God Emperor Donald Trump DESTROYS John Lewis

Are you tired of winning?

No, we’re not tired of winning. We want to see more of this. That’s enough for me to come to the Inauguration. This is the Donald Trump we voted for in November.

All is forgiven!

Reince probably fainted then and there when he saw the tweet!

If you want to know why we are so over the moon about this tweet, you have to understand the Deep South, specifically the Alabama Black Belt. This is personal for those of us who are familiar with Pike County, AL – places like Banks and Brundidge where John Lewis is from – and Selma, AL where he became a ‘civil rights’ celebrity by walking over the Edmund Pettus Bridge on ‘Bloody Sunday’.

This is about what happened to all of these places because of the Civil Rights Movement which is a story that has never been told by the Lügenpresse. Go to Selma yourself in 2017, take a look around, and ask yourself where is this ‘progress’ that we have heard so much about? Drive from one end of the Alabama Black Belt to the other. Drive from Memphis to Natchez through the Mississippi Delta. It is a rural Detroit.

John Lewis doesn’t even live around here anymore. He represents Metro Atlanta in Congress. It’s the same story there. My friend Paul Kersey has written about The Reality of Clayton County (GA). He has also written a book about what happened to Atlanta called Black Mecca Down: The Fall of the City Too Busy To Hate. Kersey’s concept of the Black Undertow was inspired by observing John Lewis’s district.

Are we allowed to talk about Brittney Watts? Are we allowed to point out things like the fact that blacks were responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary in Atlanta from 2011 to 2012? Are we allowed to laugh at Atlanta’s other black congressman Hank Johnson who was reelected after declaring that Guam might capsize? Why must we show eternal deference to John Lewis and his people when their myriad problems are on display 24/7 and they are never held accountable by their constituents? He’s been in Congress for thirty years and look at the places he represents.

Have you ever wondered why Atlanta looks like it has exploded across North Georgia? Why is Metro Atlanta approaching Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina? It’s because White people who want to raise a family have been forced to retreat further away from Atlanta and into the suburbs. That’s because of John Lewis’s constituents – their crime, their destruction of property value, the way they ruin public schools, their blight and a thousand other things that have transformed places like Clayton County, GA over the past 20 years.

Do you know what Negro Fatigue is? It’s simply being tired of hearing and being forced to recite the same bromides and hoary tales about ‘civil rights icons’ like John Lewis. Negro Fatigue is believing your own eyes, watching Clayton County (GA) and DeKalb County (GA) be transformed into a ghetto, and not believing the cause was ‘systemic racism’ or ‘white privilege’. Negro Fatigue is being tired of the Lügenpresse throwing laurels at the feet of thugs and radicals as they riot and destroy cities like Ferguson and block interstates and disrupt traffic.

You’re tired of hearing about it. You’ve become fed up with John Lewis, Corey Booker, Jamelle Bouie, etc. There’s another side of this story that you are not supposed to talk about. You can only talk about blacks as magical beings in reverential tones as perpetual victims. Give me a break.

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    • Trump obviously believes in personal responsibility. His motto might be: The cuck stops here.

  1. You have to love Trump’s word choice there, casually alluding to “infestation,” which connotes that blacks “infest” urban areas, when he could have said crime problem or crime ridden, etc.

    Let’s see if Trump rebuffs the inevitable calls to apologize, delete the tweets, lavish undue praise on blacks to “balance” out this tweet.

    • I don’t think middle America interprets it that way. They see it as corruption, not biology. So Trump is accusing the inner cities of being infested with corruption by the political class ruling over them, which is 1000% true and which resonates 1000% with his base.

      • Nigfestation? Don’t tell me Tom Shelly’s gone acuckin’! I prefer the old school uncucked: niggerfuxation.

    • Oh Gawd, I found it!

      “Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), a fervent Trump critic throughout the campaign, retweeted Trump, adding: “John Lewis and his ‘talk’ have changed the world.” Sasse on Friday had pleaded with Lewis to attend the inauguration. “To John Lewis, one of my heroes: Please come to the Inauguration. It isn’t about a man. It is a celebration of peaceful transfer of power,” Sasse tweeted.”


      Why not save time, Senator, just get your lips surgically sewn to Lewis’ ass cheeks!

      Keep going, Trump! It’s been my feeling this guy is a paper tiger, and the world won’t suddenly come to an end attacking him any more than it did when you violated the taboo of attacking McCain!

        • With the collusion of Cuckservative “Democrats R The Real Racists” Republicans. Eisenhower: Forced Desegregation. Nixon: Affirmative Action, School Busing, Ford: Section 8, Ronald Reagan: Comprehensive Immigration “Reform,” i.e. Amnesty for Mexicans.

  2. Blacks, and Latinos are starting to attack in places in the cities and suburbs that they never attacked before.

  3. I wonder how long it will be, before Irish Roman Catholic homosexual Jack Dorsey bans Trump from Twitter?

    • Irish – Strike one!
      Roman Catholic – Strike two!
      homosexual – Strike three and you’re out!

      • French/Polish former Catholic here. I thought the Slavs were silly with their grudges. They are more torqued over things that happened a millennia ago than today, because they’ve had time to stew over it and it’s the principle of the thing, but the Irish, damn.

        An Irish friend of mine joked about Irish Alzheimers where they forget everything but their grudges. It’s Irish working class neighborhoods that get screwed over by everything their leadership perpetrates against the WASPS. Ted Kennedy may have hammered poor, working class WASPS, but it cost the Irish their neighborhoods what with forced busing and forced housing.

  4. John Lewis is a fraud, like all the so-called “black leaders” About time somebody talked straight to him. I try – I really try – not to judge Yankees for their stupidity and cowardice but sometimes I just can’t take it. They don’t know what every Southerner learns at his father’s knee: Give them an inch and they will take a mile. Babbling fools like this clown from Nebraska imagine that by throwing them a few more bananas they will finally earn their love, trust and support. Which way to the vomitorium?

    • I try not to judge Southrons for their stupidity and cowardice re the jews but sometimes I just can’t take it.

      • You can not blame Southerners for the biggest problems in our country, civil rights(for everyone but Whites) and mass immigration. Just about every really stupid thing done that has hurt Whites was done with the support or urging of the North with out exception. We don’t run this country so blaming the problems it has on us is a nothing but a cop out.

        The support for Jews in the South is more TV preachers than anything else.

      • I’m very new to the JQ so I wont pretend to know better than you. That said, I certainly dont think Southerners are stupid or cowardly regarding said ppl. Southerners understand in a way that the rest of the “Alt-Right” does not that “THE JEEEEEEEEEWSSSS!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!” are far from the root of our problems. “THE JEEEEEEWWWWSSSSS!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” did not destroy the hierarchal, orderly society that was the Antebellum South. Yankees ( I speak ethnically here, not of anyone who is from up north) did. “THE JEEEEEEWWWWSSSSS!!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!!” did not spend the next 12 years with their boot heel on the South in order to steal its wealth, humiliate its ppl, and totally destroy Southerners’world in order to “Reconstruct” it in their image. Yankees did. After Jews had immigrated here they certainly played an outsized role in all of the leftist nonsense that has been brought to bear on our ppl but they did it with the full on support of Yankees. Many of you seem to think that a group of folks who make up less than 2% of our population could actually come to dominate the ppl who conquered a continent and went to the moon. No. No,no,no. While I am new to it as I said I assure you that my eyes are wide open on the JQ but the idea that they are single handedly steering us in our current direction is completely wrong. Sorry to be so blunt.

        • The WASPs haven’t ruled since the 1960s Cultural Revolution. They did their best to keep Jews out of their institutions, but they failed and were overrun.

          Sorry to break it to you, but these enemies that give you your identity haven’t existed for a long time. They are only allowed to exist as castrated Limousine Liberals. Useful only as front men. WASPs were defeated by Jews just as the South was defeated by WASPs.

          Ask yourself how could 2% of the population be 25% of the Ivy League. The sole purpose of the Ivy League is load up the power structure with its graduates. To ensure the Establishment continues to Rule.

          • I wish I had a better understanding of the overthrow ( it wasn’t a complete overthrow though) of the Northeastern WASPS in the 60’s. My knowledge is very limited but I am learning ( a lot from the commenters here at OD).

            I do not get my identity from Yankees, that would be insulting if you meant it that way. I know you didn’t, I’m knitpicking. And I simply could not disagree more in regards to their current power. The Yankee was not so much defeated as he joined forces with a rising power.

            The Ivy League thing is spot on. Like I said my eyes are wide open on this issue, but there is way more to it than just: “The Jews”

          • Mr. Wayne – Northerners oft have trouble seeing the role that their culture has played in the demise of the society.

            It’s understandable, because no one likes to think ill of their own or themselves.

            I love my fellow Southerners, but, above Jews and The New England government, I blame us – for putting up with it.

            We should have in 1964, and should now, raised the Confederate flag, and if someone tries to stop us, reorganize their atomick structure as Southern landscape mulch.

            We, above all, are to blame. Still, the main protagonists of the devil is The New England Government and their Jewish allies.

            We, Southerners, are the enablers, sad to say.

          • Jews don’t need to be guilty of “everything” in order to be criticized. If you understand Jewish influence, you’ll find plenty to criticize in Jewish behavior and attitudes (like mammoth hypocrisy and double standards).

          • I think there is more to it yes, but I also think there is a lot to it as well.

            I think the change over happened before the 1960s actually, probably the 1950s. But the competition between them had been going on since Jews were first allowed into the United States. All they had to do is convince the WASPs to let them get a foot in the door of the WASP controlled institutions and hire their own from then on.

            This is an infamous lefty rag, but they explain how smaller groups have dominated larger ones using the British Empire’s tactics in India as example. I suggest it because this is what crystallized it for me personally.

            “I do not get my identity from Yankees, that would be insulting if you meant it that way. I know you didn’t, I’m knitpicking. And I simply could not disagree more in regards to their current power. The Yankee was not so much defeated as he joined forces with a rising power.”

            You get your identity from hating Yankees is what I meant, yet they don’t exist any more. They don’t exist as a coherent group anymore, but Southerners still do.

            The most disappointing thing I have found about people in general, is they only think whatever their TVs tell them to and yet there is no WASP MSM if you check who is sitting at the control points, so there is no mass media that promotes what’s good for WASPs.

            So WASPs aren’t overrepresented in the universities they are underrepresented for their % of the population, nor the mainstream media and only Catholics and Jews are allowed on the Supreme Court. And politicians who aren’t billionaires can only afford to run by selling policy for bribes.

            WASPs as a political force in the 1860s were impressive enough to take the United States from the Southerners who controlled it, but 150 years later, if they still exist at all, they are in an utterly pathetic state.

          • They did their best to keep Jews out of their institutions, but they failed and were overrun.

            It seems to me more like a half-hearted attempt than their level best.

          • Similar goals? To where Jews are massively over-represented in their Ivy League and Whites are under-represented. So what did WASPs get out of their own purging from the levers of control?

        • You really don’t know what you are talking about. Educate yourself about the Whosky did Whatsky.
          Why are you cucking for the Heebs, when you admit you really don’t know that much about ’em?

    • Are you a Southerner yourself? I ask because Rodriguez is not a common name amongst White Southerners.

      • Dear Miss Denise,

        The South had two different systems for negro management, and, each time, it was destroyed by The New England Government – the first time without the help of Jews, and the second with.

        Down here, the number one problem has long been considered Yankees.

        That said, some are loveable, like you & Trump, and we don’t lump you in with the Northern Crowd.

      • Perhaps the latest example of Northerners screwing up The South and themselves, in the process, is this, M’am : who voted for Miss Hillary and who for Mr. Trump?

        Yep, that’s right – the Blue States voted for Miss Hillary – they concentrated amongst the very same states of the same that were instrumental in crushing both our systems of negro management.

        And who voted for The Donald?

        Why, that’s right : them l’il Ole Confederate States.

        This, M’am, is a case in point of how we are trying to right the ship, and y’all are trying to sink it – STILL!@#$%^&!!

        Present company excepted, of course!

          • Dear NyashMyash,

            The South was split, in 1964, between Goldwater and Johnson.

            Be that as it may, Johnson had been a segregationist, and did a somersault, after getting into office.

            So, we did not vote for that.

            In 1976, The South voted for Carter, and, though his economy was bad, he accumulated little debt, no foreign wars, and no ‘free-trade’ deals.

            In 1992, The South was divided between Clinton and Bush. There, I note that my state voted to reelect Bush – though, again, he is another candidate who campaigns one way but governs another.

            In 2000, the South voted overwhelmingly for Bush, and NOT Gore.

            There again, as so often happens, Bush governed to the antithesis for how he said he would.

            No voter is responsible for treachery, but, only to vote according to how the candidates present themselves.

          • I’m going to say something that will be considered the height of stupidity but it’s actually not. Carter was not a bad President. He didn’t play along with the deep State, the military industrial complex or the Jews and the FED raised rates to catastrophic rates and sunk him. He was far from perfect but compared to the turkeys we’ve had the last decade or so he was a genius.

          • I agree, Sam – compared to what we’ve had, for the last 25 years, Carter was a dadburn genius, and a fine moral Christian man.

          • Sam, yes we on the right have viewed/brainwashed to think of Carter as a complete failure. He doesn’t look so bad after one compares him to the final out come of the Regan thru Obama neocon rule.

          • That, M’am, is a brilliant reply!

            So, in light of that, let me amend to this : Northern city-slickers having been screwing up the South, and themselves, in the process, for a very very long time.

            What do you think?

          • Whites, in general, have been allowing Hebes to con and screw us over for a VERY long time. The South is FILLED with Jew worshippers. This is coming to an end.

          • This is very right, Miss Denise.

            Odd, but, The South was definitely lacking in Jew-worshippers when I was a youngun’.

            Something changed in the 1980s and 90s. Is it a harbinger of End-times?

            If you think it is coming that the worship will be coming to an end, I will accept that on faith, because I see absolutely no evidence of it, in my state.

            Most of my Southern Brethren have no idea of the things that you and I know – absolutely none.

          • I understand it was the Jews buying off or otherwise swaying your most talented and/or charismatic preachers, starting in the early 80s. I heard the 1980 Southern Baptist convention, or whatever it may be actually called, opened with the president of the Southern Baptists mentioning in his prayer that “The Lord God Almighty does not hear the prayer of a Jew.”

          • Thank you for your reply, Mr. Burns.

            What you posit is really the first such I’ve heard on the subject.

            Admittedly, I am not in the know on this, BUT, what I can say is this :

            When I was a kid, it was a common view that Evangelical Protestants, in North Carolina, had the view that Chryst was not Jewish, Christianity did not arise from Judaism, that the Jews killed Chryst, that, if you did not accept Chryst, you were going to hell, the Jews were satanick, and that Israel did not mean much to them, one way or the other.

            Today, the common views, in North Carolina, are that Chryst was a Jew, that Christianity arose from Judaism, that Chryst was killed by The Romans, and that, if you don’t accept Chryst as your lord & Savior, but, are Jewish, you may still go to heaven, because The Jews are God’s chosen people.

            Also, that Jews are a treasure to consult, and that Israel is impossibly important.

            This is such an amazing turnabout that it has taken me a long time to get it into my brain that it is this way.

            I rank this change right up there with The sudden collapse of The Soviet Union.

          • It was the only way for the evangelicals to stay relevant—to survive, politically—once the counterculture had delegitimized Christianity, Junius. The Catholic equivalent is liberation theology, which is just socialism or Marxism with a patina of Christian supernaturalism.

          • JBP, Judeo-Christianity is a battle tactic of the enemy. It is thought control, it is the worst kind of mind control out there. It wields double -mindedness like an AK-47.

            For all to know, Rapture doctrine is what de-fanged Christianity in the South. The salting of the idea that you cannot change your nation’s future nor your regional environment. Things will get so bad until Jesus comes back and swoops you away because of your ineptness.

            Rapture doctrine along with Prosperity doctrine are traps for the Protestant laid by the enemy and are completely antithetical to the Apostle’s teachings.

          • ‘JBP, Judeo-Christianity is a battle tactic of the enemy. It is thought control, it is the worst kind of mind control out there. It wields double -mindedness like an AK-47.’

            Have you noticet, Mr. Saint, that, in this day and age, in The West, blade angle mindsets are either streng verboten or under heavy assault – as if the only mental shape permissible, philosophically speaking, is one which resembles the shape, tendency, and texture of a mesh net…

          • Maybe you will be interested, Junius, in the four paragraphs below. At Wikipedia’s entry for “Judeo-Christian,” they (along with footnotes I’ve omitted) constitute a subsection headed “Interfaith relations”:

            Promoting the concept of United States as a Judeo-Christian nation first became a political program in the 1940s, in response to the growth of anti-Semitism in America. The rise of Nazi anti-semitism in the 1930s led
            concerned Protestants, Catholics, and Jews to take steps to increase understanding and tolerance.

            In this effort, precursors of the National Conference of
            Christians and Jews created teams consisting of a priest, a rabbi, and a minister, to run programs across the country, and fashion a more pluralistic America, no longer defined as a Christian land, but “one nurtured by three ennobling
            traditions: Protestantism, Catholicism and Judaism….The phrase ‘Judeo-Christian’ entered the contemporary lexicon as the standard liberal term for the idea that Western values rest on a religious consensus that included Jews.”

            Through soul-searching in the aftermath of the Holocaust,
            “there was a revolution in Christian theology in America. […] The greatest shift in Christian attitudes toward the Jewish people since Constantine converted the Roman Empire.” The rise of Christian Zionism—that is, religiously motivated Christian interest and support for the state of Israel—along with a growth of philo-Semitism (love of the Jewish people) has increased interest among American Evangelicals in Judaism, especially areas of commonality with their own beliefs (see also Jerusalem in Christianity). During the late 1940s, Evangelical proponents of the new Judeo-Christian approach lobbied Washington for diplomatic support of the new state of Israel. The Evangelicals have never wavered in their support for Israel. On the other hand, by the late 1960s Mainline Protestant denominations and the National Council of Churches were showing more support for the Palestinians than for the Israelis. Interest in and a positive attitude towards America’s Judeo-Christian tradition has become mainstream among Evangelicals.

            The scriptural basis for this new positive attitude towards
            Jews among Evangelicals is Genesis 12:3, in which God promises that He will bless those who bless Abraham and his descendants, and curse those who curse them (see also “Abrahamic Covenant”). Other factors in the new philo-Semitism include gratitude to the Jews for contributing to the
            theological foundations of Christianity and for being the source of the prophets and Jesus; remorse for the Church’s history of anti-Semitism; and fear that God will judge the nations at the end of time on the basis of how they
            treated the Jewish people. Moreover, for many Evangelicals Israel is seen as the instrument through which prophecies of the end times are fulfilled. Great numbers of Christian pilgrims visit Israel, especially in times of trouble for the Jewish state, to offer moral support, and return with an even greater sense of a shared Judeo-Christian heritage.

          • Thank you, John, That is illuminating. Now, let me, for the sake of discourse, offer a few comments to this…

            ‘The rise of Nazi anti-semitism in the 1930s led
            concerned Protestants, Catholics, and Jews to take steps to increase understanding and tolerance.’

            MY TRANSLATION –

            ‘As Christian Society began to react with alarm and hostility at the growth of Jewish power, assertion, and influence, inauthentick Christian Scalawags did the work of The New England Yankee Government and workt to stifle the outrage.’

          • For reasons you’ll understand, Junius, I would say “liberals,” not “New England Yankee Government,” but your translation seems to me otherwise correct.

          • ‘Through soul-searching in the aftermath of the Holocaust,
            “there was a revolution in Christian theology in America.’

            MY COMMENT…

            This can only God working through the hearts of men.

            This was one of Hitler’s greatest mistakes, for, instead of diminishing the overall power of growing Zionism, he enabled and promoted it.

            If Hitler had been right in his mind, yet, still thinking along the same lines, he would have instututed a national program of buying Jewish lands and property, at just prices, in agreement for resettling the sellers in Palestine.

            In this way, he could have achieved his aims, and, as well, avoided turning over the moral initiative to his enemies.

            John, the misanthropy of Hitler is, apparently, the keystone in all this – as not only did it lead to the death of 20 million Gentile Germans, but, the permanent loss of Silesia, Pomerania and the Sudeten area, and, as well, the rise of The Left in Germany – Merkel, and now the presence of a permanent Muslim community.

            MY CONCLUSION –

            If you ignore God’s laws, in pursuing your aims, you will sow the seeds of your destruction.

            The Jewish community would do well to heed my words, in this regard, lest they reap for themselves what Hitler reapt for Germany, and, indeed, for The West, in general – as they continue to amass power and, with their bosom buddies, The New England Government, Lord it over others.

          • ‘Jews among Evangelicals is Genesis 12:3, in which God promises that He
            will bless those who bless Abraham and his descendants, and curse those
            who curse them (see also “Abrahamic Covenant”).’

            Yes, I am well aware of this, though it seems to be that those who are exceedingly put out by The Jews have not read this, or simply, in spite of the evidence of the last 7 decades, do not believe it.

            Stilting, and or eradicating, Jewish political influence, in The West, without resorting to measures which will draw God’s wrath, would be wise – just as Putin has done.

          • ‘On the other hand, by the late 1960s Mainline Protestant denominations
            and the National Council of Churches were showing more support for the
            Palestinians than for the Israelis’

            If that was so, the support of Palestinians dried up, because, down here, there are many sympathetick for Israel, but, none for Palestinians.

          • Yes, this sounds like more of a big-church Protestant thing—the mainline-Protestant equivalent of liberation theology. It’s for liberals who don’t want to go all the way to atheism.

          • Well, yes, John – you’ve reasoned this out in such a carefully gradiated way.

            Yet, while no rational man could take issue with this, from the aspect whence you’ve approacht it, not being a secular humanitarian, (meaning that I don’t believe that most human thoughts arise organically in the material brain) I have to fight the inclination not to fall back on some backwoods mysticism and think that they might have been caught in the net of an unseen virus – to such an extent as to endanger their eternal souls, yet, not to such an extent as to clearly damn them to everlasting hell.

            In any case, thank you for the illuminating posit.

          • You’re welcome, Junius. I’m always interested to hear what arises from your soul’s Scythian half …

          • I guess, after your help, John, I will say this : though you point to clear rational reasons why the shift from anti-semitism to pro-Zionist has occurred in this society, I am going to fall back on what has been my gut, all along : this is God’s will.

            That said, my other gut instinct is this : The Lord ain’t pleased by how The Jewish community is using his post WWII blessing, and is going to remove portions of, or diminish the entirety of his blessings.

            How that will be, I do not know, yet, I have my suspicions – Brexit, The election of Trump, the rise of Le Pen, the Italian referendum, and a developing consciousness in this part of the world of how the Jewish community is NOT using The Lord’s blessings to forward mankind, but, instead, put it into a dark satanick way.

            Well, John, that’s my thinking.

            Thank you for having helpt me out.

          • Oh, you’re welcome, Junius. Really, when I presented you that passage from Wikipedia, I was simply thinking you might want to see what the sanitized minds of the cultural mainstream have offered on the subject. Your reactions seem to me to have been acute, as I expected they would be.

          • ‘Your reactions seem to me to have been acute, as I expected they would be…’

            Having failed with the first two strokes, the headsman took a 3rd swipe at the partially severed head of the deposed English Monarch…

          • Yes, M’am, and along your lines – let me, once again, thank all those Pennsylvania rubes who, in between Philadelphia & Pittsburgh, turned out in droves to deliver their state to Me. Trump.

            THAT … was the treat of the election night!

          • Yes. Those last 3 states, PA, MI, and WI I believe. The reason that came in so late was due to shenanigans in the major cities. Even NY – if you go outside of NYC, and surrounding areas – even lots of NY State went for Trump. The sheer population of NYC overwhelms the entire State.

            Most of NY is pretty rural. I used to love baseball. Have you ever been to Cooperstown? Most of NY is just like PA – rural, with towns on a map that appear to be of a decent size – but when you actually go there – the towns have ONE main road.

            Even Deep Yankee New England went much redder, than in 2012. NJ is hopeless. Honestly – if Iran did nuke NYC, PA, and NJ – they’d be doing the USA a huge favor. FYI – your coastal counties look just like CT….deep blue.

          • Thank you for this reply, Miss Denise. It was very enjoyable

            Would you believe it? : I know rural New York State quite well, as my wife and I spent 12 years in economick exile up yonder.

            However, we lived on the opposite side of it from you. We don’t know the ‘Midwest New York Well (Finger Lakes,Oneida, Syracuse, and Buffalo) but, rather, The Hudson River Valley. You see, we lived in the far northeastern part of it – sandwiched between The Adirondacks and The nearby Green Mountains of Vermont – unspeakably beautiful landscape that we will never forget.

            So, yes, I know New York State is like 13 million New York Citiers and 7 millions ‘other’.

            Never spent time in Cooperstown, but, drove through the area. Incredibly beautiful. Of course, small town New York has been pretty much destroyed by ‘Free-Trade’, much as we have suffered down here.

            Where we lived used to be the centre of shirt-making, barrel-making, concrete making, and logging for the whole country – though, these days, it is almost entirely gone – the area managing to stay respectable because Senator Schumer is a very faithful senator for New York State – he studiously earmarking funds for little towns, all around. Gillibrand is, also, very popular, but, being vastly junior to him, she has much less power.

            In fact, where we lived, up yonder, the housing projects are superior to what many rural Southerners live in!

            I kind of see the Blue cauldron a bit differently than you – I seeing it as Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachussets, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

            These states are the psychick opposite, politically speaking, of Arkansas, Louisiana, Miss’ippi’, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee,and South Carolina.

            W3ell, time to get ready for church! Have a great day!!!

          • New Jersey has had massive, massive immigration in the last 30 yeas. The most common surname is Patel. There are towns where every other sign is in Korean. Imagine sending your kid to school in Edison, thats all Indian.

            Paterson is interesting. Half of it is MiddleEastern (Turks, Syrians) and half of it is black. Theres a Syrian bakery with 50 kinds of baklava that I stop at once in a while. One time it was getting a little late and I missed the right turn out of Paterson and ended up in the black part. Terrifying.

            The immigrants vote Democratic. Democrats own all the local offices in those towns so its probably straight ticket voting more than anything. Black areas of New Jersey are wired for the Democrats. Its an industry trotting around homeless to vote a dozen times and stuffing ballot boxes. Republicans who do get any power don’t stand up to it. Christie kowtowed to them pretty quick after some tough talk his first run. Then when he ran for reelection, he had an opponent who got no support from the Democratic Party. So, that was the plan. He wanted an easy reelection.

      • Wrong.

        P.S. To both you and lorax from my previous comment: Obviously emotion and tone can not be conveyed through text on an internet comment board. Just want yall to know that I’m not at all being smart alleck. I have enjoyed read your comments and respected your opinions since long before I started commenting myself.

          • A fair amount as my daddy is a truck driver, but nothing even close to long enough to get to understand the demographics or the culture of the region. And no, as I said, I use “Yankee” as an ethnic term. And Yankees are not Jews.

    • “I try – I really try – not to judge Yankees for their stupidity and cowardice but sometimes I just can’t take it.” — I know, those damn dumb Yankees who voted for those Suthan con-men Carter and Clinton and Gore and Johnson

  5. I think Trump has done enough already that we didn’t need to jump on and off the Trump train so quickly. His whole “art of the deal” approach causes him to say some contradictory things sometimes, but I think he’s still clearly moving in a populist direction. His nomination of Sessions for AG is huge, and gives him a pass in other areas.

  6. To my outsider view, this seems extremely insignificant. It doesn’t really change anything I thought about Trump, positive or negative.

    • We’re sick of Southern rabble-rousing negroes, like John Lewis, who keep their folks stirred up against us, all the while doing precious little for them.

      Stay angry at Ole Whitey, and keep reelecting me.

      It’s the very same theme that the suddenly anti-Russian Demonrats keep saying about Putin’s keeping his folks focused on The New England Government/Jewish Alliance, and off their pathetick economy.

  7. The southeast should get ready for more niggers. One fine day the rest of America’s monkeys will be sent there.

  8. Whites who don’t live around negros will never understand their behavior. Everyone who counter-signals Trump on this should be required to banished for the rest of their natural lives to a black neighborhood. The cotton belt is quite suitable as a hot Siberia.

  9. Cucks and a shmuck.

    Evan McMullin ? @Evan_McMullin
    While you avoided the draft, John Lewis risked his life for equality in America. You’ll never even dream of such selfless patriotism, Donald
    7:34 AM – 14 Jan 2017

    howard wolfson ? @howiewolf
    John Lewis did more to make America great in one day on the Edmund Pettus Bridge than Donald Trump ever will.
    7:34 AM – 14 Jan 2017

    Ben Sasse ?@BenSasse
    Ben Sasse Retweeted Donald J. Trump
    John Lewis and his “talk” have changed the world.

    Ben Sasse ?@BenSasse
    To John Lewis, one of my heroes:

    Please come to the Inauguration. It isn’t about a man. It is a celebration of peaceful transfer of power.

  10. THE BLAME…

    If you are tired of the Negro community whining and blaming – with their hand out – blame The New England Government and The Northern States which broke The Southron System which kept them self-sufficient, appreciative, and their hand in.

    The South knew how to handle this situation, for the good of White & Black alike, yet, that was not good enough for the North, which, TWICE, in two centuries, came in and busted up our systems for Negro management.

    Now we have the Northern system, and it does not work – just plain does not work.

  11. If I ever wondered why my parents moved out of what is now John Lewis’ district after I was born, the following video shows why.

  12. Will They Survive?

    Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, and Amy Adams Perform “I Will Survive”

    W Magazine | Jan 11, 2017

    “This is going to be interesting,” says actor [Kike] Andrew Garfield. “It may get too real.”

    With the inauguration fast approaching, an all-star [sic] cast of Hollywood celebrities come together to improvise the 1979 hit “I Will Survive.”

    Among those channeling their inner Gloria Gaynor are Emma Stone, [Kike] Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Matthew McConaughey, Chris Pine, [Pinay-Negress Kike] Hailee Steinfeld, Felicity Jones, and [Negress Kike] Taraji P. Henson, the stars of the season’s finest films, and of W’s annual Best Performances portfolio.

  13. More fake news from the Jew media. The Jew medis is reporting Trump’s criticism of John Lewis as an attack on a liberal saint.. They do not address the substance of Trump’s remarks. The Jew media’s lies have not gotten the response they are used to since Tump began his campaign. It’s doubtful if their tired tricks will work this time.

    • Every Roman Catholic politician in Congress and the media will be wailing and beating their breasts along with their Jew allies & owners.

    • “liberal saint”

      We’re being force-fed the same biased “news” reports here in SoCal.The (((media))) in my neck of the woods are also referring to this con artist as an “icon” and a “legend”,and lauding him as a man who “devoted his life to promoting equal rights for African-Americans.”

      Thanks to the dogged reporting of Mr. Wallace (and Mr. Kersey),the true legacy of this demagogue is now clearly visible for all the world to see.

  14. I hope Trump tells all of these black hate group assholes to go to hell. The Democratic Party has spent way too much time treating these African communists as though they were sacred cows. They are basically as bunch of unpatriotic douchebags.

  15. The spread of poverty and dysfunction everywhere blacks go is fact that is often overlooked. Cairo, IL is a small town across the Ohio river from Kentucky. Cairo has become like a little Haiti after all the whites left. The media refers to inner city poverty and crime when they notice the problem at all. The problem is not the “inner city”. The problem is blacks, always and everywhere.

  16. John Lewis is an ultra high time preference subhuman parasite. He had his job – which currently pays $174,000 – for 30 years. He is 76 years old. Presumably, he had worked in some other capacity from 18-45.

    His current net worth is $10K:


    That’s something that you have to try really, really hard to accomplish.

    If a normal intelligent White person were in his situation, he would be worth tens of millions of dollars by age 76 through saving, investing and building alternative revenue streams.

    This is a giant red flag that there is something very, very ugly in Lewis’s life which has caused him to burn through all his money. One possibility that comes to mind is drug addiction. Perhaps we can hire a PI to uncover whatever dirt we can find and then turn it over to the FBI?

    It’s not like the FBI under President Trump would hesitate to prosecute due to the fake news outlets claiming he is some sort of a “civil rights ‘hero'”.

  17. The Great White North…

    “Refugee” Somali-N!gger Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (note the word order)


    Somali-Canadians celebrate Ahmed Hussen’s appointment as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister

    Michelle Cheung, CBC News, Jan 11, 2017


    Toronto’s Ahmed Hussen was the first Somali-Canadian to become a federal Member of Parliament, and now many in the GTA’s Somali community are celebrating as York South-Weston Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen has broken another barrier: he’s been appointed as Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

    “It’s a really great thing to happen to our community,” said Mahad Yusef, the executive director of the Somali Immigrant Aid Association. “It’s something that we really needed, not just for the Somali community, but for the whole black community.”

    Hussen, 41, knows the challenging path to citizenship first-hand; he came to Canada as a 16-year-old refugee from Somalia in 1993.

    Hussen told reporters in Ottawa, “I’ll bring my experience as an immigrant to Canada but also as an immigration lawyer — someone who worked many, many years before running for office as a community activist, a community organizer and a community advocate.”

    When asked if the idea of immigration and taking in refugees is something that needs defending these days in light of the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. and the Brexit vote in Britain, Hussen said Canada is showing the way when it comes to welcoming immigrants.

    “I’m extremely proud of the fact that Canadians have always been welcoming to others, people who’ve sought asylum and … we’ve been the better for it. The story of Canada is the story of immigration.”

    Mahad Yusef agrees that Hussen’s roots in the city’s Somali community will be useful in his ministerial duties.

    “Ahmed will share his knowledge and expertise and his lived experience. He understands the challenges. He understands the opportunities and he’s been, for many years, advocating for immigration issues,” said Yusef, who has known Hussen since he settled in Canada. “My feeling is our community is honoured that we have representation in cabinet.”

    Before jumping into politics Hussen was a lawyer, political activist and the national president of the Canadian Somali Congress.

    He was also appointed by former prime minister Steven Harper to the Cross Cultural Roundtable on Security — a post he held until 2012. The roundtable was established to create a dialogue between Canadians and the federal government on matters related to national security and the federal government. The roundtable reported to the minister responsible for crafting Bill C-51, the controversial anti-terrorism bill.

    That concerns Hawa Mire, a Somali community organizer who lives in Hussen’s riding. She’s worried that Hussen was involved in creating legislation or policies that negatively impact Somalis in Canada.


    “This particular person, who we’re holding up as a representation of our community, has also been engaged in programs and practices that are deeply destructive to the most vulnerable in our community,” she told CBC Toronto.

    This N!gger’s on the fast track to become Prime Minister.

    A year ago:


    • Canada’s New Immigration Kang, back in 2012:

      Canadian Somali Congress testimony before the Canadian Parliament on the issue of deportations

      “Canadian Somali Congress National President, Ahmed Hussen, testifies before the Citizenship and Immigration Committee of the Canadian Parliament on the issue of Bill C-43 and deportations. The Canadian Somali Congress wants changes to this proposed law because it contains provisions that will lead to the deportations of hundreds of long-term residents that make one mistake. These permanent residents could potentially include many who have made positive contributions to their community. It is a one strike and you are out rule. First, this bill would limit the right of permanent residents to make an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division regarding their deportations if they are sentenced to a period of six months or more for a criminal offence. The current law allows for an automatic right of appeal for sentences of two years less a day. Second, Bill C-43 would not distinguish between jail sentences and conditional sentences that are served in the community and that tend to take a longer period of time to complete. Third, Bill C-43 will drastically curb ministerial discretion in humanitarian and compassionate cases. Finally, the hundreds of deportations that will result from the implementation of Bill C-43 will make it harder to distinguish between long term residents that have roots in the community and a foreign national that arrived in Canada a few months ago.”

    • Canada’s New Immigration Kang, back in 2010

      Canadian Somali Congress president on the successes and challenges of the Canadian Somali community

      “Canadian Somali Congress President interviewed by Nil Koksal of CBC News as part of a television series entitled “Canadian Dream.” The series examines the successes and challenges that face different communities in Canada. This particular segment centered on the successes and challenges of the Canadian Somali community. The vast majority of Somalis in Canada are no longer immigrants but are Canadian citizens. Despite this fact, various levels of government and the mainstream community mistakenly continue to view Canadian Somalis as immigrants or recently-arrived refugees. This is evidenced by the fact that emphasis is placed on immigrant settlement services and language programs for a community that settled in this country decades ago. The real need of the community is integration into the Canadian mainstream. This can be achieved by a policy shift that emphasizes access to jobs and professions. Nowhere is this shift more needed than in Alberta where 30 young Canadian Somalis have been killed in the last 5 years. Despite the high number of deaths in Alberta, Ahmed Hussen noted that the vast majority of Canadian Somali youth are law abiding and productive citizens who are graduating from post-secondary institutions in record numbers.”

    • Canada’s New Immigration Kang, back in April, 2016:

      “Asylum seekers are not criminals.” Ahmed Hussen, Somali Canadian MP, addressed the recent death of migrants from Somalia and the Horn of Africa before the Canadian Parliament. Ahmed Hussen received stand ovation for his compassion.

  18. Seeing the light. This is good. The alternative to a successful Trump presidency is not the ascendancy of the “alt right”, it is genocide. We need to be supporting Trump and standing in phalanx with others supporting him such as the “alt lite” in the spirit of the Spartans: with our shields or on them.

    By the way did you see the brouhaha over MILO? The next thing you know MILO will be claiming to be “the real Spencer”!

  19. The Periscope is awesome, AltRight.com will have a purpose, putting HW at the apex of this movement, which will be a good thing.

  20. Promote the CBC as the face of the Democratic Party.

    Let’s remember as WV Wis PA MI Iowa and Ohio go so will eventually….

    Minnesota: Clinton 46.9% 1,366,676
    Trump 45.4% 1,322,891

    New Hampshire: Clinton 47.6% 348,52
    Trump 47.2% 345,789

    Nevada: Clinton 47.9% 537,755
    Trump 45.5% 511,319

    Maine: Clinton 47.9% 354,873
    Trump 45.2% 334,838

  21. The single event that got me looking for websites like this one was the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case and no one on TV asking why Zimmerman was supposed to allow Trayvon to kill him or turn him into a vegetable. They weren’t allowed to ask and their careers are everything so they knew they weren’t allowed to ask; they didn’t even need to be told. That a guy who defended his own life while walking in his own neighborhood, steps from his own home, would go thru so much hell for it – they couldn’t give a sh*t.

    And Obama was still the great Constitutional expert after trying to undermine the Constitutional rights of a defendant with his “If I had a son.”

    The pandering to John Lewis and his ilk had been going on for a long time but that Trayvon-Zimmerman case put a price on it.

    • It started for me with Gatesgate; that a nigger, who shouldn’t be living in an area where he doesn’t belong, was a professor (God only knows why) at a major university, was questioned by a cop for trying to physically enter his own a home, but because of his race was considered a common criminal, who thenpulled race rank, and almost had a white policeman killed in the eyes of the Luegenpresse.

      I now fully understand the expression, “Nigger’s gonna nig.” You can dress them up, but they’re all the same.

  22. John Lewis has to blame someone his district is a mess. He’s deflecting his sad record on the biggest white male in the room/news. Trump. Secondly, if a white congressman acted as pro-his own race as John Lewis does he’d be branded a racist.

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