Antifa Gets Punched In The Mouth In DC

Andrew Anglin has found a new video:

“On Sunday in DC, antifa attacked some random guy who was just trying to go to work, and received a vicious COUNTERSTRIKE.

This video is the best thing ever.

The faggots rushed this guy who was just trying to walk to work, and right in front of the cops, the random guy just smashes this fat bitch right in her cow mouth.

I have never seen a cow get tipped like that since summertime in Kentucky.

wew. …”

What do you think? How funny is it now?

I mean … I want to laugh, but then again, I don’t since we are truly in a sad place when a man can no longer go about his business without getting harangued by thugs on the street. Violence follows the antifa like their shadow. They are the ones who are seeking out confrontation. There is no equivalence with even the most violent elements of White Nationalism because they aren’t known for this kind of thing.

Update: In The Tennessean, I found another story of another Trump supporter being assaulted by antifa. The victims are random people, not anyone affiliated with the Alt-Right.

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  1. Notice all of this could be finished in a single afternoon. One midwestern or southern guy could easily whip at least five of these pansies. This masked idiot doing all the tough talk would be knocked cold and laid horizontal in five seconds flat in any flyover country barroom or parking lot. Literally 90 percent of men would not even be winded whipping him.

  2. We will be seeing more of this in the near future.

    The police, I imagine, are ready to put an end to this well.

  3. Perfect example of the folly that has been posted supporting the physical assault by antifa on whites. The enemy is the antifa scum not the alt-light despite their shortcomings. This one individual negated five antifa which is a lot more than the anonymous keyboard vanguard trolls who support these antifa assaults could ever accomplish.

    • Racial nationalists have no common cause with the Alt-Light. We want liberation from the multi-racial hell. They want multi-racial hell and condemn any White who tries to escape.

  4. Too funny! The anti-fa are begging the police to arrest and file a report on the individual defending himself, then a few short minutes later telling one of their own that was arrested not to talk to the cops. Ha!

      • I have no more interest in McInnes attacked by Anti-Fa, than I do any Anti-Fa thug getting punched by the people they harass. That’s because both Alt-Light and Anti-Fa are on Team Anti-White.

      • Yes, and that is also why they wear the masks. People think it is to hide their identities. Wrong. These people love the spotlight and showing off exactly who they are. Nor do they particularly mind being arrested, even. The masks are bait. For you.

        It is assault if you reach out and jerk off the mask. THAT is what they want.

        The masks are provocation for the overwhelming impulse to rip them off to see the face. They know the law. They know it is assault on your part if you take the bait.

        • I don’t have the impulse to pull the mask off. I couldn’t care less what they look like. The fact that they’re most likely from a Northern state, would bothers me more than the mask does.

        • The fact that they’re probably from a Northern state bothers me more than the mask does. Call me old fashioned, but I’m tired of outsiders interfering in our political and cultural matters. Especially those sworn to our destruction since the Mayflower landed at Plymouth.

          • An article at Hipster Racist’s website claims the Anti-Fa cells in the US and Europe are managed by Israelis. They doxed a leader in the US who turned out to be not a progressive snowflake, but a right wing Zionist from Israel. It makes sense to me, since they always push the narrative of WW2.

  5. The bad news is, it’s come to this.

    The good news is, now that it’s come to this, at least it is clear that the antifa types drop like a bag of rocks when they actually provoke a fight.

  6. They’re always surprised when the law doesn’t see the social justice in their cause and let them go.

    Really, the police and army could take care of these characters in short order.

    • Actually there’s a standing “army” ready to do just that, all need be done is take off the leash and give us immunity from prosecution.

      Imagine for a moment, In the inner cities a black thug gets killed every 9 minutes. The Police are simply overwhelmed and cannot possibly commit vital resources to solving every negro beef. So, they act interested and the case goes into the circular file once back at the office. The same needs to happen when some SWJ disappears, or is made an example of.

  7. The Fake News is on it’s deathbed and the only thing that could possibly resuscitate them is right wing white violence. Let the antifa and assorted defectives show up to these protests with no one to protest against except for their black/jewish/female mayors and police chiefs. Let this be a war of diverse urban degenerates and diverse urban police forces. The worst thing we can do right now is unleash the beast. That time will almost certainly come but I’m almost certain now is not that time.

    • Hipster Racist has the best idea concerning Anti-Fa. Instead of spending money on Fa demonstrations to mirror Anti-Fa, pay agents/lawyers to infiltrate, dox, bring lawsuits and prosecute them. The Anti-Fa networks will be broken up in no time.

      • Follow the money trail and I’ll bet most of it leads back to Soros. Will they ever go after that nation wrecker? At least shut down his NGO’s like Putin did?

  8. How was he supposed to know she was woman – she was wearing a bandanna. A lot of the anti-fa men look pretty pussified, so how can you tell? And the stinking little bolsheviks started it by roughing up a woman who was trying to get past them. Anyway, these anti-fa thugs are wearing disguises, which means that they are counting on doing illegal things.

    They got what was coming to them. They’re s**t. F**k ’em.

    • From what I saw the physical contact started when they roughed up the smaller white guy who tried to run through right behind the blonde woman. The antifa woman had said ‘let a lady through’ and the white guy snuck in with her.

      It looked like a man shoved him but the woman antifa might have as well. That’s when Super White Man stepped in and it was glorious to behold.

      It’s bizarre, how the cops just let the antifa block a public sidewalk but then when the white men began fighting back they turned on the antifa. Why couldn’t they just have arrested them before? There must be some ordinance where people can’t do that…

      Wonder what they would have done if blacks had been trying to pass…

      The Left pretends to respect women’s rights but they hate white women every bit as they hate white men. Any time a white woman reports harassment or violence from blacks or ‘of colors’ she gets accused of being racist or crazy.

      • “It’s bizarre, how the cops just let the antifa block a public sidewalk
        but then when the white men began fighting back they turned on the
        antifa. Why couldn’t they just have arrested them before?”

        They would have orders to cooperate with the Anti-Fa, but there’s a point beyond which they can’t take any more. I wouldn’t last long as a cop. The idiocy they put up with on a daily basis would drive me nuts.

  9. Those Marxist dirtbags had no problem assaulting female Trump supporters, nor did they have any pangs of guilt when they attacked Emily Youcis, attempting to blind her with a chemical spray. So I couldn’t care less if one of their banshees gets punched in the face. It should happen a lot more often.

  10. Funny that the masked Antifa moans about striking a woman.

    That was some inter gender fluid sexuality “pat”.

  11. if it talks like a man, looks like a man, acts like a man, and throws a punch like a man, then all bets are off and it should be treated like a man…and it was. look close early. this so-called female tried to slug the guy trying to get to work. he slugged back. only pity is the guy didn’t linger longer and beat all this antifa scum, which he clearly could have done.

    here’s a toast for the good guys!

  12. This is hilarious. He hit a woman! So now a screaming bitch who wants to be treated like a man is a poor innocent woman. I like what a police state looks like. The guy they harassed was really pissed. These fools are too stupid to realize there’s millions more just like him.

  13. Those anti-fa beta males really showed their true stripes there. I love the one guy with the flag tries to poke the working man with his flag pole after he drops the skank. Sorry girls, you want to act like men don’t complaint when you get treated like men. Then they beg the cops to arrest the guy for hitting a women. WUT? That’s so traditional, so yesteryear, so degrading to feminists.

  14. Speaking as a VERY opinionated, bold, obnoxious woman, any “female” that behaves like that Anti far GARBAGE fully DERSERVES what EVER it gets. Put me in charge. I have a DREAM of rounding up all of those alleged females, in the Pussy March, and selling them as slaves to Mid Eastern Muds.

  15. When did red and black become Communist colors? They have a stylized hammer and sickle on their shirts. Should’nt that be yellow and red?

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