Breitbart Splinter To Launch ‘Populist-Nationalist’ Group

I have mixed feelings about Breitbart:

“He said he envisions the project as an “advocacy organization that is going to advocate for Trump administration policies that generally fall under a populist-nationalist window.” (He doesn’t primarily use the word “conservative.” Howley has lost patience with the conservative movement’s focus on cutting spending and entitlement reform. “Conservatives are not offering any solutions, all they’re doing is cutting government benefits,” he said.)

In Howley’s view, Breitbart has lost its street cred by trying to go mainstream, and it no longer provides a voice for the “populist nationalist” movement that Trump represents.

“Breitbart’s dropping the ball in term of explaining what all of this is about,” Howley said. He’s not pleased, for example, that the site hired John Carney from The Wall Street Journal to lead business and economics coverage. “They’re going in a direction that I don’t think is interesting. I think it’s boring,” he said. …

Bannon left Breitbart News after joining the Trump campaign in August.

“I imagine there will be lots of competition to Breitbart, as there should be—it’s healthy,” Bannon said of the new group. “I’m still struck by how those on the left have not come up with a progressive version that goes after the Democratic establishment.” …”

Where to begin?

1.) This new group that Patrick Howley is starting sounds great – we need more populist-nationalism, less mainstream conservatism. I remember how he was fired during the Michelle Fields incident. I believe that was when I first heard about him on Twitter. I liked what he had to say at the time.

2.) From my vantagepoint, Breitbart tremendously improved after Ben Shapiro & Co. left for National Review and The Huffington Post. The general election campaign was the climax of my interest in Breitbart. I shared a ton of links to Breitbart on Twitter. Breitbart still produces some great content on issues like terrorism and refugee crime in Europe.

3.) What bothers me about Breitbart is that it seems to be marketing content to the Alt-Right because it wants the traffic from our community. That is the impression that I am getting. We want you to click on our site for we can sell these ads, but otherwise we don’t want nothing to do with you. That’s a fine line to walk … snake charming White racial consciousness while simultaneously trying to hew to the edges of mainstream conservative respectability. It’s a hard sell to keep saying White Nationalists are beyond the pale, but Bibi Netanyahu can expand all his settlements in the West Bank and that’s OK.

4.) Personally, I was never interested in or cared for MILO’s faggotry. My attitude toward MILO for a long time was that he is a kind of icebreaker or entry point into the Alt-Right. I didn’t care to follow him myself, but maybe he wasn’t as bad as his critics were saying. There was, you know, the utilitarian argument for MILO.

Whenever I did see him on Twitter, it was like a firehose of faggotry and narcissism. He seemed to become more aggressive about it. There was the ‘Twinks for Trump’ photoshoot which was plastered around the room at his RNC party. There was his address to LSU as a drag queen which was giving my Southern friends the impression that the Alt-Right as a whole was synonymous with homosexuality. The last straw for me though on the MILO question was when I saw that Satanic video of him bathing in blood.

How many times can you hear MILO call himself a “black dick supremacist” before you tune out and retch?

5.) I can’t remember where I saw it, but I caught wind of a really nasty email exchange between Joel Pollack and William Johnson of the American Freedom Party. That has colored my view of Breitbart ever since. It is always referred to as a White Nationalist site by the Lügenpresse. It is actually a Zionist website. As long as Israel is engaging in Jewish supremacy, apartheid and colonialism, Breitbart is fine with that. Civic Nationalism only applies to the United States, not to Israel.

6.) I think Breitbart has had a positive impact on our culture and politics. It is unwittingly engaging in what I call ‘discourse poisoning’. I assume the profit motive is at work here – anyway, it benefits us to erode taboos, so I don’t really care how much money they make. You could also say that we can look at Breitbart as a model that those of us who are further to the Right ought to be doing instead of writing history lectures or boring essays about obscure philosophers no one cares about. I love to dive down that rabbit hole as much as anyone else on the Alt-Right, but that’s not what we ought to be doing.

7.) I like Steve Bannon. My impression is that the website has changed since he left, but I am not a regular reader and I am too busy watching conservatives to pay attention to Breitbart too. I do recall seeing Joel Pollack cucking up a storm on CNN which reinforced my negative impression of him. I don’t care that he is an Orthodox Jew, but can he at least dismount his high horse and show some self-awareness?

8.) Breitbart has decided that ‘racism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ should remain taboo, but MILO’s faggotry ought to be mainstreamed at #Deploraball. Not cool. I don’t really care though. Instead of fighting with Breitbart, we ought to be creating our own platform without the mainstream conservatism, which is what Patrick Howley is doing and we are going to do with If Breitbart becomes more of a mainstream conservative website under Joel Pollack, why should we complain?

9.) As Steve Bannon himself notes in the article, competition is a good thing. We need more populist-nationalist websites. We need a Breitbart to the Right of Breitbart. If the political center of gravity shifts to the point where I have become a moderate centrist, that means I have won, right?

10.) In hindsight, I regret that I didn’t spend the last few years blogging the transformation of Glenn Beck and the Tea Party into Breitbart populism. I’m certainly going to blog the transformation of Breitbart populism and Trumpism into whatever comes next.

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  1. The alt-right is mostly comprised of young, college educated middle and upper middle-class White males, exactly the kind of demographic that (((advertisers))) covet. But how to appeal to such a group while not appearing to endorse their “controversial” beliefs?

    At any rate that Overton Window keeps getting pushed further to the right, which is a very good thing.

    • If Trump/Farage/Putinism swept the globe, it would be de facto white nationalism in many countries, just not ours.

      It would be a stronger launching point for white nationalism in this country than presently.

      Ergo, do not get caught outside of the Overton window where you can be pummeled mercilessly (the alt right) and tragically cause the window to shift back to the left. Stand at the far right edge of the “window” and push.

  2. There can be no party or political organization or even school of thought/ideology that represents white interests that comes from the Right.

    When you accept and process that, you might have…something.

    As it is you’re just fundraising for jewish and minority interests, and bolstering controlled opposition.

    • It’s easier to sell white nationalism than white nationalism + right wing and even fascist ideology.

      Why would we want this to be harder than it already is?

      • The two party system forces the Right v. Left false dichotomy, which absolutely sabotages any meaningful white interests political organizing within that system.

        Hitler’s party rose to power in a multi-party system which is why his far right faction was able to take over. They also didn’t have much ethnic division among the middle/lower classes (whatever remained of the middle class anyway) so that also contributed to his ascension in a way that would be impossible here.

        • He competed with the communist in pageantry too, and out played them.
          Like memes nowadays thanks to Lord kek.

      • Whites are soon going to need White Spokesmen. Not spokesmen for the “right”, or borders and multi-racial melting pots (as Trump is) or libertardianism, etc, etc, etc.

        Spokesmen for Whites.

  3. Yep, that,s how the winning looks like.

    In the army is the same. When things start working out, then the founder of the army will be very distressed when his own appointed subcommanders lauch their own vision of war and will be worried that subcommanders will ruin everything.

    You can not control the roll of the snowball. But revolution is the snowball. Don,t be worry, just keep pushing the damn thing and it is not important, how and where it rolls until it keeps roll over the enemy…:D

  4. I have posted MANY ‘anti-semitic’, extremely negative comments on Breitbart and only had a handful of my comments deleted. I try and stay factual and avoid personal insults. It is very hard when communicating with Libturds. So, give Breitbart credit for keeping comments open.

    On the other hand, for “anti-semitic” comments, Amren, WND, Frontpagemag, CNS News, and a few others that I have forgotten have permanently banned me. All for negative sentiment and accusations against Jews.

    • If you aren’t allowed to discuss something, you can safely assume their funding depends on it. If they are the kind of outfit that refuses funding, then its probably a different tactic they are trying.

      • Bingo! So why does American Renaissance ban me, after countless deletions, for merely mentioning the word “Jew”, in the most innocuous form. Obviously, it is about money, and easy to imagine even someone like Soros-through a “conservative” front group, pays to exclude the Jews from any culpability of the Nation’s racial animus and divide.

        F**k ’em. They get no respect from me.

        • Jew or no Jew, how does a senior citizen Asiaphile get banned from AmRen. I’ve had plenty of comments removed for mentioning Jews and even Yellow-Fever-suffering Asiaphiles like yourself; but I’ve never been banned. You have to be one insufferable twat to get banned from there.

    • I have been on BB and they delete the high upvoted, well versed “anti Semitic” comments .
      We’ve been hitting them hard for 2 months now, 83 up votes would be a record before they delete it, more like 20-30 up votes is the norm when they get taken down, these are well placed third from the top usually.
      We have hundreds of banned posters at Breitbart in Valhalla too.

      • Well, I have found that when my posts are factual and are no ranting (which I do sometimes), Breitbart allows them to stay. For example, linking Jews to creating unrest among Negroes, weaponizing them against the Country and White People is no problem.

        Breitbart seems to me to be Zionist-which I mean is specifically pro-Israel-but entirely patriotic and separates the support for Israel when that conflicts with American interests.

        Just the sheer hate and attacks by the Libturd Left on Breitbart make it more than OK. They hate it for reason.

  5. The so called alt right, even the Richard Spencer alt right, has really moved in a pro-American direction. “Populism” comes from the word “popular.” I remember the days when the left and right were united in basically supporting the third world against America, to the point that a lot of posters were interchanging far right and far left concepts.

    Times have changed and in my opinion, not for the better.

    Breitbart sort of represents that. They didn’t even oppose Iraq until they got the cue from Trump.

    • “‘Populism’ comes from the word ‘popular.'”

      Ooh—that’s some pretty subtle linguistics there, Hebrew. Off topic, but you might be interested to know that the words “navigate” and “navigation” are related. Both of them, I believe, are related to “navigating.”

      Though I don’t know who coined “populism,” I think it would probably be more accurate to say that both “popular” and “populism” come to us from Latin “populus,” which means “people” and is, in fact, the root of “people” also. “Popular” comes through the adjectival form, “popularis,” which you’ll see in Cicero’s passage in the graphic below.

      PS No need to thank me. Having grown up in northeast Philadelphia from the 1950s to the 1970s, I’m used to doing Jews’ homework for them. It was part of my charitable nature.

      • Are you from the Philly badlands (the near north east) or the far northeast, where it intersects with Bucks county?

        • What you’re thinking of as the near northeast is probably what’s labeled “Kensington” on the map below–or, say, North Philadelphia, on Kensington’s edge. A century ago, before the city’s northeastern wing was really developed, that, I think, was “northeast Philadelphia”; and, in fact, there are probably persons nowadays who would consider it part of the northeast. (Some years ago, when I would see the “Northeast Times,” the free neighborhood newspaper, it was covering Kensington, I think.)

          When I speak of the northeast, I’m thinking of the area that grew up, really, after the Second World War. That’s the wing that’s divided into “Near Northeast” and “Far Northeast” on the map below. Far Northeast there, on the map, is the area that, as you say, abuts Bucks County. My own area is what the map calls Near Northeast, which is bounded, top and bottom, as you see, by squiggly lines. Those appear to be Frankford Creek and Pennypack Creek, which are among the city’s few streams that haven’t been channeled as storm sewers or whatever since the days of William Penn.

  6. For me, Breitbart changed when Bannon did his little dance not too long after Trump won the election. He was trying to take some heat off of him and appease the anti-White hordes.

    But he says Breitbart is also a platform for “libertarians,” Zionists, “the conservative gay community,” “proponents of restrictions on gay marriage,” “economic nationalism” and “populism” and “the anti-establishment.” In other words, the site hosts many views. “We provide an outlet for 10 or 12 or 15 lines of thought—we set it up that way” and the alt-right is “a tiny part of that.” Yes, he concedes, the alt-right has “some racial and anti-Semitic overtones.” He makes clear he has zero tolerance for such views.

    Thus proving the axiom, If they don’t specifically say they are pro-White, then it’s only a matter of time before they turn on you and throw you to the wolves.

    Bannon/Breitbart don’t support me, so why should I support them?

    • Because you are not smart enough to be pragmatic, but only to prattle. Isn’t it obvious? You’re a loudmouth at your local wimpy bar for losers, and a great performer in the shower. You are a weasel embryo compared to me. I tower over you in intellect, experience, travel, and knowledge….and wisdom.

      Mow the grass on the Number 2 setting on the lawnmower.

      • Nothing pragmatic about blind faith in an entity that goes out of its way to distance itself from you. You’re just a natural born pussy who desperately needs something to latch on to.

        For the record, I don’t go to bars and I pay someone to do most of my yard work. But I’ll be sure to relay your sagely advice.

  7. If you’re soliciting suggestions, I don’t think you should completely do away with history (especially history), philosophy, cultural analysis, and high-brow topics that are written with a serious tone and that maintain a high level of thought. You can just bolt it on to the Brietbart style populist nationalist fire breathing on current events. People need that stuff for perspective. If you don’t have that now, maybe you can reintegrate at some point. People through no fault of their own don’t know their history, how we got here, or they know a comic book version of those things if they know anything. A good mix of history and current events is a potent combination.

    • I agree. I was listening to one of Spencer’s old podcasts with Bowden and he mentioned this. A political movement needs some kind of real philosophical basis if it wants to succeed. It doesn’t even matter if the masses are unaware of it (they probably will be). For example, how many Leftists actually have read or even know the Frankfurt School, which is basically the gist of most their current political philosophy?

      The Alt-Right may already have this basis, but there is no reason to stop expanding it. The more scholarly, intellectual work we have defending and describing our politics-the better. Spencer said one reason the ‘cuckservatives’ failed (among many reasons) was there was no real philosophy underlying them, except perhaps a broken connection to Libertarian ideology.

    • there should be a 3 tier solution.
      1 ACADEMIA: format using long form essays sourcing facts and statistics.
      2 MAINSTREAM: brietbart style populist emotion and fact pieces that can be linked to the academic essays for those who need sources.
      3 FRINGE: straight emotional blogs and memes without fact based sources in the style of opposition arguments to sway them to our side using triggering and deconstruction techniques.

      These should all have a way to source to those above them so people can find the media they like and the media they need.


  8. ‘Bridge’ has become a big metaphor since the Clinton era. Clinton was gonna build a bridge to the 21st century, and Obama was supposed to be the bridge of global-citizenship.

    And Europe has built a neo-Bifrost to ‘wilkommen’ the massive invasion by barbarians to bring about Eurodammerung. Original Bifrost of Germanic Mythology was a beautiful rainbow. The neo-frost, or bi-sexual-frost, has homo ‘rainbow’ colors, and it’s supposed to be the great highway that connects Europe to Africa and Middle East. How will that work out? Even in the original Germanic mythology, the Giants attacked the world of the gods through the great bridge.

    “During Ragnarok, the giants breach Heimdall’s defenses and cross the bridge to storm Asgard and slay the gods.”

    Raggernarok this time?

    This bridge-mania wasn’t always so. Many WWII and other war heroes feature bridge-explosion-experts as heroes. FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS.

    DUCK YOU SUCKER also has a bridge blowing scene.
    So does GOOD BAD UGLY. And WILD BUNCH. And of course, the most famous of all, BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI.

    In all these films, the good guys are the defensive, and the bridge must be blown up cuz it’s the pathway used by the enemy for victory and domination.

    When the good guys are not blowing up bridges, they are blowing up railroad tracks or dams. All the better to stop the momentum of the enemy. Just about every war has a famous narrative with the bridge.
    But now, the US is the center of the globo-empire, and it’s all about building bridges all over to take over, dominate, and own…. even though morally and culturally, globalism is a road to nowhere.

    BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI is especially relevant in our time as a cautionary tale of how we can lose sight of things. It shows how the worst kind of treason can be mistaken as the highest kind of patriotism. Consider how EU keeps invoking ‘western values’ to allow this massive invasion to destroy the West.
    It is sort of like what happens with the colonel in BRIDGE played by Alec Guinness. He ends up committing an act of treason but is convinced he is upholding the highest principles of the British military. And the funny thing is he is right, in a way. Being part of British Civilization means to believe in order, discipline, purpose, hierarchy, and ability. And by building the bridge, the colonel showcases the Best of British Values. Indeed, he believes he has triumphed over the Japanese in his own special way by demonstrating that the British are better at organization, engineering, team-work, and leadership than the Japanese are. Japanese may be hardworking, obedient, and etc, but they lack the combination of spark, leadership, inspiration, camaraderie, and hierarchy that are combined so resourcefully among the Brits. So, he is convinced he is practicing, serving, and showcasing British Values. He if half-right. But the inescapable fact is he has ended up aiding the enemy in wartime. He has committed an act of great treason. His personal tragedy is he did this believing that he was actually serving the British or at least British Values. And his logic made some sense by International Laws. By building the bridge for the Japanese, the the enemy compromised and promised humane treatment for the POW’s in accordance to international agreements.

    Now, we see EU in the same kind of Grand Delusion. In a way, this stuff about inviting the world in the name of ‘Western Values’ has a kernel of truth. Yes, one of the reasons for the advancement of the West is the culture of greater tolerance, openness, universalism, and rising above tribalism. But those values were useful to the extent that they served, strengthened, and secured the West. In the end, we are organisms, not ideas. Ideas exist to serve organisms, and the human organism finds the most meaning as part of a race, culture, history, and geography.
    Identity must come before empathy. Identity means to, first and foremost, identify with one’s own people. Empathy, at least in globo-lingo, means to identify primarilyl with others than with your own kind(even as you continue to feel most comfy with your own kind in your everyday life).
    Western Values may be applicable to other peoples, the Rest. But they came into existence primarily to serve Western Peoples. I highly doubt if the ancestors of Europe went through all that toils, wars, and struggles just so their descendants would one day piss away their inheritance to masses of foreigners who just want free stuff and piss on the gravestones of the Europeans.
    Western Values cannot be Restern Values. Once globalized ‘western values’ invite too many non-western peoples, the West as a people, culture, and history is finished. Of course, clever idiots will then insist that the West will live on because the invaders are… uh… ‘New Europeans’. And maybe these PC dolts will insist that African ways are ‘new western ways’ and Muslim Laws are ‘new western values’. In fact, the newcomers will not identify with Europe for the same reason that whites and Asians in Hawaii don’t identify with Hawaiian peoples and culture. Their idea of ‘Hawaiian ‘is totally different that of the native Hawaiians. New Hawaiians are not real Hawaiians. They are just part of the American nation or globo-empire(as Hawaii turns ever more into a hodge-podge of globo-horde-ism).

    Also, the whole globo concept of ‘western values’ is contradictory. If, as the EU now says, Europe is just an Idea and its values belong to the world, why not have those values spread around the world? After all, ideas and values are portable and can be passed around like satellite news. So, if ‘western values’ are indeed universal and so great, then, the Rest can easily gain access to those values & ideas and change their own nations for the better. Ideas, information, methods, and ways can be transported without the mass movements of peoples, esp in this day of easy communication. All the theories, technologies, medical knowledge, and etc of the West can be accessed in any part of the world. There are now free online courses on every subject. A person in a small town with internet connection has more wide/instant access to news than NY Times did prior to the internet.

    So, if ‘western values’ are applicable to ALL peoples, then they are available to all peoples wherever they may be. Even poor Africans with internet connection can find all the stuff about western science, medicine, philosophy, and etc. He can learn more about philosophy, literature, cinema, music, economics, math, and art than a student at Harvard prior to the advent of the internet.
    Also, if globo-PC says ‘race is just a myth’ and all races are equally capable if given the same access to knowledge, then all races around the world should be able to use the knowledge of the West–available online and through other means of communication–and change their own societies for the better. So, why do these people have to come to the West when the ideas of ‘western values’ are so easily available to them? Indeed, someone in Africa with internet connection has more access to instant knowledge than a professor at Harvard or Oxford prior to the internet. When I started college in 85, they still had the card catalog even though they were in the process of replacing the whole thing with computer catalog. (Of course, HBD folks know why. Due to IQ differences and other factors, most black Africans won’t do much in their own nations even if they have access to all those ideas, methods, and means of the West. So, the ONLY way they can enjoy modernity is by moving to the modern world. But if that is true, then it means larger presence of black Africans will destroy the modern world since most of these people are innately unfit to run modern societies. It will just lead to the Baltimorization of the West.)

    It is the ideas that are supposed to move around, not entire populations. After all, if there are 100 communities and one has the art of fire-making, it is the art of fire that should travel to the other 99 communities who should learn to make their own fire. It would make no sense for the 99 communities to try to move to the ONE community that makes fire in order to roast marshmellows.

    The paradoxical thing about globalism is the world-wide-connectedness provides EVERY PEOPLE with all the ideas and knowledge they need to build a modern nation. But instead of trying to take those ideas and building modern nations of their own, too many Third Worlders just see the ‘good life’ and ‘all that fun’ in the videos and images of the West. So, they reject the ideas and just wanna move to the West to leech off its largesse.
    It’s like this: Imagine one community has the art of fire, 99 doesn’t. Only the one community has warmth and light, the 99 have darkness. But the one community with fire hands out smart phones to the 99 other communities, and it shows how fire can be made in their own communities. But instead of using their smartphones to see how fire is made, everyone in the 99 communities just sees the fire in the One Community and wanna rush to the ONE community to enjoy the easy fire. So, even though the smartphones were handed out to other communities so that they can learn to make fire too, the ONLY thing that the other communities learned is ‘Let’s go to the One Community for the easy fire.’

    But then, the problem is with the West itself. In the past, Western peoples had a sense of history and heritage, and this reminded them that the good life didn’t fall out of the sky. It had to be gained and built through much struggle, sacrifice, and etc. But over time, Western people grew decadent, hedonistic, amnesiac. So, they think they are rich and have it easy cuz they just do… and it is a ‘right’ than an achievement made possible over the many generations. So, the Western themes are no longer about historical struggle to create a better world. Rather, it is “We got it so good, and it is a ‘right’.” So, all the peoples around the world just see the Hedonism or La-Dolce-Vita-ism of the West. They feel that modernity and prosperity are a ‘right’ than something that they should strive and struggle for. So, instead of taking Western Ideas and diligently working on them to make a better society, they just want easy good stuff like what the westerners have.
    Also, the afro-hedonization of Western Culture has spread the ideal of insta-gratification. Even though EU talks of ‘western values’, much of its pop culture is an imitation of Afro-American-neo-jungle-ism. And whites themselves have rejected the narratives of the struggling pioneers of the American West who make sacrifices for family, civilization, and future. And Europeans no longer identify with the British soldiers in ZULU who work together and make great sacrifices to hold the unit together. (And even the idea of revolution is more like a rave-o-lution. MATRIX takes the idea of the Che-Guevara-T-shirt-and-mug to its logical conclusion. The real Che chose spartan struggle and died rather miserably. Though some kind of nut, he really believe in sacrifice and struggle. In contrast, the revolution in MATRIX is one long fashion-show-rave-party-and-gay-parade. Calvin Klein Drug Orgy Marxism.)

    When the West itself has become barbarized in culture and themes, its example to the world cannot be good. When the famous American icons were serious writers like Faulkner & Hemingway(Old Man and the Sea) and adult icons like John Wayne & Gregory Peck & Gary Cooper characters, the message sent to the world was one of Hard Work, Sacrifice, Maturity, and Grit are good.
    So, nothing comes easy. It takes great struggle, like what Heston as Moses does in TEN COMMANDMENTS(though he is something of a party pooper). But look at American icons today: Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, rappers, trash literature like Gone Girl, breakneck-speed obnoxious computer-animated cartoons.

    In THE BOUNTY, we see the stark difference between the elite commanders on the ship and the uncouth uneducated laboring crew:

    The elites, steeped in the values of British Civilization, are resistant to the charms of the half-naked bare-breasted ho’s. They might feel a bit of Beavis-ish ‘boing’, but they keep it under wraps. They are upholders of civilization. In contrast, the poorly mannered and uneducated crew hands go totally Beavis-ish. They can easily go ‘native’ since they have little cultural capital; some of them are surely barely literate. And they have poor manners.
    When Lee Kuan Yew and Nehru resisted British rule, they were still filled with admiration for the British as upholders of a great civilization whose themes were hard work and struggle for knowledge, progress, and power. So, the idea back then was, “if you want to catch up with the West, a lot of hard work and struggle and organization are necessary.” And the West maintained this aura because it still had high culture, serious intellectuals, popular culture that was mostly about adults and their problems(like the films of Jean Renoir and William Wyler), and etc. Even for leftists, to learn from the West meant reading Camus, Sartre, Kafka, Faulkner, Dostoevsky, Marx, and etc. It took time and effort. (Also, ban on immigration to the West incentivized the non-white natives to build their own nations than just dreaming of taking off to have a better life with white folks. Also, nationalism then prevalent around the world encouraged non-white national leaders to represent their own peoples… like Nasser did though not very well.)
    But something changed, not only in the consumer USA but in Europe as well. The La Dolce Vita image of the West overtook everything, and the face of the West became that of mindless piggery, funnery, and immaturity. And blacks are more excessive and wanton at this than other races, Afro-jivery became the Face of the New West. What is the ‘values’ of the rapper? “I want everything at my feet cuz I feel like it, mothafu*a!” So, it doesn’t matter if Western Ideas are now accessible all over the world. The only message that is getting through is “You can get instant good stuff if you come to the West” and “Life is about demanding instant rights, not about struggling to make a better society.” Welfare State mentality has gone global. If every bum in the West has a ‘right’ to so many goodies and if ‘Western values’ are universal, then it follows that everyone in the world is deserving of these ‘rights of western values’ or ‘fruits of western values’. Indeed, what is often called ‘rights’ should really be called ‘fruits’. Or maybe Fruights… which will lead to Frights.

    The funny thing is the class dynamics have changed in odd ways in the UK. In THE BOUNTY, the lower classes are more likely to give up their British identity and go with the natives out of Beavis-ish instincts. In contrast, Hopkins and his elite personnel do their best to keep the crew together as a part of British Civilization. The scene between Hopkins and Gibson is also interesting because British wit, the product of highly advanced literary culture, can easily undermine the very civilization that created it. After all, there is an element of irreverence in wit, and the winner in wit is not necessarily the serious or righteous but the clever and quick-witted. And Gibson’s replies to Hopkins are deadly effective. Wit always favors the cleverer, even when he is wrong. A witty Creationist will defeat a dull-witted evolutionist with all the facts on his side. (I’m not sure Trump style could be called witty but it had great appeal among the hoi polloi. A kind of Tritt?) Such culture of wit can only be the product of advanced civilization, and few cultures have sense of irony and subtlety as the Brits do. But in favoring the clever over the sober/serious, wit can actually undermine the glue that holds it all together. It can be the needle that pricks it full of holes and makes it bleed to death. Indeed, consider how Beatles and Stones combined wild hedonism with wit. They not only attacked but disarmed. The middle class businessman on the train should be left alone, but we left cheering for the Beatles cuz they are so fun. (Is rap witty? Or just hitty?) Grit is more valuable than Wit in the long run. Of course, if used correctly, wit and grit can work together, and that was one formula for the success of the British Empire. But at some point the grit part came to be disrespected: it’s like that girl in AN EDUCATION complaining that school is too ‘hard and boring’. (The girl is also quick-witted in countering the Emma Thompson character. Even though British society was hierarchical and expected the social inferiors to tip the hat and say ‘aye guvnor’, wit was universally valued and allowed, and this gave even social inferiors to get in some good hits at the superiors. It could be tolerated because it was subtle. That way, one could insult with smile, and both parties could pretend that nothing ill was said. Such use of wit by lower orders at higher orders was not allowed in Japan, which is why the fat Japanese doesn’t know how to deal with Bowie’s clever comeback.)

    In THE BOUNTY, it is the elites who try to maintain the order while the others just wanna dance with the natives in Woodstock fashion. But today, it is the British elites who push the loss of British identity and culture, and it is the working class that is struggling for nation-hood and identity. The British elites still got their manners. They are not neo-savage. Look at Tony Blair and his ilk. Posh and fancy. But, they just see UK as just an island like Tahiti to be colonized by globalism.
    The working class feels more nationalism, a desire to preserve Old Britain, but the problem is, being uncultured, they feel lost, and even many of those who fight the invasion have little cultural life other than pop culture of afro-jivery, Hollywood blockbusters, and vulgar-trash TV comedy.
    Their crude populist nationalism can easily be derided and dismissed as ‘stupid’ because it doesn’t have the cachet of sophistication and erudition. It’s a strange world where the most sophisticated and erudite seek to flood their own nation with barbaric hordes, whereas the native barbarians(the working class) say NO to the foreign barbarians. For Britain to be saved, the hoi polloi cannot do it alone. It needs a new vanguard, a new elite to lead them because the existing one is a mere collaborator to the GLOB, even after Brexit.

    But then, there are working class and lower-middle class Brit-twits who also welcome the invasion by foreign masses. Paradoxically, they find empowerment in their own disenfranchisement. In their real lives, they got little or nothing. But in their compassion and ’empathy’ for foreigners, they feel a sudden surge of significance, importance, and power. After all, compassion is always about the powerful feeling sorry for the powerless. PC says whites have power and privilege and must be nice to powerless and helpless non-whites. So, even whites with little or nothing suddenly like the people of power who are bestowing noblesse oblige on the poor darkies. It’s like what Derbyshire said: UK is about ‘good whites’ feeling superior to ‘bad whites’. In acting the role of ‘good white’, even the lowest British white loser can feel a surge of power and privilege because he believes himself to be in a lofty position to feel compassion for another people.
    Never mind the foreigners are taking over entire city blocks and committing lots of crime. But then, PC has answers for that too. It says Diversity is ‘saving’ Europe that just needs more people as native are now childless. PC also attacks whites from two angles. If some newcomers are mired in crime and poverty, it must mean that whites are still ‘racist’ and not giving the immigrants a chance. So, UK is still a ‘racist’ society and so much more has to be done. But if some immigrants do BETTER than the native white British, it means that UK needs more of these good, decent, hardworking people because they are willing to work harder and succeed whereas the native white masses are just too fat, lazy, and dumb and only worth being used as sex slaves for criminal gangs.

    And also in France, it is the relatively less educated working class that is nationalist and voting for LePen whereas the more educated and sophisticated are calling for the further Afro-Islamization of France. Those more steeped in Western culture and history are working to invite masses of people who will destroy Western Civilization(or just turn it into a museum piece), and those least steeped in Western arts and culture are doing their best to defend what is left of the West. Maybe high culture and/or elite power are innately anti-tribal since it’s about favoring the best anywhere than preserving what is OVER HERE. The positive side of this is universal meritocracy. But the negative side is that the link between the native elites and native masses is lost. The native elites will favor the ‘best’ anywhere than their own people here. No wonder European athletes are turning black. And according to economic theory, outsourcing jobs to China/India or bringing in cheap labor is preferable because lowest-cost labor is ‘best’ for profits or profitocracy.
    And since native elites want to rub shoulders with the fancy and powerful, they want entry into the millionaire-billionaire club that is largely American, Jewish, and increasingly Chinese/Indian. British elites would rather cater to the rich in Qatar, just like Justin Trudeau would rather whore out to China/India that represent the native whites of Canada.
    Incidentally, the working class in UK and France may be more awoke than whites in Canada because there is less space in Europe. It’s harder to get away from bad stuff. And Hindus and Chinese in Canada are not violent like Africans and Muslims. Even so, Canada will be something totally different if current trends continue.
    Because of all these contradictions, it’s difficult to tell how it will all end.

    One thing for sure, the West needs to drop the bridge metaphor and think in terms of the Castle.
    A Castle needs a moat to keep the invasive armies at bay. It all comes down to Moat People vs Boat People. But then, Jewish globalists surely hate that metaphor. For Kafka in his famous novel, the Castle is the thing with too many gates, barriers, and walls.
    It’s like some Wasp golf club. So, the entire West must be caddyshacked, even with Africans and Muslims, so that NO DOOR will remain shut to the Tribe. Of course, sometimes when the non-white hordes come barging in without knocking, they mistake the Tribal Door with the White Privilege Door, and the Tribe ends up with some lumps on its head.


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