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  1. Had you hung an effigy of Obama in your yard, I think most people would have calmly accepted your free expression of speech and congratulated you on speaking truth to power.

  2. The tolerant liberal is Michael Cunningham of 415 W Oakdale Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46807. Considers himself a disabled ‘wounded warrior’, but enjoys travel and scuba diving. Living off the government tit since the 90’s.

    • I’m glad the TV news cameras showed Cuntingham’s house and the street sign that indicates where it’s located. My guess is our “wounded warrior” is about to deeply regret his sick little stunt.

    • With that house, he’ll be one of the Leftists first targets. I guess he knows his free meal ticket is coming to an end under Trump.

  3. If this had been an effigy of Obama the Feds, Secret Service and every municipal and state police force would been out arresting and investigating.

  4. I know what would happen: the Stasi would come pay you a visit and it would be national news. I know this because this actually happened to a guy one Halloween. He made a Spiderman decoration but replaced spiderman in a web with Obama. Yep, that was national news for a while, clear evidence of evil whitey racism.

  5. Okay to hang whitey in effigy. It be free speech. Hang a nigger in effigy and you be guilty of a hate crime. Whitey needs to get riled up.

  6. And Mr Cunningham will be charged with a federal hate crime for this, right? Just like anyone would have been eight years ago for doing the same with an Obama effigy, right?

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