Study: President Trump Is Dissolving The Reigning Taboos

This is great news.

As I expected, President Trump is already having a salutary effect on the legitimacy of the fake news Lügenpresse, the traditional power of the cucks to police the Right, and the ability of the political establishment to enforce its preferred values through the dominant system of taboos:

“ONE OF THE KEY findings in the scientific study of prejudice is that while overt expressions are decreasing, discriminatory beliefs, feelings, and attitudes are by no means going away. Rather, they are more appropriately described as being hidden away — and just as there are forces that can keep negative thoughts and behaviors suppressed, there are other forces that can unleash them.

A perceived social norm is one such powerful force, as a well-known experiment from the 1960s demonstrated. …

Tstrikingly well. In another study from our lab, we asked some participants to rate 105 social groups (e.g., Blacks, feminists, lazy people, drunk drivers) on a scale similar to the one used in the more recent analysis. We also asked a separate group of people to rate how acceptable it was to feel negatively toward these same groups — the perceived norm of prejudice. In the end, participants’ individual reports of their own prejudice correlated almost perfectly with reports from the other group on perceived norms, suggesting that ambient cultural norms relating to prejudice are a powerful force in the creation of an individual person’s prejudice.

These findings aren’t all that remarkable, and there is no shortage of research demonstrating that people are highly responsive to their community’s accepted displays — or suppression — of prejudice. More simply: people express the prejudices that are socially acceptable and they hide the ones that are not. The election of Donald Trump did not create new prejudices, but by changing what a significant percentage of the population believes to be acceptable, his victory has almost certainly unleashed prejudices in people who already had them. …”

President Trump sent out this tweet a few hours ago:

If President Trump doesn’t care when the fake news Lügenpresse calls him names, why should anyone else? Why should they decide who is respectable? They are nothing but the opposition party. They have no legitimate right to dictate our national values anymore.

I was thinking this through in August:

“What would America be like under a Trump presidency? How would it be different? It would be very different in one key respect: Trump would have won in spite of being called a racist, bigot, fascist, xenophobe, nativist, sexist, etc. He will have explicitly campaigned against political correctness and will have been rewarded by sailing to the White House. His followers will expect change on that front. He will have the bully pulpit of the presidency which commands national attention and he can say whatever he wants. Think about it: with a tweet, Donald Trump can set off a media firestorm and drive the news cycle for weeks. …

Here’s a scary thought for our leftist friends: if Trump wins, then it will mean the SPLC, the media, the subservient cuckservative establishment, all the experts and intellectuals, and the Democratic Party will have thrown everything they had at him – especially the race card – and lost to a popular revolt by White America. The powerful won’t look so powerful anymore to all those aggrieved people, will they?

If Trump punches through that and wins (he’s back on top by 2 in the latest LA Times poll), we might see the reigning taboos buckle and crumble without the usual pressure coming from the top down. Can you imagine a world in which White Nationalists have come out of the closet, the charge of “racism” elicits only a “meh” and shrugged shoulders, and we have begun to openly organize? …”

I’m dying …

After four years of this, maybe even sooner, after hundreds of these news cycles the legitimacy of the political class and its reigning taboos will be like the Romulan Senate:

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  1. No more presidential elections, I want Trump to be Emperor, followed by his son Barron. The job of the Senate will be to advise the Emperor and carry out his commands. Subversives, malcontents and other riff-raff will have no place in the Trumpenreich. So let it be written; so let it be done.

    • Here, here, Long live Trump….but lets be sure he keeps going as he is….and then we attend the coronation.

  2. Hold the line on this travel ban: at stake? Whether this land belongs to Americans or whether it belongs to everyone else. The left has chosen to fight on this ground and will lose. Make no mistake, it is a fight to the death.

    Talking points: the ban is good because it is Constitutional, limited in time, limited in scope, and has ample precident.

    Actions: call the elected officials representing you and have them hold the line. Remind them that this ground zero of nationalism vs globalism.

    • The left primarily believes that their ends justify the means. Since they can’t achieve their ends through legislative means and elections, they will now focus on the courts. Unfortunately, the courts are also filled with leftists who will over rule Trump at every turn. I think Trump will have to assert that the executive is a co-equal branch of government and not subservient to the courts.

  3. A lot of these Lefties’ brand of hate is directly tied to their disdain for America and its traditional European identity. In one sentence they will condemn the Founding Fathers as racist slave owners while demanding that their distortion of First Amendment rights be honored. They associate, rightfully, the United State of America with whiteness and want to permanently redefine it. We cannot let anyone change the real meaning of words. Remember, the next time a Leftie says their egalitarian dream is reality, remind them that “for ourselves and our posterity” means ourselves and “our descendants” and nothing else!

    • I have noticed that you can summarize the arguments of a lot of these leftists as:

      The United States was founded by a bunch of racist, bigoted, sexist, white Christians who drafted a Constitution based on the principles of secularism, tolerance, and diversity.

      Yet they never seem to grasp the paradoxical nature of their beliefs.

  4. We live in some whackjob world.

    America no longer defines itself by the people it has but by the people it doesn’t have(or should have).

    It’s a ship-o-holic nation. A shop-o-holic woman loses interest in the things she has bought. She is fixated only NEW things to get. It’s the BUYING that she’s obsessed with while neglecting all the things she already has. Or imagine a cat lady who neglects cats she already has and just has to get more.

    America is into shipping more and more new people while neglecting the needs and problems of people already here. Ship more people and skip on the Americans. (This need for more immigration is sort of a belief that Current America is a moral and social failure. The narrative assumes that people who’ve settled in America have lost that Magic Feeling. They’ve grown lazy, spoiled, and finicky. So, in order for America to grow and be appreciated, it has to bring in new people. But if America turns settlers into such worthless rot, won’t these new comers become spoiled rotten Americans themselves? In which case… more and more will have to be let in to keep the ‘dream’ alive. America takes in ‘innocent dreamers’ and corrupts them into materialist amnesiac hedonist scum. So, we need more innocent newcomers. If this Narrative is true, then it is American Culture and Values that must be changed since they turn Americans into spoiled rotten idiots who lose the Dream that can only be kept alive by new comers. On the one hand, America is proud of its Kim Kardashianism, but on the other hand, it is ashamed of it. America says, “Look, America is a free country where you can anything, even act like a total whore into self-piggery. Come to America and enjoy all this freedom.” But it also hints, “Americans are such lousy, lazy, narcissistic pigs over-gorged on self-aggrandizement and piggery. They’ve lost the value of family, hard work, diligence, and sacrifice. So, we need YOU immigrants to bring those virtues to America.” But then, the promise of America is turn the daughters of immigrants into Kim Kardashians.)

    And this template has infected EU and other parts too.

    In a way, this is what happens when a people are cut off from their roots and identity.

    For a long time, Americans looked BACK to the beginning and to the origins in Europe. They felt a deep connection with Western Civilization and to the founding of America and the legends and tales of founders and settlers. So, there was no need for NEW people for America to have a meaning and identity.

    And even when more immigrants came, their whiteness made them easily assimilate-able to the settled people. And they too were inculcated in the Foundation and Creation Narrative.

    But at some point, this narrative was reviled, demeaned, and discredited, especially by the near-total emphasis on Slavery and Genocide. Also, the rise of youth culture and pop culture made Americans lose interest in the past and deeper sense of culture.

    So, America came to be defined not by what-was but what-will-be. Americans lost a sense of connection to the past and were connected to the future. As this future was associated with immigration, it was no longer defined in terms of what-is-good-for-Americans but what-is-good-for-future-Americans.

    Terminology is powerful. When a nation is defined as ‘nation of immigrants’, even sane normal people become so fixated on that conception that limits on immigration seem ‘un-American’ when, for most of history, it seemed like the Most American thing to do as no nation can long survive as a racial or cultural entity with endless invasion.

    Nationalists must argue that

    1. Refugees were caused by US neo-imperialism controlled by the Globalism. The GLOB would have us believe nationalism is nasty for lack of compassion. But it is globalism that is vicious for having violated the national sovereignty of Middle East nations, fomenting wars, and creating his horrible refugee crisis. Globalism is the most murderous force in the world.

    2. The New-Americanism is an insult to all nations of the world. (Emma)Lazarasan Supremacism says the US is the only good and free nation while all other nations are prisons, hell-holes, and pisspots. This view says anyone living outside the US is stuck in a worthless place.

    3. If America is an idea, it should be exported through AmeriKits than have people come to America physically. After all, what good is a ‘universal idea’ if it can only work in a particular land? If America has magic dirt that makes success possible, then export some American Dirt to, say, Somalia. Maybe Somalia will become America in Africa then.

  5. This damn issue about ‘refugees’.

    These refugees ought to be called ‘refugees from globalist imperialism’.

    That way, it will be difficult for the Prog-Glob-elitists to feign compassion as saviors of these people. THEY are the ones who fomented the wars(in cahoots with Neocon Globalists) that turned Middle East and North Africa into a horror-show that led to the Refugee Crisis.

    The First Nakba led to the destruction of Palestine, resulting in Palestinian refugees expelled into Lebanon and Jordan.

    After the Cold War, we had the Second, Third, and Fourth Nakba.

    Second Nakba destroyed Iraq and led to massive Iraqi Sunni and Christian refugee migration into Syria.

    Third Nakba destroyed Libya and led to massive African ‘refugee’ invasion into EU.

    Fourth Nakba involved the US working with its proxies, Saudis and Qatar, to foment war in Syria, leading to massive Syrian refugee crisis.

    These people-on-the-move are Refugees from Nakbas fomented by Anglo-Zionist Globlism.

    So, if patriots say, “We don’t want refugees”, they’ve put themselves in a morally defensive position whereas the pro-refugee go on moral offensive with their ‘compassion’.

    But if patriots say “Stop creating these Refugees of Nakba”, they gain the moral high ground by ACCUSING the globalists of causing all these Nakbas that reduce Arabs/Muslims into Refugees without a home.


    Is America a Nation of Inheritors or a Nation of Immigrants?

    If America were to ban all future immigration, it is still what it is. It is America with the people already here. Indeed, even if America had banned all immigrants since 1965, it would still be America.

    But suppose we say America is essentially a Nation of Immigrants. Suppose we get rid of all Inheritors and only allow new Immigrants. That would not be America.

    America has remained America DESPITE the mass invasion since 1965 because of the Inheritor Population that still made up the majority. But as they majority vanishes, America will just become the Third World.

    We need to change the core definition. America is a Nation of Inheritors.


  6. Trump isn’t just an alpha male, he’s a triple-alpha male. Yahoo! I real man’s man in the Whitehouse. Finally!

  7. One of the first things I’ve noticed about Trump, very early in his candidacy, was how he implicitly promoted classical virtues.

    Today, our virtues have been twisted by journalists and academics. The sins of today are homophobia, islamophobia, racism, xenophobia, etc. To be virtuous today is to be free of these moral failings, they say. Anyone who’s been a naughty boy gets called one of those names, and there’s nothing worse than being those words.

    Trump never gave a shit about this. He always called his adversaries weak, liars, cowards, dishonest, traitors. In doing so, he promotes classical virtues: strength, truth, courage, honesty, loyalty.

    No longer people should care about being called somethingphobic, but they should care about being traitors, about being liars, about being weak.

    It’s pathetic to see some conservative icons fall for the Progressive trap and denounce xenophobia, racism, whatever. Not only these are empty platitudes, these are weapons of the Left, and the Right will always get crushed playing their game.

    The Left subverted our morals, our virtues and our language, and rendered the people in submission to their Progressive moral code.
    Trump navigated bulletproof through their bullets and won. Trump’s language and embracing of classical virtues is fundamental in damaging Leftism in society.

    • Excellent. This is the real problem with ‘dems are real racists’ type arguments or Milo-esque shields–when we make arguments that presuppose leftist ‘virtues’, we’re ceding very important moral high ground.

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