George Hawley: How Donald Trump Can Change Conservatism

You’ve got to check out this George Hawley article in The New York Times:

“The 2016 election has left the Republican Party in its most commanding position since the 1920s, with control of the White House and Congress and a majority of statehouses and governorships. Yet, for all that success, the conservative movement is on its heels, and even the meaning of conservatism is uncertain.

Donald J. Trump campaigned as a populist rather than as a conservative, and won in the face of hostility from the conservative movement and Republican leadership. For all his faults, Mr. Trump recognized that the Republican path to the presidency was incompatible with many conservative shibboleths.

As the new leader of his party, Mr. Trump has the opportunity to change its ideological orientation. He should seize it. …

The conservative movement — the constellation of institutions, journalists, intellectuals and politicians who stand for limited government, traditional family values and a strong national defense — has dominated the Republican Party for a generation. But as Mr. Trump’s rise suggests, mainstream conservatism is a failed movement that has little to offer 21st-century America.

The Republican Party’s electoral successes are despite, not because of, recent actual policy accomplishments. Conservative politicians have achieved shockingly little over the last two decades. …

The conservative movement’s one great success over the last six decades was keeping other varieties of right-wing thought from entering mainstream discourse, thereby establishing itself as the only alternative to egalitarian liberalism. In many cases, the country was better off because it did so. …”

Aside from welfare reform, I suppose you could count deregulating Wall Street, free-trade and tax cuts as conservative policy accomplishments, but George Hawley is right that conservatives haven’t conserved anything ordinary folks really care about. They’ve only succeeded in fundraising and establishing a monopoly on the Right, which they have gelded, to ensure they always lose gracefully to the Left. Do you remember how badly Conservatism, Inc. wanted to lose the 2016 election?

I’m sure President Trump hasn’t forgotten that he had to defeat Hillary over the opposition of 1/4 of all elected Republicans, 1/3 of the Republican Congress, the #NeverTrump movement, the Republican establishment and virtually the entire conservative intelligentsia that is now desperately trying pretend it didn’t happen. Tellingly, the conservatives who were willing to publicly defend Trump had to write under anonymous pseudonyms out of fear of the consequences.

How many billions of dollars do you think was squandered on Conservatism, Inc. over the past several decades? It must take an enormous amount money to finance the posh lifestyle that I saw on display in DC and NOVA. Given the political leanings of the Old Dominion, Virginia and the country would likely be better off if all those people were fired and sent home. President Trump would have certainly been much better off without all those legions of #TruCons attacking him on a daily basis.

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  1. “mainstream conservatism is a failed movement that has little to offer 21st-century America.”

    Nothing, except a continued reiteration of World War Two and the Cold War. Imagine if the Armies that had won at Waterloo, where still in place, and France was still under Allied occupation. Cuckservatism has almost gotten that long in the tooth. A bunch of relics and antiques.

  2. Conservative voters were sold a bill of goods for decades by the mainline GOP dominated by Jews and homosexuals who seem to have a virtually pathological contempt for their constituents. This dirtbag at the New York Times is wrong though, if he thinks the social issues are “dead” or that faggot marriage “won” before the Supreme Court ruled on it. Political Correctness, the persecution of people who spoke out frankly their opinions on issues Jews decided to fix and mainstream conservatism’s tacit refusal to take conservative issues seriously are what lost in this election. The dirtbag understands that “mainstream conservatives” have functioned as allies of their agenda by shutting out real opposition. What he doesn’t understand is that it isn’t any sort of genuine conservatism that failed, but rather, the ability of the Republican party to continue to win with the old shell game. As soon as Trump at least allowed the possibility that the RINO shell game wasn’t the only choice, he made it possible to win in the states he did.

    Once the GOP cracks down on the voter fraud and goes after the Democratic party for its corruption and continues to break down political correctness, the impending dominance of the Democratic party that this character was counting on will be by no means a foregone conclusion.

  3. Conservatism always was a joke. Conservatism was a joke in the 1840’s and 1850’s when men like Henry Clay always believed compromises would save us. Conservatism was a joke in 1860. Although it was said that Lincoln represented the Conservative wing of the party {RE: Bankers/Industry/Railroads} and had little interest in the Negroes, the facts were that the Radicals controlled what counted. They controlled the MEDIA, the PRESS and the COLLEGES and had an endless supply of foreign cash. As the Conservatives whole political viewpoint stood on two planks ie NO SLAVERY IN THE WEST and HIGH TARIFFS and had no real viewpoint on Social Policy, just we will make it up as we go along, the

    Confederates wisely understood that these (((Conservatives))) would via the power of the Press and the financial power of the Abolitionists would yield to them and of course history shows that they did.

    Although it could be argued that after 1877 the South did gain her Freedom again and Liberalism was defeated, all they did was regroup and spread the indoctrination via the growing media and by encouraging the foundation of Colleges throughout the USA, they spread the contagin everywhere. Of course just as in 1860 the Conservatives being almost solely concerned with Finance had no interest in having the BEST INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE and of course they preferred to just let nature take its course. So from ca 1877 to about 1933 when FDR’s New Deal began, we just let nature take its course. What did it get us? WWI, the ban on official neighborhood districting ie redlines, the 16th 17th 18th and 19th Amendment, the Roaring 20s, and finally Franklin D Roosevelt and the New World order.

    Yep not standing for anything was sure a good idea. Thing is the Conservatives of today, have the exact same plank. Dabney called it in 1897 its not about IDEAS OR PRINCIPLES it is about EXPEDIENCY

  4. Trump could start a new conservatism by pursuing policies to conserve the existence of members of his own race. If he’s serious about MAGA how can he overlook or abandon the race responsible for the greatness? He has nothing to lose. His enemies already consider him the latest reincarnation of Hitler and that won’t change no matter what he does.

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