My Trump Inauguration Experience

My Trump inauguration experience was a family affair.

I traveled to Washington, DC with my wife, met up with family in Fredericksburg, and stayed with family through the duration of the festivities. Because of the leftwing violence, it was too dangerous to bring my son to Washington, DC to see the inauguration of the president of the United States. Although I met up with a few Southern Rights friends in DC, I didn’t get the chance to accomplish all that I set out to do.

While La Résistance was active elsewhere in Washington, I never came across them. I never saw them on the Metro. I never saw them in the streets. I didn’t see them on the National Mall during the inauguration. Unlike Richard Spencer, they didn’t bother me in any restaurant or attack me in the streets. At one point, we went into DC to check out the action outside the #Deploraball, but by the time we got around all the barriers it was over. After the inauguration, we went to Dupont Circle to see La Résistance and saw nothing there either. Eventually, I got tired of walking around DC in my civil rights marching boots and crashed at our hotel room. By the time I woke up, I had to return home. Dang.

I’m assuming my DC experience was typical of the average Trump supporter. I was standing in the crowd on the National Mall when I heard that antifa had smashed windows at Bank of America, Starbucks and a McDonald’s. After standing there for hours, I was tired and didn’t feel like checking it out, so we took the Metro back to Arlington and ate lunch at a diner in Clarendon. The highlights of my trip include three black girls running through the streets screaming “f*** Trump,” some anti-Trump graffiti that I spotted in Anacostia, a few women jogging around with “Love Trumps Hate” signs and a blue haired lesbian that we saw in Dupont Circle walking around with a “Not My President” sign. We also saw Norbert Hofer of the Austrian Freedom Party at the Cannon House Office Building.

As for the Trump inauguration itself, I thought it went better than expected. I really enjoyed booing Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer on the National Mall. I enjoyed the national populist inauguration speech except for the throwaway line about how “we all bleed red.” The violent anarchists and antifa sowing chaos in the streets of DC bleed red, but they are still domestic enemies. They aren’t going to have a change of heart and a strong hand will be required to put down their insurrectionary violence.

President Donald Trump swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution from its domestic and foreign enemies. I wanted to be there to witness that moment in history because the domestic enemy is violent leftwing antifa and the foreign enemy is Islamic terrorism. He swore an oath to wipe them out “without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.” He already appears to be taking the duties of his office seriously. During the inauguration speech, President Trump told us their crap was over and the hour of action had arrived and he has consistently said all along that law and order will be restored.

I left Washington, DC feeling optimistic about the future. To be honest, I’m feeling a bit white pilled at the moment after months of anxiety. It’s a difficult thing to trust a president after we have been betrayed so many times, but President Trump called out ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis, continues to call out the fake news Lügenpresse and has signaled to the violent antifa that he will shut their **** down with no exceptions.

What is there to complain about? President Trump has been on a roll lately.

Note: I’m not saying he has been flawless, but the good outweighs the bad right now. This is his first week. Let’s give him a chance and see what he does in the first 100 days.

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  1. “Unlike Richard Spencer, they didn’t bother me in any restaurant or attack me in the streets.”

    Botched grammar, which suggests Richard Spencer bothered you in a restaurant and attacked you on a street.

  2. So far the only complaint I’ve had with Trump is that he didn’t remove that bust of Michael King from the Oval Office and replace it with a bust of Il Duce.

    Trump needs to stop pandering to the jews, coloreds and queers. They are going to dislike him no matter what and that virtue signalling alienates him from his base of patriotic White supporters.

    • If all of us were like the Left claim we are, neither they, nor their coloured auxiliaries would be alive to complain.

  3. ‘Southern Rights.’

    Let’s hope that’s for real. Because I’ve been living in a nearby northeastern state and am horrified to find that the semitic italian cancer has metastasized out here well beyond Stage 1. We’re talking at least late Stage 3. Heck, I’m not sure white culture – as opposed to mediterranean – is even still alive out here. The italians and jews have sunk their hideous claws into everything. Yet the average white in Pennsylvania has no idea just how sneakily corrupt they are so they’re appearing to get away with it, while in NJ many whites either know or suspect the true nature of the jews and italians and of their alliance.

    The South must be preserved as a homeland for white americans – the angloceltic people and their germanic brothers. It’s imperative that southern nationalists grasp the dangers of allowing jews and italians into their country. Italians brought the jews into Europe—>jews sold blacks into the South—>jews brought every non-white into the North (Hart Cellar)—>fake ‘whites’ aka italians became political orchestrating proxies and managers for the full jewish takeover of the North. Now, as Southerners consider rallying to separate from the jews’ black proxies and from Northern hegemony, there will be both spontaneous invasion into the South by lower level italians seeking more of their ‘due,’ and by both jews (probably including many cryptos) and italians plotting to expand their domination. The more powerful strata will be attempting to prevent southern white identify from solidifying and liberating itself.

    It must be stopped. In NJ all over white majority areas jews have taken over judgeships and italians have installed themselves as prosecutors and councilmen, mayors, freeholders. They’re only become smoother and cockier in the 130+ years since their official invasion began.

    Beware The Mediterranean Menace

    • …and, this is particularly important to understand as Trump and his father ‘cut their teeth’ in the heart of italian/jewish power, NYC.

          • No! I voted for Trump. I just don’t see him as that much better than Clinton and I certainly don’t regard him as a savior or anything but a bit of a stop gap and whatever vehicle we can make him into.

            Lately I’ve felt a bit sorry for him, bizarrely enough. The left’s and whoever’s forces are amassing against him, but I’m a believer that there exists a type of cabal (mostly jewish) that Bukovski talked about and exposed after the Soviet Union broke up, so I think our biggest threat is a police and psych state. Both angles of repression were used by the Soviet rulers during their reign.

            Beware the chaos doesn’t become the excuse. It’s inevitable it will so we just have to remain aware and vigilant and skeptical while still trying to accomplish something.

    • Big problem. The only Italians we know are the ones from the Italian speaking parts of Louisiana. Progresso Soups was founded in Nola, for instance. They call themselves Italian Coon Asses. The only Jews we know, run pawn shops and fancy wine, beer and cheese shops and jewelry stores. They don’t run for, or hold office. We’re not really acquainted with their Northern counterparts. The Southern experience is quite different, than yours. The only Jews I knew, sold me my boots, and put new soles on them. They were cheaper than the Cowboy Shop.

      • Interesting observation about southern jewry, they are not quite the same as their northern kinsmen.

        • Ask Hunter. He’ll tell you the same thing about Alabama. In Texas, we have Joe Daiches Jewelers. Siegel’s, which is a chain of stores in Dallas that sell wines, cheeses, meats and European beers. They have a popular commercial, Siegel’s wine of the week. In Sherman, where I’m from., there is Risk Boot and Repair and Zale’s Diamonds. None of these people do much more than vote, as far as I know. They mostly support Republicans. They’re just not like Jews up North. They’re Dinah Shore.

        • What is the same, though, is that they are jews or italians first and foremost. Their primary loyalty is to their own tribe/race. And their secondary one is usually to each other, if they even bother to experience themselves as distinct in the face of the ‘anglos’ at all. In my vast experience their alliance is instinctive in them, as well as premeditated. They are the same race, after, if not always the same ‘faith.’

          Whoever said on here that the italians have integrated more successfully is only very marginally correct. Neither group wants to really assimilate. They want to dominate and exploit. And reshape us into their image and their third world ways and degeneracy.

    • Sometimes it is rather difficult to distinguish jews from Italians, although the latter have learned to integrate much better into American society.

      • Jews only integrate to fool people and get their claws into our resources. A small sector of italians will sort of assimilate but they’re not that much different than the jews, perhaps less organized and more obviously brutish at times.

    • Watch Boardwalk Empire to get a better understanding of how the jews and wops partnered up and took over…

    • Being from NYC it would have been impossible for Trump not to have associated with jews, just like Stalin had no choice but to work with them because he was a Bolshevik.

      • But the fact was that Stalin was a Bolshevik to begin with, just as the Trumps had something sorta wrong with them that they’d thrive to such an extent among the jews and italians. Some think Stalin was a jew or part jew, and he certainly looked it. He didn’t look anything like the white Russians, the Lana Lokteff types. Corrupt as she seems to be I don’t think that she’s jewish. If she is, she likely has very little semitic DNA.

        In the era that Trump rose to power in NYC the WASP’s were being chased out. Some sort of went semi-willingly, and the truth is many just worked there but commuted from surrounding WASP suburban NJ towns. So there was complexity but most of the story was jewish italian takeover.

        The Trumps flourished in that era.

        NYC or ‘New Amsterdam’ always had extreme jewish domination issues since its founding, by the Dutch East India Company (or the West one maybe).

        NYC and NJ are more related than NYC and most of NY, as I have said. NJ was a battleground state going back to the Revolution and continued to be during the Civil War, with various counties declaring conflicting allegiances in both battles. The domination of the jews was part of the weave.

        Anyway, you can’t make such excuses for Trump. Look at his family for gosh sakes.

        • Stalin was a sincere socialist. I’ve read multiple biographies about him. While people talked about socialism he just did it. His beef with Trotsky, Le Bronstein was that Trotsky was pushing mixed markets and free markets. Stalin actually had the balls to enact socialism while the Jews around him were filling their pockets. He killed a lot of them when it was time. Ice picks.

          • Stalin had a rather conspicuous if temporary alliance with NatSoc Germany carving up Poland, supplying Germany during the British blockade etc etc. highly unlikely that Germany could have done anything between 39 and summer of 41 without the flood of raw resources from Stalin and the Red Army turning a blind eye to Germany overrunning France, Norway, Belgium, Poland. Stalin had his own agenda.

      • Trump can have no misconceptions about Jews and how they operate. When I engage in wishful thinking about Trump and the Jews I think of that line from Godfather II: Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.

  4. Oh My GAWD!!! You support yankee Trump!?! You actually spent your time and money to go witness a staged ritual who’s purpose is to give the illusion of choice??? If this was 1862 Trump would be investing in the Union Army and be hatching plans to carpet-bag the whole South. It would have been much better if Hillary would have won, maybe then “white people” would have finally understood about this deceptive illusion/delusion called voting. May Jesus Christ bless Dixie and all true Southerners!

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