Trump Supporter Viciously Assaulted At Portland Airport By Progressive Lynch Mob

Who is a Nazi?

If you support President Trump, the Left has decided that you are a Nazi and that political violence against you is legitimate. This is why I made such a big deal about it when Richard Spencer was attacked in DC. It was clear to me that the unhinged Left was crossing a major line. In the eyes of these people, we’re all Richard Spencer. We’re all Nazis.

Note: Sen. Jeff Merkley was there with the lynch mob chanting “peaceful protest.”

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  1. If I’m not mistaken the left is converging with the Muslim. They are attacking people at the fucking airport now. What’s next Comrades? Bombs on planes? That’s were these cunts are heading.

      • “So far, Trump supporters have done nothing but take it and put up with it, but that won’t last forever.”

        It most likely will last as long as white Americans, the “alt-right”, and yourself have Donald Trump and his false populist mirage to hide behind.

        That said, I concede there is always the possibility that some individual or group of whites will physically fight back and an inflict a public humiliation on their attackers. White people like that however, will not be found among the ranks of Richard Spencer and his faggoty clique, but rather among the vanguard, which you’ve spent years disparaging.

        • Only if Trump permits it to continue.

          If Trump shows the same ambivalence to leftist violence that Obama did, the tensions will continue to rise until the backlash begins.

          I have yet to see him make a move to use state force against these thugs, and I don’t think it’s very high on his list of priorities, either.

        • These “Trump supporters” they attack are usually just ordinary whites going about their day to day business who come too near to one of these protests. Are Trump supporters really organizing to show up at these events to counter protest? Not really, people stay away from this because they know how violent and unhinged this scum is.

        • There is no way all of these nazi themed retards advocating violence are real people. At least some of them are shills trying to steer nationalists in an unproductive direction.

    • An extemist war baby feminist ‘cunt’ actually tried to talk her way out of the problem that the islamics hate women when I confronted her.

      Unlike the europeans, we don’t feel guilt towards these camel jockeys or indulgence of their violence towards women (and children, and whoever else…)

  2. We’ve already seen a good example of White Rage with Dylan Roof. If our free speech continues to be suppressed by screamers, thugs and doxers I expect we’ll see more Roof’s with higher frequency.

    • Why a country that is full to the brim with guns, tolerates radical lefties assaulting them, is beyond my understanding.

      • It is an interesting question. I suspect we tolerate this because there is still some residual beleif that law enforcement will do its job but as i watch more and more of this stuff it becomes clearer to me that law enforcement is not doing their job….once that becomes broadly visible we will see if things change. I also notice how when the police arrive the first side they push back against are the trump supporters. To my mind this is either showing a certain understanding that the trump people will respect the police and the other side will not or it suggests that the police are in support of the left….hard to figure it out but it seems important to understand whose side the police are actually on here.

      • That White restraint will eventually collapse is what mainly motivates the Gun Grabbers, not “fighting crime” or “protecting children”. Once the shooting starts there’s no going back and law abiding Whites know that.

        • If a civil war breaks out now, the right will be crushed. Lone wolf attacks are just an annoyance. You cannot control the streets with lone wolf attacks. The left controls the streets, it would simply be a matter of rounding nationalists up.

      • What BobWisOK said–there’s no going back once it starts.

        Seems like there’s a bit in ‘Art of War’ or something like that about how a ready warrior approaches battle with great sadness in his heart, because he knows he’s about to kill a lot of people. It’s no fun when it’s real, and things are getting real.

        Or maybe something a bit closer to home than Sun Tzu,
        They were not easily moved,
        They were icy — willing to wait
        Till every count should be proved,
        Ere the Saxon began to hate.

        No need to get in a hurry here to start fighting back. But when we do fight back, we need to be ready to finish.

  3. Seems to me that we have reached the point of response….we need to be ready….these people are evil incarnate and evil needs to be defeated. The police better start pushing back on these creeps agressively before this goes haywire…

    I want to know how in the hell do they get to do this crap in airports….

  4. Hey, he forgot the best part: “The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

    As Jared Taylor stated….. I don’t want any nation’s wretched masses.

  5. The white liberal left is a looney, violent cult at this point. They’re as degenerate and weak as they are crazy. A left v right violent battle in the US is going to be the equivalent of a high school battle between a collection band members and drama clubbers on one side and the football team and the guys that just like to drink beer and get in fights on the other. It’s going to be a slaughter.

    • I wouldn’t have believed a few years ago that the next civil war was so close at hand. Perhaps we will avoid all out war and Trump will just crush the enemies of traditional America outright.

      • What he and his jew hardcore zionist son-in-law will do is crush freedom. Beware this all justifies increasing federal power and decreasing individual freedoms. The chaos will be used to install a Stasi State. There’s already one in some northeastern states.

  6. Anyone now think that we are not involved in a civil war?
    Wonder when Trump supporters are going to tire of getting knocked down and ass fucked?
    Conservatives are useless. What is needed are revolutionaries.

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