The Alt-Lite and Conservatism

As far as I can tell, OD was the first in the blogosphere to diagnose the existence of the Alt-Lite. In “The Case for Trump: Communication,” I called it “Nationalism Lite” and Fash The Nation followed up with the term Alt-Lite.

I had been mulling this topic over for years. Specifically, it stemmed from my observation of how black crime went from being a taboo subject covered by the Council of Conservative Citizens to a widely discussed topic all over the rightwing internet. It has become increasingly redundant to write about black crime because these stories were suddenly all over WorldNetDaily, The Daily Caller and UK Daily Mail. In the last year or so, you may have noticed that Infowars is covering black crime.

I’ve been reading conservative websites for 16 years now and there has been a noticeable change in how race was being covered. It started around the time of the Trayvon Martin case and escalated through Michael Brown in Ferguson. Suddenly, Drudge Report was covering flash mobs and polar bear hunting and Breitbart and The Daily Caller were writing about anti-White rhetoric. UK Daily Mail, which isn’t even a conservative site, has probably had the biggest impact because it has pushed black crime stories that once languished on the fringes harder than any other site that comes to mind.

The case of Infowars reveals the true nature of the Alt-Lite because it was so late to the game. Many of these other sites had starting more about black crime while Infowars was still condemning “the militarization of the police” in Ferguson. If you go on Twitter now though, you will find that Paul Joseph Watson is suddenly all over Islamic terrorism and black crime whether it was the torture of the White kid in Chicago or the shooting at the airport in Fort Lauderdale this morning.

I’ve been crystal clear since September that the Alt-Lite is an economy:

“Personally, I think it was a kind of California Gold Rush of clicks that caused it. These conservative websites discovered that we had steadily built up a huge online audience with an insatiable appetite for racial news. They figured out that they could go full tabloid, throw out the red meat, and monetize it. In the end, it was their pursuit of those sweet lucrative clicks which led these conservatives to erode the taboos around “racism.”

Imagine for a moment what it looks like from our perspective: you write for a pro-White website like the Council of Conservative Citizens, Amren, or VDARE, you have been labeled and stigmatized as a “extremist,” “notorious racist” and a “member of a hate group,” and when you wake up in the morning and look for the subject to write about, say, a refugee rapist, you realize that it is semi-pointless because UK Daily Mail or WorldNetDaily has already covered it. What is there left to do but link to the Breitbart story?

I mean … in a sense, I think it is great. From our perspective, it has been a poison pill for Conservatism, Inc. They’ve been throwing out those hunks of red meat for the base to generate those sweet clicks. They have fed the appetite of the “conservative base” by broadcasting our narrative. It has mutated as a result. It is not as interested in hearing about freedom and tax cuts as it used to be. Just look at the discussions you see on Free Republic these days. What exactly is objectionable about VDARE now?

All of this has led to the emergence and popularization of the “Alt-Lite.” It shouldn’t be confused with the Alt-Right because its origins are different. Whereas the Alt-Right evolved out of White Nationalism, the Alt-Lite is the spawn of the conservative clickbait websites like Breitbart and Daily Caller. These sites have been very selective in what they have picked up and placed in their cart at the Alt-Right shopping mall.

You will find themes like black crime, multiculturalism, terrorism, refugee resettlement, political correctness, illegal immigration, populism, nationalism, and protectionism. You won’t find explicit Neo-Nazism, Jewish Question awareness, race realism, ethnostates, eugenics, Neoreaction, Identitarianism, and so on. …”

When the White kid was tortured in Chicago, the Alt-Right and White Nationalists were viscerally outraged. They identified with the victim on racial grounds. You could probably say the same about your average White conservative.

The Alt-Lite brands, however, saw the torture of the White kid in Chicago through the prism of clicks, retweets, shares, engagement, impressions and pageviews. They’re making money off the story. In the words of Cernovich, “what’s my prize?” There’s a lot of money to be made in pushing viral stories on social media and even false angles on those stories because at the end of the day all clicks are created equal.

Greg Johnson is trying to give the Alt-Lite a philosophical foundation:

“The Alt Light is defined by civic nationalism as opposed to racial nationalism. Whereas White Nationalists believe that true nationhood is defined by race and ethnicity, civic nationalists believe that a nation can be multiracial and multicultural but unified on the basis of common laws and values. It is, in short, a version of the “proposition nation.”

The Alt Light differs from the mainstream of proposition nation conservatives by opposing economic globalization and open borders in favor of nationalism, upholding the superiority of “Western” culture and values, and opposing feminism and political correctness. …”

Here’s how I would characterize the Alt-Lite:

First and foremost, the Alt-Lite are marketers who are driven by the economics of viral clickbait media. The brands aren’t particularly philosophical about what they do. We’re the ones who think in terms of ideas. Case in point, we’re the ones who coined the term “Alt-Lite” in order to distinguish them from other conservatives. We’re the ones who call them “civic nationalists.” They still don’t even know what they believe.

If the Alt-Lite brands are civic nationalists, why is their hallmark the business of trafficking in polarizing racial clickbait on social media? What are they even doing in our neighborhood of the internet? Blacks and Muslims should be our fellow Americans because the country doesn’t have any ethnic, cultural, racial or religious foundation. Cernovich is a brand, Gorilla Mindset, so he casually dispenses with *tolerance* (whether of women, different religions, different races) in order to create engagement.

It’s funny to watch the Alt-Lite throw around terms like “Western civilization” or “populism” which quite obviously mean completely different things to them. When they say “Western civilization,” they mean liberalism like other mainstream conservatives. When they say “populism,” they think that means “supporting Trump” or like Bill Mitchell being vaguely against the Republican establishment.

These people are not great thinkers. What kind of populist demands $10,000 as a “prize” to debate someone? What kind of populist talks about purging gammas? What kind of populist talks about losers who are “too poor for my time?” What kind of populist talks about himself as a brand? The #Deploraball controversy, which has devolved into the question of who’s in and who’s out, has already exposed the faux populism of the Alt-Lite.

If it was really about celebrating the victory of a popular movement, then it wouldn’t be disavowing the Alt-Right which was at the forefront of the “meme war” through the entire campaign. If MILO was really a populist, he wouldn’t care whether or not he is “the star” of the event. It wouldn’t be an issue in the first place because “populism” is about empowering the people, not catering to elite sensibilities.

What does the Alt-Lite believe? They are critical of Muslims, but adamant that Jews shall not be criticized. They dislike Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists who are fringe characters. Like mainstream conservatives, they are critical of SJWs and political correctness and feminism. They believe we should accept people of all races, religions and backgrounds. This isn’t really that different from what we are accustomed to calling mainstream conservatism. What’s different here is that the Alt-Lite brands, unlike other conservatives who share the same worldview, aren’t particularly good at being civic nationalists.

When I look at these people, a few things stand out to me: they’re more conspiratorial, they’re more commercially motivated, they’re more accepting of homosexuality and there is definitely a streak of avant garde cultural libertarianism to them. The Alt-Lite brands enjoy being edgy, but they don’t want to be too edgy. If they veer too far from the mainstream, there could be an unacceptable social, political and economic cost.

Economically, the Alt-Lite brands are primarily retailers of viral clickbait on social media. Psychologically, they are both conservative and libertarian in that they are attracted to attention whoring and controversy, but they simultaneously don’t want to be seen as too controversial by the media. Ideologically, they tend to hold standard conservative and libertarian beliefs, but this aspect of them is a distant third because it isn’t what is really driving them and can be seen in how they aren’t particularly knowledgeable about anything outside of their specialization in marketing.

The Alt-Lite brands are conservative and libertarians, but they noticeably lack the ideological rigidity of the #TruCons and the Randroids. Their addiction to sweet clicks and engagement is why they are throwing out the hunks of racial red meat to their audience. From our perspective, that makes them very useful and it is why they aren’t going anywhere even after all of this fighting. It’s also why in the end they are destined to lose control of their followers as the brands are already finding out.

When White racial consciousness is sufficiently aroused, it isn’t going to care about brands anymore. The people who are developing an appetite for racial material will go searching for stronger stuff and a more coherent worldview.

Update: More on the origins of the term “Alt-Lite” which had been circulating around for longer than I thought:

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  1. Luke 9 49-50
    “Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we tried to stop him, because he is not one of us.”
    “Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.”

    • Yes, TZL, you need to preach it often, on the right-wing, because people prefer affirming their own identities by rejecting those not identical, in dogma, than in constructing coalitions and pursuing victorious politicks.

  2. a quote from above:
    “You will find themes like black crime, multiculturalism,
    terrorism, refugee resettlement, political correctness, illegal
    immigration, populism, nationalism, and protectionism. ”
    Good! Sounds like some of what we need….but not all…

    another quote from the article above:
    “You won’t find
    explicit Neo-Nazism, Jewish Question awareness, race realism,
    ethnostates, eugenics, Neoreaction, Identitarianism, and so on. …””

    good! Even if every jew in the world disappeared tomorrow, the establishment would STILL be pushing white guilt and anti-white multiculturalism and affirmative action on us…and YOU do not understand why that is the case…which goes a long way towards explaining why you think neo-nazism and the jew question, etc, are important. They are not important. And you don’t have a clue why not.

    Here is your clue: the establishment pushes white guilt and anti-white multiculturalism and affirmative action on us because…wait for it…wait some more….because it make fat wallets fatter. …that’s right—white guilt and anti-white multiculturalism and affirmative action make the rich richer….do you know why? You better find out why…if you are such a great thinker, think your way through that one…follow the money…ALWAYS follow the money…in the end, money decides everything…

      • That’s a good point, Fee. Certainly, in North Carolina,, there are no examples, in my lifetime.

      • There never would have been a “civil rights” movement had it been entirely left up to blacks. They got a lot of (((outside))) help.

      • The idea that Judaism stands for tolerance is one of the “Big Lies” of history. One only need look at Israel to see Jewish morality in action.

    • Exactly. It was the arch Anti-Semite, Henry Ford, whose corporation was the first integrate its workforce with Blacks during an era in which integrated shops were unheard of, because he figured out PDQ that a racially diverse workforce could never unify against him.

      We must remember that it was all White unions that successfully organized against the industrial barons of the Golden Age, because TPTB haven’t forgotten which is why they are at the forefront pushing so-called social justice on the White working classes.

      We desperately need another Bacon Rebellion, but I am afraid there is too much suspicion between the races to ever effect that. Divided and conquered.

  3. It’s just a slightly edgier form of cuckservatism. We’ve moved the Overton window a foot, they’re maybe willing to move an inch.

  4. People should check out the Murdoch, Murdoch video, “The Alt Light Strikes Back” here:

    . The scene where PJW tells Murdoch, “You need some Brain Force” had me dying.

  5. Race realism will go mainstream in 2017. We will also have a black “Dyann Roof type” killer slaughter a bunch of whites at once.

    All it will take is one “Emmett Till” type incident against a white to turn the tide.

    • “But really, what is so “alt” about the “alt-lite”?”

      The packaging. It’s based on selling nothing, but selling it to white people who realize that they need an alternative to the lies they’ve been told.

  6. Proggy Elites who claim to be ‘more evolved’ because they believe homo fecal penetrative ‘sex’ has equal value or even higher value than real sex with real genitals by men and women. In colleges, the ideology of ‘equality’ isn’t about concerns about real equality. It’s about ‘equality’ as a virtue-signaling tool of the elites to feel glibly superior to the hoi polloi.

    Elite game of ‘equality’ is pretending that unequal things are of ‘equal’ value and feeling smugly superior for feeling that way. Take the notion of ‘marriage equality’. So, we are to believe that a penis entering a fecal hole of another man has same biological value as a penis into a vagina. Or, the fake ‘vagina’ created by removal of penis and testicles is of equal value as the real vagina of a woman.

    This isn’t about matters of real equality but the Game of ‘Equality’ as pseudo-intellectual and amoral academic parlor game. Real equality would be about things of equal value or things deserving of equal recognition. In what sane universe should we pretend that the fake ‘vagina’ of a tranny is as good as real one? Or that a homo man’s bunghole is of equal sexual value as a vagina?

    Those with real sense respect the Covenant between Nature and Culture. Nature is about new life created by male and female. All animals, including humans, create life this way. But unlike animals, humans take long time to develop. And they must grow not only physically but morally, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and culturally. And this means the parents who create the life should commit to one another to raise the kid. Nature as nature is too raw and crazy for humanity. So, there needs to be morality, but this morality made possible by culture must be based on natural truth, i.e. man and woman create life. But we have lost the sense of this nature-culture covenant because of homomania, feminism, hedonism, and Negro-ism. Homos can’t have kids, so they wanna pretend that they are ‘having’ kids. Being a favored group, we must accommodate them, or so the dominant narrative says. Feminism sees sisterhood or sex-and-city-hood as the core of being. Men exist as either enemy or merely to pleasure women when women feel like it. Men are like electricity to turn on and off, not a fire to tend. Negro-ism is reversion to African mode where men romp around looking for as many pooters as possible without commitment. Black American communities have pretty much reverted to this mode. And since the narrative says we must admire all things black, this Negro-ism is spread all around by Rap Culture and sports celebrities who are into humping countless ho’s.

    This is too bad since Christian West created the soundest form of male-female relationship in the nuclear family. The Far East had the Confucian system that favored extended family over the individual. So, the wife was seen as a nothing and only a vehicle for creating life for the family. The Muslim Middle East tended to see women as mere property or chattel. Polygamy, though not very common, was idealized as a norm. In black Africa, the rule was Dong-Key-Kong, or stick the dong into as many pooters as possible and shirk one’s fatherly duty. Even Obama’s educated father acted this way.

    In contrast, the Christian West developed a fine balance between dignity of man and respect for woman. And there was ideal of love and commitment. All that is eroding away because we live in a culture of lies that must cater to every freak or elite fad or fashion that favors styles of thought over substance.

    Sometimes, I wonder if the US could carry on if not for Land and Legacy. The US is blessed with immense fertile land and tremendous natural resources. Also, the natural resources were put to maximum use by the founders and settlers of great character and vision. They laid down the laws, economics, manners, and ways that made possible the rise of a great nation. Those who say Slavery Done It should look to Brazil. It had 10x the slaves but a much smaller economy and achievement. And all of Latin America had extensive slavery or peonage for the native indio-populations, but they most remained poor. Is it any wonder that when the Mexican president was asked to name one Mexican achievement, he said… Taco. Mexican-Americans protested Mike Royko for saying Mexicans didn’t produce much other than tequila, but the Mexican president himself couldn’t add much to tequila but… taco.

    So, US has great land and great legacy, most of Anglo founders and settlers. Those two things made America possible. After all, only land without legacy would have made the US like Brazil or Argentina, nations of immense potential as perennial under-achievers because of inferior legacy of laws, systems, and demography.

    But only legacy couldn’t have done it either. If the founding stock had built a new nation in an area the size of Peru, the US could have been a nice nation but not a great one. It’s like New Zealand will never amount to a great power. Too small, too limited. But US had land and legacy.

    But look around, and the US is going from the Magnificent Country to Maggot-infested Country. The culture is foul. Intellectual life in colleges is a joke except in science and medicine. Politics is run by weasels, cucks, and leeches. If not for Land and Legacy, what would happen to the US? Suppose Americans of today had to live in a nation like Japan or Germany with limited resources. With no easy reliance on all that food, fuel, and minerals. And with the American Legacy fading away each year with politics and culture that gets dumber and trashier, Americans don’t even have values anymore.

    Americans will always have the Land. And Legacy still remains ENOUGH to keep the system going. And this has created the fallacy that the Current American Way must be the best one because the US is the richest most powerful nation. Many are fooled into believing Current American Way = Best Way.

    But American success owes to Land and Legacy, not to the current system that is foul, degenerate, and excessive.

    But even Land and Legacy have limits for a nation into such debauchery and profligacy. No wonder the US is obsessed by destroying any nation that challenges the globo-monopoly of the Almighty Dollar. When Land isn’t enough, when Legacy is fading, there is always the power of Currency.

  7. If I rembember correctly all these people were “cultural libertarians” or something just a year ago. But I guess this thing didn’t pan out.

    • A gradual evolution of multi-fascited resistance, Dear Cyrus, is forming a national wedge, unified against nihilistick socialism.

  8. Hunter Wallace is right and his case is well made. The Alt-Lite is a commercial and not an ideological enterprise.

  9. I don’t see any convincing proof that this site and the Alt Right are truly populist.

    Also, Greg Johnson says, “Whereas White Nationalists believe that true nationhood is defined by race and ethnicity, civic nationalists believe that a nation can be multiracial and multicultural but unified on the basis of common laws and values. It is, in short, a version of the “proposition nation.”

    So-called civic nationalists don’t really believe in a nation based on ‘common laws and values,’ since allowing multicultural values to supersede those of the WASPs who founded America (and who wrote the national law) violates the original WASP proposition – a nation of northwestern european stock.

    • Good point, Lorax – one which Dr. Hill of The League of The South has been making for a coon’s age.

      The problem is that The South moved heaven and earth to preserve it’s racial construct, but, Northerners did everything they could do to destroy it, and make us adopt y’all’s proposition nation.

      Y’all won, and now, y’all must live with that victory.

      • Prior to the Civil War, the responsibility for regulating immigration seems to have fallen to the states:

        After the war the federal government took control. Officially the Chinese were being limited in the 1880’s, but I have to wonder to what extent the flood of jews from eastern Europe and of southern europeans generally (particularly italians) that engulfed the US was orchestrated more by jewish control of the feds. No one seems to discuss antebellum state control of immigration and its impact on the ethnic/racial stock.

        So perhaps you’re right, we ‘won,’ but I’m not sure that Southern jews weren’t integral to the federally-overseen invasion of the US by their brethren and hostile foreigners generally. Did the North really ‘need’ all these laborers? Maybe some, but there must have been a plot in the jewish agenda to flood the labor market and also ethnically divide it, and to subvert the anglo/germanic/celtic majority stock and WASP stewardship of America.

        So I don’t know that ‘we’ is the correct pronoun. (((They))) seems more like it.

        • Thank you, Lorax, for your very thoughtful and intelligent reply.

          In fact you make many complex points, to which I’ll try to reply – though it may unintentionally irk you, as it is a North Carolina view.

          #1. After the War of Northern Aggression, the Northern Government tried to take control of us. It did not work, as we shot, hung and burned their agents, until, by the early 1870s, in North Carolina, we ran the show again – completely.

          It remained this way for nearly 60 years, until, gradually, step by step, the Federal government began to grow and become intrusive.

          As it was handing out goodies, in the 1930s, we half-ass resisted it.

          By the 1940s, the activist Northern Courts were attacking our society full throttle.

          At this point, you can enter The Jews, who, having become fairly strong in The New England Yankee Government, by that time, began to focus it where they wanted it.

          That said, it was NOT a Jewish government, but, one in which Jews were gaining influence.

          #2. Southerns Jews, of my childhood, were, as a whole, anti-Federal Government and pro-Southern. if you need more information on this, please read Mr. Griffin’s report on Selma, filed here in 2014.

          The Northern Government created Jews of this era are, without a doubt, it’s most ardent anti-Southern anti-White agents. It makes me sick to be related to them, but, as The Lord placet me in this existence, all I can do is denounce it and distance myself from them.

          #3. If you prefer the pronoun ‘they’, then I will stop considering you a plain Yankee, and regard you in a more favourable light of being a ‘Copperhead’. I respect all Copperheads – whether they like me or not.

          #4. Over Jewish control over the Feds, I must respecfully disagree. Too many Northerners seem to think that their government is good, and was only spoilt by Jews, in recent decades.

          To put this most succinctly, I quote another of our friends, here, at Occidental Dissent – Mr. James Owen, a Texan…

          ‘The Jews are only secondary partners to The New England Yankee Government.

          The abolitionists and other radicals rose to power in the North before Jews became significant or prominent. They, and other radical, European
          exiles, simply found a ready made system they could take over and
          exploit. It’s interesting that Yankee types behave like Jews are said to
          behave. Our Northern friends have it harder than we do. They’re stuck
          in enemy territory. At least we have friends and neighbours that agree
          with us on traditional views and values. And vote like us.’

          Well, Lorax, I think Mr. Owen nailed it, and so you know how we feel.

          Thank you, again, and have a fine Sabbath day!

          • There is compelling evidence that Abraham Lincoln was jewish. Google it. I don’t have time to reply fully now but that should suffice to throw a wrench in your theory.

          • Thank you, Lorax, but, I find it improbable that Mr. Lincoln was Jewish.


            Because there is nothing Jewish about his family background.

            Further, there were no Jews out on the Kentucky frontier of the early 19th century.

            Jews don’t like frontiers, as it is impossible to form copperheads and possums into a profitable racket….

            But, I will give you this : Mr. Lincoln DID govern in a way which Northern Jews, of that era, would have found sympathetick.

            Southern Jews, however, would not have found it sympathetick.

            Thank you.

          • I have a much different take on the Civil War. The South was a tool of the European (((bankers))) who convinced them they were “oppressed” by the Yankees. Southerners swallowed the bait and started a war they had no hope of winning just so European (((bankers))) could get a foothold in the US.

            All wars are banker wars

          • As you wish, Mr. Frosty,

            Though, as I do not suscribe to the notion that The Jews are The Master Race, and that every one else is hopelessly inferior; or that all which occurs, and has ever occurred, is merely a misbegotten sequence of unwitting puppets being played by the puppeteers, I won’t think it about the second American Revolution.

            That said, I do think that all the other wars this country has ever participated in, other than 1775 and 1861, were wars fought at either the influence of, and or the behest of, Jewish financiers.

            As I say to my wife : ‘Honey, there have only been two kinds of wars in this country – one type fought to get free from Jewish bankers, and the other to project their power upon others.’

            Thank you for your thoughts, Mr. Frosty.

        • More like two special interests working at cross purposes to effect the same changes for different goals. Much like today. It’s the same class war disguised as a race war. The WASP elite of yesteryear wanted to undercut WASP working classes with cheap Eastern/Southern European/Catholic labor much like the elite of today are importing cheap Latino and Mestizo Catholics. The elite of yesterday and today don’t realize how their greed only enriches and empowers the Jews.

          My Polish grandparents immigrated to this country months before WASP working class unions were able to shut down immigration to a trickle which favored Protestant immigrants from Western European countries.

          The one difference from today is that the WASP elite fully expected and demanded that White Catholic ethnics learn English and assimilate as much as possible to the WASP culture. To that end my parents attended Polish Catholic school where they were taught to speak fluent English and other skills that would make them attractive to WASP employers.

          Our grandparents were all Catholic Poles, but the majority of our grandchildren are not. The first generation married other ethnic Catholics. and left their enclaves to move out to the Protestant suburbs. The second generation married Protestants Most of the third generation now attend nondenominational churches. Some are actually Protestant. The mother tongue is gone, the religion is gone, the only thing left is some family recipes.

          Ironically, it as the WASP working class that extended the power and influence of a WASP elite too stupid to recognize it, because their power and influence waned substantially with every initiative they took to undermine their working class with Immigration “reform” and civil rights and affirmative action.

          The Jews the WASP elite collaborated with did not rest until they pushed through an immigration “reform” plan that encouraged an open door police to aggressive invaders that will never assimilate to the founding population. Not only that but they discouraged the elite from pushing assimilation (English proficiency) the way they did with my family.

          Our WASP elite are too stupid to recognize how their fortunes (power, control, and influence) fell with that of the White working class. I guess they are too narcotized by cheap nannies and gardeners to worry much why there isn’t a single WASP on the Supreme Court (which is the most powerful branch in the country right now).

          There is a part of me that believes that there might be a segment of Jews that actually are pro-White, because any of the Non-White groups they have helped turn on them and throw them out once they get sufficiently empowered. I live in the Southwest and the Mestizos replace anyone else who isn’t Mestizo, whether they are Black, Asian, White or (((look White))) once they can find a Mestizo to vote for. It makes no difference how much that candidate panders to them or how hard that candidate worked for them in the past.

          So, I can see where Civic Nationalism with an implicit Pro-White subtext might appeal to people who (((look White))). And that is what I believe might be happening. I think the proof in the pudding is if the Trump is able to fill any future Supreme Court vacancies with WASP males.

      • That’s ancient history.

        Working class Whites in the Midwest voted for Trump in virtually identical % as White working class folks in the South. The liars, paid prostitute leaders in the Southern Christian Zionist churches, Religious Wrong types tried to smear Donald Trump as a Northern Liberal with “New York values”.

        White Southerners liked/like a tough White guy from New York City who knows how to fight:

        Bad mexicans
        Bad Muslims
        Bad media Liars
        Bad cuckservatives

        • ‘Working class Whites in the Midwest voted for Trump in virtually identical % as White working class folks in the South.’

          I agree with you to a certain extent, Mr. Ellis, though, The Midwest split – many, instead, going to Mrs. Beezelbub.

          Still, there is a connection you seem to overlook ‘twixt The rural/smalltown Midwest and The rural/smalltown South – and that is The Bible.

          Also, I will point out to you that the southern parts of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and, as well as the western parts of New York and Pennsylvania have an awful lot of Confederate minds, and, where that is not quite so – minds that are, now and then, willing to think about supporting our states’ rights point of view.

          People say it was about the economy. I think that is much more so for the North.

          For The South, however, this past election was mostly about states’ rights – putting up the wall to protect us from the democratick oblivion that comes with demographick displacement and Trump’s promise to appoint Scalias – who, in their turn, will strike down much of the last 50 years of unconstitutional judicial activism.

          No, I disagree that we, ‘liket a White guy from New York City’, as I know oh, so many, Southerners who had a hard time going to the polls for the New York part of that kind of guy – precisely because of that N.Y. city stuff..

          We did like the Ole Hickory qualities, however.

          To be clear – Donald Trump, before a campaign podium comes across like a pisst off good-ole-boy politician –

          Doubt me? – look at the brief clip of our last hero, below…

    • A multi-racial nation is an oxymoron. Makes about as much sense as a multi-racial Indian Nation. Civic Nationalists are retards that bow to Political Correctness, as defined by cultural Marxists.

  10. Very good article. Only should have pointed out that the Alt-Right is run, headed, by the same jews that run mainstream media. (((Profit driven)))
    Throwing off jewish control and all jewish influence does not involve wiping the jews off of the face of the earth. It does involve putting them out of our cultures and countries.
    Awareness of THE JEWISH problem is the #1 issue. Not an also issue. They are the source of the conspiracy.
    When that issue begins to be addressed seriously, we will begin to see real prosperity.
    Emotional prosperity, family prosperity, community prosperity, regional prosperity, and national prosperity.
    I would appreciate some coverage of the jewish control of the churches and so called christian religion.

  11. ‘I’ve been crystal clear since September that the Alt-Lite is an economy’

    That’s good news, because all economies become politicks, which become laws, which make and change nations…

    • Once you start collecting money you become subject to the Iron Law of Bureaucracy. You become less about the goals of the institution and more about preserving the institution itself.

      jerrypournelle dot com/reports/jerryp/iron.html

      But as Hunter points out, Alt-Light never had any goals other than extracting money from rubes. Sooo….

      • That’s the downside, Mr. Jackson, and, certainly, I agree with you.

        Yet, there is a large upside; and, trusting to to see that I won’t belabour your time.

        Have a great evening!

  12. It has become increasingly redundant to write about black crime because these stories were suddenly all over WorldNetDaily, The Daily Caller and UK Daily Mail. In the last year or so, you may have noticed that Infowars is covering black crime.

    It’s only redundant if you trust that the sources will not use those stories to steer folks down a path that leads them away from a natural position on race and race realism. Those guys won’t blame race, they’ll blame Liberals. They are still convinced that cultural inadequacy is the source of black criminality. Even if black people could be absorbed with White people into a cohesive and viable state—we all know they can’t—I still would not embrace any type of Multiracial Civic Nationalism more than I would a society built on a foundation of Racial Nationalism. In this regard, the Alt-Lite crowd is as far away from me ideologically as are the anti-White Leftists.

    Pro-White people have spent a lot of time and energy trying to bring attention to the epidemic of black-on-White crime and the proclivities for violence, incompetence and chaos that black society represents, so why give someone else sole ownership of the narrative? Why do they now get to be the experts on black crime when they never cared before until they saw the possibility of a revenue stream?

  13. Can we somehow do more to entice our people to enjoy destroying our enemies instead of watching homo-simian primates bashing helmets in niggerball or Alt-lite fags selling penis suppliments on Alex Jewnes? Surely real life blood sports like Jew baiting, nigger lynching, bitch beating and gay bashing online are more entertaining and satisfying and actually achieve something?

  14. The best litmus test to distinguish lite from right: Do you believe White Genocide is real, yes or no?

    • I’m still not convinced that the White Genocide mantra is the best rallying point. I could probably work up a few compelling arguments that point to the fact that there are more White people alive today than 50 years ago. I can see them arguing the semantics involved in the word genocide, and I figure they would concede some points and give up a little ground for the sake of trying to appear to be more reasonable and rational in their diagnosis. I’m pretty sure that the more zealous “anti-Racists” will continue to laugh at and berate those espousing the White Genocide mantra. But I’m about 99% positive that the slightly less hostile anti-Racists—even though they are still very hostile to the idea of a White Nationalist state—would be less rigid and a tad more amenable when they see that the $$$$ is there if/when they take that approach toward the White Genocide mantra.

      I think the best question to distinguish them from us is a more direct question that cuts straight through all the bullshit and semantical posturing:

      Do you support the existence of race-based nations, or are you open to the idea that more racially homogenous societies are much more ideal than racially heterogeneous societies?

      That’s the Pro-White/Racialist threshold. None of them have the balls to cross over that line. They can believe or not believe in just about anything they want. But if Race-based Nationalism is the line they are not willing to cross, then they’re no friends of mine and have no place within the pro-White sphere.

      • “I’m still not convinced that the White Genocide mantra is the best rallying point. ”

        It is not meant to rally around, it is meant to be USED. It is meant to undermine FAITH in the anti-White Religion, until that One True Religion crumbles.

        What BUGS are doing is not like collecting up-clicks on Facebook, nor getting votes for Civic Nationalists that want to turn all White countries into Brazils. It is an offensive process, not a defensive one.

        “I could probably work up a few compelling arguments that
        point to the fact that there are more White people alive today than 50
        years ago. ”

        Probably? Don’t be lazy man, try your questions at BUGS right now. They would be happy to deal with it.

        To answer your question, there are always more people at the beginning of genocides. Genocide is an 8 stage process. The last step is always denial.

        And if White Genocide isn’t happening, why are only White areas and countries chased down with diversity? Why is White Flight considered “a problem” by governments who expend all their resources to chase down escapees? Why all the anti-White propaganda on TV and in newspapers that is not considered racism, yet if it was done to any other racial group it would be? Etc, etc, etc….

        I’m sure Whitaker could deal with your question with a single line. Put it to him and he will post the answer on Twitter, then everyone can use it.

    • Hah! Gavin McInnes won’t even say the word “White”. He did an interview with Emily Youcis and she asked him to repeat The 14 Words with her. When they get to White he replaces it with Western. So they start arguing over that and he refuses to say White, like its garlic to a vampire. The interview is on Youtube.

      This McInnes guy is bad news and anyone supporting him is highly suspect IMO.

      • I view all of these alt-lite characters as respectable conservatives Part II. They want us to think they’re “edgy” but they’re never edgy enough to discuss White Genocide.

      • When you think about it, it’s incredible that anyone could actually disagree with the 14 words. White people get to live on rather than die off and this is supposed to be objectionable?

  15. Nice piece, Mr. Wallace. I think it laughable that InfoWars raged against Dr. David Duke a year and a half ago, but is now trying to portray themselves as Alt-Right. And I might add that Paul Joseph Watson is so disgustingly effeminate that it is offensive to look at him.
    White identity and the Jewish subversion of the U.S.A. is what pulled me out a (mildly libertarian) version of the hard core patriot movement about 2 and 1/2 years ago. What does liberty matter when your people no longer exist? I went from reading Lew Rockwell and crew to reading George Lincoln Rockwell’s “White Power” in a little over a year.
    It frustrates me when my family members will talk -in private- about Black crime, but simultaneously reverence the Jews. They have not yet made it to the Alt-Light, let alone the Alt-Right. Zionist preachers have them mentally bound.

      • Hollocaust– nothing more than a distraction of what is happening of the birthrates decline and replacement there of. History is litter with evidence of shipwrecks. So when he says i’m not racist, nor pro NSDAP, which was the foundation of preserving and acquire land mass for strength. We now have the opposite of boomerang affect.

  16. I’m with you. These Alt-Lite scumbags are opportunistic self-promoters.

    I love it how these complete nobodies–people like Lauren Southern, Bill Mitchell, Tomi Loren (sp?)–pop up out of nowhere and are suddenly given massive support and are seen as authorities on the Alt-Right. I’d love to confront these motherfuckers in real life.

    The Cernovich parody account @MikeThernobich is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. He nails it. Have you noticed that Cernovich is sounding increasingly unhinged lately? Maybe he’s been drinking too much of his wife’s breast milk. Or the nootropics aren’t working. What a fucking nutjob!

    Also, Alt-Lite was in usage way before that Hammer guy claims he “invented” it. Just saying.

    • Lauren Southern’s just a girl but she has criticized BLM effectively.

      I’d cut her some slack. Sad to say but we need pretty young women to spread help normalize serious opposition to PC

      • She’s Soros’ anti-feminist. She plays her reactionary role just as the feminists do. The fact that much of the feminist protest extremism is staged has been proven by participants’ own admission, and documented on Renegade Tribune.

      • Cucks will criticize BLM and other non White anti-White groups. Then they will call you a Nazi or white supremacist for wanting homelands where you wouldn’t have to worry about such anti-White groups.

    • “I love it how these complete nobodies–people like Lauren Southern, Bill
      Mitchell, Tomi Loren (sp?)–pop up out of nowhere and are suddenly
      given massive support and are seen as authorities on the Alt-Right. I’d
      love to confront these motherfuckers in real life.”

      Ain’t that the truth. I know there are companies that specialize in getting you fake followers on Twitter, if you pay them enough.

    • Bullshit.

      Yeah, I’m sure using Alt-lite before anyone else to deride the exact same crowd in question is just a massive (((coincidence))). Yeah, I’m sure vivid memories of inventing it and using it strategically on Twitter and /pol/ so it’d catch on are just hallucinations.

      “That Hammer guy” “claims” to have invented it because I fucking DID invent it, idiot. That’s a fact. If it makes you sour then invent something yourself.

      It’s just appropriate Hunter turned out to be the one who gave me the credit because he actually gets it when so many others haven’t.

      Feel free to prove me wrong, man.

    • Note that the alt-Liters are promoted on Twitter. While leading alt-Right accounts are banned. So that many of those who listened to alt-Right leaders will move to the alt-Lite voices, who also oppose immigration (except for Billy Michelle) and have high follower counts: “Hey, many people commenting here, I guess I’ll go here instead.” That’s how Twitter controls the opposition.

  17. I’ve been reading conservative websites for 16 years now

    Yes, you’re one of the originals, one of the True Believers. I’ve been involved in right-wing politics for 27+ years now (I started early!), WN for probably 20+ years.

    These opportunistic self-promoters won’t last long.

    It’s funny seeing some of the newcomers assume the origins of the Alt-Right date from 2015 or so. Clueless!

  18. Say what you will about Gavin McInnes, at least he has a track record.

    Totally OT: whatever happened to Ian Jobling?

    • He cucked. He repudiated his views in some interview he gave. I doubt he actually believes his repudiation; he probably just views WN as a hopeless cause.

  19. Not a second after we killed and buried the body of mainstream conservatism, than a new group of cucks (Alt-Lite / Alt-West) emerges to take its place.

    Funny how that keeps happening.

    • Whitaker has been fighting them all his life and has said the same thing. Just when you think they’re dead…

      I really think it has nothing to do with idiocy, these cucks are paid a good living by the racial enemies of Whites. Replace the monetary rewards with money punishments for Treason against Whites and the cuck rats will disappear into the cracks.

      • Exactly.

        I have no doubt that many of these cucks would actually fall into line and repeat our own talking points – verbatim – if there was cash in it.

        • It’s like having to remind someone to tell you Happy Birthday.

          “Hey, it’s my birthday. Tell me Happy Birthday!”
          “Happy Birthday, dude!”

          Sure, they went through the motions, but no sincere emotions were involved getting them to that point. What happens when I don’t remind them?

  20. Gavin McInnes literally whined, “Why can’t we all get along?” This is not a sixth grade social studies class. Your Operation Ivy backpack patch or whatever marks you only as an controlled stooge. These perpetual adolescents and nationalist flavored presstitutes need to be ingloriously dethroned.

  21. Key points missed:

    1) would you calk trump alt lite? Farage? Putin? They won. Unlike any pure 14 or 88 candidate, the alt lite is winning and is not obliged to move “perpetually rightward’.

    2) One of Trump’s early strokes of genius was going on the Alex Jones show. He repeatedly invoked truths from their sphere (Bush 9/11, Cruz JFK, international bankers) and survived. The Muslim ban and the attack on the mexican judge had to be walked back, the alt right had to be disavowed – for a reason – its too extreme.

    3) I would argue that a well argued 14 could work, 88 never will. Does the alt right dispute this? What exactly is the alt right doing just now? Attacking Trump, attacking the ” alt lite” and generally watching the world from the internet ghetto. Sad!

    Why not adjust to empirical reality? Why not drop the extreme and violent and hitlerist rhetoric? Why not realize that if Civic Nationalism sweeps the globe it would be defacto white nationalism in many countries, just not our own, and a more viable launching point for de jure white nationalism and the establishment of a white nation on this continent.

    4) A wall has been built on the right and we are draining the swamp. My hope is to let certain top people come back through a big beautiful door to argue for 14 but never 88.

    If you can’t sell Whitopia to whites you are doing some thing wrong, and that wrong is the “evil be my good” mentality of the alt right.

    Right makes might.

    • I’ll add a fifth point specificslly for Occidental Dissent:

      5) There was a time when OD had it figured out, I specifically recall the debate between OD and Alex “murder an innocent child” Linder.

      Now OD is firmly in the Andrew “I am a disciple of Linder” Anglin swamp.

      Was this throwing in the towel? Mania? There still exists an opportunity for someone to pick up where Jim Webb left off and tell the tale of the South to Southerners.

      Spencer wants money for a college tour because, in his own words, he’s “the real Milo”!!

      Why not OD? Auburn, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Virginia? It’s not just OK to raise money, its a moral responsibility for us all to build a culture of giving to the leaders. You’re telling me that people can’t cough up 25 cents a day? Bull!

      Before people spout off about the next outrage, they should be building the systems needed to grow the movement – and that means money. And that means a culture of shaming those who don’t contribute while trying to convince the world they are worried about their genocide. Bull!

      • I’m trying to do Alt Right, pro Southern activism through my Vanderbilt Alumni networks, it’s a very tough sell. Most of my Vandy alums like Vanderbilt being more and more

        The Harvard of the South.

        Vanderbilt now has a Lib Left, pro Black chancellor, he’s Jewish and was a former Lib Law professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison (not exactly a strong pro Southern Confederate place).

        My classmates like having Vanderbilt get high ratings in comparison with places like Yale. If some sports team is good, well White folks LOVE SEC Black football. We did have some PR problems when a group of mostly Black Vandy football players gang raped a White co-ed, but I’m getting e-mails from trusted alumni friends getting all excited that the Vanderbilt Golf team is rated #1.

        Go figure.

      • “Now OD is firmly in the Andrew “I am a disciple of Linder” Anglin swamp.”

        This website isn’t anything close to the views of Alex Linder or Andrew Anglin.

        And that shouldn’t be taken as a compliment.

    • Some people won elections, but that’s not a win for us in itself. Their success is yet to be measured, and only in terms of what’s good for Whites.
      If they don’t deliver… well, that’s where we come in. 88

    • Afterthought asks :”What exactly is the alt right doing just now?”

      I respond:

      We’re trying to figure out what to do after we finally won something important.

      We’re so used to always losing and moaning that “the system” is fixed, nothing is really possible unless there is a total collapse of civilization and a zombie apocalyps, that we’re more than a bit confused on what to do after we won something huge.

      I’m trying to organize locally and find, train local leaders who are ~ 30 years old. We’re trying to run against Chicago from some still White metro Chicago burbs or small towns, or across the border in Indiana.

      I recommend others do the same or also work on promoting Alt Right media as an alternative to Lib Left, Jewish, Black, Cuckservative media maybe including Fox. If Fox News lets Ann Coulter back on, maybe we’ll give them a break, otherwise, we treat Fox News like Black on White hard core porn.

    • I would argue that a well argued 14 could work, 88 never will.

      I presume you’re not talking about David Lane’s 14 Words and 88 Precepts.

  22. From our perspective, that makes them very useful

    Then start acting like it.

    Incessantly demanding everyone remember that Person X is not Alt-Right because of Y and Z serves no effect besides self-destruction. The more “extreme” you are, the more interest you have in blurring the lines. Let the facts speak for themselves, stop worrying about the ‘express ideological affiliation’ and personal motives of the person tweeting them.

  23. Civic nationalism is worse than ethnic nationalism from my viewpoint, because civic nationalism can only be maintained by flag worship. It very often is tied to military and police worship.

    Ethnic nationalism, on the other hand, is not the nationalism of the state. However ethnic nationalism can too be harmful, if it pits one ethnic group against the other and thus undermines any attempt to organize along class lines.

  24. It’s always amusing to watch rabid leftists demonstrate that if brains were dynamate, they’d be hard pressed to blow their noses. There is, simply put – no ‘behavior’ on the right not amply demonstrated on their side of the aisle as well.

    Except perhaps the bit about vilifying whites for skin color, the ‘new PC racism’.

  25. Hunter, the Alt-Lite cucks over at Vox Day’s place are poking you with their little sticks.

  26. These people are not great thinkers. What kind of populist demands $10,000 as a “prize” to debate someone?

    When you get right down to it, the people in the Alt-Lite/Alt-West are pussies and faggots–literally!

    I have to laugh at the little Alt-Lite twerps issuing debate challenges. Here’s a better idea. Why don’t we organize some one-on-one boxing or fighting matches?

  27. Mr. Wallace…

    This is all well and good, but the Jewish Question is why are those “jewish supremacists” such anti-white Supremacists and why do their avowed enemies desperately deny being genuine white Supremacists?

    The other question is the re-establishment of The Southern Monopoly?

    “When y’all goin’ start makin’ that suga again so the white boy ain’t poisoned by dem chemicals?”

    • How can you be a White Supremacist and a White Separatist at the same time? Who are you going to be supreme to, if you want to live in a country only with other Whites?

      Racial supremacists can only exist in multi-racial societies. Uh oh…

      • Ah, Yes. The Supremacist-Separatist conundrum that I know so well. I hate them and want to rule over them and flex and flaunt my “privilege” right in their faces; yet, I want nothing to do with them and would gladly give them their own piece of Earth and never come into contact with them if I had my way. I move away whenever I can, but they seem to follow me wherever I go.

  28. These folks really are all about making money. The proliferation of Alt-Liters means you can’t kill that commercial effort with a stick. Figure them out, avoid them, don’t quote them.

    I’ve been driving to some new places the last few weeks and have heard Alex Jones radio show. He’s very entertaining, like Limbaugh. Who knows what they believe? Limbaugh’s brother was an ardent Cruz supporter but is Limbaugh really ideological at all? They are talented entertainers. A less talented guy with a radio show and a TV show is Sean Hannity. He got badly burned some years back with the Abner Louima case in Brooklyn. The most improbable, outrageous allegation turned out to be true: That cop really did rape Louima with a broomstick and the other cops really did just sit there in the station and let it happen. I don’t think Hannity ever recovered from having been wrong about that case. That cop’s father was also a cop and a very specialized cop who was on the art forgery task force, of all things. I believe all the cops at the station were college grads. Go figure. Very frightening that a whole station of NYC cops were sadists.

    One difference between Alt Rite and “conservative” media: Alt-Riters are not going to get invested in the “issue” of supporting the police. Not against cops and cops get a certain presumption of being in the right but every case stands on its own.

  29. On a good day you might catch Vox not bragging about his IQ and his minions stroking his ego.

    It’s all about the brand for him. This is his way of making money. Same as those he promotes. A homosexual Jewish man who openly brags about sex with blacks men and a huckster who now sells blue pills.

    Vox is in it for the money, a carpet bagger.

  30. So . . . the alt-right is the vanguard that, through its uncompromising commitment to principles instead of clicks and cash, pulls the alt-lite, conservatism, and some of the white population to greater opposition against white-hating racism.

  31. The aim is sustained separation. Such is the only antidote to all-out degeneracy. So something like The Southern Monopoly springs forth.

    By what mechanism though?

    Obviously, an anti-zeitgeist mechanism.

    That would be white Supremacy.

  32. For the taboo on separation (secession) to be broken, objective (white) Supremacy must be re-established and then sustained.

    Amongst whites in North America, something like a three nation solution comes to mind.

    The Land of white Supremacy.

    The Liberated Cucklands.

    The Southern Monopoly.

  33. The true parasite is both humanly unaccountable and terminable without consent.

    So how to transcend the true parasites with a strict taboo on separation?

    Alt-rite… To Alt-West/Alt-white/Alt-lite… All three still anti-white Supremacy.

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