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I apologize for the recent technical problems.

I’ve been trying to solve that for two days. I think I have fixed it. There was a caching problem that wasn’t allowing new content to display. I’m also giving the site a makeover. What do you think?

Note: For some reason, I am getting hundreds of comments now that hadn’t been approved. I’m steadily approving those. I have no idea why they were caught in the filter.

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  1. This is a triumphal period for Occidental Dissent, let’s review:

    1) Worse is Better lead to Trump triumphing over Cuckservatism in the GOP primary.

    2) The right was united as never before and pulled off a dramatic electoral college win despite losing the popular vote by 2%

    3) That unity was shattered by a serious of unforced errors centered around The Right Stuff et al.

    4) If this was a formal party, we would have had a new leadership election, but our equivalent was a “reboot” wherein people like Hunter Wallace and Jason Jiorjani were elevated to join the bruised (literally and figuratively!) “face” of the movement, at


    One that replaces the dead end of the previous “triumvirate” and their polarizing behavior and insane rhetoric.

    Notice also that when TRS wanted to lick their wounds they turned to Rebel Yell, grounded Southerners (libertarian, Godly, honorable).

    Conclusion? We are once again moving in the right direction and can rebuild bridges to the rest of the political spectrum destroyed in the last 2 months. If we can do this prior to the violent uprising of the Coalition of the Ascending, that would be great!

    • This reads like something you *want* to happen rather than something that actually happened. If you actually knew the people you were writing about, you’d know that much of what you wrote is dramatically off-base, if superficially factual.

    • Its also *extremely* suspicious that debuted on the same day as the attempt to decapitate TRS. Spencer at a bare minimum should have seen what they would look like and delayed a few days.

    • Did it really take all the destruction to get a Trump, or did he just do what Perot tried the right way, by not going the impossible 3rd party route but winning one of the two parties nominations? Perot almost pulled the same thing off two decades ago. And all our factories making coffee machines, etc would still be open for business providing a decent living for Americans.

  2. I’m torn on the new look honestly. I was disappointed a while back when you got rid of the Confederate Battle Flag in the top corner and the “Pro-White, Pro-South, Pro-Independence”. On the other hand, I can now link articles to my Facebook without fear of being accused by my employers of posting “pro-White” links. So overall, I think it’s a good decision to self moderate (if that’s what you’re doing) the image as long as the message doesn’t get diluted. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

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