No, The Democrats Aren’t Giving Up Identity Politics

If you seriously believed that the Democrats were going to change their ways and give up identity politics after narrowly losing one presidential election, you might be a conservative like Erick Erickson:

“Since Election Day, every Trump supporter is a racist. Every person who works for Trump is a racist. Every idea put forward by Trump and his team is racist. People who have never met Jeff Sessions are experts on his racism. Jared Kushner is a racist. Ivanka is a racist. Donald, Jr. and Eric are racists. Mike Pence is a racist. The GOP is racist. …

There is real racism in the world. There is real bigotry. I have real concerns about an emboldened alt-right that thrives in white nationalism and thinks Trump is one of them. But the Democrats’ constant cry against Trump and all his supporters, however, dilutes real racism, makes people tune out real injustice, and normalizes the alt-right as a political player by lumping all comers under the same “racism” label whether or not it is merited.

Disagree with Donald Trump all you want on policy. But labeling Trump and all his supporters as racist because you have policy and political disagreements is the best way to have a large chunk of the nation stop taking you seriously.”

Richard Spencer’s offer to sing kumbaya still stands.

Everything has changed since Trump was elected president. This time it will be different and MLK’s Dream of the colorblind utopia – blind faith in which is de rigueur in the conservative movement, a 50 year trial notwithstanding – will finally be achieved. The Democrats have learned their lesson, repented and given up the sin of identity politics. We’re going to “Make America Great Again” with civic nationalism.

Note: I hope Jeff Sessions gets confirmed as Attorney General, but sadly it doesn’t look like marching over that bridge in Selma with John Lewis has gotten him anywhere!

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  1. For whatever it is worth, Sir ; I do not think that the theatre being employed against Senator Sessions is going to work.

    It’s like a delaying rearguard barrage of mortar fire – put your head down and wait it out. When they run out of ammo, you can rise up and take the field.

    That, I do believe, is how this will play out.

  2. I know liberals made a big mistake because we attacked your boy Bush like he was the end of the world. And he wasn’t. And Mitt Romney we attacked that way. I gave Obama a million dollars because I was so afraid of Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney wouldn’t have changed my life that much or yours. Or John McCain.

    They were honorable men who we disagreed with and we should have kept it that way. So we cried wolf and that was wrong. But this is real. This is going to be way different.

    Liberal Democrats, not to be confused with FDR / Bernie Sanders types, really showed how hypocritical they were by totally embracing Michael Moore during the George W Bush era – and now condemning Trump for being a dictator worshiper.

    Now I don’t believe Trump. But that’s not what Democrats say. They’re basically saying Bush and McCain taken at face value were better than Trump. Michael Moore was just a means to an end for the Democrats.

    • A Jew with a redneck name like “Daryl”. Lulz. Your parents must have a really sick sense of humor.

    • McCain was part of a scheme to spy on Trump. The fake documents he received from the MI6 spy where used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump during his presidential campaign.

    • Would you accept a non-authoritarian white ethnostate if that was what was achievable? In other words, would you prefer a libertarian white homeland to a fascist multiracial society?

      • A libertarian White homeland wouldn’t stay White for long, since libertarianism is all about reducing government authority to almost nothing.

      • Libertarians want open borders. How long would an elected Libertarian government last, if the third word poured in?

        • You’re mistakenly lumping all libertarians as open border types. Many, like myself, understand that libertarianism is possible only in a White country with strong borders and ethical citizenry.

          • You’re mistakenly assuming the overwhelming majority of the self-identified libertarian community wouldn’t read you out over the border, let alone an ethnostate. I’m perfectly alright accepting that there are libertarians so inclined as you are, but to accuse people of painting libertarians with too broad a brush when dismissing them as suicidally individualist is just too much. You know as well as I do, and anyone else who was party to the liberty movement for many years past, that most libertarians are indeed completely delusional when it comes to borders and race.

  3. The only race that is capable of anything besides identity politics is the white race.

    The Democrats cannot give up identity politics because that is all non-whites are capable of.

    Only whites can conceive of Universal principles. No other race even gives a darn.

    Even Jews who pursue Universals only do so because of their white racial admixture and their tutelage at the hand of the Magi during and after the Babylonian exile.

    • Jews pursue Universalism in other people’s countries, not Israel. They are That Guy who hosts wild parties at other people’s houses, never his own.

  4. “This time it will be different and MLK’s Dream of the colorblind utopia – blind faith in which is de rigueur
    in the conservative movement, a 50 year trial notwithstanding – will
    finally be achieved.”

    – to our sorrow this may not be far from the truth – the false dawn before the darkness. America may be too far gone, but we can save may white nations elsewhere, even and perhaps especially with civic nationalism. We may not have time to pursue true white nationalism. Space will be our salvation.

    • “especially with civic nationalism”

      Civic Nationalism is a genocidal scam, same as Respectable Conservatism.

      • America is becoming a 3rd world country and there’s no such thing as a “Great” 3rd world country.

    • Apart from dumb, clueless, White cucks no one believes in any of that “colorblind” scam anymore.

  5. Erick Erickson is a worse than useless POS. Even “liberals” hold him in contempt for his “me too, I hate ‘racism'” B.S. When he worked for CNN with A.A. hire Roland Martin I would have like to have been in earshot of them when they were off camera . I bet Martin used to give him hell not only for being white, but for being a “southerner”, an accident solely by birth and certainly not in spirit.

  6. Isn’t racist just Jew speak for Christian?? Haven’t Jews just found a word to use to express their hatred of Christ and Christians without getting their tails pulled into a meat grinder or hot oven??

  7. I whole heartedly endorse non White identity politics. It’s alt-right’s best friend. I look forward to the day when the Dem party is the “Non White” party and Whites need not apply.

  8. Trump told his nominees to say what they think whether they agree with him or not. I just heard him say that on TV (from the lobby of the Trump tower). In other words, say what you have to say to get thru til January 20. Until then, pander away.

    I saw that John Lewis doesn’t consider Trump “legitimate.” In a way thats good. Trump can ignore him.

    Trump believes none of the Russia crap.

  9. If the face of the political opposition is the CBC then the political terrain is expanding for the white working class. Positive.

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