to rule over all…

        • Yes, Mr. Whitaker – it is VERY ironick – particularly that we, Southerners, would pick him for a hero.

          Yet, the simple fact of the matter is that the gruff and plain-spoken way he presents himself is very redneck, which we relate to well, and which is why the Blue States find him so utterly abhorrent.

          I will point out that, all my life, I have seen Northerners who really are Southern (like Miss Denise) and Southerners, of whom we think of as ‘home-grown Yankees’.

          Have a nice day, up yonder!

  4. As General Flynn said, it is a North-South world now, not an East-West world anymore.

    It’s also a multi polar world, as Alexandr Dugin said.

    • Putin envisions a multi polar while our elites insist on a uni polar with the latter in charge, of course. This would explain some of the hostility to Russia but up to starting WWIII? I suspect that comes from other quarters.

  5. Good for Trump on Putin. Really tired of the Democrat elite trying to start war with Russia, because they can’t have gay pride parades there. I wish Trump would say it as plainly as that, because its true.

  6. Whites have the only countries in the world. Non whites have shit holes. Anything non white that resembles a country is due to heavy white investment and influence. China for example. South Africa was as much a country as is Australia, no more. Now a shit hole. Rhodesia, Southwest Africa, ect. the same.
    Whites are nationalists, non whites are tribal.
    No reason to get excited, it is what it is and always has been. Western culture is white culture. Non whites want what we have, and I cannot blame them. Nor would I permit them.
    Jews by the way are Asian, not Shemitic, Hebrew, Israelite, Adamic and thusly not white.

    • From Jason at BUGS: “Anyone who has electricity, modern medicine, the internet or ISN’T STARVING enjoys White Privilege, whether they are White or not.”

      If Whites don’t get a thank you soon we should take all our toys back, because we sure get the blame for all the evils of the world.

      • If you cast your pearls before swine, they will trample them under foot and turn and rend you.
        Do not give what is Holy unto the dogs.
        Even the dullest dimwit should be able to see it.

  7. Russia = Mexico with nukes. If Russia can threaten the US in any way shape or form it speaks to our own government’s absolute incompetence far more than it speaks to Russia’s strength. The only foreign policy objective we should have with regards to Russia and China is: for God’s sake do not force these two natural adversaries into the same corner where they start to realize the benefits of cooperation.

  8. I would love to see the Romanovs put back on the Russian throne, even if just as a ceremonial monarchy. It would also be awesome if the Kingdom of Prussia was restored, complete with a Hohenzollern ruling it. Imagine how the jews would react to events like that (deep down I am a monarchist)!

  9. I prayerfully hope Trump is sincere about this. The (((warmongers))) and their goy water boys seem hell bent on starting WWIII. They’re all insane psychopaths who ought to be locked up forever.

  10. Russia is not our enemy. In fact, Russia and other Eastern European nations may actually save Whites from extinction–since the West has become so cuckified.

  11. Keep in mind that Russia has won (for now) in Syria (and Crimea).

    Israel wants to get on Russia’s good side now that they have been beaten in Syria.

  12. Dostoevsky:

    “What if one has not yet begun to be disturbed, while another has already come up against a bolted door and violently beaten his head against it? The same fate awaits all men in their turn unless they walk in the saving road of humble communion with the people.”

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