The Liberal World Order Is Collapsing

Are you ready for the occupation of Washington, DC?

“And here in the District of Columbia, where 91 percent of voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, “full-scale panic” is setting in, said John Feehery, a Republican strategist and Trump enthusiast. Leslie Harris, a liberal Democratic lawyer, uses war imagery: “I feel like my city is about to be invaded.”

Washington has always been a chameleon of a city, accustomed to remaking itself when the White House changes hands. But as Mr. Trump’s inaugural draws near, in a nation so deeply divided that it seems the political middle has entirely disappeared, perhaps no place in America feels as unsteady and on edge as the capital, which Mr. Trump calls “the swamp.” …”

We’re leaving tomorrow to invade Northern Virginia with our fellow barbarians for the Trump Inauguration. Washington, DC is about to be sacked by the modern equivalent of Alaric leading the Visigoths into Rome. Well, not exactly, but it sure is fun to fan the flames of progressive paranoia to new heights!

Oh, and the liberal world order is collapsing:

“At his farewell address in Chicago earlier this week, President Obama offered a plaintive lament for a world under threat. He hailed the American-led creation of “a post-World War II order with other democracies, an order based not just on military power or national affiliations but built on principles.” But, he warned, “that order is now being challenged.”

A week before the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, who crested to power on a wave of anti-establishment anger in the West, three separate reports offer their own versions of how the liberal status quo is unraveling. …”


Do you know what was good about liberalism? Tolerance of different opinions, free inquiry, free speech, owning guns. These are all things the PC Left hates today. The PC Left will burn you at the stake and try to destroy you for telling the truth. It’s not even liberalism anymore. It’s not any fun. It is insufferable fanaticism straight out of the Salem Witch Trials. I won’t be sorry to see the downfall of a ‘liberal world order’ which is bent on dispossessing my descendants and fancies itself as a secular Inquisition.

BTW, that’s why I supported Trump during the election. If a bulldozer plows over these people in Washington, why is that a bad thing? I don’t have to romanticize the bulldozer to think it is doing a good job.

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      • If you guys want to screw Asian chicks and breed hapas, then why not focus on making Hawaii your new homeland?

        I’m not even kidding. It’s already fully of hapas and most White Nationalists don’t give a damn what happens to it.

        It’d also help eliminate the issue of where to send you guys. We certainly don’t want a bunch of mongoloid mongrels running around our White ethno-states.

        • I lovvvveee Hawaii!

          Your right! Send me anytime!

          Haha. There is a lot of upper class White liberals with Asian wives that need to go somewhere. The same can be said about Asian males with White females. And for Hapas and Hafus, the island is always there!

          This isn’t just one big mix race people. At any time, Whites that like anime or whitewashed Asians may come into the Asian-Aryan state.

          Lol. This now sounds like a joke! XD

          • It honestly sounds like a good idea to me.

            After all, you guys are going to have to go somewhere. Might as well put you where there’s already lots of hapas.

          • One thing to consider, however, is that, the end goal is not a master mix race of a half White/Asian. There will be one, jokingly refer to as the “Asian-Aryan.” There will be them, but as well the coming numbers of “weebs” or Whites that love Asian culture, to experience their anime fantasy land for themselves. As well as the typical whitewashed Asian that finds Western Civ amazing, but cannot be apart of it. This, is always an option for Whites who take on the yellow pill.

            I am being facetious. Some whites cannot be redpilled and so they hold on to dear things. Call them betas or cowards.

            Still, their lives are meaningful. I am for a healthy a normal society. Not a degenerate one.

            I hate grotesque looking people. Asian-Aryanism is about self-improvement, not anime roleplaying.

          • So do you want your own homeland or not?

            Because if you’re serious about it, you might actually have a shot at getting something off the ground. Hawaii has the largest number of mixed folks in the whole U.S. and is heavily influenced by the Pacific Rim cultures. It’s the natural location for your ‘Asian Aryans’ to move to.

            I’m also honestly hoping that you start organizing a real ‘Asian Aryan’ movement because it will cut out the hapas who keep trying to get into the White Nationalist movement.

          • Yes. Oh yes. Hopefully, after the great redpilling and racial awakening, Ethnostates will be popping up everywhere, like internet websites.

            Hawaii is such a nice place and often I think about moving there. I am in a major city, and you know how cities are, ugly and disgusting on the outside… pretty and petty liberalism on the inside.

            Well, for starters, there is my YouTube channel, and then there is this new domain name:

            Yes. There are secret hapas in the WN movement that need to have their own say. They can’t be sent into the ovens. That’s why Asian-Aryanism works for them.

            I am quite serious what I do. I think humor and trolling works really well. You know? ¯_(?)_/¯

          • Living in a big city can definitely be hard.

            Getting a YouTube page up is also a good step, as is getting a domain.

            I’d also personally recommend that you avoid using the word ‘Aryan’ and instead say something like ‘Eurasian’ because most folks get turned off by things that remind them of the Third Reich.

            Another piece of advice (you’re probably aware of this but I have to mention it) is that there are groups dedicated to hapas on a lot of social media sites. If you could join a few of them, it might help you spread your ideas.

            All in all, I wish you the best in this. As long as you have no problem with me getting my own ethno-state, I really don’t care if you guys get to have your own country too.

          • I know.

            The word “Aryan” is controversial and I will say shock-art like. It goes well with the whole comedy aspect.

            I couldn’t think of anything better so it came like that all of a sudden during a conversation with a friend. I saw “Eurasian” to be too geeky.

            Constantly, people will think of some Nazism when compared to “Aryan.” “Asian-Aryan?” Now that’s an oxymoron! Or at least… Asian Nazis?

            Confusion assured.

            That’s why I want to make sure it is an “alt-left” philosophy more than anything. I believe someone bigger than me, will take the value what I am saying, and will use a newer word.

            I don’t think the #AnimeRight is interested. But still, they often flirt with Asian-Aryanism.

            As for Hapa sites…

            …No. I am already their biggest “celebrity” on the Hapa reddit!! If you know what I mean by that.

            I originally wanted a White ethnostate to happen. And I still do. However, the consequences mean “whites-only.” Therefor, all other races must follow suit and be separate in their own states as well.

            It is up to the White majority to make things happen in this time of chaos. The White ehtnostate will come first!

          • I don’t mind hapas at all. Sometimes they look a bit too gooky (to put it plainly), but oftentimes they look like a racial next-of-kin. Depending on the sort of population mix we’re talking about, I could even be tempted to move to hapaland. But get real, they deserve a lot more than merely Hawaii. Whites are going to be very lucky to get any sort of ethnostate at all, so it makes no sense to be miserly when parcelling out “land for peace.”

          • I watched your video. . I type a lot on AmRen but i really have lack of experience with the real world (at least good experience). You mentioned you don’t want to date women who are ironic or sarcastic. . that reminded me of the one time i have dated a successful, cosmopolitan woman. she was just too tough on me.

            i’ve read. . sometimes girls will do this. . and i think they mean physical contact. . sometimes they will push you, something like that, if they like you.

            i have a friend who is sometime ironic. . but mostly he tries to be an asshat.

            you know, i watched your video promoting a white/asian ethnostate a white male/asian woman ethnostate. I thought the idea was very sick.

            I hope you are being . . . sarcastic . . . all it made me do is realize we need to do something to limit white men/asian women relationships.

            i’ve heard it said, though, of asians born in the US, asian males are more likely to marry a white person than asian females.

            i certainly hope you don’t live in the Seattle area. At least for you. that seems to be ground 0 for asian women/white men relationship.

            i suppose, all we need is one place, just one place to stay strong. . and we’ll come back from this . . .

          • “Sarcastic and ironic,” as in, inner-city white hipster girls that watch too much Adventure Time and love MGMT. Ages range from 17-28. Big black glasses and… you know. I suggest picking up Christian Lander’s book Stuff White People Like. A good read indeed.

            Irony is a white people thing. Too hard to be a white nationalist if you advocate such twee behavior.

            Seattle and California are hot spots for WMAF/AMWF and there is some of it too in New York City as well.

            …Funny, you find interracial dating sick. Of course, the WN cliche is that a black male “dating” a white female is often called “sick” for a lot of good reasons (monkey man, ‘muh dick’ behavior, African genes).

            It’s quite different when whites date asians. Asians, as you know, are the “model minority” and less likely to have race riots against whites. To find whites dating asians, often gives an impression of sickness because the normie will look at the couple as a preying mantis dating an angelic warrior.

            If you think it is “sick” based upon reasons of being selfish, awkward, or some bad-for-the-environment reasoning, obviously you miss the point. This is the same argument the Left will use against WMAF awarness.

            Trust me, I get more hate mail by cultural marxist normies than the “put-him-in-the-oven” far-right.

            What is even more sick, is the sickness among the “Aryan Women in the Wheat Field” joke. This philosophy of extreme far-right behavior, yet going about it as the new normie.

          • what is ‘Aryan women in the Wheat Field’? i have no idea..

            I don’t not find interracial relationships sick. I love them. I had a friend go on about how, interracial children are more beautiful . . . really . . she said this because she felt sorry for them. . and that was her ‘lie way’ of making the world a better place something

            what i find sick is the white male/asian relationships while asians males have no one to date. similar to the black man/white woman relationship, I supppose.

            In truth, 80,000,000 male immigrants have moved to the USA during the last 40 years.. it’s not looking good for native born american men. . but. . the ‘womens’ movment has advanced farthest in the USA. . so surely with this incresed sensitivity and cultural awareness this calls forth. . no. . the propriety demands.. surely thing will be OK. Good thing this is so. . .

            if you’re trying to be sarcastic or raise awareness. . by suggesting a white man/asian woman country be formed. . and it does make a tiny, teeny, microscopic sense you’d show up here. . because I believe Richard Spencer, raising his head, was seen with some kind of half – asian woman at one of his alt-right parties. . . if you’re trying to raise awareness. . you could also try suggersting that asian mother abort their male children. No need, perhaps to abort all of them, to create some kind of a white male/asian female society. . but perhaps. . inside western cultures. . they shoudl strongly consider aborting a greater portion of their male children .

            good for making a point? I know I make that suggestion . . . I think white women will do this. I believe White women in the USA will begin aborting some of their white male children. I don’t know. Almost certainly the best way to create a better society (if it is not the humane thing do to do). I’ve heard this has already begun (although likely in small if not insignificant numbers). They’re saying lot of couples come in to clinics and say they just prefer to have a female child. I don’t think the numbers are great enough, as of yet, to be significant or beneficial.

            i don’t know if you’re living a whole life of sarcasm? created a whole character based on sarcasm (which can be fun – we had a guy who always spoke as if he were Roman aristocrat [and by what he said he reminded me of a character from Star Trek who was a warlike, militant and noble Romulan. Probably what he was doing was finding a way to come on and make offensive and counterproductive comments. likely why he was banned. not sure.

            one of the points of sarcasm . . wait . . satire. . is that other people can recognize what it is?

            I don’t know. . but your most recent comment, about the French man moving to Hungary. . was really, really amazing. . it was like the first comment, too. so most likely. . whoever you. . you really work for AmRen.

            anyway, amazing comment.

          • Do a google search on “Aryan women in the Wheat Field,” and you will find the classic Andy Nowicki article or the FB page. Basically, it’s the alt-right fetishizing white women over everything else.

            Your right. It’s true that MGTOW is a result of the failure of the current culture of white women. Namely, feminism subverts every existing white girl in America. The values of sarcasm and irony are tied to this pretensions intellectualism white so dearly hold. My answer is don’t pursue, just go outside the Western world and find love in the East. Tow different worlds. Either your doomed forever with a potential mate that could succumb to feminism and arrogance, or find yourself a submissive and workable wife.

            I am pro-Asian male. Anti-Asian male sounds like something from the Hapa reddit board (Eurasian Writer/Tiger) or the troll work of Jennifer Suzuki/Emily Chin Lynch. Asian men has a destiny and to deny them that is the work of someone up to no good.

            Have you ever read Jim Crawford’s “Confessions of an Anti-Natalist?” You sound like some kind of Anti-Natalist.

            Yes. I have been to several WN meetings. I am in my early 20s. I have met important people and have discussions with them. Tune into my podcast since those discussions are online.

            As for satire and irony purposes, those of course, are methods whites made up to hide themselves from “serious” beliefs. And ridiculing is their way of reacting to shaming. I try and be serious as possible. As well sometimes going on the troll side of things. I am just addressing an issue that’s just not talked about and needs an answer.

            If want to talk to me, I have Skype. Send me your Skype details over at my youtube channel and we can talk about whatever or do a podcast. …I had on black mystics and far-left people on my podcast so I am open to anything.

          • wow, it’s hard to believe this stuff exists. . ‘for any white man who wants to properly train and discipline his asian subjects’

            I can’t take this seriously. . i have to see it as some kind of sarcasm . . if it’s not intended to be sarcasm . . the most powerful argument yet against diversity. . i have to think these asian women. . these people, are insane.

            I’m not so sure the suggestion they abort their asian male children isn’t better, but this is pretty good.

            you don’t think men are submissive to women . . on some level . . or at some times . . submissive to women . . that men favor women. . at the very least, because they hope to get something from them . . i might go farther and suggest there is more than that involved and that some part of them is submissive to women (perhaps this is only one’s they have had sex with). Of course, the reality is, the world today is very ‘gynocentric’. you don’t find it is the most aggressive, assertive, and outspoken women, the ones most likely to date outside of their race. I suppose, we still have the fact that, even though women are outearning men, they still expect to use a man for his money. . so a lot of race mixing is in opposition to that. . women dating a man of another race who earns more than she does. i don’t how that works in the modern world. . women will date a man who can pretend he makes a lot of money (even though they both know he doesn’t). He will pay, while in public. First, she probably has to believe it, or she won’t date him. At some point she must figure he really doens’t make that much, certainly less than her. I don’t know. . if you want to get a date or be in a relationship .. you better have money. . or pretend you do . . then there those of us for whom it is too late, we’ve given in the the policy of truth.

            you’ve given me a lot to google. . .

            I think these MGTOW people have it all backwards . . . and it’s amazing the whole thing can be so backward. . this late in the game. . reactionaries in general. . they’re like a jewish person, in a cattlecar. . explaining. . how jew’s aren’t oppressive the german people, ‘we’re not the cause of their problems’ . . I suppose I’m like jew riding in a cattle car saying’ ‘we’re not the cause of their problem, we’re not oppressing them. I can explain it’.

            it’s fine they are going their own way. . by the rationale behind it is backwards. . the reality is. . women are making more money. . they won’t marry a man who make less money than them. so i can’t help viewing many of their statements as a kind of future-irony. they’re controlled as is everyone else. . the thousands of popular YouTube channels confuses people. . they’re controlled media. . you’ll probably never make it to the big time yourself. . if you’re not controlled/doing what ‘they’ want exactly. Why wonder and play around? why take a risk you’ll never get thousands of views on your YouTube videos . then again
            (in the future) you will be exactly what they want and you will get youtube exposure that certainly would be well in the future.

            I remember one. . with this young black and white couple. . they do ‘boyfriend tags’ sometimes. . the young girl was saying how she’d just gotten $30.000 of scholarships to go to school. . and the white boy had lots of grease on his face. . from coming back from the job he had to get. . the grease was fake. . . i don’t think they get a lot of YouTube hits. .

            why not go with black women. . or middle eastern women. . or one of the billions of Indian women. . wouldn’t it be that much more satisfying. . if a black woman from africa was your girlfriend? wouldn’t it be, on some level, more psychologically satisfying to have a faithful black girlfriend? i’ve never dated an arab woman or an indian woman i’m not particularly attracted to indian women. . but isn’t it interesting i mean aren’t indian girls the closest to white girls you could get? i’ve never dated one, or worked with one. maybe i would half fall in love just by associating/working with her. but i don’t think i’m attracted. .

            the white girl in the wheatfield. . well . . if alt-right types can get us pinning for a white girl in the field. . more power to them.

          • I’m not an anti-natalist in any way . . had to look it up. . someone once described my suggestion that white women, in the usa, abort their male children, as a kind of . . sarcasm .. they tied it do gullivers travels. . i think that book went so far as to suggest english people were eating irish babies, something like that?

            I don’t know if i’m looking for attention. . or crying for help . . but i do believe white women in the usa should abort their male children. They certainly should have begun doing so 25 years ago, when I first made the suggestion. I believe they will begin doing so more than they are now (always way too late, right)?

          • I’ll think about the podcast. . . this will require me to wear a nice shirt. . you can out me right on YouTube . . . what would our subject be . . . ?

          • i’ve had problems in the past doing this i need to use headphones, to chat. . or else some kind of feedback makes it very unpleasant . my headphone jack is broken. .

          • I think, maybe I would do better with a woman who is not white at all, than one who is close to white. i donno. i was gonna say hispanics and whites seem to do wll all around. . but i could see them . . i donno. . not being submissive enough . lol i didn’t say that! lol like i like dogs a lot. . monkey kinda gross me out. . wonder how well white/indian relationships work?

          • you know, i think the local media in Seattle promote women of color as victims . . . all you need to do is remove their ‘conscience’ and. . and as phil donahue has proved they don’t truly have a conscience to begin with. .

            i think the local media promotes women of color as victims. . and as people. . human interest stories about them. . Seattle certainly is the opposite of every other place in the country. . if they try to dehumanize white women there too. . at best ignoring them it is a possibility. .

          • i should point out when i did my abortion essay .. in my ‘defense’ it was pretty soft. . it wasn’t till the end of the essay that i brought it up. . and i’m not sure it is even explicitly stated. . it may have been implied.. .

          • That’s not been my experience. I’ve seen some sickly looking ones with weird birthmarks, like the mixing didn’t take. I’ve also heard about them having congenital health problems too.

            And lets be honest, these people don’t really stop to consider whether their children would like to be born mixed. No one wants to be born mixed. With these people their thinking doesn’t go beyond “Muh dik”.

          • The problem is, race mixing happens anyway!

            I know what your saying. However, as a hapa, you have to consider… do you love your mom and dad?


            Wouldn’t you care for similar people like mom and dad?


            And it would be only natural for others to be with people like themselves.

            I hate the Hapa subreddit which bitches about being suicidal and defeatist. …Stand up! Work-out, eat healthy, look good. What can I say? Date White or Asian!

            Whites who date Asians just need to understand Asian-Asian philosophy before anything else. That’s the cure.

          • “The problem is, race mixing happens anyway!”

            Only happens with forced integration. Diversity means chasing down Whites.

            “Wouldn’t you care for similar people like mom and dad?”

            I’ve read that Asian Mom and White Dad are more closely related to complete strangers of their own race, than they are to their mixed children. A very sad state of affairs.

          • Yes. …There is an unnatural force for Whites to be with others.

            However, I believe that the white liberal elite wants “Multiculturalism and Diversity,” because what they really want is to cherry-pick their favorite things from other cultures while irrationally exploiting them. That includes Asian women and Asian culture!

            Do they only do it for the Asian women and anime? …Maybe.

            As a Hapa, this is what your dealt with as parents. So-called “complete strangers” by Rushton standards. …It doesn’t have to be that way! Mom and Dad is still Mom and Dad.

            Along with the whole Freudian background, Hapas are more likely to gravitate sexuality towards their mother. So more loyalty for the Asian side, yet some equal culture from the white side.

            If it was a White mom, those are the Hapas more likely to date White women.

            I think their needs to be an ideology for Hapas, nerdy Whites and whitewashed Asians. What is suppose to happen to them anyway? Are they suppose to grow out of it… if they don’t?

          • Alas, that’s not strictly true. Even when America was a very racial society and integration wasn’t forced on anyone, mixing still happened. Like it or not, it’s not nearly as “unnatural” as pro-white propaganda likes to claim. I think it’s a better idea to acknowledge this reality because denying it frankly gives off a faintly loony vibe. The trick for whites is to secure racial survival despite this unwelcome fact of reality, not to attempt to live in denial of it.

        • Don’t worry, the infamous obese Aryan master propagandist, Rhymes-with-Mike Enoch, told us we can only mate with White women.

        • At this point we need a Ministry of Eugenicism that will use genetic engineering on a large scale to make all births 100% White and remove all the existing defects in the White genepool too.
          So they can have their azn wives if they agree to that, of course yellow fever should be looked on by scientists to know if it is a genetic defect.

          I wouldn´t be surprised if Paris Jackson being White is the result of genetic engineering paid for by Michael Jackson.

          • I’ve heard rumors that Jackson was infertile due to the hormones / drugs he took during his youth. So it’s possible that he used a sperm donor. That’s what makes the most sense to me.

      • A Black Aryan is a mixed raced human with lower IQ than Whites and can’t jump as high as Blacks.

        So an Asian Aryan is a mixed raced human with lower IQ than Asians and less creativity than Whites.

        • As Bob Whitaker put it, take the finest beer and mix it with the finest coffee and who would want to drink it?

      • Race-mixing with azns isn´t as bad as with dindus and kebab + there isn´t a lot of it but this is bad and Seven Son should feel bad!

  1. Looking forward to the Occidental Dissent’s coverage of the inauguration. I have not been to D.C. since I was 12; back then I wore my Confederate gray cap through the White house and Smithsonian. That was back in 1995, so I didn’t get shot!
    With the victory of Trump, let us not forget his ties to Jews. Trump may buy the WN movement some time, but he is not an WN by a longshot. And, as always, I am promoting the Amerikaner identity concept. It probably appeals to rural Protestant Americans more than to urban ones.

    • I was 12 also when I went to DC. I met strom Thurmond at his office in the hall, saw the opening of congress, ate at the restaurant at the capital building right next to Teddy Kennedy , it sure helps having congressional medal of honor family from the south, we got the royal treatment, yes sir.
      Smithsonian also, I am older then you by some.

      • That’s what’s funny. These characters were in office when we were little kids, and most of them still are.

    • Looking forward also to Hunter’s report here and @ A fine choice for News Editor.

      With the CBC boycott of the inauguration there will be many more white faces in this historic photo. Archived for future generations.

  2. said John Feehery, a Republican strategist and Trump enthusiast.

    Feehery is one of the worst GOPe scoundrels you probably haven’t heard of. He’s much worse than Brad Dayspring who you probably have heard of.

  3. I wish you a safe and entertaining trip. Maybe take a stun gun or mace with you in case you are ocausted by a gang of “liberals”.

  4. A word of historical flashback/modern awareness:

    I remember when Bill Clinton entered the White House for the first time: and on his first day after the Inaugurstion, while the US Air Force jets were doing a maneuver over the White House, he turned to Hillary and said, “Those are our Jets now.”

    The Left has NEVER been a part of America. They are the enemy. They are the antichrist. They must be brought to justice!!!

    So, all You SWJ’s,Jews, fags and dykes….,paybacks a bitch. And you know what? Those are OUR Jets, now… what’s more, they always were! Long live the Emperor. May God bless Donald Trunp’s REIGN!

  5. “I don’t have to romanticize the bulldozer to think it is doing a good job.”

    Not a fully apt metaphor but funny.

  6. Just watched a very interesting Swedish/Norwegian film called “In Order of Disappearance” it’s an instant classic! Scarsgard’s best film. Bruno Ganz (Hitler in Downfall) is also there. The Snowplow is an apt metaphor.

    • It’s just a last ditch, futile attempt to stop the Inauguration. Crazy Rosie O’Donnell was calling for martial law.

      • Whatever else may be said against Gloria Allred, Bob, she’s no Rosie O’Donnell. Evidently, the chance of a court’s allowing the suit to proceed has been improved, in her view, by the complaint’s having been filed before the start of Trump’s presidency.

  7. So now Brad Griffin is ‘News Editor’ for Richard Spencer’s new website according to the SPLC:

    Since Spencer’s gig isn’t pro-Southern, instead operating under the Alt Right umbrella, how does this blog fit into his vision?

    Do you really think Southern Nationalism shares an agenda consistent with Spencer’s?

    I am sorely disappointed as an ethnonationalist.

    So I will probably have to cease my OD campaign to preserve our anglo/german celtic people. Our true values and survival stand at odds with the Alt Right’s distortions, corruptions and fake ‘white’ focus.

    • Hunter may take this the wrong way, but oh well. You get used to it with him. He’ll support any movement that is somewhat pro-white and “up and coming.” Then to the next one. I’m used to it. I don’t really care what phase he’s in. I just comment here.

    • Maybe Wallace will be able to use his new position at Spencer’s website to promote Ethnic Nationalism?

    • The reason I like OD, or sorta washed up here,
      is that confederacy looks like the only way to fracture the Pax Americana…The EU for example is an imitation of the American Union. It’s the only solution.

      • Agreed. But do you want to bust up the Pax Americana or preserve an ethnostate of your own people? You’ve never identified where you come from, US or Europe…what part of either…

        I gather you’re english, though.

        We are dying, being hunted down systematically, tortured, enslaved and killed. Tricia McCauley was just another woman whose ‘anglo’ face was the yellow star in a real, as opposed to imagined, genocide.

        The DC police concocted a ridiculous tale to feed to the black who targeted her, probably where she lived and had been surveilled as opposed to ‘randomly’ abducted. The Jew sent the Negro, trained him, even MKUltra’d him and his people en masse so to speak.

        The hebes want desperately for our people to NOT unite, to not see this lethal laser they’ve focused on the ‘anglo’ people, lest more of us (read THE SOUTH) figure out it’s Da Joos!

        Funny how some come hear and have the nerve to scream about their imperiled slavic women, their precious sandnigger/mediterranean shethings. But when there’s a mass of supposed ‘whites’ or ‘europeans’ to choose from, the anglo female somehow always gets it. Kinda makes you wonder why, if ‘jews are white…’

        Brad Griffin has abandoned his commitment to his people, taking up with eurasianists, eurowhores, jew apologists and fags.

        I refuse to apologize or make deals. Who was the South’s Benjamin Arnold?

        • You bring up a lot of good points, especially about how it is Northwest Europeans who are slated for destruction.

          The truth is that there really is no ethnic threat to Eastern Europe. Poland is still Polish, Ukraine is Ukrainian, the Yugoslav countries have fewer nonwhites in them now than they did in the 80s, etc.

          But I wouldn’t go so hard on Griffin just yet. It sounds like he’s keeping this blog up and he might be able to use his new position to spread his views. will have a larger audience than OD, so depending on how much freedom he is given, he might even be able to provide a counterweight to the slavophiles. I’d love to see him inject some common sense ethno-nationalist views into the Alt-Right.

          Give it a few months and we’ll be able to figure out if he’s actually changed his views or not.

        • “…Brad Griffin has abandoned his commitment to his people, taking up with eurasianists, eurowhores, jew apologists and fags…”

          That’s just silly. Hunter if you are the new director that’s great. God bless and good luck to you.

          • Every single category is a solidly established pillar of the Alt Right a la Spencer and Palmgren. In fact, I could add a few more epithets.

            Neither character – Spencer or Palmgren – represents our people. They are both pornographers.

        • He’s a wimpy and not-too-bright British citizen who lives in the American Midwest as resident-alien on account of his being married to an American woman.

        • Hunter is a pretty effective writer. After all the razzmatazz and confetti settles he’ll be plugging away producing top content.

      • Southerners should try to take back control of the United States, because it was theirs in the past and will be again. The South Shall Rise Again!

        I generally seem to like Southerners best out of all the nationalist websites I visit. I didn’t know why until I learned if you go back far enough, my people and theirs come from the same places. You know your own.

        • You’re too late, Mr. Jackson – we just did what you recommend – by championing Trump and being his most reliable constituency upon which he won.

          It was a bloodless secession, if you will, and, if it works, it will remain bloodless – if not, well…

    • Southern Nationalism can only mean The Southern Monopoly and the white men of the South re-emerging as the wealthiest “drug” dealers on the planet by the re-establishment of the monopolistic sugar cane/cotton plantations of the 21st century.

      Three Nation Solution > Two State debate > Old World Disorder…

    • I am sorely disappointed as an ethnonationalist.

      You’re a sorely disappointing ethnonationalist.

      You complain about pro-White people uniting and working together, but then go on to say that “The hebes want desperately for our people to NOT unite.” Southern Nationalism fits comfortably within the pro-White sphere. But Southern Nationalism does not and will not exist without a firm commitment to supporting other pro-Whites outside of Southern Nationalism’s very small bubble.

    • Here’s my analysis on Hunter Wallace. Hunter has always wanted to unify the pro-white movement but he faced many rejections.

      He faced rejection on his original forum when it became too ideologically diverse and also fractured in infighting.
      He faced rejection when the far left far right synthesis failed to materialize on Odessa syndicate.
      He faced rejection from Alex Linder.
      In his attempts to court Linder, he used up any political capitol he had with Guy White and Ian Jobling and Jared Taylor, so he faced rejection there too.

      Southern Nationalism was Hunter’s “alternative path” but then suddenly Trump grew faster. Hunter, wanting to always be the unifying force, jumped on the fastest growing movement.

      Now he faces rejection from Trump again when Trump inevitably sells out and his past posturing makes him a difficult sell to the alt lite. All they have to do is bring up his racialism and antisemitism. represents Hunter’s first real chance at unifying the right. He’s been trying for years and just wasn’t succeeding.

      I don’t have any desire to see Hunter fail as a person and obviously I enjoy following his posts and commenting. Having said that, each move he makes further convinces me that populism is wrong. You have to have centralized ideology. And if Vanguardism and Populism/Mainstreamer approaches are wrong, then Lenin’s ideas of rejecting mass movements in favor of centralization, but not on the basis of racial chest beating, look more and more Correct.

  8. Some comedy relief, from Jew-Wife Jones:

    Infowars Exclusive: Trump Operative Roger Stone Survives Assassination Attempt

    Roger Stone was recently targeted for assassination. The renowned Republican operative says he’s usually very healthy, but became violently ill unexpectedly.

    “I am generally a healthy person. I’m a user of the Infowars supplements. I have been treated with acupuncture by perhaps the greatest acupuncturist in the state of Florida if not the United States,” Stone told radio host Alex Jones.

    Stone went on to describe that his symptoms presented themselves first as a “routine stomach virus,” but that he eventually grew “exceedingly ill.”

    “So I ultimately went to the doctors at Mt. Sinai hospital in Miami Beach, my own personal physician.”

    “The general consensus is that I was poisoned,” Stone says. “I was poisoned with, they now say, a substance that may have been polonium or had the characteristics of polonium. This made me exceedingly ill. The conjecture of all the doctors was that I did not receive a large enough dose to kill me.” [yeah, I guess that’s a fair ‘conjecture’ — since he’s not dead!]

    Polonium-210 is a radioactive substance that has been used in numerous high profile assassinations, including that of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, and was suspected in the death of former PLO leader Yassar Arafat.

    “I thank GOD I am alive to support the @realDonaldTrump Revolution.@RealAlexJones @infowars @PrisonPlanet” — Roger Stone (@RogerJStoneJr)

    Stone went on to contemplate who may have been behind the possible assassination attempt, fingering Democrat opposition.

    The hyperbole and hysteria and absurdity, from shekelmongers. Saying that the best doctors in the land “conjecture” in “general consensus” that he “may” have been poisoned with a fucking particular radioactive particle (or…uh…something with the same properties). :unamused: And the bit about “all the doctors” observing that he is alive, and therefore conjecturing that he wasn’t killed. :joy: the bit about how he should be healthy because he takes Jewnses’ Muh Supplements is icing on the comedy cake.

    • Is he sure he didn’t just eat at some 3rd world, multicultural restaurant? Thanks for the comic relief. Alex Jones selling “supplements” and conspiracy theories but never a word about White Genocide.

    • Bob Whitaker?@BobWhitaker2020
      30 Sep 2016
      Reporters believe their job is to tell people what to think. They have no idea what the average person thinks and they’re proud of that.

  9. “Liberalism” is a perpetuating self-annihilation with the many variants each possessing different mechanisms of perpetuation. High IQ “white” self-annihilator possesses as his mechanism of perpetuation, advanced technology. Relentlesslyraw breeding as perpetuating mechanism is for niggers, miggers and jihadists.

    When “whites” kill whites or whites let “whites” kill themselves or whites kill “whites,” it all falls under the symbiotic regression of white annihilation. Civil War 2.0 will be a white self-annihilation. The moral question put to the wS goes to his degree of facilitating in this desire of the “white” liberationist to die now?

  10. I just realized something that I had heretofore been only subconsciously aware of… the alt-right is a mostly Northern and urbanite phenomenon, whereas Southern nationalism is rural and Dixie in its origins. Can these two groups ever really be united under one flag and one leader?

      • Lorax,
        I have continued to think about your assertion that the basis for trouble in the world ain’t The New England Government/Jewish Alliance, but, that it is merely the Jews which have usurpt your government.

        First thing I’ll say is that neither you or I know for absolutely sure – because we are not members of either.

        That said, if Jews controlled The New England Yankee government, you can be sure of this –

        There would be no Iran Deal, and, as well, President Obama would never have just waged a George Soros like campaign to destroy the reelection of Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu – just as President Clinton had done to him in 1996; Clinton’s effort leading to the New England Government pawn, Ehud Barak, becoming the Israeli president, and which led to the ‘peace agreement’ which Clinton forcet on Israel, at that time.

        This time, however, The New England government meddling did not work, and Natanyahu was reelected.

        These are clear signs that, though Jews are heavy influencers of New England Government policy, they DO NOT run the ship.

        • Half the Democrat Party is brown and brown people see Israel as an Apartheid State. The brown countries all vote against Israel at the UN. Only the White super powers protect them from constant censure. So when the US goes majority brown, Israel is kaput.

          If anyone attacks Jews using their real name, they lose their job and go to jail in Europe. Yet if anyone attacks Whites they get a high paying job as a diversity officer. Is this an example of WASP power or Jewish power?

          • It’s an example of both, Mr. Jackson.

            Jews are at the high water mark for power and influence in their whole nearing 6 millenia history.

            Jews got that way from entwining/allying themselves into Anglo/New England Government power, and projecting that over the world.

            They made themselves useful to WASP power, at 10 Downing St. years ago, and, then again, to Pennsylvania Ave. and the relationship bloomed into what it is today.

            They are in so thick with each other, that they don’t contemplate life without one another even though many folks tend to view them separately.

            They are not separate.

            They are united by a trinitrarian philosophy of pseudo-masonick and modern secular humanitarian liberalism and a desire to project their power and this view upon others.

            As to heirarchy, within the relationship at this time, I’ll say it again for you – The most formidable power in the world, for the last century has been The New England Yankee Government allied with 10 Downing St, and Rothschild’s banking empire.

            Of those those 3 partners, The New England Yankee government is the chief, the English now a very junior partner, and The Rothschild system it’s great enabler.

            The three are wed.

            Yet, if you want to verify who is the most formidable power, take The New England Yankee Government out of this equation, and see what you have.

            Not all that much.

            These three are a very happy marriage, and, as they have grown into each other, they enjoy washing each other’s feet.

            Peas in a pod, you might say.

          • There was and it was called The Commonwealth under Cromwell. Run by Hugh Peter and his fellow Harvard grads.

          • I don’t know what else to call it, M’am – as calling it ‘The United’ States’ is inaccurate – because to be ‘united’, you must be in a ‘union’, and to be in a ‘union’, it must be of freewill from both parties.

            The South has been bludgeoned, repeatedly, Miss Denise, and is a colonial possession, with a fake veneer of equal enfranchisement.

            Our Southern civilization stands entirely apart from ‘The United States, because that has been largely the creation of New England Society – the latter a community which believes in a hypothetical socialist pseudo-egalitarian secular civick nationalism which is the opposite of the quasi theocratick capitalist Blood & Soil plantation view of The South.

            Some of this is my thinking, M’am – but, in fairness, I have found this thinking to be fairly prominent amongst leading Southern Nationalist thinkers over the past century.

            So, I apologize to you, but, I cannot call Pennsylvania Avenue by anything that would imply a Southern membership, or a Southern culpability in what is occurring, nowadays.

            Though we recently revolted, peacefully, and were the bulwark of getting Trump elected, we have had precious little say over the direction of this country,m since WWII – and what say we tried to have has been overridden by the New England Court system – which, against Southern thinking does not ‘interpret the law’, but, instead, legislates from the bench.

            It destroyed Jim Crow, which, if it had not, you would not be complaining about negroes, today.

            I could go on, but, I trust that you see my point, even if you cannot agree with it.

            God bless you!

          • @Junius Daniel:

            It destroyed Jim Crow, which, if it had not, you would not be complaining about negroes, today.

            There would have been no need for Jim Crow to begin with if the slave-owning states had just done from jump street what losing TWBTWS ultimately forced them to do; go to a share-cropping system, but relied on White peasant labor from Europe.

            I visited Sumter South Carolina where I saw how much slaves were going for at the auctions in real money at the time. I imagine that many of them had to finance these purchases through Jewish banks. I also went to Boone Plantation where I discovered that, besides paying to feed house, and clothe their human livestock, Southerners had to pay a ten dollar a year head tax per year on each slave they had. Boone paid $100,000 a year back then.

            Had the Southern planters relied on White European peasants as sharecroppers, they would have expected them to feed and clothe themselves, they would have expected them to pay rent for the shacks they lived in and probably charged them for tools and other items from the company store. Southern planters would have made tons of money this way and the Southern White yeoman farmers would not have been drafted into slave patrols, because there would be no fear of dangerous escaped slaves roaming the countryside. In fact, any problem workers would have been fired and released to find work elsewhere, if they could.

            Had Southern planters relied solely on White labor, those sharecroppers who could save enough money to go out on their own would have opened trades and shops, and built up factories to industrialize the South, allowing the South to bypass those Yankee tariffs that lead to TWBTS, because English merchants could just buy and sell their stuff directly from the South. The North would have thought twice and then some about going to war against the South if it had its own munitions industry. Moreover, the North would have never been in the position to impose any kind of rule over the South, because they would have a 5/5ths White voting population instead of a White minority with a 3/5ths non-voting Negro population.

            Last but not least, there is all the Negro crime, Negro riots, and Negro community organizer agitators, culminating to the increasingly violent BLM and knockout games. Is there any doubt in your mind, sir, that if our forefathers< Southern and Northern, could have looked into the future and see where we are today, both in the North and the South, they would not have sent a fleet of ships to repel the slave ships from our shores under threat of sinking them to the bottom of the ocean with their cargo?

            Or do you think they were the kind of people who, as the South African, Arthur Kemp, author of March of the Titans observed of his own people that "they would rather be murdered in their own beds than make them?"

          • ‘There would have been no need for Jim Crow to begin with if the
            slave-owning states had just done from jump street what losing TWBTWS
            ultimately forced them to do; go to a share-cropping system, but relied
            on White peasant labor from Europe.’

            This, Madame, is Yankee thinking – and is STILL the same slave-system being employed, today.

            Just for the record – exploitation, irrespective of what it is called, is not a virtue.

            The Northern system of exploiting, equally, immigrants – including every strain of The White Race, and, as well, outsourcing to infinite international sweatshopes, is JUST as evil as Southern Slavery – only worse.

            Why is it worse?

            Because it parades itself as virtuous, and hypocritically calls itself by another name, than what it is.

            At least with Southern Slavery, what slavery was was defined, to whom it applied, clear, and nobody tried to pretend it was anything else other than what it was.

            This is something that most, nowadays, just don’t get – that The Northern system of exploitation, derived from the Rothschild-English Empire – is a vile evil for which we are, and have been, paying through the nose – morally and monetarily.

            Just how much blood & treasure Pennsylvania Avenue has expended to make sure the ‘right government’ would be at the head of a 3rd world country, in order to satisfy it’s needs for labour to exploit, is beyond count.

            So, no, I think this country, North or South, is yet to devise a system that is not exploitive, but, if I had to choose a 19th century system to perpetuate into the future, give me Southern Slavery, for, at least it gave no one false comfort, and has a biblical basis.

            Thank you for your excellent comment. We are just from two different worlds.

          • If that is so, Lorax – then why would The New England Government try to destroy Benjamin Natanyahu, and why would The Iran Deal have come forth, when all Jews, but pro-Palestinian anti-Jew Jewish Leftists, detest it?

          • Lorax, you need cheering up, and, I am just the man to do it.

            Signs that Jews do not have ALL the power?

            #1. That Occidental Exists

            #2. That we comment as we do, and we are not in jail.

            #3. That this country is not near so socialist as is Israel.

            #4. That it is not a crime to have a swastika or Confederate flag avatar.

            #5. That it is not an imprisonable offence to be a member of the Klan or an Aryan Front group.

            #6. That the Palestinians have not been sent to Jordan – by force.

            #7. That Matthew Heimbach is in a small Indiana town, doing his thing, instead in the penitentiary.

            #8. That North Carolina passt HB-2

            #9. That Mississppi passt the law defending your right, as a cake baker to refuse service to anyone you please.

            #10. That so many have guns, and that they don’t have to take a mind-boggling amount of classes to get them.

            #11. That gay marriage is soon to fall in Red States.

            #12. That Global Warming is not, yet, state religion.

            #13. That Christian clergy walk around and are not spat upon.

            #15. That half of us ain’t homosexual.

            Well, Young Man – if that enough cheering for ye, I’ll work on some more signs that the Jews are powerful, but, ain’t got all the power.

          • Welp, I am neither young nor male. XX and middle aged.

            I can easily explain the points in your post, and it is important for people to understand that none of them mean what you think they do. But I will do that tonight or tomorrow am as I too have duties to fulfill.

          • Mr. Owen – this may be a chicken and egg argument.

            One thing I feel sure about – Israel is the junior partner in this relationship, though, world Jewry have workt hard, in many way of which you are aware, to make Israel seem indispensible to The New England Government, and, as a whole, to the Anglo-American-Rothschild Alliance, which Mr Dugin is fond to call ‘Atlanticism’;

        • You have profoundly misunderstood what I have said.

          There is absolutely an ELEMENT of what was once mostly WASP’s who colluded with The Jews. They were the types who ran the CIA like Richard Helms, whose son is now an intellectual property lawyer in NJ who practices with jews. Interestingly, almost all trademark lawyers in NJ are jews, and even though they dominate the professions (especially doctors) one can find a ‘diverse’ array of patent lawyers in NJ who aren’t jews, including some northwestern europeans (diverse means non-white…indians, etc.) My aside point here is that the jews have sought to TOTALLY monopolize commerce, and the only northwestern european attorneys who specialize in that area of the law (a key to controlling the economy) are CIA. I’m not kidding here. A ‘letter about Hitler to Dennis Helms from his CIA head father:’

          I could provide another example of a jew collaborating trademark attorney who is at least part german catholic and ‘anglo’ whose family comes from…Newtown, Connecticut, home of Sandy Hook psy op.

          Anyway, the vast majority of actual WASP’s were not happy with the results of the modern day Rahabs (prostitute who gave the jews the keys to the city of Jericho) Masonic WASP’s who sold out their people. I don’t think most WASP’s even contemplated exactly how this went down. In NY/NJ, it was without their awareness. This is why old WASP political families like the Keans (long time governor of NJ, national senator in the early 1900’s, connected to the first governor of NJ, Livingston – the name of the nearby town that Jared Kushner lives in) are so downlow about their probable collusion with the high level jews running things. I cannot confirm if they are that high ‘in,’ but I strongly suspect they are. That said, they have historically hidden any identification with the jews, and sometime in Obama’s two terms only very hesitantly came out to support some Israeli Zionist jew stand (or was the the invasion of Iraq?) They do this for a reason in NJ, which is that most of the non-‘anglo’ types wouldn’t vote for them as NJ is a mediterranean-dominated state and tribal as hell. To alienate your own people and engage their suspicion would be political suicide.

          Most old ‘yankee WASP’s,’ even the moneyed kind, weren’t part of this inner circle cabal. Most WASP’s didn’t like the jews very much and overall were more resentful of their and the italians’ (catholics’) invasion than the germans and irish were.

          So this notion that the ‘New England Government’ which held some sway back in the 1850’s was either only influenced by the jews or even wholly approved of by the anglos is flawed. That said, the descendants of the Puritans were of a different stock and worldview than the varied WASP’s of NJ and NY, and you can see this to this day. I don’t think such a government was ever that all powerful even during Revolutionary War times in the North, but certainly it dominated for a time the major movements of the region.

          That time is long gone, Junius. Since I know more about NJ and NY to a lesser extent, I illustrated with example from there, but rest assured, the Masons betrayed their race and Skull and Bones originated in Connecticut. New England ‘anglos’ were more easily fooled but most weren’t evil people any more than the less gullible ones from NJ.

          • Thank you, Lorax, for your fine and lengthy reply.

            As I am in the middle of raking a large yard full of leaves, I will study it and ponder it, after that is through.

            have a good afternoon.

          • ‘My aside point here is that the jews have sought to TOTALLY monopolize commerce,’

            This is par for course with them, for centuries in many countries; and the pattern is the same – Jews rise to a certain level of power, and then get thrown out.

          • ‘Masonic WASP’s who sold out their people. I don’t think most WASP’s even contemplated exactly how this went down.’

            I agree, Lorax. In fact, I’ll go you one further – most WASPS don’t even know about it.

          • ‘ Most WASP’s didn’t like the jews very much and overall were more
            resentful of their and the italians’ (catholics’) invasion than the
            germans and irish were.’

            Yes, Lorax, I remember the tail end of that culture, when I was a child.

          • ‘So this notion that the ‘New England Government’ which held some sway
            back in the 1850’s was either only influenced by the jews or even wholly
            approved of by the anglos is flawed.’

            I respectfully disagree.

            The government on Pennsylvania Avenue bears the predominant traits of historick Puritan New England culture.

            It is not a Southern government, nor is it s rust-belt government.

          • ‘That said, the descendants of the Puritans were of a different stock and
            worldview than the varied WASP’s of NJ and NY, and you can see this to
            this day. I don’t think such a government was ever that all powerful
            even during Revolutionary War times in the North, but certainly it
            dominated for a time the major movements of the region.’

            Interestingly, Lorax, the personality of something does not always reflect the continuity of those who have inhabited it, or, in other words, all it’s constituencies.

            An example of this is a haunted house. My wife and I arrove at our house in 2014, yet, there were ghosts here from the mid 19th century and earlier – and these ghosts did not accurately reflect those who had lived here, since then, but, those of a much earlier time.

            And it was these ghosts who gave the soul of the house it’s key impressions; something that was only changed, and or diminsht, by a household exorcism.

            Having lived in 13 states, I am aware of the cultures of the various regions of this country. The behaviorial traits of the government in Washington D.C. is New England, irrespective of the fact that it has been run by many who were not that.

            But, on this score, I am not alone, but, building on a century long history of Southerners who have regarded the New England Government as exactly that.

            That said, masons, scalawags, Jews, and assorted what-not, have helpt to make this New England Government quite a vociferous one to the citizenry, as a whole.

          • In conclusion, Lorax, I do think that you have a point if focusing on Masons, though, I will note, Masons are much more indicative of New England culture than Southern.

            Certainly, we have them, but, they have played a much smaller role, here.


            Because our Southern values are to their antithesis.

          • An encore note – just a couple of blocks away from our antebellum home is another – a beautiful old mansion that was, in 1864, owned by the commanding colonel of our Confederate militia.

            In the previous years, our militia had successfully repelled Yankee forays into our town, but, in the final year of the war, it did not.

            Somehow, we did not detect the invaders, and they showed up in town before we could mobilize a response.

            As they always did, The Bluecoats were pillaging and ransacking, BUT, when their commander came to our commander’s mansion, he caught our commander by surprise, working with his darkies in the kitchen.

            Seeing that our commander had on a masonick apron, the Yankee commander ordered his house be spared the pillaging and the ransacking.

            Unfortunately, his brethren would not so spare the rest of the town, nor, in the future, the rest of the country.

            Have a good night!

    • What matters now is that we join forces to defeat a common enemy. As far as united goes remember what happened last time that was tried? We can be good neighbors and just friends in our own countries, like USA and Canada.

  11. Liberalism is the war against the war for Western civilzation to survive.

    LIberalism is state sanctioned cultural, economic, demographic and psychological terrorism against White people—but with a nice luvy duvy, cutesy, fluffy sounding name

  12. Liberalism, a White invention which served us well in its time, became malignant and metastasized into White Genocide. The post WWII order it established set us on the final road to extinction. No wonder anti-Whites rail at liberalism’s passing. It will not go quietly or without a struggle on our part, inertia and all that.

  13. Leavin at midnight. Not lookin forward to crossin the Appalachians in the pitch black but what are you gunna do?

  14. The Communists including Black Lives Matter, Feminists, and others will be in the streets the next few years. I’m sure the Black VS Police battle will be much worse with Trump in office. Always be ready! WPWW !

  15. Using celebrities to entertain the troops was probably one of the sickest things of the 20th century. Sending Bob Hope and Marilyn Monroe to war zones to cheer up the troops immersed in the bloodbath of killing others and being killed. One doesn’t have to agree with Muhammad Ali’s politics to appreciate his decision not to play the clown for the troops. (But later, he did take on the role of ‘ambassador’ to the world and was co-opted.) Anyway, associating tragedy with celebrity & materialism set a template for what came later. It culminated in the sickening spectacle of LIVE AID. Millions of Africans were facing starvation, so what was the West to do to help? Throw a rock concert. Something like this had been done earlier with Concert for Bangladesh with Harrison, Dylan, Shankar, Russell, and etc. But, that one was sober compared to LIVE AID with its glitzy 80s stars and slick production values. At least counter-culture was about rejecting materialism and reconnecting with spirituality(though they did it in a really dumb way). By the 80s, the ‘materialist’ culture was shameless and brazen. Plastic and Neon were everywhere. Its icons were madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Cyndi Lauper, and etc. MTV defined youth culture. Now, these pop stars were OK as pop stars. But LIVE AID gave them an opportunity to pose as wonderful humanitarians too. So, what did they do to help the poor in Africa? They threw lavish concerts and parties in the name of raising money. And some money got raised, but there was something sickening about the West helping out the poor world by rocking even harder and having even more fun. (Maybe those in the sex industry will come up with Orgy for Haiti and Orgy-Porgy for Afghanistan.)

    This mentality paved the ground for Casinos for Indian Reservations and George W. Bush telling Americans to GO SHOPPING after 9/11. And we also see it in the fusion of US neo-imperialism with the fanfare of the homo spectacle. Bombs and Circuses.


    • I just couldn’t stand Bob Hope, the old bastard cheerleaded for every war in the 20th century. There is a very thin line between we support the troops, and mindlessly whooping it up for war. The old idiot acted like he was supporting a local football team, not ‘entertaining’ guys, some of whom were about to get their heads blown off.

  16. We need to talk of National Rights. The right of each nation to maintain its territory, ethnicity, culture, and history.

    Globalism attacks and undermines the National Rights of each nation EXCEPT ISRAEL because the Zio-Glob sees national sovereignty as the barrier to financial and political infiltration.

    We need a National Rights Movement for all nations. And our demand is “What is good enough for Israel is good enough for us.”

    If the US is supportive of Israel’s Right to Exist as a Jewish state, then every nation has a right to exist and survive as its own ethno-state.

    Be a National Rights Leader. Be a National Rightist.

  17. The larger meaning of ‘America’ and ‘Russia’

    ‘Russian’ is now codeword for anyone who resists Anglo-Zionist-Globo-Order.

    So, even though it is the Anglo-Zionist-Globo-Order(or AZGO) that is the aggressive and expansive power in the world, we are led to believe that Russia is the aggressor for resisting this ‘inevitable’ End of History force.

    So, if political results or voices in the US and EU call for an end of hostilities toward Russia and a peaceful multi-polar world, they are labeled as ‘Russian’ by the Jewish-controlled media and Jewish-bought whore-politicians.

    ‘Russian’ is becoming synonymous with ‘nationalism over globalism’.

    In contrast, ‘American’ has become synonymous with ‘globalism over nationalism’.

    What is the ‘Russian’ way? It means each nation should guard its own sovereignty, political independence, sense of history, and sense of identity/culture.

    What is the ‘American’ way? It means all nations must obey the US, imitate the US, follow the US, and see the ‘American’ way as the only correct one.

    No wonder Duterte is leaning to Russia. America offers more money and aid, but its message is ‘be our whore’ whereas Russia says ‘be yourself and remain politically independent’.

    Russia says Russia should pursue its own path according to its values and history. And Russia respects the same rights for China, Iran, Syria, Philippines, etc. Russia doesn’t try to force its culture, attitude, and values on other nations.

    In contrast, America, as the ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation, the lone superpower, feels it has the right to invade, intervene, and infect every nation with whatever happens to be fashionable in the Current Year. So, if the new religion of the US is homomania, then the entire world must be turned onto it cuz the American Way is the Only Way.

    Inside every gook is an American trying to get out.

    Trump has been good to speak of pulling America out of the imperialist game and fixing problems at home. But then, the fool is trying to mess up affairs in Asia by abandoning the One-China policy. It’d be like some nation saying Alaska isn’t part of the US.

    But then, it is in the interest of the US to maintain dominance in East Pacific forever, and that means encouraging Taiwan to declare independence and make permanent the division between South Korea and North Korea — and pressuring South Korea to drop its negative historical narrative on Japan and join US & Japan against China. All these East Asians except for China are cuck-puppets of the US.

    While Japan is rich — far richer than Russia — , it is politically poor. Russia controls its own government, military, intelligence institutions, and everything. In contrast, Japan got rich as a whore sucking on Uncle Sam’s cock. So, even though a rich nation, it is just a rich whore… like South Korea and Taiwan.

    But Duterte is good to go ‘Russian’ by telling imperialist US to fuck off. US bitches about Duterte’s human rights record, but the US is a nation that didn’t protest Israel’s mass killing in Gaza. US is a nation that only offers lukewarm criticism of Israel’s ongoing occupation of West Bank. No condemnation, just wussy lukewarm criticism that has zero impact. And US has been silent about Saudi Arabia’s brutalities cuz it’s an ally. So, ‘human rights’ in American Foreign Policy is more fluid than gender in the Queer Studies Department at Harvard.

    So, if you’re Iranian, to be ‘Russian’ means to guard and defend your Iranian identity, nationality, territory, and sovereignty. Like Russia does.

    On the other hand, for an Iranian to be ‘Americans’ means to surrender his identity, territory, and sovereignty to the forces of American celebrity trash culture, open borders, and national autonomy.

    Of course, these meanings are dictated by Jewish-controlled media. To be ‘American’ no longer means what it once used to mean. America wasn’t always about spreading homomania and fighting Wars for Israel and Jewish-globalist interests. That is the New America under Jewish domination. From the Jewish supremacist-globalist perspective, ‘American’ power means spreading Jewish tentacles everywhere and weakening all identities and borders(except in Israel) so that Jewish-controlled finance, media, entertainment, and ideology can penetrate and gain control in all nations. Like George Soros and Paul Singer have done in nation after nation.

    Jews are now pro-‘American’ because the New America as globalist empire is no longer about gentile nation-states. It is about Jewish supremacists using American power to destroy and weaken other nations. Since Russia is the resistant force against this massive globalist agenda, Jews have equated ‘Russia’ with everything evil and unpleasant. We are told Putin is ‘new hitler’. That’s hilarious since Hitler was an aggressive war-monger. If anyone people are like Nazis, it is the current Jews. And if any nation is like Nazi Germany, it is the US that has made a wreck of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen. US also aided Neo-Nazis to overthrow the democratically elected regime in Ukraine.

    It’s all a mind-trick by Jews.

    Just think. If to-be-‘Russian’ means for each nation to be proud of itself, protect its borders, and secure its sovereignty, then, going ‘Russian’ means national independence. This so-called ‘Russian influence’ is nothing more than ‘nationalism for every country’ and that means liberation from Jewish supremacist globalism. And of course, Jews know this. What Jews fear in America is not this ‘Russian influence’ but the rise of American gentile nationalism, esp of the white kind. This nationalism isn’t owned by Russia. It isn’t controlled by Russia. It isn’t directly influenced by Russia. But it is partly inspired by Russia. Furthermore, Russia isn’t inspiring White Americans to obey Russia or bow down to Moscow. Rather, Russia is inspiring Americans to regain autonomy, independence, and sovereignty from globalist tyranny. After all, even though the US is the center of globalist empire, American people are also subject to globalist rule that is controlled by the oligarchs, elites, and their commissars. For too long, the American people went unheard as the globalist oligarchs fleeced the nation financially and flung open the borders for massive foreign invasion, a ploy to reduce white Americans into a minority so that Jewish elites could play divide-and-rule among the various warring gentile groups. Also, Jews figure that massive race-mixing will weaken nationalism among the gentiles. (In contrast, Israel enforces the policy of Jews mating with Jews so as to strengthen the sense of Jewish identity and unity. Israel doesn’t encourage Jews to mate with Arabs or Africans.)

    So, to go ‘Russian’ means to regain one’s own national independence and sovereignty from Anglo-Zio-Homo globalism.

    And that is why the Jewish-controlled Media goes rabid with talk of ‘Russian, Russian, Russian’. It is a mind-trick to fool American gentiles(esp whites) that their true-blue nationalism is controlled by Russia, a foreign power.

    But surely, inspiration isn’t same as influence or intervention. Suppose John, Bob, Tyrus, Jack, and Ivan are slaves. Suppose Ivan is the first one to break free. Suppose John looks at what Ivan has done and tries to do the same to free himself. He has made himself free of the master, but then, the master tries to fool him that he is now under the influence of Ivan. But in fact, Ivan was just an inspiration that taught John that he can be free too. John’s following in the footsteps of Ivan to free himself doesn’t make him the puppet of Ivan. What really matters is John is no longer the slave of the master.

    Russia, for all its problems and horrors(there are many), did manage to break free from globo-oligarchic control under Putin. It freed itself from the Anglo-Zionist globo-oligarchy, and its example may be inspiring to others. If other nations do as Russia did, they would be following Russia’s lead to regain independence and sovereignty. But the globalists would like for us to believe that breaking out of globalist domination is akin to coming under Russian control.

    Because the US is the center of globo-oligarchic power, Americans were supposed to just shut up, hunker down, and obey the globo-oligarchs with their grand agenda. But enough white Americans rebelled in 2016 and made Trump president. Though Trump is pro-Zionist, his agenda is at odds with Anglo-Zionist globalism. He also fired up nationalist feelings about the hoi polloi. It’s derided as ‘populism’ by the know-it-all elites. Trump is for American nationalism, and he is also for less American imperialist meddling overseas. It means the rise of Americanism and NO to globalism. But globalism is the agenda of the Jewish globalists who hate the idea of nationalism that erects walls against penetration of the tentacles of the Zionist-Globo Octopus.

    So, Jews who control the media tell us night and day that the revival of Americanism is ‘Russian intervention’. But it is really the rising of American independence from Zionist-Globalist Control that is the real alien force in American politics. Jewish-Americans don’t identify with most Americans. After all, the main loyalty of American Jews isn’t to fellow Americans of gentile kind but to fellow Jews around the world. Jewish-Americans feel closer to Jews in Europe and Israel than with ‘all those deplorable subhuman white trash living in trailer parks’. That’s how Jews really see the world. Jews in NY feel closer to Jews in Paris and London than with Evangelicals, working class whites, Texas whites, and etc.

    Does anyone think George Soros and his ilk cares about gentiles? They foment wars all over the Middle East, unleash massive ‘refugee’ crisis, and then pressure Europe to take in all those invaders uprooted by Wars for Israel.

    And consider how so many Jewish Americans serve in Israeli military than in US military. Yet, these very Jews pressure EU to take in more ‘refugees’, all while being totally OK with Israel taking in ONLY Jewish immigrants and keeping Golan Heights stolen from Syria.


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