John Lewis, The Boy From Troy, Exposes The Limits of Liberalism

I watched the John Lewis press conference this morning.

Personally, it was an amazing thing to watch as someone who was born in 1980. I’ve lived virtually my entire life in the Alabama Black Belt. The world that John Lewis described at the MLK Breakfast in Miami, the Jim Crow South, vanished 15 years before I was born. The “Boy From Troy” has represented Atlanta in Congress since I was 6-years-old. Troy and the surrounding area has changed quite a lot since 1965.

I’m starting to wonder if ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis got walloped so hard on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965 that he has lost track of time or just gone senile. He closed his speech … in 1965. That was 52 years ago. I’m 36-years-old and I have a 2-year-old son. Three generations have been born and come of age in the Alabama Black Belt since John Lewis faced off with Alabama State Troopers on ‘Bloody Sunday’.

For civil rights dinosaur John Lewis, it is always Selma in 1965. The Troy State University that he recalls being segregated is now integrated like every other university in Alabama. The Selma where blacks didn’t have the right to vote in 1965 voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Hillary Clinton carried Dallas County, AL with 68.6 percent of the vote in 2016. Blacks had no problem voting for Democrats in Selma, AL. In 2017, they now control every level of government in Selma.

As I watched John Lewis speak, I kept wondering when he would get to the part where the cameras left, the marching stopped and the civil rights legislation was signed into law. There isn’t a hotel, restaurant, park, residential neighborhood or private business in Alabama in 2017 that is racially segregated. The Klan has been marginalized while the SPLC has a budget of tens of millions of dollars. There are no more segregationists. There are no more white supremacists blocking John Lewis from marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. We have interracial marriage. We even have the gay marriage now.

It is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Yes, even though MLK has his own federal holiday, there are still precincts of the Left which believe we still live under ‘white supremacy’ and ‘systemic racism’. Barack Obama has been the president for the last eight years, but John Lewis wants to perpetuate the fiction that it is still Selma in 1965. Why do they do this? Why do they perpetuate the fiction that they are ‘freedom fighters’ fighting against the establishment? Bruh, you have been in Congress for 30 years!

It occurred to me that they do this because liberalism is exhausted. It has no solutions to present day problems, which is why it is always Selma in 1965, not Selma in 2017. What do you do after slavery and segregation are gone? What do you do after you have the ‘civil rights’ and our society has been completely integrated? What do you do with ‘freedom’ and ‘equality’ after you have won it? What do you do when no one is stopping your civil rights marches? What do you do when you have won the right to vote?

Liberalism is a philosophy of social disintegration. It tears apart the social fabric and demolishes traditional hierarchies, but what it is unable to do is build anything on the ruins. As Thomas Carlyle said, once liberalism has accomplished its big goal – in this case, the achievement of ‘civil rights’ – it “solicits you to sing Fraternity, &c., over it, and to rejoice in the new remarkable era of human progress we have arrived at.”

Just look at Selma, AL where John Lewis still lives in his own mind:

“Nearly 42 percent of the city’s population lives or has lived in crushing poverty, which is nearly double the rest of the state’s average. In addition, rampant crime festers throughout the city.

“This is slave work, that’s what it is, but the only work around,” a man laying bricks for a mere pittance that were handmade in the 1870s for a construction company told a reporter for The Guardian last February. “Kind of funny when you think about it, because them bricks were probably made by slaves. That is Selma for you, though: still a city of slaves.”

Council McReynolds, a man who has spent all of his 50-plus years in Selma, told The Guardian reporter that “all the factories that used to be here are closed” and left joblessness in their wake.”

In a few months, John Lewis is coming back to Selma … to do, what else, march over the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The people who live there told The Guardian that Selma is “still a city of slaves.” In a sense, this is true. While real slavery no longer exists there, Selma is still enslaved by a 20th century dream that was always a delusion.

Picture it now: a youngish black kid wearing Air Jordans approaches John Lewis and asks the pointed question, “where’s my dad?” John Lewis replies, “well son, he was shot and killed in Selma a few years ago after he was liberated from your mom.”

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    • Hey pastor faggot, it is your faggot got jebus and faggot religion christinsanity who equated jungle bunnies to normal humans. It is because of cucks like you, whites are forced to this situation

  1. “He closed his speech … in 1965.”

    In fairness, we’ll note that that makes him a century more up-to-date than are white Southrons.

    • John Lewis has to be the most incoherent and ridiculous man who has ever been elected to Congress. The MSM can’t point to one legislative accomplishment during his iconic career.

      Getting hit on the head once 40 years ago may garner you “civil rights icon” status however today he is simply an old fool.

      • “…John Lewis has to be the most incoherent and ridiculous man who has ever been elected to Congress…”

        No you’re completely wrong. It was Earl Hillard. I personally threw him out of office in the primaries. I can’t remember the exact number he lost by but it was a couple hundred or so. It wasn’t many. He thought he could completely ignore Whites and they came out in droves to booted him out.

    • Mate, making fun of Southerners on a Southern Nationalist site doesn’t really achieve a whole hell of a lot.

      And for what it’s worth, Southerners have managed to get the LOS off the ground. Where exactly is the League of Philadelphia?

      I am not kidding. I want to see one. And I know that you’re more than smart enough to engage in a bit of social networking and get a website off the ground.

      So let’s have some friendly & healthy competition. Show the world that you guys are smarter than Southerners by creating a better movement. Saying ‘we could do that in a heartbeat’ doesn’t count. You have to actually go and do it.

    • Far from being mired in the past, the South is now the industrial power-house of the country, and is home to new factories, well maintained roads, and all sorts of public amenities.

      Nowadays, when people think of Philadelphia, what do they mostly think of? The last time I can think of Philadelphia being in the national conciousness it was most closely associated with AIDS.

  2. I see liberalism as having an important place in the class structure. If powerful people can convince people that society just needs a little more tolerance, then people are never going to notice that the two main classes are dialectically opposed. Meaning Blacks will fight for integration instead of socialism.

      • Truth is Capitalism is anathema to the working class. It is turning people into machines and little humanity that is left over is drowning in shekels. Both capitalism and communism are the same sides of the coin. Communism creates monsters like Mao, Capitalism creates parasites like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos

        • The truth is, Mr. Joshua, is that the working class loves capitalism, when it is practiced as it was for decades and centuries before ‘Free-Trade … with tariffs and protectionalism.

          • Well Mr Daniel, this is the ideal form of capitalism the founders of it envisioned. Crime and capitalism go hand in hand. We can call ford a hero but can we call bill gates or Jeff bezos the same? Back then it wasn’t capitalism as defined in the modern terms. There was less inequality, less greed, less envy, appreciation for talent, healthy competition that created a sustainable economy. We don’t have a term for what is it.but the present form of laissez-faire capitalism, trickle down economy as brought is wrecking the economy. Just like communism the Jews created to wreck nations, modern daycapitalism is also Jew invention.

          • Thank you, Mr. Joshua, for your thoughtful reply.

            Obviously laissez-faire capitalism is a failure for all but a few.

            And, the extremes of that and communism are to be avoided.

            Have a good day.

    • Sir, coloreds fight over things like Air Jordan sneakers and “dat ass”, they care not a whit for your proletarian struggle against capitalist exploitation.

  3. Another day the CBC is the face of the Democratic Party is a good day. Senator Joe Manchin (D) WV has rebuked the rube from Georgia.

  4. Niggers will be niggers, will be niggers. Corn will be corn. Horses will be horses.
    Everything follows the life force that is within it.
    The question is not, how do we change the way niggers act?
    The question is, how are we going to handle the way niggers act?

    • End section 8 and build all public housing in counties that vote for diversity. Move all the Negros there. Offer $250,000 per Negro to move to Africa. The catch. Call it reparations and give out 20% cash to sign up. The rest to be paid over five years. After you sign up as many as you possibly can, and remember welfare moms get $20,000 per kid, THEN start deporting them. I think the welfare Blacks would have an extremely hard time controlling themselves to not sign up. We would get rid of the Blacks with the least control in one fell swoop. I bet we could get a lot to sign. Maybe build apartments for them in Liberia. Might have to go into Liberia and prop them up for a few years. It would be cheap. We would save a fortune.

        • You’re the ones that freed them and then passed all kinds of laws defeating those we used to control them. They’re your babies. You hatched the present US not us. We had the whole thing under control You take them.

    • Close the borders and phase out the welfare society.

      That is the answer to your question.

      Once they are back in gainful activities, a lot of their crap will cease.

      It’s not just about genes – it’s about environment.

  5. I was just reading a copied interview of Dr. MLK on Vox and MLK said,”…

    Alex Haley: If Negroes are also granted preferential treatment in
    housing, as you propose, how would you allay the alarm with which many
    white homeowners, fearing property devaluation, greet the arrival of
    Negroes in hitherto all-white neighborhoods?

    Martin Luther King: We must expunge from our society the myths and
    half-truths that engender such groundless fears as these. In the first
    place, there is no truth to the myth that Negroes depreciate property…”.

    Detroit Library

    So much for that.

    • Several libraries, like that. Books contain knowledge, a real treasure, which most negroes couldn’t care less about.

      • Behold, James, a century of progress. From and come images of Philadelphia’s first institution to bear the name Northeast High School. If my sense of the history is correct, the structure was somewhat radical at its creation, when public high-school for the working class was thought to be a waste. The neighborhood at whose northern end it stood and whence it stared southward, across the homes of white working families, would now be thought of as North Philadelphia, not Northeast Philadelphia, and every Philadelphian knows that that means non-white. Eventually, the structure—abandoned, I think—burned, in 2011. Since that time, it has been demolished.

        Some years ago, I saw an online account in which a fellow who’d moved through the ruins, after the fire, remarked that he’d seen a copy of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech—or maybe a student essay about the speech—on a floor somewhere in the place. Before its end, the school had been renamed for Julia de Burgos, a Puerto Rican poet and nationalist who died in New York City. By such renamings—such as those of the innumerable “Martin Luther King” roadways—do liberals unwittingly mark their trail of delusion …

        • Thanks Mr B. It’s classic late 19th Century architecture. Sadly, the ruins of a Classical civilisation drowned in a flood of mud.

  6. Does anyone know what has happened to Daily Stormer? It is suddenly “offline.” Maybe the old quote attributed to Kennedy about peaceful revolution and violent revolution is being fulfilled.

  7. ‘John Lewis got walloped so hard on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965 that he has lost track of time or just gone senile.’

    No, he’s not senile – anymore than is Senator McCain – who keeps trying to relive the same long ago expired dramas.

    The recently deceast George Jones talkt about this, in one of his great crooning hits –

    ‘It’s hard to give up a lie, when you find one that is easy to hold…’

  8. ‘While real slavery no longer exists there, Selma is still enslaved by a 20th century dream that was always a delusion.’

    Very poignant.

  9. ‘Picture it now: a youngish black kid wearing Air Jordans approaches John Lewis and asks the pointed question, “where’s my dad?” John Lewis replies, “well son, he was shot and killed in Selma a few years ago after he was liberated from your mom.”


  10. ‘John Lewis wants to perpetuate the fiction that it is still Selma in 1965. Why do they do this? Why do they perpetuate the fiction that they are ‘freedom fighters’ fighting against the establishment?

    Lewis has become addicted to projecting his ego over a certain mental landscape.

    It’s become so habitual to invisibly fondle himself this way, that only passing over will relieve him of that.

  11. All the alleged Jews News pundits still refer to this jumped up pavement ape as a “hero”. This must end.

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  12. What do you do after slavery and segregation are gone?

    Keep hounding the South for slavery and segregation.

  13. The (((perpetrators))) of “civil rights” always knew the true nature of the negro and everything (((they))) plotted is going according to plan. Only deluded cucks really think there’s a white person inside of every black, always failing to come out for lack of trying hard enough to release him.

    OTOH, race hustlers like Lewis, for all his protests to the contrary, likes things just as they are. It makes him a “hero” and “icon” according to Lugenpresse and scammed Whites. Trump’s tweet was a harsh dose of reality.

    • Thats it. By Soviet manual this is called “weaponized anthropology”. USSR paid lot of attention to ethnic groups natural instincts and how to use them in the war. Very interesting btw.

      “””…When the 1941 repeats itself and you need to send recce team behind the nazi army lines in the snowstorm, what Soviet ethnic group is the best for that ? Please name all ethnic groups in the USSR who,s boy,s are born and rised behind polar line and used to survive extreme cold without fire and navigate in the darkness and snowstorm without modern electronics ???…”””

      They teached us stuff like that. And they teached your morons this stuff as well. Every last Suvorov school student learned, that ethnic groups are different and in the every ethnic group are weaknesses you may use. For example, western white race has tremendeous self hate so lot of people are ready to be traitors.

      Everybody understand this. We understood, all immigrants from all over the world understand. Only western nationalists refuse to admit obvious. White liberal is the root of all evil. Finish them off and rest of the problems will be gone.

      • Ha. Notice that people are balls to the walls trying to get us to fight the Left. Why don’t we get rid of the Jews first…then we’ll fight the left if we need to.

  14. So John Lewis saw his goal of blacks voting and racial integration achieved, has been in Congress for 30, and served the last 8 years under a mulatto president -and the Negro thinks we still have white power? This Negro cannot be that stupid. I think he is nothing but an ideologically bankrupt professional agitator -just like MLK. Maybe “ideologically poisonous” is more accurate than “ideologically bankrupt”.

  15. I really believe Trump wants to make life better for blacks by increasing employment opportunities for all Americans. Trump has to be very careful though and not offend whites by kissing up to instigators like Lewis. Lewis wants whitey to kiss his ass and he is insulted that Trump won’t do it.

  16. Trump has Tweeted on Saint John the Lewis yet again, and called him the “L” word! Oh yeah, he went there!

    I feel like pinching myself, I’m so giddy! I can hear them now:

    “You cant call John Lewis a ‘liar’ just because he lied! He’s a ‘civil rights icon,’ dammit!”


  17. It’s biology. Blacks are incapable of building and maintaining an advanced society and the more freedom they have the more obvious it becomes, and the more they and their BRA supporters have to screech in order to keep their parasitic relations to whites going. So, due to that biology and parasitic relationship it’s actually logical that the more “freedom” (ability to sponge) they have the louder they must yell to keep their benefits going and their hosts paying. Think of a welfare recipient who lives in a shack with just enough to feed and clothe themselves vs. a welfare recipient who live in luxury as they do in some European countries. The former probably wouldn’t be begrudged his pittance much and wouldn’t have to shout much to keep it, while the latter has to make up all sorts of excuses to justify his increasingly pernicious status as a burden.

    Ant-racism is mostly a code word for sponging off of white people. This applies to high performing groups as well as low performing groups. If they act as a group against our economic, cultural, political and even physiological best interests they’re parasites and victimizers.

  18. If blacks reject White Civilization and revert to natural way to be more ‘real’ and ‘authentic’, they are praised. So, blacks are good to return to tribalism and organismic nature.

    BUT if whites reject ‘higher principles’ of civilization and return to tribal and organismic nature of ‘our survival’, then they are eeeeeeeevil.

    So, blacks must reconnect with their ‘savage’ nature but whites must repress their ‘barbarian’ nature.

    Purely from a political viewpoint, it is somewhat understandable. White Civilization favored whites over blacks, not least because it was built by whites, and people usually build systems to favor their own kind. It’s like Israel was built to favor Jews, not Palestinians.

    So, civilization is seen as tool of oppression in the hands of whites but as iron heel of repression on the necks of blacks. So, blacks have a right to reject civilization and go ‘natural’ because it fills them with warrior rage and anger. But whites must not go ‘natural’ in emotions because they have no moral justification for warrior souls.

    But then, even as blacks are encouraged to reject white civilization, they are also encouraged to make demands from it. After all, without the fruits of white civilization, what would blacks have?

    Whites are not allowed to reconnect with their ‘barbarian’ nature, and they must stick to civilization… but only as producers than leaders. Whites must maintain civilization and uphold its ‘highest ideals’ of universalism. They must never think tribally or barbarically(except for the white women in the realm of sexuality of ‘slut pride’). Whites must run and maintain civilization but not own it.

    So, whites are in a bind. They cannot reconnect with their ‘nature’ and must stick to civilization, but they must not own civilization as their own proud creation. They must keep civilization going as atonement and produce lots of stuff to be ‘shared’ with non-whites.


  19. I feel that forcing the great state of Georgia to be represented in the U.S House by negroid imbeciles is illegitimate.

  20. All this talk of Russian hacking and Russian interference emanating from the Progs misses the point.

    I don’t believe in most of it. But surely Russians did what they could to favor Trump.

    But what’s wrong with that, at least from our perspective?

    After all, didn’t the French welcome the American role in driving out German Occupation during WWII?

    Didn’t Philippines welcome the Americans in driving out the Japanese?

    The fact is the US is not ruled by Americans but by the GLOB, or Globalist Tyranny. Though the GLOB is a diverse bunch of globalist-elites, the top dogs are Zionists, homos, and Anglo-Cuck-Collaborators. And these people have ZERO feeling for the historical white majority of the Americans. Anglo-Collaborators are too cucked out to have any white sentiments. They are like Joe Biden who will sell his ma down the river for his cookies and creams. These cucks are willing to turn all historically white nations into EU and US into non-white majority nations AS LONG AS they and their children are assure of privilege and power in the New Order. They are globo-quislings.

    So, given that the US is under GLOB occupation, Americans should welcome ANY foreign interference that loosens this grip and empowers the historical white majority.

    Any people who are under alien tyranny should welcome other alien forces to counter-balance the alien force currently in power.

    It’s like the American Revolution wouldn’t have been possible without the crucial help of the French. The British were too powerful, and most of the major battles won by the Americans were actually fought by the French.

    Now, the Russian role in 2016 was nothing like French role in the War of Independence, but it may have tipped the balance. White Americans should rejoice and thank the Russians.

    After all, there are parallels. In the 90s, the globalists took over Russia and totally looted and plundered that country.

    It was nationalism that restored Russian sovereignty somewhat(though it still has long way to go).

    So, white Americans need to look to Russia and Russian-Americans. Indeed, just as Jewish-Americans feel closer to Russian-Jews and French Jews than to white gentile Americans(whom most Jews despise), white gentile Americans should feel closer to white gentiles all over the world than with Jews or other elements of the GLOB. White Americans and white Russians should regard one another as brothers. After all, white Russians don’t want to destroy White America. It is the Jewish globalists who have that agenda.

    Pan-Zionism and Pan-Jewish-ism govern Jewish mindset and power. Jewish Americans feel closer to Israeli-Jews, Hungarian Jews, French Jews, and British Jews than with gentile Americans.

    So, white gentiles need a pan-white-ism. If Jewish-Americans and Russian Jews work together to plunder both Russian gentiles and American gentiles, then gentiles in both nations should work together to defend themselves from avaricious globalist Jewish power. Why should only Jews have the right to create tribal networks all over the world?

    I say white gentiles also need to create pan-white or pan-European networks all over. They need to bury the hatchet because they face similar threats in both US and EU.

    If someone is holding you hostage, and another person saves you from your captor, should you blame the other person for having saved you? No, of course not. You should thank him.

    So, if Russia played a role in helping white Americans liberate themselves from the tyranny of the Glob, white Americans should be grateful.

    Jewish GLOB would like us to believe that their power & control is ‘American as bagel and cream cheese and lox’, but their power is alien and anti-American. After all, globalism is a neo-imperialist war directed at ALL nations. So, if alien Russian influence was crucial in 2016, it was in helping knock out the alien Jewish influence. While there are good decent patriotic Jewish Americans, most of Jewish Power in the US is not patriotic or nationalist but GLOBO-IMPERIALIST and committed to destroying the national sovereignty of all white nations. Consider what Jews tried to do to Hungary and Poland. They tried to force those nations to surrender to non-stop Muslim and African invasions caused by wars fomented by Neocons and their cuck-whores.

    Besides, even now, Russian influence in the US is minuscule compared to the power of the GLOB. Glob elites are just a tiny percentage of US population, but they control 90% of media, Wall Street, Hollywood, academia, and much else. The fact that such a small minority controls so much of American Power should be the real scandal.

    American Media are not American. It is mostly GLOB. And it means that as long as US is under Glob power, it is under alien tyranny. Indeed, even with Trump as president, the most powerful force in the US is Jewish-Glob power.

    So, gentile Americans should welcome ANY foreign/alien help to weaken the power of the alien GLOB that controls most of the institutions in America. Look how the whores of Congress pledge their main loyalty to Israel, Israel, and Israel.

  21. Please don’t cuck. It isn’t ”liberalism”, it’s Africans. it’s Africans in Selma, it’s Africans in Detroit, it’s Africans in Philly, it’s Africans in Haiti, it’s Africans in Baltimore, it’s Africans in sub-Saharan Africa, it’s Africans in Ferguson – they’re even Africans when IN CHINA!!!:
    Isn’t San Fransisco ”liberalism”? Isn’t Seattle ”liberalism”? Isn’t Portland ”liberalism”? And yet NOT hellholes, arguably rather successful in fact!
    It’s Africans, not ”liberalism”. Again, please don’t cuck.

    • Blacks are a parasitic race. “Racism” will never end because they use that as a means of living off of the host whites.

      Also wish the, “Oh, Hitler goood” dumbasses would grow up. Hitler was an ETHNIC supremacist, not a racial one. You English, Irish, French? If so, you were an inferior POS to Hitler. It was all about being German, and only German.

  22. Barack Obama has been the president for the last eight years, but John Lewis wants to perpetuate the fiction that it is still Selma in 1965. Why do they do this?

    I have raised this point with (white) liberals. The usual response is: “We still have a long way to go before we have real equality.” What they are referring to is equality of outcome, not of opportunity. Because blacks still live in poverty, because blacks are not “represented” in STEM fields, because there are more blacks in lockup today than ever, because and etc., then nothing substantial has changed since the days of Bull Conner and the first term of George Wallace.

    The fundamental premise of liberalism is that all people are equal. Not just equal under the law, but actually, really equal in capabilities and the ability to achieve full human potential. The fact that there are vast differences between the races – genetic, physiological, psychological, metaphysical, whatever – is not up for debate. Because if inherent equality is questioned, the premise for liberalism comes crashing down like a house of cards in a hurricane. And with that house of cards goes liberal reputations, liberal career fields and liberal smugness.

    So liberals are stuck with liberalism. They have to go on pushing their delusion even as their cities turn to rubble around them. This is so whether we are talking Port au Prince, Johannesburg, Rotherham, Calais, Cologne, Detroit, Ferguson or…Selma.


  23. The Black community is in a downward spiral. The Black Thugs destroyed the MLK dream! That’s only getting worse. The Blacks could fix the problem by stop yelling at White People and take responsibility for cleaning up the Black Community! Why not dump liberalism in the Black Community and be Conservative? Something the Black Community should be thinking about. WPWW !

  24. “I have a dream that little black boys can rape little white girls and the transnational Jewsmedia will think it appropriate civil rights.”

  25. BREAKING: Trump-Hating Democratic @RepJohnLewis DIDN’T PAY TAXES On His Nearly $1 Million Fancy DC Townhouse
    JAN 18, 2017 by GOTNEWS

    Trump-hating Democratic Georgia congressman John Lewis didn’t pay property taxes on his nearly $1 million fancy Washington, D.C. townhouse on Capitol Hill, despite being in Congress for decades, where the salary for a Representative starts at $174,000 per year.

    Lewis was in the news recently for saying he doesn’t see President-elect Donald J. Trump as “a legitimate president” because of the #RussianHackers Democratic conspiracy theory.

    Public records show he avoided paying property taxes on his DC townhouse at 219 3rd Street SE on Capitol Hill:

  26. over the past 50 years these primitive creatures had all the opportunities that trillions of dollars could buy. their jewish enablers knew they could do nothing with such opportunities. instead, all the US tax-payers got for their investment was blacks in sports, obama, resentment, and riots. now, this race, this link between humans and apes, are quickly being allowed to return to the jungle from which they came. good bye, good night, good riddance. perhaps in another million years of evolution this, the most despised and cursed race on earth, will be capable of maintaining a civilization handed to them, but this was clearly not the case this go-round.

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