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  1. I saw a little of the concert. Mostly watched the fireworks show. Wow! I wonder if Hunter got to see that? It looked great on TV I bet it was spectacular live.

  2. Just got to my hotel, so no news from me. Goin to bed and ill post a bit tomorrow. Sleep well my fellow Deplorables.

  3. As I witnesst the inauguration, I could not help but get the same feeling I have had, as a gardener, when, working to extricate years of Wysteria & Kudzu vines from an area, I have unearthed some fine old trees; which, amazingly, in the coming years shockt me by the vibrancy with which they offered a resurgent growth, and a resumptive resplendence of their erstwhile forms.

    It truly felt like decades of bad presidencies, do-nothing congresses, and activist courts were being pulled away from the firnament over the earth.

    Of course, being an artist, I am susceptible to being overly sensitive – but, be that as it may be, I felt something was profoundly right about today – as if The Good Lord, himself, were in attendance…

  4. Another nice thing about today was that, as President Obama acted with typical grace, and walkt away, I could let go of my animus for him, and just appreciate that he is a gentleman.

    Privately, I wish him well, though, in his future attempts to thwart God’s chosen servants, Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence, I will continue to pray for him to be foiled.

    • ‘President Obama acted with typical grace, and walkt away, I could let go of my animus for him, and just appreciate that he is a gentleman.’


      I would rather see him mocked, humiliated, tried for treason and hanged.

      • Yes, I understand, Sam.

        It’s been a painful ride, but, I am going to follow what Trump said – leave the past and look to the future.

        Harbouring a grudge for Obama, just as with Clinton, or Bush Jr, (all of whom screwed up things pretty dang good) ain’t gunnuh change nuthin’, leas’ways not in North Carolina.

        I will support Trump, pray for him, and stand by his side when he has setbacks and or I feel a little disappointed in him.

        I committed myself to this route, and I am going to stick it out.

        God willing, Trump will erase most of the policy legacy of President Obama in the next year, and, over the course of the next 8 years, erase the horrid foreign policy failures George Bush Jr. set into motion.

        God bless you!

        • Never forget, never forgve.

          “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your PERSONAL enemies, and NOT the Enemies of God.”


          O banana IS an ‘enemy of God,’ if for no other reason that he is an enemy of Whites, the Race of Jesus Christ. For the ‘Last Adam’ is of the ethnos of the ‘First Adam’ as millennia of pre-Judaic propaganda attest to in icons, art, literature, and statuary.

          No, sir, you are WRONG.
          I will hate the Obamanation and pray for his death every chance I think of it. He deserves the Wrath of God, in fullest measure… and he knows it, in those moments when his White half realizes how much of a bastard he is….

          • I respect your expression, here, Father John, but, I will put my energy into doing what I can, within the limits of what my fellow Tarheels have placet upon me, to promote the well-being of my state.

            This year, the best things I could do were continually remind my fellow Tarheels that we are sovereign, and that we must not accept submission to evil dominion.

            Beyond that, and given that most Tarheels prefer being ‘American’ to being themselves, I have also gone the second best route – which is to support Trump, I shall continue to do that.

            I am not going to hate President Obama, George Bush, Jr., nor Bill Clinton – though each of their presidencies have significantly damaged North Carolina.

            What I will do, however, is stay focuset on opposing those tens of millions who support them.

            They are ‘the enemies of God’, for, without them, such leaders cannot exist.

            Yes, I am well apprized of what ‘turn the other cheek means’, and to whom it is specifically directed.

            Thank you for your thoughts.

    • No nigger is a gentleman, EVER.

      As a Yankee, that was one of the first lessons I learned from my Southern brethren. They can act ‘mighty white’ as my Dad used to say, but they are NEVER gentlemen.

      • Thank you for your reply, Fr. John.

        I, a Southerner, very respectfully disagree.

        Gentility and couth are not the monopoly of an particular race – each having some, and plenty who are not.

        All the best, on this Saturday!

  5. The heart of a neo-cohen.

    Bill KristolVerified account

    I’ll be unembarrassedly old-fashioned here: It is profoundly depressing and vulgar to hear an American president proclaim “America First.”

    9:28 AM – 20 Jan 2017

  6. Brad- how’s that pee in your pants thing going? Remember when that chick posted that? You’re one dirty little hick, with an ugly wife, and a mediocre child, at best.

    Your little blog sucks, too.

    And you’re an absolute nobody.

    Now go post something on your Facebook “wall”, fucking immature sissy.

    • She was consciously channeling Jackie, there. We may see a return to FEMININE clothing under a Trump Admin- much to the Jews’ (too much fabric, my overhead, OY!) and Fags’ (Women are pretty, how are we gonna get laid?) anger, disgust, and FEAR.

      Not tired of winning…. ever.

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