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  1. And it came to pass that the whiny, progressive snowflakes in Hollywood, California joined with their protesting comrades in Washington,D.C.,and cried out in one disconsolate voice, “Nooooooooooo…”


  2. Looking forward to it!

    Are you going to be writing about how Richard Spencer just got attacked by Antifa thugs, not once but twice? This kind of thing shouldn’t be happening.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id9yPwhW9JU

      In honor to the Amish and Mennonites of Pennsylvania who went out and voted in November for Donald Trump. The Amish and Mennonites don’t vote normally. Their exegesis of the Gospel calls them to remain neutral in political matters. Their exegesis of the New Testament is not exactly wrong. Their exegesis of the New Testament is on solid ground.

      In the case of this election, however, they saw how deeply evil Hillary is, they came out to vote for Trump. Their showing-up to vote for Donald Trump helped Trump win the State of Pennsylvania, it was important for Trump to win Pennsylvania. He did win, and he won the State of Pennyslvania in large part because of the Amish and Mennonites.

    • Spencer needs to form a Sturmabteilung to accompany him whenever he appears in public. If the Marxist rabble want trouble they shall have it.

      • You’re right, Mr. Kleinfeld.

        If you are going to be a Nazi, you definitely are going to need an SA or an SS, and, still, you’re likely to get puncht, anyway.

        Like groupies go with being in a rock group, street brawls will be a part of the NSDAP life…

        • Bash in a SJW skull or two and the rest will go running with tails between their legs. Bullies are really cowards at heart. Folks on our side haven’t really gotten physical yet. Where the hell are all those skinheads when you need them or are they just a bunch of larping faggots?

          • Some will go running, as you say, Mr. Whitaker – though, if Berlin in the 1920s is any indication, some will not.

            That said, it is better to return a punch with a punch.

            Have a nice day!

          • Mr. Lincoln couldn’t make America Great Again. I don’t know how Mr. Trump will as we’re on the brink of civil war once more. If he enforces REAL free speech we may be spared unspeakable violence yet to come.

          • I agree with you, Mr. Whitaker, that it is out of Mr. Trump’s power to give people unity, when we are so separated by values.

            What he can do, in the meantime, is stop a lot of insanity – such as ‘Free-Trade’, the wars, and shore up the border.

            Most importantly, for me, he can appoint the justices he promiset, which will set in motion a return to States’ Rights.

            Ultimately, if the states can regain their lost sovereignty, this will circumvent the violence – ‘United States’ or not.

          • It’s in the hands of The Lord, Mr. Whitaker; for, if Mr. Trump is to prevent large scale bloodshed, he is going to have to reprise much of what the small-town and rural man see as consistent with his sense of values.

            I think that, as a whole – and irrespective of region – the small-town man, and his rural counterpart are not going to countenance any more leadership by the big city coastal liberals.

            If somebody can somehow make that tenable, it will have to be Trump, for the Republicans are no longer prepared to do much.

            When Trump was elected, I praised The Lord over and over, and told my wife that with Miss Hillary having been defeated, perhaps we had evaded in imminent uncivil war.

      • No one has free speech today unless he has the FORCE to exercise it. There’s a rumor going around that Trump is still using his own body guards, not Secret Service.

    • This happens because whites do not have the protection of the law. Attackers know they won’t be touched. This has got to change.

  3. Trump will be the greatest ever POTUS. Trump is already turning America around & he’s NOT even sworn in yet! Truly amazing. Wonder when Obama will take credit for it? I think the majority & the working class of America is proud to stand behind Trump!

    Americans took our country back! Our jobs were being taken away. Our healthcare is too expensive. Mine is $600/month now (AND RISING!). My car insurance is still $25 per month (from Insurance Panda), but who knows what Obama’s plans for that were. Things are getting more and more expensive as it is. Can we really afford to support the world’s homeless? The answer is NO

    We got your back, Don.

  4. Richard Spencer is now trending on Twitter.

    Tons of our people are telling him he should have security.

    You might want to have a word with him.

  5. Chauncey DeVega of Salon wrote of Trump supporters, “They made a
    decision that loyalty to whiteness took precedence to a shared sense of
    humanity and the Common Good.”

    The anti-White is pouring out of them. Bob Whitaker proves more and more profound every day. We should ask them constantly the question,”If it’s so bad here why don’t you leave? No one is holding you back”.

    We’ve got to deport lots of these people. All the folks Obama rushed in should be deported at any cost. We also need to ban all immigration “unless” they come from White countries.


    I was deeply toucht by President Trump’s speech.

    There was an unmanly lump in my throat throughout most of it.

    I thought his words so powerful and true that I found them utterly beautiful.

    I admired him so very much that he stood there, in front of them all, and, without any rancour, pettiness, or vindictiveness, laid down the gauntlet, by reiterating on Spinal Tap volume knob 11, that he was unchanged and unflappt – that he was going to serve The American publick by undoing as much of the last 20, 30, or 40 years as fully as he humanely could – exactly as he has been saying for 18 months.

    To me, a rural Southern Man, he seemed like a knight in shining armour – sent to us by God, to lead us out of this horrid wilderness.

    I have come to love President Trump, and I will stand with him, come what may. I have the measure of the man.

  7. Let Trump’s model be Dear Leader Comrade Kim Jong-Il!

    From ‘Anecdotes: Great Man and Cinema’ (Juche Year 86) : “One day an official of the Central Committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea was informed by an official of a film studio that an actor suddenly fell into a critical condition… The utmost efforts were made to resuscitate the actor who was marked by modern medicine for death. Meanwhile, Comrade Kim Jong Il telephoned the hospital every few minutes to get to know how the actor was being treated. He also obtained the best medicines and sent them. Comrade Kim Jong Il’s love was so great as to enable flowers to bloom even on stones and old trees. It turned into an elixir of life and finally snatched the actor from the jaws of death.The actor is now on the wrong side of 60, but is so hale and hearty at present that he appears well on the screen. He takes every opportunity to say: ‘When I left Seoul during the Korean war, my mother gave me nothing but a packet of soda, worrying about my stomach disorder. But Comrade Kim Jong Il restored me to life again when I was at death’s door. I was reborn under his care.'”

  8. From HuffPo;

    White House Web Site Has No Mention Of Climate Change, LGBTQ Issues…

    Yep. Leftists aren’t really champions of the working people. They care more about rights for left handed, three legged Martians, and other pet, social engineering schemes.

  9. For years I was very pessimistic about the Death of the West.

    Trump sounded like Pat Buchanan! America First!

    I think Trump is going to buy us some time to turn things around. Whites actually have a chance now!

    Oswalt Spengler may go down in History as someone who was not a prophet, but as one who gave a very serious warning, which Whites eventually heeded.

  10. The lying press compared the crowd size at the Trump inauguration unfavorably to the crowd size at the Obama inauguration. Trump supporters have jobs or want jobs and are actively looking for jobs. Obama supporters either work for government and can take a day off to attend the inauguration or are on welfare and attended Obams’s inauguration to while away the day.

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