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“Spencer’s new headquarters reflects his increasing effort to mainstream the alt-right as its preferred candidate prepares to enter the White House, and to cement himself as its leading voice.

Jorjani was down from New York this week visiting with Spencer, who will be living on the top level of the spacious loft he and Jorjani will be using in Alexandria. The loft has no furniture yet; the only decor in the living room was a bottle of whiskey Spencer was working his way through around 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Upstairs, his belongings were strewn about in suitcases. ….

Spencer expects his registration of may prove similarly contentious. “I’m sure this is going to be controversial because if there’s one thing you can count on it’s petty infighting and things like that,” he said.

“What I want for this is to be a one-stop shop,” Spencer said. “So basically if you’re already in the alt-right, this will be a great place to just learn about what’s happening. If you just heard about the alt-right, just because of the URL, hopefully this will be the top hit on Google.” …”

This brings back memories.

In 2010, Occidental Dissent was more of a group blog. I moved to Central Virginia, rented a house, and set up a kind of White Nationalist headquarters. I lived with three other people who were contributors to this website. We had a lot of fun writing, building networks and traveling around the South. It fell apart about six months later after I ran out of money and got into a beef with Greg Johnson and Matt Parrott.

In hindsight, that was retarded and the project shouldn’t have ended that way. We didn’t fully appreciate the power of social media. We were amateurs driven by idealism. We didn’t really know what we were doing. We weren’t serious about our writing. I was also just getting to know people in the movement off the internet and overreacted when I found out that people in the real world have beefs just like they do online.

Anyway, there are parallels between what Richard Spencer is doing with in Alexandria in 2017, and what we were trying to do in Charlottesville in 2010. So, the Virginia Headquarters is BACK for the Trump era. Now we know the potential impact that our ideas can have on a disaffected audience when they spread virally on social media. We know the negative impact that beefs can have on our movement. We’re also not going to waste our time dicking around at the margins of conservatism.

We need something like a Drudge Report/Breitbart/BuzzFeed that would be a portal into the best content of the Alt-Right – as Richard Spencer says here, a “One-Stop Shop.” It would also link to stories of interest to our wider community. Instead of having this fractured scene of small blogs, podcasts and forums whose energies are co-opted by the Alt-Lite brands, we need to start pooling our resources into creating like, you know, our own company. will become “the platform for the alt-right.”

I’ve long thought we needed something like our version of Breitbart. I thought it was a great idea and will be working on this project remotely from here in South Alabama.

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  1. Whatever the end result turns out to be, I just hope there will be a focus on proactive networking and strengthening lines of communication between the various factions contained within the pro-White sphere. There are a lot of talented people scattered around just waiting to be utilized and given roles and tasks that take advantage of their strengths. Hardly any effort has been made to put these pieces together.

    • Pretty much.

      There’s an obvious need for one big site. The Daily Stormer is huge, but even that is only scratching the surface of the potential that is there. Anglin has a strong work ethic to put up that much content on a daily basis. It could be multiplied many times over with more people, a whole company of people, working to advance our ideas.

      That’s long term though. A Breitbart to the Right of Breitbart.

      • So will you actively be working on this effort with Spencer? Will you allow him to “share”, or “syndicate” your work? Would you allow him to post links to your articles with short snippet like Huffpost and/or Breitbart do?

      • Exactly. A central port with links to ALL alt-right sites of value. The Stormer book clubs are the beginnings of ready to go into the streets activism. Things are taking shape. Between Stormfront, David Duke, Occidental Observer, Daily Stormer, THe Right Stuff, and obviously Occidental Dissent, we already have a large pool ready for the next level of organization, efficiency, and delegation. Generating cash flow is key. Time for some merchandising, Oy Veh!

  2. Always remember our greatest strengths are our social skills, our ability to cultivate and maintain inter personal relationships and are spirit of cooperation.

  3. I appreciated social media when I realized that anonymity was a weakness. You’re far better posting as you, then posting as xyz and getting “caught.” At the time everyone believed that accounts would be shut down in mass. I figured I’d chance it, since the forum route had already failed. I was one of the first to use social media.

    • There was real fear that posting under your real name about politics was a death sentence economically, but I actually saw it as negotiating from a position of strength instead of weakness. An outed person looks weak, a voluntarily non-anonymous person looks strong. My views have become much more leftist, but they did not decline in controversy. I’m as controversial now as I was on forums.

      • And yet, funnily enough, it’s still the case that no one cares even slightly what you think about anything.

        I guess we can always admire your persistence.

        • I suppose you speak for everyone that reads, so if you don’t care, no one else does.

          A bit egotistical?

        • You notice how I never respond to you or notice you? You always respond to me.

          Trust me, I know the politics here. You’re not going to start some sort of uprising that’s going to end up to as a major fallout between me and hunter wallace. we’ve both tolerated various ideological shifts in each other.

          You think you’re picking at the low hanging fruit, but you don’t know how it works.

      • The press go after names it is Newsworthy to out. If you don’t sell Them newspapers, they don’t care if you use your real name or funny ones.

  4. I saw this and had to share it with our own Laguna Beach Fogey:

    “I dare you to find someone outside of the Klan or the “alt right,” who is still to this day, not electrified by his “I have a dream” speech. Inspiring and hopeful, it was a call to action. Like Gandhi before him, he led the fight against injustice. Like Gandhi, his struggle for brotherhood and freedom cost him his life.”

    • The “I have a dream” speech was great but they didn’t follow through. They welshed. Whites did their part.

      A good case could be made for the civil rights movement. Blacks had been discriminated against. Maybe fairly and for good reason but people have to realize that the USSR was making great progress in making the US look like a bunch of evil meanies.

      It may seem farcical to you now but when I was in the service we had somewhere in the range of 35,000 hydrogen bombs pointed at the US. This was serious business. Africa had a massive Communist insurgency. Same in South America. We had recently lost in Vietnam and Pol Pot was in Cambodia. India was getting arms from the USSR as an unaligned power and the Chinese were still major Commie. It didn’t look good. There was real fear. Many well reasoned people thought that the US and Democratic societies would lose against countries that could arbitrarily arrest and kill their citizens if they didn’t do as told. I’m not sure if younger people really understand how massive and threatening the Soviet Union was. They had extraordinary amounts of arms. Far out ranging anything the Democracies had and were willing to use fairly gruesome tactics to gain control. (funny how we’ve changed places)

      We should remember that this happened and use the fight with the Soviet Union to give us hope. We must always look towards what is true and factual and not get bogged down in whether it seems fashionable or acceptable or not.

  5. Given how hard the Guardian is pushing the fake “dossier” on Trump, and given the central role of a former MI6 agent, one can conclude that the same people that pushed the fake gas attack story in Syria are up to their usual tricks. Fortunately, those tricks no longer work like they used to.

  6. Will be watching this with interest. Hope you can avoid two of Spencer’s worst habits–namely 1) shooting himself in the foot and 2) giving ammo to the enemy. Wish you the best of luck.

  7. Funny, I was recently looking at properties in Alexandria on Zillow. No joke.

    We need an office. Rec room. Weight room. Two-car garage. Squash courts. Tiki bar!

  8. “We need something like a Drudge Report/Breitbart/BuzzFeed that would be a portal into the best content of the Alt-Right…I’ve long thought we needed something like our version of Breitbart.”

    Yes. Again, I was just talking about this on Twitter yesterday. The capital is there. Need ideas. Monetization?

  9. It would be great to have top-tier, pro-White websites like this one, therightstuff, infostormer, dailystormer, etc all working together in some capacity. The alt-right has a lot of brilliant, creative young minds all basically working towards the same goal but not working together to achieve that goal (That goal, of course, is the establishment of an AUTHORITARIAN WHITE ETHNOSTATE).

    • I spend so much time tracking the news and conservative sites that I barely get around to reading the other Alt-Right sites. I’m looking at the blogroll and it is an embarrassment that hasn’t been updated in ages.

    • Good luck trying to find folks to populate your Authoritarian White Ethnostate, Jerry. Eventually, we all get a hankering for some Thai Food.

      And therightstuff was run by a Jewish kid from the upper east side of Manhattan. Hardly Aryan royalty, I’d say.

  10. As I recall it Parrott accused Hunter of phishing for people’s email passwords. I am a bit cloudy on what sparked the actual Wallace-Johnson feud. Was that it? Hunter was like, “Fuck Parrott!” And Johnson was like, “You can’t talk that way about muh butt-buddy. Fuck you!” Is that how it went down?

  11. I wonder Hunter have you or Spencer thought about how you’re going to handle the Jewish Question? Now many would say I’m foolish to even ask such a thing but seeing as how they own most of the major media networks, the major newspapers, the major magazine publishing, the major, book publishing, the major radio stations, have a fairly large control of the most influential Colleges and on and on it would seem relevant.

    Some sites try to avoid the JQ and some focus just on it and some don’t even believe that there is even such a thing.

    • I would recommend you look how we’ve handled the JQ here at Occidental Dissent. We don’t ignore it, but we’re not obsessed with it either. We don’t blame Jews for all our problems as we have so many traitors, idiots like Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, Glen Beck and Rand Paul, plus all the idiot/traitors in the tax exempt Christian in name only churches. I’ve written honestly about real Jewish problems/enemies like the Weinstein Brothers doing mass marketing opening of the slaughter Southern White people porn movie – “D’Jango Unchained” – opening this terrible hate film…

      On Christmas Day!

      I’ve also written honestly that virtually every last single Jewish American elected official is terrible F- on immigration to the USA/the West, at the same time they reserve Israel as a Jewish ethno state.

      “Yes Virginia, the Jews Suck on immigration”

      I’ve also noted the sad and astonishing truth that Jews have historically sided with Muslim invaders/occupiers/rapists of Whites in White countries

      “Spain might have had a good reason to expel the Jews in 1492”

      That said, there are lots of decent Jewish people and we treat them fairly.

      If we can’t get White Gentile people to care about the survival of our people or the existence of our civilizations, it’s a waste of time to complain about Jews or anything else.

      The problem with our White Gentile/Christian people is us.

      It’s our fault.

  12. Richard Spencer is Altright-light which is a step up from Alt-lite. He leads the liberal wing and the liberal wing of anything always rises to the top in any liberal society.

  13. I just hope the site doesn’t become a vehicle for Russian state propaganda. White Americans clearly don’t care about the establishment’s anti-Russian/Putin narrative. People on the alt right would do well to remember that this indifference works in reverse too. They don’t care about the Russian state’s geopolitical goals either. What they care about is affordable health care, good jobs, good schools, safe neighborhoods and not living under a hostile elite at home.

  14. Spencer’s altright clearing house site sounds like a nice idea. I will check it out when it gets up.
    Having only moved into the internet WN scene about 3 years ago, I did not know the history of Occidental Dissent. Personality conflicts do seem to be everywhere -from family to work to church. I suppose it would be no different in the WN movement, but it is an unfortunate reality.

  15. Brad, you, Spencer, and the Iranian guy have a good time—just don’t get in any real trouble. Remember, one “Oh! Shit!” wipes out a 1000 “attaboys”.

    • Iranian guy? A Muslim in alt right movement? Iranians are nicest of Muslims I know but then they are nice when they stay in Iran.

  16. Why are new articles and the comments not showing up until they are about 15 hours old when I click on my bookmark for OD and come to this site? This started about two weeks ago for me. I visit the site several times a night, on up to maybe even two or three in the morning and only still get the articles that were up 12 hours before. Then, maybe only at about noon do I see the next batch, and there might already be fifty comments already up. I’ve tried the reload button and everything I can think of but no change. It is ten hours or more before I see the “new” posts.

  17. Brad, you need to tell your pal Spencer that they have the most intelligent looking homeless alcoholics in Washington.

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