DC Anti-Fascist Coalition Plots To Disrupt Alt-Lite #Deploraball

I was never going to #Deploraball.

As I have already said, it is Cernovich and MILO’s fag prom. Now we learn from James O’Keefe that #Deploraball is going to be pozzed conservatism squaring off against pozzed anti-fa in the streets of DC. The plan was to shut down #Deploraball with butyric acid bombs, turn on the sprinklers, soak everyone there and then have a brawl in the streets. Can you imagine #Deploraball descending into a fag fight? Can you see MILO slapping anti-fa and hitting them with his purse while Mike Thernovich does a Perithcope?

I’m going to slip into DC like Stonewall Jackson. I’ve criticized the #Deploraball, but I was never planning to go in the first place. I also don’t have any interest in shutting down Alt-Lite events. Let them do their own thing. I don’t care. If the #Deploraball becomes a distraction and absorbs all the attention of violent anti-fa while the Army of Northern Virginia gathers elsewhere, is that a bad thing?

I hope someone films the confrontation at the National Press Club. I can’t wait to see Bill Mitchell addressing the anti-fa about how DemsRRealRacists and how Trump is going to bring Detroit roaring back with Jack Kemp enterprise zones. Wouldn’t it be something if Bill Mitchell was assaulted by the native anti-fa for ‘racism’?

I’ve said all along that I don’t believe in any of this kumbaya stuff. Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet and John Lewis has already proven the Alt-Right was right.

Note: I’m going to cover the Trump Inauguration as a journalist. I already know some other True Southrons who are going. Anyone else going to be in DC? It wasn’t until this fight with John Lewis that I finally decided that I wanted to go to DC and see this myself.

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  1. The weather is going to be 46 degrees and sunny. I have a very very long drive. I planned to go, and then no one else I knew would commit. Himm…..if you are going I may reconsider..

    • Funny? We shall see who is laughing at the end of the day . These immature misfits are like those bratty snot nosed kids you see in the playground screaming and crying because they want every toy the other child has..the kid that screams ‘It’s mine’ when it isn’t or ‘I want that’ but you don’t always get what the fuck you want.

      • I’ve never seen female ghosts fight each other before. Assume it will be exactly like women fighting each other, which is always funny.

        bristolpost dot co dot uk/equality-campaigners-slam-paranormal-group-claiming-85-of-gay-men-are-possessed-by-female-ghosts/story-29971340-detail/story.html

  2. I’ve called for DeploraBall to be shut down, so I’m happy to see this. I hope the Alt-Lite fags get their arses kicked.

    • There’s nothing deplorable about Milo, Cernovich, Mitchell from a conventional political POV.

      • The hell there isn’t! They are fags. They should be stoned in public and their dead carcasses, riddled with aids, removed from the public as a health hazard.

        We should have isolated and imprisoned every sodomite in the 1980s when AIDS/GRIDS 1st came about -and resurrected the death penalty. Westboro Baptists are at least correct in that one aspect, and have been for the last 40 years.

  3. What globalism has done is economize everything. So, nationhood is seen less as covenant of territory-ethnicity-history than as an economic status or condition.

    If nation A is seen as Rich, nation B is seen as middle income, and nation C is seen as poor, then people in each nation see everything economically by globalist rules.

    So, they no longer feel they have a specific race, culture, territory, or history to defend and preserve for reasons independent of economic considerations.

    Rather, it’s just changing economic statuses.

    Take people in Nation B under globo-mindset. They no longer see nation-B-hood as something special, unique, and priceless/sacred for what it is. It just an economic status of middle-income-hood. So, if they can, they wanna move to Nation A that is associated with richness. Their attitude is that of a middle class person who wants to forever rise above middle-class-hood and join the rich class.

    And if people in poor nation C wanna move to middle-income nation B, that is okay because they just wanna move to a higher national class.

    That is how class dynamics work. Rich people don’t say, “only we can be rich”. If others wanna join the rich class, that is fine. And middle class people don’t say, “the poor must always remain poor and not reach middle class rank.” They are okay with lower classes reaching middle class rank. And poor folks don’t wanna remain poor. They wanna rise higher. Economically, this makes good sense. If middle class should have the right to rise to rich class, then poor class should have the right to rise to middle class. When nationhood is class-ized, it follows class prerogatives. If people of middle-income nations demand the right to move to rich-nations, then they have no right to say poor-income nations shouldn’t have similar rights to move to their nations, the middle-income ones.

    But a true nation is MORE than economics. Rich or poor, it has something of deeper value that cannot be valued by dollars and cents. But globalism weakened such sense as the culture of most people around the world revolves around materialism, hedonism, and cult of ‘cool’. (One nation that is impervious to this is Israel, even though Jews are at the forefront of turning nationalities into class-mentalities).

    So, everything has been economized. So, if you belong to a poor nation, you just think, “I’m part of a poor national class and wanna move to higher national class.” And a person of middle income nation thinks, “I”m part of middle-income national class and wanna move to higher-income national class. And if poor people in other nations wanna come to my country to move economic ranks, that is okay since they just want better lives.” And since US is the richest nation and since its brand of globalism has economized the entire world, it hasn’t the right to say NO to all those who wanna come and join the Rich National Class. Of course, US has rich, middle, working class, and poor, but it is seen as Rich Nation, so to be part of America is to belong to the Rich National Class.

    True national identity shouldn’t be primarily linked to economics. But globalism did just that, so people see moving from nation to nation in the manner of moving up class ranks.

    They fail to understand that if they leave their own nations in huge numbers(and allow them to be overrun by others from poorer nations) and go to the Rich nation, then both the rich nation and middle income nation will suffer in the long run. Canada and Australia, rich nations, are now being overrun by people from middle-income nations, whose nations in turn are being overrun by people from poor nations.

    This is why Africa might overrun the world. It has lots of poor nations with rapid demographic increase. And these peoples all think in terms of national classes than national identities. Since Africa is poor, they wanna move to middle income nations or rich nations. Greece, Southern Italy,and Spain are middle-income regions that should guard their territories and say NO to the invasion. But they too have national-class mentalities. They just wanna move to Richer Nations. Their only idea of culture is TV shows and night clubs.

    I think all the smart Greeks came to the US as Greece ssems so crappy nowadays. Eventually, middle income nations will be overrun by poor nations, and then the poor in middle income nations will try to make it to rich nations.

    In a way, national-class idea is a total corruption of class idea, which has its merits. According to class theory, social elevation is the result of hard work, diligence, and industry. So, you can go from working class to middle class, middle class to upper middle class, upper middle class to rich class with much effort.

    But according to national-class theory, you can just cross the border and go from poor-national-class instantly to middle-national class or rich-national class.

    No effort. All that is required is invasivism.

  4. If anyone actually thinks these assholes are going to get near anyone or anything, they are pretty stupid. Agents have already infiltrated this gang and DC is like an army fortress awaiting for their arrival .

  5. From the looks of those dudes in the undercover investigation, it will be one group of fags fighting another group of fags this week.

  6. “Deplorables”
    “Shit lords”
    “Vile minions”
    “The evil league of something or rather…”

    Just not white Supremacist.

    Alt-rite are the most radical of radical liberationists.

    And Jew just know who hates, hates, hates the white Supremacist?

    Well… Yeah… The Southrenhood does too.

  7. One of my favorite Broadway shows. Sure beats SEC college football Saturday. This is the 10th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall production.

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