John Lewis and #TruthAboutSelma

When I saw the Lügenpresse was driving the news cycle with Trump’s tweets about ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis this morning, I felt like I had to do something. I’m sick and tired of John Lewis parachuting into my state for his annual photo ops. So, I got in my truck and drove over to Selma to retrace his footsteps.

This guy has been coming here for over 50 years now and his marching has cut a swath of economic devastation through Dallas, Lowndes and Montgomery County, AL that can only be compared to General William Tecumsah Sherman’s March To the Sea. As everyone who lives in the Alabama Black Belt knows, the devastation that John Lewis wrought here during and after the Civil Rights Movement is worse than anything that Vladimir Putin’s Russia could ever possibly do to us.

I decided to start out in Montgomery and retrace John Lewis’s footsteps, in reverse, from the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery back to Selma. Unfortunately, it was mid-afternoon before this project got underway. It was a spur of the moment thing and so I only accomplished a fraction of what I set out to do. I will be returning to Selma in the next few days to help my friend Paul Kersey document The Truth About Selma: What Happened When The Cameras Left and The Marching Stopped.

I’ve been planning to start using Periscope. Until this afternoon, I had no experience with it whatsoever. I downloaded the app, got out of my truck, marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and walked all over downtown Selma while filming. It was a Saturday evening and it still looks like Selma was attacked by a Russian EMP weapon. The video is very shaky because I had no idea what I was doing:

I’m going back to Selma either Sunday or Monday. There’s a lot that I want to show you which I didn’t get to do today. You will never see this on the fake news Lügenpresse which returns to Selma year after year for John Lewis to get his annual photo op marching over the magic bridge. We’re going to expose John Lewis – how he has a reverse Midas Touch, everywhere he marches ends up blighted and crime-infested – and use Twitter and Periscope to show you what happened when the cameras left and the marching stopped in 1965.

Is it racist?

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  1. It is highly unlikely that cuckservatives will acknowledge just how disastrous John Lewis and his crusade for “civil rights” have been for the country. Admitting as much would deny them an opportunity to virtue-signal how “concerned” they are for the inner cities by genuflecting to this deified charlatan.

  2. Selma is a dump because its name has become negatively associated with the coloreds. The same goes for any thoroughfare named after “Doctor” King. “Selma” and “Martin Luther King Boulevard” = Whitey keep out!

  3. Be thankful you have to drive halfway across Alabama to get this feeling. I get it every time I visit my grandmother’s old neighborhood.

    • Actually, John, Mr. Griffin need not drive across Alabama for this, as, living in Eufala, he can quickly get to nearby Union Springs, where my wife was reared, and which is pretty pathetick, as well.

      Selma is pretty much everywhere in The South, except for the Hill country.

      Wasn’t like this, however, until recent decades.

  4. John Lewis is simply an old fool. The majority of his constituents have no ideal who he is and the vast majority of whites have no idea he exists.

  5. OT: a couple of Jews just doxed one of the goys from The Right Stuff (TRS), who apparently is married to a Jewish woman (or so they claim).

    As usual, that prick Thernovich is gloating about it.

    • i just heard is anyone going to write an article showing the Antifa being doxxed maybe thats a bad idea idk but i know of two twitters doxxing antifa ppl rn

    • Mr B., if you get a chance, read The Confederate Nation: 1861 to 1865, by Thomas Emory. It describes the town well, during the time when the delegates were meeting in the Capitol, to form the C.S. Government. I also recommend The Confederacy as a Revolutionary Experience, also by the same author. The two books complement one another.

      • Thanks for the tip, James. After I read your comment, I took a first look at the books at Via Wikipedia, in addition, I found some information about the author, who has an entry there. For me, with my very-limited knowledge of these subjects, all of this information is very helpful.

          • In the graphic below, James, are two pages from “Striking a Revolution’s First Blow,” which is one of the first pieces in the book to which you have now directed my attention. Having just described the firing that signaled the beginning of the Confederacy’s bombardment of Fort Sumter, the author says the following:

            “… Americans North and South had at last come to blows. … Now at last the stakes were great enough for the South to risk a bid for independence. Another generation might see more and more free states admitted and the end of southern parity in Congress. The threat that scenario posed to southern life was too great for this crisis to pass away as had those before.”

            Although I have no way of proving it, I will tell you that our host, Mr. Wallace, mocked me here, at Occidental Dissent, several years ago, when I posted a comment that made that very point: Southerners knew that the number of anti-slavery states would eventually be great enough for the securing of an anti-slavery amendment to the Constitution. To my surprise, Mr. Wallace, in his chortling way, informed Occidental Dissent’s readers that I was here “to tell us the cause of the War between the States”—something like that.

            In posting that comment, which was, I think, the first thing I ever said here about the Civil War, I was stating what had struck me as an obvious conclusion, i.e., something that had never been explained properly by my teachers in elementary school or high school but that seemed to clarify the political wrangling that, over decades, had led up to the war. That is why, as I’ve said, I was surprised by the mockery it drew from Mr. Wallace. I hadn’t thought I’d said anything bizarre, preposterous—or even debatable.

            Should the question ever again arise here, at Occidental Dissent, Mr. Wallace will kindly direct his mockery toward the author of “Striking a Revolution’s First Blow,” the essay to which you, a Southerner as true as there is, have directed me. That would be William C. Davis, who, if I’ve correctly identified him at Wikipedia, was born in Virginia—Appalachian Virginia, I’m pretty sure.

            Here’s the graphic …


          • Mr B., This is why I recommended these books. I recommend them to everybody. They simply tell the history and pull no punches. They’re not what anyone, on both sides, expects. A great many dismiss them. If you read these books, you’ll understand why the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia became the “Confederate” flag, and is flown even in parts of the South where it was little known during the war. Southern National consciousness is a folk phenomenon, as much, if not more so, than a political phenomenon. Southerners simply aren’t political in the same way that Northerners are. There’s no point of separation between political and cultural expression. And these books explain it.

          • Hmm. That, James, is an interesting observation—I mean your remark about there being no separation, in the South, between political and cultural expression. Maybe these books, as you say, will make clear to me what you’re saying. Since I personally don’t follow politics closely, I’m not quite sure what you mean about the way in which Northerners are political, but I can believe you have your finger on something.

          • From observation, Northerners place politics in a distinct category. It’s a thing in and of itself, and a means to get things done. An instrument of change. It’s now, dynamic, then put away like a tool when a given task is complete. For Southerners, politics are an expression and extension of culture and values. Not necessarily as a means to get things done. But to keep things as they are, until such time as they can be fixed or changed, if need be. That’s the best way I can describe it.

            By way of illustration. Many people wonder why the CSA never tried to capture Washington. Apart from logistics and manpower considerations, it wasn’t a part of Southern ideology, which was an expression of culture. For others, it was simple, capture Washington, win the war.

          • Hmm. Do you mean that Washington itself—the locale—was something in which the South had no interest, or do you mean that capturing the opponent’s capital was not a Southern thing?

          • Ideologically, they were fighting a defensive war, and a war for independence. Capturing Washington, or more precisely, trying to, would have confirmed Lincoln’s notion that it was a rebellion , not a bid for independence. Many Southerners accepted the moniker “Rebel”, but never the ideological or political implications. As an aside, Lincoln knew very well that it was a war for Southern independence. But if he had acknowledged it, he wouldn’t have gotten many recruits for his army. Most Northerners at the time, were happy to say goodbye. Some of them wanted to form their own nation(s) out of the Northern states, as well. Something Lincoln feared as much, or more so, than the CSA.

  6. Blacks and whites should not be living among each other. That’s all. If there are whites who have had consistently-bad personal dealings with blacks, well, then, I have to say that my own experiences have not matched theirs. My own experiences with blacks are like Mr. Wallace’s moment in the Periscope video, when the black woman greets him, and he says, “People are friendly around here.”

    That’s why the only thing I object to in Mr. Wallace’s Periscope video is the chortling. This is not a good situation. Blacks and whites should not be living among each other. It’s unseemly, unfair, to mock blacks for their difficulties in the white world into which they were dragged. It’s base to condemn them for so-called reverse racism or even to bash them for their wanting to remember things like the Pettus Bridge, regardless of how it has all played out.

    Blacks and whites should not be living among each other. That’s all that need be said.

    • I was taught simply to avoid Blacks as much as possible, don’t befriend them, and that they’re trouble. Various incidents in my life proved such teaching correct.

      I take them the same way I take tornadoes, scorpions and rattlesnakes. They are what they are.

      • Dear Mr. Owen,

        I thank you for sharing with us your experience, and for your sincerity, but, if you will, please allow me to say that my experience with negroes is quite to the contrary of yours.

        Born into the upper class, and with a sickly mama, I was raised by Black mammies and negro domesticks.

        I was treated with love and justice, and our family never once was treated with disdain or stolen from.

        My daddy employed a number of longterm negroes, including one he took a chance on coming out of maximum security prison.

        They rendered my daddy good service, and, in particular, that one from prison, turned out to be the creme de la creme of my daddy’s workers, and a personal friend to our family.

        Please bear in mind that I offer this testimony in the context of fully agreeing with you that the situation, with the negro community, as a whole, has got to be better reckoned with, and that I, as well as my neighbours, have had unpleasant experiences which confirm what you say.

        I just wanted to, in the interest of objectivity and fairness to give this testimony.

        God bless you!

        • My father, was also raised by a mammy. As was my wife’s mother in Oklahoma. My father grew up with segregation, in Missouri and Oklahoma. He cried at her funeral. However, I’ve only been hurt a few times by blacks, in school. Here, on the Red River, they’re mostly harmless old folks. I will never ever address them as anything but Yes Sir and No Ma’am. I see no reason to be rude. But I don’t trust the young ones. I know better.

          • Yes, Mr. Owen, I am much like you – always respectful and courteous.

            Yet, after having had some unpleasant brush-ups with the younger ones, I avoid the younger male ones, and when I cannot, I stiffen, as for a lynching, and, while retaining a respectful tone, look them dead in the eye, like shotgun, so that they know that I am neither giving alms, NOR the sort of person, with whom they ought get out of line with.

            The long and the short of this is this : those negroes born in our system often turned out very well, but, those after are often a toxick lot to everyone, including themselves.

            The New England Yankee Government may know how to drone-whack foes, or pilfer, warrantless, through people’s mailboxes, but, they don’t know jack-diddly-squat when it comes to negroes.

    • Well, that may well be the right solution in The North, John, but, here in The South, we cannot separate without committing a crime against humanity.

      Neither they nor we are going anywhere.

      So, then the next question is ; how might could we live better together? – as we have done, ere.

      The answer which is obvious to me is phase out the welfare state, end ‘Free-Trade’, and reestablish the right to free-association, all of which will set into motion a general reversal of what is become, over the next generation.

  7. “One of the protesters beaten on Bloody Sunday was Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, then a 25-year-old organizer with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. “I was hit in the head by a state trooper with a nightstick. I had a concussion at the bridge,” Lewis said. “My legs went out from under me. I felt like I was going to die. I thought I saw Death. All these many years later, I don’t recall how I made it back across that bridge to the church.”

    Reflections of a Con Man
    Can we please ignore this conman?

  8. We had a violent nigger that came through my gym. Big SOB. Open door policy. After warmups he was gasping for air.

    We did some technical training (low speed), bjj.

    When rolling started, coach told me to start on the mat. Ok. He went nigger. I got side control in about a second and had him tapping. Americana hurts.

    • This Wednesday I’m back on the mat. Most of the guys I’ve known for awhile and are friends.

      It’s gonna suck, LOL

        • will do. I skipped a tournament and that is weighing on me.

          Mma and bjj is not a killer sport as the media portrays it. Most of us are very cool people.

          Joints hurt and such. Battle is a sport. Off the mat is another story. In a normal day if I’m fucked with, if, not a good day for a person that doesn’t train.

        • A hobby at best. The shit we do is unfair to normal people. I have a nigger in one of my classes. Good guy. He shows up daily for MuyTai and bbj. The kid can fight like a demon. And I respect him.

          He is smaller than me, I take him down with judo moves with ease. When I get top position l its over. I’m not even good at throws. But he is smaller. So ….

          He fights like a SOB. And he can definitely fight.

          • In the end – who is that young Negro going to fight? You don’t need him to exist in your world. Stop being “fair” to racial enemies. Get rid of them all. ALL of them.

          • Funny story, Denise.

            My buddy that I partner up with is a Hungarian. He supposedly plays poker for a living.

            And we won’t go there. But the guy is tough as nails. And I fight with him. Hardcore.

            A nigger showed up and he was laughing because coach teamed me up with him.

            I was not amused. I ruined him. He has not been back to the gym since

          • I understand – but that is one of the genuine Tragic Flaws of the White Race. I know there are very talented, and even honorable people of other races. But they are not us. Being fair to them literally gets us killed. They do not EVER extend the same courtesies. EVER.

          • Denise, wake up tomorrow morning and have the confidence to walk into a mma gym. Not many people can.

            It takes nuts.

          • You will be fighting with a stranger, and often times they want to destroy you, and they will try. The new guys always have aggressive ways and go off.

          • Denise, I probably shouldn’t write this, but we had a state trooper that joined up. That trooper was at my neck. The whole time we rolled, at full speed.

            Cops are okay with fighting. I had no problem. Taught him how to escape guard. Was not even a fair fight.

          • If you can’t do 15 minutes of pure cardio hell, depending on what is called for, don’t bother.

            Then technique. And roll.

            Average stuff in my gym.

            After that, you square off with a person and grapple for 6 minutes. Full speed.

          • Grappling is hard. LOL

            You stand one on one with a person that is calculating to take you down. And, given the chance, LOL.

            Give me the chance it’s over. I watch the waist and avoid eye contact when I fight. Intense. But fun when you don’t care about getting slammed and submitted. At times you get into a zone when everything works.

            I bench a lot of weight. The guys that I train with work out and run. We have cops that train in my gym. ‘Tis wat is ’tis?

          • Do you seriously imagine anyone cares about the life and times of a larping nitwit? Or maybe you’re just drunk.

          • Sliver, you are right. I went out last night and had beers.
            I usually keep my personal life aside from the comments here.

            I am political. As far as your insults, keep some level of self respect, man.

          • Remember, you’re talking to an italian. Of course the physical superiority of white men makes him feel insecure.

  9. A guy I worked under once said he was in the National Guard during the
    march and they had to guard them. He said they all got drunk on wine
    every night and the NG had to pick up all their trash they threw
    everywhere. That’s what he told me anyways.

    • Sam, LOL

      I have a buddy that did more than enough time in Iraq. Home invasions ect.

      I think Trump gets it. The overall brutal environment.

      Force protection.

    • You still believe that ur emperor Messiah that he is going to solve all the problems when Jigaboos and other non-whites are destroying the cities. Your emperor god is using all you silly twats as a milch cow, just to advance his business interests. Feeling sorry for you blowhard lameass jerk fags that you don’t even realise that you’re being played on.. lol

      • You are putting your retardation on display for all to see. Most White Nationalists are smart enough to realize Trump will not offer any Final Solution to the race problem. But he is moving that issue in the right direction.

      • The Nigs will have ONE chance with god Emperor. ONE. Trump expects and demands results. He will offer assistance – but his exchanges with Lewis are indicative of the trajectory. After the nogs are dispensed with – JOO are NEXT.

  10. I can’t remember the article or who wrote it, a few decades ago there was another “Truth about Selma” written with eyewitness interviews about what really happened during the march and what really happened at the Selma Courthouse. It mainly stated that there were many communists and jews in the march along with paid blacks and white/jew women. I tried to Google that article, but couldn’t find it. I can’t remember but it may have been on the old NAAWP site when dialup modems could get you only 48bps.

    • Yes, it does seem that the (((Tribe))) is always around when things are going on, but not necessarily when the police arrive to bust up the riot. I suppose in their twisted ideology, by destroying others countries they will no longer be the outsider -as there would be no in group. Diabolical. Hopefully an WN site will put up an expose of the Jew handlers in the Civil Rights movement up tomorrow for MLK day!

  11. “We’re about to hit Lowndes County. This is where the Black Panthers were founded by Stokely Carmichael”

    I always thought they were founded in California, or Chicago, for some reason.

    • The group in whose founding Carmichael had a part was the Lowndes County Freedom Organization, which had a black panther as its logo and came to be known as the Black Panther Party but was not the later, famous, militant group of that name.

      At is a good piece that includes the following …

      “The spirit of the LCFO endured despite its defeat [in the Lowndes County general election of 1966]. Similar ‘freedom organizations’ appeared across the country. The party’s slogan of ‘Black Power’ also spread throughout the nation, and its black panther emblem was adopted by activists Bobby Seale and Huey Newton, a SNCC veteran in the Lowndes County effort, who together organized the Oakland-based Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in 1966. There was no formal relationship between the LCFO and the later organization, and [the LCFO’s first chairman John] Hulett and others resented the use of their symbol to represent an organization that encouraged the use of violence. The latter organization became much more well-known than the LCFO due to its openly militant rhetoric, but its foundation was the LCFO’s principles of self-empowerment and grass-roots activism.”

    • The group in whose founding Carmichael had a part was the Lowndes County Freedom Organization, which had a black panther as its logo and came to be known as the Black Panther Party but was not the (later) famous, militant group of that name.

      At is a good piece that includes the following …

      “The spirit of the LCFO endured despite its defeat [in the Lowndes County general election of 1966]. Similar ‘freedom organizations’ appeared across the country. The party’s slogan of ‘Black Power’ also spread throughout the nation, and its black panther emblem was adopted by activists Bobby Seale and Huey Newton, a SNCC veteran in the Lowndes County effort, who together organized the Oakland-based Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in 1966. There was no formal relationship between the LCFO and the later organization, and [the LCFO’s first chairman John] Hulett and others resented the use of their symbol to represent an organization that encouraged the use of violence. The latter organization became much more well-known than the LCFO due to its openly militant rhetoric, but its foundation was the LCFO’s principles of self-empowerment and grass-roots activism.”

        • You’re welcome, James. To me—politically-naïve me, I guess—it’s striking how fast all of this played out, after the passage of the Voting Rights Act. I happen to have no real idea what that legislation was about; but as I say, it seems to have had an effect.

  12. Selma is a Potemkin village. Looks good on the outside, but is shit on the inside like the rest of the country. The Communists built these facade towns to hide what failures they are. Seems to me it is the exact same crew running the Diversity scam, as ran the Communism scam.

  13. I woke up today and pounded weight. Not bragging, but I can pick up very heavy stuff.

    Went out and blew a grand on food and my wife. Embarrassing to say but I had the privilege of looking out on the strip in a very nice private room. I do know people.

    I over heard a convo. Wealthy people.

    Key to life is to be polite. I always hear that. Above the fray. I agree.

    To a t, the most serious men I have met are polite. Thin line though. I guess that is above me.

    Also had a business deal this morning where I intimidated a man to the point of real fear.

    Fine line. The alt right needs a good balance.

    Hate is a good thing.

  14. Well, okay, things might be bad in Selma … but at least they’re not under Putin’s heel!

    * * *

    Putin: “Comrades, we have achieved the greatest prank in the history of the world. We hacked RT onto C-Span for TEN minutes!”

    The Duma: Unanimous wild cheers and standing ovations.

    Putin: “Now the Burgers will tremble and bow down before us!”

    The Duma: Orgasmic applause.

    Putin: “Comrades! This is just the beginning! Today, C-Span, tomorrow — SELMA! AND THE WORLD!”

    The Duma: AK-47s shooting into the air like at an Afghan wedding.

    * * *

    Tomorrow we will find out that Trump paid 100,000 Russian hookers to piss on the White House from a Tupelov bomber.

    The next day, John McCain will bust a blood vessel testifying how he saw Trump buggering Ukrainian babies in a Lugansk rape-room.

    Obongo will declare martial law and have Trump arrested.

  15. I hate how the Republicans and Fox News media operatives are kissing that nigger’s ass.

    John Lewis and the Civil Rights era are a Southern thing and a Boomer thing.

    They mean nothing to me and my life.

    • Bummed about the TRS doxing. I had my suspicions – but I don’t Name the Christ Killer every single second, unless I am sure. I’d rather know the truth, in the end. Anyway – any-one having any doubts about the Jew Status of the wife, and has seen it’s pictures needs to get a J-dar adjustment 101 ASAP

        • You will on 8Chan. The wife’s nose and eyes make Barbra Streisand look like an Aryan Nord.

          Edit – scroll down.:

          Are you familiar with the Reich Jewish “caricatures” of Jew physiology? How’s it’s all so outrageous and extreme?

          And then you actually look at their real faces? Oy VEY

          • The Anti Fa will attack any-one ZOG tells them to. Ghoul was the alleged Dox’er though. They must have pissed him off.

            I dunno, though. I’m not inner circle, or even outer circle. I just really enjoyed this site. I love Lawrence Murray. He has his own blog though. I also really liked Peinovich’s commentary. As well as Seventh Son, and so many other commenters. I know it’s Peinovich’s site.

            So many of the things they discussed are true. There’s very very little dis-info, from what I could tell. If they were merely acting – they are BRILLIANT actors. You can hear truth. Sometimes the distraction of imagery can obfuscate. Listen to their podcast right after Trump’s victory. I can’t believe they weren’t sincere.

            There are Jews that don’t want to destroy the White Goy. Michael Weiner is one of them. Oh – he’s Zionist and Jewish Supremacist – but I think he’s one of the very smartest Jews who realize that the tamed down White Goy provide the BEST lifestyle EVER. And always will. Other Races are stupid and violent, and just as racist as Jews. They can’t be guilt-ed, and won’t pander. When we go – the Tribe goes, too. Ruh ro.

            Perhaps Peinovich and his Jew Wife and the rest saw the turning of the political tides, and decided to ride. You know how lots of Jewish merchants sell Christmas things?

            Maybe that’s it. I don’t know. Time will tell all.

          • No, the Jews only know how to play the shell game so that they ensure their slaves never fully understand who their masters are.

          • Bob is actually correct. Can you think of another group gullible enough to put up with the scams?

          • You’re missing my point, but no to your question.

            The Jews aren’t the only ones rethinking their strategy. Zoe Saldana couldn’t be more right when she chides Pro Diversity for its ensuring Trump’s election:

            Bullying whites won Trump the presidency. He’s never more sympathetic than when he’s being ganged up on and responds by telling the entrenched powers off.

          • People are defending Peinovich, and trying to shame people by mocking them w/ nonsense about “purity-spiraling”.
            They can crawl up his anus. People have a right to be angry. Mike did not have to handle this the way he did.

          • Ghoul doxxed himself and when pressured, he turned on his “friends”. 8chan did the rest because TRS was rubbing their stardom in their faces.

          • A combination of things. I never thought the Ghoul/Enoch chemistry was right. It is a matter of petulant envy on one level. Ghoul was not really loquacious enough to be one third of a laid back radio show. Enoch was too intellectually dominant and gabby. When Sven had the mic to himself over Hannukah (((odd timing to have a throaty problem))) he was quite enjoyable on FTN.

          • If we live and die on mike pienovich, then we die.

            Luckily there are more than thousands of people better than him: Horace the Avenger is still out there, for instance. Truck Roy. They would have been TRS and Pepe (without the Jew subversion and demon worship) had Horace’s mom not been terminally ill.

          • I know about Horus. And Truck Roy. They are both wonderful,, wonderful men. Horus really did what good family members do. I took care of my mother, in her last months. My respect and affection for both are boundless.

          • It was too extreme and could never deliver victory. Notice their constant attacking of the “alt lite” which is closer to a winning message.

            TRS did HailGate and nearly everyone let such an error slide because of the spell of social mind control.

            Was it done to sabotage the movement? If only subconsciously? YES!

          • TRS fed off the energy of the Mantra and drove the movement into a ditch.

            We were already winning before they arrived and will do even better now.

          • Bob Whitaker
            28 Feb 2016
            With the center collapsing, we need to make it clear that we are a new generation. We are simply pro-white, not pro-right

          • As long as we don’t team up with Libertarians. Bob has read the Constitution, Libertarians have not.

          • There are no Jews that don’t want to destroy the Europeans/whites. Unless you consider living in slavery something better than destruction.

          • His wife and him are literally (((establishment social climbers)))!

            This was all a scam to get ahead that got out of control, much like Tanya Gersh.

            Even now /pol/ is combing through all 120 episodes and cataloging the THOUSANDS of lies he told.

          • Yeah, big scam. Everyone knows if you want fame, fortune, public adoration, and to be invited to all the fancy dinner parties, you gotta start yourself a pro-White website.

          • It didn’t start as pro white, dude.

            They morphed as the white populace awakened – to chase the shekels!

            Our political capital, their joy ride.

          • “The Anti Fa will attack any-one ZOG tells them to. Ghoul was the alleged Dox’er though. They must have pissed him off.”

            Ghoul doxed himself by – you know – appearing in videos where people could recognize his face. He was always talking about the classes he took in college that were filled with SJW students and SJW profs, and the lefty crowd he hung out with. One of them probably ratted him out.

            I have nothing against Ghoul, though I don’t think he added much to the discussion most of the time. I only ever listened to the show for Enoch, Sven, McNabb, and Greg Johnson. Enoch is clearly a smart guy and presents some very insightful analysis.

            I certainly don’t see that it’s time to start forming a circular firing-squad. What purpose does that serve?

          • I don’t think we are forming a circular firing squad. We simply have to be vigilant. FYI – I liked all of them.

          • Three possible options and one singularity mixing all three.

            1. NSA front being theatrically folded up.

            2. WN tired of the competition from Alt-Right

            3. Antifa panicked by the run away popularity of TRS.

            4. All of the above.

          • That’s a negative. But I see/saw the value in an anarchist mentality when the only available options were the anti-White/anti-racists of the Left and the pussified, moral superiority of the Right who never did a fucking them to stop them. I chose the Fuck ‘Em All, Destroy ‘Em All approach. I’m much more mellow now, though.

          • Well I used to be a starry-eyed little girl, who thought “We are All One/Let’s teach the WORLD to SING” type. About a million years ago.
            If you have a shred of honesty, real world life changes you. And whatever our differences are – here we both are.

      • Many smelled a rat but were afraid to gamble their precious “social capital”

        It was a dead end.

        A movement that denigrates God? And promotes degeneracy? How is that even right wing?!

        Turns out it never was.

        All good things though. We will put the movement into a form that can deliver victory within 20 years.

          • The only one there is.

            You ever heard of the Sky Father? Deus Pitcher? Zeus Pater? Jupiter?

            Aryans invented monotheism and literally FORCED it on the Jews and REWROTE their bible.

            No one wants to celebrate their REAL heritage, not 1860, 1860 BC!

            Not 1933. 1933 BC!

        • Some people have been calling Renegade paranoid but the truth is, even if at times certain members veer into hyper vigilance or flakiness, they apparently had been calling out Mike Enoch as jew-compromised or thereabouts for some time.

          • Here’s the thing, heh, there are places on the food chain for a guy like Enoch. He’d have been a good fit at Vdare or Unz.

            “What I learned marrying into the Tribe…”

          • He was a writer for the Mises Institute. He oddy was featured in a CNN puff piece in 2008 about life in NYC. That is how Jews start your career.

          • Interesting. Supposedly his wife is some kind of diversity counselor, whatever that is.

            I smelled BS cyber miles away, without barely even tuning in much…more from the meta chatter around them.

            People might want to pay attention to what we north easterners have to say. We’re jaded and suspicious, embittered refuseniks. But our jewdar is the best shekels can’t buy.

          • It’s possible that the powers that be thought Paulite Libertarianism was the big threat and he was doing the same thing in libertarian circles. When WN took off a bit he was reassigned.

          • All kinds of retards are on the site, justifying what’s been done. They don’t seem to understand the people don’t like to be conned.

  16. Very interesting piece. I have never been to Alabama, and enjoyed the pictures of crumbling Selma. It does looks like a bomb went off after de civil righs’ mawch. And people make fun of the economically depressed areas of the rural Midwest (where I live).
    One thing that would have made your photo collage a tad better was to send out a Tweet from the bridge with the image of George Lincoln Rockwell confronting MLK. Maybe tomorrow on MLK day? That would be an appropriate remembrance of Michael King.

  17. Blacks prove time and again that they’re incapable of maintaining, let alone creating, a First World anything. They take over cities like Selma, Detroit, NOLA, destroy them and blame whitey for it. Our cucks agree and continue to enable them.

    Trump’s tweets put the blame on a black and that’s why blacks and cucks are up in arms. Please DL, don’t walk it back or apologize for telling the truth.

    • This discussion makes me think of East St. Louis. Here’s a great but sad video a white guy shot of the town he grew up in. It’s a bit dated, as East. St. Louis looks even worse today, but it is still interesting:

    • Blacks need their own areas where they can do what they want. Severe negro fatigue has set in across the nation and Trump is bringing light to it.

      Eight years of Obama was enough. He called out this silly congressman for what he is, a babbling buffoon.

      • I used to believe we needed different countries. I’m beginning to believe we need different planets.

  18. Let’s ask John Lewis , why that his King ! Martin Luther King, or his real name “Marty King” , FBI files are sealed tell 2027 ? John Lewis is your name in the FBI files ? John Lewis , is a communist , a black thug that hates The United States .

  19. “As everyone who lives in the Alabama Black Belt knows, the devastation
    that John Lewis wrought here during and after the Civil Rights Movement
    is worse than anything that Vladimir Putin’s Russia could ever possibly
    do to us.”

    Indeed. Whenever some lying media whore on TV tells me I should consider John Lewis as a hero, Bibi Netanyahu as a friend, or Vladimir Putin as an enemy, I remember the words of Muhammed Ali, when asked why he opposed the war in Vietnam: “No Viet-Cong ever called me nigger.”

    Well…………… No Russian ever called me cracker. No Russian ever called me goy.

  20. CNN is all over this story this morning. Trying desperately to defend this nigger incompetent. A pattern has emerged already. Trump also called out Rham and his failures in controlling Chicago’s negros violence.

    • Trump has a lot of work ahead him. The good thing about Trump is he recognizes and reacts to insults. Lewis is a true representative of the black community in his district. His way of bypassing the media via twitter is good stuff.

      On CNN they are featuring some Mexican dictating American policy. Under Obama these people have been emboldened. The arrogance is breathtaking.

      • He has got to deal with these troublemakers first, otherwise they will be a constant source of agitation.

        • Calling them out on their failures is effective. Trump is a boss. Undermining their elective status is the current game and Trump reverses the tactic.

  21. @Mr. Griffin…

    Thank you for having done this; and for having illustrated it so carefully, both with words and photos.

    In North Carolina, in the early 1970s, a new city was consecrated to be an entirely Black run city.

    It’s name? : Soul city.

    In those years blacks, and, indeed, White scalawags and the national press heralded this bold new project – with baited breath.

    In fairness, some of this idea was quite noble – Floyd McKissick, the negro brainchild and owner consecrating Soul City to the notion that it would exist for negroes to develop a self-sufficient community, in order that it could be an example for, ‘Blacks to quit begging, and go out and build’.

    Today, the answer, given to Soul City by the Tarheel Negro Community in response to it’s founder’s premise, is that exactly nothing ever happened.


  22. Lamentably, all across Eastern and Northeastern North Carolina,
    where Black majority towns are rife in our oldest plantation areas, they are in varying states of
    falling in – just barely kept barely from falling in by
    White police forces, New England Government Yankee money, and those minority of negroes, of
    good will and habit of behavior cooperating with the White minorities.

    It’s a last ditch attempt to make an unworkable situation somehow function.

    In fairness, all of these towns have been completely undercut by New England Yankee Government ‘free-trade policies’, which effectively took away our companies – such as shirt makers, sewing machine manufacturers, basket-makers, etc, etc.

    That said, even if ‘Free-trade’ had not undercut these towns, there still remains the fact that the obvious failures of Southron Scalawag LBJ’s ‘Great Society’ has been perpetuated by The New England Government so long that fully half of any county, in our area, are comprised of folk who have never workt – coming from parents who workt little or not at all.

    These people are from once reasonably industrious & self-sufficient sharecropping field-hands who, in my childhood, took entire care of themselves, and who made honourable contributions to themselves, their society, and, indeed, all mankind, by doing excellent work in the field; a ‘stoop-labour’ which, for many decades now, they will no more do, which is why local farmers must use imported Latin fieldhands.

    The engendered lassitude of these towns is hard to describe, and pitful to see.

    Even the hard-working negroes that are in these places, look down upon these many of their own race who seem to have nothing in mind, but perpetuating the sedentary, a tedium broken only by the next mundane animal exigiency.

    In conclusion, Selma is hardly anomalous, but, instead, emblematick for the misbegotten overreach of the systemick New England government usurpation of State Sovereignty.

  23. Non-whites and Jews have a paradoxical relation to White Power. They prize it and fear it. They prize it because it is best at envisioning, creating, developing, and maintaining prosperous and productive societies governed by Rule of Law. So, they want to be part of this world. But White Power can also have agency & sovereignty and keep its fruits to itself instead of sharing it with non-whites(who suck at creating and running modern societies) or allowing Jews to gain control over whitse. So, they denounce ‘White Power’. But they are drawn to White Power. It’s like someone who is drawn to fire — its warmth and uses — but fears being burned HE doesn’t have control over it.

    But then, I suppose all of power is like that.

    Gentiles value Jewish Ability/Power that can create lots of good stuff and be innovative, but Jewish Power can gain agency and self-interest and seek dominance over goyim. Jewish genius can build an atomic bomb for the Goy Military… or gain control over the Goy Military(and push US into ‘new cold wars’ against nations Jews don’t like).

    And white slave-owners prized black Africans for labor. They found Black Power(mostly physical) to be valuable in working the fields and carrying big loads. But unless this power was controlled by whites, it could lead to violence, rebellion, and mayhem. So, white slave-owners also greatly feared this power. Black Power was something to control and harness under white rule. If Black Power gained agency and freedom(independent of white control), it might run wild and whup whitey.

    So, the issue isn’t really White Power or No White Power. It is who-gets-to-harness-white-power? Should whites harness their own great power for their own identity and interests.. or should Jews and non-whites get to decide how this power is harnessed for their own ends(above white-centric ends)?

    There is no power in the world as innovative, productive, and effective as White Power. Blacks have physical power, but modern world needs something more than brute strength. Also, due to PC, it is difficult to harness black power in anything but sports and entertainment. When it comes to study and work, too many blacks are unruly and wild. They beat up teachers and steal on the job like Omar Thorton.

    So, even though Mexicans are smaller-bodied and weaker, they make better farm workers and menial laborers.

    One could argue that Jewish Power is, pound for pound, greater than White Power, but Jews don’t have the numbers to run modern societies on their own, and even Israel depends heavily on white nations for support. White gentiles can have civilizations on their own without Jews and non-whites. But Jews need to live with other peoples cuz of their limited numbers.

    Non-whites talk about empowerment, and in order to empower themselves, they say they must fight White Power. But in actual terms, the so-called non-white empowerment is just finding ways to take from White Power(as the goose that lays the golden eggs). Without White Power, many non-whites cannot have empowerment since they rely on leeching off whites. After all, how do blacks seek empowerment? It’s all just ‘gibs me, gibs me, gibs me’. Mo’ welfare, reparations, free stuff, etc. It’s like Tahenisi Coates bitching about ‘black bodies’ to get ‘reparations’ for his people. ‘Intellectual’ as panhandler. Whether descendants of slaves or those primitives whom Jared Diamond met on some Guinea island, the thinking is ‘white man got cargo, gibs me some’. Blacks with slave ancestry leech off whites, but then, so do blacks with slave trade ancestry; black Africans whose ancestors sold slaves also demand to be let into America to leech off White Power. So, whether one’s ancestor was slave or slave-seller, his message is the same: “White Man, gimme some cargo.”

    Asians are more productive, and they have built modern societies, but it was all in imitation and emulation of White Power. And even now, they still believe whites run better societies and wanna move to live with White Power than Yellow Power. As a servile bunch, they lack the kind of individuality and independence to make progress on their own. It is in imitation of White Power and white progress. For them, it’s easier to just move to white nations than imitate white nations. Why struggle to build in your nation what you can have instantly in white nations?

    It’s about time White People thought in terms of White Power for White People. They gotta be like Cool Hand Luke and tells others to stop feeding off them.

    Throughout history, when white people were confronted with problems in their societies, they fixed and reformed. In contrast, non-whites seem less capable of this. They see problems in their own societies, bitch about it but do little fix it, and just wanna flee to some other place, usually nations made possible by White Power. Whether it’s Nigerians, Hindus, or Chinese, they just wanna run from their own problems and go live in Canada or US.

    Problem of current PC-globalized white societies is that, in welcoming the world and promoting themselves as the savior of all the world, they have lost sight of the troubles of their own white populace who are sinker lower amidst increasing Diversity. After all, there is less bounty of White Power to go around if white nations fill up with non-whites who add little to White Power but take so much from it.

    White people who take from White Power played a role in adding to that power. In contrast, many non-whites who take from White Power added little or nothing to it. Granted, with the Afro-junglization of Western youths — look at chav and yob culture in UK — , they are also feeding less into the White Power.

    White Power is like this great generator of electricity… but more and more non-whites and hook up to it to get free energy.

    White Power Theft is like Electricity Theft.

    White folks must wake up. White Power for White People. Say No to White Power for Other Peoples. Let other people learn to build their own National Generators of Power.

    They need to stop feeding off White Power. And White Power needs to gain national autonomy and agency away from the control of the GLOB whose power-grids are totally out of whack.

    The GLOB may dream(or pretend to do so) of some united common humanity, but that is so boring. While all peoples should acknowledge their common humanity, the most compelling and meaningful identity come at the ethno-national level. It’s like a Pole can admire and appreciate all of humanity, but his main identity has to be that of a Polish nationalist. Individualism is too lonely, and clanism is too petty, but then, universalism or diversitism as core identity is too bland, rootless, and confused.

    An identity that encompasses everyone is too generic and flavorless. Better to be genetic than generic. It’s like Japan is special as the land of the Japanese, a homeland of a certain people of certain race, history, culture, and narrative. If Japan, China, Philippines, etc were all just one generic entity, it’d be pretty boring. And Israel has its meaning in relation to Jewish roots, history, heritage, and culture. If Israel had to welcome and represent the world, it wouldn’t be a nation. There is the UN as the representative body of the whole world — and how well does that work? –, and let play that generic and rather meaningless role. As for actual nations, they must seek core meaning in their own history and culture.

    Now, nationalism and internationalism are complementary. First, the priority is to preserve the nation and then work internationally with other nations in trade and deals.

    Globalism, in contrast, seeks to flood the whole world with one power, standard, and anti-values for all. Will the world be a better place if unified by Rap, Homomania, Lena-Dunham-feminism, and Hollywood superhero movies?

    Internationalism grows out of nationalism. Globalism extinguishes nationalism and internationalism. Internationalism is premised on the idea of national sovereignty. Each nation has its sovereignty and works with other nations whose sovereignty must also be respected. In contrast, globalism says each nation must surrender its control of borders, cultures, and values. Each nation must open up to massive migrations. Invasivism over nativism. And each nation must have homo ‘pride’ marches and ‘gay marriage’. It is one of the most destructive and evil ideologies ever, and 21st century will be defined by resistance or surrender to the GLOB. It isn’t even an ideology. It’s too shallow and stupid to have meaning theory or philosophy behind it. It is really just about power and control. A kind of oligology, the ‘science’ of how to unite the world under the oligarchy of the Glob.

    Anyway, STOP FEEDING OFF ME should be the mantra of White Folks.

  24. According to Wiki:

    As of the 2010 census, there were 20,756 people residing in Selma.
    The racial makeup was:
    – 80.3% Black
    – 18.0% White

    I guess in Selma, around 1950, the mayor and police chief were White men.
    But does anyone know about the town’s racial makeup back then?
    Was it something like 80% White?

  25. “Read the words our ancestors inscribed on this monument.”

    Available to be read at is “The Poems of Frank O. Ticknor,” whence come those words on the monument. Ticknor was a nineteenth-century doctor and poet of Georgia. His father, a doctor who had died young, had been a New Jersey man and had married a woman of Savannah. The father’s own parents had been from Connecticut.

    As you’ll see in the graphic below, Ticknor was published by Philadelphia’s J. B. Lippincott & Co., which, I’d guess, was already quite a big company by 1879, when this book of poems was published. He’d studied medicine in New York and Philadelphia and had taken his medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Medicine, which no longer exists. (It existed during the three decades that preceded the Civil War.)

    As far as I can tell, “Virginians of the Valley,” whose first verse is what is inscribed on the Confederate Memorial there, in Montgomery, is about the Virginians who fought under Stonewall Jackson, in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign. There’s a reference to Governor Spotswood and his “Knights of the Golden Horseshoe,” who crossed the Blue Ridge Mountains, into the Shenandoah Valley, on a journey of exploration, in—when?—not sure—early 1700s.

    The book includes an admiring introduction by Paul Hamilton Hayne, another Georgia poet (born in South Carolina), who has an entry at Wikipedia. In fact, this particular volume, which has been scanned at Google Books from the University of California, is signed by Hayne.

    Well—here’s a screen-cap of the title page and “Virginians of the Valley.” Maybe someone here, at Occidental Dissent, will have an idea what is meant by the “W. N. N.” in parentheses, beneath the poem’s title.

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