Lügenpresse Condemns RT America For Poisoning The Narrative

This is hilarious:

“RT, a state-run Russian television network that broadcasts around the world in English, was implicated in a recently declassified United States intelligence report that accused the Russia government of meddling in the American presidential election to tip the vote in favor of Donald J. Trump.

The Russians are accused of hacking the email systems of the Democratic National Committee and conducting a widespread disinformation campaign that included the propagation of fake news stories on the internet and the airwaves.

RT’s coverage of Hillary Clinton “throughout the U.S. presidential campaign was consistently negative and focused on her leaked emails and accused her of corruption, poor physical and mental health and ties to Islamic extremism,” the declassified intelligence report said. …

Russian intelligence agents used a variety of means to spread misinformation. “We mean everything from internet trolls to propaganda and misinformation spread by media companies like RT and Sputnik,” Wilhelm Unge, a spokesman for the Swedish Security Service, said during a speech to that agency last year. …”


1.) First, I didn’t even watch RT America all that much during the election. I wasn’t reading Sputnik News. Neither had any impact whatsoever on my negative view of Hillary Clinton. I’ve watched and retweeted a bunch of RT videos on YouTube and Twitter mainly the American media is less interested in covering foreign affairs.

2.) Second, I have DISH and have started watching RT America since the election because there has been so much Russophobia as of late. If the Lügenpresse hates RT America, I figured I would check it out. I’ve found that I enjoy RT’s coverage of issues that interest me like the recent Italian and Austrian elections.

3.) Third, where does the Lügenpresse get off accusing RT America of being biased against Hillary Clinton? According to a recent Harvard study, Trump’s coverage during the general election was overwhelmingly negative: CBS News 89%, USA Today 88%, Washington Post 87%, LA Times 86%, New York Times 86%, NBC 83%, ABC 81%, CNN 81%, Wall Street Journal 80% and FOX News 73%. In the general election, 77% of Trump’s total coverage was negative compared with 64% of Hillary’s coverage.

4.) Fourth, Trump was at a disadvantage in that not only were the Lügenpresse and Hollywood celebrities out to get him, but the conservative punditry was overwhelmingly against him as well. RT America’s impact on the election was miniscule compared to the Megaphone which was controlled by Hillary’s allies.

5.) Finally, the Lügenpresse went to the extreme of illegally publishing Trump’s tax returns while dismissing concerns about Hillary’s health as an insane conspiracy theory until she literally collapsed on national television at the 9/11 ceremony in New York City.

Rod Dreher made a good point this morning when he said he reads the Lügenpresse in order to learn the official Narrative. That’s why I watch NBC Narratives. It’s an important thing to know. At the end of the day, these people only have themselves to blame for their loss of legitimacy. They are looking for scapegoats.

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      • RT, Sputnik etc…were the only media outlets that would allow opposing facts and views to be presented to the world concerning the economy during the Obama administration.

        Now, since the problems in Crimea and UKR, they have reverted to more classical Soviet style propaganda on covering race relations in america, which in my opinion, degrades the progress which they had made towards truthful press.

        I find no evidence of their storys concerning the election to be outlandishly false. On the other hand check out our interference via the Moscow Times.

        • Yes, Mr. Saint.

          Well, the whole premise of The New England government’s position that ‘Russia hackt into our elections, and, thus’ irrevocably interfered’ seems to revolve around the notion that they stole into some inascertained location, and the promulgated wild untruths about the candidates which we, gullible and unintelligent folks, then swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

          It’s quite a slap in the face of ordinary people, all across the 50 states, that we unwittingly allowed a foreign country to subtly imply what our interests were, and then, like puppets in a trance, we acted upon the specious basises of that disinformation.

          Might it be that The New England Government is projecting upon us what they themselves think and do, and have attempt, for very long time, to do to us?

          You are quite right that RT-TV is the only TV outlet where one can access reliable foreign policy news, or any domestick news that wanders outside the more conventional coverage of issues that FOX offers.

          As to your last statement on ‘interference’, I have said, and will continue to assert, that it is the most base and profound hypocrisy for The New England Government, and or it’s liberal supporters, to accuse anyone of this, when they, for decades, have employed every method possible to usurp and undermine elections of other sovereign nations – either adversary or ally.

          The attitude of the ruling elite of this country seems to be that of the proverbial husband, who, after finding that the wife is fleeing out the door, with valise in hand (she tired of being lied to and beaten) runs after her screaming his reproaches about her ingratitude, her stupidity; and then, when she does not pause to turn around – threatens to shoot her – all the while claiming that she is ‘his property’…

          • Junius, well stated.

            With the level of propaganda we are witnessing currently, it really makes one wonder about what took place prior and during WWII concerning the slant of the information given to the public.

          • Thank you, Mr. Saint,

            Obviously, in light of the internet age, and how it has truly bared how the government skews things, I, just as many others of us – who grew up in the tightly media-controlled age – have had to do some serious soul searching about just what our ‘history’ actually is.

            Obviously, you and I could go on for hours about this, but, for me, I will sum it all up like this –

            Most of the wars that The New England Government got us involved in, during the 20th century, had craven reason at it’s basis; motives which were entirely obscured from the publick, and which, sadly, still are.

            Yes, whether it was ‘The Lusitania Incident’ that led us into WWI, or the ‘surprise attack’ on Pearl Harbor that got us into WWII, or 9/11 – which got us into beginning the neo-con reconstruction of The Middle East (something that had already begun decades earlier) you see that either The New England Government creates events, or allows events to occur in order to get us behind their attempts to carve up the world as they see it.

            And this government that claims to represent us, and ‘democracy for the world entire’ is wildly unfaithful to it’s own Constitution, all the while creating one agency after another to circumvent legislative processes and usurp the sovereignty of the citizens and all 50 of their states.

            Meanwhile, our Southern citizenry, descended from a once proud race, just puts up with it – moaning and voting, but, never going beyond that.

            Really, Mr. Saint – if you were a beginning novelist, and sought my advice on how to lay out a novel with such a premise, I would laugh politely at you, and then urge you to find a more believable theme!

            A FINAL NOTE…

            Ben Franklin, in his last years, remarkt that, ‘the reason the The American Revolution was the Rothschild’s insistence that the 13 colonies stop printing their own currency, and use exclusively that of ‘The Bank of Englan.d’

            I was just looking, in a store, at a comprehensive book on The War of 1812, and nowhere does it mention Rothschild’s key role in it – he desiorous of punishing the new American nation for daring to try to get around ‘The Bank of England’. In fact, I was unable to find the banker’s name in the glossary, even once.

            These are truly shameful events – just as was the final usurpation of this country’s sovereignty, with the ‘Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

            All of this has led me to the only conclusion you can draw – you cannot believe anything The New England Government says or does, and, in fact, if you know nothing of an issue, but hear their line over the evening news, you can start out by assuming the very opposite of what they assert, and you will not be far off the mark.

            This is very sad for me, as I pride myself on being a person who has the very best confidence and faith in others.

            Yet, in this case, such is simply impossible.

            Secession (Disassociation as you would say) is the only possible choice, as The New England Government is a pyschotick liar and sociopathick actor on the world scene, so diabolical and corrupt, that this institution is entirely unreedemable and or irretrievable.

          • Funny you should ask.
            I always marvel at people who can see the current propaganda in their face yet they recite like choir boys the official narrative of history esp WWI and II.
            What if Hitler were on the right side of history.
            What then?

          • ‘What if Hitler were on the right side of history.

            What then?’


            What if Hitler had certain principles right, but, fouled it up with a whole lot of wrongdoing?

            What, then?

            What if The Anglo-American Alliance was wrong in principle, but, improved it by doing some right?

            What, then?

            What if, in the Eyes of The Lord, it was just another struggle between two sinful systems; two different ways of life – the losers consigned, temporarily, to an inflated infamy, and the winners ascending, temporarily, to an unmerited nobility?

            What, then?

            What if all my daddy’s friends, in the 29th Infantry Blue & Grey Division, died for nothing – just as did all those Germans, up on the cliffs killing them at Omaha Red, did the same?

            What, then?

          • The Myth of German Villainy
            Book by Benton L. Bradberry.
            One of many who speak documented truth.
            Hope it helps.

          • Dear Scarlett,
            I’ve lived in Germany, had many good German friends, of that era, (more than a few who were in The SS, Wehrmacht, and Hitler Youth and, furthermore, I have known many Poles, French, Dutch, Czechs, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Lithuanians, Estonians, and Russians who lived under Nazi occupation.

            The non-Jewish Lithuanians and Estonians never never told bitter tales of the Nazis to me. but, the rest did – and had nothing good to say about the Nazi regime – of Germans, in general.

            For many, those experiences were nightmares that haunted that followed them to the end of their days

            So, I don’t need a book, nor do I need ‘historick facts’, because I know what it was from hundreds of eyewitnesses.

            I guess that’s one advantage that come with being older. I know the real history from the horse’s mouth – not what those who wish to politicize the issue wish others to think.

            Thank you and good day.

          • No one has said that it wasn’t painful nor that people didn’t die.
            There were concentration camps, work camps.
            There was typhus.
            There were executions.
            However, the melodrama of 6 million “gassed” in chambers is a falsehood, a PROVEN falsehood.
            The jewish controlled West including the EU jails citizens who make inquiries or disagree.
            When was the last time that you can recall someone being jailed for scrutinizing the Civil War?
            The point is that the so-called Holocaust has been used by Jews as a cash cow, as a bludgeoning tool to ethnically cleanse Western Europe and as an excuse to absolve themselves of any responsibility for their numerous crimes against humanity.
            I agree that your friends remember suffering.
            The Eastern Front is deliberately more difficult for history students.
            Facts are hidden and hard to come by.
            But let’s not give Jews a pass please.
            They all but destroyed Germany throughout the entire 20th century. (Judea Declares War on Germany” March 24, 1933)
            And then there is that little nettlesome item known as the Holodomor.
            Let’s not rely on emotions to decide historical truth.
            Let the facts speak for themselves.

          • One more thing, Scarlet- as a Southerner I know all about villification, for this is exactly what The New England Yankee Government and their myriad proxies have done to us.

            Furthermore, we live under occupation – the same as Germany, only we have lived under it much longer; and the result of it is that we are flooded with aliens, have our social order constantly attackt and are subject to an endless campaign of villification by The New England Yankee Government Jewish Press.

            Why? can you imagine how many many times someone of my generation just happened to see that same scene of the ‘civil rights’ marchers’ out on the Edmund Pettis Bridge?

            Rarely do we see scenes of The Yankee Government firebombing and drone-whacking women and children around the world, but, we get the Bridge, over and over – NOT to mention the endless films that are made about the evil Southern Man!

            Every Southerner knows, instinctively, what has occurred with Germany.

          • Precisely.
            I’m from Texas.
            The War of Northern Aggression.
            Also with significant instigation from “The Eternal Merchant”.
            Very hard to come by deeper info on that as well.
            Scholarly articles have had their DNS removed by Wikileaks and other mop-op operations.

          • One of my friends is Ms. Lelia Ottelsburg of the former East Prussia. A 16 year old Jewess, she wound up at Auschwitz, and what she said to me stands in stark contrast to what you say.

            I also dated a Polish Catholic girl, (Berta ?) back in the 1980s, who grew up in the little town next to the erstwhile camp. What she told me stands in stark contrast to what you assert.

            BUT, let’s say that she was delusional, the reprisals taken against Jews, under Nazi occupation ended in the death of too many to count.

            Hitler’s government was, competing with that of Stalin’s, one of the most villainous we have seen – PARTICLARLY to non Jewish Germans, who suffered immensely under it’s weight, and who, still to this day, day in the legacy of Marxist domination; that brought about by the long shadow of Hitler’s government – particularly the permanent loss of Schlesien, OstPreuBen, under Der Sudetenland and cultures.

            That said, I’ll say the same thing about Germans that I say about my fellow citizens, now ; most were honourable folks who got stuck serving a vainglorious misanthrope.

            As to Jews – I’m not giving them a pass. THEY are the reason why Hitler came into existence, and they have a long list of crimes to answer for, which is why they have been thrown out of so many many countries.

            Mankind is knee-deep in sin, and the answer is Jesus Chryst.

            As to ‘facts’, I don’t believe in them, because I know how prejudically they are gathered, and that they are interpreted baset on the whim of the interpreter.

            All the best to you, on this day.

          • I would be interested to know Ms Ottelsburg’s account and how different it is from what I’m saying.
            Do you have a moment please?
            I would very much like to know.

          • Dear Scarlett,
            The long and the short of Ms. Ottelburg’s personal recollections was that Auschwitz was NOT a labour camp – but, a deliberate death camp that was kept well supplied.

            Also, I have talkt with some veterans of the American Army who liberated camps, and their evidences confirmed the films.

            One more thing, I have a dear friend who is a retired rabbi – from Vilkomir, Lithuania. His daddy was one of ten siblings – and the only one who, in the 1930s, decided to move his part of the family to Palestine.

            Many many letters were regularly exchange by the big extended family, but, one day, in the 1940s, never another missive came again.

            Did they die in the camps? Probably not, but, instead, were executed in fields outside of their Shtettls.

            That said, I respect your right to believe how you wish, and to live in a world populated by your own facts.

            I told you the truth of what I know, and, if you wish, you can add that to your calculations.

            P.S. I( also have many testimonies from Germans who lived through Allied atrocities, as well)

          • Also, the Treaty of Versailles, the much lauded “Economic Miracle” of Germany as the boycott by World Jewry gained ground, the re-militarization of Germany which was a necessity, the acquisition of German land that not only dissected native Germans out of their own native countries but basically stole major resources from the German economy and “The Final Solution”, i.e. the agreement that Hitler attempted to work out w Zionists (see the commerative coin), whereby Jews were “repatriated” to Palestine WITH THEIR ASSETS, expulsion being the most desired compromise of the NSDAP.
            On and on it goes.
            Point being….who in the West, what Germans, what Americans are aware of these facts?
            Answer: to know these facts constitutes a crime in Europe and “kook” status in the US.
            (Funny how the Asians know though….Thailand has “Hitler” parades, Japan knows the truth too, don’t they)
            That’s ok….you can bury the truth 100 miles in the ground and sooner or later it manages to rise.

          • Dear Scarlett,
            10 years ago, I needed the information you gave here, but, with the internet age, I have learned these things.

            Thank you, though.

            I don’t know if you know this, but, the Ultra-Orthodox community has long put the blame of what happened to The Jewish community, in the 1940s, on those non-observant Jews.

            It started with Rabbi Schneerson of the Lubavitcher clan in New York, in the 1950s, but, here is a more recent one to hear, if you wish.

          • A last note, Dear Scarlett,

            People do crappy things to each other, lie about it, and try to manipulate each other with all of that.

            Unfortunately, it’s international.

            I try to follow The Good Book, be a good husband, and call out evil where I see it.

            I also stand for North Carolina, and against those who try to pillage her; which, most often, is The New England Yankee government and their Jewish allies.

            Holocaust or not does not change any of that.

            Thank you for your thoughts!

          • Also, take note of what is happening as we speak.
            US tanks are rolling through Germany on their way to the Russian border.
            US/NATO, a ZOG regime is attempting surround and to provoke Russia so they can hand the mess over to Trump and have him impeached for not following through.
            Israel wants regime change in Russia, and just as the International Jew would not be deterred in WWII, they will persist to have regime change now.
            They will use American and Russian men, in a brother’s war, to accomplish that end.
            Not jewish children….White children must be sacrificed.
            Back in the day, the Munich Agreement between Chamberlain and Hitler would have prevented war, but such was called “appeasement” by the Zio boys’ very own lackey, Churchill and 60 million White Christians died.
            Same strategy in play in current time.
            History does indeed (((echo))).

          • Yes, I know, Miss Scarlet.

            Only, your presumption is a bit different than mine – you see Yankee government as okay – just spoiled by usurping Jewish apples.

            I see Yankee government as evil – made more diabolical by usurping Jewish apples.

            I know the Jewish community has been out to get the new czar since he took measures against them, but, in reality, it is just a continuation of the war they made against earlier czars.

            I hope Russia wins, not the least of because I am a member of the Russian Orthodox church.

          • ‘History does indeed (((echo))).’

            History, Miss Scarlet, is a brutal competition between powerful men, powerful systems, and many many decent people are crusht by this.

            This reality does, indeed, as you suggest, not interact with time, or, as I will assert, nor race, nation, or creed.

            It just is.

            Thank you for your time. I must work.

          • I am also for Russia, one of the few bulwarks against degeneracy and Cultural Marxism.
            I pray God gives Putin the strength that he needs this time.
            But “they” want his head badly.
            The last Czar was not so blessed.
            As a Roman Catholic, pre-Vatican II, I respect the Orthodox Church very much.

  1. ‘Russians have weaponized journalism…’

    How true this is; for, when the citizenry of this country – accustomed to decades of lies and skewed half-truths – actually hear the truth of what their leaders think of them and plan for them, it did, and does, tend to act like a dagger at the throat of the liars themselves – The New England Yankee Government, and their Jewish proxies of the national media.

    Thus, it only stands to reason that a stop must be put to this!


    That was my reaction too. That’s what the Jews call chutzpah. It will do them no good, Trump will fire them all.

  3. Thing that I don’t believe from this: That Hillary Clinton received 64% negative coverage across those platforms. That seems very high.

  4. ‘Third, where does the Lügenpresse get off accusing RT America of being biased against Hillary Clinton? … ‘

    Because, Sir – any reply other than a head-nod to the affirmative, is regarded by The Supporters of the present New England Government as specious bias and misanthropick fascism.

  5. ‘Rod Dreher made a good point this morning when he said he reads the Lügenpresse in order to learn the official Narrative. That’s why I watch NBC Narratives. It’s an important thing to know. At the end of the day, these people only have themselves to blame for their loss of legitimacy.’

    Lamentably, Sir, they don’t regard our views of them as a sign that they have ‘lost legitimacy’, but, rather, as incontrovertible evidence that they have advancet so far into the secular sun that we have simply lost the intellectual capacity to comprehend what luminescence it is that they offer us.

      • I think it’s wonderful! The frauds and betrayers are showing themselves. Right up front. They can’t stop themselves. They are literally cracking up.

      • They’re literally either too lazy or too incompetent to forge a convincing case against the Russians. They just keep screaming ‘we have the proof!’

        It’s like George Soros called Alex Jones and said, ‘okay, we need a strategy.’ And Alex – suddenly relevant again – smirked, ‘Well, I always just shout I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS! Works like a charm.’

      • The judenpresse is getting hysterical because the goyim are no longer paying attention to their smears and lies.

    • The funny thing about attacking RT is that it generally takes a very leftish view of American domestic affairs. When it “attacks” America it does from a leftie standpoint that America is “failing” black people and things like that. It’s only on foreign policy that it differs substantially from anything that a shitlib sociology professor would disagree with.

  6. RT is a real threat to the lying mass media, because they can cover stories that the lying mass media are giving the silent treatment.

    What the lying mass media wants is to stigmatize RT to the point where, if someone refers to a story that the big American media are hiding, they can ask, “where did you read that, RT?” And if the answer is “yes,” the person raising the inconvenient issue is condemned as practically a Russian agent, and so the awkward issue does not have to be addressed.

    It’s a way of maintaining the silence.

    • You know, Mr. Wolf – when my wife and I were up in economick exile in New England, I watched RT-TV daily, but, then, suddenly, in 2013, it was removed from the cable band – a band which had many many stations.

      Now back down in our home in Carolina, we still can’t get it, so, I have to go to YouTube daily, to watch it.

      Say what one will about YouTube, I am thankful for it.

      • Thanks for the extra information, Junius Daniel.

        That is consistent with my notion that the lying mainstream media wants to exclude RT in order to maintain the silence on inconvenient stories.

        • You’re welcome, Mr. Wolf.

          The only thing that I would add to your theory, with which I am very much in agreement, is that the lying mainstream media is, in fact, The New England Government; and it is to them, most especially, thought you ought aim your ire.

          The basis for The Jewish Lugenpresse is the Northern Government which licenses them, and which, as you perhaps have contemplated, finds ways to silence any would-be competition.

          At any rate, have a good day!

        • Mr. Wolf – one of the powerful men who is against RT-TV, and who, with Senator Lindsey Graham and President Obama, is currently leading the ‘Russians Hackt Our Elections’ ludicrousity, is Senator John McCain.

          Please note, at 1:31, what one witness, a fellow Vietnam Vet, says about the senator’s erstwhile behavior vis-a-vis veteran’s affairs; a testimony which, immediately following upon his, is backt by others – INCLUDING a fellow former senator…

      • I go to their website and read the articles. Back in 03′, I kept up with the opening phases of the second Iraqi Campaign on BBC shortwave and on the Russian General Staff website. They both proved more accurate and timely than the U.S. media.

        • How true, Mr. Owen.

          Sad, when you have to turn to former enemies to get a far closer and more timely version of the truth than the very folks who claim to represent you and be advancing your interests.


  7. Crosstalk with Peter Lavelle is a great show. There are other good ones, but I don’t have time to watch them.

    Fact 1: Putin stayed out of the election as per his doctrine. A comment here or there that was complimentary to Trump is not “getting involved”.

    Fact 2: RT was never pro-Trump, but did carry on with their anti-neo con editorial stance, which is what they are basing their “interference” story on.

    Fact 3: Russia resists the New World Order in favor of a multipolar world order, with bullets and bombs where needed. This is what they hate about Putin. Not only has he held the line, he seems to be rolling them back on several fronts.

    Let’s never forget that the 1488ers in Ukraine killed white people to help the New World Order, and the 1488ers in Russia never had anything good to say about Putin. Controlled opposition? Why yes! Just like in this country!

    • The BBC reported that the duly elected president of Ukraine had to flee for his life to Russia, from a coup. It wasn’t much longer and the U.S. media were reporting that Russia had “invaded” Ukraine. Of course, the coup was instigated and supported by the U.S. That much, everybody in Europe knew. The Russian, as well as other European news services have proven to be consistently more truthful and accurate, to me at least.

      • Fantastick example, Mr. Owen.

        If there has even been an example of more specious and distorted news coverage, by The New England Government proxy media, it is what as occurred, in recent years, in The Ukraine.

        I agree – whatever defects RT-TV possesses, it possesses far fewer than do it’s western counterparts.

        I depend on it for a part of how I understand the world.

        I blend it with Al Jazeera, BBC, MSNBC, Fox, and Occidental Dissent, Southern Future, and Dr. Hill’s communications, plus the many many intelligent commenters, at these sites.

        I also consult my gut, my wife, and my pastor, my deacons, and my neighbours.

        It’s a complex process, but, one which I have found does serve me faithfully.

  8. I like Sputnik and RT for the same https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8751eb61d3e158fe835cbf6481b18297bbfc8724525082768264029931ccf65b.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7eebfdac2537a489493c6eab32f46d485a7871952d49bfe7ecec2990f028b9e4.png reasons. They covered John Kerry in Kiew and Moskow, when the U.S. media wouldn’t.

    Not that our votes count in most Presidential elections. But in Arkansas, North Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas, the Clinton’s aren’t liked or trusted, anyway. The news that was leaked only confirmed what everybody already thought about Hillary. Bill didn’t win Texas and Oklahoma in 92′-96′, but he got Arkansas and Louisiana. In 2016, Hillary lost all four. Too many people here have business and familial connections to Arkansas. There were all kinds of stories about them, even before the 92′ election. A lot of people I know simply voted against Hillary, rather than for Trump. Why? Because they thought she’d start a war with Russia.

  9. Yes, it is funny, the pot calling the kettle black. Lugenpresse mounted a huge Clinton campaign against Trump and she still lost. Lugenpresse can’t accept the fact that Clinton was a weak, tainted candidate and that most folks are using other sources for their news. Lugenpresse is in denial about how irrelevant they’ve become.

    • ‘Lugenpresse is in denial about how irrelevant they’ve become.’

      I don’t see that, Mr. Whitaker. You know, I attend weekly bibles class and Sunday school, and the vast majority of my fellow congregants have only network news as their primary source, and still believe those sources, to a disturbing degree.

      No, I wish that ‘The Lugenpresse’ were no longer influential, but, such is not the case.

      That said, I believe they are somewhat diminisht in power, with regards to where they were, in prestige, oh, let’s say : 20 years back.

      Have a good day!

  10. The Democrats and its Lugenpresse can point fingers at Russian “hacking” all they want. Clinton was a horrible candidate who was so alienated from ordinary every day people that she could not even fake an “I Feel Your Pain Moment” with blue collar people worried about their jobs being outsourced to China..

    This “feminist” not only savaged the women the lothario she married either seduced, raped, groped, or harassed, but she started her legal career putting a twelve year old girl on trial for her on rape.

    Her idea of campaigning was to go to coal country and tell Pennsylvania coal miners that she was going to escalate Obama’s shut down of their industry not save it.

    Even after the outrageous price hikes being publicized about Obamacare, she still doubled down on keeping Obamacare in place rather than promising to replace it with single payer health insurance.

    She offered NO student loan abatement to Bernie Voters.

    On top of all that, she could not behave herself for eight years and used her foundation as a pay for play scam one of which destroyed an American industry in favor of a Moroccan industry after the Sultan of Morocco payed millions to have her speak before him.

    How is that the Russians’ fault? Her record speaks for itself. The best argument against a President Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, not Putin.

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