Counter-Currents: A Northern Alliance

Over at Counter-Currents, Robert Finstock takes a first stab at an Alt-Right foreign policy vision on Russia:

“Since it burst onto the scene, most of the Alternative Right’s energies have rightfully focused on metapolitics, networking, and domestic agitation. So far as international politics is concerned, there is a broad Alt Right consensus that globalism is the enemy, rapprochement with Russia is critical, and we must end and reverse the dark invasion of our countries. Yet these are easy calls; if our success continues and we eventually see white governments proliferate across North America and Europe, how would we achieve our objectives, consolidate our gains, and increase our strength? To ensure the long-term flourishing of our race, we should ultimately pursue an explicitly pro-white Northern Alliance of North America, Europe, and Russia,[1] acting in strictly enforced cohesion on matters of immigration, defense, and foreign policy. Absent this, our prospects in this century are almost certainly doomed …”

It is a good start.

1.) If we are ever going to recover from the 20th century, we all agree that there should be no more devastating intra-European wars. World War I was the beginning of the downfall of our civilization. If it wasn’t the beginning (you could argue it was the French Revolution), it was still one of the most important turning points for our entire race.

2.) We all agree that a major corollary of this is that there is no reason to continue to treat Russia as our enemy. Instead of treating Russia as our enemy, Russia should be welcomed into the family of European nations. Ideally, we want to move toward a world of peace and prosperity in Europe. The Cold War is over. Why shouldn’t that world include Russia? It already includes Poland and the Baltic states.

3.) We all agree that the major challenges we are facing are a demographic death spiral, migration from the Third World and a long term conflict with Islam. Say what you want about Vladimir Putin, but he is one of the few leaders in the world who understands this and has spoken out about it.

4.) We all agree that we want to move away from NATO, which is antiquated and includes Turkey, and toward a Northern military alliance which would include Russia and end the great rift within the White world. It is a North/South world that is taking shape, not an East/West world anymore.

5.) We all agree that the ideal Northern alliance would be based on a blend of race, culture, ethnicity and religion, NOT on abstract liberal ideology:

“The Republican regulars build their grand strategies upon the post-World War II international order — the American-led alliances, norms and organizations that bind democracies and preserve global peace. The regulars seek to preserve and extend this order, and see Vladimir Putin as a wolf who tears away at it.

The populist ethno-nationalists in the Trump White House do not believe in this order. Their critique — which is simultaneously moral, religious, economic, political and racial — is nicely summarized in the remarks Steve Bannon made to a Vatican conference in 2014.

Once there was a collection of Judeo-Christian nation-states, Bannon argued, that practiced a humane form of biblical capitalism and fostered culturally coherent communities. But in the past few decades, the party of Davos — with its globalism, relativism, pluralism and diversity — has sapped away the moral foundations of this Judeo-Christian way of life. …”

Russia is authoritarian … unlike David Brooks, we’re not liberals, so we don’t care. We’re not interested in haranguing Russia with human rights lectures. In fact, we admire Russia for the way it handled the Pussy Riot situation. There has been a breakdown of authority in the West. Liberalism has metastasized into a suicide cult and frankly it is a relief that someone in the world is trying to resist the tide.

Anyway, David Brooks reminds us that we are still a long way from dismantling the liberal world order. Electing Trump was an important first step in the United States. In order to get there, we will first have to get beyond the Little Marcos in Congress.

Note: Before anyone chimes in below, I am fully aware that Russia isn’t a White Nationalist utopia. Russia has all kinds of problems just like we do. We’re only talking about Russia because the liberal establishment has declared that Russia is our enemy for wanting to be an independent country. They’re demonizing Hungary and Poland and the Alt-Right for the same reasons, but not with the same ferocity.

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  1. Not provoking, and even strategically aiding Russia from a meta political perspective is a no brainer in our current predicament and beyond. That can change when the facts change, but from where I am looking it is the only choice.

  2. The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution. The idea we are going to get all of North America back like its the 1950’s is unrealistic. More realistic is a secession of the remaining majority white and conservative red states and their formation into a new American Republic.

    • Your first sentence is spot on; The second sentence not so much. Canada and the continental US belong to Whites. We should also take Baja California. The Yukon and parts of Alaska can go back to the Eskimo. Hawaii can go back to the Hawaiians and so forth. The formation of a North American Confederacy of White States/ Republics with its capital being the rebuilt and renamed city of St. Louis. Is this plan acceptable?

      • Huh? I’d rather have Hawaii and Alaska.

        There are very few Native Hawaiians. I’m not up on the latest stats, but last I heard, Hawaiians are about half White and half Asian (Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Chinese). I guess Whites are a minority now or will be soon.

        And if it were not the USA or independent, shouldn’t Russia get first dibs on Alaska?

        How is Alaska less White American than California or Florida or Ontario?

      • I’m all for it, but you’d have to kick a helluva lot of dindus and freaks out of St. Louis – the city itself is as blue as San Francisco.

        You might consider Omaha to be the capital.

    • Yes, Mr. Galt – states’ rights and or a reconfederation of this land is the only way out of perpetual lunacy.

    • Not really. The criticism has tended to emphasize Russia’s interference with the independence of neighboring European states, linking this interference with a “neo-Soviet” imperialist mindset.

      The only criticism outside this framework that I can recall is some French writer who claimed Russia’s whiteness was too compromised.

      • “The criticism has tended emphasize Russia’s interference with the independence of neighboring European states, linking this interference with a “neo-Soviet” imperialist mindset.” — i.e. anti-Russian propaganda

        • Those tendencies exist and Russia obviously attempts to influence the policy direction of neighboring countries, so no, it’s not just “anti-Russian propaganda,” nor is it “extremely anti-Russian” to mention it.

          The writer you are thinking of is Andrew (not Alexander) Hamilton.

          • Ahh. okay.

            Anyway, “Russia obviously attempts to influence the policy direction of neighbouring countries” — so what? Why shouldn’t they? Of course they should. Or just let NATO spread to cover or dominate all of Russia’s Western and Black Sea borders?


            Attacking Russia for defending itself is anti-Russian.

            The USA and Germany and France and the UK and Canada influence the policy direction of Russia’s neighbouring countries, to be anti-Russian.

            Also, Russia’s policies have nothing to do with being supposedly “net-soviet”.

          • Russia has interests of its own, so it’s only to be expected that Russians will attempt to influence other countries in a way that safeguards those interests. Pointing this out and discussing the pros and cons of Russian behavior seems to me perfectly legitimate and can’t automatically be equated with “attacking” Russia.

            All in all, my feeling is that there is relatively more anti-Russian sentiment at CC than, say, at Radix or OD. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because national socialism and the Hitler regime are viewed much more positively there than at the average alt right site. Nonetheless, the more articulate critiques of Russian state behavior at CC have not emphasized this angle at all.

            Also, Russia’s policies have nothing to do with being supposedly “net-soviet”.

            Both the Soviet state and the contemporary Russian state evolved from a Russian empire which swallowed up other nations. Contemporary Russian security interests remain in large part related to defending this historical development. Christ man, if Russia can feel insecure about the independence of an Estonia, how do you suppose an Estonian might feel about a Russia which enthusiastically goes to war to retain a Chechnya?

          • My two cents: most Russian nationalists( the real ones) I know and/or have read are against an idea of an empire an hostile to Russian people since it has always benefited a small number of elites ( a lot of which was ethnically non-Russian) while being an unbearable burden to a common Russian folk, who had to foo the bill( not unlike San Francis’ MARs). Also, most Russians do not care about imperial greatness, they have largely the same problems as American working class only in even more acute form. But you wouldn’t know this from Russian mainstream media.

        • Not a zionist in the sense that he cares about the well-being of Israel. He just wants some convenient location to haul Jews off to.

          Personally, I’m ambivalent about that. On the one hand, I hate Israel, and would dearly love to see it destroyed, so anything which delays its destruction is bound to displease me; on the other hand, its existence and its policies make it much easier to draw attention to outsized Jewish influence and build a convincing case against it.

          • He says “White Nationalists” should support “Israel”, as he does, because we are all supposed to support “all peoples” (Muh Wilsonian Principle), and because all Kikes can go there HAHAHAHAHA which will never happen.

          • I think there’s some confusion about what “support” means in this context.

            One possible meaning is the proposition that you should go out of your way to support other groups, in order to ensure that they are able to achieve the same result as your group. So if it’s correct that all groups should have their own nations, then you’d have to go out of your way to brings those nations into existence where they don’t yet exist.

            Another possible meaning of “support” is that you consider it acceptable if other groups achieve such nations for themselves. That is, there would be nothing wrong if they did that. They wouldn’t be viewed as competitors against whom you should agitate. But if they failed to achieve such nations for themselves, nothing would require you go out of your way to help them do it.

            I think Greg has something like the second meaning in mind (but I’m not sure, because he’s banned me so I can’t ask), but it very often gets interpreted as the first meaning.

  3. UK: Anti-Racist with Negress wife pleads guilty to anti-Negro hate crime, ordered to improve his “thinking skills”

    Trollstation prankster sentenced after racist ‘social experiment’ at Slavery Museum

    Jen Mills for, 11 Jan 2017

    A ‘prankster’ who asked a black visitor to the Slavery Musuem if her family was ‘from a tribe’ has been convicted of racially aggravated harassment.

    Amateur actor James Slattery, 36, was making a video for Trollstation in Liverpool as part of a ‘social experiment’.

    He was filmed making offensive comments to visitors, as well as talking to another actor who posed as a guest at the museum on March 28 last year.

    Slattery claimed he was trying to raise awareness of racism – but horrified victim Sharna Sinclair was ‘humiliated’ by the incident and called police after he told her he ‘hated black people’.

    In the video, he was heard saying to the black actor he was with: ‘You were slaves for a reason, mate, Black people were better at being slaves because they had that natural build, that work build. Your pants is hanging around your arse, probably because you’ve robbed half the artifacts in here. Let’s get one thing straight, yous are good for one thing… slavery. And everybody agrees with me.’

    At the end of the video they told people it was a ‘social experiment’, to demonstrate that people who witnessed racism would step in and intervene. However, the video has backfired because they found it so offensive police were called.

    Slattery pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court today.

    Amanda Cullen, prosecuting, said Slattery’s group tried the experiment again on the same day, with 26-year-old Mrs Sinclair as an unknowing participant.

    Ms Cullen said the victim was visiting the musuem with her husband, and heard Slattery say on the phone: ‘Is this a joke? I’m trying to get away from black people and you have sent me to a floor full of them’.’

    Ms Cullen said Slattery then turned to Mrs Sinclair and said: ‘Can you believe it? My friends have set me up because I hate black people.’

    He also said: ‘Can I ask you a question, are your family from a tribe?’

    Slattery’s black friend joined the act by pretending to confront him, which prompted Slattery to say: ‘Black c**nt’.

    The court heard the men came clean after Mrs Sinclair became ‘really upset’ and said: ‘Don’t worry, it’s a social experiment, we have been filming you.’

    Slattery added: ‘Don’t worry, my wife is black.’

    Ms Cullen said: ‘The victim felt very upset that she had been used for a social experiment. She felt extremely humiliated by that.’

    Slattery was traced after the video of the earlier ‘experiment’ was uploaded to YouTube by Trollstation.

    Louise Bauress, defending, told the court her client was not racist and had been trying to ‘raise awareness’ that racism still took place.

    Slattery was sentenced to eight weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, and told to attend a rehabilitation course with the Probation Service to address his ‘thinking skills’.

    He was also ordered to pay £200 compensation to Mrs Sinclair and £85 prosecution costs.

  4. “We all agree that we want to move away from NATO, which is antiquated and includes Turkey, and toward a Northern military alliance which would include Russia and end the great rift within the White world. It is a North/South world that is taking shape, not an East/West world anymore.”


    Also, Israel needs to be promoted as the Jews’ homeland, which it is. Otherwise they can claim they have nowhere else to go and that separation somehow equates to genocide.

  5. On the second point: American White Nationalist will have to confront the fact there are considerable historical baggage an mutual distrust and resentment. The lines here are not as clear-cut as they might America. Mostly it’s whites against whites and this is how things have been since time immemorial. Actually term “white”holds very little emotional power since ,due to historical idiosyncrasies , it is more like “our ethnicity against theirs”. Our ethnic relations never gave way to a composite White identity. A lot of this bickering will seem stupid to an American, but it will not go away. To paraphrase de Maistre “I have seen Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian… but as for White Man, I declare I have never met him in my life”. I think you can understand my point, being a Southern nationalist and all.

    • Anglos and Russians have historically had a good relationship. I understand there is bitterness among Eastern Europeans, but by being a White American, mostly from Northern Europe I simply don’t have that baggage.

      • I’m not sure about good relationships between Anglos and Russians, but let’s bracket that for now. The bigger problem that even if, for example, Polish and Russians may both have good relationships with Anglos, they still don’t like each, which means Anglos might have to be an arbiter in our quarrels and break fights when they occure. It’s an ungrateful task and no one should do it, but, if any sort of alliance comes to existence, it might be necessary, so someone should get on that.

        • I remember when they held the Dayton Accords to settle the Balkan war in the 90’s. Dayton might as well have been on the moon. They should have held it in Prague or Vienna. Or some other Central European city considered neutral by all the parties concerned. In the end, though, it wasn’t like the American Liberals were going to take all the parties’ interests into consideration, anyway. After all, they wanted to maintain the existence of the fictional country of “Yugoslavia.” One of their greatest experiments.

          • Yugoslavia was a wonderful idea. It was just a bit ahead of its time and despite superficial appearances to the contrary, it gave far too much leeway to the petty nationalists which in the end destroyed it.

        • I almost added that I would be more than happy to be a neutral moderating in conflicts between Eastern Europeans, but deleted it. I didn’t want to sound too “forward”. Someone like me seriously wants nothing but good for Eastern Europeans.

          • They need more than moderation, they need leadership. Petty nationalism is deeply entrenched in that part of Europe.

        • This is a problem of nationalism, not of racialism. A judicious application of racialist principles is a very effective method of overcoming idiotic nationalist disputes.

          “White” may not possess much emotive strength when uttered in those realms, but contra the fuckwit de Maistre it’s a living reality, and it’s what remains once you strip away the extraneous baggage of “Polish” or “Russian.” That’s my view: motherfuck that antiquated nationalist nonsense. It may feel good, but like a bad drug habit, it destroys you.

          • Those identities have served their purpose. They can still be retained as a matter of convenience, but it’s time to look beyond them for something more suitable to the challenges we’re facing.

      • Think about it this way, Darlin’ – Jews had a heavy hand in the design of the EU, and in the one world governmental ideas of Bolshevism, and, as well, you see how Rothschild has tried to control the world from 10 Downing St.


        Because things are a whole lot easier to control from one spot than many.

        If Whites nations are divided and sovereign, that poses many many more difficulties for Jewish usurpers –

        That said, the sovereign division betwixt sovereign White Nations does not mean that they cannot cooperate and form coalitions and alliances.

        Certainly they could agree with battle Jewish usurpation and usury together. (Look at BRICS) I think that would be an easy point of commonality, for many nations, that would not, in any way, impinge upon those specifick sovereign cultures.

        Not only must The White Race be preserved, M’am, but the integrity of many White cultures. We cannot afford to lose these great treasures of humanity to any form of one world Jewish government or one White Government.

        Any form of one government would spit directly in The Eye of The Lord, who created us all separate, and has spoken his blessing for us to be and remain that way, which is why, I agree with you that race-mixing is a sin – a form of adulterizing God’s great schematick!

    • Like you, Dear Cyrus, I have said this many times : that to believe in White Nationalism you have to believe in the sameness of Russians, Portugese, Alabamans, Croats, Dutch, Hungarians, and Aussies; and, if you have traveled, you know precisely how unworkable such a notion is.

      European civilization is INcredibly rich in it’s irreconcilable diversities.

      What makes me a Southern Nationalist is, in part, a desire to see the culture and people of North Carolina survive, which it will not, if it is linkt to the loonies in California or the Bolshevik Puritans in Massachussets.

      • Junius, that is why a Colonial Africa never worked, EU will fail and the American States worked.

        As most of us are aware, America is the most unique of all nations, excluding slave trade blacks, we are a nation of people who chose to live together. Anglo-Europeans were mostly successful in erasing the established ethnic groups (amero-indians).

        Other racial groups and modern media view us as a collective “white”. We are as diverse in our group think as any other race.

        As a businessman I have dealt with people from all over the US. A common theme occurred, I had difficult dealings with people from certain states. After futher investigation, I found that most were of Germanic ancestry.

        So, to my point, even in a nation where we have tried to make all of us a bland uni-white culture, our ancestral differences are maintained.

        • Wow, what a great and probing comment, Mr. Saint!

          Yes, you are right that, in the most fundamental sense, most Europeans who came here, came voluntarily, and knew that they would be amongst those from other races.

          People, nowadays assume that Irish, Scots, and Ænglisc are one brotherly bloodline, but, the simple fact of the matter is that not only are they NOT, they have long NOT liket each other, and, if one goes back into the 19th century, one can see how, when they came here, they most commonly tried to stay with their own kind and away from those other cultures which, today, people assume are practically identical.

          And let me be clear – though I grew up, just as did any other during those tightly controlled media times, when we were all taught to revere ‘the Noble American Experiment of Union’, I have come to see that a confederation better serves the varied people of this current nation.

          Decades of life and travel have taught me that, though two men – both of exclusively Scots-Irish heritage – that immigrated here 150s ago – but one of whom lives in Bangor, Maine and the other in Scotland Neck, North Carolina, are going to have some very pronouncet differences, when it comes to world views; that, in fact, these two are are as distancet from one another as a Ukrainian is from a Dutchman.

          As to nationalities and difficulties, in my particular case, I have found that I can get along with every race and nation, but, that I cannot get along with 3 types of personality – the insecure one, the backstabbing one, and the lying one – and those personalities are international.

          Thank you. Have a good business day!

        • “I found that most were of Germanic ancestry.”

          I’m sure many of them would say the same thing about the American Anglos and Irish.

      • North Carolina itself is unlikely to survive as a unitary state, due to the overwhelming presence of Africans. And then you have Yankee colonies like Asheville, which may break away and form alliances with Northern interests.

        • It may well be, Laguna though, it may well be not.

          ‘Yankee colonies’, in our state, are already beginning the process of breaking apart, this owing to what they regard as our ‘repressive new laws’, and the growing reluctance of many to relocate to these places.

          As this process accelerates, owing to Trump’s infusing the judiciary with Strict-constructionalist judges, many more will begin to leave our state, only accelerating our processes.

          We, traditional Tarheels, have a firmer reins over our government than any other Southern state, save, perhaps, for Miss’ippi’.

          There is, however, another route, as well – that North Carolina does regain much and or all of it’s lost sovereignty, but that a few spots, such as Raleigh or Charlotte become free-city states, much as Konigsberg or Venezia once were.

          Another issue is finance – and North Carolina’s financial rating is at the highest mark. We have a very diverse production – from hi-tech to farming, and we need only energy – which does not rely on Washington for that ability.

          Thank you for your thoughts.

        • One more thing – not only do I think North Carolina could make it alone, it really is a moot point, as ,in the event of a reconfederation, we could establish many economick relationships with other state or countries.

          In the end, the issue is whether we could make it without the central government in Washington D.C., which has shown itself to be the enemy of N.C. over and over again.

          If Romania, Ireland, Holland, Hungary, or small Italian or German states, or Monaco, even can, for centuries make it alone, so can we.

          In conclusion, though you may not be a leftist, I hear this from them all the time – that NC is simply incapable of being by herself.

          I respectfully disagree.

        • ‘North Carolina itself is unlikely to survive as a unitary state, due to the overwhelming presence of Africans.’

          Also, Laguna, that is not accurate. Our Negro population is 23%, which is much much lower than in quite a few Southern states.

          Also, unlike many Southern states, our capital is a White majority city – and by a considerable amount.

          One area where I agree with that to which you may have alluded is that, of our 1,650,000 Negroes.

          Now, if I take away 500,000 of those either retired or of school age, that still leaves approximately 600,000 of them have forgotten how to work. (550,000 are gainfully employed)

          Those folks only know electronic food stamp cards, Yankee plantation housing and Yankee government vouchers – the latter which they spend in endlessly creative ways that form a kind of secondary blackmarket of it’s own kind.

          White Tarheels are very tired of paying for them, and I doubt very seriously, in any gogvernmental reorganization, that resolving this dilemma would be easy.

          Certainly no other state would want them, we would stop paying for them, and as they would not be willing to work, what would happen?

          THAT problem, would overshadow the issue you mention between Yankee colonies, in our state, (18-20% part of our state in terrain)and the rest of us (controlling and occupying all the rest),

    • Absolutely.

      Here in the United States, the primary political dynamic within the Union is the rivalry between two large groups of regionally concentrated Whites with non-Whites playing auxiliary roles in electoral coalitions. That’s why I find all this talk of a “White Empire” to be so fanciful.

      I don’t agree with the proposed “White Empire,” but if we had smaller ethnostates that work together to promote mutual interests like peace and prosperity, I would naturally support that.

      • Been reading about Hume, exactly his proposal( great minds think alike). There is a threat that someone will try to built an empire out of it, though.Pericles and Delian League come to mind.

  6. My logic for supporting russia is opposite. Capitalism isn’t working. Russia even today has more in common with ussr than the west. Russia is only marginally european. I support Putin because I supported saddam hussein and moamar gaddafi.

    • Mr. Besarab – Capitalism in North Carolina is working pretty damn well, and has been for centuries.

      If you doubt it, take a trip around the world and examine their infrastructures.

  7. The Political leaders we have are nearly all Cold War relics. Their worldviews and ideology are as obsolete as NATO is.

  8. The standard bromides, oversimplifications and misunderstandings about Putin and Russia have been circulating for years on the right. Greg Johnson has always published a range of views at Counter Currents, many of them featuring incompatible ideas. But sometimes it seems that Counter Currents has no coherent editorial policy at all, verging as it does at times into pushing outright contradictory ideas, and, in this instance, arguably anti-white ideas. Russia under Putin is an anti-white nation to the core, not just a nation with problems. Greg knows better. He ought to reread Emile Durand’s essays and indeed his own comments on Putin and Russia.

      • Perhaps someone is coming to his senses regarding the Russia question.

        After all, he was banned at Radix because of it.

        • Well, Russia is clearly and obviously warming up to the Alt-Right, so things change I guess. Of course I believe this is because it is a simple matter of self-interest. It’s nothing more than that. It’s just that our interests align.

        • If you are referring to me, no, my views of Russia have not changed. I agree with Durand. Russia is the white Third World, which spends a great deal of money on peddling shit-tier propaganda to Right-wing dullards, which makes us look really, really stupid (and corrupt). Russia is more similar to the United States than it is to Europe. It is a continental empire with a European ethnic core and a universalistic, messianic ideology which is an engine of miscegenation and imperialism. We are just getting rid of our first non-white leader. Russia had its first one more than 400 years ago (Boris Godunov). Europe needs to keep both the US and Russia at arm’s length. Ideally, Europe should keep NATO and throw out the US. That said, there is no reason for the US to have an anti-Russian foreign policy. The main reason we have an anti-Russian foreign policy today is because of the undue influence of neurotic Jews from the Pale.

    • From what I understand, Russia has always been an empire composed of various peoples. It’s not like Ireland or Iceland. I’ve only recently begun to read up on Russian history though.

    • As far as I’m concerned Putin is anti-White until proven otherwise. That said, the last thing we need is another genocidal World War.

    • You’re conflating Russia-under-Putin with Russia itself. They’re not the same thing. Propositions concerning dealings with the latter don’t necessarily apply to dealings with the former.

  9. An ideal future would consist of a permanent multi-faceted alliance between the USA, Russia, and China against the entire Muslim World, Africa, and any other primitive country of low IQ and low potential.

    Where I differ from traditional White Nationalists is the racial equivalence of East Asians to Caucasians. I see no downside for intermarriage of Whites to Asians, where the latter possess all of our traits, and our good ones in larger quantities.

    Eurasian children are misnamed and misconceived as “race-mixed”, the catch-all term for mulattos and mestizos. I have traveled all my life and many of my colleagues and associates had Asian brides and the occasional Asian husband. Their families, children all blended into White consciousness and culture.

    For those who bark about “Aryan”-whatever that means-purity, good luck filling up an island in Puget Sound, or the lower half of one Southern state.

      • So? Look at Melania Trump’s eyes. Notice the slanted eyes, high cheekbones? That’t the Mongol DNA. Look at her and Donald’s child. Look like a demoralized and rejected “mixed race” to you? How about Melania? What about millions of Eastern Europeans, Russian, etc? Reject them as non-Aryan? What about those Christians in the Middle East who suffer and survive torture, death, and trials that we could never even dream of–FOR THEIR FAITH. Leave them behind as “Non Aryans”? I would rather have them next door to me and in my family then most of the pathetic, feckless, low quality DNA of “Whites” in the West, the traitors, Virtual Jews, and sell outs.

        Note Well: A very large plurality of American Southerners are part American Indian. What are they? Mestizos, half-breeds, race-mixed?

        Think about it, White Nationalists. Quality DNA and relatively light skin. But some super smart Middle East Christians are not going to make the cut?

    • You’re entitled to your views, but they have no relevance to the positions held by readers here.

      And in case that invitation to depart is too subtle: fuck off.

      • No thanks. Your presumption to speak “for the readers here”, is too inane to process. Did you discuss it with them? Take a poll? What are their names?

        See how stupid you are? No logic, no thought, no reasoning. Only a vulgar epithet. Typical of someone with an IQ in the range of Negro average =85 or less.

        • Come off it nitwit, people here are interested in white survival, not white erasure, which is the ineluctable result of the kind of mixing you recommend. Take it somewhere else.

    • I see no downside for intermarriage of Whites to Asians, where the latter possess all of our traits, and our good ones in larger quantities.

      Proof positive that Yellow Fever Syndrome is highly contagious and malignant. It’s never content with existing in small quantities within a host. It pushes the boundaries and attempts to overtake the more numerous healthy cells by trying to convince you that not only is Yellow just like White, but that Yellow is an even better, super duper version of White.

      I’m not really hostile to Asians—I respect much about their societies. But they ain’t White. They have plenty of countries where their racial stock is protected.

      American Renaissance would be a great fit for you.

      • Your opinion is yours. I don’t share it. At age approaching 70 and a life lived partly in the Orient, Hawaii, California and traveling half of my lifetime, I have little to learn about genetics, Eurasians, and resultant concrete results of integration into Western Culture.

        Your posting is contradictory, indicating a weak intellectual strength, or lack thereof. Yellow Fever is pejorative term for unwashed and unlearned individuals. You are common and pedestrian. And a bore.

        • My opinion is mine? No shit, Sherlock!

          As for my “weak intellectual strength,” you might wanna scroll up and see what Mr. Jim Giles has to say about me. I’m an intellectual; an elitist; a smooth, slick and clever mama jama. Jim is now my personal online reference for any of you simpletons who doubt my omnipotence.

          • What you are is delusional, and impotent, to correct your spelling. You are probably, “….ridin’ that train, high on coca loco”. Here’s Fred, who is somebody, on Asian women:

            Why White Men Prefer Asian Women: The View From A Sushi Bar


            Read it and weep. And do something about that Hillary-like body odor.

          • Sorry, but I don’t need “Fred” to explain anything to me. I have a White woman. I prefer White women. Delusional would better be described as the Yellow Fever geriatric coming to a pro-White website to try to push his fetishes and afflictions. If you want Asians so bad, then why aren’t you on a pro-Asian site?

          • And why aren’t I “pro-White”? Because lost valley inbred knuckleheads like you say so? What about American Southerners, a large plurality of whom are part American Indian, like my first wife?
            Huh? What about Melania Trump with the high cheekbones and slanted part Mongol eyes? What about the millions of East Europeans and Russians who are Eurasian? How about Hungarians?
            How about you get some learning, some knowledge, and some consistency that is based on Reality, my pedestrian, underbite , shallow, transparent low IQ, low info, know-nothing?

          • American Southerners do not have a “large plurality” of American Indian heritage. I heard the same thing from my family about the Indian great grandfather. I finally got sick of hearing the story and got a DNA test to see just how much truth there was to it. 0% Truth, as in 0% Amerindian DNA.

            You’re not pro-White. You’re an old crusty fuck who doesn’t have what it takes to get good White women. You’re confused and possibly senile. Probably the reason you came to a pro-White website trying to insinuate that Asians were simply better and more desirable forms of White people.

  10. I’m glad people are thinking about this. Another thing we are going to have to do if we do not want to relive the twentieth century is to be absolutely honest and realistic about the jews.

  11. The Tru-con establishment is worse than the Left, in demonizing Russia, and pushing for war. Good old Ted Juz and Miss Linthsey Graham just appeared on “Morning Joe” arm in literal arm, demonizing and lying about Russia, and WHINING about the UN kinda sorta sanction on Israeli settlements. They are introducing legislation to de-fund the UN, UNLESS they reverse that last ruling.
    Richard Blumenthal, oy vey, is planning to try to de-rail the Sessions appointment as AG. not Holder or Lynch – but Sessions. The Kikes are NOT going away quietly.

      • He MUST.
        FYI – you are correct on the strategery of Trump’s use of the Nazi “slur”. The leftards and kikes and “muh intelligence” are flipping out!

        • If Trump can use Hitler as a humanshield I’m sure the old mustached one wouldn’t mind.

    • Watching little Ricky go after Tillerson on Russia and Putin, I have to ask, what polling data are these guys looking at? How does jumping on the demonize Russia bandwagon, heck, leading the charge help these guys in the long run? Are they assuming Trump will crash and burn over Russia and Putin and they will be positioned as hard liners? I don’t get the long play here for the GOPe, but that’s probably because I took the red pill and left the reservation.

    • The (((warmongers))) and their goy water boys are demented psychopaths, especially the former. The Tru-cons remain our biggest obstacle. So many normies really believe they’re on their side.

    • The new generation of jew shills Cruz, Rubio, and Cotton will carry the torch.

      Where is McCain, or did the Jews tell him to sit this out as he is now tainted goods as he was caught attempting to Jew for Jews?

  12. Counter-Currents? Greg Johnson? Is Robert Finstock a homosexual?

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to associate with blacks, Jews, nonwhites or homosexuals.

    White separation to me means heterosexual whites only.

    I mean Jesus even when I was maturing I grew up in such a wholesome environment that the thought of homosexuality was unthinkable. Literally.

    As an adult, thinking about another man sticking his dick up another man’s ass is deviant, repugnant, demented sick shit. As King I would not kill them all but you can bet they would stay their ass in the closet, deep, deep, deep in the closet.

    And I don’t stay current on all the details of Internet White Nationalism. Did Greg Johnson ever come out of the closet and admit that he is homosexual? If not, why not?

    Does it matter?

    In my old age, I’m becoming less tolerant of niggers and faggots. Yeah, it matters.

    I could give a flying fuck what a homosexual thinks about anything. If Finstock is a heterosexual, I’m still not interested in his ideas because he is associated with Greg Johnson and homosexuality.

    • If anyone ever wants to learn how to spot fakes and frauds, feds and informers, loons and kooks, then be sure to look for incongruity of thought and conflicting statements stacked on top of each other.

      We go from

      As King I would not kill them all but you can bet they would stay their ass in the closet, deep, deep, deep in the closet.


      Did Greg Johnson ever come out of the closet and admit that he is homosexual? If not, why not?

      Does it matter?

      In my old age, I’m becoming less tolerant of niggers and faggots. Yeah, it matters.

      Which one is it? Are they staying in the closet or are you going to make a public spectacle of dragging them out of the closet?

      • “If anyone ever wants to learn how to spot fakes and frauds, feds and
        informers, loons and kooks, then be sure to look for incongruity of
        thought and conflicting statements stacked on top of each other.”

        As Al Pacino/Lt. Col. Frank Slade said in Scent of a Woman, “I’ve been around, you know?” And that’s a pretty lame and jaded cliche response. (Watch it again; it’s good for morale and esprit de corps something homosexuality is devoid of)

        Nitpicking on your part. Are you Greg Johnson? Are you a homosexual? Wow, it’s been a very long time since I’ve engaged on an Internet message board but no matter how long it’s been I still hold utter contempt for anonymity. I’ve been non-anonymous from the very start.

        I’m not an intellectual and so I’m not into parsing. Direct is my only style.

        However, looking at your criticism I do discern an apparent non-sequitur. However, it’s simply a matter of poor writing on my part not to spell out every last detail. IOW, on the one hand I demand homosexuals stay in the closet and then turn right around and demand a homosexual come out of the closet or so I assume that’s your interpretation. But that’s not the history. Greg Johnson was outed by Alex Linder more or less and that ended it for me with Johnson. So this is my point. I don’t want homosexuals associated with White leadership. I don’t feel like spelling out all the reasons because I’m physically tired from physical work I just got through completing. My instincts tell me you don’t want homosexuals involved in anything that is vital and critical.

        But again, if you suggest you are a White leader you better be ready to withstand the criticism and live up to the very highest standards.

        “Which one is it? Are they staying in the closet or are you going to make a public spectacle of dragging them out of the closet?”

        For the non-leader stay in the closet. For the White leader, pony up to the truth. And get out of the business of White Leadership if you are a homosexual. I’m not going to follow you anywhere and I will ignore everything you say or write.

        More precisely, I think the perversion inherent in homosexuality attaches to everything the homosexual touches, especially ideas and strategy. It’s like the foundation of a building needs absolute strength and wholesomeness which is something homosexuality is the antithesis of.

        • In response to several questions and assumptions:

          No, I’m not Greg Johnson. I’ve never met him.

          No, I’m not homosexual. I’m married and have kids. I like the ladies, and more importantly, the ladies like me.

          So what if I’m anonymous? I’m not asking for your money or asking you to do things that I wouldn’t do myself. If I’m a genius, then I’m just an anonymous genius. If I’m an asshole, then I’m just an anonymous asshole. There are plenty of people who aren’t anonymous, and that hasn’t stopped them from being some of the biggest sacks of shit on the planet.

          Yes, you are somewhat correct that I don’t want homosexuals involved in top-level positions of power. Writers I don’t have a problem with at all. Greg Johnson is a writer, not necessarily a leader. The only thing that he’s leading is an esoteric online book club. He’s not leading men into battle. Even if he was leading men into battle, he’s never really flaunted anything and has obviously “kept it in the closet,” since people are still pestering him to admit to something he’s never admitted to. When it comes to the old ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ line of thinking, I’d support reinstating that policy with a little more emphasis: ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. If Asked, LIE!”

          • You inspire not. You quibble because you are an intellectual. You dodge and evade while throwing your intellect around.

            It’s cowardly to be anonymous no matter what.

            You defend Johnson and homosexuality. I don’t know who you are hoping to persuade but it’s not the White Working Class.

            But I’m unmarried without children so it’s easy for me to run my big fat mouth. I’ve paid a huge price for it too. I got stood up tonight by a girl I met today. Google is a killer for me with most pretty women.

            Anyway, Hunter Wallace IMO is a brilliant writer and I encourage him to stay away from homosexual writers.

          • I grew up in Memphis. I went to a Memphis City School. I lived in not-so-great neighborhoods where I was one of the only White kids around. I worked my ass off in attics and crawl spaces for years to get to a position where I could put myself and my family in a better neighborhood. I might be intuitive. I might be a fast learner. I might even be really fucking good with money. But I sure in the hell ain’t no “intellectual.”

          • You come across as a complete elitist. Smooth, slick and clever.

            Trump won because of the White Working Class, coarse, direct and blunt.

            1. Russia is a friend not an enemy to White People.
            2. Homosexuality is an enemy to White People.

            I attack homosexuality and you defend it.

            I am Secretary of White Working Class Mojo in the Trump Administration and I say pathetic to your defense of homosexuality and willingness to associate with it.

            And I tire of conversing with an anonymous pro homosexual.

    • I’ve been very tolerant of certain individuals’ secret faggotry. But when they fail to extend the same courtesy on other issues, such as Russia and the Manosphere, well, it’s on.

  13. The Russian economy, and much more so the government and even more so its exports, depend on oil and gas, and that puts them in direct tension with our fracking industry, which now has a large role in lowering oil prices. And which Russia is said to be suppressing by funding our environmentalists, who’ve had more than a little success in Blue states that have banned it like New York. I don’t see how we can arrange such an alliance without crippling our own oil production, which along with higher prices would permanently crimp a US economy that’s already in terrible shape.

      • And Turkey as well, it can in fact “turn off” those countries by shutting off the gas pipelines, especially during winter. So it has a great deal of geopolitical strength due to that.

        But what price they pay, especially for the oil they buy from Russia, is another matter. Not sure about gas pricing, except that it’s at least loosely linked to oil prices, perhaps in part due to one often being a byproduct of producing the other.

        So, the world price of oil, and their more captive sales, demand and price, of gas to their neighbors, is an *existential* issue to the Russian government, and they have the sharp lesson of the fall in oil prices we engineered in the mid-late ’80s that helped bring down the USSR as a reminder of that. The prices of oil, and gas in North America, are very important to us, but not hardly as important. And I don’t see any way to square this circle that would be politically acceptable to the US polity.

  14. “I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart…If people attend to My requests, Russia will be converted and the world will have peace.”

  15. “The single most important fact of the first 50 years of the 20th century, future historians will note, is that Americans speak English, and the most important fact of the last 50 years may prove to be that Russians are white.”

    – William F Buckley to Christopher Hitchens @ 3:09

    • Speaking of Buckley, his good friend the late Gore Vidal, if I’m not mistaken, once proposed something very similar to a Northern Alliance of White countries.

  16. We have forced gay marriage, health care including abortifacients,…
    And you say Russia is “authoritarian”?

  17. Sorry Steve, the (((globalists))) ARE the Judeos and are directly responsible for our current state of affairs and have ALWAYS HATED Christians! We will tell the Jews that we will be moving them to Madagascar, and they will be leaving their nukes behind for us to dismantle. Imagine if we did that in 1933? Hitler was right!


  18. .

    Some say the Russians are the problem.
    Some say the Jews are the problem.
    Is EVERYONE a conspiracy theorist?
    Or should we all consider realigning our allegiances and loyalties?


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