President Trump Threatens To Defund UC Berkeley

It has been less than two weeks:

In terms of education policy, this has to be at the top of our agenda. We have to confront the Left in their cultural citadels like UC Berkeley, the University of Washington and Mizzou. As a practical matter, that means defunding public universities which fail to expel students who engage in mob violence and which have campus speech codes that repress free speech.

That’s also just the start. We need legislation to shutdown these leftwing hothouses, diversify the faculty and ensure that rightwing groups have the right to organize at public universities. How can we break the grip of political correctness on college campuses?

We need comprehensive education reform.

Note: UC Berkeley receives $2.9 billion dollars in federal research funds.

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  1. Yes. The Marxist monsters must be SHUT DOWN and purged. This is not a protest, or a “free exchange of ideas.”. These are MOBS of violent, MINDLESS lunatics, determined to destroy Western civilization. It’s us or THEM. They must GO.

  2. The hardest question is how to construct a truly great university system after taking apart the present one. I’m still collecting my thoughts on that issue, so I’ll refrain from comment. But, as of now, the rottenness of academia makes our blunt opposition completely justified. So yes, Mr. President, defund away!

  3. Fresh graffiti outside Noah’s Bagels #MiloAtCal

    You won’t see em put fresh graffiti on a Dickie’s BBQ Pit, or the local biker’s bar, or a truck stop.

  4. “How can we break the grip of political correctness on college campuses?”

    If they take tax deductible donations, they are required by law not to practice politics. If Trump instructed the IRS to audit them – for the last 50 years – it would Bankrupt them.

    Free speech on campus, or the IRS!

  5. The University of Chicago did the opposite of this shithole school in Cali, a few months ago they said fuck off to safe space tyranny.

    Which is a good idea because they run Fermi Lab and Argonne Lab and that makes them very vulnerable. Argonne used to be white friendly but since the DOE turned over operations it is the usual anti-white enviroment.

  6. M thinks Trump s Education Secretary was his worst pick

    Should be some tough guy threatening to close U Cal Berkeley and give it to the US Army – West Point West Coast

    Instead it s some woman looking to give vouchers to inner city Blacks to attend White schools.

    I highly recommend folks here read up on Leftist disturbances at U Cal Berkeley and other California campuses in the late 1960s

    California Governor Ronald Reagan was solid . So was a Japanese American university Admin SI Haiakawa (sp?)

    He became a folk hero and US Senator standing up to Leftist student rioters

  7. Virtually every college Milo has been to should be defunded. Seems like every time I read a story about his tours, there’s either a riot (or a protest that effectively shuts down the venue), or the school cancels his visit under pressure from detractors.

    I’m not even much of a fan, but he’s a good litmus test for what needs to be purged.

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