Former Miss Italy Contestant Scarred For Life After Black Ex-Boyfriend Throws Acid In Her Face

Sorry for triggering you, but you got to see how this love story ended:

“A former Miss Italy contestant may lose her sight and will have to have plastic surgery after acid was thrown in her face.

Gessica Notaro, who has worked as a TV presenter as well as a dolphin trainer, was allegedly attacked by her former boyfriend, who is accused of stalking her after she broke up with him. …

Newspaper La Stampa reports that the 28-year-old suffered deep burns to her face and eye, and is being treated in hospital in Cesena, where doctors fear she may lose her sight.

Miss Notaro also suffered injuries to her hip and leg in the horror attack outside her home. …”

She was Kim. He was Kanye.

She thought she was in love, but she was in a relationship with an OJ! There’s nothing like getting a little acid thrown in your pretty face to remind you that your country is being enriched by barbaric Third World customs.

Do you think their romance will be made into a Lifetime movie?

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  1. Hard to feel sorry for this bitch.

    May her disfigurement serve as a warning to other White women.

    “Dolphin trainer” – haha is that what they’re calling it now?

    • It was a meme developed on TRS TDS for a while, special ed blacks were being referred to as Dolphins in certain school districts. It’s bound to be used now. It’s Dolphins to the power of 2 now.

      One caveat, she was pretty. If she’d married a nice Italian boy she’d be happily popping out white kids.

    • ‘May her disfigurement serve as a warning to other White women.’

      No, Laguna, because they do not see themselves as ‘Whites’, but, only as ‘individuals’…

    • She wouldn’t have agreed, Celestial. She only objects to the acid – not the thrower, and certainly not to the race of the thrower.

      • Yes, Mr. Whitaker – but, it’s really not even ‘being in denial’, as most people have accepted the Globalist programming that the thinking to which you allude, is simply not contemplable.

    • Don’t be sure, Sir, that’ someone warned her’.

      Most city folk no longer think the way you and I do, on this matter.

  2. No one will learn anything from this event.

    They’ll chalk it up to one of those random events, and not as a risk involved in working with wild animals as a coal burner or dolphin trainer.

    • You’re right, Laguna – no one can learn anything from it, because this time in history is a time where only individuals exist, and no groups do – except for sports teams, minority advocacy groups, and the central governments of ‘unions’ who ‘make it all possible’…

  3. What anti-Whites say about interracial “marriage”: The only thing that matters is not the mongrel child that will result but that the White/non White couple were “in love” at time of conception. (Acid in the face or other violence later on is irrelevant.)

    Third worlders migrate to White countries from the corners of the earth so they can find a White mate who will fall “in love” with them, marry and have White Genocide offspring.

  4. Why do successful and halfway pretty women like Notaro date Blacks?

    The truth is that it has nothing to do with Black men being ‘super masculine.’ In fact, Notaro used to date an ethnic Italian man who is clearly much taller and more athletic than this Negro:

    What these women are really doing is dating nonwhite men because racial mixing is now the trendy, hip thing to do. They are engaging in a form of attention whoring. And, at the same time, some of them really do like the feeling of ‘getting away’ with something taboo.

    • Take the blackpill on this. She was with the guy who threw acid in her face because she is only attracted to the kind of guy who would throw acid in her face. This is what women are actually attracted to. Many have self-control and choose partners more with their frontal lobe. Some are simply too timid and so the bar on what qualifies as a “dangerous” guy is considerably lower.

      Some women will keep pushing until they find the real thing though, and in modernity while women are unfettered to be their primal selves, men are not. This man who scarred her could not simply carry her off and force her into an arrangement of his choosing, asserting his rights over her with naked force privileged by society. He could not have that kind of power over her, but he still has the primal urge to have power over her so he exercises it as the power to destroy.

      • You do have a good point about ladies liking guys who seem badass, edgy, cool, etc. But I have to disagree with you on taking the black pill.

        Here’s my reasoning on that:

        Do most men like women with curves? Yes. But why then do White guys avoid Black women? After all, they tend to have bigger butts, breasts, and lips than White women.

        The reason is that they’re so alien that most White guys don’t find them sexually attractive. There is a genetic explanation for this (avoiding outbreeding depression) and it applies to both men and women.

        This instinctual preference is also the reason why all of the most successful series that are oriented towards teen girls (Twilight, the Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.) feature White male leads. It’s what the audience wants.

        • White men avoid black women because they are generally physically ugly, regardless of their curves.

          Males love curves on a woman, yet you’ll still find plenty of white men who will happily hook up with Asian women, despite their rather flat chests and butts. All because Asian women are generally physically beautiful.

          A black man is much more likely to display the dominance and physical strength that women of all races find attractive, than a black woman is to display the beauty and fitness that men of all races find attractive. Hence why black men have the privilege of miscegenating exponentially more often than black women do.

          • you’ll still find plenty of white men who will happily hook up with Asian women, despite their rather flat chests and butts. All because Asian women are generally physically beautiful.

            Most White guys I’ve met who are into Asians are weirdos / social awkward. There was even a documentary that explored this ‘creepy White guy x Asian woman’ dynamic.

            As for your claim that Asian women are ‘generally physically beautiful’, I’m going to have to disagree with you. To me, they’ve always looked like aliens. Very ugly and fish faced. If anything, I find them to be one of the most repulsive races on the planet.

          • Not just weirdos — think of all the thousands of military men who came home with “war brides” from Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, or who have coupled with Asian women in times of peace while stationed in that part of the world.

            I see it in terms of opportunity…most white guys here in the U.S. don’t encounter enough available (and desirable) Asian women to really have a chance of settling down with one. Normally only the weeaboo types that really want an Asian woman badly enough will make the required effort to get one. But when the opportunity *is* there for the average Western white male, say on a multi-year PCS to Okinawa…there are a lot more Asian women available, and more opportunity to date or marry them. And history has shown that white men are generally quite happy to take advantage of that opportunity, even if you yourself would not.

          • Asian men are in the same boat as black women. But it has nothing to do with “masculinity” or “beauty,” but social capital. Would take too long to explain it to you. But you’re not that far off.

          • I’m aware of that, but I wasn’t really aiming for a full explanation of social capital — just the aspects of it that were most relevant to the current discussion.

  5. I never feel good about a lady being abused.

    That said, I never feel good about ladies dating as she did.

    Unfortunately, it is all in vain, as she will draw no conclusions from it, other than, ‘I was with the wrong ‘individual’ guy’.

  6. This acid-in-the-face thing is evidently a fairly common happening. We hear of a case at least once every couple of months. In other words, there is a pattern here. You don’t need to be a forensic psychologist to realize what the motivation is for a trend of blacks deliberately throwing acid on a beautiful woman’s face. Enough of these attacks and we will have reached yet another step in the ongoing epiphany of many whites concerning race and reality.

    As all the events of the last couple of years clearly indicate, a significant segment of our people are finally waking up and learning to throw off the liberal-Jewish conditioning. This much is beyond question now. How much good it will do is another question all together. It may be simply another Battle of the Bulge, I fear. There are a lot of other factors at play, many of which the full implications of are not recognized and known to even the vast majority of white nationalists.

  7. If my very-vague memory is correct, I first read of one of these resentful attacks—acid in a woman’s face—in the 1980s, maybe even the late ’70s. The attacker—and again: VERY-VAGUE memory—was an Arab, and the victim was a woman who, I think, lived in his apartment building, in New York City. Maybe he’d been unsuccessful in getting a date with her—something like that.

    Whether that was the first such attack—in America, anyway—I don’t know; but at the time, it was shocking—and not to me only, I think. If you don’t fear getting killed or being arrested, you can weaponize just about anything, I guess: an airliner, as in the 9/11 attacks; a pressure cooker, as in the Boston Marathon attack; tractor-trailers, like the ones that have been driven into crowds this past year or so. Even these acid attacks involve materials that are part of normal life, in some industrial settings, I guess, or wherever these acids are properly used.

    Right after the 9/11 attack, someone—maybe it was Victor Davis Hanson—remarked that the attack was on everyday, productive life, in the West. What the attackers resented was that thought, of millions’ getting up every morning and going to work, in places like the World Trade Center. They resent that that—the countless individual contributions of free persons—is the West’s strength, its magnificence. That seems to be why these attacks are “in your face”—and I don’t intend a pun. The victims are injured, killed, maimed, or disfigured; but also, everyday Western life—its objects; routines; and locales, such as workplaces or nightclubs—is insulted, defiled.

    • The acid attacks are because of jealousy of looks and a desire to destroy said looks. That should be obvious.

      Nobody is jealous over and resents the fact of millions of drones having to get up at five in the morning to punch a clock at some mind numbing job. Least of all Muslim terrorists. This is bullshit of the highest order and a prime example of the absolute uselessness of so much piffle from the likes of National Review type writers and readers.

    • I think it’s written about by Graeme Greene in Brighton Rock, Pinky attempts to splash vitriol in a lover’s face. This is based in 1930s England. I could be wrong though.

  8. I cannot for the life of me understand why any white woman or white man would want to date or mate with a negro. For me, it defies all logic. But let’s face it, the ones that generally do so are often the most trendy, shallow, self-righteous, attention-seeking, and easily manipulated members of our people. Although our media and entertainment complex has had a heavy hand in taking advantage of our weaker members and promotes it 24/7, there is something genetically defective with this group even when absent of outside influences. Be diligent with your children and grandchildren. A potential spouse for your son or daughter must be thoroughly vetted. After all, a former mud shark, sand shark, or coal miner will be raising your grandchildren and influencing them with their own personal beliefs. Instill racial pride and reinforce it at every opportunity.

  9. Most White females who consort with Negro males are the dumpy, low self-esteem and low-IQ types. One sees them in WAL* MART all the time. It is still rather unusual to see an attractive White female with a black buck, thanks in part to the stigma associated with such shameful behavior. I myself have only seen two or three such couples. But then again I spend most of my time in the Reichchancellery bunker.

  10. Burn the coal-pay the toll. I really can’t say I have too much sympathy for her; some thing like that was bound to happen, almost statistically.

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