Mainstream Conservatives Never Wanted To Win

It has only been ten days and look what President Trump has already accomplished:

There’s a lot more that we could add here: slamming ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis, making Chuck Schumer cry crocodile tears, repeatedly labeling CNN, BuzzFeed and The New York Times ‘fake news’, reaching out to Vladimir Putin to end the Second Cold War with Russia, triggering the opposition to the point where they have embraced self-marginalizing tactics like political violence, mass hysteria and dressing up like vaginas and pretending to be dead in public streets.

Rod Dreher is handwringing again:

“But they (we) can’t do that unless we have in our minds clear principles on which we cannot allow ourselves to compromise, or rather, to be compromised. We have to be prepared to lose with honor than win with dishonor, because we fear a judge greater than the voters.

The astonishing audacity and recklessness with which Trump has begun his presidency is a bad sign. For me, it is not so much what he has done (though I do object to some of it) as it is the reckless manner in which he has done it. As every well-raised Southern child knows, manners express morality. Yes, manners are artificial, but they embody a social code that governs the conduct of people who live under it. True, it is always better to do the right thing than to work unrighteousness under the cover of minding one’s manners. But as Brooks points out, there’s something crude and vicious about the way Trump goes out of his way to provoke, to rub the noses of his opponents in the exercise of his power. In Trump’s case, manners express the man.

In other words, we know what kind of president Trump is going to be by the way he has carried out his executive actions so far. He does not consider himself bound by law or custom. He is a law unto himself. …”

Ah yes … “crude and vicious.” Dreher’s head must be spinning.

Why is it crude and vicious? President Trump is already doing exactly what he said he would do during the campaign. He doesn’t consider himself bound by the Republican custom of betraying their own voters to cater to wealthy interests who want things like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and unlimited Third World immigration. We’re already seeing an amazing display of virtues like loyalty, courage and fortitude that we are not accustomed to seeing from our spineless Republican leadership.

Winning is not the way “conservatives” are accustomed to doing things in Washington. It strikes them as audacious and reckless because they are so weak and cowardly:

Why do you think they never conserved anything? They were pushovers.

It pains me to say it, but Rod Dreher has written an entire book called The Benedict Option which turns the cowardice, meekness and weakness of contemporary evangelical Christianity into a comprehensive strategy of cultural and political surrender. Just imagine where the Right would be right now if we had Dreher and the “Benedict Option” instead of President Trump.

Unlike his critics, President Trump has a sense of honor, which is one of the main reasons the Alt-Right was so attracted to his candidacy. We liked him because he WASN’T a conservative. He defends his name and reputation. He doesn’t back down from fights. He isn’t intimidated when he is called mean names. He doesn’t consider confrontations to be bad manners. He feels a sense of obligation to his supporters. He doesn’t care what a bunch of worthless pundits are saying.

It is worth contrasting what President Trump has already accomplished with the billions of dollars and millions of votes that was squandered on Conservatism, Inc. over the course of several decades. What do you think would have happened if ¡Jeb! or Marco Rubio or Egg McMuffin had won these presidency? Do you think we would have had all these amazing victories? I don’t.

President Trump isn’t a “True Conservative.” Judging by what he has already accomplished, maybe “True Conservatism” isn’t the way to go. What would Congress look like today if we had fewer of these “true conservatives” like Egg McMuffin, whose previous job was Chief Policy Director for the House Republican Congress, and more congressmen, senators, governors and state legislators like President Trump? What if the Right had fewer “true conservative” pundits and intellectuals?

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  1. Hunter nailed it again. Mainstream Conservatism is merely the Loyal Opposition caring for nothing and in the long run just as Liberal as the Left the espouse to hate

    • They are there to make the right moderate, while the left is encouraged to become more anti-White and radical. They are traitors.

      • The left never polices itself. It always excuses or upholds its most excessive and violent members.

      • They are anti-White just as the left is, the appearance of difference is that they are less militant than leftards.

        But make no mistake, they are still anti-White through and through.

  2. Thank God we finally got a fighter in the White House! The problem with ‘Mittens’ Romney and ‘Jeb the Cuck’ which the GOP tried to shove down our throats is that they wanted too much to be liked – especially by liberals! They had no real vision. They weren’t true reformers. They wanted to make some minor changes that would comport with a milquetoast vision of the republican cucks in congress, but that’s about it. They weren’t angry enough. They weren’t pissed at what this nation had become in part because they helped to create the social and political climate that we’re now experiencing.

    Neither ‘Mittens’ nor Jeb had any racial consciousness about them. They’d gladly let the country become a third-world cesspool of swarthy illiterates so that no one would ever accuse them of being ‘racist.’ They’d gladly make every White American an alien in his or her land without even a second thought. They lacked honor in my opinion. At a time when we most needed a leader, a fighter, we instead were given ‘Mittens.’ No wonder we lost!

    While I grant that Trump doesn’t seem to be racially-conscious, he’s at least a nationalist (perhaps a soft one?). He at least talks like we’re supposed to be one unified and cohesive nation, and he boldly declares before the world that America and Americans come first. He at least recognizes the Muslim plague that’s set before us and is taking steps to deal with it. He at least recognizes that the federal government has become a monstrosity and is trying to reduce its size and influence.

    This is too radical and ‘extreme’ for many Americans because we’ve become accustomed to soft, self-loathing political cucks and traitors who think putting America first is somehow equivalent to Nazi Germany!?

  3. Your characterization of the Benedict Option isn’t fair. Forming communities for the purpose of conserving traditional values is necessary to some degree. It doesn’t mean that those communities are cowardly. It’s possible to stand up against immorality and bad governance, but still have strong communities that are different from a large part of your area, or the entire country.
    Furthermore, I don’t like the leftists or what they are doing here. We should attack when we can. But the answer is not more centralization. We shouldn’t abandon attempts for more, radical decentralization, as the country (not a nation–never have been) was intended to be.

    • “Forming communities for the purpose of conserving traditional values is necessary to some degree”

      And completely racist, according to the federal government. There’s no way they’d let that happen. The first time a non-Christian wanted in and you said no, lawsuit and national media scorn would follow. Dreher’s Benedict Option is nothing other than a coward’s way out. It pretends to resist but really is just about hiding and hoping the left leaves you alone and doesn’t call you names or tries to ruin your life. They won’t leave you alone. Attacking you is how they virtue signal to their socioeconomic peers.

      Dreher is the kind of guy who wants to be the right kind of conservative – the non-threatening kind that always loses and isn’t seen as a threat by radical regressives. Dreher has written on his blog that he dreams of having a wine cellar and back during the primaries he was having dinners with Jeb Bush supporters. That tells you all you need to know about him. He’s not really on your side but his own.

  4. Losing with honor is still losing. Perhaps Dreher would have preferred letting Hitler win instead of firebombing Dresden?
    There is no honor in letting evil win.

    • ‘Perhaps Dreher would have preferred letting Hitler win instead of firebombing Dresden?’

      No, he would think firebombing Dresden was great because he’s a brainwashed cuck,

    • The true holocaust of Dresden demonstrated our evil zionist overlords passion to destroy innocent German civilians- because they could. It was act of satanic malice- unsurprising, considering who their master is.

  5. One additional note, we must preserve our traditions and communities, especially our Southern ones, but without God and conserving our Christian faith, it’s not worth anything.

    • Hear, hear, Mr. Reeder – for without The Lord, our beloved South is a worthless generick copy of The North – a society built on the transient reductionistick whim of science and the blasphemical heresy of secularism – a pyrrhick victory at best.

      God save The South – for it can be no other way.

      • Sir, as the descendant of dispossessed Southerns who came west in the 1880s, I salute your eloquent stand for the South. Know that there are many here in the flyover basin of the West who carry the ideas and faith of that land in their bones. We fly the battle flag on our redneck trucks! God save the South!

        • Dear Coyote.

          You touch me with your honourable and generous words.

          Yes, I know many of our Confederate kin abound in the prairie and Rocky Mountain lands, and I believe The Good Lord has given it to me to see that, come what may, through the coming tribulations – we shall be united in our struggle to reassert the god-given sovereignty of our beloved states.

          On behalf of my Southron Brethren, and, in particular, rural Northeastern North Carolina, I salute you and yours for flying the great flag of flag of liberty this world has ever seen – the Stars & Bars.

          Too, on their behalf, I humbly accept your fidelity and prayers for us.

          In the trouble to come, rest assured you will not only feel the presence of y’all’s Southern kinsmen, you may see it, as well.

          God bless you, and may God lay a special family on the kin and comrades of Lavoy Finicum, whose bravery and sacrifice is never far from my mind!

  6. The only reason he’s getting anything done in Government is because of Executive Orders. The Congress and US Senate is doing nothing as usual. It seems the Imperial Presidency, Governor, and Mayor is the name of the game in getting anything done “Nationalist” these days. WPWW !

    • Brian, correct. Governance by Executive Orders is a poor substitute for a functioning Congress no matter which side performs it.

  7. The only “principles” respectables ever care about, from William F Buckley onward, are selling books and CD’s, getting speaking engagements and obtaining radio or TV gigs. In order to achieve said “principles” respectables must continually respect the Left. They are backstabbing sellouts for personal gain.

    Never wanting to win because losing is far more profitable.

  8. Recent events and news reports reveal the strategy to obstruct Trump by any means necessary.

    In the courts, streets, everywhere.

    Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Democrats must “fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box,” against the administration of President Donald Trump. ‘

    Democrats boycott confirmation hearings for Price and Mnuchin, blocking votes

  9. And a well read southern child would know manners were also a way to preserve peace in an honor/caste based society.

  10. “We have to be prepared to lose with honor than win with dishonor, because we fear a judge greater than the voters.”

    I seem to recall Jesus Christ, God made flesh who came to earth, say something about not putting your trust in kings and princes. To me that sounds like he doesn’t give a damn about political horse races.

  11. Hopefully, Trump will create a precedent of politicians fulfilling their promises. This is a real revolution against the political class.

    Why is it crude and vicious? President Trump is already doing exactly what he said he would do during the campaign.
    He doesn’t consider himself bound by the Republican custom of betraying
    their own voters to cater to wealthy interests who want things like the
    Trans-Pacific Partnership and unlimited Third World immigration. We’re
    already seeing an amazing display of virtues like loyalty, courage and
    fortitude that we are not accustomed to seeing from our spineless
    Republican leadership.

    Imagine, if you will, had Reagan-Bush-Bush actually implemented the conservative agenda by drastically reducing the size of government, ending all affirmative action and showing some leadership in the culture war. Things would never have gone down the tubes such that an Obama would have arisen. But Conservatism, Inc., really never wanted to win. They mainly wanted to get comfortable jobs in the DC Beltway, go to K Street parties and then retire to the golf course of a prestige country club.

    If the Trump trend continues, future generations may look at 1981-2016 as a brief interlude of decadence before the rise of the New America.

  12. Southern manners, my ass. Real Southerners are polite, that is true, but when the time comes to fight they will curb stomp you into the pavement. As N.B. Forrest said, war means fighting and fighting means killing. I have zero interest in displaying good manners to vermin like Tim Kaine or Schumer. I want them out of my country or under a Federal prison. Dreher is a cuckfool.

    • Don’t worry; no one outside the South thinks Southerners have good manners, anyway. The habit of congratulating oneself on good manners is bad manners itself.

      Behold, below—if you can get it into your Southern skull—a (dramatized) demonstration of good manners …

      “I try to be.”

      • Alright, John, in a remedial gesture for our self-congratulatory Southern ways, I am congratulating you on being such a good son to your mama!

        The Lord always blesses that!

      • Oh, you again, Bonaccorsi. I thought you had learned to shut your mouth after Trump won – no thanks to RINO´s like you. Uh, Southerners do not talk about their good manners. Outsiders do, jerk, and have for about three hundred years. It is referred to as “Southern Charms” and it has seemed real enough to generations of Northern people. Stop stuffing your mouth with Philly Cheesesteak and open your eyes to the real world.

  13. They’re not conservatives in a sense of to conserve;tending to oppose change.bunch of metro sexual faggots with liberal political views.

  14. I am a peaceful man, but let God strike me dead if Rod Dreher does not have one of the most punchable faces a human could possibly have.

  15. Re: McMuffin, he put out a (not entirely unpredictable) idiotic Tweet praising the acting Obama holdover attorney general for refusing to defend Trump’s travel ban in court!

    Let that sink in. McMuffin isn’t the GOP “party establishment,” who supposedly didn’t care about “principles” and only about influence-peddling and nest-feathering, he presented himself as the “TruCon.” The alleged ideological conscience of the movement the GOP claims to advance.

    The truth is NEITHER of those groups of shitweasels care to do anything on immigration! Either because they have no balls once the “R” word starts flying, they’re taken in by Kochian, pro-business libertarianism as being superior policy, or they’re simply bought to the point of corruption. It ultimately doesn’t MATTER. They’re both worthless!

  16. ‘President Trump isn’t a “True Conservative.”’

    I respectfully entirely disagree, Sir.

    President Trump is, in fact, the first ‘true conservative’ that these North Carolina eyes have beheld at the top of The New England Government in a very very long time.’

    True Conservatism is the only way to go – for it is, and will be, the only thing to not only ‘conserve’ what remains of our civilization, it will, by the Hand of God, recover what has been lost.

  17. I don’t know much about Dreher but every time I read something of his he seems so conflicted. If this, but that….this is what I think, but on the other hand…

    My God man. Say what you mean. And manners, he’s concerned about manners, southern or otherwise? The left has been shitting all over our manners for decades. Straight from Alysnski, they’ve been holding us to our rules while laughing at them for themselves.

    I know he’s not a conservative, but Trump is the first man of the right I recall playing offense rather than defense. All.The.Time.

    He’s using Alynsksi’s tactics on Alynski’s disciples – plus a bunch of other stuff thrown in. Authoritarian? Damn right, and thank God.

  18. Say, about that picture at the top – isn’t it that noted connoisseur of anime tentacle porn, Rick Wilson?

  19. “Conservatism” = Exporting millions of American jobs, importing millions of brown people, waging endless wars on behalf of Zionism, continuously caving in to the Left on social issues.

    To hell with conservatives.

  20. Dreher would rather his children be raped to death by a pack of feral googles than let anyone think he is a “raacissss”. He has never missed a chance to throw anyone and everyone under the bus in order to signal his own “virtue”. He is the worst kind of coward and traitor.

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