Cernovich and Molyneux: Is America Headed For Civil War?

I’ve never watched any of these videos before.

My take is that Cernovich and Molyneux are underestimating the Left. They missed the real story which is that the Far Left has rejected civic nationalism. They no longer believe in the liberal consensus. That is why over 1,000 of them were outside the Deploraball throwing bottles, rocks, starting fires and attacking people. That is why the assault on Richard Spencer went viral and why so many people on the mainstream Left shared and applauded it. They don’t believe in freedom through equal rights.

Cernovich has a naïve faith in institutions like the police and the courts. It is true that Trump will repress leftwing violence, but this will prove to be only a brief reprieve. Trump will prove to be very polarizing. He is already radicalizing the Far Left. Eventually, changing racial demographics will return the Left to power in Washington. For the time being, the Trump administration will be a wet blanket on leftwing violence, but that will be due to force, not any shared cultural consensus.

From the perspective of the mainstream Left, Trumpian civic nationalism is “dark.” Yes, the idea that all citizens of the republic should be able to enjoy the same constitutional rights … is scary. Just consider the things which the Left has already abandoned: free speech, the taboo on political violence, property rights, tolerance of different points of view, the peaceful transfer of power through elections, etc.

What happens when states like Arizona, Florida, Texas and North Carolina go blue? The Alt-Lite isn’t willing to go there and contemplate what is going to happen beyond Trump. Perhaps they seriously believe Trump is going to succeed in Making America Great Again? Maybe they want to hope this epochal demographic transformation will work out in the end? It will all be fine?

The Alt-Right isn’t deceived.

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  1. Is there any alt lite figure that is not a cosmopolitan urbanite? I think that is where a lot of our differences come from.

  2. I wonder how republican politicians view the left’s behavior? What do these politicians think will happen in eight years? The people that are disrupting/attacking(ending?) the electoral process are legally and financially supported by people in democrat interest groups.

  3. Neither Cernobitch (a suspected KIKE) nor Molyneux (a suspected FRUIT) are willing to discuss the dreaded JQ or look at the country’s problems from a racial perspective, so their commentary is only of limited value.

    • Whatever his ancestry Moly is a pretty good spokesman. He’s always keen to point out the Ethno-state of Israel as an ethno-state.

        • I’m not sure. He’s fairly careful about the counter signals. He said it’s hypocritical for Jews to like Israel and condemn ethnostate whites in America or Europe…

  4. Trump isn’t radicalizing the left, it’s the media.

    Two things Trump needs to accomplish, establish a fair auditable election process, and get rid of the mockingbird media.

    These Marxist university professors should also be high on the list.

  5. Trump must do away with any more elections and declare himself Imperator, like Julius Caesar. His son Barron will make a fine Emperor after his father’s reign.

  6. When so many Jews hate Trump, why did some Jews like Stephen Miller jump on the Trump bandwagon? What did they see that anti-Trump Jews didn’t see?

    Does it have something to do with the Alt Right? Alt Right movement is too fringe and under-funded to have had any direct influence on the election. But maybe it had an indirect influence on the election. Maybe some Jews like Miller saw the rise of Alt Right as portent of things to come… unless something is done to forestall the dire future.

    Alt Right may be fringe and vanguard-driven, but it has the potential the populist voice of the white working class and lower-middle class if it were to de-emphasize all that highfalutin neo-Nietzschean ubermensch stuff.

    Why? Globalism is elitist and favors the urban rich over everyone else. When the power and wealth are all sucked into the cities, the reaction will be populism. Since many cities are controlled by Jewish globalist elites, there is less unity and solidarity between city and countryside than ever before. FDR was an urban elitist, but he felt some send of bond with gentile whites all across America. Jewish elites tend to see non-elite whites as less-evolved deplorables. Their idea is to keep them down.

    Now, if Jews ranged from very rich to very poor, Jews might feel more sympathy for the down-and-out. But as the great majority of Jews range from successful to super-rich and are concentrated in urban areas, Jews feel zero connection to those outside the big cities. Because of broad-based Jewish success, Jewish identity has become ethno-economic. There are few poor Jews. And even poorer Jews, like some Orthodox types, have enough culture and good sense to lead rather sane lives unlike nutty Negroes and trashy tattooed whites.

    Jews once felt a degree of hostility toward cities when Wasp elites held the reins of power or when thick-necked Irish ran the City Machine. But those days are gone. Cities are now economically owned by Jews, and the homo machine is more powerful than any white ethnic machine like that of Irish Catholics. Now, cities are the power-centers of Jewish globalism. Historically, Jews made a decisive shift from Labor politics to Global free trade. Though Jews weren’t heavily represented among the working class, it had been to their moral advantage to side with the workers since most of the industry were owned and run by Wasp elites. So, just like Jews championed blacks to use against whites, they championed the working man against the wasp elites.

    But once Jews took over as the main movers of US economy, they no longer saw the Worker as particularly useful. If anything, Big Labor was an hindrance for Jews to make more money. (Once Wasp power was made subservient to Jewish power, the Labor issue lost its luster. Why use big labor against wasp elites when the latter now served Jewish power? Besides, once the working class gained ‘middle class’ status in post-war America, it turned ‘conservative’ and voted for Nixon who, at the time, was seen as ‘new hitler’ by many Jews.) And once Jews took over city politics from the stupid-drunken-Irish, they were anxious that people might say, “Look, the Jews got all the power!” So, Jews promoted homo stuff to make it seem homos run everything. It’s like how Ivan the Terrible uses the dim-witted homo son of the boyars.

    Anyway, with cities growing richer in the globalist era, it seemed Jews were on top of the world. They had everything: Wall Street, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Congress, State Department, and etc. They could write new financial laws, dictate foreign policy, control trade deals, shape the culture(and win every culture war), command the narrative, and destroy other nations.

    Jews were able to loot Russia in the 90s. Jewish casino moguls came to own tons of politicians like nickels and dimes. Hollywood became world culture. Jews led the US into Iraq War. Congress praised Israel no matter what. Wall Street laws were changed so that firms like Goldman Sachs could go from making a killing to making a murder.

    And since Jews controlled the media, they could deflect any blame, and if anything, blame everyone but themselves for all that went wrong….. and indeed, so many Jewish-engineered projects ended terribly.

    Russia was turned into a hell hole, and it led to rise of Putin and autocracy. While most Jews railed at Putin at ‘new hitler’, some Jews were more reflective and thought, “if we Jews act like total pigs, what happened in Russia can happen here.”

    The Iraq War based on neocon fantasies led to a total mess, and this mess would spread eventually all over Middle East.

    Financial deregulation, combined with cynical egalitarianism, led to crazy housing boom and financial meltdown. It led to the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

    And the state of our culture isn’t healthy today. And as fish rots from the head, the cultural decay has spread all over America, resulting in White Death and degeneracy.

    Most Jews figure, “We have it so good, we got the power and privilege, and we rule the cities.” So, why should they care about anything? Also, as long as the GOP portrayed itself as the party of ‘free trade’ and ‘individual liberty’, the Jewish Democrats could stick to the old formula of ‘Democrats for the people’ and ‘Republicans for the plutocrats’ EVEN THOUGH it was the Jewish Democrats and their allies who were the richest and most privileged people in America. This was why Romney failed to rally the working class and lower-middle class in 2012. Until Trump came along, Jewish Democrats had the best of everything. They had the most money and power, but they also had the symbolism of People Power since the GOP was so slavish to Wall Street(even as Wall Street came to favor Obama in 2008 and even as 2/3 of the super-rich supported the Democrats). Trump’s ‘genius’ was in seeing this contradiction and playing the People Card to expose the Democrats as the party of the globalist hogs.

    But rise of Alt Right was maybe seen by some Jews as sign of things to come. As a nascent movement led by young people, Alt Right hasn’t the money, organization, experience, and clout to make anything happen on its own.

    BUT, its themes have meme-potential because more and more people are getting ‘red-pilled’ by reality or by alternative news made possible by internet. Also, all this PC self-censorship in media and academia has made Alt Right the most honest voice. There are too many contradictions in the current system, and too many people are losing out. These ‘losers’ and ‘deplorables’ don’t have institutional power, but they still have the power of numbers. So, if Alt Right ideology were to spread to their communities, something can happen.

    A box of matches is a small insignificant-looking object, but a single match can start a forest fire after a long dry spell when there’s a lot of dry woods and leaves. And globalism turned much of America into an economic drought, and all those ‘deplorable’ woods and leaves can be set afire. So many people are beginning to wonder what went wrong, but they get nothing resembling the truth from MSM or Conservatism Inc.

    If Alt Right stuck to boilerplate GOP mantra., it’d be preaching the same ‘muh liberty’, which would have little meaning to the white masses.

    If Alt Right were like tardo neo-Nazis, it’d be making fools of itself as Hollywood Nazi clowns.

    But Alt Right made some compelling arguments about WHO has the power and how globalism, in terms of trade & immigration policy, is hurting America, esp white America.

    For now, Alt Right is powerless. But it has the potential to influence many people.

    So, maybe Jews like Miller figured that the best way to forestall the Alt Right movement was to support a Civic Nationalist like Donald Trump who is very pro-Zionist and surrounded by Jews. With Trump at the helm, white masses might feel that they are being heard and grow less angry. That way, the Alt Right message will have less appeal to them since Trump is already doing something for them.

    Elitism says the best-and-brightest and the best-connected should do whatever that maximizes their own power and privilege. Elitism severs the cultural, emotional, social, and political ties between the elites and the masses. Elitism goes well with globalism since the elites see masses just as cattle to hire and fire. Only the elites matter.

    The positive side of elitism is meritocracy, but there’s no guarantee that those who gain most power and wealth under meritocracy will do things that are good for the people of the nation. Their main priority might just be enriching themselves.

    Also, there is no guarantee that the smartest and most qualified will play by the rules. Most people in Wall Street are very smart and got there through real ability. But so many have no scruples and no accountability. If MARGIN CALL is to be believed, ability isn’t the same thing as accountability. It could mean smart people using their smarts to cheat more. That sure was the case in Russia in the 90s. So, talent isn’t enough. There has to be a formula of talent and integrity and community.

    Populism, in contrast to elitism, speaks of the people and to the people. It calls for policies that favor the common man, the forgotten man. Populism says that politicians and those in power should heed the interests of the masses. People’s concerns must always be taken into account when the rich and powerful make decisions.

    The negative side of populism is demagoguery. Because the masses tend to be ill-educated and rather ignorant, the demagogue can play to their fears, prejudices, and paranoia — and Trump did some of this. Also, just because the elites are sometimes very wrong and the common man has it right, it doesn’t mean that ‘common sense’ always trumps expertise. The worst kind of populist mania was seen in the Cultural Revolution where the mantra was ‘red over expert’. Even Red Guard quacks were favored over doctors with real experience.

    The meeting point of elitism and populism is nationalism. Via nationalism, the system can have a leadership class with expertise and experience. And since the theme of nationalism is ‘one for all and all for one’, the elites must not lead and rule simply on the basis of elitism that priorities only the interests of the elites. Globalism encourages the elites to identify mainly with elites of other nations and to favor foreign masses for (cheap) labor over what used to be known as ‘fellow countrymen’.

    Nationalism is where the left meets the right. It was the political product of the French Revolution that declared that the national leaders must represent the national masses.

    There are two concepts of three concepts of justice:

    1. Redress for a wrong. So, if someone stole from you, you must be made to give back what you stole or face punishment for the crime.

    2. Collective grievance. It is a macro-variation of 1. It argues that since an entire people were wronged, the wrong must be redressed on a collective level.

    3. Shared identity and interests. This concept of justice isn’t about specific wrongs or any wrong done to someone. It is not reactive to a certain crime committed individually or historically.

    Rather, it is about the formula for the future. It is a vision that a people must move forward together. It call for strategies that best secure the well-being of all people even if it means extra weight for the best-and-brightest. For example, the best-and-brightest might be able to do most and make the biggest gains the fastest under globalism where they can access the cheapest labor and best brains from all over the world. But in doing so, they hurt the chances of national workers and national talent pool.

    This idea of justice might have originated with the Jews who, for a long time, emphasized tribal unity over royal privileges. Most pagan cultures had kings and nobles lording over others who were just seen as subject. But since the Jewish Covenant made even the lowest Jew with slit pud a precious child of God and blood descendant of Abraham, every Jew was seen as part of a big extended family. So, it wasn’t enough for Jews to succeed as individuals. They had to think in terms of what is good for the Tribe. This concept of justice later morphed into Christianity where all of humanity was seen as one tribe of God. And then it later turned to communism that stressed that economics should ensure that all workers have a good and just life. A saner variation of this was Social-Democracy, New Deal, and National Socialism(if we remove the toxic radical racist ideology).

    Paradoxically, this unselfish view that may have originated among Jews — it’s like Moses has to be mindful to do the things that are good for all Jews, not only for himself — could lead to extreme ethnic selfishness. So, while Jews among themselves must be mindful of one another and share — Israel was founded by socialists — , their narrow sense of tribal identity means Jews can exploit non-Jews. The worst example of this was in the 1990s when American Jews, European Jews, and Russian Jews all acted in concert to help one another while Russians fell into deep poverty, and by some estimates, 10 million died premature deaths. Ethno-centrism is fine if it’s about one nation favoring itself over other nations. So, if Germans were to favor German identity/interests or if Japanese were to favor Japanese identity/interests, it’s no big problem. Other nations, in turn, can guard their own interests. But ethno-centrism in a diverse nation can be problematic, especially if it’s the powerful ethnocentrism of a minority group. When the US was 90% white gentile, its favoring of white ethno-interests wasn’t fair to blacks and others. But it still served most people well. And when Civil Rights Movement happened, the US dedicated itself to serving ALL Americans. But when the US is ruled by Jews who are 2% of the population who are mainly allied to homos, another minority group, elite-ethno-centrism turns into narrowest kind of heartless greed.

    Perhaps, the Jews around Trump are seeing the danger signs of this. Unless there is a new formula that makes all Americans feel as ‘fellow countrymen’, the Alt Right meme-matches have the potential of setting off a forest fire one day.

    But who knows what is really going on in people’s minds.

    The film SNOWDEN — I have no idea how accurate it is — offers a glimpse into what might be called the Deep Media of the Deep State. For us hoi polloi, there is only the mainstream media that give us official propaganda and the alternative media that speculates(without smoking gun proof since they don’t have the means to probe into things). In contrast, NSA and CIA are like deep media that collects secret and insider information and shares those secrets ONLY with insiders. It is hardcore truth for insiders only. The real truth is hidden since 90% of what people say in public are lies. So, only the deep media knows the real truth. And since deep media got its information illegally(at least by conventional standards since what is legal for deep state would be illegal for the rest of us), it cannot be shared publicly.

    And access to this information doesn’t necessarily include politicians and even the president since the deep state has the power to withhold information from even those it is supposed to serve.

    And unless we have access to the deep media, we don’t know what is really happening.

    Today, the deep media know more than ever before since digital technology enables such easy spying on just about anything.

    For the masses, there is mainstream media that are mostly useless.

    For the academics, there is scholarly media that are more knowledgeable. While scholarly discourse can be accessed by fellow scholars and even ordinary people, much of it happens in the exclusive halls of academe. Also, even though some scholars are connected to government and have access to deep media, many don’t. Their knowledge is limited to their level of access. Historians usually have to wait many years before the archives are opened up. But even then, many key documents were destroyed by the deep state.

    In contrast, there are some within the deep state with access to the most private information. So, this deep media serves only the super-insiders. And these people surely kept tabs on Miller, Trump, and etc. If anyone can blackmail anyone, it is not the Russians. It is those in the US deep state that has best technology to spy on anyone. (One wonders if the reason why Merkel is so slavish to the US is because the US deep state has recordings of her saying insensitive things about, say, Jewish power?)

    Snowden had access to deep media and decided to play the role of prometheus by sharing it with the people. I never got the impression that Snowden is a Trump supporter. And he is no Putin-supporter and ended up in Russia accidentally cuz his Visa was revoked. But there is a Russian-connection in the sense that what happened in Russia proved to be a harbinger for what happened in the US. Though Trump is far from Putin, both came to power due to excessive globalism that was dismissive of the interests of the national masses. In the case of Putin, a deep state operative steeped in KGB dirty tricks, headed the new national front. It was Putin against the oligarchs. Putin could play gangster against gangsters because he knew the ins-and-outs of power, like Stalin did.

    In the case of Trump, it is a NY oligarch who presented himself as the champion of the people against the deep state. But then, some like Linh Dinh say Trump is really a tool of the deep state. But then, there are surely various factions in the deep state. A kind of hidden silent civil war within the deep state?

    Putin’s style is more like Michael Corleone, Trump’s is more like Tony Montana.

    Snowden’s revelations about the deep state was instructive because it showed that if we dig deeper into the sources of power, we see that both parties are joined at the hip. They look like two separate trees but are actually one tree beneath the ground joined to the same roots.

    The Trumpian narrative was that he was opposed by both parties beholden to the deep state. Therefore, it’s not enough to chop down the rotten trees but dig out the evil roots from which both trees grew. Or drain the swamp. It’s not enough to pick up the flotsam floating on top.

    But according to Linh Dinh, Trump was aided by the deep state against the two parties. This may seem counter-intuitive since so many people in the intelligence community stood with Hillary and denounced Trump. But maybe there is a deeper state within deep state.


  7. “Cernovich has a naïve faith in institutions like the police and the courts.”

    A lot of Americans do. What is not understood is that we have two court systems. One ruled by the Constitution or Common Law and the other by Admiralty or Maritime Law (signified by gold-fringed flags). Find a Constitutional Lawyer and a Constitutional Court if you ever find yourself involved in a lawsuit and want a fair trial. If you see that gold-fringed flag, run the other way because that jurisdiction does not follow the Constitution.

  8. George Soros is funding riots and civil unrest, he is one of the first people the Trump crowd should go after, a dent can be put in these people. The state universities are taking tax payer money, shut it down, just like the federal money for sanctuary cities, cut it off.

  9. Cernovich is a toxic troublemaker that can’t be forced off the scene soon enough but Stefan knows more than he lets on and is a powerful asset. Wouldn’t put the 2 in same basket.

  10. It appears to me that there’s a focus to push Left vs. Right violence in the USA by the Jews. Notice how the hasbaras are pushing the meme that, “Right wing is tough guys, the left are pussies”. This is all over. Many sights. They are also pushing knowledge of events and times where the Right lost and telling them how powerless they are. In a few cases they say,”we don’t advocate violence”, but then they promptly call for violence or egg on the Right by high lighting their failures.

    I want to remind you that in the Ukraine presently that the West Ukr. and the East Ukr. are murdering each other in droves yet the leader of each of these factions is a Jew and the event that stated the whole thing was where police and demonstrators were shot and each thought the other was doing the shooting. We now know it was the same weapon firing on both the police and protestors to aggravate the whole thing. It appears to me they are following the same playbook here. We should be on the watch for an exact same type event between the Police and the Left or Left vs Right.

    If there’s going to be any violence it should target the Jews. They’re the ones paying for it. Any violence targeting the Right should considered to be coming from the Jews as again they’re paying for it.

    • The situation is that the far right can hide behind the machinery of state. There’s not much point freelancing now.

  11. Well I’m just going to spitball it – if America has a second civil war, these are my predictions:

    1. Russia will use the power vacuum to snag back several of her lost territories. The Baltics, Eastern Ukraine, and possibly several other regions will quickly fall to Russian intervention.

    2. China will regain Taiwan, but will also suffer economic woes due to dependence on trade with America.

    3. European Nationalists will no longer be stuck under NATO’s thumb and we therefore might see a series of civil wars spread across Western Europe.

    4. Mexico will retake parts of the Southwest.

    5. Canada will collapse a few years after America. Francophone speakers will flood into Quebec, restoring a Francophone majority.

    6. Hoards of America Jews will hightail their butts to Israel – forcing Israel to rapidly build new settlements to house them. Israel may finish off the Palestinians, although without America to defend her it is impossible to say what will happen.

    7. Depending on the severity of the civil war, America’s northern and western regions may fracture into dozens of new nations, some of which will rapidly take on ethnic tones due to internal migration.

  12. The American second civil war is coming. Its philosophical more than anything. They will try to pull the red States against the blue. But this won’t happen. This isn’t going to happen. This will bea more grass roots war. There will be a battle on a college campus where the left starts something, and the right attack them. They will beat them badly

    The leftists will go underground and will place bombs. The establishment will then seek them out because of that and in the end the left will scatter to Canada etc. Blah blah blah and if they do this different this time then they will be beat in public. They do not have the will nor the ability to wage war.

  13. The mainstream left values are just like the mainstream right-they value the Constitution and opportunity for all. They differ in policy and how to solve the problems of society. Most of this article is complete mis-characterization of those left moderates-aka mainstream left. Not sure what there is to gain from such fear mongering. The far left and right properly scare most people.

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