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  1. Mr. Bannon is, perhaps unwitttingly, doing the work of reestablishing Southern Sovereignty – this because the results of his policy advocation, in the ear of our president, are evermore sending the Blue States into a revolutionary state.

    Mr. Bannon seems to be The Lord’s device.

    I wonder if he suspects that he is far from establishing a new political order of ‘The United States’, but, leading to it’s proper crumbling, in a manner not dissimilar to how the satanick Soviet Union fell, suddenly out of nowhere.

    • Mr. Daniel,

      That is my thought exactly. This may certainly lead to at least a decentralized United States again, and even possibly to a break-up, which will allow the different peoples of the United States to live as they please.

      • Amen, Mr. Reeder.

        States Rights is the answer to every single problem I see plaguing The South.

        As Mr. Griffin has correctly pointed out, centralization has, at times, provided some benefit; and that, yes, the North has been a fairly charitable conqueror of us.

        That said, most of what tees off Mr. Griffin into a writing mode has it’s basis in the tyrannical usurpation of the sovereignty of the states.

        In fact, I’ll even venture this – if we, The South, had won The War of Northern Aggression, Mr. Griffin would not even be writing.

        Still not too late to right what is, and has long been, wrong.

        All the best to you, My. Fellow Southern Patriot!

    • Mr. Daniel,

      I hope the antics of these revolutionary wannabes open the eyes of the Southern people to the necessity of independence.

      • I do, too, Mr. Owen; though, after advocating for secession, locally, nationally, and statewide, for a couple of years, my experiences with our brethren have led me to believe that we are in a very passive period in our existence.

        I hope I am utterly wrong, in my assessment.

        Be that as it may, I think that for which you and I both yearn is coming to us, one way or the other.

        Thank you for the good words! Pray for us!

      • I don’t think this is 1861, liberal politics and not slavery are the dividing lines so the lines are somewhat different than in 1861. Any breakaway from liberal Coastal America would definitely want to take that whole column of states from Texas north to the Canadian border with it, don’t forget whats sitting under ground in those states, not just oil but plutonium tipped rocket powered self defense from the likes of Soros, Schumer, and Feinsteins’ coastal cosmic-white 3rd world opportunist invader monstrosity.

  2. We should fight to preserve our traditions and customs. The stability of our communities. Our Western culture, and more specifically our Southern culture. After all, the South was the last bastion of traditional Western Christian society in the world before it was so cruelly crushed in in 1865.
    At the federal level, we should certainly fight to end Muslim immigration. We should even prioritize Western Europeans for immigration, or at least Europeans in general. And of course, we can secure our southern border at the federal level, jointly with the affected States.

    But since we will be spending energy fighting, we should spend it fighting to restore the proper political structure of our federal republic. That is, a union of sovereign States, not a “nation-state,” which should not exist. As a Virginian, I don’t want California telling me how to live here. I also should not tell Californians how to live. I will let California attempt to create their socialist utopia if they so desire (I will also watch it fail).

    Nations do exist here. The Southern nation is one. New England could probably be classified as one. Possibly, sections of the west could be classified as nations. But do we want one centralized “nation-state” here? We basically have it now, and look where it has got us. The problems began as soon as centralization began when the Articles of Confederation were thrown out. Let’s fight to restore some semblance of decentralized liberty. Let’s put our energy into the proper fights. Think locally, act locally.

    • The south was the first and only attempt at a protestant rank and file Christian nobility, that’s what you get for destroying the Roman rank and file Christian nobility in northern europe, same game played over and over, now the lower orders are being dumped on us for the last time, unless Trump and Americans stop it.

        • Tell us about your synagogue crypto ?
          I know your in denial that your northern European ancestors got chimped out like niggers and slaughtered the Christian nobility.
          The only difference from you and the Russian peasantry is they needed you to feed and breed and get the party started for the communist markets, but hey, jewsus loves parasitic scum of the earth.
          Beware of the leaven of the jew that loves you, sis.

          • The thread is talking about reviving a Christian south, for your information I have confederate ancestors.
            Your Yankee church has always been part and parcel to money markets, the south’s landed gentry is what needed to be destroyed, non-parasitic people tied to the land.
            They have turned us all into parasites starting with the northern Europeans, Judeized us.

          • You are babbling incoherent nonsense. You would do yourself a favor and everyone else a service if you would just stop talking.

        • Lane Reeder,”You are babbling incoherent nonsense…”

          You may not like what he’s saying but it’s certainly not incoherent nonsense. What he’s pointing out is the South is more conservative and the North tends to bounce about like a pin ball on various “causes” that are unrelated to reality. This tendency has been noted here and elsewhere many times before and Hunter has posted extensively on the subject. The North ideology seems to not rooted in anything. It’s the flavor of the month morality.

    • “At the federal level, we should certainly fight to end Muslim
      immigration. We should even prioritize Western Europeans for
      immigration, or at least Europeans in general. And of course, we can
      secure our southern border at the federal level, jointly with the
      affected States.”

      The problem with that plan is they are running short of Europeans, even in Europe. And who says immigration should continue forever? If you keep it up, Real Americans must go extinct. Why not go all the way and encourage all non-Whites to return to their own lands? Or at the very least, leave our communities alone.

  3. Here is the quote CNN is trying to use against Bannon. “Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is a religion of submission. Islam means submission.”

    Bannon is right on the money. Everyone who is a Muslim became a Muslim by force.

  4. Let’s they hope they continue losing their shit….can’t stand the media/cosmopolitan/elite types anymore.

  5. Trumps actions have been of a transcendental kind since election. I’ve been really worried that he was just another plant. I can’t say I’m 100% convinced yet but I think he may really be the real deal. Ran across this from the independent.co.uk. I have no idea if it’s fake news or not. If it’s not then I may just break out hives for joy. They mention that Trumps official tweeter believes that 9-11 was an inside job. This guy, Dan Scavino, has known Trump since he was a kid and Trump trust him enough to move him from being his caddy to running the golf course that Trump bought. I believe the only way we are going to be able to actually make progress and run this country for us is to expose deep State corruption in the US. It’s going to take a shock to reset the system. I don’t think it can be done slowly. They slacked up and Trump is in charge. They won’t make the same mistake again. If Trump is successful in defeating the deep State then he will go down in history every bit as important as Caesar was to Rome. Caesars mistake was to pardon his enemies and for that he got a knife in the back.


    For some deep background on how Caesar and Trump are related history wise this guy is great and major investor. He has an excellent historical background as related to finance. His investing is based on historical patterns.

    Anatomy of a Debt Crisis that appears, only Julius Caesar ever understood.


    • Some say that Paul Wolfowitz was dropping hints about a new Pearl Harbor all summer, some say he even discussed new Pearl Harbors with the 2001 West Point graduates. Some say there’s a video of him announcing New Pearl Harbors…

    • They’ve lost control over the narrative. My belief is it’s the internet. I noticed working with kids they never watched TV at all. They only talked to girls on facebook. The majority still doesn’t know a lot of the stuff about corruption in high places that a lot of us do or about the Jews but when they look at the world, contrast it to the USA’s actions and then compare to what they’re told on the TV it doesn’t match. They may be ignorant but they’re not stupid. Eventually they’ll run into other media on the internet that makes sense of the situation.

      A lot of WN have lamented the fake Nazis and fake WN who pollute the message. I personally don’t see this as a problem in the long run. The reason is any fake news outlet MUST tell a little if not the majority of the truth to be seen with any sort of credibility. The fake news outlets with their efforts to confuse the situation are actually having to leak valuable information. If they are all fake then people readily recognize it and just tune them out. I like most people when I look at an issue look at many sources. The fake news can lie on one issue but looking at several sources eventually you get a picture of what’s going on. The Jews are losing their most valuable source of power, control of of information. They are training people to not believe anything the Jews say just like the citizens in the USSR.

      Sometimes, some info is so murky you can’t tell but in the long run it’s getting harder and harder to hide stuff.

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