Richard Spencer Assaulted In Washington, DC

In the aftermath of the NPI conference, I knew whose side I was on.

I was disgusted by the cowards who disavowed Richard Spencer, disavowed Pepe, and repudiated the Alt-Right in order to virtue signal to the Lügenpresse. As the campaign against Richard Spencer intensified in Whitefish, I was even more confirmed in this belief. These people were trying to drive Richard Spencer out of his home for standing up for our race and civilization. They even went after his mom. As a Southerner, the cowardice of the Alt-Lite and the rudeness of our enemies struck a nerve with me, and I was impressed when Spencer held his ground while others fled into the tall grass.

I wasn’t with Richard Spencer when he was attacked in Washington, DC this morning, but I wish I had been there standing beside him. In the background, you can see someone holding a “White Lives Matter Too Much Sign,” and then the masked coward lands a sucker punch before running off like a hyena. Shortly thereafter, another one of these cockroaches felt compelled to make their point by spitting in his face.

We can have happy talk about civic nationalism, coming together and uniting as a country and moving beyond race, but the battle lines have been drawn and singing kumbaya isn’t going to change that. I’m not on the side of the anti-fa or the cucks. I’m with Richard Spencer.

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  1. I hate to burst bubbles here, but it’s probably less that people are cowards and more that the classical alt right (the spencer / hunter wallace types) didn’t have as much influence over the broader alt right as they thought.

    My guess is most white nationalist / alt right crossover people still defended Spencer. It’s the majority of alt righters who don’t come from wn backgrounds who didn’t. And their numbers are larger – that’s the bubble bursting.

    (For the record I think what was done to Spencer was ridiculous. Whether I agree with or disagree with Spencer isn’t the point.)

    • For the record I think what was done to Spencer was ridiculous. Whether I agree with or disagree with Spencer isn’t the point.

    • Daryl, the fact that you saw one our representatives getting sucker punched in the street, and it doesn’t bother you speaks volumes.

      Maybe if he was wearing a yarmulke? Would that offend you?

          • I’m saying that the treatment of Spencer was ridiculous regardless of whether or not I agree with him.

            Before that I’m saying that it’s not so much that people acted as cowards, but that they had little affiliation with Spencer so didn’t feel a need to defend him. Not everyone is principled enough to defend someone whose viewpoints may differ, and the alt right is clearly split into two factions.

          • Yes, Ronnie, he is.

            His avatar name is your tip – ‘Besarab’, referring to ‘Bassarabia’, an area of Southern Europe that was once, before the Nazis, famous for the Jewry that lived there.

            The musick of that area bespeaks the old culture…

          • You’ve said it was “ridiculous” (twice) and “senseless”. You haven’t said that it was reprehensible, or cowardly. That is (to flip a phrase) praising with faint condemnation. Shows exactly which side you’re on.

            Why do you jews always work so hard at confirming the stereotypes? Can’t you see what you’re inviting?

          • once someone rejects the single jewish cause, in most cases, their trajectory takes them out of the pro-white movement. The reason is that once you do that, the stupidity of the commentators on blogs and forums becomes obvious. It becomes obvious that you’re a smart person associating with dumb people.

            Occidental dissent is a shithole except for Hunter Wallace himself. The commentators here totally remind me that I was right to reject an alliance with white nationalists back on

          • White nationalists sit there talking about how they can’t find a job. Let that sink in a bit.

            Maybe you’re morons.

          • Cernavich is not the alt-right. Alt-right by its very definition is about white nationalism. Cernavich is a huckster and so is Milo. I don’t know what they are, but it ain’t “alt-right.”

        • Mr. Besarab,
          The quality that pervades the initial part of your initial comment, here, is one of semi-cloakt anti-White cheering, and a bit of cattiness.
          I think that Ronnie is picking up on that.

          Now, it may just be that you are unaware of this – , thinking your have disguised your essential sentiment in varied intellectual materia, yet, you really have not.

          The fact that Mandatum and Ronnie see your comment as unclear, is because it is so conflicted.

          It would help you if you could just come to grips with how much you hate a lot of folks, here, and, voluntarily segregate yourself.

          • I think the problem here is that people aren’t reading the posts. My initial comments primarily refer to the accusation hunter made that the alt lite “cucked” when spencer got opposed by Jewish extremists, which was a large part of Hunter’s opening post.

            I’m saying they didn’t sell out as much as they never were “one of you” to begin with.

          • I do dislike a lot of the commentators here, but I have no issues with Spencer. I don’t follow his work, but I have no issues with him.

            Unfortunately I’ve been here through 15 different ideological shifts, so I have no motive to chase the popular vote from commentators.

    • Why are you here on this site?? Fighting hate??? BAHA There are people with more influence and bigger audiences that want your clicks.

  2. The attacker looked like a partial mazeltovian. It’s the khazarian eyebrows. Any brawn he has must be due to stolen European genetics. Half Ashkenazi maybe?

    • Brad: Pro Tip: In the real world, you never have a security detail, you have personal secretaries. It sounds better in the newspaper, and on TV if your “secretary” defends you. The title driver works too, but, doesn’t have the same ring as secretary.

  3. I don’t like Richard Spencer. Don’t trust him, don’t respect him.

    But sure, it boils my blood to think that someone merely speaking in any civil vein in some supposed defense of white people should face this wanton lawless attack.

    That said, I have to wonder whether Spencer is being made to look ‘legitimate’ by somebody who wants authentic pro-whites to think he is, as many of us don’t. I’m not alleging that he would have been involved in somehow staging this, or that it doesn’t look shitty in terms of the punch (although it wasn’t to a vulnerable area), but I’m always the skeptic.

    There are also always crazed leftists who have no self control as well.

    Who knows. In principle it’s outraging anyway.

    I realize part of Brad Griffin’s flawed thinking is feeling too much emotion and not wanting to step back to be objective. This is due to fundamental ideology differences he has with many others in the pro-white scene who dislike Spencer (although they do for various reasons). I imagine almost all skeptics would still hate the element that punched him as most would do it quite sincerely in a heartbeat.

    So fuck you to those people.

    I’m in shock at just how outrageous the goings on in DC were. The Deploraball organizers were literally bragging about the ‘art exhibit’ at the Republican Convention, Twinks for Trump. That blew me away. The overall level of chaos was surprising; I hadn’t thought it would be quite that extreme.

    I’m also suffering in shock from the after effects of TRS-Gate. It only serves to fuel suspicion of ‘leaders’ who go around defending the worst of hypocrites and jews. TRS has too much corruption to possibly defend, so this entire inauguration period has been jolting.

    I still think Brad Griffin should try to not be so naive generally.

      • As someone who has claimed on here to support most of what Bernie Sanders says except regarding race, could you explain how asserting that white people want more ‘white privilege’ helps whites?

        So is Spencer just a moron or is his promotion of Diversity’s main slander of whites an expression of something more sinister? You haven’t noticed that there are a lot of people disgusted by Richard Spencer’s promotion of not just that, but of sandnigger-like attitudes towards women?

        Some people have made up their minds about Spencer. I’m not sure that I have fully. But certainly for the fence sitters such a staged incident would restore faith in Spencer and win him sympathy.

        Like I said, it’s just a possibility. The antifa are probably feeling challenged and lashing out even more outrageously than is their norm, at least in terms of the camera being sure to catch him.

        But if Spencer were controlled op it’s just what would be needed to quell much of the rising skepticism surrounding him.

        • “white people want more ‘white privilege’ ”

          I think in this case the intention is to troll the anti-Whites.

          Anti-Whites say, Whites have Undeserved Privilege that can and Must be taken away.

          Spencer’s response is to say, Ah No, Whites are going Expand Our Privileges. That part is the troll.

        • Does that really hang you up?

          He’s just saying whites are brighter and more beautiful.

          If he’s not careful saying things like that he’s going to be audited by some vicious bureau and tossed in jail for violating some bullshit taxation rules.

          • Not that much but Celestial doesn’t seem to have a problem with Spencer accusing all those middle and lower class whites of being ‘privileged.’

          • Yeah Spencer should probably drop that angle & I myself was not to happy with ‘Heil-gate’ either.

            Eh I am probably a lil too conservative for the Alt Right but I do enjoy being challenged by new ideas / world-views.

    • Very simple question: Are you pro-White or pro-White Genocide? Which one is Richard Spencer? Which one is Brad Griffin?

    • Mike Peinovich as far as I can tell fell in love with his ability to lie to people dumber than himself. It’s the signature hamartia of very very clever people with weak characters.

      Mostly “the lover of lies”it’s a man who’s cheating on his spouse with multiple women and he dissembles his way to being alone.

      Mike cheated on his Jew Wife with a Mannerbund. Lol. It’s a hell of a pyschological profile. He’s put himself into a position where neither the Jews nor the Nazis can ever trust him. He can’t even fall back on his family.

        • They have put out some entertaining and brilliant material. It’s such a 20 car pile up.

          • Yeah that’s true. I just don’t take anything over there seriously after finding out that Enoch and his Jewish wife have been having a good laugh at the expense of their audience.

            I always found it odd that Mike would refer to Whites as “goys” and laugh about it. Now, of course, it makes perfect sense.

        • I’m not sure if he is or isn’t. He’s placed himself in a bizarre position either way.

          • What is your take on the first 24 hours of the Trump era? It’s looking good afaik. It’s 1 sucker punch v 200 arrested lefties…good first Exchange.

          • “What is your take on the first 24 hours of the Trump era?”

            It is far too soon to comment on that. Melania Trump is very beautiful, though:

            “It’s 1 sucker punch v 200 arrested lefties…good first Exchange.”

            Richard Spencer, like all the rest of these “alt-right” personalities, is a homosexual and an exhibitionist. He deserves no sympathy. The 200 or so arrested protestors made their own choices and reaped the inevitable consequences of their foolish behavior. None of this has anything to do with Trump’s brief administering of the Executive office of government, so as I said, it is far too early make any judgement on his presidency.

          • “It is far too early…”

            You are taking the Zhou Enlai’s approach on the French Revolution I suppose.

          • Every time I see Melania Trump it’s looks like she swallowed some gravel. I think she absolutely HATES having to be first Lady and all the BS that goes along with it. Before she could run her business, hang out with the Kid, go to lunch ins with the girls, etc. That’s all gone. Nothing but unrelenting cameras in her face and critique. I wouldn’t like it either.

          • A normal White woman (and beautiful one at that) for First Lady, thank God! No more psychopathic Hillarys or First Ape creatures.

          • She dresses inappropriately. It’s not even flattering and just winds up making her look older. If she dressed like a woman with something to say as opposed to with her sexual parts on display, she’d not only look younger and more beautiful, she’d help her husband.

            The inauguration was one of the first events she wasn’t either showing skin or wearing too tight clothing. She looked absolutely beautiful and dignified. Hopefully some assistant will guide her more towards First Lady attire.

            This is the United States of America. Not Eastern Europe. Even the professional slavic women don’t dress as sexually provocatively as she does, at least not the Poles from what I’ve seen.

      • How on earth is accusing white people of having ‘white privilege’ helping all the whites who have none? I don’t even know that he himself has it in that he’s clearly a trust fund rich kid, but overall whites in general are the underdog so his privilege isn’t white.

        The guy is ridiculous. I hope he goes and tells that to all the Southern and Rust Belt whites who voted for Trump.

        • It seemed an effective rhetorical appropriation of an anti-white concept to me.

          I also want more “white privilege.” Considering that “white privilege” is defined as the effects of white people being a majority in America – I want to retain my “white privilege” by maintaining a white majority in America.

          I think most people got it.

          • I don’t think you’ve ever worked among the class of people who elected Donald Trump. They don’t ‘get it’ and don’t think it’s the slightest bit funny, at least not most of the working class types. And they were the most pivotal demographic.

          • Spencer’s audience are white kids attending college at places like Texas A&M, not coal miners in West Virginia or auto workers in Michigan.

            So it’s pointless for you to be outraged for them, because they don’t know who Spencer is and they didn’t vote for Trump because of White Nationalism, they voted for Trump because he promised to bring jobs back to America.

          • I’m outraged for myself. They voted for Trump because he promised to stop the brown invasion, along with defending their jobs. In their minds the two aren’t separable.

          • Do you think whites have any future without them, Hipster Racist? Looking at the election results, and demographics and basic reality, I don’t.

          • Spencer is just one guy, and he is obviously not the type that appeals to blue collar workers in the Rust Belt.

            It’s pointless to complain that Spencer’s rhetoric – designed to appeal to white college students – doesn’t translate.

            Find someone who can appeal to blue collar workers in the Rust Belt. Problem solved.

          • One problem with that scenario is that Spencer has been pretty heavily promoted by the MSM, so we can’t assume the true ‘deplorables’ – the white working class – aren’t aware of Spencer.

            And he turns them OFF big time. Then we have his ‘nazi’ saluters turned off the middle class types.

            So the question is, is he just screwing up or is he controlled op? When the nazi salute happened that almost confirmed my sense that it’s the latter. Also there’s a hatred of women that informs NPI that is much more typical of the upper middle and upper class than it is of the middle, so that’s another strike against Spencer. The middle class – the true middle class (whatever’s left of it) – doesn’t hate women or appreciate ‘leaders’ who do. It reminds them of how entitled the upper middle/upper class is generally.

            Spencer hasn’t really managed to maintain a cogent PR and message stance with any one demographic yet he’s alienated all of them in some way.

            That strikes me as controlled opposition.

          • Look – I’m on record about “Hailgate” – it was a fucking disaster – and I’ve taken tons of shit from the fake Nazitards for speaking out against it.

            The fact that “Mike Enoch” is a Jew himself – yes, not just his wife, he himself is at least 75% Jew – puts things about “controlled opposition” in perspective.


            “Mike Enoch” was apparently the one that started the stupid “Heil Hitler” salutes at the NPI conference – Kike Enoch was also one of the major people behind pushing pro-whites to shill for Trump – then provided Trump the excuse he needed to denounce groups like NPI.

            If “controlled opposition” means anything – it means people like Kike Enoch.

            As for Spencer – we at Aryan Skynet have been discussing him for a while now. I tend to still think he’s ok, but I’m hardly uncritical of him. I suspect he is excusing Enoch for the same reason Greg Johnson is – they both want a piece of Kike Enoch’s supposedly large audience – it’s as simple as that.

            As far as woman hating, that is the province of idiot clowns like Andrew Anglin and his stupid (((Daily Stormer))) honeypot. I don’t see NPI as pushing any woman-hating stuff.

            NPI and Spencer are just one thing. They appeal to me as I’m from the middle class and went to college. I don’t think they are going to appeal to everyone.

            As of right now, I think Spencer and NPI are, on the whole, good for the pro-white cause. But I wouldn’t want pro-whites to put all their eggs in one basket.

          • Tough to measure how the ‘middle class’ perceives Spencer. If you’re middle aged the middle class you grew up in was very different from today’s. How long ago was it Breitbart published an article claiming only 1/3 of americans truly qualified as middle class in terms of wealth? Imagine what the percentage is now.

            You don’t find featuring a gay man to lecture young men on how to have sex with women misogynist?! Have you read what that faggot Donovan writes about sex? How about allowing Roosh to attend a conference, who bragged about raping fair white women?

            Spencer is trying too hard with his hair, too. He’s like late 30’s, too old to be that edgy.

            Last, I blame him for the salutes. If he didn’t let such shady characters into his conferences, the whole thing wouldn’t have happened. Toasting ‘Hail Trump’ was an idiotic thing to do if he couldn’t control who filmed the event.

            I think he’s more likely controlled op than legit. While there are varying capacities of controlled op, his is probably somewhat overt.

          • “Controlled op” by whom? Who are the controllers here and what is their goal?

            Spencer has introduced a lot of people to pro-whites ideas. Certainly, it’s been two steps forward, one step back in terms of effectiveness.

          • And I should add that those whites are sick of funding all the gibs for the hispanics and blacks. All these angles of attack against them are integrally related, and they all relate to white versus everyone else.

            It’s beyond insipid to pretend that white defiance didn’t elect Trump.

    • Many of us who are pro-White have adopted the policy of never criticizing others who are also pro-White even if we may disagree with them on some points. To us, it is Whiteness before all else. Maybe you might consider such a policy instead of making negative comments. Negative comments in the “family” only keep us fragmented and are often used by ((( ))) to do just that.

      • I hear you, but that doesn’t work out very well when someone doesn’t seem trustworthy. The notion that there won’t be controlled opposition out there just seems incredibly naive.

        Pro-whites don’t seem to have any agreement on any issue, including what ‘white’ even means. My definition is different from lots of people’s, similar to others. Etc.

        • White (uc W) means a non-Jewish white skin (lc w) person of European descent no matter where he or she was born or lives. It is a synonym for Aryan as used in Europe many years ago. Further…it is not a matter of opinion who is White or not, but a matter of genetics. If one is born of two fully White parents who are also born of two fully White parents, one is fully White. It takes two Whites to make a new White. There is no other way.

  4. I strongly support Richard Spencer’s wright to advocate for our people, even though I do not see eye to eye with him on every issues. When this was hot news last night I I was searching for recent stories about it and left a comment defending him on some site called Death and Taxes; the dudes in the comment forum there apparently hate Spencer and Dr. Duke. The editor-in0chief appears to be one Brian Abrams; do I need to break out the triple parenthesis?
    Apparently, there has been some conversation there overnight, with some idiots somehow thinking that wanting a white ethno state equals advocating for genocide. Retards. I wonder if the guys at D&T think Israel was committing genocide on Palestinians?
    My white brother need to unify; the Amerikaner concept is a pretty good idea.

  5. Just after the NPI conference, AryanSkynet:

    1. Predicted the escalating violence from anti-fa.

    2. Made reasonable, effective, and legal recommendations on how to counter anti-fa.

    3. Described the structure of anti-fa, their operations, their network and how to neutralize them.

    If our advice had been followed, virtually the entire Washington DC anti-fa network could be doxxed, prosecuted, and sued – starting today.

    Because our advice was not followed, you’ll be lucky to find the punk that sucker punched Spencer – and the chances of him being arrested, prosecuted and sued are very low.

    More importantly, because our advice was not followed, the people handling the punk – his lawyers, his support system, and the people organizing the anti-fa violence – will suffer zero consequences.

    So the choice is clear – do you want to LARP online as tough guys?

    Or do you want to WIN?

    • They already know his name, I believe there’s a manhunt. He didn’t ‘sucker’ punch Spencer if that’s defined by a blow to the stomach. If it’s just a surprise one, maybe he did. Just clarifying.

      People don’t listen to you because you’re gratuitously belligerent and generally unreasonable, from what it appears.

      • “Sucker punch” does not mean a punch to the stomach – it means punching someone without provocation when they aren’t looking.

        If they know his name – great. I hope he is prosecuted and jailed.

        • But let me clarify something…organized leftwing violence is figment of the imagination of the right? Perhaps your point needs focus.

          In the U.K. the state sponsored various physical attacks on Tommy Robinson that were conducted in front of cops. Blows landed by Antifa activists who knew they’d get away with it.

          • I already responded to your comment in the other thread.

            Organized left wing violence from Jews and Whites is minimal – sucker punching someone is about the level it gets to. Once every few years, they do something a bit more serious – from what I recall, in the last decade they have sent six people to the hospital.

            Anti-fa violence virtually never reaches the level of a Black or Brown Black Lives Matter riot.

            In any real situation of civil unrest, the anti-fa would be inconsequential. My comments were in response to a thread about serious civil unrest – not some punk sucker punching a guy giving a press interview.

          • Without wanting to echo Lorax again it does look like theatre. I see what you mean now.

            My guess is the next step will be auditing Spencer and shoving him in jail for a while. Same thing that happened to Robinson. He even ends up renouncing his colleagues after release? Wouldn’t be the first. That’s the next level of sanction against him.

          • What part seems staged to you?

            The mechanics don’t strike me as somehow faked necessarily, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t done to bolster Spencer as opposed to just to hit him for satisfaction.

            Spencer doesn’t have to be ‘in the know’ for it to have been inauthentic on the antifa’s part. He might be being shepherded by higher forces.

            I dunno. It just seemed like a good way to rally support for Spencer among his critics and skeptics. But this comes from someone who doesn’t really consider Spencer a net positive.

          • You do know about whitefish and gersh, the (((woman))) who tried to extort Spencer’s mother, according to Anglin the rabbis are pushing legislation to outlaw natzee groups right Now over the protests brought on over Gersh.
            I don’t think they’ll go after Spencer to soon, but If they do, hopefully we won’t be silenced then.

  6. I just got an earful from women relatives for questioning what the big deal is with the women’s marches against Trump. He made some obnoxious comments and does seem to overly objectify women in his personal life, but his company has more women employees than men (don’t know the breakdown by status of job).

    I just don’t get what that big of a deal is. So one hung up on me and the other said, what about abortion?

    I didn’t know he was so anti. He’s always been moderate on social issues.

    I think it’s a mistake to waste political capital on social issues that don’t further whites’ survival. I also think it’s outrageous that people think they can control women’s bodies. Are people in general so outraged by first term abortions? Women miscarry all the time naturally during this period, and the fetus doesn’t have a developed central nervous system yet.

    What are people’s thoughts. Are people that militant, and if so, do you think it’s worth wasting political capital? This seems to be the biggest women’s rights march since the 70’s. It might be bigger than any that went down then.

    More white women would abandon the bogus ‘women’s rights’ crusade if pro-whites or some iteration of it relaxed the controllingness towards women generally.

    • He’s against Roe v Wade. So presumably if anything even happened to that ruling Cali, NY, Ill and Mass will continue doing what they do. White conservative areas will further curtail access and services.

    • I personally think abortion is a despicable act. However, without it, the number of blacks would be simply unmanageable. Roughly 1900 black fetuses are terminated per day in the United States. A staggering number, but if abortion was illegal that would be another 13,300 blacks per week dependent on welfare and committing typical negro crimes.

      • If you banned abortion, you would have to get non-Whites to return to their own countries as a matter of urgency.

        • As things stand now, blacks will number in the billions by mid century. Inevitably they will spread across the globe. It is a serious problem that most people seem to ignore.

          • Africans existed for thousands of years without overpopulating. Evil whitey in his endless beneficence to non whites is responsible for the explosion.
            Simple solution: Don’t feed the bears.

    • 1) NO abortion for White women with White mates. Generous financial incentives for White babies.
      2) Mandatory abortion for non-Whites. No financial incentives to exist, at all.

      • State funded sterilization incentive programs would do the trick. Blacks would jump at the chance to get a check for ten grand in return for undergoing a sterilization procedure.

        • That would be ideal. You could set up a charity that promises to pay women a bounty to have the child. Just find convenient excuses to not pay that bounty to blacks.

      • This will never work with white women, this extremism. And we can’t make change without winning a good number over.

        Militant attitudes on abortion are kryptonite for white unity. The only way to go is moderation on such social issues.

    • Agree that social issues, including abortion, are a distraction from our much bigger problems. But its not the woman’s body. It’s someone else’s body inside of the woman’s. Namely, the woman’s own child.

          • You are not doing anything with your uterus. You are aborting the fetus inside of it. I, along with society at large, have every right to say you can’t kill it. Same as I, and society at large, have every right to to say a hospital cant kill someone hooked up to life support system by removing them from it simply because it is their life support system. I can say you can’t murder your child.

          • There are indeed good arguments in support of abortion. Mostly those debating whether or not a recently fertilized egg is human life. I do not go along with any of them, but they are logical arguments. “My body, my choice” is elementary reasoning at its finest. Of course, elementary REASONing is all I’ve come to expect from a woman.

  7. My cohorts are scattered far and wide, but when we did demos, we have great big muscly men around, to keep an eye out on anything headed our way.

    • Agree. We have a wide scattered group but when we go to “gatherings” we have a group of at least 20+
      Large, well-built, Veteran biker types. We are given a wide berth.

      • Yup. I was involved in an Anti Beaner Invasion event, a few years ago. I do have a big mouth, in person, and I’m good cuz I can fire back insults with the best of ’em. I was dating a great big Texan, at the time. He wasn’t involved in this stuff. The political angle freaked him out. He was and is a sniveling careerist. The other people I was with were well acquainted with politics, of course. Anyway – I was trashing some Beaners. telling them to “vamos”. One of the larger and more belligerent ones turned on me. He was going to punch me or something, when he noticed 4 very LARGE White men behind me, standing there, silently, armed folded across their very well-developed chests. 3 of them were giving the taco the White Man’s Glare – “I will tear you to pieces if you advance on step further”. The soon to be ex stood there, gaping, but he was a big guy, and the orc didn’t notice that he was a big pussy. the orc spun around and walked away.

        That is the last time I saw the Career Cuck. We spoke on the phone a few times, but he his reaction was “I have a good job and I just want to have a nice life!”. I tried to tell him that he won’t have a nice life if he doesn’t help turn back the Brown Tide. The town we demo-d in is a total taco HOLE, now, fyi. Too many of the White locals were either cowed, or complicit. It’s tragic.

  8. The puncher is a sh!t-eating cuck

    Somebody earlier said that Mark Lind, an ‘anti-Nazi’ guitarist in Boston was the puncher.

    Lind posted on Kikebook:

    Mark Lind: So dig this….. apparently while I was at work today there was some sort of inauguration in DC along with protests. The fella in the picture evidently popped some “alt right” guy in the face while he was live on camera doing a TV interview. Now, I know I am a white guy and I wear glasses…..and black hoodies…. and have a beard…. but I haven’t punched someone since 1995 and I was in Boston at work today when this all happened 500 miles away. For reasons unknown to me, some extreme right wing group has decided this was me and published all of my personal information online and have been sending me threats all night. You should see some of it; it’s like straight out of a WW2 propaganda book.

    I’m sure lots of people would applaud the Nazi guy getting punched in the face but this isn’t my beef. I know nothing about the people involved, I haven’t been to DC in 8 years and I have no horse in this race. People can say whatever they want in this country but please…… enough with the threats and posting my info. I’m not the dude who punched your Adolf Jesus. Go take it up with whoever he is. Thank you.

    HOWEVER, one of his friends welcomes a visit from “nazis” and PRAISES THE SHIT-EATER

    Dwayne Sorter: Mark. You seem cool. Sorry you are going through this. Guy who decked that grabasstic piece of amphibian shit from planet is my new hero. Nazis all have invite to find me if you want your asses kicked bad. …..from planet assbag (insert) 17 mins

    • I don’t think that’s the guy. Look at their hands, for one. This guy you are showing is small. The guy who hit Spencer looks pretty good sized and has a lot meatier hands.

      • Hand is closer to the camera distorting the size.

        The disgusting perv looks the culprit to me.

        Eyes, glasses, brows look to be identical but we shall find out soon enough I suppose.

        • That’s not him. The camera is not distorting anything. Look at several things. Watch the video again and look at the photo. The attacker, whatever else, is obviously beefier and in better shape than this guy. I put up a photo of a man who looks closer on the mark than this guy. I took it down and sent it to Hunter Wallace in an email. But I no longer think it is the attacker, either.

  9. I wasn’t with Richard Spencer when he was attacked in Washington, DC this morning,

    You should have been. Not that you were obliged to, of course, but it would have been a good sign of at least minimal Alt Right solidarity. And it might have prevented the incident.

  10. With being hit in the head Spencer has met the criteria, set by the media, of now being a civil rights icon with a lifetime No Criticism Club membership.

    • If the pattern is anything to go by Spencer should be making sure his accountant is doing a very careful job. After the assault comes the audit.

  11. We have to get serious with these clown. So serious that it would dissuade any leftists who would target us for harm.

  12. Jesus Christ, turn off the (((TV))) and go the the gym. Take a year or three of Krav or BJJ. No one will fuck with you alone, let alone in numbers .

    • Not that I disagree with your advice for anyone, but on the other hand, a sucker punch from behind is a sucker punch from behind. “If not see coming, no can defend,” and all that.

      The most immediate point is, don’t be in such a position without at least one or two allies literally watching your back. Amazing that this even needs to be said.

      • A good concept formation for security is the offense a lead a wingman and another pair watching them in defense. In this case the offense is the message to the camera or crowd. Everyone else keeps their eyes peeled.
        German pilots called it a Schwarm, British pilots who observed the Germans and adopted the formation called it Finger Four.

  13. That guy who struck Spencer is a pustule. Fuck him. I hope that someday he gets beaten into a fetal ball by some black thugs whom he imagines like and respect him.

      • Not true. In my youth I went to one and I wasn’t fat. Lots of women there weren’t either. Although there does seem to be a bit of truth that today’s feminists are sort of fat. That’s because there’s not much substance to today’s feminism, while there was some to the first couple waves of it.

        These types of comments, though, only serve to alienate women, even middle of the road ones. It’s like saying all pro-white men are womanbeaters because Andrew Anglin promotes slapping women as a means of ‘dealing’ with them.

        • I agree it’s counter-productive to alienate women.

          But the type of women who are alienated by comments about fat lesbian feminists are not the type of women we want anyway.

          Not a few of the type of women we want are the first ones to mock fat lesbian feminists. Young, racist “trad” leaning women are legion and joining the “alt right” in droves.

          Older middle aged women still holding on to the last vestiges of 1970s second wave feminism are useless to us and best ignored. In fact, counter-signaling against them attracts the type of young, non-pozzed women we want and it gives them the social cover they need to openly express their contempt for the anti-whites and the SJWs.

          • Most normal well adjusted women don’t appreciate pettiness towards other women and sexual objectification of them by men. You’re a man, I doubt you understand female sensibilities the way women do.

            The fantasy that ‘young women are joining the pro-white in droves is exactly that – a fantasy. Alt Right is not even flirting with pro-white anymore; it’s emphatically disavowing it and shaming it. I don’t even see ‘droves’ of young white women joining the Alt Right anyway. Milo is repulsive to the well adjusted ones with high self esteem.

            The media’s claims about participation at the Women’s March and anti-Milo protest are exaggerated but the actual numbers for both dwarf those for pro-white.

            That’s just reality. Not internet fantasy.

          • You’re wrong. The majority of White women voted for Trump, for instance. The Women’s March represented the “social left” who are a very motivated minority. For every ten women who sympathize with that movement – one of them will actually show up to some sort of “protest.” That’s 10%.

            For every one hundred women that are “trad,” implicitly pro-white, and reachable, one may or many not show up to a “protest,” 1%. The kind of women we want aren’t the “street protest” type. That goes for the men we want as well.

            Even if you are a woman, your anecdotes are no more valuable than the anecdotes from the women I know personally. So there’s that.

          • Where is your source for this claim that the majority of white women voted for Trump?

            I’ve seen no stats on this. I had the impression that the majority of white people didn’t even vote.

            The percentage of overall americans who voted was around 55%. Of the white women who voted, Trump dominated working class ones heavily, while Hillary took the college educated demographic. So the majority of white women who voted did go for Trump.

            I’d say, however, that the white working class qualifies as sorta ‘street.’


            To be more precise: the majority of white women that voted voted for Trump. That, despite the fact that Trump had all sorts of negative qualities and his public persona is essentially the textbook definition of a “sexist.”

            In any case, your use of “women” and the “working class” to counter-signal Spencer seems more convenient than substantive. If hope is lost because Spencer turns off the tiny handful of working class whites and women who have even heard of him, we’ve got bigger problems to worry about anyway.

          • He often makes things up. But most often he simply dismisses facts he finds threatening and makes grandiose claims of having ‘supreme knowledge’ about a topic he holds only amateur experience in (if any). For some reason he seems to be avoiding the personal invective here he’s known to hide behind on his own blog.

            Far more than a ‘tiny’ handful of working class whites and women watch MSM tv, unfortunately. That tack was just a sleight of rhetoric, basically.

          • Sure, plenty of spin, but the only women worth a damn voted for Trump. He’s spot on there.

        • Disagree. If the common view of feminists is ‘fat and unattractive’ middle of the road women will not want to associate with them

  14. First, I like Richard.
    Now, if I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times ” get your fucking hands out of your fucking pockets and be ready for action.
    No one will hesitate to knock you in the head if you are standing there like a cucked pussy with your hands in your pockets. It screams NON CONFRONTATIONAL PERSON!
    Attitude, Attitude, Attitude! It is time for Richard to channel his inner George Lincoln Rockwell. Wade in with both fists swinging.
    We do not need to form gangs. We need to be prepared 24/7, to act, and defend each other in a split second and then go back to our business without a trace of fear.
    Why wasn’t this man tackled and held for the police? Was Richard foolish enough to be in that environment alone? OR, were there others of the AltRight standing around with their goddamned hands in their goddamned pockets, watching nothing, prepared for nothing. Looking like some non aggressive pussy just waiting to get sucker punched?
    If you have a ” I TAKE NO SHIT FROM NOBODY ” attitude, no one will fuck with you.

    • “No one will hesitate to knock you in the head if you are standing there
      like a cucked pussy with your hands in your pockets. It screams NON

      Good advice. Body-language is important.

  15. Over at HuffPo, they have an article on this. The anti White, Whites are saying this is a staged incident. Staged by the Alt-Rigt. Some claim the Alt-Right rented the SJW mob who are rioting. Some of them are afraid that the Alt-Right will use this incident as propaganda against the SJW/Trendy Lefty/Democrats/Anti-Whites.

  16. Why wasn’t there security? RS should never be in public without 50 people around.

    Why are we so amateurish?

    Numbers are everything if you are going to do public activism. You have to have numbers or nothing else will protect you.

  17. hoodies anarchists organized without recourse from the police to bust up the ring leaders.That’s about to change..

  18. once someone rejects the single jewish cause, in most cases, their trajectory takes them out of the pro-white movement. The reason is that once you do that, the stupidity of the commentators on blogs and forums becomes obvious. It becomes obvious that you’re a smart person associating with dumb people.

  19. Richard’s not getting much back up on Twitter, disappointing. Agree with you, he’s a fighter in the thick of it and could use some help. Hell I’m only a ‘Libertardian’ around here and I’m doing what I can.

    You guys need to step up

  20. Nothing personal from a friendly relationship, but I can’t continue to comment here. The political gap between you and I is just too wide now. It was different when you were advocating a left right synthesis and pushing communitarianism, but each phase has drifted more in the direction of right wing ideology. It’s at the point where we have little in common.

    I don’t, however, support people like you being targeted by the left physically. It’s totally stupid. It’s totally symbolic. White nationalists aren’t running the country or the “bourgeoisie class.” They’re simply wrong on almost every theoretical question.

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