John Lewis: Donald Trump Isn’t A Legitimate President

I don’t think President-Elect Donald Trump, who is known for having a fabulous temperament, is going to appreciate all of these recent comments from ‘civil rights icon’ Rep. John Lewis questioning his legitimacy:

“Washington (CNN)Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis says he doesn’t see President-elect Donald Trump as a “legitimate” commander in chief following Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

“I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president,” Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, told NBC News’ Chuck Todd in a clip released Friday. “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

Lewis is an elder statesman in the party, especially among older black voters who know him from his time leading the “Bloody Sunday” march protesting segregation in Alabama in 1965. Lewis was eventually elected to Congress in 1986. …”

Will Trump be able to resist counterpunching him?

I can hear Reince squealing now, “don’t do it Donald” and “it will cause a media firestorm” and “he marched for civil rights” which means you got to kiss his black ass. That’s what cucks like Reince have always done with John Lewis. It is customary to show him obsequious deference because he’s a Magic Negro for walking over a bridge. Otherwise, they will be criticized by the media which will call them ‘racists’.

You would think he found the cure for cancer or parted the sea. No, he walked over a bridge in Selma, AL, in the 1960s, and every day for the last 50 years the city has declined. It has become one of the poorest cities in the country and one of the most violent cities in Alabama. In the real world, it is a symbol of our national decline, but in the Narrative it is a symbol of human progress.

That’s his great accomplishment. He parachutes in every year for a photo op on that bridge. Just by walking over that bridge, you are showered by the manna of SJW points. You are on the side of the Saints and the Martyrs. The people who stood against John Lewis on that bridge, who were defending civilization from a mob which was pouring out of the ghetto, were the bad guys. It doesn’t matter that everything they predicted would happen came true and everything the integrationists predicted turned out to be false.

Rep. John Lewis has made a strategic error. He has underestimated the breadth and depth of Negro Fatigue in this country.

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  1. The establishment only wants the establishment D and R in office. Anyone that has an independent view is seen as the enemy by the Washington Empire. WPWW !

    • Yes it is called JEWISH PRIVILEGE and without it John Lewis would be back shining shoes in the Atlanta Train Station.

      • I call it Southron submissiveness, Mr. Jenkins, as our daddies made the choice NOT to raise the Confederate flag in 1964 – not The Jews.

    • Having his picture taken next to Martin Lucifer Coon is Rep. Lewis’ claim to fame. The same goes for the “Reverend” Jackson.

    • What went wrong with America, Mr. Putnam, is that the South lost an undeclared war made on it, from the 1940s forward, by The New England Government.

      Many non-southern Americans do not realize that, as they lookt on, and, perhaps, cheered, as The South was dismantled, they were witnessing the end of their own civilization.

      • The vast majority never even understood what was going on. The Midwest is the home of JOE SIX PACK, the guy whose life consisted of the Factory 5-6 days a week and Saturdays and Sundays doing lawn work or going to church whatever the case might be. Joe Six Pack was married to Suzy Homemaker who never thought beyond what to cook for Supper tonight or going to see Mother on Saturday,

        Folks like this never comprehend the outside world. They are solely concerned with their own neighborhood, town or township depending on where they lived. Joe’s idea of danger was his service in the past war but aside from that he lived a relatively comfortable life.

        Southern White Men always lived with danger, danger and being Southern is like popcorn and salt. Take Kentucky for instance where my folks were from, mountainous area full of rattlesnakes, copperheads, all manner of varmits that could or could not be rabid, feral dogs, you name it. You faced death in the coal mines or logging, you faced death hunting, you faced death making Moonshine and death was an ever-constant visitor to someone, especially in the mines, My gr-gr-gr grandfather was sawed in half in a sawmill accident in 1896 and I believe his son my gr gr grandfather watched him die.

        The same thing went for Alabama where Hunter lives, if it wasnt a potential Negro uprising you had to look out for, it was horrible storms and all manner of dangerous varmits and snakes, including cottonmouths, Starvation was always a possibility as food in some areas was scarce and the loss of a cotton crop meant starvation. There were more than a few white children in Bama who died of starvation during the 1930s on the plantations. Of course Hollywood wont show that. Remember we have {Privilege}

  2. John Lewis, along with Charlie Rangel, et al. are like African dictators-for-life, they have never had any other jobs besides being corrupt and incompetent politicians. Yet Whites are supposed to revere them for some reason.

  3. Negro fatigue? OMG. I can’t even turn on the freaking TV without being inundated with black faces and black culture. You would think they make up 90% of the population instead of 13%.

    • I think its strange how Hispanics who are the number 2 minority are less represented on TV than the Negroes are. I attribute this to the fact that because many Hispanics look White, the Jews feel they can’t gain anything with them.However by using the Negroes, they can gain quite a bit

      • Yes. While I fully support a halt to all non-white immigration, I’d much rather see more Hispanic and Asian faces than black. The projection of the very worst culture among us as the ideal is sickening.

      • Black culture is way more corrosive. Beaners are dumb as rocks but most aren’t complete degenerates. Given a choice between mild degeneracy and maximum degeneracy TV executive Shlomo will always choose the latter. You goys seen that new fox show “Mick”? I’d heard how bad the first episode was so I watched a little of episode 2 and was in shock. I grew up hearing about how terrible “Married with children” was but always saw it as pretty mild, no big deal. The slippery slope is real my friends.

        • We agree 100%. Everyone knows that in a Mexican Area you are on guard but not like you are in an area thats 90% Negro. The feeling you get in the former is yes there is danger here, but in the latter its the Jungle

      • Part of it is that many hispanics watch spanish speaking channels. Another is that it’s easier to force blacks into white space. Many whites are more tolerant/guilty towards blacks and I don’t know that too many hispanics wouldn’t start to irritate the blacks. But I don’t think your theory works really.

        • How do you figure Harley? If everything in advertising for fairness sake was done according to the size of the population at large, then by right you would see way more Hispanics in advertising than Negroes. By the way I dont know if its that much easier to force Negroes into White space, most people resent it its just they know if they fight back its a Federal Beef and a trip to Terra Haute with Dylann or to Florence Colorado

      • Mestizos are now a larger “minority” than the Negroes. But King Kike still finds it easier and more profitable to use the coloreds as a bio-weapon against Whitey. Mestizos have more White European blood in ’em than Negroes and so their IQs are a little higher, their behavior is a little closer to that of fully-evolved humans.

        • Mestizos are the anti-White Ideal American. Once whitey has dwindled to an insignificant minority spics will be in charge and they’ll keep niggers under control in ways we’re not allowed to pursue.

      • Dear Mr. Jenkins – as long as The South is in a ‘union’ with The New England States, their Jewish allies will keep milking the slavery issue.

        They can’t let it go because it is the gift that keeps on giving.

        Secession is the only way out of this cancerous marriage.

        • On that point we wholeheartedly agree. Donald Trump is like putting a band-aid on a gangrenous wound

    • And just think, black mythology month hasn’t even started yet. Have a happy Marchn’ Lootin’ Coon day!

    • Dear Ms. Cohen,
      If you have to put up with the problems that come with negroes, then you sure as hell ought enjoy where they are geniuses – such as the arts, entertainment, and athleticks.

      • ‘If you have to put up with the problems that come with negroes, then you sure as hell ought enjoy where they are geniuses – such as the arts, entertainment, and athleticks.’

        How are they geniuses in the arts, entertainment and athletics?

        I just returned from a gym workout in a nice facility except for the fact that the music is absolutely horrendous. Mostly rap and hip-hop garbage the younger crowd likes because I suppose they too have bought into the ‘genius’ of negro lyricists who write about muh dick, booty, blowin’ a cap in yo azz, weed and mutha f****a this that and the other..

        If there never had been colored musicians and artists and basketball players… so what?

        Whites have produced excellence in everything of note in every single field.

        • Sam, thank you for your reply.

          If you have not yet noticed Negro excellence in entertainment fields, athleticks, and the arts, there ain’t a cotton-pickin’ thing I could ever say that would bring it to your attention.

          I accept my limitations in this matter with you.

          God bless and be well1

          • So, a negro wins the 100 yard dash.

            Is that genius or is he built for sprinting?

            I was viewing the results for the world’s strongest man competitions.

            White men always win .

            They are built for it. Nothing to do with genius.

            There are and have been great athletes in all sports who are white and all time greats.

            Do we defer to their excellence?

            Same holds for singers, dancers, actors, artists etc.

            Whites are as talented and gifted as any group.

            By the way who invented musical instruments?

            Pianos, violins, horns, synthesizers, sheet music, guitars, and on and one were NOT invented by Africans.

            Tomorrow Aaron Rodgers (white) will be the QB of the Green Bay Packers in a playoff game against the Cowboys.

            Many say he is the most talented and gifted QB to ever play the game, physically and mentally.

            No one talks about the excellence and genius of white QBs who dominate football.

            Regardless, I think it’s silly to call a sprinter, football player, drummer or actor a genius.

            The word means nothing anymore.

            If you would tell me that Tesla and many brilliant scientists were geniuses I would agree but some guy who throws a ball through a hoop?


  4. I hope I’ll be pleasantly surprised. If Trump wasn’t afraid to go after a Muslim “Gold Star” family demagoguing their own son’s coffin – when no consultant would have told him to do anything but grovel! – maybe he will finally stand up to this gasbag, who’s been posing as some moral giant off of one ass-kicking 50 years ago!

  5. Putting blacks on a pedestal and getting Whites to see them as moral and cultural arbiters is how Jews maximize our degradation and humiliation. It’s bad enough to be ruled over by Jews but forcing us to worship blacks, and encouraging our women to miscegenate with them, adds insult to injury.

  6. Perfect response:

    “John Lewis, who? Isn’t that a luxury department store in London?”

  7. Trump is not the legitimate President of John Lewis’s nation. He is the President of OUR nation. That our nations claim the same land is a problem to be solved one day, but for now we will forge ahead unilaterally with Trump at the fore.

  8. Adventures in ‘intersectionality’.

    This ‘leftist’ concept of ‘intersectionality’ sounds like a ‘rad’ idea, but it’s the oldest story in the book.

    It’s about seeking or finding common interests.

    One famous intersectionality of the 20th century: Nazi-Soviet pact. Both side hated Poland and saw Western Capitalist democracy as the enemy.

    And international trade is one big intersectionality in that very different nations learn to get along and trade with one another since they have common interests and mutual benefits through trade.
    So, even though Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Germany, and Egypt are very different from one another, they find common grounds through trade.

    It seems the the main ideological conflict is between realist intersectionality and idealist intersectionality.
    The realist kind accepts that different peoples and cultures will have different identities, interests, and values. But, there are some things on which all sides could agree and gain something by trading with one another. That would be realist economic intersectionality.
    Realist intersectionality favors limits, sobriety, and pragmatism.

    Concerning realist political intersectionality, we see it among Iran, Russia, and China. All three nations are constantly badgered by the US, so they see common cause in finding ways to get along and work in unison at times. Iran, Russia, and China don’t believe that they are brothers-under-the-sun. They don’t hope to create a utopia together. They understand that deep differences exist among the three nations. But they still see the necessity of working together and finding common interests since the US is so hostile to them.

    In contrast, idealist intersectionality in PC is premised on utopian dreams that Muslims, homos, trannies, black rappers, Hollywood Jewish moguls, rich capitalist feminists, academic socialist feminists, urban hipsters, Asians in Silicon Valley, and Mexican tomato pickers are all part of some noble humanity united by holy victimhood.

    It looks for the magic formula that will turn those who believe in Sharia and those who believe in ‘gay marriage’ and those who believe in calling women ‘bitchass hos’ and those who believe in freaking out about ‘rape culture’ and etc. into one big happy family under the rainbow living in happy harmony singing the Barney the Dino song in praise of Mandela, Harvey Milk, Muhammad, and Jay-Z.


  9. Because of PC/Cultural Marxism influence, idiots like Lewis can say any retarded stuff they want and never be criticized. Even Trump won’t say anything.

  10. It’s understandable why many head negroes are upset.

    They thought they had put White America in their rear-view mirror, and now they wake up to realize that White America has just passt them by.

    They were sure that, with the establishment misinformation, indoctrination, Obama’s popularity, and wide open borders, flooding us with every race but White – that it was all over but the crying.

    And now they are in a snit, and they need someone to blame.

    The Russians did it – NOT The Head Negro in charge, nor his hand-chosen successor, nor years of government interference with society, and the wholesale ransacking of the economy, under the pretext of ‘Free-Trade’.

    Yep, The Russians did it with their fake news.

  11. Every time I hear this illiterate congoid mangle the English language I laugh. So typical of “African -America”

    • Let’s take up a collection for the purchase of “Hooked on Phonics” for Lewis.

      The best thing to happen to him was to be whooped up be the side of the head. His life was then set.

  12. Hillary didn’t need anyone helping her to destroy her candidacy. She did a bang up job of it all by herself. This anti-White nigger is grandstanding, hoping to discredit Trump’s election. This is going to go on for 4 years.

  13. I’m so tired of this racist imbecile, who can barely speak English. One needs subtitles to understand him completely.

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