Lügenpresse Retreats From “Fake News” Narrative

The bugle has sounded and liberalism is retreating from “fake news”:

“When Jim DeMint wanted to dis a TV interviewer’s suggestion that Obamacare has merits as well as flaws, the former senator and tea partyer used a handy putdown: “You can put all that under the category of fake news.”

When conspiracy theorist Alex Jones wanted to deny a CNN report that Ivanka Trump would take over the East Wing offices traditionally occupied by the first lady, he used the same label.

And when a writer for an arch-conservative website needed a putdown for ABC’s chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl, he reached for the obvious: “fake-news propagandist.” …”

“Fake news” has had its 15 minutes of fame. Let’s put this tainted term out of its misery. …”

We didn’t mean US!

As I said this morning on Twitter, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and “Trump has no path to 270” were the biggest fake news stories of the last few years. The Black Lives Matter movement was created by a fake news narrative of racist police shootings. The Lügenpresse Narrative that Russia stole the election from Hillary is another fake news story.

How many “fake news” stories have we dealt with over the years? There was “Iraq has WMD” and “George W. Bush hates black people” during Hurricane Katrina and “you can keep your doctor” during the Obamacare debate. Every few years there is a new war because fake news brands some foreign leader as LITERALLY HITLER.

The Tea Party is the Klan was a fake news narrative. So was the Tea Party is violent. How about the “Donald Trump is a fascist” fake news narrative?

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  1. Lügenpresse Retreats From “Fake News” Narrative

    Does that mean they’re going to give up reporting the news?

        • Yes, Mr. Owen – ‘talking down to us, as if we were children’ – and lying to us and exploiting us as if we worthless little maggots on a hot July’s fresh dungheap…

  2. I like to watch memes like “Fake News” magically appear all at once in the US MSM. Then within a month they magically spread to the MSM in Europe and are pounded into the population there.

    It couldn’t be these news people are taking orders from the same people, could it? (Sarcasm)

  3. ‘The Tea Party is the Klan was a fake news narrative.’

    This is how the connection works, Mr. Griffin –

    The Tea party, in North Carolina, is constructed of rural and smalltown Whites who are mostly politically incorrect – even some of our leaders.

    Because we are for States’ Rights, are White, and are not politically correct, this means that we are viewed as Confederates and KKK.

    They actually think this way – so the narrative comes straight from their minds.

  4. That The Tea Party is Confederate, and, by insinuation, KKK, is one of Rachel Maddow’s favourite themes – something which she has had ongoing for years…

  5. Perhaps the most famous report of Miss Maddow’s with regard to our NC Tea Party being ‘Confederate and Klan’, is this, back in 2013…

    • When I was at still a student I had a philosophy professor who was a big fan of Maddow. Because I was a moron I actually bought her about *whatever* on Amazon Kindle. I will carry this shame for the rest of my life.

      • Dear Cyrus,
        Please don’t be too hard on yourself. The path towards any kind of truth is a tortured one. If you were a student, you have to go through Bolshevist indoctrination – as most do.
        Give yourself credit, that you went through it, examined it, and discarded it. That’s hard to do, and is what counts. Indeed, I know many who never examination their indoctrination.

        All the best to you!

      • The leftie subconsciously agrees with much of what the far right has to say, they just don’t like it.

    • They need to attacked financially. First they need to be split up the media with anti-trust laws. Second they need to be only owned by American citizens with a provision that no dual or more citizenship can own media in the USA. Third they need to stop bundling of channels so we can cancel CNN, NBC, ABC, CSNBC, and etc.

      One of the big problem with cucks is when they are in power they are willing to do anything to give rich people more money but they won’t do shit to push a REAL conservative, Pro-heritage American agenda. Like some of the things I listed.

      There was a guy who linked an article from http://www.counter-currents.com/ to …I can’t remember where that went to, over a whole slew of things that could be done to solidify power and punish the SJW. Cut funds for all non STEM education, voter ID, secure voting, lots of stuff we should be doing. One of the reason the Jews are successful is they whittle away at every single advance they can find. They never say that “that’s to small to worry about” they want every advantage possible. We should learn from them. We should cancel section 8 and pile all these people up in multistory high rises so they can be watched and controlled. We should have mandatory birth control for those on the gov. dole. We should harass them like they do us.

      • If I was Trump I would put government funding into versions of social media that are decentralized and cost nothing to run. That way they couldn’t be controlled by corporate interests nor censored.

        Our side always wins when we are allowed to be heard.

        • Mr Jackson,

          I would make the suggestion of trying out the “chans”, websites that are largely anonymous, and often pro-white. They’re already booming, in a relative sense.


          8ch dot net/pol/catalog.html

          boards dot 4chan.org/pol/catalog

          Best regards,


  6. “Fake news” is what the Brits call an “own goal.” Frankly, it’s amazing they even tried this stunt, given how easily it could be turned against them. It’s the sort of the thing that would make the more conspiratorially-minded among us wonder whether it wasn’t one of our guys who coined it precisely with this effect in mind.

  7. In the recent shooting incident a name was floated as a suspect.

    I couldn’t help but shake my head at his description.

    Race/Ethnicity: White


    Last known address:
    212 E 8th St , Lwr
    Jamestown NY 14701

    Gender: M
    Age: 35
    DOB: 1977-05-23
    Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
    Weight: 140
    Race/Ethnicity: White
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Alias(es): Esteban S Santiago
    Identifying Marks: Scar-Eyebrow, left/left eye area

    Offense: Sexual Contact
    Risk Level: Moderate

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