President Trump Picks Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court

Can you believe it?

President Trump has nominated a White Anglo Saxon Protestant originalist and constitutionalist to serve on the Supreme Court. How many times did we hear from the #NeverTrumpers that Donald Trump was a liberal and could never be trusted to nominate a pro-life justice to the Supreme Court? How many times did we hear that Egg McMuffin was the “real conservative”?

Then he goes out and picks a real American.

As VDARE notes, there have been Gorsuches in Baltimore since the American Revolution. Judge Gorsuch comes from an old stock White Anglo Saxon Protestant family. This is a huge day for the WASPs. We could be up to 1 out of 9 seats on the Supreme Court after Judge Gorsuch is confirmed.

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  1. I’m hoping trump picks a White Protestant from an old American family. Someone whose ancestors were actually in the United States when it was founded.

  2. I so knew he would go for a Protestant. Trump’s advisers, at least during the campaign, read this blog and besides, it was an obvious call anyway.

  3. If it’s down to Gorsuch and Hardiman, then at least we know for sure that it won’t be a member of the Tribe. Having briefly looked over their reviews, I think I prefer Gorsuch here, as he seems closer to Scalia ideologically. Hardiman will likely have his chance when Ginsburg keels over though. I would expect that by the end of Trump’s first term.

  4. ‘FESS UP…

    If you have been a heavy critick of Senator McConnell, of The Great State of Kentucky, yet, are fond of this judicial pick,then you ought eat some crow.


    Because it is to head of the senate majority that you owe it.

    He had the presence of mind to refuse Obama’s late term pick, (Merrick Garland – another liberal secular anti-Southern Jew) and to hold to that, in spite of the heavy pressure placet upon him, and the withering criticism fired at him.

    God bless you, Senator McConnell!

    • Even though I don’t really follow politics and was thus unaware of this, what you’ve said sounds accurate, Junius.

      • Thank you, John.

        It’s important to demonstrate gratitude, for not to display it is a form of treachery and disloyalty.

        Senator McConnell has been the subject of brutal and relentless criticism on the blogs, by those who accuse him of being a do-nothing sellout.

        This nomination may be President Trump’s gift to the nation, but, it was made possible by Senator McConnell!

        • You’re welcome, Junius. This is pretty-dramatic evidence of the importance of the majority that the Republicans gained in the Senate in 2014.

          • Very true, John.

            Political results are like disease or many other unwinding paths in life – you often see the results of something way down the line from when it occurred.

            As we are likely to see the resignation, and or death, of 1,2 maybe 3 other justices, over the next 4 years, Mr. Trump, irrespective of what else he does, or does not, do, is going to make an historick statement on the court.

            That said, the importance of these events may be preempted by the legal wars that lead to Calexit, and, most likely, other states following.

            These changes are way overdue, from this Tarheel’s point of view, as we have been suffering the ill-effects of judicial activism and tyrannical central government overreach, since before I was born.

            Have a great day!

          • Decades ago, on a talk-show, Junius, a female Jewish writer whose name escapes me related an old Chinese story, I think, about a man’s several experiences that seemed either good or bad when he underwent them but that proved to be the beginnings of the opposite. That is, what was good led to something bad; what was bad led to something good.

            Whether that actually was an old bit of Chinese sagacity, I don’t know, but I wish I could see a recording of it. It was detailed enough that the delivery of it, there on the talk show, might easily have been botched, but the woman delivered it without error and with apparent ease.

            Well–maybe, as you seem to hope, the South’s escape from the Union is impending. Some portion of the region’s population seems long to have wanted it.

        • I will never be crazy about Senator McConnell, but he deserves credit when he finally gets some steel in his spine and holds his ground. Well done, Senator McConnell! Keep it up, because you have a long, hard fight on your hands and you’ve only begun to earn your salary

      • Thank you, Glacier.

        Important to acknowledge folks when they do good, and, especially, so, when we ain’t all that fond of them.

        It’s downright important to be fair, in life.

        Have a blesst day!

  5. Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent

    Trump can’t be trusted to nominate strong conservative justices to the Supreme Court. So said the cucks

  6. Speech of Trump and Gorsuch, who appears to be an avatar of Ordered Liberty.

    Bannon is featured at the halfway of Gorsuch’s speech. You can seen Trump’s two sons by Ivana in the front row.

  7. Rick Wilson was right about … NOTHING!

    Hunter Wallace Retweeted
    Rick Wilson ?@TheRickWilson 9 Dec 2015

    Have your fun. But when the Democratic Senate (and it will be) rams through Hillary’s FOUR Supreme Court nominees, I will bathe in…

  8. Can’t get too excited yet. At best we’re back to where we were before Scalia’s death. Clarence Thomas isn’t going to make it much longer either. Good pick tonight though and hopefully the first of many.

  9. OK – Charles Johnson of Little Jew GreenBalls Tweeted that should go and fuck myself! HAHAHA!!! I didn’t even know old Shabby Goy chucky was even still alive! HAHAHA!!!

  10. If the Demonrats get beligerant Trump should nuke em.

    Democrats may be on the verge of reaping the bitter harvest of the seeds sowed in November 2013.

    The then-majority Democrats used a controversial parliamentary gimmick to unilaterally reinterpret existing Senate rules. By use of the so-called “nuclear option,” they established the principle that a simple majority in the Senate can overrun any rule at any time. –snip–

    Democrats, by fiat, altered the way the Senate interprets Rule XXII, which governs the procedure for cutting off debate and ending a filibuster. The rule continues to prescribe that when a cloture vote occurs, the question must be put, “Is it the sense of the Senate that the debate shall be brought to a close?”

    It goes on to state that cloture is invoked if “the question [is] decided in the affirmative by three-fifths of the Senators duly chosen and sworn.”

    Reid raised a point of order, claiming that the words “three-fifths” mean “a simple majority.” The presiding officer, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), on the advice of the Senate parliamentarian, rejected the point of order.

    However, the majority, by a 52-48 vote (three Democrats voted “no”), was able to overturn the ruling of the chair, creating the new precedent that “three-fifths” or 60 senators means a simple “majority.”

    It doesn’t take difficult math or much knowledge of the English language to see that this is ridiculous.

    The Democrats paved the way. Now in the minority, early in the 115th Congress, Democrats will be confronted by a Supreme Court nominee chosen by President Donald Trump.

  11. From what I understand, Gorsuch is a White Anglo Saxon CATHOLIC (who only attends an Episcopalian church), which would make sense given his family’s origins in colonial Roman Catholic Baltimore.

  12. Liawatha on the warpath.

    Elizabeth Warren ?@SenWarren 1h1 hour ago

    Based on the long and well-established record of Judge Neil Gorsuch, I will oppose his nomination.

  13. President Trump has nominated a White Anglo Saxon Protestant

    Not quite, guys.

    From what we’re learning, Gorsuch is a White Anglo Saxon Catholic who was raised Roman Catholic and went to a Jesuit prep school. (He occasionally attends an Episcopalian church today). His family’s North American origins are in colonial Roman Catholic Baltimore.

          • It’s the Catholick liturgy, John.

            I regularly attend a Freewill Baptist Church, in our area, because there ain’t an Eastern Catholick church anywhere nearby.

            I love the church, the faithfulness, and the people are my extended family.

            That said, I always feel the lack of beauty and meaning in the liturgy; and, maybe, just a little of The Lord, too, as he favours his own church – the church given by His Son, Chryst, to Peter.

          • Hmm. That’s interesting, Junius. A couple of years ago, on the Google Maps street view, I saw what I think was your Freewill Baptist Church, after you mentioned it here, at Occidental Dissent. You’d mentioned it because of the death of an elder member whom you esteemed. Well, I would say that there are probably many similar structures in rural Pennsylvania. Half a century ago, when I was quite young, there was even a little Catholic church like that, near the acreage that relatives of mine owned in Pennsylvania’s part of the Appalachian system.

            The Catholic churches I myself knew, in my earliest childhood, were the big, old stone churches that you might picture when you think of a place like Catholic Philadelphia or Boston; but no sooner was I coming of age, in the middle and late 1960s, than those structures began giving way to the streamlined, modern structures that were the first step on Catholic Philadelphia’s path to oblivion.

        • Not true. I was raised one, yet always felt it was sketchy and warped. The institution is evil; the people aren’t all.

          • I thought you were a puritan? I agree that the church is what you say, now.
            I like st. Thomas more’s writings about the English rebellions and how the church had given England honor through it’s Christian nobility more then anything, which is what the globalist wanted destroyed.
            Lord Baltimore left England because of Catholic persecution in the 1600s.

        • There’s a lot of truth to that, at least if your Catholic upbringing was before Vatican II. It doesn’t necessarily follow that being Catholic makes you anti-White anymore than being WASP makes you pro-White. IMO,WASP defections to the anti-White side, more than anything else, have gotten us into the mess we’re in today.

  14. Benji Shapiro wrong again.

    ‘In the absence of a serious foreign policy and an economic plan not involving massive tariffs – and in the absence of a rational and decent candidate – pro-Trump advocates have fallen back on one argument and one argument only: he’ll be better for the Supreme Court.’

    There is only one problem: there is no shot – zero shot – that Trump will appoint a conservative. That’s for three reasons.

    1. Trump Doesn’t Care About The Issue. -snip-

    2. Republicans Aren’t Going To Use The Nuclear Option. Republicans will not have a filibuster-proof majority. -snip-

    3. Trump Will Cave. -snip-

    AUGUST 10, 2016

  15. I am an American Catholic of French and Polish descent. But please allow me to join my Anglo Saxon Americans in celebrating the nomination of Justice Gorsuch. I some here are disappointed that he isn’t a Protestant, but I don’t think it matters that much when you consider that England was still Catholic when the English forced King John to sign the Magna Carta and put in common law with a trial by jury. The English always had their own brilliant and unique way of doings things. English Anglicans aren’t carbon copies of German Lutherans, for example. Besides, England only went Protestant because the Catholic pope was too stupid to grant Henry VIII a special dispensation that would allow polygamy to beget an heir. After all, if King David could have several wives and a ton of concubines why couldn’t the English King?

    In any case, I may not have a drop of old English founder/settler stock blood in me, but I reserve my right to adopt and support their magnificent culture. We respect and admire you more than you will ever know. I am so grateful that my family was allowed to be allowed to benefit from their great experiment and the Founding Stock have all our loyalty. Thank you.

    And I may sound a little contradictory, but I hope that President Trump fills any new openings with Anglo Saxon Protestants more out of sentiment than anything else. We need a SCOTUS filled with the founding stock. They are the only ones who can find a good constitutional compromise between any warring factions in this diverse polygot nation we live in now. I know that when we say “Make America Great Again,” it means different things to different people, but to me it is when the country was run by the founders’ kinsmen. Who better than their own flesh and blood to know what our forefathers wanted?

    Anyway, congrats, Hunter. I hope Trump finds a distinguished Southern dude with a charming accent (kind of like the way Junius sounds and looks in my head) to fill the next opening. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Yay!

    • Like you, I don’t care jack-diddly-squat that Judge Gorsuch ain’t Protestant -although clearly he is a God-fearin’ man, unlike many here who decry his being of The Old Faith.

      In fact, Scalia war’nt much of a church-goin’ feller, of any kind, that I know of, but, he did the country much good.

      The issue is simply this – will you, Justice, read the law, as it is, and stop imposing your own politicks upon it?

      I have every confidence that Justice Gorsuch will do that; and that, in the process, many of the UNconstitutional decisions that usurp the Sovereignty of States, in the last 70 years, will be revisited and undone.

  16. Don’t be fooled with all the news of the abductions of black girls you see around the country especially in the south and Midwest. this is all a part of “alternative south movement” . this is a bunch of Jews in the liberal media trying to spread fear among mulattoes and get them to join back into the NAACP and other left wing groups. Mulatto women dropped out of the NAACP within the last four years because their needs were not being met and they were not being protected by the black thugs . Violated and threatened by their own kind they started leaving black associations in droves. We need to use them to our advantage. It worked in electing trump. When liberals get a hold of mulattoes bad things happen . Obama and Corey Booker are proof of this. They want to restock the NAACP especially in Raleigh where numbers dipped to below 45 percent . Please please don’t think this is a conservative agenda. I am in state government in the capital city I hear all kinds of things . This is coming from the jew media. One girl was announced as missing yesterday when I looked her up the same picture came up of the girl five years ago and at the same age! this was right before McCrory was elected in NC and the dems were still in charge. they pulled out the same picture and used it two days ago! When I called wral and questioned them they threatened me and hung up the phone! this was the newsroom i had called. in the next hour the story showed on all three networks that the girl “had been found safely”. Liars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t be fooled. Be as nice as you can to the good mulattoes. If they have a good bloodline and are fairly obedient we need to console them until some of this crazy protest stuff dies down.

  17. My only real complaint about Gorsuch:

    Harvard Law.

    At some point, we have to break the Harvard/Yale duopoly.

    Though considering what we really want and what we’re concerned with, worrying about this kind of thing seems irrelevant.

    • “Question”,

      The Supreme Court is still in the cultural mileu created by the academic environment. The biggest changes must at this point be made there for the Supreme Court to be able to benefit whites.


    • Aren’t there any good law schools outside of those located in the Northeastern Ivy League corridor? But like you say at this point that’s a minor concern, the main thing is getting more real Americans (i.e., White heterosexual Anglo-Saxon males) like Gorsuch on the bench!

      • There are lots of good law schools, but apparently only two serve as the choke point for the Supreme Court.

        Incidentally, someone on Trump’s short list that he presented last year during the campaign is Raymond Gruender, and I was pulling for him purely out of civic pride. Native St. Louisan, Washington University Law, sits on Appeals-6, based at the roll on deodorant building in Downtown St. Louis.

  18. “We could be up to 1 out of 9 seats on the Supreme Court after Judge Gorsuch is confirmed.”

    If we can ever get to 2 out of 9 we’ll have them overwhelmingly outnumbered.

  19. I tried posting this comment at the AltRight website, but it remains pending after several hours. Perhaps, Mr Wallace, you could shed some light?

    Oh, wow. This feels really good. I still don’t trust democracy or
    republicanism, because short term gains are far too easily reversed. But
    maybe this is building to something actually good for the white
    population in the short or mid-term future. Something to watch out for,
    cautiously optimistic, but with 20% of the mission complete and still
    much more to go…


  20. Old stock wasps brought us the Warren Court. You never can tell with these Supreme Court selections, but here’s to hope.

  21. If the shitlibs were smart (they aren’t) they would just shut their mouths and let Gorsuch sail through his confirmation without putting up anything more than token resistance. They ought to save their whining and smear campaigns for the SCOTUS nominees whom Trump will select to replace jew liberals Ginsburg and Breyer, both of whom will soon have no choice but to retire due to advanced decrepitude.

    But since shitlibs can’t help themselves, I think they will throw a tantrum over Gorsuch, put him and his family through hell and make themselves look even more hateful in the process.

  22. A Huffington Post header;

    “HEIST OF THE CENTURY: Trump Nominates Conservative Neil Gorsuch To Supreme Court”

    Apparently, our opponents think that the appointment of Gorsuch is a criminal act.
    Which is in keeping with the Marxist moral imperative that their opponents are criminals and that all of their actions are crimes.

  23. Demonrat strategy will be to obstruct the nomination of Gorsuch as they are with Sessions.


    The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions to be attorney general after angry exchanges between Republicans and Democrats.

    The 11-9 vote was along party lines. All the panel’s Democrats voted against the nomination.

    The Alabama Republican is expected to be confirmed by the full Senate. Republicans have been strongly supportive of their colleague, arguing that he will follow the law and maintain traditional independence from President Donald Trump, if needed.

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