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  1. Mathew 24:24 “For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders that would deceive even the elect, if that were possible.”

    Okay, so I’m not really a believer anymore but the Bible still imparted some wisdom.

      • We all need a reminder to put our hope for salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ, and no person. Things could temporarily improve under Trump, but God will cut down all who put their faith in idols.


    Yes, in a month of very big things, this is THE developing story.

    Of course, the officials for The Golden State don’t call it that, but, rather, ‘making California a sanctuary state’.

    In any case, this development is another big step in a disintegrating ‘union’, something which, at the least, will strengthen Southern political power, not to mention if other states follow in California’s tracks…

    • Does anyone really believe the political map of USA will look as it does now in 50 years? Demographics is destiny.

      • The anti-Whites will be chased from California down into Mexico. The Great Wall of Trump will prevent their return.

      • Dear Mr. Whitaker,

        I absolutely agree with you that demographicks plays a major role, but, I would add – so DOES political philosophy; because the simple fact of the matter is that The White North has fallen in love with their own variation of Marxist-Leninism, which separates them from The South as much or more than demographicks.

        Also, I see The Hand of The Lord in this – as the Trump ascendancy to the top of The New England Empire is simply miraculous, not to mention the fact he is absolutely unswayable on his central convictions.

        God will let you go out with the line for a while, but, in the end, if you are spurning and mocking him, he will separate you from his people.

        I have come to see that The Good Lord is a segregationist; and, because we, of The South, are one of the last places in this here modern earth that try to do honour to Him, he will move us out of the grasp of those who have fallen under Satan’s spell, and, as well, their governing edifices.

        Have a nice day, way up yonder!

    • Notice that these characters don’t act up in, or near White, working class neighbourhoods. You don’t see them carrying on in the parts of NYC where the sand hogs live.

  3. What is interesting about the ban is that the Republican congress could at any time strip the federal courts of their jurisdiction over immigration and naturalization matters. Provide of course, McConnell and Ryan had the balls.

  4. When Emma Lazarus called out to the huddled masses in the 19th century, there was a good chance that many of the poor and wretched in Europe were indeed people of innate ability who weren’t given a chance over there and could thrive with opportunity and freedom over here. They were wretched by circumstances, not by genetic inheritance. Back then, most of the world was poor and backward, and this was true of the West as well.

    Since then, all the world has had ample time to modernize, develop, and build working economies. That includes the Third World and post-communist nations of Eastern Europe. So, there’s no more excuse to remain wretched. All the world has access to the same technologies and ideas and international trade. If some nations made progress while others didn’t, the difference surely owes a lot to genetic differences.

    So, if some nations are still filled with wretched people, there’s a good chance that they are wretched by birth. (It certainly doesn’t help that Muslims are into cousin marriage.)

    At any rate, if the GLOB insists that the poor nations are filled with an abundance of wonderful, energetic, enterprising, and resourceful people who can do so much for America, our reply should be, “the US is already very rich, very powerful, and overly abundant with talented people. So, don’t help the US. Don’t do it any more favors. If you have talent and energy, be patriotic and build your own poor country OR be generous and go help a poorer country by emigrating there. Coming to the US and adding to the American economy is like giving a rich man more money and doing him more favors. Take your talent to poor nations that can really use your energy and vision.”

    Besides, why should the US hog all the talent? We need to be Spread the Talent around to make the world more equal. The US shouldn’t monopolize all the global talent.

    It’s like the NBA is already filled with top players. It doesn’t need more talent. If you got talent, build your own national team that can really use your talent. Why should talented people around the world do all the favors for America, already the richest nation in the world by far? Why add more to the nation that already has too much? Why not add to nations with less? Their talents will be far more precious and valuable to poor nations.

    It’s like, if a city has too many doctors, it doesn’t need any more. So, excess doctors should serve other towns and communities.


    • (((Emma Lazarus))) was yet another con artist. She was let into someone
      else’s country and rudely invited the rest of the world in. No one likes
      a house guest that votes to leave all the doors open. At the same time,
      she called for a homeland in Palestine, not for the world’s masses, but
      for Jews and only Jews.

      The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France, celebrating liberation from the British Empire. It points to Europe and never had anything to do with promoting mass immigration from the entire world. That plaque of Emma’s defaces it. It should be torn off and flushed into a sewer.

      • The French paid for the statue. The Americans paid for the base. The Jews took it over and put advertising on it to benefit themselves. Typical Jew action.

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