Intersectional Left Devolves Into Infighting Over Women’s March on Washington

Lulz incoming:

“Many thousands of women are expected to converge on the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington the day after Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. Jennifer Willis no longer plans to be one of them.

Ms. Willis, a 50-year-old wedding minister from South Carolina, had looked forward to taking her daughters to the march. Then she read a post on the Facebook page for the march that made her feel unwelcome because she is white.

The post, written by a black activist from Brooklyn who is a march volunteer, advised “white allies” to listen more and talk less. It also chided those who, it said, were only now waking up to racism because of the election. …

And at a time when a presidential candidate ran against political correctness and won — with half of white female voters supporting him — is this the time to tone down talk about race or to double down? …”

It brings back memories of Occupy Wall Street’s “progressive stack.”

Enjoy a few laughs at the expense of the Women’s March, but think about it … the Alt-Right is also “intersectional,” composed of marginalized communities and prone to infighting over myriad divisions. The SPLC has noticed the recent spat with the Alt-Lite. We need to get better at navigating our own divisions and articulating what unites us if we want to become a counterweight to mainstream conservatism.

Let’s be honest about our divisions while avoiding a “progressive stack” mentality. If you don’t want to be a Neo-Nazi, then don’t be one. We can learn something from the Left in how it focuses on a common feeling of marginalization to build its electoral coalition. Whenever I have done activism in the South, I have seen a bewildering number of leftwing groups come out and oppose us including mountaintop removal environmentalist groups which had nothing to do with what we were protesting.

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  1. What these loons don’t realize is how self destructive this is for their cause. All those formerly left or progressive-leaning white women will now start questioning their allegiance and interrogating the very foundation of the american left.

    I’m not on ‘the right,’ BTW. But it was precisely the utter hypocrisy and anti-northwestern european hatred of the left that caused me to totally defect from it. Prior to my final confrontation with its true nature, I thought I could sort of choose a la carte.

        • Sam, what do you know about it, really?

          Feminists have bonded out of some sense of shared universal victimization that doesn’t exist, in that there is no single political class or status of women. And sure, for many their sense of victimization is illegitimate and inaccurate to begin with.

          Nothing divides women more than having some claim bigger victim status. Trust me.

          • Lefty women demonstrate and carry water for negros, queers, trans-weirdos, hijab wearers, male koranimals, Mexican invaders etc.

            They will get to the back of the bus when told, because they are ashamed of their white privilege.

          • Perhaps the non-feminist-specific lefty ones might, but the Women’s March types won’t tolerate that well at all.

            I’m certain of this. So either someone in power thinks it’s time to officially jettison white women, or, Jews & Co’s head honchos simply can’t reign in the entitlement queens they created.

            I’m guessing it’s the latter, and that we may see a psy op of some kind not far down the road featuring some queer lesbian of color offing a bunch of white bitches out of rejection anxiety. Who knows, maybe they’ll sacrifice a tranny.

            But they’ll never admit that non-white women just hate white women – straight, gay or unalphabetized.

          • ‘Women’s March types won’t tolerate that well at all.’

            I’ll believe it when I see it.

            ‘… non-white women just hate white women – straight, gay or unalphabetized.’

            Pretty much so.

    • I knew quite a few lefties at my undergrad university, and a few things which stood out to me were that:

      1. There are plenty of left-wing / progressive women who only pay lip service to ‘racial justice.’ These gals join the liberal movement because they care about the environment, animal rights, abortion rights, etc.

      In other words, many of them don’t actually want to have brown babies with Tyrone McNegro.

      2. Liberal ladies often come from upper class families, are quite personable, and well educated. They therefore play a critical role in moderating conflict and preventing the left from cannibalizing itself.

      3. If White women get cut out of the left, then the left will begin to splinter. It’s that simple. The reason is that there is no other group which can provide the necessary ‘social glue’ to keep Jews, Muslims, Blacks, gays, etc. from turning on each other.

    • Do you see this internal dissention of the left as a good thing, especially as it’s developing along racial lines?

      • I think it is too inacurrate to be useful, although it may be useful to have such a map with different axes:



        • I agree with the basic principle that there are overlapping spheres with “Alt-Right” intersecting a bunch of smaller spheres. I’m not sure that’s an accurate map. Counter-Currents, for example, would be White Nationalist.

          • I’m not convinced the overlapping spheres matter much.

            The people who are genuine are inclined to get along, at least to the extent of mutual non-interference, despite different interests. The things that interest us don’t generate significant conflict. The Mantra conflicts with Southern nationalism, how?

            The people who are in it for clicks and bucks have alliances but not real loyalty — certainly not loyalty to anyone genuine.

            That’s about it.

          • “The Mantra conflicts with Southern nationalism, how?”

            Southern Nationalism is not part of the alt-right.

          • Neither is Bob Whitaker or BUGS.

            “Bob Whitaker
            ?@BobWhitaker2016 28 Feb 2016
            With the center collapsing, we need to make it clear that we are a new generation. We are simply pro-white, not pro-right


            The Mantra isn’t abstract Left vs Right hooey. It offers the reader a choice of Pro White or Anti-White. If members of the Alt-Right adopt it, its because they realize they are Whites with racial interests.

          • I’m not really familiar with Bob Whitaker or BUGS; but if they’re pro-white, then they’re alt-right as I was using that term. To me, alt-right is little more than a new name for what used to be called White Nationalism.

          • That’s only true if whites in New England continue to prove that they are beyond redemption. Southern Whites are the foundation of the awakened white vote in the US.

    • Can’t we all just get along?

      Certain things cannot be at the forefront of the movement: Nazism, violence, etc. Put our most attractive face forward; that was to be Richard Spencer but alas. I would promote you and/or Greg Johnson and get back to the 14 words and the cold equations.

  2. They get away with this because it never fails an insane Lefty makes a scene and the conservative stooges lead by intellectuals run out to do battle and the rest of the Left sits down and enjoys the spectacle.

    None of these Lefty groups are worth a bucket of warm piss. But instead of dismissing them for their internal divisions conservatives play stooge “common enemy.”

  3. These graphics are bullshit.

    A lot of us have many different backgrounds and influences and absolutely defy labels.

    I attribute it to NRx autism.

  4. Foam boy Lil’ Marco parrots his jewish masters anti-Putin hatred during the Rex Tillerson confirmation hearing.

    • I saw that performance by little Marcito (aka Norman Brahman’s cabana-boy). He was virtually demanding that Tillerson denounce Putin as a “war criminal”, based on news reports (many of which are probably just bullshit) of russian forces committing atrocities in Aleppo. As if any sane Secretary of State would do such a thing – call a foreign head-of-state a war-criminal based on some files waved at him across the Senate chambers by this little twerp.

    • Ah, yes, the Pizza Delivery Boy. So far in debt, he would sell his penis to Oscar Myer or Hormel. Winston Churchill’s paradigm of the “Straw Man”.

      Trump has stated more than once that term limits are necessary for Congress “people”-if they deserve to be categorized about reptiles.

      He should be referred to as “Barko Boobio”

  5. Many thousands of women are expected to converge on the nation’s capitol for the Women’s March on Washington the day after Donald J. Trump’s inauguration.

    Not any that have jobs and families.

  6. Whenever I have done activism in the South, I have seen a bewildering number of leftwing groups come out and oppose us

    How many of them were actually from Dixie?

  7. I think there’s potential here for recruitment. Over 50% of White women voted for Trump, after all. I’m sure at least a few of these disgruntled White sisters could be persuaded. Time to send in some fashy Alt-Right agents.

    • I thinks it’s about marriage: single white woman are probably lost( unless you marry them to some “fashy Alt-Right agents). And also abortion: it’s like a bloody rite of passage for the Left, once you’ve done it there is no going back back,’cause few people want to confront their guilt.

  8. Thanks to the Progressive Stack, white men at OWS rallies were told to sit down and shut up. So they left. That put the white women in a more precarious position; after a few of them were raped, they left too. Thus a protest movement turned into a bunch of homeless camps, until embarrassed liberal mayors told the cops to clear them out.

  9. The Nogs will eventually run off the White Women because they’re so self absorbed. They subsist on the Tax Payer and murder ungodly amounts of people yet insist they’re abused. They’re completely delusional.

    I believe that ALL pro-White, Alt-right or Alt-Lite need to stick together. I also believe there is a lot of collaboration we can do with the Alt-Left. People like Robert Lindsay. While they don’t have hatred for the Jews like we do many are beginning to. All their left ideas will crumble to shit if the Jews keep running things. Like the Left is going to get the Jews …to share. HA! I also believe there’s a place for the Nazis, the Klan, the Daily Stormers, the Secretly funded Jew Nazi whack job sites and the etc., etc. I believe this is because being a Nazi is not all that bad today. They called Trump Nazi over and over and over and over so if you’re a real Nazi as far as you’re average person goes you’re just like Trump. Being a racist is not so bad either for the same reason. They’re calling around 50% of the population Nazi, racist and I don’t think this will last. People who know they are neither will tune them out.

    I also believe the secretly funded Jew shock sites are hurting them more than their helping the Jews. At one time it was outrageous but now we’re all Nazis or at least 50%. To have a Jew fake news site get any traffic and be believable they have to tell “some” truth. These little pieces of truth can be correlated with sites that tell the truth. I believe people who stumble upon these sites might be offended at first but the major offenses of the Jews are repeated on so many sites that an average person looking into this over a couple years time gets some understanding of the malfeasance of the Jews. I don’t know all of what they are up to but I know a lot. Enough to shut them down if I was in a place of power to do so. Eventually people will start asking for this. Shut them down.

    Always remember they have been thrown out of EVERY single country they have gone to in any numbers. They never know when to stop. They’re thrown out because they suck. The Jews suck ass and destroy everywhere they go.

  10. Very interesting about the ‘mountaintop removal’ environmentalists. I had my website destroyed by a polish immigrant in the UK after I parted with a large amount of money for him to do work which he did not. He was allied to an Israeli vegan site and involved in a mountain rescue team which I though odd for a foreigner. The Marxist globalist left is active on all fronts in all organizations and there is hardly a chink in the state they have not penetrated and seized power over. Every institution and group they can get hold of becomes a squad in their battalions.

  11. This stuff fills me with hope, and is also fun to watch the rainbow coalition crumble away under its own lies and idiocy. These people are only united in their hatred of truth, and that is a fake unity that will not stand. Hail Victory.

  12. Ms. Willis got mugged by racial reality. Perhaps, sooner or later, the white SJW libtards will realize that your uniform isn’t your ideology.

    Your uniform is your race.

  13. It has progressed to the point that even white liberal women are now being told to “virtue signal” by their presence -but to shut up. They are not “oppressed” enough to speak out for the vibrants. Now if this white woman had also been a lesbian, they might have let her speak -maybe.
    It strikes me that the the concept of the various Alt-Right factions to unify on big issues and pursue their separate visions of the perfect position is a good idea, and somewhat akin to how the U.S.A. was originally mean to function with a small FedGov with delegated powers and sovereign states. Of course, Lincoln destroyed that beautiful political model.
    I live in rual Orange County, Indiana -which I understand is the current base of operations for Matthew Heimbach. Recently, a bunch of rainbow colored signs went up all over Paoli proclaiming (going from memory) “No matter what color your skin, or where you are from, or what you believe, we are glad you are our neighbor”. A relative asked a medical professional he knew about it, and it is indeed a push back against the “white supremacist” who now lives in Paoli. We are a rural white county, and yet idiots are opposed to people like Heimbach who advocate for the preservation of our people and peaceful White Nationalism. I have family who cmae to Orange County almost 200 years ago, and I find it sad to see the stupid whites virtue signaling against Heimbach.

    • Remove posters, find out who put them up, and go from there.

      In rural areas, we have a lot of freedom to act against our adversaries.

    • “Of course, Lincoln destroyed that beautiful political model.”

      It wasn’t a beautiful political model. It was a self-contradiction, meaningless.

  14. Can any of you conservative intellectuals tell me why I am supposed to take feminism seriously these days?

    Do you think that muslim woman takes those dipshit women to her side seriously, do you think muslim men take those stupid feminists seriously?

    Why cant the muslims and the feminists fight?

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