Response To Vox Day (Part 2)

This is puzzling:

“And after reading the various comments on Hunter Wallace’s site, I won’t bother responding to him either. I don’t engage in discourse with people who accuse me of lying. What is the point? And as I’ve said before, I’d much rather stand with dependable allies such as Mike, Milo, Stefan, and Roosh than with the sort of people I’ve come across who are in the Alt-White.

I’m going to expand my policy on drama to the Alt-White in general. There is clearly no benefit to paying any attention to them whatsoever. Let them keep the shekels and the audience that they keep claiming I, and others, want to steal. I simply don’t have the time or the patience for this never-ending nonsense.”

Where to begin?

1.) Internet commentators are vicious man! Don’t take the flames so personally. There are a lot of people who are following all of this drama and who are chiming in with their two cents. Maybe I have a higher tolerance for it because I spent years engaging with these people on online forums. It doesn’t bother me as much.

2.) As far as I can tell, 90% of the drama surrounds three individuals – MILO, Cernovich and PJW – none of whom even claim to be Alt-Right. PJW is criticized for being a conspiracy theorist. The charge is true. MILO is a Jewish homosexual who calls himself a “black dick supremacist” and hosts “Twinks for Trump” parties. The charges are true. Cernovich is a mercurial brand who moves from one audience to the next and is disliked for having no real principles and starting drama. It was Cernovich who instigated the drama with both Richard Spencer and Baked Alaska. The charge is true.

3.) Aside from the controversy surrounding these three personalities, I don’t see any substantial point of disagreement with the Alt-West. I’m pro-Christian. I’m pro-Western. I’m pro-White. I’m not interested in fascism or National Socialism. I’m actually a Southern Nationalist, not someone who wants to merge all White countries into a White Empire. Ideally, I would like to dissolve the United States into regional ethnostates. I think anyone is capable of having fun, pursuing the truth, enjoying smashing taboos.

If Vox believes in race realism, has a positive take on White identity, supports Christianity and endorses ethnonationalism and segregation, what is the big point of disagreement here? Is it MILO’s vanity and homosexuality? Is it PJW’s absurd conspiracy theories? Is it Cernovich’s aggressive marketing of his brand? As far as I can tell, none of that has anything to do with being “Alt-White” or “Alt-West.” Ideologically speaking, Vox sounds like he is closer to me than to MILO, Cernovich or PJW!

It looks to me like the real divide here is over Vox’s loyalty to MILO and Cernovich. I haven’t said anything about Roosh V or Stefan Molyneux who haven’t been involved in the recent drama. I know very little about them. From what I know of this Molyneux person, he makes YouTube videos that I would probably agree with.

Note: It seems we disagree on populism vs. elitism.

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  1. For my own 2 cents, VOX much like Cernovich, has decided to go after low-hanging fruit. Both have drawn the line in the sand of how far they will go right at the very point you’d expect from anyone married with kids – the point at which they will take the “real heat” with regard to race debate and homogeneity.

    It’s quite amusing that these light brands of the counter culture actually draw the line in the same place – the place where a married man with kids can safely go about being alternative media and sometimes even a little edgy in order to keep the fans satisfied with red meat, without actually taking any of the real slings and arrows fired at a particular idea or ideology.

    The money making goldilocks zone.

    They have gone that far and no further.

    (BTW Cernovich and PJW both said they were altright at one point or another – not sure if they have deleted those tweets, but they were there a couple weeks back).

    • Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder attack feminism, political correctness and SJWs without MILO’s faggotry and narcissism.

      I once checked out MILO’s Twitter account before he was banned. It was all in your face homosexuality. All the time. I’m becoming increasingly convinced they are moving the Overton Window on homosexuality, but otherwise want to keep the same taboos on “racism” in place.

        • I think my comment “They are ALL faggots mining for shekels” was, by its very lexical elements, indicative of my opinion.

          To be very clear: They are ALL faggots mining for shekels, and I believe that Baked Alaska was tasked with infiltrating the “fascist” Alt-Right, to later write an exposé laughing about how easy it is, and to dox as many people as possible.

          • I don’t trust Based Alaska, either. there is something very off about him. at a bare minimum, Alt-Right figures should not expose themselves to risk associated with him until many years have passed and he has repeatedly proven his loyalty many times. sucks if he’s legit, but if he truly loves Alt-Right, then he will graciously accept our precautionary measures with a positive attitude and seek to play a role within those constraints.

          • What? You don’t buy that he quickly switched from being a social-climbing Nig-worshipping BLM sodomite rapper to being a good-old-boy Christian fascist country singer? I’m sure it happens every day, in bizarro universe.

          • Its not all about shekels though…

            they are also showing their gratitude ( such “noble” souls ) to the jews for all that they have done for them.

            Before there was a BA there was a GJ. They all got their “backs.”

            Do not be deceived.

        • Richard Spencer used to hang out with Milo at Trump faggot parties. Now they’re feuding, but Spencer is buddies with Milo’s old anal-bitch Baked Alaska, who calls Spencer “The REAL Dangerous Faggot!”

          I am sick to death of all these faggots.

          • his point is that milo’s views are in no way objectionable to the status quo of the power system.

            whereas Spencer’s views are diametrically opposed to same.

            therefore Spencer is the “edgy, controversial” figure, not milo

            that said, i agree that it’s shitty messaging. *anything* related to milo is shitty messaging

            but Spencer is the man in the ring, and I won’t hen peck him over this type of imperfection.

          • That is what Spencer says, and as far as the SJW reaction, that may be true. But the implication is something deeper. He sees Milo as the archetype of “getting ahead”. He thinks that adopting Milo’s style will help his career. And for RS that is/was what it was all about. As I have said before: our political capital, his joy ride.

            The irony is that he says “he’s the real Milo” as if it is a good thing both tactically and spiritually, when it isn’t good in either case.

            When I was doing yard work today, I was thinking that I would like nothing better than for RS to rehabilitate himself and the alt right “brand”, but that would require insight I haven’t seen from him. “I’m the real Milo” is anti-insight.

          • “But the implication is something deeper. He sees Milo as the archetype of “getting ahead”. He thinks that adopting Milo’s style will help his career. And for RS that is/was what it was all about. As I have said before: our political capital, his joy ride.”

            What evidence do you have for these assertions? How do you arrive at this implication?

          • “his point is that milo’s views are in no way objectionable to the status quo of the power system.”

            Milo’s feminism is worse than cancer is pretty objectionable to that status quo. His rants against Islam are against that recent anarcho-tyranny effort to maintain that status quo by importing masses of them.

            I’m not saying we should embrace him, he’s indeed “dangerous” as shown by his threats against Baked Alaska and Alaska’s mother, but we should acknowledge that he does do some good, he does shoot at some common enemies as Vox claims is one of Vox’s important tactical principles.

          • and I believe Baked Alaska is being considered as logistics manager for Richard’s college tour. basically, the same or similar role that he played for milo’s college tour.


          • Greg Johnson also reported on how “Baked Alaska” doxed some Alt-Right guy who called himself “Bunker Smith” on Twitter (now he’s disappeared), after they had some online argument.

          • Does “Baked Alaska” strike you as the kind of person that could be bought? Say, by a wad of cash, or promises of “trading up” to mainstream Hollywood and such?

          • Fuck yes he does, among other things, which is why I don’t trust him. I have also noticed facial cues, body language cues, voice cues, and inconsistencies that cause me to question what is going on with him.

          • I recently posted a comment at TRS expressing my alarm at Alt-Right tendencies to embrace total nobodies (e.g., BA) who make the right sounds, and Jazzhands posted a long comment in reply, as if my comment worried him. WTF is going on?!

          • “to Richard Spencer: DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE ON THIS GUY. GET SOMEONE WITH SIGNIFICANT HIRING EXPERIENCE…” etc implies that Spencer didn’t already know who his queer friend was that he partied with at a Gays for Trump event.

          • partying with a queer friend at a gay event =/= performing serious due diligence on someone before hiring them

            otherwise no one would ever go to parties

            but look, I’m not arguing with you. I’m considering everything you have to offer.

            below, you said that video was posted to DS but then censored. another commenter asked why they would do that. you replied “Oh, what a mystery”.

            what is your opinion as to why DS censored the video?

          • The fact is that it goes against Anglin’s article against “purity spiralling” (which was written in support of Baked Alaska, and in which Anglin said he “embraced” BA), and the site mods who vouch for and promote BA. So the censorship was because of embarrassment, or them thinking it’s not important, or DS is a state asset.

          • I am sick to death of all these faggots…

            including Greg Johnson.

            Hunter and others may have “forgotten” or “forgiven” Greg Johnson’s past actions as editor of TOQ that led to his subsequent firing , I have not.

            Those who know GJ’s past history and give GJ an ounce of credibility by using him as a source as to lend credence to their arguments also are suspect.

  2. Congratulations to Laguna Beach Fogey for his double-spammed award. The scorn of shills is becoming for the upright.

  3. “…what is the big point of disagreement here?”

    Vox Day is a La Raza member who takes pride in his tri-racial identity, and you aren’t.

      • They are serving their own interests, not surprising. What is still our greatest task is to keep pushing braindead/brainwashed Whites to embrace and agitate for own own interests.

  4. He says he won’t respond, yet he does. Not much more needs to be said regarding the enabler of filth. Vox is a publisher and funder of enemy propaganda.

  5. Does anyone have any ideas for a real-life trolling campaign of Thernovich?

    He actually lives near me (in the town next door).

      • I did. Very, very odd. He also mentioned he’s been drinking his wife’s breast milk. I laughed b/c I thought he was joking. But I’m not sure.

          • Serious question: do you know of any populist in the world who runs around in a Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask?


            Facial mask

            The Seacret Mineral Rich Clarifying Mud Mask is a unique blend of carefully selected ingredients that work together to thoroughly cleanse the facial skin, hydrate and soothe it. The mineral rich Dead Sea mud, along with allantoin and chamomile extract, help absorb excess oily secretions and clarify the skin.

            The purifying face mask creates a delicate exfoliating effect, which helps remove toxins and dead skin cells and encourages the skin regeneration process. This smooths the skin’s outer layer and creates a sense of softness, well-being and relaxation.

            Skin care using the Dead Sea mud mask is suitable for all skin types, but is especially effective for skin suffering from a functional imbalance. For example, with skin suffering from excess oils, the mask balances and calms typical irritation and redness. Applying the mask two or three times a week will generate healthy, radiant skin with a smooth matte finish.

          • He’s a goofball. The thing to remember about Thernovich is that (1) he comes from a poorer background in rural Illinois, and (2) his family, from what he once told us, has a history of serious mental illness (BPD, I believe). I’ll have to find the article where he made that claim years ago; he might have deleted it by now. He’s not to be taken that seriously.

          • I just watched the BBC highlights of the Golden Globes.

            Hugh Laurie was signaling about Trump, then Streep signaled about Trump saying Hollywood is full of outsiders and foreigners.

            The sad thing about the conventional right is that they call this Hollywierd instead of just calling out Saturday People, Queers and Virtue Signalling Cuckolds.

            Cernovich Milo and Vox will never go much further than saying Hollywierd.

          • Cernovich has a serious skin condition. He posted pictures of portions of his body with severe rashes that look painful.

          • Maybe he’s about to introduce a new line of skin care products for men? That jew is a natural- born peddler.

          • I happened to be in San Diego that very day when the video went viral.
            The discussion with my liberal aunt was epic.

          • I’m channeling Denise here.

            What is the etymology of Cernovich as a name?





            He should be mercilessly pummeled until he ends up on the 10 Freeway screaming about Kony.

          • He actually explained this photo but I can’t remember what he said. It might have been a commentary on Black Privilege.

        • Why I Became a Male-to-Male Transgender

          Although I always felt like a man inside a man’s body, biology began to do its thing. Around my 35th birthday I felt my testosterone levels begin to decline. I had less energy and found it harder to recover from workouts.

          I thus began testosterone replacement therapy, a form of hormone replacement therapy transgenders use when undergoing the process of transitioning. …

          When a man undergoes the transition from “naturally male” to “enhanced male,” he uses hormones to change how his body functions. Females who transition to males also use testosterone replacement therapy to develop the male body they also felt belonged to them. …

          I firmly support Caitlyn Jenner’s right to live as she desires. (Of course my tax dollars should not support sexual reassignment surgeries, but that’s a different issue.)

          I also believe transphobia against male-to-male transgenders such as myself must end.”

  6. Just finished reading the article. I’d say it is simple – Vox is making money with these degenerates.

    The man has bills to pay and sans principles he jumps on the bandwagon to cash in. It is not a sustainable venue, but Vox is an idiot. And the blowback will occur.

    • I remember Vox from way back in the day when he was writing for WorldNetDaily. I’m not sure if he is still doing that. I believe that was before he hooked up w/ MILO and Cernovich.

      • That’s where I first discovered him. It must have been around 2000, but I could have sworn he started in the late ’90s.

      • One doesn’t get a job at WorldNetDaily or any major right-wing outlet unless one is Jewish or crypto-Jewish. Just look at him. Physiognomy doesn’t lie.

  7. I hate disorder, fuzziness, and blurred boundaries. These kinds of ‘feuds’ have a way of shaking things up and rearranging parties into definitive sides. It’s all good.

    • Agreed. He needs to be purged. A spotlight on the gamma and his minions. I have no use for Jews and sodomites and their enablers.

  8. 1) The level of discourse at OD smashes voxday’s cult to bits. Perhaps because though most of us, if not all, respect Hunter Wallace, none of us are his “yes men” or followers. This site attracts heavy hitters, not boot lickers.

    2) We are not obliged to respect Vox Day’s odd neologisms

    3) VoxDay is smart, but not as smart as he thinks he is; I’ll give him 130, maybe a charitable 135.

    4) He desperately wants to cling to the label “Alt Right” and rehabilitate it since he is ego-attached to his “16 points about the Alt Right” which NO ONE cares about. There is a problem though, which he cannot wrap his head around: he is not nor has he ever been Alt Right!

    The Alt Right is Richard Spencer and his fellow travelers. Period. Many people tried to hijack the Alt Right label because of its exponential growth thanks to TRS and Daily Stormer and NPI. Most of them have regretted it and silently dropped the Alt Right or turned on it.

    Vox clings to his solipsistic definition of the Alt Right even after the Alt Right has been irrevocably tarnished due to its embrace of violent, insane, and Nazi rhetoric because HE INSISTS that his definition is the real one and anyone who points out that the “Dark Lord” has no clothes is a “gamma”.

    • we finally agree, Afterthought – 100% in this case.

      keep it up and I’m gonna to seduce you to the dark side.

      be naughty. you know you wanna embrace the irrevocable tarnish — feels good man

    • “He desperately wants to cling to the label “Alt Right” and rehabilitate
      it since he is ego-attached to his “16 points about the Alt Right” which
      NO ONE cares about. There is a problem though, which he cannot wrap his
      head around: he is not nor has he ever been Alt Right!”

      Which you define as “Richard Spencer and his fellow travelers”. But even a simple definition of white nationalists is something he can’t belong to since he is mostly feather Indian and Mexican. Which is why I think he tried to subdivide the Alt-Right into an Alt-West he can belong to, and a caricature of Richard Spencer and other white nationalists who he calls the Alt-White, who he just conveniently declared as beneath his notice in the “reply” he made that Hunter Wallace is now replying to.

      “We are not obliged to respect Vox Day’s odd neologisms”

      He doesn’t really get that he’s not very good at making them, no one accepts his Alt-West, outside of his, as you note, boring sycophantic band. The 16 points that claim to define the Alt-Right that he’s so attached to uses his scientodific and scientody, which he’s incapable of recognizing are dreadfully awful.

      As Harvest Grain pointed out in the previous discussion “us little people will need to submit to a priest class who will interpret for us vox’s labels, definitions, application of the law, and his 16 dogfood points.”

      To which Harvest Grain says no thanks, and I say I don’t think so.

  9. The big problem with the Alt-Lite is that it puts seriously defective personalities in the service of some sound (though limited) ideas.

    • Because nature abhors a vacuum. Our people, the ideas of the current alt lite, would have been a winner. Alas.

      We will get there though. Of that I am sure.

  10. my views:
    race realism: yes
    has a positive take on White identity: neutral. Race realism implies being neutral. If Asians have higher iqs you have to concede that.
    supports Christianity: More tolerant of religion than other leftists, but still privately believes religion is an instrument of class enforcement from an outmoded society.
    ethnonationalism: Considers civic nationalism worse, since civic nationalism can’t survive without the worship of reactionary institutions.
    segregation: not if rigidly enforced through law, but okay if voluntary

    • Daryl I’m not concerned with Asian iq. Obviously they can copy well. Their economic system is based on mocking and resale. They are very good at it.

      What have they created?

    • Just off the top of my head, Daryl has been around for at least 10 years. By comparsion, Cernovich had nothing to say about politics, much less nationalist politics, until like a year ago.

  11. Ever notice these guys are usually either faggots or men who run and get mail order brides from Russia? Then they have the audacity to call other men “gamma’s”

    None of these clowns can debate the alt-right. They either want $10,000 or they are too “smart” to debate. Look what happened to that clown Bill Mitchell when he tried to go up against the alt-right – it was a bloodbath.

    They will start an argument with the alt-right to make themselves look smart to their followers, then start getting destroyed and then figure out a way out of it. Only Bill Mitchell was dumb enough to relentlessly keep at it while getting smashed into the ground.

  12. ” It was Cernovich who instigated the drama with both Richard Spencer”

    Not even remotely true, and it wasn’t even just the alt light who has beef with Richard Spencer (unless you think MyPostingCareer is alt-light).

  13. He stand with the enemy of whites. The people that hate us and want us all dead and he has the nerve to try and reason with us?? As if we can be jived out of our true feelings.

    March 22, 2016

    Good evening. I speak to you today as a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel. I am a newcomer to politics but not to backing the Jewish state.

    In late 2001, weeks after the attacks on New York City and Washington– attacks perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists, Mayor Giuliani visited Israel to show solidarity with terror victims. I sent him in my plane because I backed the mission 100%.

    In Spring 2004, at the height of violence in the Gaza Strip, I was the Grand Marshal of the 40th Salute to Israel Parade, the largest single gathering in support of the Jewish state.

    Isn’t it interesting how Hamas and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are sending representatives to Whitefish?? Still more interesting is how it is being covered by Jew media, it is like a panic is happening.

    • My mistake, I didn’t realize you were quoting Vox quoting Trump.

      Vox is fatally compromised on the JQ by living in post-fascist, post-WWII Italy, and his traveling around in Europe, most of those counties having laws against thought crimes. But Vox never has a good word to say about Israel, and says all Jews should be deported to it, although he temporizes by saying the US returning to its pre-1965 demographics is the minimum. Combine that with his “some of my best friends” personal posture and support of people like Milo, and you get a mess.

      He supports Trump as a good first step, and its not like our current mess wasn’t more than a century in the making. Just tamping down on illegal immigration, if Trump manages that against the entire establishment including his own party’s hard opposition to it would be a big thing, and he’s already widened the Overton Window on immigration. And Trump being in NYC real estate has worked with Jews all his life, he did tell a bunch of them in the campaign he didn’t need their money and they couldn’t buy him.

        • Just made some major edits and additions to my revision, might want to recheck especially about Trump. Who I’ll add wouldn’t have been elected without his Jewish son-in-law’s data and Internet operation.

      • ” although he temporizes by saying the US returning to its pre-1965 demographics is the minimum.”

        I’m pretty sure that means his friend Cernovich’s wife and in-laws would have to go back. Not sure what would happen with the baby.

        But Vox would probably defend them staying because muh friend.

  14. I’m detecting a bit of jealousy here…

    Ha, men can endlessly wax dramatic but when women do it, we’re somehow ‘jealous’ according to Celestial Times and I suspect lots of other men.

    Women are fully capable of ideological conflict, just as this thread demonstrates men are fully capable of ‘jealousy’ and ‘cat fighting.’

    I’m not suggesting there aren’t some substantive issues being hashed out here, just that at least half of it is just posturing. I read about 20% of the comments and got bored.

    • we’re somehow ‘jealous’ according to Celestial Times and I suspect lots of other men.

      You are jealous. Lana is a smart and self-confident woman. You questioned her sincerity because of your own insecurity, not a rational response to her method.

      • I didn’t question her ‘sincerity,’ I exposed how flawed and corrupt her ideology is, and noted that that reflects on the authenticity of her intentions.

        I see nothing particularly ‘smart’ about Lana Lokteff in any way, and even less confidence. Women whose sole posture towards other women consists of attacking them through ridiculous personal invective type rhetoric, passed off as ‘serious political commentary,’ are pathetically lacking in self esteem.

        You really are nuts to try to contrive such bizarrely overwrought unfounded conclusions about me, and the scads of women who detest Lana Lokteff.

        As the true nature of Red Ice’s intentions have crystallized in the last year, she has utterly failed to attract even one woman of any substance to her show, much less from the demographic she appoints herself (also bizarrely) minister of – northwestern europeans.

        The inferiority complex resides somewhere in your psyche, hence your compulsive need to rationalize jewish inferiority and to attack those fighting it.

  15. Italy is introducing new censorship laws soon, so it’s not even clear how much longer Vox will be able to publish there. Things are getting interesting.

    • He’s said he doesn’t care if his blog disappears tomorrow. But I find it hard to imagine him retreating to publicly only being a writer of fantasy and science fiction. Maybe he’ll move himself and his family back to Trump’s America?

      • They have been jailing Italians who post on Stormfront. Thank God for
        America. If free speech is crushed in the US, the entire world will be a jail.

        • They’re coming for the First Amendment.

          It’ll take a generation or two, but free speech in the US is toast.

          • That’s one of the lines in the sand that would cause the current generations of gun owners to make our ever hotter Cold Civil War entirely hot. And things are currently going in our direction, but who knows in two generations?

          • Schumer tried to get an anti-first amendment bill passed a few short years ago. From here forward it will get the same treatment from the Bolsheviks that the second amendment constantly suffers under.

        • As Horus put it recently, if all the elites wore yarmulkes all free speech would have disappeared by now. He speculates that someone up there wants to keep the internet open.

  16. White Nationalist
    Southern Nationalist
    National Socialist
    Race Realist

    Pretty easy to see why Marxists have had such an easy time dismantling the West. Y’all try to not tire yourselves out chasing your own tails.

    • The left are not monolithic. Apart from the different strains of Marxism, look at all the different racial groups they are trying to hold together, that are growing in power and getting tired of their “white” minders.

      This kind of thinking needs to be encouraged, but they’re already thinking it. For those that asked for it, black people warning.
      https://twitter dot com/DarenStoic/status/814289203848585216
      https://twitter dot com/AtlanticCent/status/818261672909570053

      The left are stupid, but they beat us using simple memes, while our intellectuals wrote 10,000 word essays that never did anything. Super smart people can be really dumb sometimes.

  17. Roosh is an Asian who made his name preying on white girls. In a sane nation he would have been deported back to the hills straddling the border of Iran and Turkey.

  18. I woke up smiling this morning. Wasn’t sure why at first, And then I remembered how butthurt Vox and his faggot followers were yesterday. Life is good.

  19. Vox is a disgrace to Christians calling trash like Milo and Roosh allies. Stephan is a coward on the Jewish Question which makes his work worthless. Cernovich and Watson are hucksters looking for one born every minute. Ramzpaul pals around with this crowd too.

    • You can add Vox Day to that list. I commented that the Jews were a tribe of psychopaths and got banned. I’m fairly sure that was the comment that got me banned. You can stuff about Jews but not some stuff. And by the way I do believe they are a tribe of psychopaths, not all, but a lot. I’ve had plenty of people criticize me for saying it but not once have I had anyone say why they couldn’t be and if they aren’t then why does their religion and behavioral patterns fit those of psychopaths.

  20. Not to beat a dead horse, but I’m still amazed at how Hunter managed to respond to Vox in such a calm, cool manner. It was glorious to watch. I swear there were some subtle put-downs in there that Vox must have picked up on. Whatever it was, it made him slide back under his rock. Well played.

  21. Jews call you ‘Angry White People’. But you are AWAKENED WHITE PEOPLE. You are SOBER WHITE PEOPLE aware of NASTY JEWISH ELITES.

    Enemy seeks to paralyze before attacking. PC & Pop Culture are tools of paralysis. They render you defenseless before going on the offense.

  22. These dust ups are good from time to time. People tend to out themselves when emotional. I’ve never paid that much attention to Vox anyway, so if he decides at some point to go full retard then whatever, have at it.

    For my own purposes I try to ignore Milo, Cernovich, Watson and Jones, ect. They aren’t white nationalists anyway so they don’t much matter. Besides, at least 2 of that bunch are homosexuals. I don’t want anything to do with faggots or other degenerates.

  23. I’m a little slow and it occurred to me that most of us are Americans and are able to say what we want but Vox Day living in Italy might be put in jail for criticism of Jews or gays or NOT criticizing White Nationalist (as they are evil, according to the powers that be). Maybe that’s why he wants to disassociate himself from any Alt-White. It’s illegal there, well maybe not exactly illegal but very close to it. He says some things that dog whistle towards White Nationalism and the “Jewish Question” but at the same time if stated bluntly he backs off. I must say I can’t blame him if this is the case.

    • I don’t blame him for bugging out to Italy to raise a family. But I think he’s earned the criticism for trying to be an Alt-Right thought leader when his location limits what he can say so severely, and that includes other counties he travels to or through. Censorship is bad in Europe and particularly bad in Italy, is getting worse, and he can’t know if the next thing he or one of his blog commentators says will get him a severe fine or prison.

  24. Vox Day has been around a long time and has pushed things to the right for most of his career. Being banned at his spot isn’t a big deal as he is keen on anti-convergence within his platform.

    He’s still anti-white Supremacy like almost all commentators here.

    So the feud is stinky.

  25. Complaining of persecution, all his friends are Jewish or Semitic, worked for a major right-wing outlet, Jewish physiognomy and female catty behavior…wakey wakey, folks.

  26. Cernovich is the biggest POS on two legs, yet Vox thinks he can continue to use this twat as a piece in his “shekels” game, what a hypocrite he is.
    I guess Mr. “I am sooo smart, you are soo stupid” Vox thinks we won’t notice his antics.

    • “I guess Mr. “I am sooo smart, you are soo stupid” Vox thinks we won’t notice his antics.

      Once people notice you’re trying to sneak your hand into the collection plate, it doesn’t matter how elaborate your distraction patter is.

      Vox Day takes pride in his intelligence, his rhetorical skills, his Dark Lord lack of ethics, and his tangled web of self-coined terms-of-art.

      The big weakness in all this is that his financial interest is obvious. He boasts of his alliance with the equally greedy and unprincipled “brands.”

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