Ashley Judd’s Unhinged Women’s March Speech

In the speech, she says “maybe the South actually is going to rise again. Maybe for some it never really fell.”

I’m catching up on all that I missed yesterday while was on the road. I don’t see the world in terms of sexual identity politics. In my traditionalist worldview, men, women and children are part of a larger whole, the organic units we call families which are the cells of the nation. I don’t hate women. That’s absurd from my point of view. Why would any nationalist hate our wives, daughters, mothers and sisters?

After watching this disgusting speech by Ashley Judd, I came away from it with an even more intense dislike of feminism, which is plainly ruining our women. This is what liberalism and Marxism applied to sex and gender sounds like. Notice the complete absence of anything resembling femininity at the Women’s March.

Here’s why the South rising again wouldn’t be such a bad idea:

“For a range of nonfictional southern spokesmen as well, civilization itself rested on appropriate gender roles and relations. While the slave South was maintaining the proper order of things, the North and sometimes the rest of the Western world, was not. In his 1856 graduation address to the Virginia Military Institute, George Rumbough explained that free society was foolish to question the natural, divinely ordained order of things. Listing the dangerous “isms” he saw to the north, Rumbough included women’s rights, Bloomerism, and Free-Loveism, along with socialism, atheism, and abolitionism. The North’s distorted ideas about slavery were not only tied up with its misguided ideas about religion, liberty, and government, but also with its foolish misconceptions of manhood and womanhood. Rumbough contrasted the South, “where woman, the most powerful, the purest, noblest element of society, is considered as an object of love,” with the North, “where woman “is viewed as an object of distrust, and far from beautifying, transcends the boundaries of modesty and decency, and sighs for an MD suffix or the transcendent reputation of a philanthropic lecturer.” One of many advantages of basing a society on slavery rather than free labor, according to Rumbough and others, was that the institution safeguarded hierarchies of gender as well as of race.

Southern fears about gender proprieties illustrate how urgent the sectional conflict could become when it appeared to enter the realm of the home and family. One Virginia farmer, writing to a local newspaper in 1854, expressed just such fears. Responding to rumors that a female preacher had been plying her trade in the area, the farmer expressed disbelief then sharp anxiety. “Some hundreds are right uneasy about their wives,” he wrote. “They are afraid that some of them women’s rights folks, from the N., are traveling among us, and that some wives are encouraging them.” Even an antislavery fanatic would be more acceptable than a feminist, though the letter-writer. “One would spoil our negroes, but the other would spoil our wives and sweethearts, and either, would be made a bad piece of property.” Perhaps intending that his readers should take the loaded word “insurrection” with a grain of salt (the word was strongly associated with slave revolts in the antebellum South) the farmer concluded: “It is feared that there will be an insurrection among the women, and that they will begin to chew tobacco and drink whiskey.” Likewise, the North Carolina congressman David Outlaw recoiled at the apparent immorality of the society he encountered in Washington, D.C. In Outlaw’s eyes, it was the behavior of northern women there that caused moral deterioration. “There is a boldness,” he wrote to his wife, “a brazenfacedness about Northern city women, as well as a looseness of morals which I hoped may never be introduced south.” In this way white southerners who worried about such matters sectionalized anxieties about moral decline, projecting those anxieties onto their image of the North.”

The great Southern fire-eater William Lowndes Yancey put it this way:

“That same spirit which would turn everything into gold … has invaded the sphere of woman. Yancey contended that northern men had desexed women, had “brushed the down from her cheek, and raised the stiff beard in lieu. Materialism in the north condemned women as worthless in their vocation as mothers and thrust them into the workplace. Horribly, northern society had led women to believe “that the rights of man are also woman’s rights, and that the editorial chair – the medical – the legal and clerical professions should be filled by her, as well as by men.” Northern women had mounted the speaker’s platform and joined in “public harangues,” and some wore “Bloomers,” ready “for bestriding a fence or a saddle as utility shall demand.”

“It is feared that there will be an insurrection among the women, and that they will begin to chew tobacco and drink whiskey.” I laugh every time I read that line.

Can’t we all agree now it turned out to be far worse than our ancestors imagined? Liberalism hasn’t brought us progress. It is a disease which has perverted the natural order of things. As our social order has crumbled under the assault of revolutionary abstractions like ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’, our women have been among the most severely affected and have declined from their forebearers. Some have even gone stark raving mad.

Just watch the “public harangue” below: all Ashley Judd is missing is the beard.

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  1. Ashley Crudd looks as crazy as she talks. I think she has “daddy issues” and associates Trump with her abusive father. At any rate she has destroyed whatever remained of her unimpressive musical career. The same goes for that other c— Madonna.

  2. “””…..Liberalism is ruining our women…..”””

    No…those women ARE liberalism. And once they were communists and long time ago they were witchhunters. There are genetical madness inside white race. Some folk knows it and uses it.

    That,s why is pointless to bash jews. When somewhere is gunpowder barrel, then sooner or later it get,s a spark. White race has lot of enemy,s and when we get rid from the jews then somebody else will use them.

    For example, when Vietnam goverment has some problems with USA or any other white nation, then their secret service sits down and thinks. There are bunch of lunatics in the country. Now let,s figure out, how to launch this madness and make another year 1968.

    And here we go again.

    • Juri,

      Your post seems to be a bit rambling but what you are seeing is the direct result of Jewish influence on our race and culture. Using the word “bashing” implies that it the Jews are scapegoats or that they do not deserve to be blamed; Jews like Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinham, etc and the influence of the Frankfort School of thought is the direct reason you see the filth on this video.

  3. 12 years old internet atheist or half chan mentality and just like halfchan posters, she probably doesn´t have much fun either. -)

    It isn´t because cultural-marxism is bad that what was before was a good thing and if the South had more industry and workers by 1861, it could have kept its independence and made its own rules.
    Same thing with Germany, insistence that women stay in the home and men become breadwinners instead of preparing for the next war, resulting it being lost. Same with the USA after WW2, except the next war was cultural-marxism and the baby boomers instead of another round in Europe.

    You say it is a good thing, I say it is a weakness in the struggle, life is war eternal and only victory matters.

  4. Public displays of maenad lunacy should be encouraged. It’ll burn itself out by end of summer.

  5. The Judd’s are from Kentucky. It always bothers me when Southerners, especially ladies, take up the alien and foreign philosophy of Liberalism. On HuffPo, some of them are trying to garner the approval and respect of people who hate them and are not their fellows, and don’t wish to be. Aggravating and sad, all at the same time.

    • Maybe we should just call it ‘anti-white’ instead, as Liberalism just like the original Feminism (the 1970’s) had some underlying impulses that appealed to the middle class. All this political ideology name gaming is just another version of identity politics name gaming; it confuses and distracts and divides whites. And hides the jew hand behind it all.

    • You’re right, seeing White southern women poisoned by northern (i.e., semitic) notions of feminism and equality is a terrible sight to behold. Imagine if that Virginia farmer who was concerned about the prospect of southern women chewing tobacco and drinking whiskey could see what has taken place since his time!

    • Movie actresses are generally known to be crazy. They live on the road, never stopping in one place for very long. Their “family” is whatever acting troop they happen to fall in with, until the job ends and they have to go find a new one. She was a very attractive woman in her youth, but she appears to have ended up a bitter cat lady. Sad!

    • But, it’s nice to know that working class Whites, small town Whites, rural Whites in the Midwest voted exactly the same way as Whites in the South. White voters in the South strongly supported a tough New York City guy Donald trump and his beautiful Central European wife.

      Neo Cons trying to push Cruz tried the same old lie, that “OH Donald Trump is New Yorker, with New York values” – this lie being thought up by yeah, New York Jewish Neo Conservatives, or just New York Jews with New York Lib Min values.

      “Trump is like us” – that was the theme by Neo Conservative Jews like William Kristol and they used so many paid prostitute Evangelical “Christian” leaders. Fortunately regular folks in the South have stopped listening to paid prostitute Evangelical “Christian” (in name only) leaders.

    • Momma’s career was more important than properly raising her daughters. A divorcee with two kids by two different daddies is always a bad sign. Ciminella is not Wynonna’s biological father. However, I think she mothered Wynonna far better than the little vulgar radical, Ashley.

    • Ashley Judd was born in California. Also, she is actually a descendent of a Mayflower Puritan on her mother’s side.

  6. She got one thing right…she is really nasty…these women are unhinged. When You hear the hate and see what happened in DC because we have a new president it is clear that we better somehow get organized because there is a showdown coming. I see no other way out of this mess.

  7. This isn’t ‘feminism’ as the jews co-opted middle class rights in the 1970’s.

    It’s just plain anti-white. Half a century ago jews used white women to keep the white majority divided, so that instead of fighting the consolidating jewish oligarchy white women and men fought each other. But undergirding jewish co-option were some legitimate middle and working class grievances.

    Now they’ve taken some messed up, washed up but once beautiful southern white actress and made her their figurehead. Do they think her southern background will appeal to southern white women? Or is she just the only white (‘anglo’) woman they could find to bring home the Final Solution – total extermination of angloceltic culture and people?

    Jerry Kleinfeld below sounds right. It’s sad but hopefully, if we keep cranks and malcontents at a minimum, most white women will reject the transparent hatred of their own people leering so brazenly at them.

    All ‘Alt Right’ anti-women degeneracy should go with him.

    Captain John just said a day or so ago right here ‘most women aren’t well adjusted.’

    It’s pathetic.

    • Prove that wrong. There are subsets of women who are submissive enough but the majority are not well adjusted. Highly unlikely that Trump will ever get a majority of the female vote in the US. In fact I bet you $50 bucks he doesn’t get over 50% of the female vote in 2020.

      • Trump empowered by White women voters
        by PrairieSister
        Stormfront News Service

        “Today Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United
        States of America. Trump’s ascent offers tangible proof of the power the
        White race wields when our men and women work together.

        White women helped propel Trump to the Oval Office. 53 percent of White women voted for Trump. 63 percent of White men voted for him. A slim 10 percentage points separated our men and women on Election Day 2016”.

        stormfront dot org/forum/t1196184/

      • Submissive? The so-called feminists are the submissive ones, to the ideology of the System and to their own loserdom!

        It is a good thing that so many White American women were less meak and spineless, more assertive than their West Europeans counterparts and thus voted Trump! -)

        • Someone has a clue here.

          Why does pro-white tolerate this rank misogyny? Why do men expect to bash women and then wonder why white women fall for jewish ‘liberal’ propaganda?

          Southerners need to chime in to Brad Griffin about how he allows men to come on here and demand ‘submission’ from women. It’s backwards and pathetic.

          My aunt is a home grown southern belle who ran a successful business of her own. It’s insulting to southern women to insist that they be ‘submissive.’ I don’t think most would appreciate the kind of talk on this thread that goes for ‘political analysis.’

    • I’m afraid not. The Alt-Right and manosphere blogs are essentially right. I spend a lot of time out and about amongst people. I also live in a very white, rural setting that most WN’s would call a whiteopia. As far as women, I must conclude that the only real difference between the women here, and in other similar rural regions, and the women described by Roosh and the other manosphere bloggers is that the women here do want husbands and steady boyfriends. pretty much ALL the other negative attributes are just as pronounced, unfortunately.

      In by far the majority of cases a guy has to totally subordinate himself, however, to be this husband or boyfriend and to be acceptable to these women. This is another way of saying be totally cucked. It has always been the case that, as has been said by manosphere bloggers and by using the words of long time husbands, “I just do whatever she wants.” But in the past, this was really not a big deal. Neither men nor women really gave a shit about the concession to the other gender. A man really didn’t care if the new couch was blue or cream colored; if the television set was on one end of the living room or the other; and hanging yet another set of window blinds was something to sigh about, but what the hell. The woman, likewise, in the end didn’t really care if the new vehicle was a car or a four wheel drive truck; that a new John Deere lawnmower was bought instead of the one she liked. And on occasion the man would set his foot down when the decision in question really mattered and overruled the wife. She grumbled for a few days or weeks and then this, too, past and she got over it. That was essentially how things went and for the most part, relations worked out.

      But today many women demand total deferment to their wishes and whims. The man has to cave in to every decision or he is considered abusive and not worthy of a woman. The man must be totally subordinate to a woman for her to stay in a relationship with him.

      This is the situation. It does not matter what you or one or more of your hand selected friends may or may not be like. Just like statistically blacks are more prone to crime despite what a few select individuals may be like to the contrary. It does not matter what women were like fifty years ago. (In fact, in the world of romance, things happen faster than in the domain of electronics and technology. Five years ago may as well be five hundred as far as benchmarks and how to go about dating, being in a relationship, etc.)

      • I stopped reading at your second sentence, ‘the Alt-Right and manosphere blogs are essentially right.’

        They essentially hate women. I have no interest in having anything to do with any type of man who supports some arab Roosh character rhapsodizing about raping a ‘fair white woman,’ and neither do any white men or women whose opinion matters in any way.

        You’re sick.

        • You are an old woman and have zero useful input concerning this subject. Moreover, it sounds like you tolerate no criticism of modern women.

          • Man up, guys! Lorax says to do anything less than cater 100 percent to and buckle under to a woman like Ashley Judd is hatred for women and sick. Sick, she tells us. No white man should do any less than work himself to death fawning over her. Sugar babe her at all times and never, ever contradict her. Never.

          • Yeah, talk about just falling off a turnip truck. She must also think 90 percent of women are still “chaste” at 21. Totally clueless about everything. But it’s obvious so are at least 60 or even 70 percent of men on these pro-white sites. I don’t know where people have been all their lives. Damn insulated is all it can be.

          • You look older than me, dude. And no, I don’t tolerate manosphere misogyny. Go cheer on Roosh while he rapes more fair white women.

          • Why did you want to grab my…

            Chill out, Robbie. There’s gotta be a men’s group somewhere for you.

            Seriously, now. I think men have some legitimate issues here and there, depending on which ones. The younger ones certainly have been raised hearing constant accusations towards them as ‘white males.’

            I’m not the one preaching extremist reactionary divisiveness.

          • Roosh is a main leader of the manosphere. Robbie promoted the manosphere.

            Next he’ll be championing Milo’s fag blood bathing parties.

            It’s no wonder some of these young girls fall for the feminists’ manipulations.

            If pro-white can’t produce better men, whites deserve whatever happens.

            Recently some defector from Dailystormer wrote an article for Renegade decrying how much hucksterism goes on in this scene with all its anti-woman and anti-family propaganda.

            Young men looking for healthy positive male camaraderie should check it out.

          • I said the manasphere was essentially correct on a lot of points. And they are.

            In your view, how should a “better man” react concerning the specific charges levelled at modern women? Is it your view a man should subordinate himself entirely to a woman, for example?

            Can you describe what you have in mind by positive male camaraderie regarding modern women?

            Is it your view that the manosphere bloggers are lying when they describe modern women? For example, the descriptions they give concerning a modern venue single men and women go out to and the general behaviour and attitudes one will encounter at these.

            In your view, which charge levelled by manosphere bloggers is the most spurious, and why?

  8. I read the article, but only watched the first minuet of the nasty, retarded “wench” ranting against the South and Confederate flags. (I typed wench because I was trying to be a polite, but a word for female dogs was in my mind). Maybe Judd, negroes, and the lesbians should all move to NYC with the Jews and let us have the country -or at least the South, lower Midwest, and the Rockies. That KosherWood broad hates who founded this country. And yes, she was wearing her bloomers.

    • Or maybe some unreconstructed Southern White man will use his hand to spank Miss Judd and use the thing between his leg to assert traditional…

      Family values!

      Miss Ashley Judd needs to be knocked up!

  9. Long since time to….

    Send in the Marines – or at least one Marine who will do what I wanted to do to Ann Coulter…

    Publicly strip Ashley Judd naked and giver her a severe spanking.

  10. One of my favorite musicals is

    “Kiss Me Kate”.

    It’s a play within a play based on the Shakespeare Play “The Taming of the Shrew” – there’s lots and lots of spirited “Battle of the Sexes” with lots of fun sexy stuff including (my favorite) spanking.

    Some man needs to give Ashley Judd a good spanking and slip something good….

    Here’s a spanking scene from….

    “Kiss Me Kate”

  11. Wouldn’t we all just love to see some Viking ships appear on the horizon and hundreds of Viking Odinist heathens descend from their dragon ships and watch them take swords and axes to one of these women’s rights marches – maybe a few kind hearted Viking heathens would spare the likes of Ashley Judd who’s really not that bad looking (yet) – watch them abduct these women and have their way with them… and then watch as Ashley Judd’s father waves a White handkerchief at the departing Vikings and ask that they just return in 4 or 5 years for a visit bringing some beautiful grandchildren.

    And I’m sorry, most forms of Christianity have no practical answers on how to deal with the likes of Ashley Judd. At least in Islam such creatures would be banned from showing their faces or speaking in public.

    Speaking of which…. Here’s an OD classic cartoon on this subject. I have full sized posters for sale.

  12. There are so many things the (cursed) Left does better than our side – street protests, intimidation etc.

    One thing we have to improve on is….


    Where does Miss Ashley Judd live, hang out?

    Where are her friends and family?

    What does her father think of this shameful action?

    Henry Fonda, father of Hanoi Jane Fonda did not appreciate her bad behavior and he said so.

  13. Ashley Judd is yesterday’s news. She is desperate to revive her moribund career. The important news is Harvard professor (((Laurence Tribe))) has filed a lawsuit against Trump accusing Trump of dual loyalty because his businesses accept payments from foreign governments. Can you say “Chutzpah”?

    • A Jew complaining about dual loyalty. That’s chutzpah in spades but something all the cucks will miss: Israel receiving payments from a certain “foreign government” for decades.

  14. I presume the Shekelgrubers who run Hollywood got a lot of miles out of Judd when she broke into the business, probably did stuff willingly that a porno actress would blanch at. She willingly did it then but now that the phone is not ringing she is bitter as hell about it. Nothing she says interests me at all except maybe a tell all article on the depravity she put up with to get the good gigs.

  15. No, Hunter, I disagree. Leftism is the cause of every degenerative disease that infects our society. The weaknesses within liberalism, coupled with a multicultural society, have helped facilitate Leftism. Many aspects of liberalism can be good things within a homogeneous, white patriarchal society.

    I heard an interview last year with John Haskins, Senior Fellow for the Understanding of Law, Propaganda, and Cultural Revolution with the Inter-American Institute. He stated Marxist Feminism has roots in the Soviet Union but was abandoned because they realized it was far too destructive. Too destructive for communists. Wow!

    Feminism = a war on males
    Feminists = trying to out-testosterone the alpha male

    There is nothing feminine, dignified, or respectable about this group of delusional quasi-females. I yearn for the return of chivalry and the respect and adoration that goes along with it. I want a homogeneous, white patriarchal society, the foundation of Western Civilization.

  16. She is an extreme example of what happens to women with “rights” but without alpha men to rein them in and children to bring out their femininity.

      • In her first public statement, which she read during the presidential campaign, she said she’d gone from the alleged sexual event to her father, to whom she recounted the incident and who then gave her his advice (which she didn’t go on to detail). While she was reading that statement, she was right next to her lawyer, the competent Gloria Allred, who, we may be sure, had obtained the father’s affidavit in corroboration of that. That affidavit will be admissible, as will be the father’s testimony on the same point. It will be hard to rebut.

  17. Trump’s top pick for SCOTUS:

    That just proves how powerful the manipulators of these naive young girls are. Trump isn’t even anti-abortion. I knew he’d go moderate left on the issue for the first appointment.

    Soros manages to literally mesmerize people. Sinead McCarthy wrote a recent Renegade article on the topic. Sinead being Sinead, at first glance it seemed a bit extremist odd even if illuminating in some ways, but this total clash of Trump’s actual agenda with the perception of it by these Fourth Wavers is mind boggling.

  18. I was going to say don’t go watch this ‘woman’s’ movies, but I doubt that most people on here would pay to see her anyway.

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