The Feral Left Declares Civil War In Bleeding California

It is what it is:

I wrote a tweetstorm about fascism late last night:

In hindsight, now that we see that this is happening all over again, could this just be the normal course of things? Is it “fascism” or social breakdown? Is this how democracies die?

Note: The Feral Left is pretty much inviting Trump supporters to arm themselves and organize in self defense.

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  1. Southerners and rural whites are the kulaks and Jewish Communists have targeted them for liquidation. They will regret what they create….never again.

  2. As long as these people keep attacking their own enclaves, they’ll be safe from the real World, the World of hurt.

    • True enough. I cordially invite them to a garden party at my home in Alabama. I have tea, scones, and various armaments awaiting them.

  3. This is how a minority of malcontents is hoping to make the government fold. What then if they bring 20 major cities to a stand still? Then it’s sold as a national crisis with calls for the President to step down? Sound familiar? Then the rhinos fold which is what they do. What the hell then? What are the chances? They are vile. Maybe the masses come to the rescue. I don’t know.

  4. Mr. Wallace, you nailed it: “We have one side in this country which has repudiated the social contract. It feels justified in using violence to negate our rights.”
    it’s just the next step up from constantly misrepresenting us in the media – the media always calls us racist neo-nazis/white supremacists – a gross mischaracterization. we’re getting tired of that – & now this – we’re getting tired of THIS even more quickly…

  5. Our enemies have declared full throttle warfare: race war, class war, gender war, religious war – is this a war against humanity itself aka WWIII? I say it’s the beginning. Do not underestimate this foul breed of supposed humanity. They have no dignity, self-respect, conscience, morality, clarity or genuine intelligence. Never, ever surrender!

  6. Lol. I dont think we are quite in Bleeding Kansas territory yet, but its a great historical reference to get the point across. I could see it if he wins a second term. Depends on how Calexit goes

  7. America’s version of Diversity and Multiculturalism will end in racial division and nationalism. The idea of everybody liking everybody is a failure. Just look at the streets across America. Our views are becoming popular not only with White Patriots but many other political ideologies and racial groups. California will talk a big talk about Secession. However it’ll never happen. The state will never Secede because of Federal Funding, Social Security, Medicare, and the Welfare State. All political groups can’t understand the only reason the American Empire is in power is because of the funny money system / Federal Reserve. All the states need is it’s own common sense monetary policy and say goodbye USSA. However the “Lincoln Ideology” (Love of War) is still real popular in Washington D.C. The American Empire rules by military force and nothing more. Some interesting times in America and the World. WPWW !

  8. Smart: Making the left pay a political price for violence, squeezing them to provoke an overreaction.

    Stupid: Violent, Nazi rhetoric. Seeking to “trade blows” with these people in the streets.

  9. This is Marxism writ large. The communists have always followed this plan. They don’t think they’re fighting fascists, they want control of the streets and government. They’re in for a fight. We aren’t peasants and this isn’t tsarist Russia. They’ll have to climb over a lot of bodies to achieve their goals here. From our cold dead hands.

    • We need an Alt-Right Officer Corps to start organizing the troops on our side.

      Are there any veterans reading this who could help out?

  10. As Greg Johnson has noted for years, the original street violence of the Fascists was simply their bringing a knife to a knife fight: i.e. the Commies started it, and the Fascists fought back in kind.

    Knock me over with a feather if the American right has to get violent in order to respond to this kind of anarchic lunacy.

  11. Note: The Feral Left is pretty much inviting Trump supporters to arm themselves and organize in self defense.

    There was a militia movement which arose in the wake of Waco and Ruby Ridge. It lacked a political component, so never went too far. Nonetheless, there are lessons to be learned.

  12. Hunter, don’t you get it? Fascism is anyone who hinders the progressive agenda. They don’t care about the fine points, heck even Mitt Romney was a fascist to these people. They’re right in a way too, even though all these destructive changes being pushed during the 50s and 60s weren’t technically “communism” the right was correct to call them communists and pinkos because the essence was the same thing, to radically remake society and put the loser in the drivers seat and destroy the power of the normal, white gentile male to run his own house. Those who resist this nasty monstrous facelift, no matter how weakly, are “fascists.”

  13. Something we should keep in mind. They are tearing up THEIR stuff in THEIR neighborhoods, blocking the roads in THEIR neighborhoods and pissing off the normal people in THEIR neighborhoods by being so ignorant. I say they should keep it up. It would be a good move to get them out to terrorize their own neighborhoods every week at least once.

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