Washingtonian: It’s Okay For DC Restaurants To Discriminate Against White Nationalists

The Washingtonian explains the intricacies of the DC Human Rights Act:

“The DC Human Rights Act prevents businesses from discriminating against people for their political affiliation (as well as gender, race, religion, etc). “But fringe ideological groups are not political affiliations, as that term’s defined in the [DC] Code,” says Veritas Law attorney Scott Rome, who also spoke on the topic at a pre-inaugural safety training seminar hosted by the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington earlier this week. That means restaurants can’t turn away customers for being Republicans, or Trump supporters, but they’d be within their rights to deny service to, say, a group of white nationalists. …”

If you are a White Nationalist going to DC for the Trump Inauguration, know that ‘civil rights’ doesn’t apply to you as a member of the Untouchables caste. You’re a ‘fringe ideological group’ which means you don’t have a ‘political affiliation’ and therefore restaurants are under no obligation to serve you. Personally, I don’t have any objection to this in principle. I would like to see Katzenbach v. McClung overturned. If we are going to have segregation though, everyone should be allowed to do it.

Note: Wait, what? Are you saying that Christians have been forced to bake wedding cakes for homosexual couples against their will? Well, that’s ‘civil rights’ when we do it!

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  1. “Civil rights” was never meant to apply to normal White people. It was always meant to apply against us. Who could be more white than White Nationalists?

  2. Webster’s Dictionary Civil rights.Rights guaranteed to an individual by virtue of citizenship.

    1960s Elis island previous migrants screened and assimilated were granted citizenship adhere to custom laws. Blacks still remain distinctintive.

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